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SocialVR & PixelVR – New Social Networks for Virtual World Residents

SocialVR & PixelVR

Athayus Quan has been a Second Life resident for over a decade and he has a number of disciplines in various trades. He’s a co-owner and creator with Tristin Bracken at R&R Swag, mesh fashion in second life as well as a designer for Allure and 360 and he’s also a real-life DJ!

I spoke to Athayus briefly and he told me about which is a website that he has run for many years and has recently redesigned. It is mainly a creative outlet for modding, gaming, fan sites, and his gaming guild. He also created SLX Connect, which was a virtual social networking site like Facebook for Second Life residents back in 2013 and I remember joining it and interacting with many others on there. However, he had to close it because Linden Lab sent him a copyright notice for using the word SLX. As you can see, he has a love of creating and maintaining social websites and forums, as well as a love for gaming and virtual worlds.

When SmugMug acquired Flickr back in April, he started working on a photo sharing website for virtual world digital artists and virtual photographers who are into AR/VR and gaming. Finally, that site has reached completion and is public now. Definitely good timing as the recent Flickr changes has people fleeing looking for better outlets to share their art.

Athayus is now running a few social networks for virtual world residents. I am not sure if this is the solution to all the recent worries people were having with Flickr changes and virtual world residents getting their facebook profiles deleted. If we all join and start the communities here, it may become the place to be. Here are the links to his networks so far:
  • – is designed for Virtual Photographers & Digital Artists to share their digital art taken in virtual worlds. It is an alternative to Flickr & Instagram.
  • – is designed for Virtual World Residents to share statuses and updates about their virtual life experiences, and connect with their virtual families and friends. It is an alternative to Facebook.
  •– An alternative to YouTube where virtual artists can upload their virtual world and other gaming videos.

I asked him how he is able to sustain all of these sites and how will he manage all the bandwidth. I was really impressed by how fast the sites were and how quickly everything was loading. He says that he has about 2 terabytes of bandwidth and built the network from source via his channel partners which have unlimited space and he is ready to scale up real-time when needed.

He also told me that there are no plans to ever sell user data. Users own their own data and can delete their full accounts at any time. He is also working on IOS and Android apps for all these sites.



Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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