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TMP Male & Female Mesh Bodies on Sale

TMP Male & Female Mesh Bodies on Sale

I’ve had at least 20 people contact me to ask me if I would blog about this, so here I go! The Shops has put both their female and male The Mesh Project (TMP) bodies and non-bento heads on sale for only L$500 each, that includes the hands and feet. There are other things for sale as well, which I will go into detail in my video.

I did ask the livehelp at The Shops how long this sale was going on for, or if this was going to be the permanent price now, and the livehelp there said that it was a temporary sale from what they were told. I do not know how long this sale will last so if you want to pick this stuff up, go soon!

I wanted to show you guys how you can pick up these items and use their extremely confusing HUDs, so I took my ALT down there to pick up the female body and show you what’s available for sale and for free.

Watch my video on YouTube:

Some information I want to share:

  • The Shops SLurl
  • The Shops Website & Social Media Accounts:
  • Here is some of the pricing of the items there currently:
    • Male & Female mesh bodies are L$500 each
    • Male and Female non-bento mesh heads are L$500 each
    • Skins for the male and female non-bento heads are L$500 each
    • All cosmetics are 50% off
    • All clothing and shoes in their body shop are FREE

All that being said, I do want to add that I absolutely do not recommend that you pick up the TMP body as your main body because I find their HUD system to be very confusing and not many designers create items for these bodies. If you want to update an old ALT to all mesh, then sure, going this route will work, but aside from that, I do not recommend it.

What I’m wearing in the picture:
TMP Mesh Body – L$500
TMP Mesh Head – L$500
TMP Skin – L$500
TMP Eyebrows – L$250
Jewelry, Purse and Gown all free from TMP
All clothing, shoes and accessories are completely free

What my ALT was wearing in the video before changing:
Shape: Zara Shape by Strawberry Singh
Skin: –Glam Affair – Rose – Desert Rose 01 F by Aida Ewing
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Forest Green) by Arkesh Baral
Hair: ::Exile:: Crazy in Love:Drift by Kavar Cleanslate
Clothing: Zaara Chandni Lehenga by Zaara Kohime
Jewelry: Zaara Ayanna earrings & nosering by Zaara Kohime
Bangles: Zaara Nizam by Zaara Kohime
AO: ORACUL-Math Teacher AO by daiz Papp


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

37 thoughts on “TMP Male & Female Mesh Bodies on Sale

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  • Annabella Benedict

    You need to purchase the eyebrows, from the store.

    Thanks to you I was able to work out how to navigate the store. I couldn’t even do that when I first went there exploring mesh bodies. I gave up at the entrance. Once you explained the how the hud works I then was able to work out how it all works. I have no idea how I am understanding how the hud works, but I do.

    My alt is now kitted out in mesh and looks pretty good.

  • Drake1 Nightfire

    Gotta be honest here.. I’m a bit pissed off after having paid 10K for the set a few months ago, having very little clothing for it and now seeing it sold for 1/10th the cost..
    If they decide to leave SL, the bodies will no longer be able to change skins, or applier clothing as it is all done on their servers outside SL. The male av is just enough differently aligned that non TMP mesh clothing wont fit. The body is not Omega compatable. The store is horrible and blindingly white. Their hud purchase system does NOT let you take any left over money back out, which is how i have 135L on it which i cant get back. All in all… BAD MESH, don’t buy.

  • This sale is *ONLY* a good deal if you had already picked up the free version of the TMP mesh avatar body (male or female) before they discontinued them, and you now want to take advantage of all the free clothing and shoes that they offer. All the TMP clothing fits the old free avatar body without the need for alphas, which is nice, since the free body doesn’t have any alphas. Note that the old free TMP female mesh avatar only has flat feet so don’t bother buying any female shoes with high heels, they won’t work.

    As Strawberry says, the shopping HUD experience is confusing and a real pain to use. There are no fatpacks; you have to buy each individual colour of a dress one by one, which can take a lot of time (even if it is now free). Having to buy your store credits ahead of time before you can buy anything means that you usually have unused credits left over.

    The TMP male or female mesh avatar body is not worth the L$500, even with all the clothes for free. As people have mentioned in other forums, if TMP ever shuts down their shop completely, you will be unable to change the skin colour on your body or the textures on your clothing. Some have said that this is last-minute cash grab by the company before they shut their doors for good. Buyer beware!

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  • Thank you all for the comments, I definitely appreciate them and echo all of you. I have never liked TMP’s working model and I feel like their HUD is an absolute nuisance, it’s why I haven’t properly blogged them before. I just blogged it this time because SO many people were asking me if I was going to, so I did, but I did write that I do not recommend them. After that, people can decide for themselves, but it’s definitely good for them to see comments like these from you guys, because you have more experience dealing with them for sure, so thank you for the feedback!

  • Raven Cove

    feel like I have to say something. I hear rumors TMP is going to soon disappear. I think they pretty well deserve too. Do you know why there are not more appliers for the bodies and never will be? Because they make you jump through hoop after hoop waste you time applying for their appliers and permission to work on their crappy glitchy bodies then ignore your existance. I am a internationally known tattooist for 33 years and they totally blew me off. Not even a e-mail to say sorry you are not good enough to work on our poop. I wasted my time which BTW … IS MONEY.I think it is seriously because then the market is cornered by them and their friends. GREEDY GUTS. If you waste your money on these I guarantee you will not be happy. They were not even good for free. And my friends they were for free at one time.The tattoos actually flash off and on the layers don’t work well as Strawberry said the huds are confusing and the alpha do NOT make sense. If you want to set up an alt better hope you do not want tattoos and clothing. There is ABSOLUTELY NO customer service you are on your own from the get. If hearing all this doesn’t deter you from making a big mistake then good luck !

  • Vicky Coronet

    major complaint is that you can not buy unless you add to your shopping account…and how do you do that? shakes head

  • Karynmaria

    I remember getting the cheapie version of the body when it first come out and yes I did go out and buy the 500L one and one of the heads However I bought it with the expectation that it could be gone off the grid at anytime. Despite the huds I have always liked the shape of this body and the fact I can change the size of the feet.

    But like another poster stated buyer beware. As with anything I buy in SL I always ask myself before buying “will I be upset if it is gone tom”?

  • Even for 500 L$, TMP heads aren’t bento, I’d rather wait for a sale (there were some in the past months) and get a good one.
    The body doesn’t have bento hands. Of course it isn’t the only body like that, but given the different positioning of the wrists and no compatibility options, you can’t even replace them with bento hands from a third party creator (Vista, SLink, or whatever). For the same reason it isn’t easy to fit tops that aren’t specifically designed for TMP, unless it’s something sleeveless.
    At least TMP hands (and their feet too) are fitted mesh, so you can resize them like legacy hands (and feet). Unlike bento, they can’t be animated, but you can choose different poses.
    Then there is the HUD and the servers outside SL, as other people said.

    Apart from the aforementioned issues, the free body wasn’t bad for alts or starters: the skin was good and the neck fader worked very well on legacy system heads, the shape wasn’t bad either and… it was better than having just a legacy avatar.

    However now you can get the 1 L$ version of ABAR eBODY, which has some alpha and it is compatible with more outfits, even various legacy mesh clothes.

  • Ryan Schultz said: “All the TMP clothing fits the old free avatar body without the need for alphas, which is nice, since the free body doesn’t have any alphas. Note that the old free TMP female mesh avatar only has flat feet”

    Yes, you don’t need to set alphas with those clothing, but when you put those on the free body, you can see that some parts of it become transparent automatically. So the free body seems to have the auto-alpha feature at least. However, I know no brand making auto-alpha outfits for TMP, except for TMP themselves.

    Feet: the free female body doesn’t have the higher feet positions indeed, but it is *not* limited to just flat feet. TMP feet have 5 positions and the free ones have 3 positions ranging from flat to mid. So you can grab those mid heel pumps. And given the auto-alpha you can also wear the high-heel boots from the shop. As a last resort, you can remove the feet and wear unrigged ankle boots (not great, but ok for your freebie body).

  • I can only say that I was surprised there was even a sale. Folks have been complaining about TMP for YEARS on the SL forums mostly about absolutely NO support. There are other very good and supported free bodies out there like eBody and altamura (altamura for both guys and gals).

    I also HATED the shopping AND the hud and the fact you had to buy credits (or something like that as I haven’t been there in years) in order to buy anything. The company “died” not long after it came on the scene and while there are still quite a few TMP clothes out there for guys, both eBody and altamura can wear a fair number of clothes designed for other bodies (mostly Maitreya) and both offer better shapes IMHO.

    My personal advice would be to stay FAR FAR AWAY and don’t spend any money. It sounds like a last ditch to get some lindens before officially exiting. As I have said support has been non-existent for ages .


    Well at least you are getting COMMENTS LOL

  • If this is a temporary sale, why don’t they just make this information public? It can only bring them more people to buy the products due to limited time offer. What an interesting answer, *they were told…* I can’t stop laughing, because according to their ads, we’re told for free updates. But the only thing really updating is their shopping hud. so NO, save your own lindens even if they are under 2000LS.

  • Examples of TMP clothes with auto-alpha, that works on the free female body, are the The Boutique “Classic Baggy Pants” and “Classic Boyfriend Jeans”. When you wear them, they hide your legs.

    To be fair, this body had various nice features, beginning with the resizable feet. It’s a pity that they put so much effort in making the HUD stylish rather than usable and all the rest they did. Also I feel the dependency on external servers like a sword of Damocles, so if you have this body, maybe it’s a good idea to make some backup (a few copies of the clothing in different favorite colors, feet in different positions, etc), just in case the HUD stops working.

  • Sue said, “TMP feet have 5 positions and the free ones have 3 positions ranging from flat to mid.” But I have been unable to find any setting for the feet of the formerly free version of the TMP female mesh avatar body, other than flat. Maybe this is something they took away from the free version over time, depending on when you purchased it? I don’t know.

  • Vicky Coronet

    I bought the body for my male Alt and even the skin..which was a scare when I saw no went back and got those and which ended up being a tatoo and not go on the mesh head…any ideas of how to add it to to a mesh TMP head? if not…was a waste to buy the head and eyebrows and skin…lol…

  • I am very worrying once their disppeared and the body no more function on customization. You know the texture are storing on their server, but not Linden’s. They disappear, they unplug the server then those head, body almost rubbish. My advise is having the preparation to throw money into sea. They dont have developer, they may dont have intention to run the business.

  • Ryan, I don’t know, but I know people who purchased the free female version the past Fall and they still had the 3 feet settings. Did you try to click on “Modify”, instead of “Styles”? A sub-menu should appear, where you can set either “Nails” or “Heel Heights”. I know their HUD is a bit like a labyrinth.

  • Another glitch not mentioned is tattoo layer – it bugs out all the time so you need to reset it every login. At high altitudes it forgets alpha layers and blinks or renders body grey for some. Not to mention lack of variety.

    I do like the shape of it and yep owned it until update somehow bugged even copies of old versions and my shape kept resetting every week or so (not file corruption in cache related). TMP clothes actually do fit most bodies and closest is probably Signature. They did release the mesh kit for rigging but none for appliers and it has no Omega as someone said plus not many skins (Tableau Vivant / Glam Affair did loads).

    Still. Looks good naked.

    As for heads – they have two expressions (at least male ones do) one of which is just slightly open mouth. Same issue as body with appliers but they have extra eyebrow / make up / hairbase one).

    (Is it me or eyebrows increased in price? I recall them being 150 per each style and colour)

  • Vista Animations

    We will sell compatible* bento hands from next week.

    *Compatible but not perfect, since we dont have any data from them and had to work on blind mode…

  • David Cartier

    I stopped by The Shops last night. It’s still by far the most confusing, needlessly annoying shopping experience in Second Life. I’m in the position of owning a deluxe TMP body and liking it a lot, so I’m happily taking advantage of this opportunity to get some free clothing. Most of their male clothes are just tacky as hell – mind you, I’m sure there are those who LOVE fuschia velvet trousers – but I still managed to find quite a bit of decently fitting stuff. Right now I’m trying to decide if I want to take advantage of this opportunity to kit out my poor alt accounts with some good looking mesh. There’s currently a lot of speculation about “outside servers” and the long term viability of TMP meshes, but if you load everything you want that needn’t be too much of a concern.

  • I picked up the body for my alt only. I loved one of the heads, but could not get rid of the gap on my neck no matter how I switched the alphas. A pity because I liked the look of the head, but help wasn’t helpful and often busy away.

  • Thank you for putting yourself through the wringer to do this post, Berry. Was looking for a mesh body with bento hands and feet included that doesn’t have peculiar shoulders like Maitreya does, but will just stick with Maitreya until something better comes along.

  • I hope TMP sells the body mesh to a good dev (ie Maitreya). I have Mait now which is closest I’ve seen to TMP but is still off. TMP breasts, butt, hips, rib cage, etc are just .. well .. like perfect. No one makes a body like TMP but then everyone makes a body with way better huds, editable (thru Omega or direct) skins, and one that is just all around dev/user friendly. When a TMP conversation comes up, most are now biased and hate TMP for burning bridges and abandoning the project. They are unable to separate the beautiful body from the rest of the package. The base mesh (simply an array of XYZ coordinates) could have the latest in user friendliness with good huds, IFFFF another dev takes the reins.

  • Vista Animations

    We are trying to contact them for that reason.

    We already own heads, and hands… should be easy to adapt bodies…

    Lets see if it is possible to contact them.

  • sylvia Caggles

    It would be a dream come true if Vista purchased TMP! I have had TMP since day one! I tried the others and the nude TMP cannot be matched yet!
    I use the JIRA to find creators of clothing and accessories. My inventory is chock full of clothing! I do not use applier clothing because of the issue with the hud, but I prefer fitted mesh anyway, so much more realistic. I have thoroughly enjoyed my TMP mesh body and will continue to use it till it totally disappears….LOL!
    I get compliments daily as to the look and detail of my avatar. I will miss TMP if it were to leave. So I hope a creator like Vista would take it over! That would make my SL!

  • Vista Animations

    We contacted them Sylvia, and they told us they dont wanna leave.

    Meanwhile We have made the female bento hands for tmp.

  • Bummer .. they don’t want to leave yet are doing nothing, apparently, except releasing occasional notices on future updates that will never come. Hopefully they will reconsider, honoring their art and letting the mesh live on thru some other, much more active entity, such as Vista.

    Sylvia .. my sentiments exactly …

  • Vista Animations

    I would do a nice offer for it but… we are not in bodies bussines , but that was a good opportunity for us, since we have the hands and heads already.
    Maybe they are planing to update.

  • I see, Vista .. thought your offer was for the bodies but I see it was hands related.

  • Vista Animations

    Nono, we were interested in the body to complement what we already have , hands and head.

  • Hayley

    I don’t know when the News came out but it seems everyone here missed that they plan on launching the body officially, as in coming out of Beta.
    I don’t have many hopes that they considered a different system and more compatibility, if they would tho, that would be a dream, as their mesh body is my absolute favorite looks-wise.

    In the meantime… go check out their pre-launch store, and get a good surprise as they released gorgeous hairs!!!

  • Yes Hailey … Shop’s LiveHelp just told me “I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when the update is out :)” so .. hmmm. Is she being overly optimistic? Paid to look the other way perhaps? A new system would be alright with me .. a dumping of everything (except the beautiful body meshes) and starting fresh. My needs are simple. The ability to dev on a personal level like you can Maitreya (thru fab dev kits and Omega) and the great huds that it has.

    Bento needs currently are covered with Logo Alexis head and Vista hands (prefer them over the Mait hands as they can be textured asynchronously and Mait hud handles them fine). Viable for TMP too. One mesh improvement I would like on TMP female is some curvature on the back of the thigh as it’s so straight when everything else has such nice curves.

    PS: Stopped at Shops for first time in 2 years today. They are selling hair which is well made. All long and most the over breast type. Main store was redesigned but is STILL blindingly white. Predictably, no real change in content.

  • Addendum: Forgot important one. If total change, I hope Shops sets SL to host all the files. None of this off grid server crap …

  • Just to update this thread for historical purposes ..
    Unknown to me until like 2 weeks ago, TMP was updated .. sort of .. to Legacy. I don’t work for Shops so this isn’t sales pitch but it is under their umbrella. TMP update group turned out to be a worthless subscribe as Legacy was never announced and the group IM lights went out 2 years ago.

    Legacy female is a completely new purchase. No credit given from previous TMP female deluxe buy. Males get 1/2 off with previous TMP buy. Many applied items install themselves into Legacy’s Edit hud and look quite good. Proprietary nature of TMP is history now. Legacy is well supported by fab fit meshers and is as easy to dev for as Maitreya is. Huds are fast and logical. Body retains most of the TMP mesh but improves on some areas and is rigged better at the joints (that ugly joint pinching is far less pronounced). Current release state is v1.1. Only flaw in its young life is a tendency for background sparkle to show thru seams of body mesh which they are aware of.

  • There was an offer for females as well as for males, all the same. There are 3 bodies. The old TMP, which you can update to bento for free (if its still available to), and two new bodies, a Classic which in shape and detail is much closer to the old bodies, and came with a discount for old TMP users, and the Legacy, which is the full deal, new mesh, the full galore of new details, and all the shiny stuff. And yes, it is by now widely supported by most creators.
    I now use Belleza and Legacy, happy with both.

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