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Freebies in the Sansar Store + Atlas Hopping Scavenger Hunt!

Freebies in the Sansar Store

It’s been a while since I last blogged about Sansar so I thought I would do a quick update. If you are not aware, Linden Lab’s new virtual world (which is NOT replacing Second Life) went into public beta back in July, check out my Introduction to Sansar blog post for all the details on how to sign up, download it and get started. Since then I’ve been visiting every week to do a weekly show with Draxtor Despres called Atlas Hopping. It’s been a lot of fun for me as it reminds me of when I first joined Second Life and was just discovering it and learning more about it. I also love interacting with the community that is currently there because they are mostly mature and talented people that are there to create and get to know other talented creators. No one is trying to troll me or get into my pants, which is quite refreshing and I am learning so much from them all.

Since Sansar is still in public beta, there is not a lot for a non-creator like me to do there except for explore and possibly change up my avatar a bit. Last month they had a fashion release so I’ve been logging in more often and picking up some great freebies from the Sansar store. I decided to do a quick video to show you guys some of the freebies and promote the talented designers that have so generously put up the freebies in their stores already. Watch my freebies video on YouTube:

Check out the Sansar Store at this link:
and to get to the freebies, click on “explore” then “wearables” and then sort by “Price (low to high)”

These are some of the creators giving out freebies that I mentioned in the video:

If you haven’t had a chance to join or download Sansar as of yet and go explore, feel free to join us every Saturday at 11am PST for Atlas Hopping. Draxtor and I usually explore a few experiences each week. This week however is a special Scavenger Hunt edition. Debi Baskerville has very generously created some Team Pink and Team Green shirts for us that you can pick up for free in her store. Then you can join us Saturday, January 6th at 11am PST and go on the hunt with us. I will be Team Pink and Draxtor will be Team Green. We will split up in teams and go hunting for items at the White Out experience by Debi Baskerville. For more information on this Scavenger Hunt and how you can participate with us, check out Ryan’s detailed blog post about it.

I will also be live streaming this on my YouTube channel so you can watch it at the following link:

A few other things I wanted to make note of about Sansar:

  • Avatar Update: Rumor has it that there is an avatar update coming soon, not sure when and not sure what the update will entail but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more attractive and versatile base avatars!
  • Sansar is on Discord: The official Sansar public Discord server was created back in September and since then many of the creators have been sharing all kinds of tips and tricks there. If you are interested in creating in Sansar, getting to know the community there and you are on Discord, join the server! If you are not familiar with Discord, check out my Discord Tutorial.
  • Sansar Creator Tips Wiki: This is an unofficial wiki made by a creator in Sansar to help other Sansar creators. You can read more about who is behind it and why on Ryan’s blog.
  • How to Report Bugs in SansarThis is another gem I saw on Ryan’s Sansar News Blog. If you are interested in learning more about Sansar, you should definitely be following his blog!
  • 2077 VR Experience by C3rb3rusC3rb3rus is a creator in Sansar that has designed some amazing experiences. Saturday, January 6th he is launching his new urban science fiction experience called 2077. Check out the embedded video below and visit the experience when you get the chance.

In closing I will add an obligatory disclaimer as these are questions I answer with every new Sansar post. No, Second Life is not closing and no, Sansar will not replace Second Life. I am also not leaving Second Life, it is my first love and I have no intention of leaving it any time soon. I’m just having some fun in Sansar, join me if you like! <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

5 thoughts on “Freebies in the Sansar Store + Atlas Hopping Scavenger Hunt!

  • Thank you for the very kind mentions of my blog and my store on your blog, Strawberry! Looking forward to the Scavenger Hunt today 🙂 See you in Sansar!

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  • Dykoda Desmoulins

    Unfortunately, I was unable to access the experience ‘2077’ on the tour, and with all the trouble I was having with crashing, I decided to move on. I had a blast with the scavenger hunt (between crashes hehe), thanks for sharing with us!

  • I don’t know how popular Sansar will be; I’m a gamer, and I don’t like VR, in fact, many gamers don’t (at least those that I have spoken to online). The computer demands are another issue, as Dykoda mentioned, crashes, lag, etc. Second Life is bad enough as it is even for high-performance computers. Still, the sim or “experience” is interesting. I have no interest in Sansar, but great job on the design!

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