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GENUS Project Strong Face Bento Head

GENUS Project Strong Face Bento Head

Genus Project has released their third bento head. It was released at the Skin Fair, but now that Skin Fair closed yesterday, it should be available in the Genus Project mainstore. (UPDATE: I’ve been told that because of a real-life personal matter with the creator, it is not available to purchase in the mainstore as of yet, but hopefully will be soon. Keep an eye on the Genus Project Group Inworld as well as the Genus Project Official Facebook Page for updates. My apologies about that.)

Decoding Names of the current Genus Bento Heads

Now there are a total of three bento heads from Genus Project: Classic Face, Baby Face, and Strong Face. Click over to take a look at the chart on their Flickr which helps you decode their names. I’ll also embed it below:
Decoding Genus Heads Names

GENUS Bento Heads Pricing & Info

  • Price: The price of Genus bento heads is L$5500, and they are available at the Genus Project mainstore. DEMOs are free and also available at the mainstore. Their smart DEMO system only lets you try the DEMO while you are at the mainstore.
  • Skin Appliers: All heads come with the Genus Basic Skin applier in three skin tones: Honey, Toffee, and Brownie.
  • Body Appliers: You need to purchase theSkinnery body appliers at theSkinnery mainstore to match the skin the heads come with and any other skins that have been released by Genus Project.
  • Omega Compatibility: They are fully omega compatible, including the rigged eyes that come with the heads. Click over to the marketplace to purchase the Genus Omega System Kit and activate the omega by attaching and clicking on the installer. It will verify each piece of the mesh head and activate the omega. Once clicked and activated, you don’t need to wear the omega hud again.
  • Body Parts: It comes with rigged eyes, jaws (includes teeth and tongue), and a neck fix.
  • Universal HUD: The head comes with two universal HUDs (size big or small) with three tabs on the left side and two slides on the right side:
    1. Genetics Tab: In this tab, you can change hairbase, brows, eyelashes, beauty marks, teeth, tongue, eyes, sclera, and lacrimal.
    2. Cosmetics Tab: In this tab, you have a variety of makeup to choose from: eyeliners, eyeshadows, tattoos, blush, and lipstick.
    3. Settings Tab: In this tab, you have neck fit, teeth shape, teeth, and tongue add-ons, resize eyes, resize lashes and ears rotate.
    4. Layers Control Slide: In this slide, you can tint and remove the following layers: hairbase, eyelashes, eyeshadow, tattoo, blush, lipstick, eyes sclera, lacrimal, neck, and skin. If you click the settings tab while in this slide you will have the option to control certain textures on the head such as pores, wrinkles, oily skin, wet skin, glam skin, and glow skin. You can also hide scalp and ears here. If you click on the cosmetics or genetics tab while in this slide you will have the option to reset the head to default, hide all layers, show all layers and control the opacity.
    5. Freeze Body Slide: In this slide, you have the option to freeze your body in a still position, position your eyes in a certain position and open or close your lips.
  • Basic Animation HUD: The Animation HUD includes 22 mocap animations: Emotional Moods, Basic (Relaxed) Moods, Talk & Chew animations, and Facial Expressions. There are also 6 static face expressions, static poses lips, eyes, and brows as well as an eyes rotation control.
  • Customer Service Questions: If you have any questions about this head, it would be best if you looked at the designer’s profile, their name is GenusProject Resident, to see how they prefer to be contacted for customer service issues as I will probably not be able to assist you with that. You can also join the GenusProject inworld group to get news, updates, and assistance from the other group members.
  • Other Genus Project Bento Heads I’ve Blogged: Baby Face and Classic Face

I will do a live stream on my YouTube channel soon, in which I will cover the Genus Project Universal HUD, Basic Animation HUD, show you guys some skins on the Strong Face Head and also play with the sliders. You can watch me live on my YouTube channel:

Skins I will try on in the video:

Links for GENUS Project:

For more of my mesh head reviews and videos, click over to my Mesh Heads Category on my blog and my Male and Female Mesh Head Playlists on my YouTube channel. I have also created a page with a list of all mesh body parts that I have blogged.

My shape for the Genus Strong Face will also be released very soon. Once I release it, I will link to it from here. Genus-StrongFace Shape

UPDATE: I have released my shape for this head now, and it is available in my marketplace store.

My Style Credits:
Shape: Genus-Strong-Face Shape by Strawberry Singh (UPDATE – MY SHAPES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strong Face W001 – v1.6 by GenusProject
*Skin Applier: Amara Beauty Sonya by Shantia Soulstar
*Eyes Applier: Avi-Glam Luminous Eyes by Kendra Parfort
*Hair: Stealthic – Ivy by Stealthic
*Dress: Rowne.Motler Feather Dress by Fashionboi Landar (C88)
Necklace: Yummy Pearl Wisp Necklace -Silver by Polyester Partridge
Earrings: Yummy Pearl Wisp Earrings-Silver by Polyester Partridge
Tiara: EarthStones Fleur Tiara – White Diamond by Abraxxa Anatine
*Background: Exposeur – Industrial room by RubyStarlight Writer (Zodiac)


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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  • Soul Tripp

    I cannot, for the life of me, find what eyelashes you’re wearing. They’re very realistic looking. Can you share where they’re from? Thank you!

  • KamiKamz

    I need some assistance! I can not seem to get my teeth or tongue to show up on my classic genus head. I’m not sure how to go about fixing it. Someone PLEASE help.

  • Aurora

    Cant find any of those skins

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