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Do you offer Personal Styling Services in Second Life?

Do you offer Personal Styling Services in Second Life?

My readers and youtube subscribers often reach out to me and ask me if I would assist them in styling their avatar. They also offer to pay me to assist them. As much as I would like to help everyone out, if I started to do that, I wouldn’t be able to use my Second Life time to blog and create videos. I just don’t have the time to do it. My apologies about that.

Since this is an almost daily question I receive, I’m wondering, do YOU offer personal styling services? If you do, please leave your information in the comments of this blog post so I can refer people to this post from now on. When leaving a comment, I would love it if you could possibly link to a portfolio of your styled avatars (your flickr, etc…) and also if you have a page with your pricing on it. This way people can see all of the details before reaching out to you.

Just so you know, when people ask me to help them with styling their avatar, majority of the time they are asking me to help them purchase a complete look with mesh body, mesh head, skin, hair, and any clothing and accessories.

Another question I often get asked is if I offer photography services. I no longer do that. However, on my Photography page, I have a list of Photographers, Vloggers and Graphic Artists that are offering these services. If you are not already on my list and offer any of these services, please feel free to leave your details in the comments of that page.

I’ve also posted a picture to my Instagram:

Stylin #SecondLife #VirtualReality #VirtualWorld #StrawberrySingh

A post shared by Strawberry Singh (@strawberrysinghvr) on

And I’ve also vlogged this post, watch it on my YouTube channel:

Hopefully this will help everyone get the services they are looking for. Thank you!

Just a reminder, on May 9th it will be my 11th rezday and in celebration of that I am having an advertising sale on my blog and will be answering questions for an Ask Me Anything that day. Details in my post: Celebrating 15 Years of Second Life & AMA.

My Style Credits:
Shape: Vista-Zoe Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: VISTA BENTO HEAD ZOE V.1 by Vista Barnes
*Skin Applier: Insol Anna by AlMercury (Uber)
*Eyes Applier: Avi-Glam Dramatic Eyes by Kendra Parfort (Season Story)
*Hair: [elikatira] Maren by Elikapeka Tiramisu (Group Gift at FaMESHed)
*Dress: Jeune by Rowne.Nika Bodice Dress by Fashionboi Landar
*Rings: CHAIN – Flash Ring Set by MazyChain
*Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Dharma by Leti Hax
*Necklace+Earrings: Cae :: Arden by Caelan Hancroft (FaMESHed)
*AO+Pose: VISTA ANIMATIONS *HUD 5.33*ZOE by Vista Barnes
*Background: Stealthic x Toksik – The Off-Stage Gacha (Epiphany)


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

39 thoughts on “Do you offer Personal Styling Services in Second Life?

  • Kendall Izumi (Freya Cromwell)

    I’ve always been interested in personal styling. Prices would vary but they can always contact me in world (hollowbloods resident) for prices varying on how much they want done to their avatar. I’ll leave you my blog and Flickr link which also has my contact info.

  • I do, I however can only accept 1/2 customers only on weekends.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Boby De Velure

    Hello, my name is Boby De Velure.First of all, whole SL platform in general,should be thankful,because they have someone like you.I guarantee a lot people came in SL because of you,without fear of loseing themselfe in whole virtual world, because You explain everything in your blogs and vlogs.
    Well, about the subject, i had experience with helping people about styling avatars, and i would like to help.I am not 24|7 online, but if someone is interested, we can negotiate.
    This is link of my Flickr account,so all interested people can check it : Thank you 🙂

  • Hi my name Is Ivy Rae and I love to help people get started in SL!

    I’m pretty lenient with my rates, its usually usually around L$500 to L$1k depending on what the person can afford, i do anything from helping you find stores for skins, eyes, hair etc, to if you are willing you tell me what you are looking to and are willing, I personally will get on the account you want made over and do the shopping for you, while you are on my account so I can get input if you like the products I try on

    If you are interested please feel free to contact me in-world through either:
    Ivylarae Resident
    Tessreil Resident
    Please make sure you tell me you found me on this blog post

    Here’s my flickr!:

  • I’m always available to help out with mesh bodies and mesh heads. I only have experience with two mesh heads; the Logo heads and the Catwa Bento heads. I also have experience with the Maitreya Lara body and the Belleza bodies.

    I don’t charge anything, I just enjoy researching and helping out.

    Gwendolyn Beverly

  • Hello Strawberry. I perform both photography and styling services. I have worked with both men and women in creating a new look for their avatar. For men, I have used Signature, Aesthetic, Slink, Adam, Evo and more. When working with female bodies, I have used Maitreya, Belleza, Slink, and more. In terms of heads, I have worked with Catwa, Lelutka, LAQ and many others. I have assisted residents with skins, shapes, eyebrows, eyes and appliers, clothing, AOs and other elements that are important to creating an overall look. Sometimes, people want me to just take over their avatar and remake it for them. I have done this several times, and other times, I walk them through it, introduce them to stores, and help them learn to work the various huds that come with their purchases. Most of the time, I am assisting someone with the transition from classic to mesh, but sometimes they are already mesh, and just want a few tweaks. Either way, some personalized attention can help. My Flickr includes some of my photography, and a few of the different looks I have created. I will create a blog with some before and afters and some pricing if you decide to include me in your recommendations. Thanks much! You do awesome work! You can find my Flickr at:

  • Hi! I’m Rayna. I’m a blogger and photographer in Second Life. I have a huge passion for fashion, mesh and avatar customisation. I’ve got a good knowledge of the mesh suppliers across the grid, including their pros and cons, and I like to think I can cater to most people. I have a special interest in fantasy avatars, although I also love to create gorgeous humans! I also have experience in styling both men and women. My prices will vary depending on what is required by the client, but feel free to message me in world (matronicon Resident) and we can discuss whatever you need! Please take a peek at my Flickr, to see just a few of the looks I have created.

    Thank you in advance and I hope to hear from you soon!

  • Puts hand up
    I’m 1zzy, happy to help with avatar builds and photography. Here’s my FlickR of looks I’ve created.

    The photos you see are results of LAQ and Catya Head with Maitreya bodies. I recommend Eternal or Ele & Lui for specific shapes to go with the heads to get the desired face.

    Kindest Regards


  • Hello!
    I’m Eivin, I currently up to do some photographys ervices and also Graphic desing, logos, banner, anything for store or business.

    Hope I can do a work folder soon but here I’ve some phothos of my store products and another ones. For more desing info you can contact me for info and rates trought:

    Eivin resident

  • I didn’t know this could be a paid thing! I love shopping in sl, i used to blog as well. Ive redesigned most of my alts over the years, and because of your blog i still try to keep up with the latest of fashion even tho i dont really blog anymore. Over my years tho i have done lots of research and have helped a few people get a grasp on how much a full make over from noobie look to mesh would cost them with Real life dollers into Linden dollers. I have gotten some feedback when helping them realize the pricing for how much a complete look costs, and then i take them to the places i shop like fameshed , C88, kustom9,Mens only monthly,The Mens department…exc…walking them though on how to get into those groups so they can shop easier on there own. If youd like to refer some client to me id be willing to help! Here is my old flikr: with pics of my avatars and they can IM me inworld Ryuni Helstein and id be happy to give them a NC with my prices!Here is my old blog:

  • I do. I create customized bento shapes, real life recreations of avatars based on people’s photos, celebrity avatars, style consulting, personal shopping and mesh body adjustments.

    I left a link to my MP store so that you can see some of the work I’ve done in the past. Mostly on the Catwa Catya and Lelutka Simone heads. I have experience working with both male and female avatars.

  • ryantailor resident

    Hello, my name is RyanTailor Resident and im in secondlife since over 8 years.I have experience in styling avatar and it depend on what you like and how many time and ofc money you can invest. I make a complete offer to this people who have an idea in there mind but dont know how to realize this, also i can create a unique shape for you. My Styling Service for you can be from cassual to avant garde and much more. If you like to know what you need to pay for this i can say only: Pay me what you think is a good price for this service and im sure we come together because for me its fun and i like to help.

  • Thank you Strawberry Singh for this awesome post 😀 If anyone would like styling services and in need of help updating their avatar in terms of mesh bodies and/or heads I am available. I am EMONDE Resident inworld. Prices are negotiable depending on what the person is in need of 🙂


  • Exxxquisite Magic

    I do offer avatar styling. Please drop a NC on me (Exxxquisite Magic) in SL. I’ve been doing this for years and I do have refs if needed.

  • dawnpaige Resident

    Yes I do offer a personal assistant

  • Hi Berry 🙂

    I will do personal styling – Price negotiable , and of course they pay for all the items. I prefer if my clients provide a photo of what they would like to look like …. Along with their personal style — for example, Fantasy? Cutsie? Classic Female, Classic Male, and right down to BDSM princesses/Daddy’s. Of course I’d also require the budget they have to work with.

    I only do human avatars at this time as I’m not familiar with Neko, or Furries. I have 1 male avatar (speaking of which he needs a makeover!!) and a few female avatars of various looks.

    I don’t advertise all of my looks – but am willing to show them in person should they wish to look at a few.

    My blog:
    My Flickr:

    Again, price is negotiable, depending on how “particular” they are. The more time it takes me to tweak, search, shop for them or with them, the more they will pay.

    I prefer them to have basic knowledge of second life. (Know how to walk, fly, teleport, take off , put on, use of huds etc etc)

    Thanks for the post!! (I must get into fameshed to get that gift hair — gorgeous!!)

  • I would love to help someone get going with clothes, mesh body, etc etc! Even if it’s to get a make over done! I LOVE shopping and doing photography on SL! Here’s my Flickr you can see all my styles from cute, to goth, to even mermaid! Prices, basically whatever you feel you want to pay me. If I have to do the shopping obviously I want the items covered I’m buying, but as for my time and what not, I love doing this kind of stuff so it’ll honestly be whatever you want to pay me. Plus I could always use some friends in SL and others who want to go shopping with me!

  • Hello, my name is Sholeh Nyn. I do offer personal styling services and honestly, I do it for the fun and enjoyment of it. I love second life and the creativity that can flow through it. I assist people in discovering their own personal style and finding ways to express themselves through their avatar. I have explored my own avatar in various ways that can be seen on my flickr. I have mastered recreating a specific look from RL, such as trying to look like someone in particular to making a completely unique and fun look.

  • moonieratty resident

    I’d love to help people with styling. That actually sounds like a lot of fun. I have experience dressing both men and women (though obviously I’m more experienced with dressing women). I work and have a fairly random and sometimes busy schedule but I’m totally willing to help people out if I can though I don’t think I’d expect to have them pay me a fee (because I can’t promise speedy delivery depending on my schedule haha). I’ve been using mesh bodies since they came out (I still own a wowmeh body) so I’m willing to teach people how to use appliers, set up the mesh body, ETC. I’ve taught and setup mesh bodies for both women and men. Here’s my flicker which has images of me and my male alt going back to…well since I first joined haha. I also was the winner of the first episode of dressed to impress (though honestly, everyone looked lovely in that competition!). Sooo uh…yeah…if you have questions feel free to ask. I’m mainly on either moonieratty resident or madeline blackbart as my avatar (yeah I like to dress my avatar so much I couldn’t confine it to one avatar lol.) so if you have questions or need help hit me up! ^_^

  • Toxxic Rhiannyr is an amazing graphic designer she has a web page and in world shop displaying her work…would highly recommend her x

  • Mistery1979

    Soy voggler y en mi canal de youtube subo videos de tiendas para compartir sobre sl , tambien con regalos free, desde mi andadura en sl me han solicitado hacer estilisimos y ayudar a cambiar el avatar de clasico a malla y busqueda de estilismos .No tengo precios trabajo con propinas.No tengo problema ninguno en ayudarte pero como no dispongo de mucho tiempo me viene bien la propina. No tengo problema para atenderos en ingles pero tambien hablo español.Si necesitas que cambien tu avatar de clasico a mesh, o quieres un cambio de look, evento (boda,ceremonias clanes) y necesitas un estilismo.Para ponerse en contacto conmigo en sl:


  • River Anwyl

    I offer professional styling services since 2011. Recently, i’ve also started to offer styling classes. The service is available for all genders, and i charge a hourly fee.


    Contact me inworld for rates. Hugs!

    River Anwyl

  • I pride myself on knowing what is available in the market when it comes to mesh bodies, heads and avatar accessories of all types. I keep well abreast of the latest trends in fashion for both men and women. I am happy to consult with anyone to help them find what they are looking for, navigating the maze of Second Life shopping options. My goal is always both to make sure people look how they want, and also to make sure that they come away with a better understanding of how the new items they have work.

    I am well recognized for both my avatar knowledge and general Second Life knowledge through my You Tube channel and the in-world groups I moderate. I don’t currently charge a specific rate for my services. All services are negotiable.

  • Hi, i´m Ash;
    I am helping people lately, to achieve an appropriate style for each one depending on their qualities, and of course that is what they are looking for, I am also doing many photos, editing them for different people of the environment, who wants a style assistant, contact me in my SL Ashley0303

  • Hello everybody!

    Actually I do offering styling service, from mesh bodies, mesh heads, to skin, hair, shapes, clothes… The full package to look divine.

    As a stylist in real life, I know how to understand and help people to find their own style.

    Please find below my flickr account:

    As a blogger account, it helps me to showcase my sponsor, but it not reflects what I did with my previous clients.

    You can contact me inworld : NicolaBCole Resident. Don’t hesitate to send me a notecard to explain me what you are looking for and I’ll be glad to help.

    See you soon guys!


  • eleanorjean

    Creating an avatar can be anything from a very personal experience to just wanting to look your best but having no time to do the footwork. I can help you create your avatar, but we would need to begin by having a conversation around what you want. If you want to have a male or female make-over, contact me and we can see if I can help you achieve your goals.
    EleanorJean (Resident)
    I wish they would bring back last names 🙁

  • The Makeover Agency


    The Makeover Agency is the main and only Agency that is specialized in styling services, from mesh bodies to mesh heads, skin, hair, shapes and clothes. With a team of specialized and adult consultants, we adjust our prices to your budget and give you the best experience ever. As an opening gift, we offer a portrait shoot to every client during Summer.

    We are currently in talks with shops owners to set collaborations and ideas to make this work better and offer you more 🙂

    If you wish to book with us, please drop by the ‘The Makeover Agency’ offices (easy to find in search), or contact inworld Sarahbeths Resident.

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  • Hello! My name is Dayana Better known like Marciana or XxMarz (Sl name), I’m Vlogger and amateur Photographer in Second Life. I have a HispanoAmerican Channel in Youtube named TheNameOfMars, now with partners i opened Helping Hand Agency with Mistery79 (She is other Vlogger from Youtube) and two more members of our family. We do services with Spanish speakers and English speakers.
    We bring three different services:

    1. Total or Partial Makeover: We recomend mesh heads, mesh bodies, skins etc to the costumers and we help them to make a total of partial change of the avatars.

    2.Problems with the avi: We help to solve problems with the mesh bodies or glitch with the clothes to the people who don’t have knowledge to fix it alone.

    3.Style Help: We recomend clothes,accesories, shoes of the style that the costumer prefers and hasn’t found in her/his searches. We help too if the costumber don’t find a certain clothes for a specific event or if the costumers want a recomendation of point stores.

    We charge for tips but the costumers of the first and third option they should have lindens to buy the things that they want.

    Here you can find us:



    SL Group: secondlife:///app/group/59d2a3a2-48f0-6fca-8364-a66ee52943f0/about


    We opened this week the Agency place but we were working before cause the place was in construction. I hope people like it and visit the place some time!

    I’m a fan of yours, i love your videos and you are one of my inspirations that made me realize this project together with my partners.

    Pye Pye!

  • Ryuni Helstein

    I used to be a fashion blogger. i love helping people with there makeovers. Im still in a blogger vlogger group too even tho i dont do my own styling blog anymore. Im always up to date with the latest of mesh products out there. If anyone would like to see my note card for my styling service IM Ryuni Helstein

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  • I’m always interested in personal styling ^__^ my price is 400L$ – 1kL$ depend on time and how much
    that person can give but whoever want can contact me inworld – mimibot resident
    i will leave my flickr link

  • I’m always interested in personal styling ^__^ my price is 400L$ – 1kL$ depend on time and how much
    that person can give but whoever want can contact me inworld – mimibot resident

    My Flickr link –

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