Artwork at Da Boom – Do you know the Artist?

Strawberry Linden Artwork

I recently discovered this artwork of my Linden avatar in her 2019 Halloween costume. It is up in a small gallery in the Da Boom region. Da Boom is the first region ever created in Second Life and has a lot of history behind it. Da Boom also houses artwork of other Lindens and moles:


including Philip Linden himself.

Philip Linden Artwork

Does anyone know who the artist is? I absolutely love their work. The person that placed the artwork there and owns the objects is the Da Boom Infohub Curator, I have already asked them, still waiting for a response. I’ve also sent a message to the person that created the objects, still waiting on a response from them as well.

Teleport to Da Boom

UPDATE: The curator got back to me and told me the name of the artist is TheGhostOfGhost Resident. She is a big fan of Linden Lab history as well and also has her own art gallery with some of her art inside available for free. Teleport to Ghost’s Art Gallery & Reading Room.


It’s been a crazy year and I’m glad it’s finally almost over. I will try and blog a few times here over the holidays, I miss you guys!

Second Life Smile

Have a safe and happy Christmas and new year! <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

2 thoughts on “Artwork at Da Boom – Do you know the Artist?

  • Enjoy your Christmas and New year!!
    Defiantly going to see that art looks pretty wild .
    Happy hohoho : )

  • Hi Owl, just posted an update, the name of the artist is TheGhostOfGhost Resident.

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