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Patch Linden Broke into My House, AGAIN!

Patch Linden Broke into My House, AGAIN!

You may remember that two years ago, Patch Linden broke into my house on my 9th rezday. You may also remember that Patch Linden is my not-so-secret Linden crush. Well today, as I was working on my blog post about the new Catwa mesh head, I was deep into Camtasia editing the video for it when I look back into my Second Life window and see someone STANDING RIGHT BESIDE ME!

He showed up to wish me a happy belated rezday, which was sweet. You guys will be happy to know that I didn’t get too nervous, stutter or act like a love-sick school girl like I did last time. Okay so maybe I did JUST a little bit. You can’t blame me though because, HAVE YOU SEEN HIS AVATAR?

I’m feeling quite lucky this month because just a few weeks ago I saw Patch dancing topless in a cage at Fantasy Faire. Of course I took a picture that day as well:

Patch Linden caged and dancing with his shirt off at Fantasy Faire

I was also able to convince him to pose for my Second Life Yearbook Challenge again.

Patch Linden Yearbook Photo 2018

Thank you Patch for the belated rezday wishes and for making me feel special, I appreciate it. <3


Style Credits: I don’t have Patch’s style credits, but my style credits can be found in this post: Catwa Strawberry Bento Mesh Head



Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

10 thoughts on “Patch Linden Broke into My House, AGAIN!

  • Patch is gorgeous and I almost never saw that about men. He’s also a sweetheart and I’ve enjoyed my in-world meetings with him.

  • Patch can break into my house any time !! May 20th Patch!!

  • lolol… what a nice surprise… How funny that he did that and you didn’t notice until he was right beside you! Not everyone gets a Linden family member wishing them a happy rezday by breaking into their home! 😀 😀 😀

    Happy Rez Day to you, Berry!

  • SariyaLyn Resident

    Maybe it’s just me or I have different tastes but I don’t see it? But hey, whatever floats your boat Strawberry. Lol

  • Yay, I hoped he’d surprise you again!

  • Maddie Wyatt

    Oh wow! I may have to stalk, I mean be a huge fan of, him to Berry! I can see why he’s your not so secret crush! I’m going gaga over those freckles!!!!! I STILL LOVE YOU BERRY!!!!!!

  • ELizabeth Gallagher

    He is a great guy to know and work for.

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