YouTube Partner Program Changes & Supporting Second Life Vloggers

YouTube Partner Program Changes & Supporting Second Life Vloggers

On Tuesday, January 16th YouTube announced that they were making some changes to their Partner Program. On February 20th, 2018 channels with fewer than 1,000 subs or 4,000 watch hours within the last 12 months, will no longer be able to earn money on YouTube. Not only will they not be able to earn money, but they may also lose access to other features such as end screens, etc… This will of course affect thousands of smaller YouTube content creators across the world, including our own Second Life vloggers.

It will not affect my channel as I do meet this new threshold, but even if I didn’t, it is not a source of income that I depend on. However I know many other Second Life vloggers that have not met this threshold as of yet and are still at the early stages of their channel development. I wanted to reach out and extend my support to them. I know many don’t monetize, but for those that do, it may be a source of income that they were looking forward to. Plus it’s always a nice feeling to be able to earn some money from our hobbies.

Luckily, we as a Second Life community already have our niche on YouTube. If everyone reading this post right now were to create a YouTube account for their Second Life avatar and then subscribed to the Second Life youtubers that are trying to establish their channels, we can help them surpass the threshold while finding interesting content to watch that relates to our interests.

I highly encourage those that are on YouTube and creating content about Second Life (that does not consists of trolling videos or other negative content) please leave the link to your channel in the comments of this post so we can subscribe and watch your videos and support your content. Even if you don’t monetize, we still want to subscribe and help the community grow, so please do share your links.

To those creators on YouTube that this new change does affect, you have my support. I hope you don’t feel disheartened or discouraged from continuing to create Second Life related videos on the platform. It has been such a pleasure watching the Second Life vlogger community grow and flourish in the past couple of years.

So please, share your YouTube channel links in the comments and I’ll make sure to subscribe and watch when I can and I hope my readers do the same. You can also leave your link in the comments of my YouTube video which I am embedding below if you prefer. Thank you and good luck with your channels! <3

UPDATE: Some people have only left their links in the comments of my youtube video, not this blog post, so do click over and check the comments for more people to subscribe to. You can also find more Second Life YouTubers in my Subscriptions List on my channel.

70 thoughts on “YouTube Partner Program Changes & Supporting Second Life Vloggers

  1. Candido Ferraris says:

    Olá, segue meu canal do youtube para apreciação:

  2. Please check out my youtube! Just kind of started but I do this more as a hobby rather than for income :)

  3. Jessicaann Wrigglesworth says:

    I have two one for my store ( It is going to change to Ember ) and I have one account that I can not get into… cant change and can not monetize from however if ppl do subscribe to it maybe it will help Youtube to reconsider .. I don’t know but here are the two links…..

  4. I do occasional videos but plan on more in the near future. I do mostly blog posts and photos at the moment.

  5. Hello, most of time I make some Second Life Music Video :) sometime I add something from real life from Czech Republic :)
    My channel:

  6. Oh hi! I have a small YouTube channel where (when I’m not being lazy) I do unboxings, house tours, find new-to-me stores, ramble about my life, live stream, and sometimes play games badly. My voice is annoying and I sound way too hyper 99% of the time, but I always love to meet new viewers! ♥

  7. I love watching SL content and getting to check out other SL channels. I ramble a lot on my channel about this and that, love to explore and show the everyday SL things. And this is my channel…

  8. Legendary Music says:

    I’m a small content creator who has been around since 2009, and with the new guidelines mind–I’m falling short of the 4,000hrs threshold by 620mins. My channel is not SL related, but you’ll find various software and operating system tutorials that may still help, hardware videos, as well as copyright/royalty free music, that is also free–it’s been my way of giving something back to the community.

  9. that is my Channel I don’t Monetize but support those who do.

  10. Thank you! If I miss anyone, please contact me and I will gladly subscribe to your channel.

  11. Thank you for your support! I’m trying to promote our SL educational community. I haven’t updated much and also have a couple of other stuff but all related to what we do in our SL activities.

  12. SL CHANNEL, I will have more videos in the future


    Thank you Strawberry! You were and Cassie Midles were the ones who inspired to make photography and in the future videos to!

  13. I’m so excited to watch all your content! Here’s a link to my channel!

    and my website is

  14. My youtube channel

    The channel is in Spanish but I made a 2018 trailer that maybe you are interested to see

    Thank you for this valuable information, if you allow me I will make a video in spanish explaining it, in regards to the community in Spanish it would be a real shame because it has grown a lot this year, but we will need all the possible support. Thank you very much!

  15. My YouTube Channel is

    Lately, I’ve created fashion videos, sim visits, and aviation-related videos.

    Thanks Berry!

  16. Just a beginner using freeware that’s available. I subscribed to your youtbe channel a while back. Love your videos!

  17. Great idea Berry! The Mesh Body Addicts Youtube channel is:

    I mostly post tutorials on how to use mesh items and reviews.

    Hugs all

    <3 Daria

  18. Thanks for this, Strawberry! I do have a plan to make more videos this year after I finally settle into a new flat.

  19. I make videos with my sister as bloggers too. We mainly show single items but in the future we plan to make longer videos – events, unboxing stuff :)

  20. I’m not really a blogger; but I livestream lots of meshing videos:

  21. Thanks for sharing this info. I probably wouldn’t of known otherwise!

    I do unboxings, event walkarounds and item showcases on my channel if anyone is interested :) Also have some other stuff planned soon!

  22. Naria Panthar says:

    I do all kind of fun stuff, exploring, fifty linden fridays, unboxings, free stuff you can get at events, noob adventures …etc

  23. Unfortunately, it is not only the new channels that got this warning. I got one too.
    I use to rely on my RL channel but, due to illness, I have not been able to keep up with it, so I added my SL channel, and I was fine with only receiving 100$ every 3 or 4 months because that at least is something.
    Now because I am not super active, or know how to market my SL channel, I am going to be removed.
    It’s actually not a fair thing especially when they unmonetized videos at random.
    I mean, sure our videos will not be great for someone looking for a new car, or a tutorial on how to change a light bulb (yes, I have seen those) but, that is why we have categories.
    I am a Second Life vlogger, and so, I choose Second Life, under gaming. People in second life will benefit from my videos.
    YouTube sensors for some reason try to tell me constantly that my videos on mesh bodies, or information about new dances, or idk random second life politics do not meet the requirement because it doesn’t reach all the people of youtube.
    So it is not just the new channels.
    I will help out by subscribing. I just hope that we can all work together and fix it before it’s too late.

  24. Sorry, I meant to say, it is not only the new channels that are in danger of losing the monetized option. I would have just edited my comment but, I don’t see an option to do so.

  25. My Youtube Channel is dedicated to Art in Second Life® and Sansar®. If you like, you can follow me at this link:
    Thank you ♥

  26. this is my channel :-


  27. We will return the inscriptions, so we will all have growth.

  28. thank you very much for this nice idea. to be honest with you I am very heart broken about the new changes. I know I am making my channel only as a hobby – but being able to earn some money with it, even if it would just be 70 Euro a year would be a great deal for me, because I do not have a lot of income in rl at the moment because of health issues. An other reason why I am very sad is: this year would be the first time I would have been able to cash out something.. but I wont be able to I think. I have in total earned about 67 Euro with the channel, the threshold to be able to payout here in germany is 70 euro, that means that I have only 3 euro missing to be able pay out, but because january is the weakest month when it comes to ad revenue I dont think that I will be able to get the aditional 3 euro, unless I would hit the 1000 subscriber mark, which I dont think will happen anytime soon. But I still will continue doing videos, because I think it is just a fun thing to do

    anyways .. thank you again for this. It was to be honest, an honor to see my channel name in your video. keep up the good work strawberry :) here is the link to my channel

  29. Thank you for covering all the good info… I’m not monetized but don’t want to see anyone lose out on expected income. Here’s my link and I’ll be subscribing to those I find here:

    This is my channel, I upload videos of hunts, gifts, events, discounts, help, etc. I try to put them in English and Spanish.
    Thanks for the support Berry, you are the best, kisses!!

  31. I’m still learning about youtube and making videos, even just recording silent things but I will still put it here in case anyone wishes to follow the fun riveting journey that is ‘newbie kuma learning to record things’

  32. Thank you for your support Berry,
    My channel is mainly posting videos of our SL dance shows.

  33. Support your local bloggers/Vloggers! <3 <3 Let's help each other! Love!!

  34. Gelishe Blaylock says:

    Thank you so much for the support… You´re awesome! Mi little channel

  35. […] post YouTube Partner Program Changes & Supporting Second Life Vloggers by Strawberry Singh appeared first on […]

  36. Sharing my channel
    Shout out if I’ve not subscribed to you. It’s actually amazing the concept this has created as I’ve discivered channels I never knew existed

  37. moonieratty resident says:

    Oh nice another way youtube can give unfair advantages to popular scum like Logan Paul. Keep it classy youtube. Keep it classy.

  38. I currently only have speed paints on my channel as I am a photographer in SL. However, I am in the planning stage of turning my channel into a mix of SL vlogging, photography tips, and more.

  39. I don’t monetize, of course, as I primary use copyrighted songs in my vids. But I think this is also maybe leading to a bigger purge – getting rid of the little people or maybe even a subscription fee for a basic account . Youtube (Google) is a corporate behemoth now, and its only focus is on profit and shareholders. We will see what happens.

    My you tube channel:

  40. I like showcase what is in subscription boxes at the moment. I do not limit myself as to what I do but do try to do one monthly. Currently love doing the Boundbox reveal and Powder Packs. I plan on expanding my interests in Vlogging. I do not monetize but its fun thinking someone may appreciate my videos and the effort I put in …trust me there is effort …..LOTS OF EDITING hahaha. Good Luck to all and I do watch Secondlife videos which really blow my mind as I see the talented people of Secondlife really grow and shine! Thank you for giving us a united place to share Strawberry!!

  41. Well, Here is my crazy channel. Thank you StrawBerry Much!

  42. Engelsstaub Resident says:

    Strawberry you are amazing! Its amazing to see all these comments and links so we can share and subscribe eachothers channels to grow our community. I totally love the idea.
    before i go watching videos and channels here is my channel:


    First virtual band to premeire a real song in Second Life.

  44. It’s becoming impossible for my channel to beat that goal of 4000 hours in a year. The target of 1000 subscribers is close to knocking. It’s being demotivating. I keep thinking about stopping.
    For those who have not yet signed up, my channel is:
    I will be immensely grateful and I will certainly subscribe to your channel as well.

    Está se tornando impossível para meu canal bater essa meta de 4000 horas em um ano. A meta de 1000 inscritos está até perto de bater. Está sendo desmotivante. Eu fico pensando até em parar.
    Para quem ainda não se inscreveu, meu canal é:
    Ficarei imensamente grato e certamente irei me inscrever no seu canal também.

  45. STARVED Magic says:

    i do not have a youtube channel but i do subscribe to alot. i am not happy with the way youtube works. with the logan paul suicide forest video they let it run until he took it down himself. but many of the ones that i watch which has good content they monitize it to the point that the person loses views and money…i am glad i am not making youtube videos…..i wish all of you good luck in yours…

  46. Janet Pumpkinspice says:
  47. Thank you @StrawberrySingh for giving us creators a chance to share our youtube channels on your youtube channel and your blog, it means a great deal to me at a time like this when all my hard work could be for nothing come the 20th of February, I never got a notification or anything from this about it, everything is just hear say or what I’m reading on google or what I’m learning from your video here that you’ve left, I noticed that I cannot find the message that you shared a screenshot of with in my channel or registered email at all and I don’t know why, like if I wasn’t paying attention I wouldn’t know any of this because youtube has not contacted me about this as far as I can see. I’m going to leave my youtube channel link here and on your blog and once again thank you for your support in the youtube and secondlife community, it means so much to an artist and musician like myself. <3 Artists, Music Lovers, Secondlife Community please visit me at my youtube channel, and like/sub/share and leave a comment below on any ideas for songs or videos you would like me to share/create <3 Highly Evolved <3

  48. Hi friends! Maddie Wyatt here. I do have a youtube channel where surprisingly it has been steadily growing. If you aren’t aware of it, here is the channel link;

    Please excuse the way it looks as I am in the middle of figuring how to make it look better and be more noticiable to the youtube algorhythms. Thank you so much and Thank you to the lovely and most gracious Strawberry Singh. I LOVE YOU BERRY!!!!

  49. Hi there, I have only managed to stumble through one video but plan on more (where I read from a script lol) in future ♥

  50. Hello Strawberry! thanks for the opportunity..!
    my channel:
    Im’ not interestedi monetize but in sharing wour works and experiences!

  51. Strawberry, thank you so much for support and your videos ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ Here is my channel :
    I just started but will make more videos in the nearest future

  52. Jesse Bernard says:

    Not sure if anyone would check it out but I run a podcast called the IX Podcast every Sunday at 8pm EST where I discuss about everything that is happening to the Second Life and IMVU communities as well as given my opinions on many issues relating to both followed by updates, news, announcements etc. Hope you all check it out and subscribe if you like. :)

  53. I will be subscribing to everyone’s channel. I have a small youtube channel as well:

    I sincerely appreciate any help that I can get. One of my biggest problems is that I tried to create unboxing videos that give all of the necessary information in as little time as I could. The money that I did make from videos all went into buying more boxes…

  54. In my spare time I like to make videos…
    I had a little break but I’m doing it again. Thanks for the support Berry<3

  55. Hello friends of the community. I want to thank everyone who came on my channel and signed up, I mean I went to each one of you and signed up as well. But it was not enough for me to reach 1,000 subscribers, I’m close but I did not reach. The fight is tough but we will continue. Who has not yet signed up, let’s “give” us a little help.

  56. My channel for beginners in Spanish I try to create good quality material :)for new players and also share about free fashion. I hope I can become more experience by the time pass. I’m really fond with SL for all the amazing things I’ve learnt so far :) hope to continue learning from you too! Thanks for the support.

  57. Hi,
    I have read your article. I liked it very much. I have benefited from this article. You have discussed the topic here very well. I think you understand better about this. If you discuss more detail about this topic, then it would have been better. Hope you will write more about this and post this site. We’ll wait for your new thing. Thanks…

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