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What Does a Marketing Content Specialist Do?

Alpha Moon in Second Life

Many of you have reached out to me with a lot of questions about my new position. If you are not aware as of yet, earlier this month I announced that I was hired by Linden Lab as their Marketing Content Specialist. I’ve been there for over a week now, and I can honestly say that I am absolutely loving it. It is everything that I love doing, without all of the extra things that I had to do to keep this blog running.

As a Marketing Content Specialist, I produce content in Second Life, such as images and videos, that will be used for marketing purposes. In the future, you may see tutorial videos by me on Second Life’s Official YouTube channel. You may also see some of my work, featured alongside contributions from Linden Lab’s existing Marketing Moles, in their ad campaigns, or on their official social networks. I will also be working with Linden Lab’s Senior Graphic Designer, Birdie Linden.

What I won’t be doing is blogging for Linden Lab, or running their social media. I am not their social media person. Xiola Linden is their very wonderful Lead Community Manager that runs their social media, blog, and many other things. I am so happy to be able to work with her by providing her content which she can use for the official blog and social networks.

There are a few other projects that I’m working on, one of which includes assisting with the Second Life Destination Guide. Please share your beautiful locations if you haven’t already done so. I’ll try and blog some of these destinations from time to time on this blog, and my own YouTube channel.

There are two more things I wanted to reiterate to rectify any confusion:

  1. The posts that I continue to do on this blog, will be from me, as Strawberry Singh. They will be about topics that I want to talk about. They will not be official announcements from The Lab. For official announcements from Linden Lab, please follow the blog section on the Second Life community forums.
  2. Many of you have contacted me to get assistance for things not related to my position. As I mentioned in my previous post, please file a ticket for any assistance with Second Life issues, or check the support page for more information.

I think that covers all of the questions I’ve received so far. I am overwhelmed by the support and encouragement from all of you. Thank you for all of the love and well-wishes. I will do my best to continue blogging here, or stream videos on my youtube channel, whenever I get the opportunity. Thank you.

The images from this post were taken at Alpha Moon. Alpha Moon is a location in Second Life that I found on the Destination Guide. I’ll try and do a live stream from there shortly; watch live on my YouTube channel:


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

12 thoughts on “What Does a Marketing Content Specialist Do?

  • Silky Trilling

    I am always looking for interesting places to go in SL and any help is greatly appreciated !

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  • Jenny Starveling

    Congratulations on your new job. If you wanted to feature a region, I have a few that I would mention. Two actually. One is called The Woods Of Marathon Caye. and Whispering Windz …. I have traveled to them many times, and just think they are both pretty spectacular. Good luck in your Linden Lab endeavors.

    Jenny Starveling

  • ron hays

    That is what I will miss is the style credits. I love the look. The bathing suit and chain. Where did you get them?

  • What is your Linden name? Just curious 🙂

  • Congratulations Strawberry

  • Darla Darkfury

    Congratulations! You are a treasure and Linden Labs is lucky to have you! Good luck in your new adventure!!

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  • Congrats, Moti. You’ve worked hard and deserve the recognition.

  • amiga me alegra saber de ti , haces algo te encanta y estés feliz tanto en sl y rl espero este Fin de semana celebres adelantado Dia de las Madres ya tu lo eres. Me encanta ver la foto de tu u avatar siempre bella y visitare los sitios has anunciado , cuídate strawberry. kiss

  • kati dixon

    Hey yay! your working on the destination guild! it SO needs it.

  • Congratulations on the new job, Strawberry!
    I have to challenge the idea of not posting what you’re wearing. That is like using a great quote and not telling anyone who said it. To promote content is to promote content, right?

    I believe that everyone should have to say what they are wearing and where they are, in official capacities for Linden Lab. That is only ethically responsible to the creators, IMO.

    So happy for you! I see that you wrote this on my RL birthday last year — that is how much I have missed.

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