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#SecondLifeChallenge – Analyze Your Second Life Blog/Vlog!

#SecondLifeChallenge - Analyze Your Second Life Blog/Vlog!

Hello everyone and happy Monday! For this week’s #SecondLifeChallenge, I decided to get you guys to analyze your Second Life blogs or vlogs and I’m giving you a few options to choose from, or you can do them all!

Here are the instructions for the #SecondLifeChallenge this week: Analyze your blog or vlog using at least one of the follow sites and share your results. Don’t forget to leave a link to your answers in the comments! 

  1. – Typealyzer is a tool you can use to analyze the author personality of a blog or any written text.
  2. – Check the market share stats and traffic ranking for your blog and/or compare them with another blogger.
  3. – Social Blade tracks user statistics for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Twitter. Use it to track the statistics for at least one of these networks.

Here are my results:

  1. – Watch my video below to see me doing this live and talking about it more in detail. After I plugged in my blog to the typealyzer, it said that the author of is of the type ESTP, which are the Doers. Here is a link to a screenshot of my results. It has more details about ESTP, which stands for Extroversion, Sensing, Thinking, Perception.
  2. – Watch my video below to see me doing this live and talking about it more in detail. My results are here: and I compared my site to New World Notes.
  3. – Watch my video below to see me doing this live and talking about it more in detail. I used this site to look up my stats for my YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.

I also vlogged this challenge with more details:

Please remember there is no time limit to do this challenge, you can participate in any #SecondLifeChallenge at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years. I’ve also started a #SecondLifeChallenge playlist on my YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading!


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

9 thoughts on “#SecondLifeChallenge – Analyze Your Second Life Blog/Vlog!

  • Hey Berry! I didn’t have enough data for the second two analyzers, but the first one pegged me as “ESFJ – The Socializers”. Interesting!

  • Typealyzer: The author of is of the type ESFP.

    (totally the opposite of me…i think it read my tea leaves wrong lol…i already know my stats on my blog and they low still so didn’t do the other two)

  • Kinda shocked about this whole thing. First the Myers-Briggs test came to a totally different result as usually, which is no wonder. After knowing nothing about me but my blog’s addy they hardly needed a split second to stereotype me. It’s obviosuly a scam to collect as mayn blog addies as possible. Then the other two analyzing things looked so abhorrent to me that I flatout refused to go any further.
    I’m kinda ashamed I took part in this scam in the first place. How naiive of me. 🙁

  •, you can check even the flickr))) funny

  • Orca, really? You’re calling me a scammer for doing this challenge? This challenge has been like all of my other challenges, done for fun. If you feel like I have some sort of agenda behind my challenges, why bother doing them? Especially since you complain about them so often.

    All I did was google blog analysis websites and use the first few that caught my attention. I said all of these are optional and definitely didn’t force anyone to do them.

    I am not affiliated with any of the websites listed and if you had watched the video, you would have seen me enter my own blog address on all of them. Your blog is on the internet, all people have to do is google anything related to your blog and your blog just may pop up. It’s not like you submitted your home address, phone number or even your email address where they can send you spam.

    Anyhow, if you felt like I had some agenda behind this, be assured that I had not. It was like all my other challenges, just for fun.

    Thank you to all others for doing this challenge this week, I appreciate it. I am going to take a break from the challenges for a couple of weeks, or until my irritation about being called a scammer wears off. In the meantime, you can do any of my previous challenges at anytime until I return.

    Thanks again and take care everyone!

  • Second time trying to post…for some odd reason your whole site passed out when I hit enter…haha

    This challenge isn’t a scam. The analyzer takes words and cues from the whole blog, analyzes it in a few seconds and pulls back the result. I got ENFJ – The Givers. Which is spot on for me. I think Orca misunderstood the whole point of the challenge.

    My results:

    ENFJ – The Givers
    The author of is of the type ENFJ.

    The enthusiastic and relational type. They are especially attuned to harmonic relationships between people. They are excellent at making personal connections, but might might be overly sensitive and take things too personally. Being great at sensing what other people need they are often skillful communicators.

    They excel at picking up on the tone of a situation and acting accordingly, adding warmth to a cool setting or turning sour into sweet. ENFJs are fun people, they have a natural talent for party planning and making people feel good. They are straight forward and honest in their communication.

    They enjoy working with people, many projects and clear plans about what needs to be done. What most satisfies them is to help other people reach their full potential. They are often highly productive and organized, but often find themselves overwhelmed or feeling unappreciated.

    Common satisfying careers: Event Coordinator, Editor, Journalist, Social Worker, Teacher, PR Manager, Interpreter, Physical Therapist, Minister, Human Resources and Clergy.

    Notable ENFJs: Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Johann von Goethe, Michael Moore, Oprah Winfrey, Kate Winslet, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Zack de la Rocha and Wedge Antilles.

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