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Happy 2021!

Happy 2021

2020 has been a rough one for a lot of us. It’s been pretty heartbreaking for me. That’s why I plan to party the day away today in Second Life. I’ve got my favorite spinach and feta pizza and I baked chocolate chip cookies. I’m all set!

Yesterday I tweeted asking people if I can crash their New Year’s Eve parties in Second Life and I got a bunch of invites. Thank you to everyone!

I’ve been asked to share a list of all the places I plan to attend today. This is my plan, but of course, as I am getting older, my bedtime is getting earlier and earlier so not sure I’ll be able to stay up THAT late but will do my best. Even if I don’t make it to some of these parties, hopefully, some of you guys can! Most of these are open to the public unless otherwise stated. All timings in PT.

12pm: SLEA Grand Opening Party! – Destination Link: (This is the main entry link that opens to the public at midnight. However, you can come to the party before that time, using this slurl)

1pm: DJ Loki Eliot at Club Vortex (Slurl)

2pm: Oblee Live at Templemore’s New Year’s Eve Party

2:30pm: Seraphim Party at the Serasim

3pm: DJ Wurfi at Club Bohannon

4pm: Kultivate Party

5pm: Squid & Timbrewolf‘s Private Party

6pm to 9pm: Live Music at Camp Anatine

6pm to 12am: Winter in New York – New Years Eve Celebration

8pm: Boystown Party

8pm: Crazy Dragona Party

8:20pm: Burn2 – COVID Germ Burn

10:30pm: Seraphim Party at the Serasim

11pm: Bay City Prim Drop

There are more parties shared in the comments of this tweet that I will also try and attend if I can find the time and slurls: DJ Regi, Club Hydra, Ohana Rock Club, Baseline Junkiez, and so many more (they’re still coming) I will do my best!

If you can’t make it to any of the parties today, no worries, the talented Mr. Huckleberry Hax is having his New Year’s party on January 2nd. I’ll try and make it to that one too. There is another party at the Confederation of Democratic Sims on January 2nd from 12pm to 2pm, which I’ll try for as well!


UPDATE: So I went to 8 parties and got exhausted lol. Can’t do anymore. See all of my pics and updates on my Twitter feed!


As for work, my title at Linden Lab is now Social Media Manager and I would love for you guys to share your images in the Second Life Official Flickr Group more often. I want to share all your pretty faces on our socials for pic of the day! Also, if you haven’t followed Second Life on all the social networks yet, please do; especially Twitter! I’m most active on my account and the Second Life account on Twitter.

Hope you guys have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve! Here’s looking to a much better 2021, we all need it! <3



Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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