Mental Health Symposium 2019 at Virtual Ability in Second Life

Mental Health Symposium 2019 at Virtual Ability

Virtual Ability is a non-profit corporation that enables people with a wide range of disabilities to thrive in online virtual worlds, like Second Life. Today they are presenting their eighth annual Mental Health Symposium. The theme of this Symposium is “Mental Health in the 21st Century: Digital Destruction or Support?” It will be free to attend and will take place in Virtual Ability’s Sojourner Auditorium, on Virtual Ability Island in Second Life.

The Symposium starts at 8:30am PDT with different presenters and panel discussions throughout the day. Around 5pm PDT, there will be a casual networking mixer, where you can chat with presenters and attendees. Check the Virtual Ability website for today’s updated schedule, and details about the presenters and their topics of discussion.

Hope you find it informative. Here are some links:

Here is a wonderful video of Gentle Heron, founder of Virtual Ability.


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