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Powder Pack Changes + Giveaway!

Powder Pack Giveaway!

As you may already know, Powder Pack is a monthly subscription box which consists of 12 cosmetics appliers for Catwa or LeLutka heads. Starting in the new year, Powder Pack has made some changes to their subscription box schedule. Going forward, they will only have one Powder Pack each month, released on the 17th, and both Catwa and LeLutka boxes will be alternating each month. This month, January, will be the LeLutka box and then February will be the Catwa box.

Although I will miss getting goodies twice a month, I think this schedule will be more cost effective for those that purchase both boxes each month, and will give the designers more time to create. There has also been a slight pricing update so here is the new schedule and pricing:

  • 1st – 16th of the month Powder Pack reservations available for L$1,500
  • 17th of the month Powder Pack Released – Available to purchase for 24 hours only at L$2,500
  • 18th onward available for L$3,500

You can purchase Powder Pack from the Powder Pack headquarters or their marketplace store.

Please note that I am just a blogger that blogs the items, so any questions you may have about Powder Pack should be directed to the Powder Pack team. You can get in touch with them by using the contact form on the Powder Pack website.

To celebrate this change, the Powder Pack team has very generously donated one Powder Pack LeLutka this month for one of my readers, so I am having another Powder Pack giveaway!

In order to enter this giveaway, please answer the following two questions in the comments of this post:

  1. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)
  2. What would you like to see more of in future Powder Packs?

I will announce the winner on Monday, January 15th at 12pm SLT. I will use the Pick Giveaway Winner wordpress plugin to randomly choose the winner. I will then announce the winner’s name in the comments of this post and their name will be added to the Powder Pack subscription list by the Powder Pack team and they will automatically be sent the Powder Pack LeLutka on January 17th. Good luck to everyone that enters!


While we’re on the topic of subscription boxes, I noticed that Luxe Box has had a change in pricing and number of designers as well. I am not sure if this will be the case from now on as I haven’t seen an official announcement about it and on their FAQ page it still says the Luxe Box is L$1500, but for the month of January the Luxe Box is L$1000 and 8 designers are participating. I’m thinking it may be on a special discount this month so if you’ve never tried Luxe Box before, this may be a good time to try it out. You can check out all of my previous Luxe Box unboxings in my Luxe Box category.

I also vlogged this post:

Happy unboxing everyone and good luck on the giveaway!

My Style Credits:
Shape: Simone Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0 by JadenArt
*Skin+Eyes+Cosmetics: Powder Pack LeLutka November 2017
*Hair: Exile:: Slow Dancing by Kavar Cleanslate (C88)
*Gown: BUENO-Night Dress- L-Crimson by buenosl (C88)
*Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Gautama by Leti Hax
*Necklace: :::NOIR::: Edith by noirstore
*Background: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA RAMA Display RARE by Faullon


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

122 thoughts on “Powder Pack Changes + Giveaway!

  • Gorgeous photo, ‘Berry!

  • Elyseon

    Username: Essie Quinzet
    I actually like the powder packs as they are now , they’re very cute ❤️

  • Julie Marcus

    User name: juliemarcus
    I would love to see more customization things, like face shadows, eyebags, nose shadows, so you can create a unique face. Thanks for the giveaway <3

  • Pleasur

    Username: Pleasur

    I would love to see more fantasy costume makeup to use in Photos. Maybe some fantasy skins once in a while too. Overall the package is great.

  • Piper Rey


    I’d really like to see more beauty marks/etc! More freckles, beauty moles, laugh lines, things that give the face more character!

  • Londians

    Username: Londians
    I would wanna see more natural makeup colors *Thanks for giveaway <3

  • Trin Rage

    User Name : Trin Rage
    I have actually never subscribed so I have no idea what I would like to see in them. Maybe lashes, I have a hard time finding the right ones!

  • Username: isparkl

    I would like to see more face tattoos added with eye makeup and more neon colors 😀

  • chericolette

    Love’n your ‘big hair’ look today.

  • Bobbie Faulds

    Bobbie Faulds
    Lipsticks, eyeshadow

  • Uccello Poultry
    Makeups for fantasy skins (blue, green, red, etc). Most everything is for Caucasians and other common “human” skins.

  • – Shaedynlee Resident
    – I’d love to see more LeLu hairbases but not the tattoo layer ones (I use the layers for freckles and blush or combos)

    Otherwise I love the packs just as they’ve been, I haven’t missed one yet, they’re my favourite part of the month!

  • Xmara Lundquist

    o Xmara Lundquist
    o Would love to see shaved hairbases with designs and subtle eye shadows.

  • Desiree

    Desiree Debruyere
    would love to see more natural eyeshadow and lipstick packs

  • Blythe Grayman

    Blythe Grayman

    I’m not sure what has been offered in the past as I’ve only purchased a couple of packs, but I do enjoy dramatic looks without being too “far out”.

  • 1. my name is Poisonmagnifico
    2. I would love to see more lashes added to the powderpacks

  • Sparrow Tuqiri
    I would love to see hairbases for Catwa and or Omega. I would also love to see LAQ /Omega appliers.

  • Shawndiva Caramel

    I would LOVE to see more ethnic skins in the powder packs. Some boxes were a lot of skins however they were not geared toward darker tones. I would love it if they had those options.

  • Tishi Kozlov

    Tishi Kozlov

    More unique eyelash appliers.

  • Lyda Mynx

    Lyda Mynx
    I would love to see more lashes and blush in the powder pack.

  • My in world name is. Serenidade29
    I would love to try it for the first time never had a chance, to buy it, but for what i see, i would like to see some diferent shadows more day to day basis, and things that could change more the face not only lipsticks and shadows, but shades, like dimples

    Thanks for the opportunity

  • Secret Rage

    I’d like to see some skins that are out of the ordinary…like maybe elf, sci-fi,fairy,demoness,tattooed and others- after subscribing for a year I have a lot of “normal”- not that they aren’t gorgeous but would like to see something new 🙂

  • Arialle Dufaux

    Arialle Dufaux

    I would like to see at least one new brand every month so that Powder Pack can truly be a ‘showcase’ of what the creators of SL have to offer.

  • MeileenPrincess

    What would you like to see more of in future Powder Packs?

    I think it will be very interesting to have more appliers for the roleplayers on the grid as PowderPack offers lots of makeups to wear on special occasions or for daily use. Maybe having a themed box each month will help with the creativity.

    Appliers such as scars or skin details, special make up and such is a good idea.

  • Owl Dragonash
    What would you like to see more of in future Powder Packs?
    Tribal tattoos and make ups, face paint

    Love the Black & white photo!

  • Athaliah

    Athaliah Opus
    Neutral eyeshadow and eyes, to give off the air of a professional business lady and with a few of the current instragram crazy trends too.

  • Lunablanca Voom

    Lunablanca Voom

    I have bought two Powder Packs so far and I have been pretty happy with them. I would love to have the body appliers that match the face skin appliers because not all designers or hardly any have included them.

  • Teibbel

    USERNAME: Teibbel Resident

    I always love more skins in the Power Packs

  • SL Name: Tremere Ember

    I just like natural makeup. I like matte and glossy lipsticks. If we are talking fantasy skins, I would like any makeup that would fit with a mermaid look. I’d like to win, as I never win anything, ever, lol.

  • DejaVuRain

    1: My SL name is DejaVuRain Resident.
    2: I would love to see more natural every day skins. Hairbases and more Lashes designs would be awesome 🙂

  • Figmnt

    Sl name figmntofimaginaton resident
    What i’d like to see… i do like the box as is honestly 🙂

  • Chavonne McAuley

    SL name: Chavonne McAuley
    I’d like to see unique skin tones not found in the creators stores.

  • SL name: unicornsandrainbowss
    I would like to see more natural everyday make up rather than elaborate eye shadows and lipsticks. Natural looking skin tones. And if a designer gives a skin I would like it in more than one tone. It would also be nice to have a theme each month..
    Honestly I love the powder pack.

  • Alexis Koba

    SL name: Alexis Koba
    I would like to see more hairbases and blushes for our faces.

  • Mira Bellflower

    SL Name: Mira Bellflower

    I would love to see more soft and natural shades, not quite so heavy I like a few maybe heavy looking lipssticks and eyeshadows but it’d be nice to have a more natural and softer looking pallette.

  • Freyja Nemeth

    SL name: Freyja Nemeth
    I know these boxes are focused on either Catwa or LeLutka, but I’d love it if designers also included omega versions. I don’t think there is enough of a market for an Omega box, but as an add-on with the existing boxes it would increase the market.

  • Username: JarJarMinx
    A: Realistic eyes & chapped lips

  • Ivyana Szondi
    Contours for the nose and forehead. Also razor cheekbone contours.

  • Jung Jiyul

    Username: Jiyulie Resident

    I’m using Catwa, but I also love the LAQ and Altamura head which I love. So I hope Powder Pack will include some for those heads too. I bought a powder pack and I love it. Hope to see some different themes and maybe an occasional Asian pack for people who what to be as close to RL as possible. Hehehe

  • danielatutuianu I love Catwa so i hope Powder Pack willi include mor makeup.

  • kellybarbs

    I would love to see more neutral colors in the packs, some of the shadows/lipsticks are too Over the top and I never wear them, I love warm tones with hints of gold in them 🙂

  • Cynthia

    1. LonelySu

    2. I would love to see more makeup,eyes appliers and skins <3

  • Ticha 31
    Ihave bought all the Lelutka poder pack so far, and as a skin addict, i loved having many and would love to see more in the future, also hairbases that apply on the hairbase layer would be great. Thank you for the giveaway ♥

  • Alexandra Melune

    1. What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)

    Alexandra Melune

    2. What would you like to see more of in future Powder Packs?

    Less skins, more makeup – there’s a lot of people in SL that don’t change their skins constantly, so getting a box that is jam packed full of skins always feels like a waste to me :/

  • Conny Bonetto

    1. Conny Bonetto (using Lelutka chloe Head)
    2. I would love to see more gothic and vampire make ups

  • Sketala

    1) Sl name – Sketala
    2) I would like to see more realistic skins and lipstick

  • Επιστήμη Σταυρου

    in world name is – DarkUnicorN
    more skintones….and eyeshadows!!!

  • Nyara

    Nyara Squeegee – I would love to see more eye brow options, face tattoos, and more omega appliers!

  • Keyli

    keyliikkin resident

    I’d like to see more soft-angled (sometimes called seductive, I think?) shaped eyebrows for my Lelutka head.

  • Kyra msarko

    Kyra Msarko softer lipstick that has the clef a not just the duck lips

  • EleanorJean

    EleanorJean Resident

    There are not many hairbase options out there for Lelutka heads, so having a variety of different ‘parts’ and small hairs around the edge of the hairbase would be nice. Also having a HUD with just a wide variety of eyeliners would also be appreciated.

    I know it’s hard for creators to do items for all the available mesh heads, but it would be nice to encourage them to include maybe the two or three most popular in the pack. Or maybe even encourage creators to pair up with another creator that does the other type of head and do the same item in one offering? If that happened then they could go to one subscription box with items that contain multiple HUDs from collaborating creators Just a thought.

  • Ri13 resident

    Ri13 resident thank you for this giveaway and it would be great to see powderpacks for fiore and other heads♥♥♥

  • celestial3

    1. celestial3 Resident

    2. I would love to see a wider selection of eyebrows and moles for LeLutka mesh heads.

  • I would like to see more eyelashes, eyebrows, skin, shape, with body appliers, but here is a thought…hair and hair acessories, nails, piercings, earrings, poses for me “make-up” my avatar lol…anything you can put on your head essentially LOL. Thank you for the chance to win and add my thoughts.

  • Ada Forwzy

    1. Ada Forwzy
    2. I like artistic eyeshadows with lots of curls, patterns, hairbases would be nice addition as I can hardly find new, different, good looking hairbases. Tatooes (for example tribal ones) ! Dumplings!
    Some “natural make-up” would be nice too 🙂

  • Reniece Shippe

    Reniece Shippe

    More Skins in Dark Shades

  • Sylo Dragovar

    Sylo Dragovar

    I’d love to see more natural looks. But also very bold eyeliners. I think eyeliners make for great statement looks and sort of set your outfit or look if you want something for a picture.

  • aAlliAa


    I would love to see a unicorn inspired powderpack for spring. something soft and lovely in pinks with crystals maybe.

  • Zayla Malisa

    1. zaylamalisa
    2. As I’m not the kind that change the skin often, I would like to see more and more makeup. Also some freckles, beauty marks, face contours/highlights and hairbases.

  • Isleen

    1. IsleenE Resident

    2. Would really love to see face tattoos and fantasy makeup

  • 1> Amanda Dallin

    2> I would love to see more tattoos and natural looking makeup… and freckles and .. and.. I want it all!

  • Jovana Rajovic

    1.Username: AubreyShadows1
    2.I would like more Lelutka shadows and eyelashes…

  • Winter Littlething

    I would like to see more that offer an omega applier option for those who sometimes wear heads that are neither LeLutka or Catwa

    Winter Littlething

  • Pamela Saunders

    1. Pamela Saunders

    2. Would love to see more Lelutka eyeshadows and eyelashes!

  • id: aureru
    I would like to see more face tattoos and hairbases

  • LovelyKity

    1. LovelyKity

    2. I would love to see more nude skins, eyes, beauty marks and freckles

  • Username: Eris Ventris
    Eyebrows, hairbases, beauty marketing.

  • Holly Golightly

    1. I would love to see more of those beautiful skins.

    2. Bento nails, we have not had any of those. if we can have nails with ring sets attached that would be so sweet!. 🙂

  • Eivin

    What is your full Second Life username?
    Eivin Resident

    What would you like to see more of in future Powder Packs?
    Some nails and goth makeup, or event life more colorful like fantasy theme.

  • kim123


    i would love to see more natural looking makeup or something that looks glowy or dewy. some natural looking appliers such as beauty marks, freckles would be awesome. highlights and contours would also be nice. kisses berry!

  • Bruna Hausenback

    1. brunathegirl
    2. I would like to see more hairbases,contours for the head and eyeshadows.

  • AnneAlyce Maertens

    AnneAlyce Maertens

    It’s been a while since I purchased a Powder Pack. I’d really like to see more Omega appliers in both of the LeLutka and Catwa packs. When the makeup is only for LeLutka or Catwa it limits my use of the makeup on the mesh heads I have that are not LeLutka or Catwa.

  • Skye Ashley Renee Martian-Aries Ruso

    I’m just like everyone here I would love to see more customization items, like face shadows, eyebags, nose shadows, so you can create a unique face that’s yours and only yours! Not only that thought I would love to see more fantasy in it as well as freckles, beauty marks, laugh lines and etc! Thank you for the give away berry!

  • Brinlea

    Brinlea Resident
    I would like to see more eyelashes. Thanks.

  • Mia Marvel


    I would like to see more designers for Lelutka and neutral eyeshadow

  • MysticRose1

    🙂 Mysticrose1 – I’d love to see more brow options and then some avant garde type looks on occasion.

  • Niki Cole

    Dear Strawberry,

    Keep going the good work.

    I would like to see more highlighters, eyes and skins with body applier.
    Revoul would be a great add 🙂

  • Arwen Clarity

    Arwen Clarity……and I would love to see more lashes, eyebrows and fantasy makeups (example, streaking tears or war paint types).

  • 1. Raven Page
    2. I really love Powder Pack. I would like there to be a central way to report if something is broken. I would also like to see them send a message when something goes wrong and when their is an update is available, so we don’t have to keep downloading the bad one over and over again. It’s been difficult to get the creators to return messages if you do report something is amiss. 🙂

  • tabbithajane resident

    SL User Name: tabbithajane

    I would love for the wonderful Powder Packs to just keep-a-coming. But I do understand the need for the designers to have time to grow enough passion to create. The poor things probably work their fingers to the bone some months. If I could have one wish it would be to see more finger and toenail appliers mixed into the Powder Packs, maybe that match our makeups? But the Packs have been excellent, so I have no real complaints.

  • Exxxquisite

    My SL name is Exxxquisite Magic
    I would like to see more hairbases, brows and fantasy skins.

  • Perina McGinnis – Would love more eyeshadows! Maybe skins from lesser known brands

  • iNaomibubbles, and I guess I would love to see more darker skins the in pack. I probably bought the powder pack once and thought that more ethnic looking avatars didn’t have much of an options (personally, please no one get mad at this comment, just my opinion).

  • lilaskyheart

    lilaskyheart Resident
    I would love to see more vintage (1960s in [particular!)

  • Hi Berry, Great Info as always. thank you ♥

    Shari Cortes

    I would like to see some gothic colours once in a while please

  • Dianapaola Renard

    I’d love to try on makeup for halloween, and see couple os tutorials too. How about a contest for the girl with the best look?

  • Lawrencecraft

    I would like to see more eyes tattoo for those who make roleplay like me

  • Doubleskinn


    I wanna see more make up choices in variety

  • Madamebutterly

    Seeing more face customization related things would be great!

  • Christine stephens

    I would like to see maybe some jewelry

  • Adelinax

    Seeing more lipsticks 🙂

  • 1.My user name is Faharis

    2.I would love to see more eyeshadows, eyes and eyelashes

  • Paige Matwes

    Hello, I love to watch your videos. These inspire me a lot and I can create great looks. Thumbs up for this great channel.

    1) My Username: Paige Matwes
    2) i would like to see more about eyeshadows and lipstick appliers

  • Stoffwechsel

    1) Stoffwechsel Resident
    2) eye lashes & dark eyeshadows

  • Dorothy Skola

    Dordei is username and I like to see makeup appliers

  • Dorothy Skola

    Username is Dordei.
    I like to see more makeup please.

  • Dorothy Skola

    I’m sorry I post two times for mistake how I remove one?

  • SerenaTsukino Resident

    Username: SerenaTsukino Resident
    I’d love to see more contour/highlight, beauty marks, eyebrows and hairbases.

  • ZsaZsaZahira

    Zsazsazahira Resident – I would love to see more natural everyday skins and makeup, and more hairbases and lashes

  • Aurelia


    I would like to see more hairbases, tattoo, and natural makeup. But so far, they already killing it!

  • Rayna Fairport

    I would love to see more neons and holographic eyeshadows in future PPs. I looooove going crazy with my eye makeup, I find it just enhances any look. My SL name is Rayna Fairport (matronicon Resident). Hope you’re well and thank you for the giveaway, Strawberry! Hugs!

  • Anaida

    1. My SL username: SweetMadchen218
    2. I would love to see more highlighters, beauty marks, freckles, hair base and skins with body applier

  • Kenllix Escher

    1) Kenllix Resident.

    2) Birthmarks, Liners and lashes

  • My username is Zebedeen Resident. I like to see more natural lipstick.

  • Gabie Meads

    Gabie Meads
    I would like to see moree eyeliners in different colors.

  • foxxiehunie

    foxxiehunie Resident
    More Asian make up or appliers

  • Desiree Loxely

    Username:. Desiree Loxely

  • luckiicharmed.resident

    luckiicharmed. resident

    I have enjoyed the powder pack boxes. I would love to see more eyelashes, eyeliners, and glossier lipsticks

  • Username: Roudoudou Hirons

    I would love to see glossier lipsticks and fantasy skins
    Thank you very much 🙂

  • Username : Vanessa Ampan
    Love the powder pack 😀
    More asian style for makeup will be great!

    Thank you ♥

  • Arkaddia

    Username : Arkaddia

    I would like to see more skins. Because I know the skins that given in powder pack were so great and worthed to have 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway <3

  • Joanna

    1 – demeraragirl
    2- I would like to see more customization items and natural makeup.

  • Maria Eugenia Ivani


    Eyes because there’s plenty for catwa but not for lelutka


  • 1.What is your full Second Life username? (not display name)
    2.What would you like to see more of in future Powder Packs?
    *More soft like skins.. Most of what I see is, skins with heavy contours..
    *Asian skins please
    *Natural Eyebrows

  • Kytara Warblood

    I love seeing smokey eye shadows and cat like eyeliner. Some more unique hair bases are needed.

  • Thank you so much for entering everyone! I have used the Random Pick Giveaway Winner Plugin to choose the winner. When it gives me the winner’s name it also gives me their email address beside it so that part that I blacked out in the images is their email addresses. This is the winner of the January edition of Powder Pack LeLutka:

    foxxiehunie –

    Congratulations, hope you enjoy the Powder Pack!

    Thanks to everyone that entered, hopefully I’ll have another giveaway some time soon. If you haven’t ordered the January edition of Powder Pack as of yet, it comes out in two days, January 17th, so make sure to order yours before then.
    It’s available on marketplace:
    as well as the Powder Pack headquarters!

    Happy unboxing everyone! <3

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