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Lab Gab with Xiola & Strawberry

Lab Gab with Xiola & Strawberry

I wanted to let you guys know that Xiola Linden and I will be starting a new live streaming show on YouTube (and other platforms in the future) called Lab Gab with Xiola and Strawberry. It premieres on Wednesday, August 28th at 3pm SLT. You can watch it live on the Second Life YouTube channel.

Lab Gab will be a variety show where we hope to take you on some Second Life field trips to different regions, answer questions about Second Life, and of course, just sit and chat, and possibly even interview members of the community in the future. I hope you can join us on Wednesdays at 3pm SLT.

Read more about Lab Gab on the Second Life community forums.

Here is a link to the Lab Gab Playlist on YouTube so you can watch all the episodes as they are uploaded:

Keep an eye on the Second Life blog, and social media, for future announcements about the show:


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

6 thoughts on “Lab Gab with Xiola & Strawberry

  • MilaFani


  • Emerist Begonia (inworld, facebook, flickr).

    This the only way I know how to contact you…I (several) people are having problems with working with BOM. I wish you still blogged for us. Do you know any videos that can help us or will/can you do one?? 🙁

  • When and why did you become a Linden?

  • Emerist, I have just done a new video tutorial for Bakes on Mesh. It’s posted on the Second Life YouTube channel. Hopefully it helps out a bit with understanding it better and I also have links in the description of the video the the Knowledge Base article, as well as the Bakes on Mesh section on the community forums.

  • Emerist Begonia (inworld, facebook, flickr).

    Thanks so much for the BOM video…I watched and it was like a light bulb turned on! lol… I still have a ways to go because all designers have not updated their heads or bodies fully (some have given us temporary relay systems)..but at least now, becuase of your video, I understand the meaning much more of BOM! You are awesome!!! <3

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