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Tonic Fine and Curvy Mesh Bodies

Tonic Fine and Curvy Mesh Bodies

Today I’ll be covering the Tonic mesh bodies. Tonic has two mesh body versions available, Fine Beauty and Curvy Beauty. Both of these bodies were released a few years ago.

Here is some more information about the bodies:

  • Price: They both cost L$2000 and the DEMOs are free. Both are available at the Tonic mainstore.
  • Includes: They both come with feet and bento hands. They are compatible with SLink hands, and shoes made for SLink feet will also work on them.
  • HUDS: 
    • Body HUD: This is the main HUD that you will use to control and make changes to your body. It is split into four sections:
      • Start: In the ‘start’ tab, you have options change your skin tone (the skin tones available are from Lumae), change your neck size, change your nipple shape, and control the skin shine. You also have buttons to update or reset the body.
      • Layers: The ‘layers’ tab is used to control the various layers that make up the body. This body comes with a tattoo layer which is closest to the skin, an underwear layer just above that, and a clothing layer above the underwear layer. Additional buttons are provided to hide or show your “gloves” or “socks” which means hide or show the tattoo and underwear and clothing layers on your hands or feet. The bottom section of this tab is used to customize all the layers on the body by giving you the option to tint and color any chosen layer.
      • Alpha: The ‘alpha’ tab is used to simulate “alpha masks” as used on the classic avatar body to hide portions of your mesh avatar. This is most commonly used to hide parts that are poking through some piece of mesh clothing.
      • Hands/Feet: The ‘hands/feet’ tab is used to control the appearance of your hands and feet including the nails. You can change you nail polish, hide your nails and toenails if needed, change the shape of your nails, choose your foot shape (flat, mid or high), ankle lock, and also hand positioning for your bento hands.
    • Wardrobe HUD: This HUD helps you save your complete body state (including alphas, nails, skin, appliers, etc…)
    • Bento Hand Poses HUD: For additional hand poses for the bento hands.
    • Large Nipple Appliers HUD: For those that want a larger more realistic looking areola.
    • Ancient skin (fine beauty) HUD: For the older Tonic skin tones.
    • Pre-2018 Lumae skins HUD: For the pre-2018 Lumae skin tones.
  • Omega Compatible: Both bodies are omega evolved. They both also come with omega pre-installed for skin, clothing, and nails. You don’t need to pick up a kit or relay hud; just wear the bodies and apply all the omega appliers you’d like.
  • Layers: Both bodies include 4 layers: skin, tattoo, underwear, and clothing.
  • Physics: Both bodies come with a physics layer and full physics support (breasts, butt, belly)
  • Addons: 
  • Outfits: Tonic also sells clothing and has a large selection of clothing and shoes to choose from to dress your new Tonic bodies. Clothing is available in the Tonic marketplace store as well as the mainstore.
  • Content Creator Kits: If you are a content creator in Second Life and wish to create appliers or mesh clothing, there are two kits available in the Tonic mainstore:
    • Tonic Dev Kit – L$1: All the pieces you need to make appliers and more for the Tonic mesh bodies including logos for branding your products.
    • Tonic Mesh Makers Kit – L$100: Provides download access to the fitmesh developers kit for Blender and Maya. Kits include meshes for both bodies and all three foot sizes (flat, mid and high).
  • Customer Service Questions: If you have any questions about the Tonic bodies, it would be best if you looked at the designer’s profile, her name is Fizz Savira, to see how she prefers to be contacted for customer service issues as I will probably not be able to assist you with that. You can also join the Tonic Update Group and get assistance from the group members that also own Tonic products.

I’ve done a detailed video of the Tonic mesh bodies, watch on my YouTube channel:

Tonic also sells 4 bento heads. Here are some links for Tonic:

I personally like the Tonic Fine body and if I can find more clothing for it, I might pull it out and wear it sometimes.

For more of my mesh body reviews and videos, click over to my Mesh Body Category on my blog and my Mesh Bodies Playlist on my YouTube channel. I have also created a page with a list of all mesh body parts that I have blogged.

My Style Credits:
Shape: Tonic Shape by Strawberry Singh (not available for sale)
*Mesh Bodies: Tonic Fine & Curvy Beauty Mesh Bodies by Fizz Savira
*Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Head.Aida 3.3 by JadenArt
*Skin: amara beauty – Molly by Shantia Soulstar
*Hair: Sintiklia Hair Jayla by Sintikliasims
Lingerie: Enjoy Desire Alicia by Elheana Queller
Pose: Del May Grown Up by Del May
*Background: Exposeur – Industrial room by RubyStarlight Writer (Zodiac)


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

8 thoughts on “Tonic Fine and Curvy Mesh Bodies

  • Terrible shoulder shape. This is too far from my acceptable standard. Don’t just speaking the flowery words. I am less and less want to read this blog. Too commercial.

  • Mary Bragg

    FWIW, most Maitreya size clothing will fit the Tonic Fine. I use the Fine body almost exclusively and have no problem with finding clothes that fit.

  • Tonic Body also has a dedicated ‘fan’ page, a fully searchable Shop Directory with news and insights.
    The Tonic Fine is a great body and the best if you want a petite, slim body with a very active and helpful SL group.

  • Ren Flow

    I have literally tried every popular brand and model of mesh body, and can not find any body I like better than the Tonic Fine Beauty. This is the only mesh body that has realistic breast circumference if you want breasts smaller than DD. The Booty Control is, for me, an absolute must. I have been disgusted at how every mesh body has a “bubble butt” even with an extremely long hip and 0 on butt size. I am wearing both the -1 and -2 booty control (you can combine these two) and it finally looks lifelike. These DO deform the body in such a way that fitmesh clothing will respond to them. The bust minimizer, however, must either use applier clothing or have clothes rigged specifically for it (just as the Slink Petite add-on must also).

    I have absolutely no idea what Kenz problem with the shoulders is. I am quite pleased with them.

  • Mary Bragg

    I’ve probably gotten every body that has come along. My go to body is the Tonic Fine. The clothing rigged for Maitreya will fit it most of the time with the exception of the breast area where the Maitreya is larger but not enough to be a problem. It is becoming a more popular body as I’m seeing more creators covering the Tonic.

    I rarely change my body now; just my head.

  • faintoutline

    Regarding the shape of Tonic’s shoulders, the curve of the shoulders is so close to the same as Maitreya that if you superimpose them by wearing both bodies they line up perfectly. However the Tonic minimizer does leave a tiny bit more space under the arms.

    As pointed out by Mary Bragg, I find 90% of my Maitreya clothes fit quite well, albeit with more alphas.

    Hardly a “Terrible shoulder shape.”

  • kittyKaty96

    For a time, I used the slink body as it had a petite chest add-on. I then went onto the maitreya but couldn’t get a look I liked. Someone suggested I try Tonic so I went for Tonic Fine, minimizer chest with the butt in and butt up add on. I have not looked back since.

    It is by far the best avatar I have ever owned in my 4 years of SL.

    More and more stores have started making clothing for the tonic fine especially the minimizer chest. Even included in these stores are Tonic.

    If you’re looking for a petite but adult looking avatar then I highly recommend trying it.

  • Rufus Attis

    “I went for … the butt in and butt up add on. I have not looked back since.”

    That bad, eh?! (Sorry! I couldn’t resist!)

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