AMA on my 11th Second Life Rezday!

UPDATE: I have announced the winner of the Giveaway in the comments.

11 Years of Second Life

May 9th is my 11th rezday. It’s been 11 years since I first created my account in Second Life and honestly I don’t really know where the time went. It seems like just yesterday that I happened upon this amazing virtual world, created my account, logged in, logged out and then didn’t log back in for another week or two because I was so lost. Luckily, I decided to give it another try and got hooked.

This year for my rezday I wanted to cover 5 topics in my rezday blog post:

  1. L$5000 Rezday Giveaway
  2. Second Life Yearbook Challenge
  3. Advertising Sale
  4. Live Stream Link & AMA Questions
  5. Thank you

Rezday Giveaway

I wanted to do a giveaway like I did last year so I’ll be giving L$5000 to one of my readers again. Hopefully you can put that money towards a purchase of a bento head of your preference. If you already have or don’t want a bento head, you are of course free to use the lindens to get anything you like. My only request is that you spend that money in Second Life and contribute to the SL economy.

In order to enter this giveaway, please answer the following two questions in the comments of this post:

  1. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)
  2. Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

I will announce the winner on Tuesday, May 15th at 6am SLT. I will again use the Pick Giveaway Winner wordpress plugin to randomly choose the winner. I will then announce the winner’s name in the comments of this post and then drop the L$5000 on you inworld. Good luck to everyone that enters!

2018 Second Life Yearbook Challenge

2018 Second Life Yearbook Challenge

This is the fourth year in a row that I’ll be doing the yearbook challenge. To participate in this challenge, all you have to do is take a portrait style photo of your avatar and add it to the Second Life Yearbook Flickr Group. Please make sure the image that you add to the group is a yearbook style portrait and you mention that it’s your yearbook photo in either the description or tags. Check out my yearbook images from 20172016 and 2015. Looking forward to your yearbook photos!

Advertising Sale

I announced an advertising sale on my blog on April 25th. It is still ongoing but will end at the end of the day on May 10th. All of my advertising rates are reduced by 50% till May 10th. Click over to my Advertising Page for all the details! If you already have an ad campaign on my blog and want to take advantage of the sale, feel free to do so, I will just add the extra days to your campaign.

If you usually visit my blog and have an ad blocker enabled, may I please request that you support my work and disable the ad blocker for my site. I promise I do not have any popups or intrusive ads in between posts. The only ads you will see on my blog will be in the sidebar. -> Please click on the ads and explore their stores and sites, you might discover something you weren’t aware of before!

Live Stream Link & AMA Questions

On April 25th I announced that I will be doing an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on my rezday and for you guys to ask me questions. I will be answering those questions in my live stream which is scheduled for May 9th at 5:00am PDT. Here’s the link to my live stream:

Here are the questions I’ll be answering. These questions were submitted by you guys via email and comments in my blog post and video.  I’ll fill in the answers to the questions here once I answer them in my live stream, since I’m still thinking about how to answer some of them:

  1. Question: Do you get all the Bento mesh heads and mesh avatar bodies you write reviews for from the creators for free, or do you have to pay for them? (If you do have to pay for them, it must cost you a fortune!)
    • I do get majority of them free now. But some of the first mesh heads that I blogged, I bought myself. Like the Logo Alex head and the Catwa Jessica head. I bought those two heads myself and did detailed blog posts for them. The designers liked that and started sending me their heads to blog. The more heads I received, the more detailed posts I tried to do since so many people had questions about them and how they worked. So now I don’t really buy heads that often because I’m lucky enough to receive most of the ones that I’d like to blog.
  2. Question: What are some of the most effective tools you’ve learned for reaching a wider audience that go beyond using tags and networking on social media?
    • Honestly I think social media is the main way I was able to reach a wider audience. I was lucky enough to start blogging early, back in 2007 and then I enjoyed joining social networks. The more I joined, the more of a reach I had on new readers because every network had a different community. Aside from that, the biggest tool that I think helped me get attention was using Photoshop to enhance my images and get more attention through them. I was blogging before Second Life had shadows and mesh body parts so increasing the quality of my images using Photoshop really helped me get the attention at first.
  3. Question: What influenced you to begin blogging in SL and what steps did you take to make it the success it is today?
    • I was actually forced into blogging by a very good friend who already had her own blog going. I was apprehensive at first, but when I finally started, I really enjoyed it. I think what got me the most readers on my blog was consistency. I have been continuously blogging for over a decade and the only time I took breaks was when I went on vacation. Speaking of which, I will be on vacation for the month of July so will not be in SL or blogging or vlogging during that time. I’ll be back in August!
  4. Question: I would like to know where your biggest source of income comes from in terms of SL (i.e., blogging, building, videos), if the revenue stream comes from Google type ads or is more SL based, and where you would recommend I start if I want to earn a living from my love of SL (or if that is even possible). 
    • Currently, my top three sources of income from my Second Life activities come from the shapes that I sell in my marketplace store, that’s number 1, and then the advertising space I sell on my blog and the income I make from my YouTube videos. However, I do not currently make a sustainable living from this income. It’s just something that helps me pay for my blog and my other hobbies. To earn a sustainable income in Second Life, I would recommend learning how to mesh and create mesh clothing, body parts or home and decor. That would be the best way to earn a sustainable income. I wrote a blog post called: “How to be a Content Creator in Second Life” which will have links to some resources for you.
  5. Question: How many hours per week do you put into what you do? It seems impossible for a person to juggle it all.
    • A lot less than I used to. I think I only put in an hour or two a day, if that. Some days though I do put in more. I’ve gotten a lot more proficient in writing up my posts and I also don’t Photoshop my images for a long time like I used to. Now my pictures are more instructional so I only do a few things which take just a few minutes.
  6. Question: With all this talk about Sansar having such a low concurrency and Second Life going in decline, what are your plans when Linden Lab closes Sansar or Second Life or both?
    • I am not as attached to Sansar as I am to Second Life. If it closed tomorrow, I may be a bit sad because I find Sansar to be beautiful and I’ll miss hanging out every weekend with other Sansar residents during Atlas Hopping. But other than that, I’ll be over it pretty quickly. If Second Life were to close down, that may hit me a bit harder for sure. But honestly, I am sure I would move on quickly to another virtual world to explore and blog about. Or perhaps I may blog something completely different. Whatever happens though, I can’t see myself not blogging or vlogging something or other.
  7. Question: What led you to join second life? What kinds of things did you do your first year? Do you make your avatars resemble you? 
    • A friend told me about it, so I joined. In my first year I mainly socialized at a couple of clubs and I became a belly dancer to earn some lindens. I’ve made a lot of avatars over the years. One time I did try to make one look like me. The avatars I make I usually use whatever mesh head I’m using as a base and try to create a shape that I think looks beautiful with it.
  8. Question: What advice would you give for those who want to start their own fashion blog? 
    • Only do it if you have the time to be consistent and if you really love dressing up your avatar. Also, don’t expect to receive anything for free until you’ve been blogging for a while. I think there is a big misconception there. Some people think bloggers get or should get all their items free and that’s not the case at all. I was blogging for several months before a designer was generous to share their creations with me for free. So don’t worry about getting sponsors or whatever people are calling it these days. Blog what you love and it will show in your work. Designers will appreciate that and they will reach out to you themselves. Or you can sign up if they have a blogger call after you’ve blogged them at least a few times on your own.
  9. Question: How do you organize your inventory? 
    • I don’t, unfortunately. It’s just too hard to keep up. The only part of my inventory that is somewhat organized is my mesh body parts folder. The rest of the inventory is in chaos. I have a link to a few inventory tutorials on my FAQ page under question number #27.
  10. Question: I noticed you blog all the mesh bodies and mesh heads but you don’t blog certain brands, why is that?
    • Well I definitely do not blog ALL the mesh bodies and heads. I just wouldn’t have the time to do that because there are so many and it would be very hard to keep up with. There are many out there that I haven’t blogged as of yet, even ones that were sent to me. Mainly because I didn’t have time or I didn’t feel like their quality was up to par and I only like to blog items that I feel are well made. There are also many I haven’t blogged, or even have stopped blogging, due to personal reasons. Most of the time, the reason is because I was treated poorly by the designer or I just don’t think the designer is a good person and I don’t wish to support their brand. These are personal reasons though so I wouldn’t ever put them on blast, and my experience with a designer may not be the same as your experience. That’s why, I just kind of avoid promoting them. I feel like I do have the right to pick and choose what I want to blog and who I want to support. There are many creators on the grid that do phenomenal work so I’d rather focus on the ones that I feel deserve the recognition.

I answered these 10 questions in the first half hour of the live stream with a lot more detail than what I’ve written here, so do watch the live stream video when you get a chance. I also did another half hour of questions that I got live from the people that were watching, which was kind of chaotic but very fun. I decided not to type out those questions and answers here because they were so many and a bit chaotic when I read and answered them so do watch the video when you get the chance to hear the rest of the AMA. I enjoyed doing this and might do it more often in the future. Thank you to all those that submitted the questions!

Thank you

Second Life has been such a wonderful part of my life, I can’t even begin to talk about how much it means to me. Recently I met the founder of Second Life, Philip Rosedale, (when he took me on a tour of High Fidelity) and I was so close to telling him how he saved my life. I didn’t say it because I felt it would be too dramatic, but I really feel like because of him and Second Life, my life is so much more than it could have been. I’ve been through so much this past decade with career changes, heart aches, my parents health issues and more, that without the support and escape that I got from Second Life, I’m not sure I would have survived it all so miraculously. I can honestly say that my life has been bettered because of this wonderful virtual world and I am so thankful to the founder and the people that still run it.

A final thank you to all of my blog readers and youtube subscribers for watching my videos, reading my posts and commenting and sharing my work so often. I truly appreciate all of the love and support you guys give me and I hope we have many more years together. Thanks again and don’t forget to spread the love! <3


I thought I would add a few updates here. I uploaded a picture for this post to my instagram, see it here:

11 Years of Second Life #SecondLife #VirtualReality #VirtualWorld #StrawberrySingh

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I also did a live stream on Twitch today where I shared recent updates to Sansar. Give that a watch if you are interested too:
Watch Latest Updates to Linden Lab’s Sansar – Emotes, LookBook and more… from StrawberrySingh on

My Style Credits:
Shape: Vista-Zoe Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: VISTA BENTO HEAD ZOE V.1 by Vista Barnes
*Skin Applier: Insol Anna by AlMercury (Uber)
*Eyes Applier: Avi-Glam Dramatic Eyes by Kendra Parfort
*Hair: Exile Evermore by Kavar Cleanslate (C88)
*Dress: Giz Seorn – Camila Dress by Giz Seorn (Flickr)(May not be in the mainstore yet)

286 thoughts on “AMA on my 11th Second Life Rezday!

  1. Name is Starr Ghost and yes I own Catwa head Catya and congrats on 11 years ~ Happy Rez Day

  2. Quenida Quan says:

    Happy 11 years in SL!
    I’m coming up on 10 years later this month and it still feels like yesterday for me as well. I do miss the wonder and amazement of being a newbie sometimes!

    IW: Quenida Quan

    I have the Catwa Catya and Lona bento heads but I really want to try some of brands heads especially Lelutka.

  3. Bobbie Faulds says:

    1. Bobbie Faulds.

    2. I own at least one of each of the most popular. My favorites are the Alturmara that was at the skin fair I prefer narrower cheekbones and chin.

  4. Sensual Sparkle says:

    Sensual Sparkle , I own a few Catwa ones I use and of course want one of the new ones, or even a few new freckle faces as I am so excited face applier makers are now working with skinnery skin hues! Brownie rules! Yay!

  5. Happy Rez Day, here’s to many more years!

    1. Silverchild24 Resident
    2. Yes, I do already own a Bento Mesh. The only one that I have bought is Simone by Lelutka. I really fell in love with and although I was a Catwa user before it came out I just haven’t found a Catwa head that can be molded into what I would like it to look like. But I do keep trying demos from all the different markers as they are released incase I come upon something that might speak to me and capture my style as time goes on.

  6. Blackdiamond says:

    Blackdiamond Silversmith

    I have never owned a Bento Head, but would like to.

  7. JMB Balogh says:

    1. JMB Balogh in Second LIfe

    2. I do own several bento mesh heads but my favourite it Lelutka Greer.

    I too will celebrate my 11th REZ day in a couple of months and I call SL my Refuge as is has been that for me as I have dealt with some serious health issues during these years.

    Happy Rez day to you for May 9th Berry!

  8. LadyEllenT

    I own several bento heads – Catwa, Lelutka, Vista and AK but really, the only ones I wear are the Catwa Catya and Catwa Lona. My favorite is probably the Catya.

  9. CamilaGrace says:

    I have the Catwa Keme Bento Head

  10. CheriColette says:

    1] CheriColette Resedent
    2] No, dont own any mesh heads yet.

    Congratulations on this milestone Berry. Im glad you persisted and are still around.

  11. karenleigh says:

    My SL name is karenleighkalliope Resident.

    I only own one bento head, Catwa Catya. I’ve been demoing a lot of others lately. I really like Lelutka Chloe and Catwa Lona.

  12. Natalya Wolfe says:

    Congratulations on your 11th Rez Day! Thank you for being such a great, informative blog for Second Life residents.

    My full SL name is: lamantramori

    I own three bento heads, Catwa Catya, Genesis Lab Eva and Genesis Lab Sofie. Hard to choose a fave but I’ve been using Catya more lately.

  13. Chic Aeon

    No Bento head (my alts have Bento heads but I still have my old Lelutka LOL).

    Have a great rez day!

  14. Rose Dagger says:

    1. What is your full Second Life username?
    *SophiaRose Dagostino

    2.Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?
    Yes I do own several bento heads(LAQ, Catwa(demos), Akeruka (Kumiko and Lulu). My favorite is the Akeruka Kumiko which I was able to use to create the uniquely me look I was trying to find.

  15. nerthuschild

    I own a Bento head, and have the demos for others as I think about changing. I own the Catwa Catya head and have demos for the LetLuka heads.

  16. Happy Rez Day! Second Life so much the cooler for all you do :D

    Uccello Poultry

    No mesh head yet. Found a couple I like, but none with which I can duplicate my System face. An alt of mine will probably get one before I do.

  17. Jenilyn Pearl says:

    What is your full Second Life username? (not display name): My SL Inworld name is Jenilyn pearl
    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?:Yes I do own a Bento head.I love Lelutka heads and I would not change them for anything! although there is not as much for them as Catwa heads I have found that creators are always trying to please all their customers which makes me really happy. I am also glad that you mention that you would like to have the money spent inworld. Which is amazing because contributing to SL is what it is all about! I admire all the work you do. You are an amazing human being and a beautiful soul to look up to. Happy Rezz Day Mrs. Strawberry Singh! <3 Lots Of L<3ve

  18. Cascada Aabye says:

    Cascada Aabye, I Own the Lona Head

    I wish you all best to your Rezzday, again we have Rezzday on the same Day like Last year :) now we’re 11 years old in SL and i always get called SL_Granny because I`m here for so long :)

  19. Trimmer Navarita

    CATWA Daniel

  20. brandierain says:

    brandierain resident
    yes i have a catwa bento kimberly head

    this is to enter the 5.000 giveaway

  21. HI Berry and congratulations on 11 years! hehe I still remember your rez day when Patch Linden popped in on you! What a cutie!

    What is your full Second Life username? (not display name) LadyWriter Resident, but soon to be changed when they allow us the opportunity! Yay!

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite? Yes, I own a few and Catya is still my favorite. If I win, the money is earmarked to purchase one for someone else. My mission is to mesh others up when I can! lol

  22. brandierain says:

    happy rezz day, like you, i was in sl 10yrs, then left cause was hard to learn, lol, then about 3 yrs ago, i made this avi, brandierain, and wow how things have changed to the better, i have the catwa bento kimberly head and your kimberly shape, if i win, i think i will look at other heads to see if i like them better, look forward to your blogs.
    catwa bento kimberly head

  23. My Second Life name is ZenCho Balhaus
    My Favourite bento head is Catwa Koura

    Happy Eleven years in SL

  24. Congrats berry, but we will never forget the berry rap …good times good times (sl Name: polynesia resident)

  25. Also my fav head i catya by catwa

  26. Happy Rezday, Berry!
    I am Astera Thistle (aka Star to some of my friends)
    I own 3 bento heads, and my favorite so far is LAQ Neve.
    Thanks for all your hard work here!

  27. swift havercamp says:

    my name is swift Havercamp..I always look forward to reading your latest blog post’s.Neve by LAQ has to be my favourite Bento head.

  28. YamilaEnis says:

    Rezday Giveaway

    My full Second Life username is Yamilaenid.
    I own a bento head, I have a Lelutka head (Greer)..but would like to try a Catwa head.

  29. Congratulations on the 11th anniversary of joining SL! I have been a fan of your work way before I joined SL. :D
    My Full SL name: shaynejames Resident
    I have plenty of bento heads but my favorite one is the CATWA Catya.

  30. Lahaina Jonstone says:

    What is your full Second Life username? Lahaina Jonstone
    Do you already own a bento head? I do. LAQ – Neve – Lea and Vista- Diana
    To date: LAQ- Neve is my favourite

  31. Lahaina Jonstone says:

    Wishing you the very best on your 11th Anniversary. Sheesh I thought I was an old timer!! giggles Love your blog and vlogs…very informative and interesting. You obviously do a lot of prep work to get the job done. Thanks for your contribution.

  32. OMG! I’m so honored that you picked my question as one to answer! Happy rez day, and I hope you decide to keep blogging and sharing for another 11 years!

    Here are my answers for the giveaway:
    1. miazole Resident
    2. Yes! I own the Vista Lia and Diana heads. I’m currently wearing the Diana head, as I much preferred your shape for that one over Lia!

  33. Mae Delvalle – i own two catwa and two lelutka bento heads. My catwa fav is catya and my lelutka fav is greer.

    To choose between catwa and lelutka though… tough one… i love them both. Lelutka did step up with bento. I didnt like their heads before that. Great hud too. Catwa as good as it always was.

    I rp a lot. i’ve recently been using greer in rp. My ooc self is catya though. Both heads look great with GA skins.

  34. Hello Strawberry ! I love your blog and following your virtual journey.

    1.Melisity Resident
    2.I don’t yet have a bento head,I’ve been trying to save but it’s quite expensive.I prefer the LAQ and Catwa heads from what I’ve seen on friends.

  35. Full name: Anna Ergenthal
    Bento head: Lelutka Greer

  36. My name is alielgreen Resident and my head is vista zoe, amazing! thanks for oportunity, and very happy rezday!!!!!! \o

  37. First of all…..Happy Rezday!!

    1. My full SL name is Rhisa.
    2. I own a few bento heads, 1 from laq and akeruka which I never use.
    And I have Catwa Kathy which I use daily….until I find one I like better and can afford. Before I had catwa Annie (non bento)I really like that head and catwa Kathy came closest to it, so I got that one as my bento head.

  38. Bomba Zanzibar says:

    Hello Strawberry, what a nice gift again
    My name is Bomba Zanzibar
    and no I dont have yet a bento head, I have some mesh ones, from Catwa, Genesis lab, buy no bento yet
    i thank you for your blog, i follow often to have advices and I share it with friends
    thank you so much and hugs

  39. Hi Strawberry!
    My name is Butterflyltc , and I still don’t own any mesh head…but I would really, really like to have one…
    congrats on 11 years ~ Happy Rez Day .
    Hugs and kisses

  40. I’m CronoCloud Creeggan (Display name: Ms. CC Creeggan) I own one bento head so far, Catwa Kathy. I’d own more but even shopping addict moi winces at the prices of heads. That L$ could buy more dresses….and SHOES! Happy Rez Day Berry, it’s also my RL Birthday today:

  41. Memory Thorne says:

    Happy rezzday Berry – I am Memory Thorne and I wear Catwa Catya.

  42. CIe0Patra says:

    Hello Strawberry
    Congratulations on your 11th Rezz day ..wishing you a very happy one and many more years of fun and challenges on sl .My full Second Life username is CIe0Patra and yes I so own a bento head .It is Diana Vista bento head that i got at a discount from the skin fair and i do like it alot and it is pretty easy to use …I would like to buy the Zoe Vista bento head as i think she is also absolutely gorgeous and i would especially love to get the Bento vista animations as well .Have a wonderful day and a phenomenal year ahead!

  43. Sakki Salubria says:

    My name is Sakki Salubria. I own the Catwa bento head, and it is my favorite. Happy Rez Day!

  44. Happy Rezday, Berry!

    1. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)
    MollyMirassou Resident

    2. Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?
    I own the Akeruka Lara bento head + animation hud (still my favorite)

  45. Amy L Schneider says:

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite? Catwa Kimberly is my favorite bento head.

  46. Happy 11th Rezzday Berry!

    1.. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)

    Xafira Cortes

    2. Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    I do! I have the Catwa Catya. I bought it many moons ago and would love the opportunity to buy one of the other models now.


  47. Sexualle Chemistry says:

    What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)
    Sexualle Chemistry

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?
    I do not have a mesh/bento head yet

  48. Berry, rereading your blog and thought you might appreciate my start in SL. Back in 2011, I read about this world and decided to give it a shot. I created my account, logged in, spent a little time with shaping my avatar and hit up Welcome Island, I think it was. People were talking on voice and in local and I was having a hard time keeping up as I walked and ran around, mostly focused on controlling my avatar. Though I said hello and wrote a few comments, it was busy and no one seemed to notice me. No worries, I just started to explore, walking around the plaza, the hills and, finally, walking out into the ocean. I was exploring and wondered if there was fish, you see. Well, all fine and good, but I got lost and could not remember what direction back to land! I shut the viewer down, wondering if it took me to the same start location when I logged on. It didn’t, so there I was, stuck in the ocean. I hadn’t learned I could jump or fly. So I shut it off and left it alone. A year and a bit later, just off a relationship, I read another article about SL and decided to give it a try again. When I saw the login screen, I saw the choice of Home or Last Location which I must have missed before. Since my last location was stuck in the ocean, I chose Home even though I didn’t have one. It took me to a hub filled with people and I’ve been plugged in ever since! Thank God for that login option! Lol

  49. Myra Larimal says:

    I own two bento heads, Akeruka Lara because I so much liked the look it had on your blog, and Laq neve when it was only 500 linden, but I find it too babyish.
    I would like to try Lelutka.
    Thanks for your posts.

  50. daralish Resident. I have Neve by LAQ. I love it! If I were to buy a new head it would be Poppy (also by LAQ). Something about the look of LAQ grabs me! Happy Rez day Berry–I love your blog and your videos.

  51. 1) SL name is Opal Rae!

    2) Yes, I own a couple of Vista heads, current favourite is definitely Zoe, she is gorgeous and works very well with so many appliers.

  52. Mercedes Keyes says:

    1.) What is your full Second Life username?
    – Amberswann Resident –

    2.) Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    – Genesis Lab is my favorite. Followed by LeLutka…

  53. DestinyDreamz says:

    1. Destinydreamz
    2. I own the Catwa Catya bento head. I’ve been thinking of trying a new one out for a while now, but unsure yet of which one to get. I need to find the perfect one for me! :D

    HAPPY 11th REZ DAY! xx

  54. Madelon Sebel says:

    Hello Berry Happy REZZZDAYYYYYY,
    My inworld name is Aoife Modan and i have the LAQ Gaia Head.

    I find your vlogs very interresting and informative i often send links of your vlogs to friends … thank you so much for that .

  55. Happy Rezz Day!!

    Sl name: Erika Zhong
    I do own a bento head and is catwa catya i like it a lot ^^

  56. EternalFlam3 says:

    My name is EternalFlam3 and i am using a bento Catwa head named Cathy
    but i thinking try the Catwa Tala head from now :)
    thank you and happy rezday.

  57. What is your full Second Life username?
    ElSolLaLuna Resident
    Do you already own a bento head?
    If so, which one is your favorite?
    Catwa Maggy is my favorite which I own but Catwa has a new one out now that I like called Eva

  58. GiaFabienne says:

    My name is GiaFabienne and of all my heads I love Lelutka Chloe the most
    Happy Rez day and thank you for all the wonderful and informative contributions you post…hugs ❣️

  59. Suellen Christian says:

    Suln Mahogany
    No bento head as yet, too many choices but would love to win.
    Happy Rez day!

  60. Congratulatios Strawberry <3

    My SL name's Coloradeta Resident

    I dont't have bento head. I'd like a Catwa bento head.

    Thank you <33333

  61. My name is sses1234 and I have a be to head from AN but it was 1L, can not afford the fancy stuff lol

  62. Taygetee Resident
    I own Vista Bento Head Diana.
    My favorite Bento Head is Catwa Catya Bento Mesh Head.

  63. Happy Rezday! ♥


    i own a Bento Head and my fav is LeLutka

  64. Naria Panthar says:

    Inworld name: Naria Panthar
    and I own a bento head from Catwa.
    Congratz on your Rez Day :)

  65. Nandhe Resident says:

    Happy rezday!!
    I have [GA.EG] head Evan for now.
    My fav head is Catwa Victor
    Nandhe Resident

  66. ParisLeShea Cerise says:

    Hi Berry!

    My sl username is ParisLeShea Cerise and yes, I own a bento head. My favorite bento head is Catwa Catya.

  67. Adianna Price says:

    1. Adianna Price

    2. I do have a bento head and Catwa’s Kimberly is my favorite at this time. I would love to get a Lelutka bento next.

  68. Yeya Zuta- LeLutka Bento Head-SIMONE

  69. Stormm Firecaster says:

    Happy Rezz Day Berry!!

    What is your full Second Life username?
    Stormm Firecaster

    Do you already own a bento head?

    If so, which one is your favorite?
    LAQ Scarlet

  70. Hi Berry!

    I’m Vivbell Resident. I have a couple of bento heads, but my favorite is Catwa Catya bento Head.

  71. Antonia R Jaster says:

    First and foremost, Happy Rezday! And yes I own several mesh, bento heads. My favorite one being Catwa Catya.

    My user name on SL is:


    Thanks for all you do and show us!

  72. 1. MarjorieAnneSmith
    2 .Yes. Catwa “Magy.”

  73. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)
    MystiqueKali Resident

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?
    Yes, my favorite is LeLutka Simone! <3

  74. Morgan Phelan says:

    Happy Rez Day Strawberry and thanks for all the wonderful informative videos over the years. I’ve worn many heads but keep going back to my favourite, Catwa Lona.

    Username: Morgan Phelan
    Favourite head: Catwa Lona

  75. ToriAnn Santorini says:

    Happy Rez Day Strawberry! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be able to try other bento heads. I own two of the 3 Vista heads, Lia and Zoe.
    User name:


    Thanks again! <3

  76. PoisonMagnifico says:

    Happy rez day berry! I hope its great!
    My SL Name is PoisonMagnifico
    I own a bento head my favorite is zoe from vista!
    I hope your rez day is amazing just like you are, hug hug!

  77. What is your full Second Life username?
    xrockinfree Resident

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?
    Yes, I own one from Lelutka. I haven’t tried other brands, but I went with them back when mesh heads came out due to a matching skin being available. No complaints so far!

  78. 00SoloMi00 Resident says:

    I currently have several Bento heads but my favorite so far is Catwa’s Koura…but haven’t tried Steffi yet…yet…lol

    Keep up the great work!!

  79. Rowan Davros says:

    What is your full Second Life username? Rowan Davros
    Do you already own a bento head? No

  80. diamond Marchant says:

    diamond Marchant
    Catwa Catya

  81. Oh yes, I love bento mesh heads. I have a few mesh heads from several brands. But I only seem to grab towards my Catwa heads. My favorite one is Sofia in combination with Your Skin & Your Shape skins.

    I hope you will have a great rezz day.

    Angela Kwak

  82. Nadine Philly says:

    Im Nadine Philly in SL, I do not own a bento head as of yet but i do use the catwa jessica mesh head. Ive really been wanting to get a bento head.

  83. KindOfStoned

    I don’t have a bento head but my favorite by far is the catya catwa head you showed on your channel before

  84. ladywhite farrior says:

    First Happy 11th Rez Day.. big huggies
    ladywhite farrior
    LAQ Bento Gaia…. I really like her she was most like my own shape it is a good base to use. an I enjoy her alot.

  85. Otenth Paderborn says:

    Happy Rez Day! I’m glad you’ve not only stuck around, but prospered. You enrich lots of people’s Second Lives.

    1. Otenth Paderborn
    2. A variety of Catwa heads, male and female (I’m always searching for really strong profiles [read: big nose], so I keep trying new bento heads to see if any allow for that)

  86. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)

    Vanity Fair

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    Yes, I do. My favourite head is Catwa Kimberly, and I bought it after reading all your Catwa head reviews and comparison on this blog, so thank you!

  87. Maybell Anadyr says:

    Maybell Anadyr

    Yes I have the Rebel Laq bento head and it is my favorite even with different skin appliers

  88. Maybell Anadyr says:

    Yes I have the Rebel Laq bento head and it is my favorite even with different skin appliers

  89. According to your Style Credits, you are wearing the Dress: Giz Seorn – Camila Dress by Giz Seorn, but I can’t find it in the Giz Seorn mainstore! Is it at one of the shopping events? Thanks!

  90. KrankyKitten says:

    1 Full second life username is KrankyKitten and No i do not own a bento head but would love one for my maitreya body! :)

  91. Hey Ryan, according to her flickr here:
    she released the dress at Season Story on April 6th. I believe Season Story is closed now so it should be in her mainstore. If it’s not, I am assuming she hasn’t put it out as of yet. Maybe poke her and ask her if she is planning to put it back out soon. Sorry about that! I’ll add the flickr link in my style credits too.

  92. Panster Moonshadow says:

    Happy Rez Day!

    I own a Catwa Kimberly head, and am seriously considering the new Eva or a Lelutka as well:)

    …Panster Moonshadow

  93. Nicole Striatus says:

    Nicole Striatus. I have a few heads although I mostly wear Catwa Catya. I really want a lelutka head though.

  94. Happy 11th BD in SL =) I also have been in since 2008 and how things have changed, yes?
    My name is Cricket Lefavre and I would love to get a bento head. I do not surrently have mesh head at all, just body but have been hoping to enhance my avatar further.
    Have a great 12th year

  95. Happy Rez-Day Berry!! <3
    Here is to many more..

    My SL name is unicornsandrainbowss

    I went mesh only when Bento heads came on and love them :) I have 2 mesh heads Catwa's Catya and Lelutka's May. My fav has been Catwa's Catya, just because it is so flexible and there are so many different looks that you can go with that head. Also because I identify with it the most.

  96. Happy Rez Day, Strawberry!

    1) My SL username is lovednotlost
    2) Nope, don’t have one yet :)

    (please delete my redundant other comment!)

  97. My SL name is Filipe015 and no i don’t own a bento head and my favourites are Catwa Justin and Genesis Lab Ethan

  98. Happy Rez Day!!! I do have a bento head. I am wearing Kimberly by Catwa. Although I am still trying to get my perfect look and always looking at bento heads and shapes. I am a blogging enthusiast and have even shared your blog in the past in my own blog. I just love your online presence and your blog is the top of the SL blogging world to me :)

  99. Avatar name is Kittyh Resident.

    I have a LOGO head ,but I would far prefer Catwa.

  100. Tamsyn Abbot says:

    Hello, my SL name is Tamsyn Abbot and I own two bento heads, the Catwa Catya and the Logo Quinn. I pretty much wear Catya full time, it’s definitely my favourite.

  101. CCoursey resident, Yes I have Bento heads. I am torn, love CatWa because of the PowderPack, but am loving what LAQ has introduced with the hud for all heads and already plan to get another of LAQs.

    Happy Rezday <3

  102. Ekatarina Petrov says:

    Ekatarina Petrov is my SL name and I do use a bento head. The one I use is Catwa Kimberly head. After seeing all the heads you’ve used here on your blog your review of the Kimberly head convinced me to buy it. Happy Rez Day, Berry.

  103. Clover Jinx says:

    1. Clover Jinx
    2. Yes, Catwa Uma

  104. What is your full Second Life username?

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?
    Yes I do. Definitely Catwa. It’s easy to manage and well detailed, also allows me to get lot of freebies.

    Thank you for this giveaway :) whether winning or not, I felt so touched when you shared your personal experience about the meaning of SL for you. Indeed it means much more than just a game :) for me, and I’m discovering new things about myself too here!!! Happy Rez day :D let’s keep making more memorable memories here ^^

  105. My SL username is HalleHewitt Resident and yes, I do have a Bento head. My favorite is Catwa’s Catya. I also love Lelutka’s Simone as well.

  106. Alex Bear says:

    My SL username is alex.claridge. I own MANY Bento-compliant mesh heads from a couple of different sources. My favorite, and probably the one you’ll almost always see me in, is CatWa’s Steffi!

  107. Thank you for the give away opportunity & for all you share with us. Your blog saves us so much time. I love your honesty and how grounded you are. I love Catwa but can not afford a Bento Head. I have Catwa Mesh head and Maitreya body. I have been a musician host 9+ years in SL Live music. I average 15 or more hours a week or more. I am on limited income because of chronic back pain disability so I can only afford to buy from what I make in SL. My son got me to come because of my love of graphics. He has since passed away. on my rezz day 2014. Life’s ironies right. SL gets me away from the feeling of being trapped in my own body. I have always been known as a classy fashionable professional hostess. Some tell me I am 1 of the best but I just am me and try to be kind and considerate of everyone and detail oriented. My inventory is by designer but a disaster truthfully. Thank you for your generosity with the give away. I know you will give away to the person you think will best appreciate it. Thank you for considerations me. Jasmyn. (If I forgot anything please ask me.) Hugs for all you do.

  108. Caleb Bryant says:

    Happy Rez Day, Berry :) Gonna have to see if I can squeeze in that Yearbook challenge this month! It has been a while since my last submission…

    SL Name: CalebBryant

    Current and only Bento Head: Catwa

  109. Sparkly Rainbow says:

    My SL Name is Sparkly Rainbow
    I have been in SL for 12 years & 8 months with this Avatar

    I have numerous Mesh Heads (I kinda have a little Mesh Addiction … lol)
    But mostly I wear my Catwa Dino Head

  110. GraceAnne Hawks says:

    Hi, Strawberry… Happy 11th Rez Day! I turned 11 in January. :)

    1. What is your full Second Life username?
    – GraceAnne Hawks

    2. Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?
    – I own Catwa Kimberly and I love it.

  111. sweet valentine says:

    Sweet Valentine and i have the Lelutka Greer bento head and love it

  112. Nina Bing says:

    Nina Brandenburg, no I don’t have a Bento head yet! <3

  113. Ravynn Irelund says:

    Happy 11th Rezz Day !! (party whistles)

    SL Name : Ravynn Irelund

    Do you already own a bento head? Yes, just the One. Catya by Catwa.

  114. Hi there, HAppy Rez Day, Strawberry.

    My full Sl name is jenstarveling resident.

    I have heads from Catwa and Mayreal, but the ones I love the best are Alex (and the Bento equivalent, Alexis) from LOGO. They have finally caught up to Catwa with the recent designs and updates and it sounds like LOGO has more coming soon.

  115. CelticBlaze Resident says:

    Yes, I have a bento head. It is the Neve from LAQ. I love it, and even though I have tried other bento head demos, I have not found another I like better :)

  116. Lysana McMillan says:

    1) Lysana McMillan
    2) Yes, I own a Bento mesh head. My favorite: GA.EG Barbara.

  117. Hi–My SL name is lucylovah Resident and I have the Leleutka Simone bento head (and love it!). Happy Rez Day!

  118. Happy rezz day <3 ! My sl name is Dahvie Gloom
    Yes I have a bento head, I love Daniel from Catwa, looks good on me :v

  119. Tattookiss says:

    Tattookiss Nacht
    current fave bento head is Nyx by LAQ

  120. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)


    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    Catwa Catya

  121. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)


    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    Catwa Catya

  122. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)

    Nimue Galatea

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    No, I do not! Can’t afford it.

  123. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)


    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    yes Lelutka Andrea & Ga.EG Damon.

    i love style but lelutka is my favorite due to better style and better skin choices.

  124. Eva Knoller says:

    Happy Rez Day!

    Second Life name: Eva Knoller

    I own and love the LAQ LuLu bento head. I really want a Catwa as well.

  125. Happy Rez Day!!! My SL name is Avalyn Valeska. My favorite Bento head is one that I just purchased from Catwa, it’s the Kathy head. I had a Genisis Lab head previously which I really liked, but I decided to get one that creators actually create for and Catwa is the brand in that regard! Love it too!

  126. Hailey Vavoom. I use Lelutka bento head. Happy Rez day Strawberry!

  127. Hi, I’m LaDonna Oceanlane.

    I own two Catwa bento heads but Catya is my favorite.

    Thank You & Happy Rezz Day! <3

  128. Livaana Resient says:

    1] Livaana Resident
    2] No, dont own any mesh heads yet.

    Thank You & Happy Rezz Day!

  129. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)

    Saffron Wirefly

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    Yes I own Catwa Catya, Vista Lia and LAQ Neve. My favorite is Catwa Catya.

  130. Bella Mckeenan says:

    1. Bellacatorina Mckeenan
    2. My favorite bento head right now is the Vista Diana

  131. Moana Exonar says:

    Happy Rezzday!! Time most definitely does tend to fly in SL.

    SL Name: Moana Exonar

    I do not own a bento head at this point. I fell in love with Catwa’s Tumble head and up until the other day hadn’t come across a bento head I liked. They’ve all been too girly and pouty in the side profile. But with the release of the Catwa Eva head, I’m tempted to stray from my beloved Tumble.

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  133. My fullsecond life name is prototypekiller – and yes, I own a bento head which is also my favorite, is Catya from Catwa! Thanks and Happy Rezzday!!~<3

  134. Jude Cyberstar says:

    I just logged back in to SL this year after about 4 years of no being online. A lot has changed in that time, so I do not have a bento head. But they always look so nice!
    – Jude Cyberstar

  135. Happy Rez Day!

    My SL name is Luxarnia Dagger and my favorite bento head that I’m always wearing is LAQ Neve.

  136. nova bashly says:

    Happy Rezday!!! I’ve been in second life for a tad over ten years

    What is your full Second Life username? nova bashly

    Do you already own a bento head? No I do not!

  137. What is your full Second Life username?
    Darlingmonster Ember

    Do you already own a bento head?
    Nope. Haven’t seen one I like yet.

  138. What is your full Second Life username?
    mcd Adder
    Do you already own a bento head?
    vista Zoe
    Happy rez day;)

  139. MattNight84 says:

    SL Name: MattNight84
    Yes, I own a bento head. I use Catwa Daniel and it is my fave.

    Happy rez day :)

  140. SL username: MissLilt Resident

    I do own a few bento heads. Catwa Catya would have to be my fave since it’s versatile and most brands create for it.

  141. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)
    KhrisP Resident

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?
    I don’t own a bento head but I’d love to.

  142. MarionMiley Resident says:

    Happy rezzday!

    My Secondlife username: MarionMiley
    I own Lelutka Greer ;-)

  143. Sunrise Avalanche says:

    Sunrise Avalanche

    Catwa Cathy Head

    and happy birthday Berry

  144. Congratulations! :-) Here Glasz DeCuir, I use Catwa Iona bento head

  145. Happy Rezz Day!

    1. Lea Rage
    2. I use Catwa Catya with Insol Mia
    3. :)

  146. Happy Rez Day!!

    1. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name) – Valerie Rainfall
    2. Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite? – I own Catwa Kathy, and Catwa Tala which I use on an alt. Both I love very much!!

    Also, here is my yearbook photo:


  147. 1: Skyvivi resident
    2: I do own a bento head its catwa Kimberly, I liked Kimberly because it was close to my only mesh head dyana and that wine was hard to leave took me weeks to perfect to the face I have now haha. I do want to try lelutka bento head thought the lips looks amazing on those.

  148. Hi! Happy Rez Day :)

    1. zoecaitlyn
    2. yep, Catwa Catya is still my fave <3

  149. Hiii happppy 11 years… strawberry wish you many more fabulous blogging years ahead
    My name is evelinalana in sl
    I wear lelutka Chloe n totallly in love with it also have the LAQ neve but I couldn’t relly shape it well enough yet … n somehow I relly feel lelutka heads are much easier to shape n yet look realistic .. would love to try out other lelutka heads if I get the chance

  150. Happy rezday Strawberry! I am anandaheart resident in SL and wear the Lelutka Greer head, I don’t change head and body at all, only to an older Catwa head sometimes for blogging specific Catwa skin/makeups, and I dont’t own any other mesh body.

  151. Happy Rezzday Berry! ty for many informative and inspiring posts
    my name is Cat Boucher and I own the bento heads Catwa Kimberly and Vista Zoe and use the Belleza mesh body in the moment

  152. Sugar Silverstar says:

    My Name is Sugar Silverstar and I dont own a mesh head i have a lot of demos but have been waiting till one comes out that resembles my classic avatar as I’m very fond of her looks. I have free akeruka head i have been playing with and just this evening i saw at ebento one of the new Akeruka heads that I picked up a demo of to try.

    Happy Rezz day Strawberry I love reading your blogs and checking out your youtube vids. :)

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  154. Mimi LaSweet-Caiben aka iilalaii Resident says:

    11 years! Yay! Congratulations

    My name is iilalaii Resident in world but I go by Mimi Lasweet and my Rez day is also around the corner, 4 years for me.
    I have a bento head, catwa catya. It’s the one I felt most comfortable with and so, that’s what I got. I think if I were to get another one I’d try out one of the Lelutka heads. I also have an LAQ head but I’ve never worn it.

  155. congrats on 11 years & a very Happy Rezz Day, Strawberry. I’d like to enter the giveaway. I am Kitten Kaos in SL & I love my Catwa Catya :)

  156. Mary Absent says:

    Happy rez day Berry! You are always a source of inspiration for me. I wish you all the best.
    I’m Mary Absent
    I have perhaps the most popular bento head Catwa Catya
    I’d like to try Lelutka

  157. Mary Absent says:

    Happy rezday Berry! You are always a source of inspiration for me. I wish you all the best.
    I’m Mary Absent
    I have perhaps the most popular bento head Catwa Catya
    I’d like to try Lelutka

  158. Happy 11 Rez day STRAWBERRY. Been following your youtube and learning about everyone going to Catwa and bento head. My name is Payraise Kolda and I do not have a mesh head.

  159. Savannah Porterfield says:

    Savannah Porterfield
    I own quite a few mesh heads but right now, Catwa Lilly is my fave :)

  160. Couldn’t help myself just bought the LeLutka Bento Head-BIANCA. I feel so ashamed having 3 bento heads… such a waste of lindens. Though this is my 1st LeLutka.


  161. Zeeksparrow says:

    Happy Rez day. Love your blog

    Don’t have a Bento head just a normal Catya Mesh Head

  162. ChicaBooom says:

    HAPPY REZDAY STRAWBERRY!!! Im a day late but i wish you the best for the coming year in SL and in your RL. See you at your next rezday on livestream!!

    Huggles from
    Yes I just got a Zoe Head, but I would get me a Catwa head if I win xx

  163. Shadowraven28 says:

    Rezz Day Giveaway

    What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)

    Shadowraven28 Resident

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    I dont own one I wish I did.

  164. susie bizet says:

    Susie Bizet
    Own a Catwa Catya head

  165. Victoria Cooper James says:

    Thank you for your time investment!


    I own a few heads, mostly Catwa and one Lelutka. Currently wearing Lilo.

  166. Lysistrata Szapira says:

    1) Lysistrata Szapira
    2) My preferred Bento head is Lelutka’s May, but I have LAQ’s Neve on an alt, and she is really cute.

  167. Annypaula rodas says:

    Hi! 1) annypaula rodas

    2) I have a head vista Zoe, I really wanted to have a head catwa.

    Congratulations on your birthday !

  168. Foteini Tsouvala says:

    What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)

    Caissa Amat

    and the same rez day like you yesterday 9th of May

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    My favorite head is the model Kathy if I win i will buy this one:-)

  169. Caissa Amat says:

    What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)

    Caissa Amat

    and the same rez day like you yesterday 9th of May

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    My favorite head is the model Kathy if I win i will buy this one:-)

  170. 1) My second life name is Riku Kristan
    2) I own Catwalk Catya and Lona, and Lona is my favorite so far!

    Happy Rezday! It’s amazing to see what you’ve accomplished and how much you’ve evolved over the years!

  171. Yanni Sweet says:

    Hi, My SL name is : Darsyanni

    I had the Jessica catwa head is a shame that that one don’t come with all the animations, at moment I am wearing the Catya catwa head, but I have seen Lelutka heads and I think are beautiful, but my favorite at moment is Catya head from catwa.

  172. Happy Rez day! (A bit belated but better late then never right?)

    Log in name is kathylove19932 Resident

    I do already have a bento head, I actually have several between a couple accounts. My favorite is actually a kids bento head. The toddleedoo Alice bento head is my go to and fav head!

  173. Spider Paule says:

    Happy Rez Day..

    Spider Paule
    Akeruka Lara
    would love to have another bento head

  174. Congrats Berry on your REZ DAY

    Name Stanccee

    Catwa Mesh

  175. Spring Ning says:

    Hi Berry

    Name Spring Ning

    Catwa Mesh only

  176. Lucretia Littleboots says:

    Wow Berry 11 years of fun in SL

    Im Lucretia Littleboots yea I go back to old days

    sadly a Catya Mesh head.. So would love to update to Bento

  177. Hello dear!
    First of all I wanna say Happy rezday for you and thank you for share with us your amazing videos and photos about SL!

    My name is YunaLiah Fang (original name) and I use Catwa Catya Bento Head!
    She is my favorite one but im thinking about to try a Lelutka!

    Kisses and God Bless you!

  178. Came across this Strawberry
    And I found a skin somewhere named for you in world wh8le looking for Leuletka skins

  179. Xenia McNugget says:

    1. iiixu resident 2. Yes, I do own catwa Pink head and lelutka Simone. And Happy Rezz day!!

  180. Name Carinejamily, yes, I own Genesis kiana, but I would love to have a catwa catya :) happy rez day

  181. My name is Love567 inworld and yea i have bento lelutka head greer. Happy Rezzday strawberry

  182. Lustanddesire says:

    Sl name: Lustanddesire resident
    I have a catwa head lona and a vista head, zoë.
    I like them both a lot!

    Congrats on your 11th year birthday!
    I hope you will be around for many years…we can not miss the great content that you show us everytime. I learn a lot from you!
    Thank you berry :)

  183. UnnaNubalo says:

    UnnaNubalo Resident.
    Lo que más necesito es un cuerpo Maitreya. Tengo ya Catya de Catwa. Y me encantan todas skins de Ison XD

  184. My sl name is Rissy Feiri
    I have a catya, catwa head. I love my bento head and how the face is so animated and does my gestures such as sticking my tongue out at people :P

  185. SariyaLyn Resident says:

    Name: SariyaLyn Resident
    I own a number of bento heads, LAQ, Catwa, Akeruka, and Lelutka. I like the LAQ the best because of the hud.

  186. Elissiana Caproni says:

    SL Name: Elissiana Caproni
    I have Catwa and LAQ Bento heads. I love both brands but my Catwa is my favorite because it was my first and there are so many options. From make up to animations the Catwa head provides a lot. The LAQ is close second but I haven’t had much time to really try it out since the updates. Happy Belated Rezday Strawberry :)

  187. DR42 resident and No, I don’t.

    I have no Lindens, but that is just fine with me.
    I’ll donate the entire amount to the folks at Virtual Ability in any case.

  188. SerenityFireflyKay says:

    My second life name is SerenityFireflyKay Resident I own the Catwa Lona bento head and I can’t live without it I’ve been browsing the LAQ bento heads they have an adorable look.

  189. TaterLinda says:

    Happy Rezday !!
    1.) TaterLinda

    2.) I do not have a mesh body yet. Interested in learning more about this.

    Wishing all good luck & fotune :)

  190. Boby De Velure says:

    Hello from me :) Happy Rezday !
    My SL name is LindsayBillylohan, and yes i already have bento head. I am useing Lona bento head by Catwa,and i love this head a lot, all sliders working perfectly.

  191. xStacysx and I own catwa catya, and tala. They are my favs so far for the girls! Happy majestic rez day girlie~ I always come to you just to watch or get info on heads or whatevs you’re blogging about. Keep up the work you majestic qwweeeeeen!❤️✨

  192. Torrie Hexicola says:

    Torrie Hexicola

    Catwa Kimberly, would love to try a LAQ bento head

    Happy Rez day to you!!

  193. YouPlonka Resident says:

    Sl name: Youplonka Resident, My favourite bento head creator would have to be Catwa, the bent Catwa head i own is daniel, Happy rezz day

  194. Carl Ochea says:

    Congratulations on your 11th rezday Miss Singh! Continue to be a blessing and inspiration to the other blogger-soon-to-be watchers/residents/subscribers! I have been binge watching your videos reviewing mesh bodies and heads recently! Congrats again! xoxo

    SL name: slayagecat (Demi is the display name)

    I don’t own a bento head yet, only free mesh heads from Altamura which is Maya and Giselle. But I would love to own a bento head!

  195. Lorelai Winslet says:

    Happy Rez Day, Strawberry! Ever since a friend recommended your blog to me I have followed it religiously. Thank you for helping me to navigate the world of mesh. I would be lost without you!

    What is your full Second Life username?

    Lorelai Winslet

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    I do not! I have been saving for Koura from Catwa.

  196. Happy Rez Day Strawberry!

    What is your full Second Life username?

    Briidee Resident

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    I do… any of the catwa heads

  197. Holoscience says:

    My names holoscience on sl I joined not that long ago but have been watching your channel for a long time your Avis are so pretty and really inspire me. I have one bento head the catwa catya it’s my favourite so far :)

  198. LittleMe Jewell says:

    What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)
    LittleMe Jewell
    Do you already own a bento head?

  199. Penny Widget says:

    Your videos and blogs are really informative! I watched many of your showcases and then picked the LOGO Alexis head, after trying a half-dozen others! Now I’m planning to get a Physique body to go with it!

    Second Life name: Finning Widget
    Favourite head: LOGO Alexis

  200. tabbithajane resident says:

    Hello Straw-Berry! (Big smiles) And a very Happy RezzDay to you from TabbithaJane Resident. I own a few Bento heads. And most definitely my most favorite is a Lelutka. Not only is her hud especially easy to use, but I feel the head gives a finer look. The curves are a whole lot smoother on my Cate.

  201. BloodyKitty230 says:

    What is your full Second Life username? (not display name): BloodyKitty230 Resident

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?: I do indeed own a bento head! Uma right now is my favorite, but I have a few other favorites too, so it’s hard to pick just one!

  202. my sl name is Caresia Adored.

    I have a CATWA Catya head. I am still playing with this fiddling with sliders and such so I haven’t really tried any other :) I’m always up for trying new things of course.

  203. Wicked Reverie says:

    My in world name is Wicked Reverie. I own the Catwa Catya and the Lelutka Chloe & Simone. I really like the Catya head because of the available options though I do like the features of the LeLutka heads a little more. I would like to try out a LAQ head.

  204. MysticRose1 says:

    My SL name is Mysticrose1
    I own multiple heads (not sure I want to admit how many! :D ) from each of the main mesh head createors, but I always go to my Catwa Catya one.

  205. SL name: Daffordil

    Bento head–Lelutka Simone

  206. Hi Strawberry.

    What is your full Second Life username?

    – My SL inworld name is liliskywriter.

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    – Yes. I only own one bento mesh head Uma at the moment which is my favorite so far from Catwa.

    Thank you for making this Rezday Giveaway. ヽ(´ ▽`)/

    Kind regards, Lili.

  207. Hello Strawberry Singh! Thank you for making this giveaway, I really appreciate it! ❤

    What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)

    My full username in Second Life is pandaontheloose Resident. ❤

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    Yes I own a bento head from Catwa called Lona Bento Head and another bento head from Genesis Lab called Flor Bento Head. So far I’m loving Lona Bento Head as it is more versatile in my opinion in a long run. ^3^ ❤

  208. Morgelyn Igaly says:

    Morgelyn Igaly. I have 3 or 4 mesh heads but my favourite by far is Barbara head. Don’t think I will be changing it again for a while! Happy Rezday from another 11 year old!

  209. Claudia Dorothea Grigori Tsukihana says:

    Happy Rez Day! ~{•u•}~
    1) Username: Numikins
    2) I own Catwa Catya head only, I love it! Yet my favorite still Lona, because is super cute and the shapes made for that head, ah! I melt~
    I saw there was a new release, not quite sure if it was from Catwa or other, but it was really cute, I don’t mean Eva head, maybe Keme? Don’t know for sure, going to look back at my newsfeed!

  210. Hi, My SL name is lavalois Resident, and I own 2 Bento Mesh heads: Lelutka Bianca, and Catwa Catya. of which the latter is my favorite, simply because that is the heads for which the most accessories are available.

  211. Ada Forwzy says:

    What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)
    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?

    1. Ada Forwzy
    2. My faveourite is Catwa – Tala. Simply because I like the shape of the head. Also I can easily adjust it to my liking :)

  212. My name is Allison Tobias. I only own one bento mesh head, Catwa’s Magy, which I love!

  213. Decode Ashdene says:

    Happy belated Rez Day Strawberry – I really enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Decode Ashdene
    2. I haven’t switched yet to mesh body/head etc but I am planning to

  214. Hii! My sl name is Shadymattel resident

    I do own a few bento heads, my fave being Catwa Catya♡

    Good luck everyone

  215. Osimandias Dastardly says:

    1/ Osimandias Dastardly
    2/ I have several Bento heads but I mostly use Catwa’s Daniel

  216. SixDigital says:

    What is your full Second Life username? (not display name) – SixDigital
    Do you already own a bento head? – yes I do!
    If so, which one is your favorite? – LeLutka Simone

  217. Alexandra Melune says:

    Happy 11 years, Berry!

    1. What is your full Second Life username? Alexandra Melune

    2. Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite? I do! I got the Lelutka Simone bento head when it came out and though I’ve tried others, this is my favorite ♥

  218. Congrats on your 11 years on sl!
    Name: Psuedonymph
    Ans: i own altamura, ak, letluka and catwa heads. Letluka simone has a softly beautiful look that i like, but catwa catya was my first, and ive grown to love it.

  219. Username: karmenpalvin

    Answer: I bought Simone Bento Head by Lelutka and I simply love how soft and gorgeous the details are. I’m always trying demos from others bento heads but none of them made me so satisfied like Simone so far.

  220. 1. aureru
    2. I do have several bento heads, and my favorite so far is lelutka cate

  221. December Larkham
    I love lelutka the best, but I also have catwa and genesis. Lelutka gives the best bang for your buck in my opinion and their hud is very easy to use.

  222. Kitten MacKenzie says:

    What is your full Second Life username? KittenMacKenzie Resident
    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite? I own 2 heads, Lelutka and Catwa. I really love both of them, for different reasons, so I can’t really pick a favorite.

    Happy Rez Day! This particular avi is fairly new, but I’ve been in SL since 2006!

  223. Alaska Doe says:

    1. alaska87 resident
    2. My favorite head is Spencer from LeLutka. It made me fall in love with my avi all over again! <3

  224. First of all .. Happy RezzBirthday ! For me almost 12 years now … and what a lot of changes we have seen tru the years .. Oke Barbarella Darkrose. I got a few head .. LAQ, Vista but my favorite is still my Catwa Catya .. Have fun celebrating !

  225. 1. Agneskate Martinek – 10 years in sl. :P
    2. My favorite is Lilly from Catwa.

  226. Elora Lunasea says:

    Elora Lunasea – also going on 11 years! Happy happy Rez Day to you!

    I have a LOT of bento mesh heads but mostly use Lelutka Simone, Vista Animations Zoe and various Catwa heads depending on my mood. Overall I like Lelutka Simone best. She feels like “me”.

  227. 1) EvaArchy

    2) I have bento catwa head Catya, but i really like mesh and animations from Lelutka :)

  228. Congratulations on 11 years.
    My name is anarel77 and I have a few bento heads. My favourites right now are Lelutka Greer and Catwa Koura (which I managed to make look like my old favourite Catwa Destiny)
    Thanks for your vids

  229. Happy Rezday!

    1. Sketala
    2. I have only Lelutka Chloe head. My favourites head is Catwa Catya because it is more universal and catwa heads supports by designers more.

  230. 1.Tatiana Nikolay
    2. I only have the Catwa Catya, but I adore it.

  231. Veronica Cardalines says:

    Happy Rez Day!

    My SL username is Veronica Cardalines

    Yes I do own a bento mesh head! My favorite is the Catwa Catya mesh head!♡

  232. 1. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)
    ❤️Alecexo & Happy Belated Rez Day/ Happy 11 years!!!❤️
    2. Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?
    ❤️Yes! I only have one right now which isn’t chloe by Lelutka. To be honest I didn’t like it at first but I tweaked my shape and got a decent skin and now I love it!! However, I’m thinking of trying Catya by Catwa (even though everyone has it I wanna add it to my inventory and play around with it ❤️)

  233. Lynx Darkwatch says:

    Happy Rez Day!!!
    My name is Lynx Darkwatch
    I don’t have any bento heads yet,going to update my avi with Le lutka Greer bento and one of Akeruka Deluxe Heads .Genesis Lab heads are great as well .

  234. My name is Fressca

    I do have a mesh head..Catwa Koura…
    I had to enlist help from others to get the face right, but I do love it. Will experiment with other heads when I am able to do so…Yours is the first blog I have ever followed and am so pleased with the things I am learning. I love the video and written text you provide. Thank you! And Happy Rez Day!

  235. Maddie Wyatt says:

    Hi Berry!!!

    Ok, My name is Maddie Wyatt. i do have a bento head and it is LAQ’S LuLu!!! I LOOOOVE HERR!!! I feel she really personifies me! :)


  236. wieke audeburgh says:

    happy rezday Berry:)

    My name is Wieke Audeburgh, and yes i own a few Bento heads, at the moment i have to say my favourite head is the Vista Zoe, but it is a close call with Lelutka Simone!

  237. Hello my name is Elbe Lisle (Elberouge) in world. I don’t own a bento head but would quite love to. Thanks for your great work and happy rezday.

  238. LovelyKity says:

    Hello! Happy Rez Day!

    1. LovelyKity
    2. I have one bento head named Catwa Catya. It looks great i like it but it was a gift so and to be honest this head is not exactly what i wanted to get.. I find Lelutka’s bento heads more elegant so If i win i will buy Lelutka Bento Head :3

  239. meu nome e Hellenitah e sim possua uma cabeça catwa. Parabens e vitoria a vc

  240. Lolabella Despres says:

    What is your full Second Life username? Lolabella Despres
    Do you already own a bento head? No I don’t…I’ve attempted a few DEMO’s but I get so confused and I’ve only had a mesh body for maybe 2.5yrs now, yes I’m a diehard/stubborn to change LoL! TY for your blog and I would happily take any suggestions on a head type :) xx

  241. I’m Jae Villa.

    I currently own a few bento heads but I’m falling in love with Catwa Skell.

  242. Big congrats on reaching your 11th Rez day! I’m such a fetus compared to you (not even 2 years old on SL yet), which is why I always look forward to watching your videos and hearing your thoughts on different topics. You are a wonderful part of the SL community and I hope you stay for many years to come. My SL username is TheUnprofessionals. I already own a Bento head (Catwa Lona) and I love it, so for me I could use the Lindens to purchase other great products. Sorry for the terribly long comment, haha! Cheers to you

  243. Mellyn Llewellyn says:

    Happy Rez Day!! Thank you for all you e done for the SL community, truly. I’m Mellyn Llewelyn. My current favorite head is Catwa Steffi.

  244. Katerina Caedmon says:

    name – Katerina Caedmon
    I have not bento head yet cuz I not so far time ago return to Sl, it is all new for me

  245. luckiiCharmed says:

    Happy rez day 11 years strong. I have been following your blog for my 5 years. I appreciate all you do and its always great to see what you are going to show next. I own Catwa Catya which is my main choice. I also own vista Zoe head and a few others.For me its fun to change my avatar look when i blog so i dont get bored thats the beauty of sl shopping.
    I’m luckiicharmed.resident btw ♥

  246. Denise Fonner says:

    Happy 11th Rez Day! I will be celebrating my 12th Rez Day this year and it really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long!

    Ysera Nyanda

    I do own a couple of mesh heads but I can honestly say I haven’t found one yet that is quite to my tastes and haven’t found one that I can tweak into just the right shape I want yet. I have been using Lelutka’s Simone and I did try one of the LOGO heads, but I keep trying to see if I can get just what I’m looking for.

  247. kari velvetleaf says:

    Hi Strawberry :-)
    Happy 11th rezzday! I’m sure I join with many others to say how grateful we are for everything that you do for the rest of us in our secondlife world.

    My inworld name is Kari Velvetleaf.

    I’m probably the ONLY one in here who doesn’t wear a MESH head, let alone a BENTO head, lol. I DID pick up the LAQ Christmas bento head for 500L, but I can’t seem to feel comfortable in it, so I don’t wear it. I’ve had the same LAQ skin for over 7 years now, though. I’ve been trying on bento demos more frequently, but can’t seem to make that jump into looking ….different. Soon, though, I’m sure.


    I do not have bento head yet. Both Catwa and Lelutka are great. I also like several appliers. Undecided.


  249. […] Link To: Strawberry’s SL Yearbook Challenge & 11th Rezz Year! […]

  250. Lunablanca Voom says:

    It seems that I may be older than you but just by a couple of months. My Rez Day is February 21 2007.

    My SL name is: Lunablanca Voom

    I own three heads, LAQ, Lelutka, and Vista. I use my Lelutka the most because I have more appliers for and feel the most “me” with it but I would love to own a Catwa head because I have even MORE appliers for that particular head, and I saw the head named after you which I would LOVE for it to be my first Catwa bento head.

  251. Trage Cline says:

    SL Name: Trage Cline

    Wearing a Vista Head

  252. Sofea Aleesa says:

    SL Name : S0F34

    Yes , I do own bento heads and my favourite is Catwa Lona because it’s so pretty and can be either cute and sexy and the same time <3

  253. Happy 11 Rez Day :)
    1. Vega Erin
    2. I have the Lelutka Bento Men Head and I love it.

  254. HazelleBrown says:

    HazelleBrown Residents I have the catwa catya head

  255. SL Name: Sabina Melnik
    I do have a bento head – right now I’m wearing Catwa – Catya, but I’m always on the lookout for new!

  256. HazelleBrown Resident. I have then Catwa Catya head and also the Vista Dianne, The Catya Is my go to head to versatility and the mouth of options and make up available.

  257. Colleen Dempsey says:

    My Second Life name is Lilly Lalonde I have been in Second Life almost 12 years. I do not have a bento head yet

  258. My username is Faharis. I wear Lelutka Bianca head and I love it but I wouldn’t mind to try others :P

    much love,
    Kaia <3

  259. Tumble Fall says:

    SL name
    – Tumble Fall
    Yes I have a few Catwa bento heads my favorite is Pink!
    Congrats on 11yrs!

  260. Nightshade Kimono says:

    I have both Catwa Catya & Lona….I LOVE BENTO and the Lona truly suits my look, although I am tempted to add Lelutka, possibly May, to add variety to my blogging.

    Happy Rezday Berry, you have been a great influence in SL & social media sites and truly admire you & your work.

  261. Elsiaah resident says:

    Congrats in your rezday. So many Avis and changes.

    1. Elsiaah resident
    2. Bento no. Just free altamura
    I like uma and lilly and the other with big eyes.

  262. Tiara Joy Ashley says:

    SL Name: Macedonio Ashley

    I have a classic catwa head Jessica

    Happy Rezzday!

  263. Yokoyo Mochi says:

    SL Name: Yokoyoshe

    I have old catwa mesh head

  264. Happy Rez Day!
    Misty Crystal
    I have one bento head. Catwa Catya.

  265. Beth O'Connell says:

    Beth Ghostraven, don’t have a Bento head, no preference :o)

  266. Taykyn Resident says:

    What is your full Second Life username?
    Taykyn Resident
    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?
    I have several lol. Catwa Catya is my favorite =)

  267. mamazita1 resident
    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite? Yes u do have a bento head Kim and catya live them both but use more catya

  268. Misty McConach says:

    What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)
    Misty McConach

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?
    Yes a few Catwa heads but Kathy is my favorite

  269. Star Vordun says:

    Happy Rez day! I’m about to celebrate my 9th this December. I have the Catwa Catya head, but have been dying to try a lelutka, there’s so many pretty skins/shapes out there for them.

    SL Name: Star Vordun

  270. Tracy Vanderpoole says:

    Tracy Vanderpoole and I have Catwa Catya but am a shopaholic! Congrats on your rezz day, wow a long time

  271. Annabella Benedict says:

    What is your full Second Life username?

    Annabella Benedict

    Do you already own a bento head? Yes I do

    If so, which one is your favorite?

    I have 2 favourite bento heads from Catwa and they are Catya/Lona.

  272. My name is Prisqua Newall
    My only Bento head is Catya by Catwa.

  273. Kenllix Escher says:

    Wow!! 11 years old that’s a lot for sure. Congrats!

    Now your questions:

    What is your full Second Life username? Kenllix Resident

    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?
    Yes, Lelutka. I’m loving the last ones of Catwa. Btw ones is called Strawberry squeeee

  274. What is your full Second Life username? Gwendolyn Beverly
    Do you already own a bento head? If so, which one is your favorite?
    Yes I use the Catwa Catya head because I find it to be very versatile.

  275. Happy Rez Day

    My Name is KatieStarz
    I do have a bento head its LeLutka Simone

  276. Ava Delaney says:

    Name: AvaDelaney Resident
    I don’t own a bento head (or even mesh body)

    Hope you had a good rezday!

  277. Dolcetentazione13 says:

    I own Catya head, but if I win I want to buy maybe another head of catwa or maybe lekutka, I love catwa but I only have one head :/. Congrats strawberry I always see you videos❤

  278. Ganymedes Costagravas says:

    Happy Rezzers Berry!

    My name = Ganymedes Costagravas

    I don’t have a Bento mesh head (mine’s from back when every designer tried their own).
    I’d probably have a very hard time trying to choose between Akeruka, LeLutka or GA.EG.

  279. jade Serenity says:

    Happy Rez Day!!
    My name is Myst Serenity and I do not own a bento head but will if I win!

  280. Agneskate Martinek says:

    Happy Rez Day!
    1. Agneskate Martinek
    2. I have Catwa head but I would love to buy some new one. :D

  281. A big thank to everyone for entering, for the well wishes on my rezday, and for the continuous support of my blogging adventures. It’s so amazing to be a part of such a loving and supportive community. <3

    I have used the Random Pick Giveaway Winner Plugin to randomly choose the winner of the L$5000. When it gives me the winner’s name it also gives me their email address beside it, so the part that I blacked out in the images is their email addresses. The winner is:
    Elissiana Caproni -

    Congratulations! I will be sending you the L$5000 inworld shortly.

    Thanks to everyone that entered, have a wonderful day! <3

  282. Congrats, Elissiana!!

  283. Decode Ashdene says:

    Congrats, Elissiana!!

  284. Kenllix Escher says:

    congrats Eli!!

  285. Kaya Varriale says:

    Happy Rezday Strawberry!

    Name: Kaya Varriale

    Bento Head: i wanted to have my ME bento head by my 10 year anniversary Rezday in Sept. 2017, but that day came and knowing there was an update in the works, i decided to wait. Now my RL birthday passed on the 8th and i still do not have the head i want. i have LAQ Neve to play with, but if i need to go around, i am usually headless. :D

    There are cute ones, but the ME one is probably Lelutka so far. Simone, depending on the skin… i create my own shape.

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