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Magnificent GA.EG Bento Mesh Hipster Stache & Beard

Magnificent GA.EG Bento Mesh Hipster Stache & Beard

Today’s item is a game changer! GA.EG has a new product line called Magnificent and their first release for this new line is a bento hipster stache and beard! There are so many advantages to this bento beard and I will go through each of those in this post and video embedded below, but first here is some information about it:

  • Price:¬†There are several different versions of this beard and all of them are priced at L$480 each and DEMOs are free. Make sure to purchase the version that goes with your favorite bento head. Some of these are experimental rigs so please try the DEMOs before buying to ensure that they will fit your shape.
  • Versions:¬†These versions have currently been announced so far:
  • Color Packs:¬†The beards are sold in three separate color packs:
    • Snow Pack: 3¬†Whites / 3 Salt’n Pepper
    • Sun Pack:¬†3¬†Blonds / 3 Reds
    • Night Pack: 3 Browns / 3 Blacks
  • Features on the HUD:
    • Beard¬†¬†– ON / OFF (hide & show this part)
    • Mustache¬†– ON / OFF¬†(hide & show this part)
    • Smooth¬†– ON / OFF¬†(hide & show fade hair texture on the second overlapped¬†layer )
    • Textures¬†–¬†Click on the texture of your choice to apply it
    • Advanced Material¬†– ON / OFF (Only with Advanced Lighting Model activated)
    • Glossiness¬†Customizable – Max -/+ / None / Reset
    • Detach¬†– Click the cross button on the top right to rapidly detach the HUD.
    • Info¬†–¬†Click the info button to open the web site.
    • Pose¬†– Click this button to put your avatar on “pose”.
  • Animate with Bento Animations:¬†The rigged beards will also animate along with any bento animations the heads come with. I show that in the video using the Catwa Daniel animations HUD.
  • Model your beard using Appearance Sliders:¬†The rigged bento beards can be modeled and changed using the appearance sliders in Second Life, just like you would change your bento head.¬†Here are the main Sections / Sliders that you can play around with to change your beard’s look:
    • CHIN Section:
      • Chin Angle: depth of your beard (side view)
      • Jaw Shape: width of your beard (front view)
      • Chin Depth: front height of your beard (front view and side view)
      • Jaw Angle: back height of your beard (front view and side view)
      • Chin Neck: double chin height below your beard (front view and side view)
    • MOUTH Section:
      • Lip Cleft Depth: height of your mustache (front view)
      • Lip Cleft: width of your mustache (front view)
    • NOSE Section:
      • Nostril Division: height of the root of your mustache under your nose (front view)
      • All other sliders in your shape will also affect your beard but will also make visible changes in the proportions and shape of your face.
  • More information & Customer Service Questions:¬†For more information about this head, please check out the Designer’s blog,¬†flickr or YouTube. If you have any further questions, please check the profile of the designer, her name is¬†ElleEtGance, to see how she prefers to be contacted for customer service questions, as I will not be able to assist you with those.

Now watch my video on YouTube:

The two biggest advantages of this bento beard is how it animates along with bento animations and of course being able to change the look of it using appearance sliders. I have tried so many beards on my male alt over the years and I have never been as satisfied with any of them as I am with this one. Since it is rigged for the Catwa Daniel head, it fit perfectly as soon as I put it on. This is a must have for your hipster avatar looks!

UPDATE:¬†I was informed that there have been bento beards released in the past, so perhaps it’s not a game changer as I stated above, but still pretty cool to me! My apologies for misinforming you guys!

What I’m wearing:
Shape: Daniel Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: [Signature] Gianni  BODY v4.4 by Mona Delpiaz & Raph Dirval
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Daniel v3.0 by Catwa Clip
*Mesh Ears: [MANDALA]SIMPLE_EARS_HUTUU by kikunosuke Eel
*Skin Applier: STRAY DOG ‚Äď JASON ‚Äď TONE 06 by¬†Gac Akina
*Eyes Applier: Avi-Glam Enchanted Eyes РCatwa Applier РPack 2 by Kendra Parfort
*Bento Beard: [MF] Daniel Bento Hipster Stache & Beard Medium РNight by ElleEtGance
*Hair: Stealthic РNarcotic by Stealthic
*Top: etham РChris Sweater by StephenWeiss (Man Cave)
*Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: KING by Leti Hax
*Background: Exposeur РGirl At The Window by RubyStarlight Writer (not sure if still available)


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

10 thoughts on “Magnificent GA.EG Bento Mesh Hipster Stache & Beard

  • Hmmm. Quite tasty … as far as hipsters go. I wish my RL hubby would look as good as your Daniel. ūüėČ And my SL male alt is just a very old Poco Loco freebie bunny since I’d mucked up the male shape. ūüėģ Maybe I should spruce him up with some Bento/Mesh goodness? But then I’m not using him nearly often enough … and I can’t have him looking better than my oldschool sisters and me.

  • I have several heads and bodies by different brands .I pulled out my Daniel head and played with this pack .I agree with you Strawberry this is the most realistic pack of facial here I have every worn in Secondlife, and I cant wait to buy the other releases of this pack when they become available. Thankyou Strawberry for the heads up and review of this product.
    Regards once again to you Strawberry

  • Eric LeFavre

    Very well done. I have the Catwa Shaheen and got this bento beard. Normally, I wear a goatee but I can wear a full beard for awhile. I liked, very much that I can turn that gawd-awful mustache off and then it’s just a plain beard. I am *NO* hipster. I agree that this is a game changer and have been waiting for BENTO BEARDS to come. Here’s to more styles in the future!

  • I have to say as far as WORKING Bento Beards go this IS a game changer. This beard was gifted to me by the designer and I’ve not taken it off since. It’s stunning!

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  • Hellpop Spitteler

    Yes but where did you find those magnificent eyebrows?

  • Thanks for all the comments you guys! <3

    Hellpop, the eyebrows come with the Straydog skin I have listed in my style credits at the end of the post.

  • Floyd Field

    Great beard, great fit but a shame about the lack of ginger tones!

    Fortunately there are not bento alternatives for the new Catwa Daniel

  • Floyd Field

    Sorry that should read “there are NOW bento alternatives for the Catwa Daniel”

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