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Berry’s 2018 Mesh Body Parts Survey

Berry’s 2018 Mesh Body Parts Survey

Welcome to my annual mesh body parts survey, which I have also done in: 2015, 2016, and 2017. I try to do this in the month of December to see which body parts most of us have been using in the past year.

Before I begin the survey, I just want to share a disclaimer:

I am a blogger that blogs a wide variety of bodies and heads. I only do this annual survey as a public service to my blog readers and any content creators wondering which body parts they can add to their lists to create for. I try to keep it as neutral and inclusive as possible. I am sharing this poll on my blog and my social networks. I will not be approaching any body or head creators nor asking them to share the link in any of their groups. I also do not work for any body or head creators. If any body or head creators share this poll in their groups, it was their choice and not at my request.

The following questions will revolve around human adult avatars only, multiple selections are allowed and if I missed any brands in the polls, please add them in the “other” section and I will add them to the poll if applicable. The polls count one vote per IP address. So even if you vote more than once, it will only count one of your votes per IP address. Thank you again for participating, I appreciate it.

Please note: the four polls are embedded below. If you don’t see them, you may need to disable ad blocker or check your browser settings.

Since there are so many mesh heads by the same designers, my questions for mesh heads will be based on brands and not specific heads.

Once you have made your selections in the polls, please take a moment to answer the following question, in detail, in the comments of this post:

Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

I look forward to reading your responses. Don’t forget that I have a holiday giveaway running until December 14th and an advertising sale running until December 17th, click over for more information. Thank you for reading and happy holidays!

My Style Credits:
Shape: Genus Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face W001 – v1.4 – Mocap by GenusProject
*Skin Applier: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* GENUS Head “Rafaela” Mediterran by Steffi Villota
*Hair: Stealthic – Fleeting by Stealthic
*Top: JustBECAUSE Pricilla Top by Annie Melson (FaMESHed)
*Skirt: JustBECAUSE Roberta Skirt by Annie Melson (FaMESHed)
*Necklace: Cae :: Bonita :: by Caelan Hancroft (FaMESHed)
*Rings on Right Hand: CHAIN – Flash Ring Set by MazyChain
*Ring on Left Hand: ~~ Ysoral ~~ .:Luxe Ring Wedding Eternel:. by fenixdragon Rau
*Pose: GingerFish Poses – Diamonds by Tracy Redangel


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

202 thoughts on “Berry’s 2018 Mesh Body Parts Survey

  • Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I wear Maitreya, but still prefer the look and feel of Belleza, Venus or Isis. There is a curve to the breasts, hips and butt that Belleza has that Maitreya just can’t duplicate … or hasn’t. I have tweaked my shape numbers to achieve a look I like with Maitreya, but it just doesn’t show the same curves. Why do I use Maitreya instead? More creations cater to it than to the other bodies and they make use of its auto-hide feature so I can, mostly, put on an item of clothing and not have to pick and choose the alphas needed for it.

  • I currently switch between the Belleza bodies, Matreya body and SLink bodies and I’ve only used Catwa heads. If I could, I’d get every body and every head to try them out and mix and match them! RL finances have been strained and I’m looking for a job while also being in school. I appreciate all the hard work the creators put into their work

  • Melinda Bayn

    I am Lelutka and Maitreya, I got Catwa head and Laqbut I prefer my Lelutka more simple and easy to use it. I am feeling the same with Maitreya hudbouth are very easy to use.

  • Sharodie Nightfire

    I am using catwa head and Maitreya Lara body.
    Not because I wanted to look like everyone else but because I create gowns and clothing.
    So that I know how things work and can help people better.
    Besides everyone uses their own shapes and skins so we are still individuals.
    Thanks for doing this, I was curious to see what people use most.
    Have a great Christmas.

  • My first mesh body was Maitreya, which I got back in 2015. I have a Belleza lite but it’s very limited. I thought about getting a different mesh body but I tend to gravitate towards Maitreya for some reason. I wear either Catwa Tala head (took me three months to save up for) or a Leltuka Simone Bento head. Simone was my first head around the same time I got my mesh body…I usually just stick with what I know but sometimes I think about trying slink or getting a full version of the Belleza body…It’s just so costly that I can’t afford to buy more than what I have at this time. <3

  • Mit Ford (not my real name)

    For a female avatar I prefer the Maitreya Lara mesh body and the Catya mesh head by Catwa. The reason is that not only does Maitreya Lara look the most beautiful to me, but I have tried many other mesh bodies and I did not like their HUDs. Maitreya’s HUD I feel is the easiest to use and understand. The same goes for Catwa. I have tried other mesh heads and I prefer Catwa’s HUD as it is easier to use and understand. The specific mesh head I use, Catya is because I found a skin I love and it looks best with the Catya mesh head. Also the majority of skins I see on display show them worn on Catya. So to me, Catya is like the “Golden Standard” of mesh heads. I have a male alt. I am a woman in real life but just wanted to experience what it is like being a man in SL. I do not deceive anyone. I tell everyone up front I am a woman behind the male avatar. Anyway, I use a Catwa head for my male alt for the same reasons I do for my main female avatar. I do not like the Niramyth mesh head. I do not find it attractive at all. I used Slink, Signature’s Geralt and Gianni. I perfer Signature because the HUD is easy to use and understand and the majority of clothes are made to fit Gianni. I felt that Slink’s HUD was too complicated to use. I do not like the look of the Niramyth Aesthetic mesh body. It is too muscular for my tastes.

  • Ponino Oh

    I currently use *Laq Bento – Rebel* head and *Maitreya Lara* body. I used to wear Slink HG body and Catwa mesh head, I liked both but I had issues finding clothes for HG and a new Catwa bento head was very expensive if I had to buy it piece by piece. Maitreya is more popular so I get a lot more stores to shop and Laq was perfect for my budget and yet really gorgeus 🙂

  • The thing I love about the Catya head? it looks different on everybody! Shape and skin make a difference, of course, but it just seems to morph into the right look for each person.

  • Molokai Sharkfin

    I have a number of alts because I used to make machinima and I needed a cast of characters on line when I wanted to work. I started out with TMP body and head. Still love the body, but ya nothing is bento so moved onto Maitreya and Catwa for my main avi. My male alts all have Signature bodies. One has a Catwa head and the others have AK. I wish there were more skins for the males AK heads. But on the other hand they all have very unique looks as a result of tedious skin searches to make sure they were different. My female alts all have Maitreya bodies. Other than my main avi with the catwa head, they all have AK (Akeruda) heads. I have thought about the slink hour glass body, but when I demoed it, I couldn’t get the shape the way I wanted. Thought about doing a Jake body, but too lazy to try as I finally got my male alts fixed up. Not to be rude, but after Catwa went after Akeruda on his male heads, it caused me to loose respect for Catwa, especially now that Akeruda heads are back and survived the DMCA take down. So I am looking at replacing Catwa on my main avi and will experiment for a while to find something that captures that avi’s personality. Perhaps Lelutka as I have heard good things about it. Cost is not a problem, I upgrade my alts regularly (all 10 of them!). Ease of use is important. If I had a wish it would be that the Akeruda animation hud would continue to animate the face after the hud was removed. Also with their new deluxe female heads, it would be nice if they had an Asian looking one and skin creators made an Asian looking skin. One of my alts has not been able to update as she is using an older AK head because no deluxe skin nor shape for an Asian look.

  • Sorcha Southmoor

    I used to use another popular mesh body, but found that I would have to constantly change my shape to fit clothes from the different stores. I switched to Maiterya on the suggestion of a friend, and I absolutely love it. I rarely even have to try demos anymore. I wear a Catwa head because I used a style card of a skin my partner and I found that we both liked. I like the extras at the store and the huds that come with it.

  • Rebelcountrybadass

    I use a mix between beleza jake and signature gianni mesh body im currently using my lelutka andrea head only thing id rather have that i can’t get would be a catwa head or the rick head

    And I’ve been in sl for 2 years

  • Swift Havercamp

    I use Maitreya (Lara) body & the LAQ head.
    I like to use these mainly as I know how to use the hud etc…..Sometimes learning a new brand is a scary thought!!!!!!! But I would like a Catwa head as there seems to be more skin & make up options around the grid.
    Lastly I want to Wish You Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year..XXX

  • ElSolLaluna

    > Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why?
    Belleza body because I liked how it looked compared to the others available when I purchased it, and I got the Venus fat pack which used to be available and included all three Belleza bodies for just a slightly higher price. So I have Freya, Venus and Isis
    I love the look of Catwa’s heads and because everyone was getting Catya I avoided it and choose Lila to be different, but I got hooked and had to go for a different look, so when Magy came along I gave her a go… but then Strawberry was showing us Lulutka in one of her videos and I had to go see what Lulutka had for heads and being hooked on mesh heads I had to get Bianca so for now I am wearing Lulutka Bianca till I get bored and go back to Magy who I really did not spend much time wearing.

    > Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?
    Seeing as most of the good designers favor Maitreya you would think I would want to change to her. I won’t say I would prefer to have Maitrey but I do resent that the designers are mostly making for that mesh body. I am glad that my fav Belleza Freya has the 2nd most popular makers designing for it but again I am pretty upset that they are not equally making for Venus and Isis; for that matter not designing clothes for all of the mesh bodies is equally upsetting. Is it really that hard to do?????

  • Lysistrata Szapira

    I have only the Maitreya body, and I’m currently wearing the Genus Baby Face head that was recently released (I also love the Classic head). I prefer Maitreya for the auto-hide feature and the alpha cuts work really well. I love Genus because I get a look that isn’t like every other face I encounter.

    If I were to buy another head, I’d like to see LeLutka release some new heads. I already have May but haven’t worn it since Genus came out with their head.

  • Emília Basille Bancroft

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    Right now? I’m digging my genus so much, I haven’t taken it off since I purchased it a couple weeks ago. The shape and mesh is so realistic, I’m floored. Otherwise, I was completely a Catwa girl, used Annie back before bento and then used Kathy since bento was released.

    As for bodies, I own the maitreya Lara and the Belleza Freya, but no others. Of the two, I almost always use my maitreya, I enjoy the shape much more. I use the Freya to achieve a curvier look, but even still, it’s rare that I do.

    Thank you again for the poll, I’m always so interested to see what comes of it!

  • L. Krevenky

    I wear Altamura Bridgette, best value for the money. Usually approximately 5000L for full bento body and head. But they have many specials. I bought mine for 900L special. And the avi is very pretty and the hud quite easy to use. Plus their customer service is fantastic.
    I would love to try Maitreya and Catwa and Letluka, but you are talking about a 10,000 L investment and some of the creations are not that great.

  • Wendy Pelser

    I am currently wearing my Laq head and Maitreya body. I wear this because I choose to. I have other bodies and heads, but this combination works well for me. In my opinion they have the best huds , easy to use and convenient and look great.

  • AnyaMarei OConnell

    My favourite head brand was Lelutka until the recent update. It would be again if the new rigging didn’t make the skins I already have look ‘off’, because I love the new animations.
    So I’m mostly wearing Vista Zoe because I love her facial animations. Wish more people made skins for her, though.
    I usually wear a Maitreya body. I’ve dabbled with Belleza bodies because the legs are fantastic, but I can’t make a shape that I like.

  • Le Oodles

    I use the Lelutka brand mesh heads because the amount of expressiveness and workability nets a better value for the cost than Catwa, and it seems like the creater gives more of a shit about consumer feedback. Lelutka managed to convert me from being a diehard Catwa supporter, and my money will likely be going to them in the future.

  • Trixee Trotter

    I prefer my Maitreya body and CATWA Bento head. It took me too long to look like this and i do not want to change.

  • Ruby Geek

    I wear Belleza Freya and Lelutka Greer, my boyfriend has Belleza Jake and Lelutka Andrea. I am both of us stylist and chose them for their shapes versatility (in my case I can get the curvy/overweight look that I also have irl and representative me without looking deformed) and amazing huds that are very thorough. I absolutely wish more people created also for these mesh parts, since other brands have the monopoly and they don’t feel the same even when trying really hard to get the same look.

    In my case I really like the Vista Zoe head and I really like it’s shape but even though it’s got omega, the uv layers don’t fit quite good around the lips, so cosmetics/skins that are not specifically made for it don’t look very good and since not many create for them, there’s not much ways to customise it or use my go to make up brands.

  • I use Maitreya body only and my Lelutka head. For my male alt I got the Slink body and a gacha headfrom Genesis lab, cause I can’t afford much on him so Slink is a relative cheaper body, and I use him for blog purposes only. Same with my own, female avatar, I love the Maitreya body, has the best shape for me, and it is easy to use and there are much clothes created for it, and the Lelutka head was also quit a spend, so using that always and feels like me now so not changing any time soon.

  • Amir Seoung

    I currently use the Niramyth Aesthetic body and head for roleplay and personal preference. While I prefer the Aesthetic over all other male mesh bodies still, the lack of clothing options out there is somewhat disappointing. If I didn’t prefer it, I would likely go Signature Gianni as most designers are creating for that body.

  • Elora Lunasea

    I primarily use Maitreya Lara across the board, although will sometimes use Belleza Freya if I want a fuller appearance. I’m more fluid on the heads. Cost isn’t an issue for me. I love playing around with looks so I own a LOT of them.

    I’ve been using Genus as my main head since it came out, as I prefer the appearance over all others and find the HUD not so difficult to use. And, the creator has been very communicative with the customers helping out with problems during the beta period and beyond. More appliers keep coming out for this head so options continue to grow.

    Lelutka Simone was my go to since it’s inception but the Genus Classic has overtaken it. I still like it but am not overly happy with the new version; it does not look as “mature” as the original to me although the HUD is pretty easy to work with.

    I also have Catwa heads but find the HUDS unbearably clunky and confusing so I rarely use them except Catya and Uma. I’ve modified the heck out Uma into a cartoonish type of character, something I couldn’t achieve with other heads.

    I have a couple of the Vista heads which are very nice and quite easy to use that I pull out now and then. Last, I’ve tried a few of the lesser known brands of heads but haven’t been overly impressed with any of them.

    I have a male alt, who currently uses Belleza Jake which I’m happy with except I just can not find a shape which makes me happy. He also has a few heads, and again, haven’t quite found a one which seems right. He’s wearing Lelutka Andrea at the moment, again, easy to work with although not as many appliers around as I wish there would be yet. I’m suffering with it because the Catwa head I have for him just annoys me to use. I also have Signature Gianni for him but overall I find the male body/head combinations not as easy to work with as the female combinations. Neck/head seams always a problem for me.

  • Hi, Strawberry!
    I usually wear the Slink Hourglass Mesh Body. I love the curves and the HUD has many options to hide the alphas.
    The only disadvantage of it is the hands and feet which we have to attach separately. But I can live with it! Lol!
    I also have Maitreya Lara because some designers only work with it.

    About the head, I have the Lelutka Simone for a few years and recently bought the Genus.
    I love them both: Lelutka for a more “mature” look and the Genus for a “girly” one.

    Fortunately I’m very happy with both bodies and heads. I don’t think I’ll change in a near future.

    Thank you so much for your work; it’s really helpful and a joy to read.

  • Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I wear Catwa Catya and Belleza Freya. Freya is the better body out there imo (the other, Maitreya especially, have too much anatomical mistakes) and it would need more support.
    I’m also happy with my Catya – at least for the look, i wish she would update her bento head to hd make up, like Genus and Logo did. And maybe make some less laggy huds.
    All in all i’m happy like that and i don’t want to change them.

    Have a nice day, Berry!

  • AndreaMarieJames

    I currently wear the Maitreya Lara and LOGO Tillie head. I have many bodies and heads, but keep coming back to this combination. While I love the shape and look of the Slink Hourglass body and I can easily dress it, I find I miss the rigged accessories that are Maitreya only. As for heads, I have always loved the look of the LOGO heads but found them to be clunky to use. Since the update, the LOGO heads are very simple to use. I find they most fit “me”. The only drawback is skin support. I wish more skin creators would make something for the LOGO male and female heads. I have heads from Catwa, Lelutka, LAQ, Akeruka, and Genus and honestly, there are pros and cons for all. The only ones I really never wear are Catwa and Genus. Catwa never seems to rez for me and I am always a floating brain. Genus is getting TONS of skin support with gorgeous skins, but it is a HUGE complexity hog at over 20,000. That was tested on the most recent full release, too. Thank you for listening!

  • Male (Jos Yohkoh)
    Slink Physique Mesh body 2.0.6 / Vista Bento Gerard head
    Birth Bennet Skin tone 3
    Jos Yohkoh’s Slink shape
    ARGRACE Takeshi black hair

    Female (Raquelzinha Questi)
    Slink Physique Mesh body Hourglass V2.08 / Slink Visage Mesh head – Emma 2.3
    Slink Physique Skin tone 3
    Nikki Heron’s Slink shape
    ARGRACE Ina black hair

  • Hi, my avi wears Maitreya body and Lelutka Greer. Maitreya because it’s very beautiful and I like the shape my body can have with it. Lelutka Greer because Lelutka is a very good quality and I like how makeup applies to it. Also the layers are big, so makeup looks very good. Greer because I want a shape with character (not sure if that is the way to describe it). I mean, I need a unique look, so Greer with a good shape and skin gives me that. I also like Genus very much, I only wear to design and make pictures with it. I’m not thinking of changing my appearence soon, but if I do,I will probably give Genus a try for daily avi.

  • Ryder Mureaux

    I wore the Maitreya body for a long time, but I had the Belleza body before purchasing Lara. I wore Lara because creators preferred to make clothing, accessories, etc. for Maitreya and that was it, especially my favorite designers, but I switched and went back to Belleza, the Freya body in particular. I LOVE how voluptuous the body is and how detailed the body truly is and it’s frustrating how a designer will make an outfit for Belleza, leading me to believe they are finally making clothes for something other than Maitreya, only to find out it was a ‘one of’. No matter how curvy your regular shape is, Maitreya body cannot duplicate what the Freya can. I have the Lelutka and the Catwa head and they are both very good mesh heads, but I wear the Catwa, the only issue I have with Catwa is the HUD. Lelutka and LAQ HUDS are pretty straightforward and VERY user friendly.

  • Momo (tempest1408)

    I noticed someone commented that they have a Belleza Lite version and can’t putchase the full version. I just would like to let them know that Belleza updated all Lite versions to Full Versions since their bento hands are out (note that this is pertaining to their female bodies). I was trying to reply to their comment but I couldn’t 🙁 So hopefully people that have the Belleza Lite versions of Freya, Venus or Isis can redeliver their bodies and it will be the Full Versions. Also, just wanted to put a disclaimer that I do not work for Belleza, I am just a customer that wanted to help 🙂

  • Genesis Guinevere

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I wear Maitreya mesh body since I started to wear mesh body.
    And I prefer mostly Catwa, and LeLutka heads.

    The reason is….I didn’t try any body, so I’m okay with maitreya….and there are many clothes for it which are easy to use. (I never use appliers for clothes).

    And, I wearing Catwa and LeLutka heads, cuz for me those heads have the prefered animations, makeups….And the most beautiful skins which I see my avi beautiful with. And when I trew other demo heads, I never felt myself complete with, so I decided to stay at the (for me usual) Catwa and LeLutka heads, which are my style.

    So I’m brave to pay for those both heads….but I don’t really wanna pay for others, cut they are too far from my style.

    Sorry was a long comment lol.

  • Gem Sabra

    We are husband and wife who met via SL and live together since Summer 2011. So to the above polls, we answered for both partners.

    uses Maitreya Lara since there’s mostly clothing or items for that body in events and fairs, and (always) as freebies. The shape is the wanted result, so don’t have a need to buy another body.
    For head, used in following order LAQ, Catwa and Akeruka, favorited Genesis Lab and LeLutka for a long time, but am using Genus Project full-time since it came out (might switch, if in mood, for pictures). I was head-over-heels for my Genesis Lab Flor (gacha) but since there were limitations from others brand onto the head (not Omega compatible), I switched over to LeLutka Bianca for more options. When hearing about GenLab going to make Omega-heads, I was looking forward to that – which became Genus Project (GenPro) head product. So weather they changed brand or not, I wanted it as soon I heard about it. I have always loved how GenLab’s slide-editing was used, which gives more variations in modelling the face (or that’s how I see it). It’s the same with Genus Project, but their additional head HUD is super IMPRESSIVE!!!… I simply couldn’t refuse buying it. I am in love with the HUD, and even though the head still needs tweaking even though Alpha is out, I have NO DOUBT about their creativity and quality of the Genus Project heads and I know that they will keep on improving the current head and future heads (gotta love perfectionists). I never regretting bying GenPro in Beta mode, and can never really express how grateful I am about this head’s possibilities <3 Even as great, many creators are making skins and makeup for it, making it range beautifully wide to all options of looks and wants <3

    uses Signature Gianni, but before that he had SLink. He used SLink cus back then it was only two options: that one or TMP, which he didn't like. He then updated to Signature Gianni cus he noticed limitations to SLink's body. Also, more creators made more products for Signature, so it became the most obvious and popular choice. But he might go for Belleza Jake later since he hasn' found "his" body, yet 🙂
    For head, he used Catwa non-Bento then switched over to Akeruka-Bento cus it was cheap (group join fee and free delivery). They aren't bad, but he never felt it was "him". So he went to buy LeLutka Andrea, which he now uses. He did not want to go to Catwa-Bento heads cus he's tired of seeing the same heads. Plus, he thought the LeLutka animations were so good, that it convinced him to buy it. He had no reason to go Bento, unless the animation was really good. He also noted that if Genus will have male heads, he might consider buying one in the future.

  • PixelBerry

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?


    I’m currently switching between Belleza freya and Slink Hourglass + the petite chest add on, I love them both but they both got some kinda flaw that makes me switch between the two when I feel like it. The head I use is Catwa Catya, I really love the Catya head as it’s really flexible and you can really play around with it to get different looks, compared to other heads I have tried.

    I do have Maitreya too but out of all the bodies that I have, Maitreya is the one I dislike the most and got the most flaws in my eyes, I’m really picky about everything, Maitreya got the most support but for me it’s not worth it regardless as I really don’t like the anatomical flaws and other flaws that it got, some people might not notice them, but I do all the time, so I always end up annoyed when I wear it, the only times I would wear it is when I’m forced to use it for some really nice clothing ( that I REALLY wish was sized for other bodies as well, did you know some creators are saying that maitreya is the hardest body to rig for? ).

    Some heads that I really want to try is Catwa Blueberry and Genus baby head, but I’m so used to the flexibility on the catya head so I’m not sure when I’m willing to try another head, genus in general seems like a unfinished project and it got a weird nose that is hard to change up to look different, so I won’t go that direction yet, Catwa Blueberry maybe soon.

  • This is a little tricky cos Id bet a lot of Ls that the numbers a scewed from the start. Simply because of some simple factors. 1. people dont often understand the difference with the different bodies 2. the designers do not cater equally to all bodies. IF they did Im 1000% sure that the numbers would look vastly different.

    This has always been my gripe with these surveys, it is not a true picture you get from them sadly.

  • Lara body, it was the best in my opinion when I bought it about three years ago, and that hasn’t changed. It works for my shape and all functions work without annoyance, which is what I want.

    I’ve been wearing Neve from LAQ for a year now. I really love it. Looks smooth, hud is clear and not too complicated. Even better now that makeup makers are supporting more.

    I’m not like to change anytime soon. I used to say I would buy Catwa when I could afford, but now I am happy with LAQ head and will probably just buy another LAQ head if I ever decide I need a face chnage.

  • Adhara

    I am catwa and Maitreya, I got Lelutka head, Laq, Vista and Genus head, but I prefer my catwa more simple and easy to use it. I am feeling the same with Maitreya hudbouth are very easy to use.

  • Deelish Wishbringer

    I recently switched to ebody curvy from maitreya. Though I love both bodies I love the thickness of the edody curvy that you can not get with maitreya. The breasts on ebody are more realistic, especially with the right physics. I’m noticing more and more ladies with curvy more realistic shapes and that makes me happy (being one in rl lol). I get A LOT more compliments and advances from men (and women to be honest) with this body, depending on who you are and what you want this can be good or bad lol. It’s really time that maitreya came out with a curvy version, They haven’t done another body in so long I’m starting to think they never will…not sure why they even bothered naming it “Lara” if they were never going to make more…it’s just the Maitreya mesh body. I do love all the clothing and options with maitreya, there are many choices for the ebody curvy yet and I don’t love their alpha’s honestly but I love the body so much that I wear in most often regardless of that and not having many clothes for it. I love the nail options on the ebody and the detail to the “private areas”. With the right shape it just looks way more realistic than the way too perfect-ness of the maitreya. So as much as I thought I loved maitreya, I only wear it now because I absolutely love an outfit that I can’t get for my ebody curvy.

  • Aelevere Zamani

    I use slink hourglass (sometimes with petite chest augment) and LAQ or Akeruka heads. I like them because of the look I can create. Admittedly I don’t like to use the most popular brands because then i feel like i will look like everyone else. I like to support the little guys!

    LAQ heads are very nice all around and a good alternative to catwa, price-wise. LAQ needs a bit more facial animations though.

    I also think Akeruka heads are so very unique and i especially like the realism of the bump and shine effects included with them. The new deluxe Akeruka heads have great bento animations as well, and are strongly rivaling catwa!

    HG is my all time fave body for sheer sexiness. That said, I do own a maitreya body simply because some of the clothes I want to buy (usually in the asian or kawaii genres) are made for Maitreya only. And that infuriates me! My new resolution is to stop buying those clothes and just make due with whomever makes for HG now.

    I also enjoy wearing Sking’s Katena, because some days I like to be over the top and larger than life! Its just fun and sexy, and a flight of fantasy, which is needed some days.

  • Doris is viviana30 and Bellanena SL

    I use the Maitreya bodies, Beauty be it freya or isis and I am using the Genus Baby Face head and the Classic head. But the Maitreya Body use it more time for its easy use of Hud of automatic hiding and the alpha cuts helps me in the use of clothes and Beauty if I want to put on very sexy clothes I use the body of sexy curves. I love the Genus Projetc heads be the Classic or the Babe Face each one its form its style is diverse it adapts the skin well in them, it is still in development the Hud, the animations I am happy with it. Before I used the Catwa Heads, I have them on vacation and they do not skin those heads Kathya is bento and the other older that skin was never removed and the avatar’s face was rare, I was never satisfied. the Kathya used and helped me the shape of strawberry skin 1 or 2 I was never as happy as I am with Genus. It is very unfortunate the prices so expensive of the skin and the heads, In the RL the economy is strong. The prices in the SL rise very fast and one manages to have boundaries at that speed of Second life, sometimes I think that I will be stuck because of the rapid price increases of all in SL. I observe that nobody sees and does not care for that, they must not forget the people who are the ones that move the game and its economy. I would love to buy other new heads I am sure the year 2019 all the craters of the different houses will do Beauties of heads I speak of Future those heads I would like to have and skin beautiful but …

    Creative friends and friends creators of the heads and bodies Mesh in Second life. because you have never made an event of mesh bodies and Heads with significant discounts, important gifts as I do Genus Project 2 times a low price and a new head with hud, Animations is still underway is working on developing things for the market and It was given to us and it was something that I wonder why not the other houses, very few do we all know hopefully you will see about Genus proyect and it is not ruined and I believe it has not lost it has won and more we bye byee

  • I always use Maitreya Lara, I find the body more beautiful and easy to use, especially Lara’s legs are very beautiful. The HUD is very easy to use and has everything you need to personalize the body.
    I use the Catwa Catya head because it seems very beautiful and, as with Maitreya, the HUD is very intuitive and easy to use, besides Catwa has many accessories and spectacular animations.
    I have to say that I am a creator of mesh clothes and I have many mesh bodies, all are beautiful in their own way and I deeply respect the work of all the creators of bodies and mesh heads, their work and their tenacity, but personally and for my use I prefer Maitreya and Catwa.

  • Selinica Harbinger

    I use the Slink Physique body (got it late 2017) and the Vista hands/one of the Vista heads. I initially used the Catwa Catya head but I changed over after trying the Vista offering and after some other happenings.

  • I’ve been using the Maitreya Lara body for nearly three years now, and GA.EG’s Barbera head for a year. (I was using the EVE’olution Head for a year before that, but grew unhappy with it and the lack of updates.)

    I’ve customised my avatar quite a bit, with a custom shape, mesh ears and antennae from Stargazer Creations, blue skin courtesy of Lumae, plus a rainbow spot tattoo. 🙂 You won’t miss me if you see me in Second Life!

  • For the past few years I wore my Catwa Catya but recently I have switched over to LeLutka. The features look more real and the animations are less exaggerated which I like. However there are a few things I dont like about LeLutka but I think it might be a learning curve at this time.
    I have always preferred Maitreya, she just has it down and wish she would make a male mesh/bento body. Just because I see how some of those hands and feet look on the other males bodies and its like “wow, those are some damn ugly hands/feet”, lol.
    Love your youtube videos Strawberrysingh ~ you have helped me so much when I first discovered your blogs and youtubes over the past few years!
    Thank you and Merry Christmas

  • ElleKay

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I currently own (between avatars) Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass, Slink Physique, Belleza Freya, Sking Katena (big/reg breasts), a few 9’s bodies, UTI Kemono (+most mods), Ebody Curvy, KL Lena, and a set of Violet Studios parts. For heads, I currently use AK Deluxe’s Elle. I also have Catwa’s Catya, Lona, Kittia, and Pink (as well as 3-4 non-bento ones), Lelutka, Genus, Mayreal, and ASR.

    I use almost all of those on a regular basis between avas, so I won’t comment which I like best, maybe just a few things about some of them. Lara, I wear with a body deformer, and it makes it a lot more tweakable as far as curves goes. I LOVE both HG and Ebody Curvy, and they both do great for rounder looks, but I wish they had been developed for more early on – so I still find myself going for Lara for my older items. Also I wish the HUDS on both were a bit better. Something HG does -really- well though? Materials HUD. It’s nice to just drop in some materials textures and go (looking at you Lara >.>) Freya, eh. I like it, but it’s under-developed for sadly. I also really don’t like that it’s so heavy mesh-wise (but that’s me nit-picking). I do like the different breast options.

    Sking’s Katena, I’m a developer for as well as a BIG fan (no pun intended) – just because it’s so unique in the shape and curves, and I really love how you can go tiny or massive, short or tall, and it will always give a unique look. It’s also got one of the best, most open developer kits out there. 9’s just started doing a dev kit for his, but I have always been a fan of his bodies mostly for the bubble butts xD As far as VS goes, they give a LOT of flexibility in sizes, and it’s nice to not have to change shapes if you pick a few pieces that can give different looks to the same shape. Both 9’s and VS bodies are modify, which makes giving custom materials to them a LOT simpler (although VS’s HUD will clear materials when certain buttons are used, but it’s not -too- annoying to work around.)

    UTI’s Kemono – and all of it’s parts – and the Starbright… they’re adorable, easy to mod for, and most everything you find for it will be moddable because of the community involved. I currently use ASR’s bento head with it (haven’t tried the ASR body though) – and I LOVE it. It works with a TON of bento animations you’ll find around including catwa/lelutka/ animation huds and it is anime as can be.

    As for other heads, I like them, but I don’t mess with them that much. My main avi uses AK’s Elle and I’m in love with it, it’s got a really unique shape and you can toy with the head sliders a ton and get a bunch of different results easily. I just wish it had more skins for it because omega isn’t too friendly with the lip area on this one (using a skin as omega and not with it being tweaked for the AK head usually ends up with a little bit of lip bleed) – but again, I really am loving this one. Catwa will always be my go-to for simplicity though. Genus is… getting there. And Lelutka, I’m split on. I find myself loving my head and then hating it all at once. The quality is there, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t feel like I’ve unlocked my own identity in my Lelutka one yet. So AK it is for me!

  • Corvi

    I use Belleza Freya along with Catwa Pink head. I have tried several bodies and used Maitreya for a long time, but as soon as Belleza went bento I swapped over. I like the shape MUCH better than Maitreya, and since Belleza has autohide for it’s clothing, if the creators use it, it’s just like using Maitreya. It is frustrating that so many creators ONLY make for Maitreya, but I look at it as saving my wallet.

    I mostly stick to Catwa heads purely because I own so much makeup from Pink Fuel and the idea of starting over is a little daunting. I have tried some of the other heads but keep going back to Catwa. I do wish the jowls slider worked so I could get rid of the sharp edges on their heads but overall those heads look the way I want to look the most.

  • Penny Widget

    I use the Slink Physique because I like the way I look, it’s “me” in my avatar.

    I use LOGO’s Alexis head because it’s how I look, and as close to how my system avatar was for years, and because of the wide amount of expressivity LOGO allows. I feel at home in my avatar when I can smile and emote and be sad, and so forth.

  • I am delighted to wear Maitreya Lara body because it looks amazing and it opens up the widest market for clothing.

    I wear an Akeruka head, because I am quite happy to not look like every other Catwa wearer. Akeruka, in my opinion, makes one of the best quality items on the grid.

    I would not consider another head, since I am very happy and well established with my look.

  • Gypsyrose Verrazzano

    I am using Maitreya and Genesis Lab “Flor”. Originally, when mesh bodies first came out, I tried Wowmeh (which I loved, but sadly is gone) and Tonic for a while. Although I wish Genesis Lab had as many skin options as Catwa, I am more than happy with it because it makes me that more unique. I own mesh heads from Vista, AK, Catwa, several Genesis Lab, Laq, and many others ( can’t see my inventory right now :P).

    I love playing with them all…trying skins..shapes…etc, but will only go out of the “house” with my Gen Lab and Maitreya.

  • Aternia Afterthought

    “Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?”

    I use the Maitreya body and Catwa head. I prefer my Catwa head because it gives me the exact look I wanted. I do love the other heads (I own them all) but they don’t have the same look which is more important to me than the HUD and features.

    I do not prefer my Maitreya body aside from the HUD. I love the HUD more than other bodies. I prefer the Belleza body by far but never find myself wearing it because so many of my favorite clothes come in Maitreya only. I prefer the curves and detail of the Belleza though, it’s far more natural-shaped which I’d love to have all the time.

  • Sakki Salubria

    I use the Maitreya Lara body and the Catwa head. I have not tried any others because I like this one, and honestly changing them is a bit confusing for me. Plus cost plays a factor.

  • I always wear Maitreya Body though I do have others, I have a tall athletic Avi and I love this shape. I do wish the breasts were more realistic when small. I wear Catwa Kathy and have found my own unique look, I should try Lelutka but it is not high on my priority list. I have Older heads from TBS but I never use it. I love the deetalz skins for Catwa

  • I use Slink Physique body only – my avatar has one robot hand and they finally released a version that was compatible with mesh bodies but I still want the shape of the body to be kind of regular human and not especially curvy. Try as I might, I couldn’t get the demos for the other bodies to conform into a less boobs and hips shape, which is a shame as many creators either only create for Maitreya or just don’t do Physique (which I understand, there’s not so many Physique users out there and their creating time costs money).

    Still using the same system face I had when I joined twelve years ago – don’t think I’ll be switching to a mesh head because I’m too used to that being “my” face and a lot of the heads I’ve seen seem too wide when I’ve tried them?

  • Hi Berry! I find these questions and the answers really interesting so thanks for doing this! So, for a long time, I wore the Lona head from Catwa and I still love that head. If the cost of a head were not so high I would probably have bought more but I just sort of cringe at that 5k. Yes I know it’s only 20 dollars or so and I’m sure not saying the work isn’t worth it, but I live on a limited income so every linden has to count. I’ve also dabbled with LaQ heads and got my sl sister into one as well during this past Black Friday. For the money and the fact you only have to buy the hud once, I think they are an amazing choice and possibility. But, recently I bought the Chloe Lelutka head and so far I like it very much. So I guess you could say I have one of each of some of the “biggest” brands. I think biggest or best is very subjective, but I know these particular brands seemed well liked on your polls!

    I think each of these brands have pros and cons that could appeal or not appeal to prospective buyers. I think Catwa has more variation of facial features and of course you can buy tons of appliers for it almost anywhere that sells skins and cosmetics. However, I really am starting to feel that everyone should be going to Laq’s universal hud model so that the cost per head is lower. At 1500 per head, I am more likely to buy more simply from a budget angle. The same goes for Lelutka. I really like their all in one hud and appliers are fairly easy to find as well, but that 5k a pop price tag is really prohibitive for me choosing to buy another one any time soon.

    As for Laq, there’s a certain look to these heads that’s very Laqroki to me and I don’t always prefer that look, so I’d like to see a bit more variation from head to head and also rigged eyes as an add on possibly. But having said that, I find the price per head a bit easier to swallow.

    These are all just my thoughts and opinions and others may have different ones.

    As for bodies, I’ve had Slink, Belleza and Maitreya at various times since Physique first came on the market. They are all nice bodies and have good pros and cons. However for me it’s a bit like the story of goldilocks, Maitreya is the one that’s “just right”. I find it to be very forgiving in terms of shape, you can make it quite curvy and voluptuous or quite slender and svelte according to your own preferences without any deformation or loss of detail. Appliers are easily found and clothing as well, and with few exceptions almost all clothing that’s maitreya specific fits without much struggle. As I said I’m on a budget so not having to worry too much about finding cute clothes for my body is a plus.


  • Fauve Aeon

    My favorite mesh body parts are Coco dolls, if I could only choose one, it would be that.
    For human/realistic things, I usually wear Maitreya Lara body but about 1/2 the time SLink hands/feet. For human heads I alternate between Lelutka and Catwa because I like different looks.

    Fully 1/3 of the time I wear no mesh body parts and/or I’m not even in a humanoid (or doll) shape at all.

  • Miss Phire

    I stick with the Maitreya body because I am used to it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the body and it does what I need it to do so there is no reason to switch. For heads I flop back and forth between Catwa and LAQ. I haven’t had a LeLutka one in a while since I always feel like it makes me personally look pissed at the world, not the kind of vibe I want to give off in pictures or just wandering around the grid. Maybe if I spent more time playing around with my face, but again I am a bit lazy in that regard.

  • MistressViper Voom

    I use Maitreya Lara and LAQ head, I just like the looks of the Maitreya body for me, and LAQ was the one I chose after trying all of the mesh heads. it was the one I could tweak to look like me (old sl me I loved my system face I had done ages ago) so its like a new me with face lift. LOL.

    My better half uses Signature Gianni we like the look a lot, and GAEG head. He chose GAEG because it gave him the look he finally wanted. The others just seems like everyone else’s common.

  • Chay Hauenstein

    I’ll admit that I’m kind of an odd one when it comes to this. I have a lot of MESH bodies. Belleza was my first, before they came out with three versions. Freya is my normal daily use body. I also have the Slink Hourglass, Maitreya (and I totally hate to attempt the spelling on it!), TMP, and SKING Katena. I don’t like the TMP, but I do own it. I love playing around with transformations on my avatar, and I have a sweet love for the SKING because of that.

    I used to like the Hourglass quite a bit, but I don’t like what they’ve done with their HUD recently, and making extra steps to figure out alphas.

  • PrincessFaun

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? I use Slink Hourglass and don’t use a head
    Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason? No, I like my look as it is.

  • Monikeke

    I’ll start with something that really bothers me:

    Compatibilitiy: More and more creators are leaving behind such beautiful bodies and only making for Maitreya. Why? Im aware that the majority of SL women use it but honestly I dont understand why cause there are better and more beautiful bodies, and for a lower price. I think that body is over valued. And why so much trouble for rigging for 3 or 4 bodies??? some creators rig for heads, which are a lot of them, I would say around 50 or more? I dont believe its such a hard work to rig a dress for 3 bodies, at least make for 2 so you have variety! Once you rig one dress you can work on the next one with less difficulty!
    If you paid 2500L for one body you sure can pay 5k, its not a matter of cost, there a lots of ladies who have more than one body and head. I tihnk they use it more because it was one of the first bodies; even with new women coming to SL, they will ask you what body looks better and well, most will say MTY, luring them to stop diversity.

    With that being said, now here’s my review about some of the features of meshes.

    Head Animations: I love the animations of Lelutka more than any other head (specialy the ones in its series of sweets), Akeruka looks really odd with its own animations and worse with 3rd party ones, I guess is a problem with the rig but I love the mature look of some of the Akeruka.

    Head appearance: Genus is adorable, something in the middle of sexy and cute. Catwa is totally for anime and those who aim for a girly look. Lelutka and Akeruka look very mature and kinda exotic to me.

    Bodies: I’ve bought most of them but I cannot choose between one, I mostly use Freya and Hourglass recently. I totally loved the eBody Curvy, best curves in sl. Unfortunately I dont wear it as I’d love to cause there is not much “quality” clothing for it. Lots of fullperms that I dont like so much.
    With the latest update of the Slink bodies, the materials have improved by far which is awesome too.
    Belleza bodies are beautiful but need some serious materials improvement cause i like taking pics with nice shining on me and these bodies dont have nice shining effects.
    My first body I think it was Maitreya and back then it looked beautiful to me cause there was no other nice mesh body around, until TMP came out, thats probably the most beautiful and smooth curves that ive seen in SL, such shame they didnt want to become omega friendly, probably the reason of their break down and off SL. They never went off Beta. I hope one day they will update to bento and do some fixes including the Omega upgrade.

    I hope to see more creators making for more than just one rig. Diversity is essencial in SL. Or that one day you could wear one size and be able to manipulate it through the edit menu to match your body but I doubt so.
    Thank you for this poll 🙂

  • Syeira Anariel

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I use the Maitreya Lara body and GA EG’s Barbara head. I use Lara mainly because it is the most supported body (though I wish more creators were supportive of other bodies, I bought Lara mainly out of necessary so I could wear certain clothes). I really liked Barbara from the get-go because the look more closely resembled my system head. I didn’t need to tinker with it much at all. I also appreciated the price compared with features (I didn’t need a ton of extra animations that I would never use). I would consider Catwa and LeLutka, but the price makes me hesitate. Vista is a consideration for me because of features and value.

    I also use eBody’s Classic; it was my first mesh body, but not as much as not many creators seem to release content for it. I have considered looking into other brands for bodies and heads, but most brands are just so expensive.

    I also have a male that uses Belleza Jake and GA EG’s Evan head. I bought Jake because of Signature’s popularity and I wanted less muscles, and I bought Evan because of my experiences with Barbara. Signature’s Gianni in many ways is the Maitreya of the male mesh body world, but Jake seems to be becoming more well supported now.

    I personally don’t like to create a lot of looks or have unused merchandise sitting idle in my inventory, so I try to find the body and head that works for the majority of my uses.

    Thank you for offering this poll.

  • Catrie Athena

    I use the Maitreya body, simply because it’s the most supported. If other bodies had more/better options, I might change. I wear Lelutka Simone head. I love the head, because of the ease of use of the HUD and just how it looks. I did demo several other brands, but found that particular one best fit what I wanted for my avatar

  • Lysana FireBride

    I use SLink Physique and GA.EG’s Barbara head. Each were chosen because they gave me the look I wanted most with the least amount of time and squinting.

    I’ve sampled bodies from the two other big names as well as several of the up-and-comers at least once apiece, and I can’t really say I want them. I might faunch over Altamura’s alpha cuts and find the nipple alternatives more than one maker offers attractive, but I love how I look in Physique. I struggle now and then with Maitreya to see if I can be happy with that in case something goes very strangely. It remains wrong for me. I’d go with Belleza Isis first if I had to. And I also finally figured out that if I really have to have something that only comes in Hourglass, I can drop my boob and butt sliders and get what I want out of it (except for some shoe types because Hourglass has this weird dip in the shin and the thighs are too large).

    As for the head, I looked at several after Bento was released long enough to get a good variety of designers on board. None of them captured me. Then I saw Barbara at GA.EG and I was sold. The price, the features, and I could look like me in less than a night. I only wish GA.EG supported Omega lashes. All their defaults are black, and sometimes I need to go with a different color. I can tint them, but it’s not the same.

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  • Trela aka eshana

    I love my Maitreya mesh body cause and this will probably sound silly to most…I like the way it looks in Neve clothing. Neve clothing makes up almost all the clothing my sl self wears cause they are amazing. I haven’t had the mesh head that long as opposed to most of my friends who use the Catwa head but as much as I like Catwa its out of my budget. Plus I have been wearing LAQ skins since I found them when I came to sl and I love the head as I have always loved their skins.

  • Reena Winters

    Hi there Strawberry – When I first started SL, i was learning to use the TMP body but i didn’t like it because of its limited uses and lack of support from designers and the hud was very hard to understand. So one day, a good friend of mine bought me my Maitreya body and i haven’t change it since. Love it, love it! And as for mesh heads, I had a Catwa head but i found the hud too hard to understand. So anyway, now I use LeLutka, Simone and Cate. I like the hud and the skins for it. That’s my fave combo look for now 🙂

    What I would like to try in the future is the AK mesh deluxe’s head, they look very realistic. But right now, I can’t due to low L$.

    So have a Merry Christmas ! btw – love your vids! Keep up the good work!!

  • Beca Staheli

    I wear Catwa Heads, they have the most available options in terms of skins, makeup, etc

    For body, Maitreya Lara WITH V-Tech Flat Chest, as it is the only option for feminine male (femboys) avatars out there with a very wide array of options when it comes to clothes, tattoos and skins.

  • Sannita Cortes

    I am wearing Maitreya Lara Meshbody which was the one for me and most likeable.
    But as lack of updates, improvements in alpha cuts and sections I was looking around and found for me the Tonic bodies. After the last update the Tonic – I prefer the fine one – I am definitely convinced to change to it – more clothes are coming for this and switching over to this one.
    Support and improvements are very good and always an ear to the customers.

    Also ebody bodies are better in the alpha sections for clothes – also updates and support is good.
    They also have 2 versions – curvy and thin. Definitely also an option .

  • “Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?”

    I have three mesh bodies but I only use two. Maitreya, Belleza Freya, and the Ebody curvy. I have Maitreya on one account and my Belleza Freya and Ebody on another. The Maitreya is easy to find clothes for, and it’s very beautiful, but I like curvy and to keep my curves on the Maitreya I have to be pretty short. With the Belleza Freya I can a lot taller and still keep my curves, plus I think it’s the most realistic body. I’ve also found clothes on the Belleza usually fit alot better and hardly have to use the alpha. Ebody is very pretty but I just can’t find enough clothes for it.

    As for bento heads I have Laq, Catwa Catya and Genus Babyface. I really Catwa and Genus. Catwa is very easy to shape and of course has a lot of skins and make up for it. The animals are very smooth and there are cute a few of them, plus all the bento things you can use like lollipop, gum, etc. Genus I also like. It’s so very realistic like others have said and it comes with a lot of skin options for oily skin, to glam, glow, and wet skin! It is nice that you don’t have to buy appliers for those like you do Catwa. The genus head does not have that many animations and they are not as smooth as Catwa but then again the heads are pretty new. I am sure updates will be coming! I am really excited to see what is in store for the Genus heads! As for LAQ it’s pretty but I just could not get it the shape I wanted it to. It all looked the same to me no matter what I did.

    As for the money issue, well, I don’t think I will be getting anymore mesh bodies or heads because I do have enough! Second Life probably thinks I am a bank, hahaha! 🙂

  • Suteruni Susanto

    After being absent from SL for over 5 years I was told I had to go mesh. Was advised Maitreya and haven’t regretted that for a second.
    I was also advised to get a bento Catwa head but the price totally put me off. Now I can almost tell if someone is wearing a catwa head, that sucks. The same goes for LAQ I think, their heads seem to look alike a lot too. Although I did find ways to make them look unique. Lelutka, Spencer, was my first favourite head. Until I bought my first VISTA head 😉 And the 2nd and 3rd, getting better with each head.
    Plus affordable, also great AO’s that are compatible , too all newbies I would advise this …Maitreya and Vista 🙂

  • Cougar Sangria

    I tried several mesh bodies back in 2015 and purchased two thinking I would use both for blogging purposes. Wrong! I only use my Maitreya Lara. The other is packed and collecting dust in storage. I haven’t had the desire to try another mesh body as the Maitreya checks off most of my needs. This mesh body is a dream to use as is the HUD. I am hoping that once ‘bakes on mesh’ hits the grid an update will be forthcoming.

    Once bento hit the grid I tried several mesh heads and settled on Catwa Catya. I wanted to try and maintain the legacy look I worked so hard on and along with my preferred skin designer and Catya ( and tweaking every head slider available) I was able to do just that. For me, I find the Catwa HUD is the easiest to use.

    I like consistency, so it’s highly doubtful I would ever switch from either of these brands.

  • KittenVarietyFortue Resident

    I currently use the LAQ Neve, Rebel and Leia heads, and for the most part the Maitreya body. I do occasionally use the Belleza Freya body for going on dates or photo shoots with my hubby, and once in a great while I use the TMP body for photo shoots. By far my favorite is the Maitreya for convenience of finding outfits for it, ease of using the hud and all that. For the actual look of the body my preference would be TMP. However it’s almost impossible to dress that body so i go with the Maitreya. For the heads, it took me FOREVER to find a head that felt like “me”. But last Christmas I finally broke down and bought the LAQ heads and haven’t ever looked back. I can shape them to my personal preferences, get rid of the duck lips and the “RBF” look to the face that some other brands sport. LAQ faces are just so happy and sweet looking, like real girls and women look. I like that a lot. I don’t think i’ll ever wear another brand of head.

  • Jessicka Sands

    Currently, I use the Catwa Catya (Bento) head and the Slink Physique body most, though I also have a Maitreya Body. I really prefer the shape of the Physique body over the Maitreya but the lack of designer support, by comparison, makes it difficult to find things for… sometimes I’ll just make do with the Maitreya for a certain look to work.

  • Sylvia Wasp

    The thing that I always think about when doing surveys like this is that it doesn’t objectively compare the bodies, it just talks about “popularity” which is in the end, a trivial and transitory thing. Maitreya Lara always seems to win, but not necessarily because it’s the best body, but because it was here first, and has the most clothes.

    I use the Tonic bodies and I think literally every single thing about them from the basic design and the quality of the mesh, to the much better thought out HUD is simply “better” objectively than Maitreya or *any* of the others. It’s also more compatible than the other bodies having SLINK feet and hands and Omega relays, built in.

    If all the bodies were starting today at the same time and were evaluated objectively, Tonic would win hands down in every category. That much seems certain. If Linden Labs had to pick one of the bodies to serve as a “standard” (i.e if there were to be an “official” SL mesh body type), again, Tonic would win hands down. It’s just a better design.

  • I have Belleza Freya, Maitreya, and Slink Physique and Hourglass, but for the most part I only wear the Maitreya. I like Freya’s overall shape the best but I prefer Maitreya’s hud, and so many designers make clothes exclusively for Maitreya that it’s easier to just wear it most of the time.
    For heads I have had the most success making a face that feels like ‘me’ with LeLutka Simone and Greer, and lately with Logo Tillie. I have a handful of other heads from Catwa, LAQ, and a couple of Vista heads, but I can’t really get the look I want with any of them. LeLutka is definitely my favorite.

  • Tina Ansaldo

    I use Tonic Fine Body and Genus Project Head. They are perfect for me and have no intention of getting other.

  • Ravenmyst

    I’m in the minority of using a mesh head and body combination. I use the Vista Zoe head with the Dev Fitness Mesh body. Having the Dev Fitness mesh body helps define the muscular skins such as the Pink Fuel ab appliers. The Dev Fitness allows me to have that femanine hard body look and stay away from that amazonian body builder look. The Vista head has a simple HUD interface which I like, I feel it has good smooth facial emotions which you can mix combine a lot of combinations. Even though the clothing selection is very slim and the only clothing that makes as close as a fit you can for the Dev body is Bellexa Freya, I’m totally happy with my combo look.

  • MrsTally

    I use Genus Classic Head, But Also Have Babydoll, & Maitreya Mesh Body. I Adore My Lelutka Strawberry Head Aswell ❤️

  • JollyJollies

    I love that the Sking Katena body is finally getting some light. This body is a thicker body def not for the skinny minnies, but I get a lot of people asking me for my shapes and how I get my slink hourglass thick and nicely done. When I tell them what body I’m wearing they have a hard time believing me. The Katena just needs a bit more time to shape and also someone who knows the range of the sliders. But once you get the hang of it it’s a very lovely body. ALL bodies have their downsides. But this one works for me since I can make so many different shapes and looks with it without using mod kits or deformers. For the females who don’t like being thick stick with Maitreya because it’s also a nice body just not meant for the thickies….just like Katena isn’t meant for the skinny minnies. We all have our look we aim for and neither is better then the next person. As long as we are fit to how we want to look that where it counts. Plus the Sking community if very open I think due to being judged so much by others it brings us closer together. I couldn’t ask for a better group to belong to. I would just hope others would pull the wool away from their eyes and stop being such good sheep. I think outside of the box…therefore I shall live in the circle (it’s a world reference, people who live in boxes never see the world, people who live in circles embrace it).

  • candicain

    out of all the bodys i have by far katena is the best theres variety of mesh clothing made the creator has made it easier for creators to make cloths and i love the detail i would personally love to see more made for it

  • As a male avatar, I go with Sigature Gianni mesh body and Lelutka Andrea mesh head. About the body, I’d say Signature Gianni has the best proportions for a male body with high quality skins available (and even with a high quality native skin system). Other bodies seem to lack something. Some of them count with amazing native or third-party skins, but seem to be a bit problematic for me in terms of proportions (generally, their butts are bigger than what I’d like them to be for a guy, or they are too muscular). Others may be ok in terms of proportion, but it’s difficult to find good skins for them. There used to ne a nice body from Joma (I don’t know if it’s there yet) that had good proportions for my taste and a nice native skin system, but it was very difficult to find clothes that would adapt to it, also because its alpha system was a bit weird. As for the head, I thinl LeLutka has an even better articulation/expression system than Catwa. There aren’t so many skins out there for it yet, but it’s a big brand and it has made a deal with some good skin designers to provide skins for it – so, at least there are a few high quality options. I still consider heads too expensive, but I think of it as a long time investment, which makes the situation a bit better. Having taken my decisions, being satisfied with them and seeing both mesh head and body as something to last long, I wouldn’t change them for now.

  • Abra Zelin

    I mostly wear Maitreya body for convenience and availability of clothing, but I do like Belleza Isis quite a bit also. For heads, I still use Catwa and Lelutka, but in the last year have used Laq, Genus and Vista more often. Hardly wear my Logo anymore due to lack of applier availability.

  • Akeruka (various) + Maitreya Lara.

    I got Akeruka heads for the simple reason that they were group gifts, however it turned out they are pretty nice. Eventually I purchased a “deluxe” one at a reduced price. Appliers availability aside, the deluxe ones don’t have too much to envy compared to Catwa, they have even some better feature and I think they load somewhat quicker. The only noticeable issue I saw is some unnatural movement with the jaw joint during the talking animation and perhaps the rigging could be better.

    Heads that maybe I’d prefer but…
    I was considering Vista heads, as they look good, have cute animations and they are cheap, but the creepy asymmetric eye blinking turned me off.
    I’m finding LAQ pretty interesting and a solid product instead. However, a friend of mines found out that LAQ heads appears as giant heads in busy places, before the rigging kicks in. It’s a pity that they are no-mod (as most of the heads, but few exceptions).

    Maitreya Lara. When Lara was released and I tested the demo, there were already Wowmeh, TMP, SLink, and Belleza, as far as I remember. Lara had an usable and lightweight HUD, better alphas, the feet weren’t boxy like TMP (on the other hand, sadly not fitted mesh) and unlike others they didn’t look like having a bunion or not so much. With Lara my legacy shape didn’t need many changes. Not to mention the lower price.
    Lara was also among the firsts to get auto hide and later the body has been quickly updated always to the latest features (e.g. Bento).
    After a few years, the other bodies have been improved, more or less. Other bodies were released meanwhile, but Lara is still pretty good and my inventory is all Lara based at this point.

    Bodies that maybe I’d prefer but…
    I considered Belleza for an alt. I like their body shapes (except the feet) and Belleza was one of my favorite skin makers already before. However the sum of: a body a bit heavier to load and complex (despite what the rendering cost number says), higher price and slow updates (although eventually the Bento version came out), made me look elsewhere.
    I like ABAR eBody curvy for a different kind of shape and the classic is interesting too. However, apart the few clothes available (and I guess no auto-hide), there are shape inconsistencies among versions (i.e. v.8.4 shape is a bit different from 8.5 and 8.6 is different again), some issue (e.g. you add the feet or the hands, depending on the version, and your shoulders become wider. I’m not sure if that happens for every viewer) some bug (white patches here and there, because a layer didn’t become fully transparent or whatever, and the introductory dollarbie version comes flawed like that already, so the first impression isn’t awesome)… and priced the same as Maitreya Lara, I rather go for Lara. But else I’d get this body as an alternative.

  • Shaydie Resident

    I wear Maitreya body and Catwa head. They are just the ones I have. I don’t really know if there is one I’d like more. Sometimes I switch to the Slink Hourglass if I want more curves. I just like the way I look.

  • Hannah

    I like Catwa mesh heads, but I only have DEMOS. Mesh body, eBody free, but there are not many clothing options for this version.

  • Ren Flow

    I use Tonic mesh body because I want a realistic appearance. SL would have you believe that every woman as DD breasts or bigger (Maitreya has DD when the slider is set to 50). This just is not so. I have B Cup breasts IRL, and prefer to have that in SL as well. I tried to achieve this with Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink – in every case, these bodies give the appearance of having walked chest first into a closed sliding glass door when the slider is set low enough for a B cup (yes… Slink has a “petite add-on”, but the fact is that fitmesh does not respond to it – you might as well NOT be wearing that add-on if you’re wearing fitmesh clothing).

    Tonic Fine is the only body I tried that gave a natural appearance to realistic sized breasts.

    As for head…. yeah… Catwa.

  • Talyndah

    I am currently using the eBody Curvy body. I own several others but the curves of the eBody are to die for. there is a lot of detail where other bodies are neglectful. The breasts and behind are full and beautifully shaped, the legs are so lovely and thick. And to top it all off, it comes omega applier equipped. You just can’t beat it!!!

  • Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    Maitreya Lara Mesh Body: Have always used Maitreya simply because it’s the most widely catered to and frankly, have never had any problems with it.

    No real interest in trying other bodies at this stage.

    Head: LeLutka.

    Why? Three reasons:

    1 – lower complexity than the leading brand.
    2 – because (to me) their female heads always seemed more feminine than others.
    3 – hard to imagine another HUD being as user-friendly and lovely as LeLutka’s.

    Would I try other heads? Not at this stage. Used to wear Catwa until I noticed how complexity heavy they are by comparison to LeLutka.

    Had a fleeting interest in Genus Project but that dissipated with their indecision over ready/not ready, pricing changes/selling HUD/heads separately and upon seeing that they seem to be following the same boggly-eyed clown-ish look as some others, but with a 500L higher price tag than the leading brand.

    I do admire Genus Project’s gentle, non-idiotic facial animations (the first I’ve come across in SL), although that feature alone isn’t enough to tempt me into buying one.

  • batdogace

    I use Signature Gianni mesh body. For the most part it works, though sometimes I feel it’s a bit too “roided” no matter how skinny I try and make it. Also I find the wrists don’t always cooperate with long sleeves. But otherwise, no complaints, and I feel it looks better than the other male options I’ve tried, which is mainly Slink and TMP. TMP is bonkers complicated and expensive, and Slink’s collar bone looks wonky to me.

    For my head, I use CATWA’s Daniel bento head and have no complaints, but have also never tried anything else.

  • TanithS

    I like eBody classic because it’s very easy to conform it to a standard SL avatar size. I wish it had the autohide feature (or more refined body mapping) because there are some outfits I just can’t wear with it. But other than that I’m happy.

    LAQ Gaia head with the Evelyn skin because of so many reasons, most of which boil down to the fact that LAQ’s aesthetic has always been more or less a perfect fit for mine.

    Built-in Omega support on both is also a big plus.

    Thanks for this survey. I know it provides valuable information to creators. It kinda bites that eBody is not high in the rankings, but I’m glad folks are starting to make things for eBody now.

  • Body:
    Slink Hourglass. Because it’s the best body figure that helps me feel like ME and Hourglass offers more than Maitreya probably ever will. Tinting layers, full masking control and full body material control. FULL CONTROL, that doesn’t stop at a basic slider. I also like having my hand tattoos on the tattoo layer, not as underwear (I’m looking at you, Maitreya!). Maitreya is a fine body if you’re into that shape. It’s a lovely body, yes! But the fact that is the most popular is absolutely BS. Both Belleza bodies and Slink do more and offer more than Maitreya and have just as much quality in the mesh’s shape yet these bodies fall way behind. I just don’t get it!! It makes my head spin!! One example how Maitreya damages Slink and Belleza’s popularity is the fact that many girls who are new to mesh bodies or SL ask what body they should get and everybody throws at them “MAITREYA, ITS THA BEST AND THERES MOAR CLOTHES FOR IT!” But it’s really the only single thing that makes Maitreya better than the rest: More stuff is made for it. Because designers know most females have it…because moar stuffs. Its a vicious cycle that needs to stop. I know I’m ranting, and I’m sorry but…I’m just SO frustrated!! I just want Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink Hourglass to all be #1…okay?? ALL three deserve it, I think.

    So many mesh heads out there. Its a very personal thing. My favorite is Catwa and possibly Genus. They do a lot more than the other brands and I think Genus could be a good competitor for Catwa. Both their meshes seem to be very easy on the sliders for face shape, compared to say Le’lutka, where their heads seem more unyielding. You basically have to love the shape their heads come with out of the box and at that point they might as well still be non-bento. On the other hand..Le’lutka’s expressions and lil addons are on point! The materials are better than Catwa’s, too. I have always felt that Catwa and Le’lutka are the top two brands for quality, HUD, and applier control. Catwa won me over though. I also dumped a ton of L into Catwa me a head that can match Catwa’s quality or even goes a step further and I just might buy it (GENUS) lol

  • Lilith Alphaën

    Okay soooo, I’m a mesh bodies and Bento heads collector so…I have a lot of them and I like them all for what they are.
    Buuut, my favorites are Belleza Freya body, because I like curvy shapes and I like the Belleza HUD, and Maitreya too because most of the creators makes outfits for maitreya. (but I like Slink Hourglass and Ebody Curvy too.)
    For Heads my favorites are Akeruka (next gen an deluxes)! I own them all because I really think they are so uniques, they do not really need skins (even if it’s a plus I admitt) because their base skins are already great. By the way, I like Catwa, Genus, Lelutka, GA.EG, Vista and Laq too.

  • This is going to be a rather complicated answer, because I have main male and female avatars and an army of alts 😉

    My main female avatar has a Catwa Kimberly head, with a Maitreya Lara body. But I also have a female avatar with a (freebie) Akeruka head and a Maitreya Lara body, and another avatar with a LAQ head and a Maitreya Lara body. As you can see, I tend to prefer Maitreya! I also have a female avatar with a (freebie) Akeruka head and a Belleza Freya body, which I use as a dancer to earn tip money 😉 I like the fact that the Belleza Freya body is more voluptuous, curvier, than the Maitreya Lara body.

    My main male avatar has a Catwa Daniel head and a Belleza Jake body. But I also have a male avatar with a Catwa Stanley head and a Signature Gianni body. I have been very happy with both.

    My alts all have freebie/dollarbie heads and bodies as outlined in my blogposts about where to find free or inexpensive mesh heads and bodies for male and female Second Life avatars:



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  • Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why?
    -Catwa Catya, Kittia and Belleza Freya.

    I strongly prefer how I look, what my body shape looks to basing my choice of bodies on what clothes I can or cannot wear. The Belleza bodies, and in particular Belleza Freya gives me the mesh shape and look, the curves that I cannot get with any other body, and I own all the major ones (hourglass, physique, maitreya, tmp) and even a few defunct ones.

    Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?
    – Genus is a head that intrigues me alot but it is just too limiting for me. I just can’t see myself using it at this time. I’m used to the feature rich heads and huds catwa has. The animations, layer support, masking, the way that makeups interact with each other and the sheer customizability of Catwa heads makes me not take the plunge with Genus although I do own their heads as well. I am a fan of the hard work Catwa Clip put into her heads, I was there when she first started making them, all the trial and effort and the wide range of products that she has. I support her and her brand fully.

    Mesh body wise nothing at this time.

  • Ashlee

    Maitreya body because of the ease of use, and the wide availability of outfits. Paired with a LAQ head and Sugar Garden skin. I chose this combination after a long search since I was after a particular look. Another consideration was information from a friend who said CATWA was pursuing a rather vicious copyright campaign against other SL creators. This made me write them off.

  • mmmlisi4ka

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why?

    I use the body of Maitreya-it is really very beautiful and has a very comfortable HUD. It is also a very popular body among clothing creators – I can always get any clothes I like.
    I also use the head LAQ, before that I bought the head of the creator GenesisLab. The most interesting thing that I was looking for a head for a friend, but when I tried on the heads of the LAQ, they struck me down – I consider these heads to be the most tender and beautiful. Today I bought a new improved head, which also has an improved HUD – I do not find a single flaw in my preferences 🙂

    Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    Absolutely not

  • Jon Nielsen

    I have just gotten into mesh bodies and heads. I finally found one I liked and that is closest to ‘me’.

    EVE & ADAM is the winner at this time, but I haven’t yet purchased the body, due to finances.

  • I wear Maitreya for a long time and it fits almost all clothes in sl, catwa Lora is my favour also many beautiful skin appliers could be found from sl. LAQ head scarlet and poppie are sweet and I got them when promotion, so LAQ is my favour head store lately,
    i wish mesh head will put down their price, so we could wear more different heads and enjoy playing dolls in sl. winks*

  • Forever Sparkly

    ForeverSparkly Resident

    I currently (and always) wear Maitreya body with LAQ head.. why? because they are in my opinion the best. Laq is a superior product at a fair price and I will always support that store. I wear Maitreya simply because it has the most options for clothing and I didnt like the boobs and butts on the other brands.

  • sylvan mortensen

    “Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?”

    I use Maitreya Lara, but would use a different shape with smaller breasts if there were more skin and clothing makers who would create for it. Simply put, I use maitreya because it’s the most commonly used, not because it’s my fav.

    I’d use any head that would give me the look I want, because I actually like a lot of things about my system face. Utilizator Normie comes closest to capturing her spirit. I can live without the bells and whistles, but would spend more money if 1. Utilizator made an upgraded hud for Normie 2. Another creator made a head which came even closer to sylvan’s essence. I do like Normie, however, especially considering what I paid! The cost was secondary to how I could mod the features – I must stress that.

  • Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    For body i use Maitreya (& no plans to change it) and for Head Bento Tillie from Logo. I’ll like to try other heads like Genus, Laq and Lelutka but the wallet doesnt want too lol

  • currently have three catwa heads, maitreya lara body, and hourglass,and belleza, am purchasing the sale for the LAQ head, I love the look and hope to get the hud soon, only the lindens is an issue, but working on acquiring, my friend just purchased the Genus project head and it still needs some tweaking, but overall, love the creators of these heads and bodies…very well done..especially the sales..♥♥♥

  • Q. Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    A. I use Slink hourglass body and LAQ Sandy head, and I absolutely love them both! I have several other heads but will stick to LAQ heads as I find them prettier and easier to use. I also have Eve slim body, and it’s lovely, but I switched to Slink because there are a so many clothing and shoes options with Slink as compared to Eve, and I love the curves on Hourglass 🙂

  • Lee Helix

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?
    I currently use Maitreya Lara body on this account because I like the convenience of it. I have used an Slink hourglass on this avi too. I recently changed from a Lelutka May head to Laq because I was impressed by the hud Furniture option as a furniture creator who needs to be sure the legacy head animations are working on an AVsitter set up.
    My main account uses Lelutka Simone and Maitreya Lara.
    My male alt uses Altamura Robert due to cost but in the future I am considering updating him to a Catwa head and Signature Gianni body.

  • Ashiri Sands

    When I’m not a fox (TWI), I wear the Ocasin body with the GCBS Rooth head for the simple reason that I like to modify my avatars.

  • Annakari Genesis

    I wear Tonic, because that was the one I finally decided to buy after demos of a lot of them. One of the things I dislike the most about the mesh bodies is that you can’t really be creative with your look. Granted, most have numerous creators now, but you can’t get the look you want for something if you can’t use sliders. I have a lot of outfits that look great on Tonic, but if tomorrow I want to go crazy and do a costume with big breasts, I bought the Tonic with the regular size ones (I typically prefer that), so what… I need to buy more mesh bodies? No, I can’t see spending tons of money on that. Maybe a mesh creator can come up with a way to put in sliders. If I want to be stuck with my body form I will just make myself costumes in RL (which actually is easier and less costly to fake bigger or smaller breasts when I want—- socks, bandages… all things in my closet).

  • GiaDumont

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I only used the Maitreya Lara, because I saw a video you posted about Maitreya and fell in love with her when I first joined SL. I also purchased the Zoe bento head with the animation package, and regret it because don’t like her I liked the Ester better. However, I don’t use the Zoe Bento head because it was not pretty at all when I tried to alter it. So, I kept the Classic head and altered it to get the look I wanted. I have wasted a lot of money, because I cannot get the look I wanted with the Zoe Bento head and it actually look scary the more I try to fix it, so I have given up on Zoe Bento head. I am only 2 months in SL and still learning and trying to understand. I find it all to be difficult. eg. alpha, hud, scripts, etc.

  • Mijensen resident

    I would love to wear the Tonic Fine body, if there were more clothes made for it

  • Wieke Audeburgh

    I use the Maitreya body at the moment, but i am very much in love with the curves of the Belleza body and would like to use that body more.
    The reason that I don’t, is that i prefer the alpha sections of the Maitreya body, and because i wear mostly that body, i have more clothing for Maitreya than i have for Belleza.

  • I still like my Coco Dolls the BEST and even so, I FORGOT to write them into the poll, ah well, very niche anyway, those who want them, find them I think!

    But most of the time I wear Maitreya Lara (often with SLink hands/feet) with Lelutka Simone head, (Catwa Catya a close second) when I am wearing a human avatar. These combinations, along with changing my shapes as I have time and inclination, express me well.
    I don’t have much trouble with finding things to fit the Lara body that also fit my style because I dont mind the alpha cuts or tweaking a shape. If a makeup is for either/or head company or for Omega, I can wear the one I like best. I find that lots of the most sartorially interesting shoes for me are still made only for SLink feet, often mid and pointe.

    Two observations:
    1. I’m finding that many of the most recent releases from many fashion designers do not still include Classic 5 sizes rigging and system layers/alphas as they once did.
    2. A niche thing…I wear Classic avatar with no mesh parts for ballet due to (so far) the mesh body parts not properly expressing the foot animations necessary for ballet, everyone mysteriously left out the ankle joint rigging on every mesh body I’ve tested so far, leaving the flat feet perpetually flexed, various tiptoe feet with a more flexed ankle but non-pointed toes and then finally pointe feet that never flex down, all producing very unrealistic movement for ballet!

    Not complaints, just honest comparisons. I’m adaptable. 😉

  • Lushus Zeplin

    I only use Maitreya Lara due to it looks more like me in real life honestly. The heads I prefer LAQ and I also prefer those cause a few come close to my real life look. I like the hud that goes with the head and find I quite easy to use. The only think I would ask for is a bigger font to read it better. LAQ has always been my favorite choice in heads and I will continue to purchase them as they get more and more realistic. Some are so realistic I have to do a double take to make sure it is a cartoon head! lol

  • Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I use Maitreya out of convenience. This is because creators seem to only make things for that one body.

    I like the concept of the Belleza because it’s one piece for everything. Meaning only one attachment point is being used. I think if I had to pick a favorite body, it would have to be the Slink Physique. Everyone in SL seems to have totally forgotten the original Slink body. I have a very hard time finding clothes for that one at all. I like that body the most because, in my opinion, it has a natural shape. It has little indents where real life muscles would be and the Hourglass caters to the curvy women of SL. The Slink feet seem to be more versatile than the standard “flat, medium, high” concept the other bodies have. I like that Slink gives us two more foot options for pictures or for those who just want to be different or make their avatar more realistic with movement. Another reason why I’m “Team Slink” is the fact that you have more options for customizing the body than the other two “leading ladies”. Slink lets you have different appliers on either arm as well as different appliers on each fingernail and toenail for your hands and feet. Furthermore, you can pose each foot separately.

    With all of these options, I’m not sure why people have left Slink in the dust. If I knew how to build mesh for SL, I think I would focus on the Slink bodies. They are both beautiful and deserve just as much love as Maitreya and Belleza.

  • Crazydane Frostbite


    For my Male avi i Use the Catwa Victor Head”have fallen in love with it”, i only got the head because the eyelids on my Catwa Daniel have a Damaged mesh that makes them seem imploded.”Tried redelivery etc, just broken”. I wear the Belleza male body but do own the Signature Gianni. However i do NOT like the signatures odd pointy pecs.

    My Female avi uses the Genus Project : Classic & Babyface, with a Maitreya Body. I choose that female body based of what i had seen on my mrs´s Version of body´s from Slink to Belleza etc. I only really liked the mesh work on the Maitreya Lara. The Genus heads to me are the Perfect heads even though they are far from done. Perfection takes time. “It even did for other creators aswell”

  • Anya Ristow

    I use Belleza Freya because it allows me to have “square” hips. I use a Catwa head because, despite being like all other bento heads and not reacting to the fat slider, can be made to look fat with other sliders, and it doesn’t have a pointy chin.

  • Maitreya Lara and LeLutka Simone.

    I started out with Slink Physique but changed to Maitreya largely because that’s what all the clothes were being made for. With Slink I already had the hands and feet but now I just use the Maitreya ones for easiness. I suppose they’ve lost that advantage now with newer people arriving and just buying a full body in one go. It’s annoying that so many clothes are exclusive to usually Maitreya but as someone who occasionally makes clothes I can understand that creators can’t do every option if they’re having to model and rig for a number of bodies.

    I used to wear a Catwa head, but when I moved to Bento I got LeLutka. To be honest the dominance of Catwa in skins etc kind of annoys me but again it’s understandable from the creator point of view. I don’t like the Catwa system of add-on HUDs, I find the Simone all-in-one easier to use. I did try out a Bento Catwa but I couldn’t get a look that I liked on the demos.

    Until about yesterday I was just using one of the built-in skins (Glam Affair?) but now I have a Nylon Outfitters one although admittedly it’s hard to see under the dirt layers I wear.

  • Wilma Philbin

    I didn’t get a mesh avatar until Bento went live on the grid. By then it seemed Maitreya Lara was the body most creators made clothes for so I went for that. Besides Maitreya is a brand I’ve been using in clothes and shoes since 2007 so I trust them to keep a high quality. I have pretty much looked the same since 2008 and since I have a conservative partner the choice of head had to be one I could shape into “myself”. After a couple of tries and some serious twisting I managed with LAQ’s Lula so that is the one I use. LAQ is also the brand I’ve used for my previous skins so I do feel comfortable with them.

    So far I’ve not had to regret my choice of body or head. Both creators have offered good service and relevant updates.

    I have an alt that uses Lara too, but so far I haven’t found a head I really like for her. I really don’t have any good reasons to spend lots of money on her so it will take some time. Investing in a mesh body and head plus skins and HUDs is expensive.

  • Sylvie Jeanjacquot

    No more Lara for prolly 2yrs. now. She’s nice but went – because of her popularity – bog standard. It’s comparable to iPhones. Standard for the masses and also like a sociological “quasi-law”: Newbies tend to purchase Lara. “Exclusively Maitreya” – which can be seen so often at fairs is a joke. What’s “exclusive” with Lara? It’s defo “inclusive”, as it’s plain common these days but it excludes others. “Exclusiveness”, defined as something top notch posh, is a blatant joke.

    I was rezzed in Feb. 2007. My very first meshbody was the “WowMeh – Style (v2.7)”, acquired 2nd of May 2014.
    Actually, I am on Hourglass combined with Bianca by LeLutka.

  • Charlie Callaghan

    I wear the Maitreya body. It has the most options for clothing, and I like the more slender type of body. My head is Lelutka Simone. I like it because I was able to make it very close to my classic head, and it was popular enough for skins and makeup, but not so popular that everyone has it.
    I do have the Belleza body, and a couple of free ones from Altamura, but I prefer the Maitreya/Lelutka combination.

  • KlaraReeves

    I use Belleza’s Freya body and catwas’s Tala head. I’ve tried other bodies, but Belleza has always been my favorite!

    I have to agree with ElSolLaluna. Some designers tend to design exclusively for one or two bodies, (ie Maitreya, slink). I’ve seen some test the waters recently with making a single outfit for other bodies to see which ones they might include, but generally they just return to the primary body(s) they design for.

    It’s irritating to see an outfit you really like only to discover your body isn’t supported!

  • Midori Rotaru

    Wear Maitreya,for the accumalated outfits, prefer Venus, Isis or Freya and overall wear more often than M.Why rather different to the other comments I find the Belleza HUD for me much easier, more responsive ,better integrated and more features than the Maitreya.(omega for example, and more saved options ).Three varied bodies from curve to slim with good aesthetics offers a lot more than 1 Mait.for a similar price.
    As for Head that jumps between Fiore simply the look etc is wonderfull and not so euro centric.And the Ga EG which i find most stunning and a HUD that intuitive easy to use .
    Fiore times do have problems with hair and the hair base teally needs updating as very hit miss.Resulting in me making endless shape variations .

  • Forni

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I wear Catwa Daniel and Belleza Jake. I prefer the jake body because of the shape of the butt. Cost is not a factor in choosing a body or head. I have several other bodies but Jake is by far the best looking in my opinion.

  • Sundae29 resideny

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I use the maitreya Lara in conjunction with the vista Zoe head. Before getting the vista head I was using mayreal. I was not please with such limited skin choices for the mayreal head. The modifying was a bit limited as well.

  • Nem Adrastaeia (nemesisvirtualis)

    “Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?”

    I wear Altamura Kim (a fullbody incorporating both mesh head and mesh body), because it’s convenient and attractive. And, to be honest, Altamura made it available as a group gift instead of a demo, allowing me to wear it inworld and gauge reactions from others. The Kim fullbody definitely garnered more than its share of compliments.

    Altamura fullbodies are also very easy to shop for – fitmesh usually looks nice on them, as do shoes made for Slink feet (with the advantage that an Altamura mesh fullbody has all three foot poses selectably by HUD). The fullbody concept reduces the amount of effort required when changing bodies. Of course, I’ve never had either a mesh head or mesh body before, but friends who have both have told me what an effort it was to transition from Classic to mesh body, then again, to mesh head.

    I’m very happy with my Kim fullbody, and can report the transition took only a couple of days before I was happy and had made the changes to the head that preserved the “look” of my Classic face.

  • Alania Darkwatch

    My female main I use LAQ Scarlett and Maitreya body. I picked up Scarlett last year (?) on black Friday special as it came up right as I had decided to finally upgrade to mesh . Took awhile to adjust the shape until I was happy with the face as being “mine”. I have tried others since at least in demo but always end up choosing to stick with Scarlett.. I think Im attached to it now.
    My male alt/ semi main has gone through several bodies, and heads. He is a problem child. Currently he is using Exmachina Davide body, and AK Leon head. Davide body was a nice in-between from the really buff and the lean body types I was finding ( Signature was too built, Jake and slink were lean but just not quite right ) and adjusted well to shape so I have been sticking with it since I got it. I was not a huge fan of Leon head when I got it tbh but it was on special and again, I was finally looking to upgrade so I grabbed a deal when I saw it. I have a static mesh head that matches my characters personality but I kinda wanted to be able to play with expressions so when I found a skin I liked that had appliers for most of the meshes I owned I started swapping out head/ body combos and adjusted shape with Leon until I got something I felt was close to the static mesh I liked ( M.O.R. Kuro and Shiro heads btw) . Ive been using it since. I did pick up Vistas first male head Gerard when he came out at my partners urging. I do like it. Someday when I have time I may mess with my shape more so I can go back to it. As he comes its a bit to “manly” – My male alt is an elf and rather gender neutral appearance is intended.
    I have been considering picking up Kuroo body by M.O.R. but it isn’t Omega friendly which means the skin I took forever to find and love to death wouldn’t work. :< It has a slim, lithe aesthetic that I prefer not unlike Kemono just slightly more defined.
    I have also been considering Raven Bell's Lance head , again more neutral gender. Saving up the linden while I decide… but Im still hunting mesh ears I like so.. final decisison may take forever.

  • Julie Woodbury

    For my primary avatar, I have a Maitreya body and a LAQ head. I love the grace of the Maitreya body, which I’ve recently supplemented with VAW nipples. The LAQ head was the one that I could most closely customize to resemble my system head, which I had had for several years and to which I was exceptionally attached! Both the Maitreya body and the LAQ head are fairly easily customized, and LAQ has excellent support to match head/body skins.

    I have quite a few alts, including a male that I created so that I could avoid (if possible) being griefed when I built at sandboxes. He has an AK Leon head and a Slink body. I found a company that sold the head/body skins in one package and equipped him there – it is a beautiful look. Slink is reasonably easy to dress, and since I don’t change the AK head out, it works. I have had trouble with strange and funky eye angles, but I work with it.

    Most of my female alts have Maitreya bodies. I have two with Altamura, but it is likely that they will not remain on – I may swap them out for Belleza Freya bodies, which I consider graceful and more realistic. I have a miserable time dressing the Altamura alts – and although the breasts are truly magnificent, with lovely nipples, I dislike the genital region. All of the mesh bodies have idealized breasts – but some look slightly more probably than the others. As far as large breasts go, I haven’t seen breasts that look natural – only artificially augmented – but do we really want large breast truthful gravity in SL? 😛

    As far as heads go, thus far my alts have AK or LAQ. I have one Catwa head, and it is exceptional but possibly over-expensive – and Catwa does not seem to offer introductory prices or, if they have, I haven’t gotten the memo. $25 US here, $25 US there – this adds up quickly, especially given my current land tier!

    I am also responsible for my spousal unit’s avatars. He has one that is Tellaq – and although Tellaq now makes mesh avatars, I’ve opted to leave him in classic. It is an attractive, mature looking avatar. The mesh bodies do not yet look the way I’d like them to look – they’re overly bulky and not particularly realistic unless you think everybody lives on zero carbs and pumps iron 24/7. The other two avatars are a Catwa Daniel head with an Adam body, and an AK Leon head with a Signature Gianni body. Spousal unit likes the Gianni body (with the Gianni apparatus) quite well, but brings his Tellaq avatar into world most often.

  • Hello! I’m excited to answer these questions 🙂

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I use Maitreya body & LAQ heads. I currently have only Maitreya & I absolutely adore it. My first head, before getting 3 LAQ heads, was AK because, quite frankly, I wanted to get into my mesh head but couldn’t afford the others & AK was having a special on for the 2017 holidays. As for body, I’d planned on purchasing Maitreya from the beginning, mostly because I saw so many designs created strictly for the body.

    Another body or head that I would prefer? I wouldn’t so much say prefer since I am so happy with the Maitreya/LAQ combo, but a Tonic body would be a definite front-runner if designs for it were as easily found. In the same vein, I intend that my own designs will focus on both Maitreya &, eventually, Tonic since I strongly feel that it deserves more design focus. As for heads, I’d been all over wanting a Lelutka in the beginning but could never afford it but, honestly, since I put on my first LAW head, I was completely sold &, quite likely, won’t ever purchase anything else.

    Thanks for asking!

  • Hello! I’m excited to answer these questions 🙂

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I use Maitreya & LAQ. I was all about getting a Lelutka in the beginning but couldn’t afford it but, after putting on my first LAQ head, well, that was it. I doubt I will ever wear another maker’s head but I might purchase a Tonic body in the future for some of my design work.

    Thanks for asking!

  • I wear Maitreya Lara body, with my Classic avatar head. I’ve experimented with various mesh heads but am not happy, so far, with my ability to retain a face I’ve spent seven years refining as my “look”.

    I’m still evaluating other mesh bodies and faces, and the Altamura fullbody concept is interesting. When I have the time to try and reproduce my facial appearance on a fullbody, I’ll report the results next year.

    Maitreya’s been great these years I’ve worn it. Again, while I’m trying Altamura out, the price point’s a little high. Then again, if the skin that comes with Altamura is as good as the Redgrave applier I now wear with my Maitreya, the price advantage on a Lara may be academic.

  • Bill Speare

    I wear The Signature Gianni and the AK Deluxe Leon currently. I demo’d several bodies and wore Adam for a while. I switched to Gianni when Hoorenbeek came back and was not including Adam in their bodies they design for. Support for Signature is better than for Adam. I really like the Geralt body as well. I’ll likely add it to my inventory at some time.

    I Wear the AK deluxe Leon that I received as a gift During their Anniversary event in June 2018. AK has wonderful support as well. I had been shopping for Catwa heads, but they seemed like a money pit to me. I put a Nivaro skin on my head and body and am very pleased. I also own an Adam head but never really wore it. I was not impressed by it. I picked up the Vista Gerard Head and Bento AO combo. I’ve been using the AO for a while now and really enjoy it. I’ve tried the Gerrard head on and I like it also. I’ve been a little busy and haven’t taken enough time to fully give it its chance yet. I do like the way it looks, as do a few friends who have seen me with it on.

    I’ve also shopped for GA.EG heads and I do use their Ultimate Eyes. I’m seriously considering adding the Rick 2.0 to my collection. It’s rugged looking, though some think it looks mean. I take that with a grain of salt, though. Look at all the movie action heroes. You could say they look mean, too, but there’s no doubt they are adored by their fanbase. I’m just not a guy that needs to look like an under 30 pretty boy with guyliner.

  • Rosie Gray

    I use Maitreya Lara body and Lelutka Greer head. I’ve tried demos for many different heads but most of them have the botox lips in such a manner that you can’t adjust the sliders to make them look more natural. This one comes closest that I could find. Also, I think both the Maitreya and Lelutka HUDS are very good.

  • Kelley Wonder

    I use a Maitreya body and really love the hud and its ease of use. I wear a Vista head. I have Diana and Lia. I think the hud for the head is easy to use and understand. Vista has done a great job with all 3 heads that are out right now. They are easy to manipulate with the sliders.

  • Esryn

    I doubt I will ever find a body as compatible with my aesthetic preferences as Maitreya Lara. I’m not into the overly voluptuous or heavy figures, and Lara takes all the shapes I make and softens/rounds the edges of them perfectly and organically.

    The Vista Zoe head has been a game-changer for me. I can’t laud it enough. For a sculptor/shape designer, this head has the most ability to be sculpted and moulded into nearly any facial structure I can conjure. Until Zoe, that lack of that flexibility kept me from mesh heads. I could simply do more with system heads, but since they were fading from the forefront, I’d all but given up designing.

    I will say, the Genus head looks to be another frontrunner, but I can’t comment on it as I’ve only just started using it. But it’s looking ever as promising as Vista.

  • Cassie Faire

    I wear a slink Physique body ALL the time. The HUD is so comprehensive and easy to use and includes everything needed (including nail polish and length, plus foot position selection), the ‘auto alpha’ is such a tremendous idea and automatic control of the feet positions is great. I am half european and half far east asian and the body shape is perfect for that ethnic combination. I have had this body many years and the updates have just made it better and better and better.
    My head is the Vista Zoe. I tried several bento heads until i finally found Vista (starting with Dianne then moving to Zoe). The sliders are SO responsive. It was easilly the easiest head to get the ‘look’ right for my ethnic background and reproduce my RL features, matching perfectly with the Slink body. The Vista Zoe bento AO is especially usefull. I have also found that other AO’s and makeup, made for other manufacturers heads, seem to work with the Vista head without problem (a bonus). ANY Chrysanthemum AO works (so far) and the makeup range available is extensive. Slink Resident is also so fast to answer any and all questions in IM, or to pass you to the Slink Designer (Siddean Munroe – who is also so very helpfull) if she can’t. I absolutelty adore my Sling Physique/Viasta Zoe combination- YAY!

  • Camille1Rose

    I dont wear any mesh but I really want to! Just because of the price! Thanks!

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  • Lizzy Seranno

    Iuse the Maitreya body and the Catwa Kimberly head. I’ve used others but once I got this body and head I was finally happy with my look. Both Maitreya and Catwa are lovely, and flattering. They both are the most catered to of body parts by content creators as well, so there are many more options for them. And Catwa heads have many more options offered by the head creator than all the other heads out there.

  • I tried many different mesh bodies but did not like any of them until I discovered Belleza Jake. I loved the natural shape of Jake’s shoulders and hips, compared to other bodies which I found too angular or too hyper-muscular. Jake allowed me to have a great physique that looked realistic. It came with a gorgeous default skin (unsurprisingly, considering it is from skin experts Belleza). I found the HUD extremely easy to use while still having lots of options. And since a lot of other people liked it, too, before long it was very easy to find clothes fitted for the Jake body.

    One often encounters debates on men’s fashion groups about which mesh body is the best. People argue passionately for the one they prefer. Personally, I don’t think everyone should have the same body. The world gets boring when everyone looks alike. As it is, there is an epidemic of cloning among SL men, with so many guys wearing the same heads, hair and beards. I hope that Jake remains popular, to ensure that we will continue to have the widest range of clothing choices. But to those who prefer something different, I say go for it… diversity is a good thing!

  • Jennifer Boyle

    I use a Maitreya Lara body. I chose it because of the greeter availability of clothes for it than others.

    I do not use a mesh head because I want to keep my facial appearance the same. It has been the same for over 10 years, and I feel that is a very important part of my SL identity. I would love to have a mesh head that could be a better-quality version of me, but I don’t want to look like a different person. I am going to revisit mesh heads to see if the time has arrived when I can have one and still look like the same person. Has it?

  • LeonoreBeauty

    I use Maitreya body with Vista, and CATWA heads. Body and head HUD’s have many great and easy to use options build in.

  • Lailantie

    I have been wearing a Maitreya Lara body for years. I’ve tried the other popular mesh bodies but none of them felt right. My first Bento head was one of Akeruka but I didn’t like it, so I got Lelutka Simone. Wore that one for almost 2 years, until I discovered Laq. I like about Laq that the most expensive is the HUD and once you got the HUD you can easily afford to have more heads. I just wish that the smiles and laughs wouldn’t look so awkward or unnatural on many heads, and if you tweak your head so that the smile looks nice, it looks horrible without animation. I also tried demos of Catwa, but for whatever reason I never liked the store, and I didn’t like that pieces of the head were cut out in the demo. I know it’s a small thing, but it shows somehow fear or distrust that people could wear the demo head and not buy a full version if it comes without holes. The Catwa HUD also seemed unintuitive for me, whereas Lelutka and Laq just felt right from the beginning.

  • Qie Niangao

    I mostly wear (male) Slink and Catwa (Dino), although I’d much, *much* prefer to use LeLutka for the elegance of their UI, and may go back to it again after Bakes On Mesh is live and supported in popular viewers. (The reason is just crazy technically complicated, but underneath it all is the lack of variety in quality skins that are available for LeLutka, especially with matching body skins for Slink. I can tweak a skin with homemade makeup, but all makeup is subject to hideous lighting effects–all of which will be curable with BOM.)

    Although my (non-voting) alts have (barely) acceptable bodies from Belleza (“Jake”) and Signature (“Gianni”), neither seems able to shrink down to a shape that doesn’t look like an overbuilt gym bunny, compared to what I can get with Slink. Both those others have funky abs and biceps that are in the mesh geometry, and can’t be completely disguised by skin texture.

    I do wish more clothing and skin creators took Slink seriously. Their products look so much better on that mesh.

  • Tomari Coy

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I own several different mesh bodies and wear each at different times mostly due to the outfit I want to wear.

    The mesh body I wear the most is Tonic Fine. As others have said about the Tonic body, it is the most realistic body in my opinion. I am able to configure my breast size and shape to what I am in RL. The only issue I had was the butt was bigger than I wanted, but the recently released addon fixed it, and now the Tonic Fine is perfect. I am happy more clothes creators are starting to support Tonic.

    I tried the so popular Maitreya body, but couldn’t get the sliders to make my breasts smaller than DD.

    The mesh Head I wear is the new released Genus Project Baby Face Head. I have tried all the other heads and could not find one I could adjust to look like my SL system head. I had just decided to stay with my system head until I found Genus.

  • RedCherrie

    I use the Vista and Lelutka I love them both they have a lot of options that I use and its they are easier to work with.The Vista head price was a plus but the quality wasn’t super skins are ok on the Vista I love League skins And the Lelutka heads work with League which is a plus. Maitryea I use for my Mesh body

  • KrickettArcher

    I have bought all of the most popular brands of bodies and heads to include various bento heads. I found all of them to be very cumbersome to use or what they consider add ons were to costly.

    I wear Tonic Curvy or Tonic Beauty on my main and all of my 40+ avatars. Using Tonic was confirmed for me with the advent of version 5 where I do not have to add feet and hands separately!

    Head wise. I use Tonic on two avatars, Leuteka on a few but the rest are Catwa. The ones with Catwa and Leuteka will be upgraded to Tonic. Catwa heads are way to costly, hard to understand and even harder to modify.

    I really like that Tonic provides the huds and they don’t have to be bought separate at an enormous price. Tonics all inclusive body and heads are perfect.

  • Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why?

    Vista for the head because it’s the only one I can get it to look like “Kareem”. I thought I’d never get a mesh head because I couldn’t get the sliders to look agreeable enough from demoing other brands. Turns out I just needed to wait for the right creator to come along.

    Slink for the body because 1) it doesn’t make me look too roided out and 2) it has a wide availability of clothes made for it.

    Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I was leaning towards Belleza Jake, but I didn’t see too much clothing variety (especially shoes) for it at the time of my buying decision (probably 8 months ago.)

  • Paige Matwes

    Which mesh body and head are you currently using and why?
    I started with SLINK Physics and Catwa Catya Bento Head, but then changed to SLINK Hourglass with VISTA Lia Bento Head … and then SLINK Hourglass with Catwa Catya …. Maitreya Lara did it to me because there are clothes for it, which only just for Maitreya to wear> for over 1.5 years, I only wear Maitreya Lara with Catwa Catya Bento head, because I have now found the best skin for me Catwa … I love my current look 🙂

    Also have the following heads:
    LAQ: Athena, Leia, Nerve, Skye, Rain, Noelle
    chloe / Fiore Alura / Lelutka: May & Simone
    Mayreal: Janet & Olivia / Vista: Lia, Diana & Zoe / Utilizer

    Is there another body or mind you would prefer, but not for convenience, expense or any other reason?

    I would like to try the new head of VISTA Emily or the Men Head Gerad or the female heads of Genesis LAB, Altamura, AK or Logo & Angel Rock or any other Catwa or Lelutka head, …. (but Catwa and also Lelutka are with 5000 LD already expensive …;) and also the body of Belleza, Tonic, eBody, Logo, La Bomba are very sexy to test this … the selection is very large and goes pretty well into the money .. .. the creators do all good work and enjoy me, even if unfortunately you can not all have …

  • Midnightamber Berithos

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why?

    I wear the Mesh Project TMP – I spent months testing all of the available mesh bodies before I made my choice. I chose TMP because it comes with 36 skin tones that are easily used and modified. The shading on the body and skins have a translucent quality similar to real skin. Other bodies are okay but the artistry simply is not there. After looking up close and personal at every body I realized that TMP had a superior product it’s not bento but….I will take beauty and artistry over bento any day. Twiddly fingers don’t mean much to me if the body lacks grace and beauty in design.
    I know that most designers don’t make clothing for the TMP body but I find that Maitryea or Belleza Isis fit fine with a couple of minor hides on the alpha hud. So for me clothing availability is fine.

    Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    Unless another designer comes up with something superior I won’t be changing any time soon. Even the clothing designed by TMP are an absolutely beautiful in detail . Overall there is a learning curve for using TMP products but it’s not hard and all things considered the realism they bring to their body is nothing short of amazing. These days I like the fact that my body is not the same as the majority. Just as in RL diversity is what makes the world more beautiful.

    I currently wear the LOGO Alexis Mesh head. It was not my first choice. LAQ is always my first choice because I love their skins and have been buying them over over 9 years. I wear my LAQ skin on my LOGO head. I chose LOGO because I wanted a certain look (system face) that was not easily attainable by other mesh heads. The design of all the other heads made some of the sliders ineffective and I wanted to create a certain custom look for my face and none of the others were very responsive to editing. I love the LAQ heads but the shape of the eyes and mouth are not easy to change without a lot of distortion however LOGO is easier to edit so I chose it. Also the LOGO animations are more subtle and graceful looking that other head animations. I find the LOGO mesh head to have lovely graceful lines that can be tweaked to create a unique face that is beautiful.

    On a side note I did purchase LAQ’s new Noelle head and have been tweaking it and find it’s better than earlier heads so while i still wear my LOGO mesh head I am currently tweaking the LAQ Noelle head to see if I can achieve the look that I desire.

  • old bat

    i use the ebody original (NOT CURVY) because i am just not interested in a kardASSian ass. the original ebody was the only body i tried that allowed me to make adjustments to be able to wear almost all of my mesh clothing. a tweak here and a tweak there. no need to buy specially rigged clothes.

    i have just started with mesh heads. so far, laq wins.

  • Rhyliah

    I use Maitreya body because that is the one that has the most clothing available, I would like to try others, but there just isn’t the same level of support from the clothing creators.
    I have not settled on a head yet.
    I just tried to demo the Genus Head, which you can only do inside a totally bright white store. You click a button and accept 5 boxes to have items attached to your avatar. There is no alpha layer, starter shape or skin that I could find, no folder included with these items to demo and everything will detach when you tp out or if you don’t click a button in 20 seconds I believe it is. This is overly complicated and reminds me of the TMP shopping experience.
    Catwa, prices are very high, but Catya seems to be what everyone is wearing and the one a lot of skin creators are making skin appliers for. I would have considered this except for the very odd shaped upper lip that can’t be fixed in appearance editor.
    Lelutka, leaning a bit toward this one, but still not the same amount of skins available as Catwa’s.
    Laq, I really like this one, especially Noelle that was just released, even though I missed the 300L sale on that. I am hoping to see if more creators will make skins for this after the huge sale on Noelle. Even though it does come with a really nice Laq skin, I would prefer to have more options from other creators as well. Still the sales, free gifts, and other accessories for this one in the store makes me think this will be the best one.

    It is sad to see so many skin creators only supporting 1 or two brands of bodies or heads.
    Thanks for doing this survey, I will be trying out more heads on the survey list now.

  • Veruca Beck

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why?
    I use Maitreya Lara exclusively, I’ve gotten demos of others, but I’ve not tried them on yet. I use the Catya Catwa 90% of the time and I have several heads but only one bento head so far.
    Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?
    Tried a ton of head demos on, and I like LAQ but I can’t justify the cost as it doesn’t have an included hud or skin. Coupled with the decline in my time spent online and taking photos in-world, it just doesn’t make sense.

  • Bastilla Loon

    Looking at the poll, I must be atypical. I much prefer Slink Physique to Hourglass, and Belleza Venus to Freya. But, each to her own. (I like Freya better than Hourglass. It’s “full figured”, whereas Hourglass looks very Jessica Rabbit.) My favorite is probably Slink Physique; it’s certainly the one I wear all the time. I would also consider Altamura and Belleza Venus as possible go-to bodies. (Of course, I’ve also recently read on Hamlet’s blog about the poly count of all of these bodies, and am realizing that we should probably all be paying a lot more attention to how heavy they are.)

    My standard body is Slink Physique with Lelukta Bianca head. I do have several others, as I design mesh clothes (Cygnus Designs is my brand). While I can test things out on demos, I like to have the actual bodies if possible. (Alas, I don’t sell enough to actually pay for my store rentals, never mind picking up extra mesh bodies; maybe one day. In the mean time, it’s all loss.)

    One body I *don’t* design for is Maitreya. Why? Because I never got the dev kit. When I got started, I applied for Maitreya, Belleza, and Slink dev kits. The only one that sent me a kit was Slink. (It was fortunate that I’d chosen Slink for myself!) Half a year later, I applied again, and this time I got Belleza and (more recently) Altamura, but still I haven’t heard back from Maitreya. I just put in another application; we’ll see what happens. In the mean time, though, my newest things come out with standard fitmesh sizes (yeah, I still do those), Slink Physique and Hourglass (usu. also with versions for the Petite augment), Belleza (all three, often just the “natural” chest shape though), and Altamura Sofia.

    Re: heads, I chose Lelukta early on based on the look and the HUD. In retrospect, given how the Catwa designer has carried on publicly, I’m very happy I never sent any money that way.

  • Another note — somebody asked early on, why don’t designers just design for *all* mesh bodies, is it really that hard?

    Answer: yes, yes it is.

    Here’s my process. I always start on the Slink Phyisque body. (Why? I’m biased. It’s what I wear.) I design the clothing. I then do the rigging for animation, and finally the rigging for fitmesh.

    For each and every other body, I then have to (a) tweak the model of the clothing so that it fits the new body, (b) redo the rigging, and (c) create the LODs (fast) and upload ($L11+ per body) the new versions. This doesn’t take nearly as long as it does to create the thing in the first place, but the additional amount of time per body is not trivial. In my experience, usually once you have the rigging right for one brand, the other bodies from the same brand aren’t too hard to fix. (That is, Slink Physique and Slink Hourglass generally can share rigging — although I do have to modify it for Petite. However, when I got to Belleza or Altamura, I start over.)

    More than once I have considered going Slink Exclusive, and I looked for an excuse to not support Petite. (Siddean tells me, though, that Petite is actually selling reasonably well, and looking at the polls above, they’re a nontrivial fraction of all Slink bodies.) However, I have so few sales as it is that I don’t want to cut off Belleza. And, I *also* like to support at least *some* of the less popular bodies. (I’m considering whether I should start adding support for Ruth 2.0….)

    But the fact is that every additional body, and especially every additional brand, adds a fair amount of time to the creation process. It’s also the more annoying part of the creation process. Creating and texturing the clothes in the first part is the most fun; adjusting for every difference on every body, and all the rigging (“weight painting”) is tedious. So, yeah, designers are never going to support every body out there. (This would be even *if* they could get all the dev kits.)

    I fully understand why a lot of people are Maitreya-only. It’s very unhealthy, and a self-perpetrating process. Maitreya is most popular because most people support it, and then most people support it (or only it), because it’s most popular. It’s like Windows and Mac. It’s really hard to break out of the cycle. In an idea world, it’d be easier to adapt clothes from one body to the next, but alas it just doesn’t work that way in this world (i.e. Second Life).

  • Tristan MacGregor

    I started with the Adam body and GA.EG’s Hugo head. I use teh GA.EG Hugo Skins. I switched to the SLINK body because, 1 more male clothes for it, 2 Adam did not yet have Bento hands. I later switched to GA.EG’s Damon head as it looked more mature. When they released Rick 2.0, I switched again as I wanted to be able to add a bit of age to my av’s looks. Everyone on SL is a 20-30 something. I enjoy being older and looking it.

  • I used to wear Maitreya Lara exclusively, until Siddean from Slink came out with the Petite addon for the Hourglass body – that is now my preferred combo. I really love the way the legs on HG are shaped, and I always liked the Slink feet better than Maitreya’s, but before the petite addon, HG was much too voluptous for my tastes. Of course I now have a tops/dresses/jackets problem, which led me to trying my hand at making things for Petite – I’m having fun and learning a lot.

    When it comes to mesh heads, I have a real addiction – I have so many, and sometimes I prefer this one and then again another one… atm my preferred one is Blueberry from Catwa.

    For everyone here expressing that they are sad that creators only support some of the brands: I get you, I wish everyone of my fave creators would make Petite stuff now – when I wore Maitreya, I had no problems finding new stuff to wear all the time, now it’s much more difficult!
    From a creators side I have to say: the amount of work going into creating and rigging for more than one body is insane. Even if you are used to it, are a pro and have a good workflow, it’s a ton of work. If you’re alone, doing everything on your own, maybe just starting out or being a small brand, it’s daunting. You will have to decide between making stuff for more than one or two bodies, or making new stuff for us insatiable consumers, and most often the choice will be to make new stuff, especially when the creator is making a living off SL.

  • Carolyn

    I use Maitreya Lara and LAQ Vivien head.

    After trying various bodies over the years I finally took the plunge about a year ago and purchased Lara, I am very happy with the look and the HUD. I purchased Vivien a few weeks later. After trying on all the other heads I found Vivien gave me the mature look I had wanted ever since joining SL, and I am very happy with it. The 2 combined work perfectly for me.

  • I don’t know that I’m a good candidate for comparison in terms of mesh heads; I went with Catwa on the advice of a friend, and absolutely love it. Hence, I’ve never tried the others, and really have no desire to…the massive amount of things available to Catwa users (Yay, Strawberry Singh!), plus supreme satisfaction with the product, means I don’t see myself witching anytime soon…

    As for bodies, that’s a different story ^^ I initially went for Maitreya, and really do like it. But, I like being a curvy girl, and Maitreya just didn’t quite fit my desire for cup size… try maxing out hips/ass vs. cup size on the Lara body, and it is easy to see that it was developed during the pear shape rage that took over SL for awhile.

    Because of this, I now use Hourglass, and have for some time. I have to say that I am very happy with this body. However, I will also say that the creator is, in my opinion, a little on the greedy side, given the need to purchase not only feet and hands separately, but re-purchasing them all once Bento came available…this includes having to separately buy each foot “style” between flat, high, etc….or purchasing a hugely expensive “deluxe set”. So, while I love the shape for the boobies (and the tilt of the hips), and will continue with it, I do have to say that I do it protesting the creator’s greed…I think it poor service for loyal customers, and a poor choice not to fall in with the other creators, and combine body, feet and hands for a single price.

  • Bastilla Loon

    I won’t comment on the pricing- but the Slink creator provides excellent support. She’s quite approachable and friendly, and also is very available to support creators who design clothes for the boost.

    She was also the only one to send me a dev kit when I first applied for them a year ago.

  • OK, now that I’m at my computer where I can see in-world prices, I can talk pricing.

    There is a Slink bundle that includes Hourglass, all five feet positions, and the Slink delux hands for $2,800.

    Maitreya Lara is $2,750.

    It’s really not fair to call the Slink creator “greedy” when the cost of the body with hands and feet is nearly exactly the same as the comparison. The only difference is it’s *possible* to buy the hands and feet separately if you want to.

  • Trixie Vondergeist

    I use maitreya lara with the catwa pink head and after busting my booty on a shape I made it looks perfect to me some get surprised when they hear my body is maitreya, in all honesty many have different preferences that is what is amazing about SL. I do have catya head and used it for a while and tried other bento heads but after buying the catwa pink head I love it and cannot see myself using a different head. Anyway with my shape I made mine to be decently thick with nice breast size and booty size and a bit of a stomach I was unsure if I could pull off what I wanted but luckily I did and got many compliments on it, also my reason to get maitreya was not cuz everyone had one I was curious of it and now I can not see myself using anything else. But yeah it is what I use so for anyone reading this comment do not just pick based of popularity go for what you feel works best for you and as I mentioned for me it is maitreya lara body with catwa pink head using my custom made shape. Anyway went on for a good bit with this hehe so yeah whatever body or head you use is all up to you so go ahead and be unique and be handsome/beautiful in other words just be yourself 🙂

  • I am wearing the Sking Katena body and catwa head. I love the catwa head because it fits my shape I create with Katena body. I have both the regular version of Katena and wear it more often then the bimbo version is a larger breasts because their are more clothes selection in the regular. I will like to see more made in it I don’t own any of the other bodies listed because I like my avi more on the big side and none of the bodies I see at events with fits made for it can get as big as I like my avi. Thanks for doing this poll and I hope to see more stuff with my body included since I like to have variety to my wardrobe. I don’t want have to size down just be fashionable.

  • Rodeejah Urquan

    I currently switch between using my Tonic Curvy body, SLink Physique body and Maitreya body. I really like the legs on the Maitreya Lara and the overall “fitness/athletic” look for the SLink Physique, but my favorite is my Tonic Curvy body. I love having big boobs and the breasts are the best on the body. Plus, with the new v.5 out, it looks so much smoother and curvier (and the HUD is super easy to navigate). I wish there were more clothing for the Tonic bodies tbh. They have a devkit! No pulling teeth to get one either lol xD

  • SadieRose Beaumont

    I have a lot of Mesh body parts, but prefer Maitreya Body and Catwa Head. Ease of use is what is most important to me. I can create a large variety of looks with this combination. Most creators, excluding LAQ, do not have a lot of clear instruction regarding the use of their items. A lot of design features and fixes to attach heads to any mesh body is frequently lacking. I will stick with what I have. Merry Christmas!

  • Why does anyone give a shit?

  • Molokai Sharkfin

    I was upset enough by the Akeruka take down done by Catwa, that I replaced my Catya head with Vista Zoe. I used the same purchased shape and so the face is almost identical. All my alts have Akeruka with the exeception of one which is still Catwa Daniel. I have 10 alts as i used to make machinima and needed my cast of character. I posted earlier (Dec 4) about them. Anyway, my protest was a new head.

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  • Nyla Cullen

    We need more Ebody curvy

  • Talena Constantine

    I have to say I disagree, or at least will qualify when I say that the creator of slink is greedy. I don’t refer to the fact that she sells hands feet and other items separately that other Merchants normally include in a package. I agree that it allows more freedom of choice for buyers when these items are sold separately. Where I see the greed, is in updates. I have purchased all of the foot positions separately except for one that I would never use. Now she has come out with a hud that allows you to switch between them automatically rather than having to do it manually. But in order to utilize this feature of the HUD, one must purchase the entire Deluxe foot package. So even though I have made these separate purchases add an expense that does in fact exceed what most Merchants offer. So, I would have to buy them all over again to use this feature of the HUD. To me that is greed.

  • As a Consumer:
    I use Maitreya body mainly because of the choice of clothing for it; but I also use Belleza Isis at times mainly when I want a better looking bust but that is used only for very revealing and sexy clothing. for day to day Maitreya works for me.
    I use a Catwa bento head simply because after trying every other head out there, the Catwa head I use, is the ONLY one that I could come even close to the features a and look, I had for years with just the SL head and a good skin.. I did not want to change my look any more than I had to. And I like the hud it is easy to use and works well for my needs, although NONE of the heads have any really decent facial expressions that do’t look either stupid or just plain bad.. I only use two mouth animations.. I would really like a natural looking nice smile, not a cheesy cheshire grin.

    As a designer:
    I will not sell anything that does not have: Maitreya; Lara, Slink: Hourglass, Physique, Belleza: Isis, Freya and Venus. Any others that may have mesh rigged for any particular body i may or may not add. ( do not make my own mesh I use templates like a canvas to create something hopefully different and unique with texture and augmentations. So what I can offer largely depends on the full perm mesh maker who makes the templates… i.e. one I stopped buying and using because she dropped Venus.. which is still requested by my patrons. so without Venus it is useless to me.)

  • Talena Constantine

    Tazzie Tuque said:

    “As a Consumer:
    I use Maitreya body mainly because of the choice of clothing for it…”

    Here we see the Great Circle; designers don’t make the clothing for others, saying it is because Maitreya is the popular buy. But the primary reason people buy it popularly? Not because it is the best, but because designers aren’t as likely to make clothing for others, and the circle turns, and turns…

    “As a designer:
    I will not sell anything that does not have: Maitreya; Lara, Slink: Hourglass, Physique, Belleza: Isis, Freya and Venus.”

    Bravo, Ms. Tuque…. you are a designer I would buy from, over the others, for this reason alone.

  • I have multiple alts. Each account has a different look so between them all I think I have pretty much every head and body for females available. I mainly stick with Maitreya and Belleza Isis for the bodies however.

    Maitreya is really good for the smallish sized avatars with really good proportions that the other bodies can’t accommodate so I use maitreya for my kawaii Lolita looks. It can be short without looking funny.

    Belleza has some strange leg shapes going on when the height of the avatar is too short. The calves look like a bulgy mess so I use Belleza for a more taller, elegant, more “adult” shape. I love the shape of Belleza in general minus the calves when too short.

    UTI is amazing for its community and the modding that goes with it. Anything fantasy anime or weird you can find for UTI and the M4 head. I love it for the great variety of stuff that people create for it.

    For heads I generally alternate between catwa, laq and genus project. Everyone’s said everything good about them so i’m going to share my opinion about the heads I DON’T use and why.

    Lelutka: I know people love it but it’s just not cute. It has a more elegant sophisticated look but the outer corner of the eyes and the nose are very rigid and too distinct. They look the same in pretty much every lelutka head and it’s not pretty. I can tell a lelutka head from a mile away.

    Akeruka: just no support for skins at all. If I could find a nice skin for an akeruka head that I really liked I would use it. But my fav skin stores just don’t even have a single akeruka skin.

    Logo: with the exception of Tillie the rest of the logo heads just look waaaay too cartoony.

    Altamura: no skin support, no nothing, but to be fair I only have the free ones I got for events etc so I don’t have extensive knowledge.

    Thanks for doing this strawberry!

  • Nyla Symone Cullen

    We need more Ebody curvy clothing

  • Faith Karsin

    I don’t like looking like everyone else. I want to look good and be sexy but also have a look that is all my own. I like a body with some curves but not too much and I like a face that looks a bit young but not childish while still remaining sexy. I keep my height a bit on the shorter side than most avatars as I find it is much more pleasing to the eye and easier to keep the proportions that I like.

    I currently use the Belleza Isis body and the Catwa Uma head. I used to have the Maitreya body but I found that for a more curvy body like I wanted, the clothing for Maitreya rarely fit which was really frustrating. The Belleza Isis has gorgeous curves and the clothing for it fits quite well for the most part. While Maitreya clothing is easier to find, Isis is still my favourite. I have seen more creators going with the Belleza Freya body as opposed to the Isis, but my hope is that Isis will pick up in popularity as the look is just stunning! The curves and overall shape of Isis is just so gorgeous and sexy, to me even sexier than the Freya.

    For heads, I tried Lelutka, LAQ and Catwa heads and currently use Catwa because I found a skin that goes amazing with the current shape I use and the Uma head. I have worked with LAQ also because I like the variety they have for heads, I only wish that they had more skin options available from different creators so that the look can be more personalized. I did not like using the Lelutka head as much because I found that even though my shape was different, I seemed to look like everyone else that uses Lelutka and I can always tell when someone has a Lelutka head as they just all seem to resemble each other. The Catwa heads offer much more originality in looks with the different shapes you put with it. Also, there are a lot of creators that create for Catwa making it very easy to change up your makeup and personalizing yourself with birthmarks or moles, etc.

  • Eirynne Sieyes

    Altamura Bento full bodies. My favorite is Jenny and I won’t take her off. Beautifully done and very sexy.

  • MamiChulaa Resident

    Q: Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    A: Belleza Freya body and Catwa Lona head.

    Why: I love the versatility of curves that Freya offers! If someone wants to be thick or thin, with curves, Freya is the go to body in my opinion. Plus there’s an abundance of clothing made for all the Belleza bodies too so that makes shopping pretty easy. I love the Catwa heads, almost all of them to be honest, but I only own two (Catya & Lona). I’ve tried other mesh heads and always end up sticking with my Catwas because I can change the look dramatically with just simple changes like make up, skin, or a new shape, which there are plenty of. I think Catwa is the easiest, most straight forward to use and understand too.

    Lastly: There are lots of bodies & heads that I would probably buy and use, but prices keep going up. I own a Maitreya Lara body, Slink Hourglass, all the Belleza bodies, and two Catwa heads that I’ve bought at different times along my Second Life way. I’ve noticed more popular mesh clothing stores raising their prices too, and that disappoints me. The only thing on my radar that I might splurge for would be the curvy ebody, that’s it. I’m pretty satisfied with what I have for the time being.

  • Snickers Sandalwood

    I tried out several body demos before deciding on the eBody Curvy. Why? Well, two reasons:

    One, I really appreciate the fact that even the “free” eBody versions are fully usable — they’re limited, to be sure, since you only have one texture layer (“skin”), no Bento hands, you can’t change the nail polish, no fine-grained control over the alpha cuts, etc., but the fact that they don’t have a bunch of “DEMO” signs slapped all over them means you can at least grab a couple of cheap outfits from Marketplace (a few sellers have promo items at < L$35 each, and you can also snag some free "group gifts" in-world via a list maintained at the eBody store itself) and go about your normal SL business for a week or two to see how you *really* like it (or not) without everyone staring at those conspicuous DEMO signs. 🙂

    Two, it's one of the few bodies that I was able to adjust to get a "plus-sized", full-figured look with a waistline that's actually in proper proportion to the hips and bust *without* peculiar deformations or non-intuitive behavior on the adjustment sliders. (More than one body confronted me with the strange problem of the belly-size slider making the *butt* get bigger as well, for example.) Not all of us want to be impossibly-proportioned Barbie dolls or fashion models!

    The number of available mesh-clothing outfits available for the eBody Curvy is still pretty limited compared to the "big two" (Maitreya and Belleza), but it seems to be getting some traction lately; more and more designers are starting to add support for it to their newer outfits. (On the other hand, a lot of existing fitmesh or "standard sizes" mesh outfits made for the default system AV seem to work just fine with the eBody Classic, so that's an option too.) What I'd really like to see is some more options for normal everyday wear, like tee-shirts, culottes, button-down blouses, and some shoes and socks meant for *flat* feet. (Sandals, tennis shoes, slippers, etc.) Not all of us want to walk around in f**k-me heels all day long, either! 😛

  • Barbarella Darkrose

    Since the beginning of Maitreya i got that body. And for my head .. at the moment i still using Catwa … I got a Laq but not happy with it. I don’t change fast because its a lot of money .. and still Genus, i love it, got some glitches so i wait for that one ..

  • Anja (animiyaresident)

    I vote for the Belleza Venus.

    I use the Belleza Venus and the Lelutka Bianca head exclusively.

    I adore the details of the classic skin, the shape and the quality of the body.

    Matching the skin tones is very simple when using a Belleza applier for the head in conjunction with a classic or standard skin tone for the body.

    It can be time-consuming and frustrating to shop for the Venus as there seems to be a trend (even amongst well-known designers) to fit clothes for the Isis and the Freya.

    This is puzzling because there are designers that manage to not only fit their clothes for the Venus, but also to fit them to accommodate the mesh nipples as well. This being the case, I find it hard to credit the fact that there are only a tiny handful of designers within SL that are capable of this, especially considering that certain popular designers used to accommodate the Venus-users in the past.

    Surely with the creators’ kits being available, it’s not impossible?

    I would also presume that all designers would prefer to make their products available to as broad a customer base as possible, to enable them to realise as much profit as possible, instead of limiting themselves to one or two bodies or customer bases.

    I have, and always will, vote for the Venus.

    Please could designers try to accommodate those of us who would be more than delighted to support them and purchase their products.

  • dianna bellflower

    There a lot of great products on the mesh heads and the mesh body. All of the designers and creators are all great at what they do,but for me most of the time I wear genus head and for the body I wear Maitreya body sometimes I wear the belleza freya for the thicker look.

  • RMarie Beedit

    Catwa head because it seemed the most full featured and supported while testing; Tonic Fine Beauty body because I prefer a lithe avatar. I spent about 2 months testing and wearing them and am basically happy though I change my look far less than I used to and I purchase less clothing. I find configuring and outfitting the mesh accessories too time consuming for my busy SLifestyle.

  • rmarie beedit

    To add to my last frumpy comment, I love the realism all around us. There are now avis who, in the right light, look like real people. Character diversity is way up from a decade ago and that is one of the best things happening imo. Congrats creators!

  • I have Belleza and Maitreya bodies, I wear the Maitreya one, like the hud better, although the alpha tab is now almost unusable, it can take up to a minute to get one square on the alpha body to turn grey. I think it might be because I live in a skybox farm. If anyone know a solution for a slow Maitreya hud (besides move, I’ve already thought of that one) I would love to hear it. I was searching for possible reasons for this issue when I ran across this thread.

    About the Belleza breasts, I know what several posters mean about their shape. FWIW, you can get the same shape on Maitreya (or better) using the Dreamshape my Cleavage hud. But it tends to make fitting clothes a bit harder: the breasts, once lifted, pop out of the clothes a lot! 😮

  • Tazzie Devil

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I use the Maitreya. I’ve had altamura something just doesn’t look right. The head I use is the diana alta vista head. Maitreya is the top mesh body on the market I seen for clothes. It’s simple, beautiful and curvy.

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  • Jane A.P. Moon

    I wear human bodies, BUT I also use furry modifications with them. I prefer my new foxcat head because it is bento and works with most of the human bento animations, I would prefer to wear my thicc fox more but there aren’t many clothing items for it and I enjoy the human hand paws and feet paws more. I would love there to be a human body that is similar to the thicc fox but with breast and butt physics without too much mesh deform. The body I am currently using is the hourglass body by slink though I will be using the freya body because it’s thicker and I do have a pregnancy shape at the moment so I think the freya might suit it better.

  • MarDaLua4u

    After obtaining three LAQ heads, their perfect complements are the skins are very real and the hud with which we can customize our head with fabulous animations, the bodies used for these heads are: Maitreya Body and Boody Beauty, With the Maitreya Body the skin is perfect and defined, although with the beauty if you notice a little the neck still looks good, you get an incredible look with the original LAQ skins, I really like them a lot. The animations with the hud of LAQ are original and different from those we are used to, very good work and the result of the head, skin and great animations.

  • Hycanthian Zsigmond

    Honestly I prefer Belleza – Isis because it actually is what I would look like if I drop the weight. As for mesh head, I currently use Catwa – Catya.

    Finances withstanding I will forever be a Belleza fan, now if only I could get a skin that is like mine..i would be set. To date, Belleza is the only place I’ve found who has been friendly to my issues as well. So…thank you. Hope you can use this for your 2019 survey..

  • Angel Keen

    I much prefer Belleza Freya, but I wear Maitreya because it there are more items available.
    As for heads I am LAQ all the way, I have tried Catwa, Letluka, AK, Genus as well as a couple of others but LAQ is just beautiful. The creator has done a wonderful job and the hud is very user friendly. I wish more creators would include LAQ in their make up packages.

  • Late to this but it popped up on the forum so I thought I would drop in and leave my comments.
    I am male but I use Maitreya Lara with V-tech, and a Catwa head (Margeaux), to get a slimmer, elven body shape. And it works really well. Recently went back to using my old favourite skin, Elysium Elias, using Bakes on mesh, which fits very well on a female head. Bakes on mesh is going to make being androgynous a lot simpler, I think.

  • Taylor

    I use Jake body, Belleza, and Ashton head. I like these ones

  • EmeraldaGreenstone

    i dont wr mesh bodie because i dont realy understand wich clothes i can wear and find them very expensive..BUT i have just aquired a free ebody and am liking it very much so maybe i will save up and get myself one, i love the alpha hud and skin options, etc.

  • kailyr

    i own the 3 belleza. the old free tmp. and i usually wear the Lara body. 3 LAQ heads. the tmp looks great but at the time it was too overpriced and few clothes for it. the belleza is awesome. and the Lara has the most fitting clothes, that’s why i switched to it. dunno about other heads but LAQ is great for me.

  • Gary Gates

    Maitreya is by far the ugliest most flawed mesh made in sl. The ankles wrist shoulders, ever the flat spots on the chest. The only reason more people use maitreya is because Belleza put out the fat pack with all 3 in it for 2999 at the time so people swarmed to maitreya to buy her low priced mesh. if you seen one maitreya you seen them all not many shape options like freiya, isis or venus broad a body like everyone came from brazil and most of all it looks like peanut butter. This truly pisses me off cause now since so many people made the maitreya mistake, designers don’t texture for other meshes. trust me look at your maitreya and examine it. your legs fold, your ankles aren’t completely attached or have a line, you wrist as well. the flat spots on the boobs because Onyx was to cheap to pay a higher upload feed for a mesh properly decimated so it didn’t have flat spots. Maitreya has 5 attachments, Belleza is one piece and no other mesh can look as yummy as a Belleza.

  • Tazzie Tuque

    Ouch that was harsh! With a good skin and my own shape that I made, I have no such issues with Maitreya. I use both Maitreya and Belleza Isis with the same shape, and I like them both equally. To me it is the skin that makes all the difference in some of what you are complaining about.

  • jaja zarco

    i have the 3 bellezas. i bought Lara way back because i could not find enough clothing for the roleplay area i play, for the belleza. but i like all them. the belleza breasts have 3 options, which i like. but i like the Lara shape better. Belleza has one attach spot, which is great. Lara uses 5. too many. i agree that it is the skin that makes the difference. i still have these “wardrobe huds” that belleza launched with a body update. and i totally love them for lingerie and tattooes. since i can store them and copy. i am back to belleza when i want low complex and less attach. but i am up to lara when it has to be “naked”. what can i say. i would even use tmp, whose breasts were super shaped and had the best ass, but the appliers are still ugh. and yes i shape myself. it’s a endless improvement and fun. never bought a shape since 2007.

  • Rei Asahi

    I use Belleza Jake body and I am quite satisfied with it. I use Robert head from Altamura; it is not what I wanted, once I bought it I realized that. I have always wanted a Lelutka head; since my first days here in SL, I fell for those male heads at Alelutka, but because of the lack of money, I’ve never bought one.

  • Rei Asahi

    I use Belleza Jake body and I am quite satisfied with it. I use Robert head from Altamura; it is not what I wanted, once I bought it I realized that. I have always wanted an Akeruka head; since my first days here in SL, I fell for those male heads at Akeruka, but because of the lack of money, I’ve never bought one.

  • Rob Kerr

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    Belleza Jake and CATWA Head Dino. There is no other body or head I would prefer to use at this time.

  • Melagrada

    I use Maitreya body for its compatibility with closing and easy to use but I prefer Belleza Isis, it is just Beautiful. I am very happy with my Akeruka head after trying the Genius Classic one without good result.

  • Elis

    Atualmente uso corpo Freya da Belleza e estou apaixonada por ele, é lindíssimo. Head so uso Catwa, para mim não há melhor.

  • Still in my SL classic but have saved enough to afford a mesh one now.

    Have demos of Maitreya, Signature Alice and Kupra Kups.

    The Kupra Kups at $3999 is the most expensive but I like the options, flat or curvy.

    The regular Kupra is curvier than the Freya while the Kups offers a more petite look.

    I am leaning hard towards the Kups.

  • Rosie Gray

    I’ve recently switched over to the Legacy body. I think there’s a definite improvement in the shape of shoulders, hands, hips… well the body overall seems to be more nuanced. I’m also enjoying the HUD for it as it gives you far more options for alpha. Many other options too.

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