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Berry’s 2017 Mesh Body Parts Survey

Berry’s 2017 Mesh Body Parts Survey

Around this time last year I did a mesh body parts survey asking people which mesh bodies and heads they owned and were currently using. I am going to try to make this an annual survey so every December I will ask similar questions to see what people are currently using. My reasons for doing this is because so often I see designers wondering which bodies and heads to focus on, which ones customers own and which ones they have never heard of before and would like to add to their list of parts they design for.

I am assuming that majority of the people that read my blog own at least a few mesh bodies and a variety of mesh heads so this time my questions are going to differ. This year I am not asking which ones you own and currently use most often, but my question is which ones do you PREFER to use.

The following questions will revolve around human adult avatars only, multiple selections are allowed and if I missed any brands in the polls, please add them in the “other” section and I will add them to the poll if applicable.

Since there are so many mesh heads by the same designers, my questions for mesh heads will be based on brands and not specific heads.

Once you have made your selections in the polls, please take a moment to answer the following question, in detail, in the comments of this post:

Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

I hope you guys are able to answer the polls and then the question in the comments. I’m looking forward to reading your responses. Please also take a moment to share this post on your social media and with your family and friends in Second Life so we can get a wide variety of answers.

Thank you for reading and happy holidays!

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone that has participated in this survey so far. I want to just make a few statements because of things people have brought up.

I am not a designer, I am just a blogger that blogs a wide variety of bodies and heads. I have no interest in setting up a fake poll. I don’t earn any extra money from doing that.

The polls count one vote per IP address. So even if you vote more than once, it will only count one of your votes per IP address. I shared this poll on my blog and my social networks. I did not approach any body or head designers and ask them to share them in any of their groups. If some of them did that, that is their choice, I never asked anyone to do that.

I did this poll as a public service and tried to keep it as neutral and as inclusive as possible.

Thank you again for participating, I appreciate it.

My Style Credits:
Shape: Catya 2 Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Catya v3.0 by Catwa Clip
*Eyes: Avi-Glam Jordin Set Eyes by Kendra Parfort (Powder Pack)
*Skin: Amara Beauty Hanna Skin by Shantia Soulstar (Powder Pack)
*Lipstick: Avi-Glam Jordin Set Lipstick by Kendra Parfort (Powder Pack)
*Mesh Ears: [MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season5 by kikunosuke Eel
*Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Gia hair by M4ri1yn Magic (Kustom9)
*Dress: erratic / chiara – dress by Erratic Rain (c88)
*Ring: Zaara : Kasita finger-harness by Zaara Kohime
*Pose: GingerFish Poses – Groove Baby by Tracy Redangel
*Background: Mesh India Dual Background by Karthikeyan Engineer


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

231 thoughts on “Berry’s 2017 Mesh Body Parts Survey

  • Olyvya Constantine

    I prefer my vista head to Catwa, but since there are so few appliers for it, I’m still using my Catwa head. I liked the matreiya body, but prefer my slink hourglass because it’s more natural looking for me.

  • Boots Shamrock

    Great survey

  • Amelie Marcoud

    I use Bento Lelutka Simone head and Maitreya. The HUDS are simple and the bento heads for Lelutka have really nice facial animations, which is really important for me when creating machinimas.

  • -Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why?
    Catwa Catya, it’s the most similar in shapes to my old system face and i was able to make it similar to how i used to look before meshes where a thing. It’s also the one i found easier to work with, sliders are very responsive unlike others i’ve demoed.
    As for mesh body, i switch back and forth between Maitreya Lara and Belleza Freya. The first one was my first mesh body, i like it and it’s easy to find stuff for it, while Freya is the one with the best anatomy and proportion, curvy and very beautifull.
    I also own the Slink Hourglass, but i can’t really use it anymore, i don’t like its cartoony anatomy.

    -Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?
    As of now, no. I’m happy this way.

  • I currently use Maitreya Lara. It has a lovely shape and an easy to use, versatile hud. I use Catwa Sofia mesh head. It is easy to modify the shape and apply skins and makeup. And it is “me”. I love it!

  • Moana Exonar

    I use Maitreya and a Catwa head, although I do dabble around with a Genesis Lab head as well but sadly the eyes on the Genesis Lab head are not quite right to my liking.

  • Lyda Mynx

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Lelutka Bento Simone head and Maitreya Lara Body I enjoy useing it and both are easy to work with and works well together
    Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason? Nope I am very Happy to use what i have it is me and i can’t see myself using anything else.

  • Bobbie Faulds

    I like the LAQ head as I prefer one that I can make the cheekbones thinner, the chin more pointed and the animations are really good.

    I prefer the Tonic Fine. I like the shape of the calves and the breast. I have the other bodies and will use the others if the clothing doesn’t fit the Tonic. More designers are making clothes for it. Fortunately, for the most part, the Maitreya sizes work for it.

  • LuLu

    I’m late to the whole mesh head phenomenon. I’ve been wearing the Maitreya Lara mesh body for awhile. I like the fact that so many designers make shoes and apparel for it. Since I’ve been exploring Bento mesh heads, I’m not familiar with most of the names on your poll. Between LeLutka and Catwa, I’m leaning more toward LeLutka; because the HUD is more pleasing to me. Thanks for mentioning the others in the poll. It’s given me more fodder for research.

  • Mirabelle Sweetwater

    I own a Maitreya body and Catwa Lona head. My alt has Maitreya and Catwa Catya. I do own a Lelutka head but rarely use it. I have found Catwa heads are easy to create unique shapes for. I also like the Huds. My Maitreya body worked the best with the system body I had created and only required minor tweeking. I also loved that feet and hands were included.All in all pretty happy with the end results.

  • Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Maitreya Lara + Catwa Catya.

    Maitreya is the fist mesh body I used and nothing has tempted me to stray. It also seems to be more widely catered for.

    As far as heads go – and I could be wrong here – now that I’ve tried a couple other brands, I feel like Catwa’s heads have more flexibility in customization.

    Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    Prefer? No. Quite happy with Maitreya body. As for head preferences, I’ll stick with Catwa for now.

    I’ve purchased two LeLutka Bento heads, plus Vista Lia. While I love the look of LeLutka, it only seems to work in the right WL settings – and most people aren’t going to be viewing your avatar in the WL settings of your choice. I love, love, love the LeLutka HUD, though!

    The Vista head hasn’t turned out the way I’d hoped and I wasn’t really enamored of the HUD, but that’s probably just me.

    So for me, it’s Maitreya + Catwa and they’re what I will be sticking with for now.

  • Clem

    I use maitreya body with v-tech flat chest and slink hands. 6doo female head for the majority of the time.

    I use the maitreya body because of its flat chest option and the overall shape is more to my taste. The simplicity of the hud is by far my favorite. I am more, personally, inclined to less big boobed avatars. I see them as dolls and not representing me in the end.

    As for 6doo head, the layers are not as varied as catwa but i just couldnt get a good handle on the catwa hud. Plus as a makeup creator, the uv mapping on 6doo is more accurately similar to SLUV (at least for my workflow). It would be nice if 6doo got some omega appliers at least, even if it wasnt super perfect. The model also allows for shapes of lips more to my taste. The nose easily turns into interesting shapes too, i love that.

    For male I use slink physique male and lelutka andrea head.
    I have tried signature and belleza bodies but both were modeled to look very “awe yeah i work out everyday” whilst the slink physique body isnt as intense on that front and i go more for a wiry build. The layer options to apply a tattoo on just one arm, for example, is great. The UV matching to SLUV could be a bit more improved but thats the only thing.
    As for the head:
    I loved lelutka’s hud. I dont get as lost like with catwa and it makes shapes i like easier than with any other head. I might add that i do use 6doo female heads for a male because they have a female head to male body adapter.
    The animations from lelutka are great. On occasion i will use the 6doo male heads too.

    Id probably give catwa more of an enthusiastic try if the hud didnt leave me lost. Sometimes i put on an applier and it just wont pop up so i must sift through each tab and test the opacity and blend mode or just clear all makeup and restart again… not fun when i was in a hurry making some appliers. Maybe this is just me though? When i do use catwa though, i use koura since the UV is matching more closely to SLUV and it has nice rigged eye movements.

  • I currently use the Maitreya body because it was gifted to me when I was brand new in Second Life and I fell in love with it right away. Later I discovered that clothes made to fit the Maitreya seemed to vastly outnumber those which included sizes for other bodies. I’ve demoed others since then but I had already become too attached to my Maitreya. However, I do keep my eye on the others because I’m getting more interested in mixing it up so I’m not entirely closed off to the idea of switching or using another one from time to time.

    As for heads, I currently use Catwa. I first demoed a bunch of heads from different creators and in the end, went with the one that had the most options of appliers and had the most support available in the form of other users in the Catwa Friends group. Like the Maitreya, I fell in love with that first head (Catya) so I wound up buying Lona next and then most recently Lilly. I still keep my eye on Lelutka, which was my second choice and also have demoed other heads which have been released more recently but so far, the convenience of Catwa outweighs my desire to change it up. That’s because almost every skin and makeup and shape etc that I own is for Catwa and it took a lot of hours to get fully acclimated to it.

  • I wore the Maitreya body and the AK Lara head for almost a year. I switched to the Belleza Isis and the Catwa Kathy head, because my partner prefers the base body shape of the Isis, and I found a skin I fell in love with that went on the Kathy head. I will still wear the other look occasionally however. As for as functionality I think both are equal in quality. The AK head HUD a bit easier to use, and the Belleza HUD a tad more detailed than the Maitreya. I do not like that many designers only make mesh clothing for Slink and/or Maitreya, but that is also another reason I occasionally still wear the the Maitreya body.

  • Francine Brandi

    Bento Lelutka Simone and Maitreya. The Lelutka because of the easy to use Hud

  • -Vibe-

    I use Belleza Jake mesh body as I think it’s the most realistic looking buffer body for male avatars, the hud is nice and simple and clothing fits well. I use the Catwa Daniel mesh bento head, it’s my favourite and suits a lot of male skins out there. Great survey 🙂

  • Miyani Ichtama

    I use maitreya and catwa lona, and wouldn’t change it for the world. I do like the new lelutka heads, especially greer, but I feel like I’m all in on catwa at this point, with the number of skins I own.

    I also wouldn’t change it because, for the most part, my brands are the very best represented. If I did switch at this point, so much of my wardrobe would be obsolete, but it would also be so much harder to rebuild it.

  • Evelyn

    I still use Maitreya Lara, mainly because I can’t be bothered to shop for a new body! I was using an Akeruka head but I purchased the new LAQ one whilst it was on offer but I haven’t had a chance to pay with it yet.

  • Slyfox Sommer

    I have the mesh head. It’s great, I love it but wish I had the money to go to Catwa. There are so many appliers and skin/shapes for Catwa. That is the only reason I would like to switch, but the expense is stopping me. I use Maitreya mesh body, love it and wouldn’t change.

  • Tracy RedAngel

    I mostly wear Maitreya because it’s just easier, and most clothing is made for Maitreya.
    But the body I prefer (but sadly don’t wear much anymore) is my Belleza Isis body. I really love the shape of it (just feels like a bombshell babe body). The issues that prevent me from wearing it more, are the lack of updating (Bento hands, a lot of creators don’t support it, and the materials only work with Belleza skins. I do occasionally wear it with either my League or Glam Affair skins and Vista hands (which work with the Slink fit). If you want to wear Belleza mesh head applier, you can really only wear them with a Belleza body (they do have Omega appliers, but I don’t care for them). The problem with that, is if you wear Belleza mesh head applier on the Belleza body with Bellza skins, you cannot have Bento hands because Belleza has no appliers for the Vista hands. I do hope they update soon, and I’m sure I’ll wear the body more when they do. The hands on the original body really are lovely, and I’m sure their Bento hands will be as well.

  • Ramona

    I have multiple avatars and use many mesh heads and bodies … all have their pluses and minuses:


    VCO – Love the VCO heads if you’re after that particular look but these heads are extremely limited to just what her store provides for that particular head.

    SNOW RABBIT – Again, love the head especially since they fixed the neck. It’s delicate and beautiful although a tad on the young side. But same as for VCO is extremely
    GENESIS(static) – Love her heads and her makeup is exquisite but it is very limiting if you don’t like her makeups or want to wear the makeup of others … In particular for the static heads there are virtually NO hairbases but for Kokolores.

    COCO Doll – Niche market for doll heads but again very limited.

    LOGO (static) – Was never a fan of the LOGO system … way too many attachments to achieve what all the others seem to have done … having said that it was the only head that had the shape similar to the original system shape I had on a particular avatar … and still is. If Catwa or Lelutka made the same shape I’d switch in a heartbeat.

    FIORE (Bento) – Until recently the only representation of an ethnic head that wasn’t insulting … I used to frequent a place where there were many African American styled avatars and I used to love to see the diversity … with the mesh head revolution now they all look like white girls with a badly tanned skin and it’s a terrible shame they are so poorly represented.

    LELUTKA (Bento) – Love these heads too and is a good competitor for Catwa.

    CATWA (Static & Bento) – Top Dog of the female mesh head market in my opinion – her HUD is the most versatile of all and she (and her team) are excellent in customer service, updates and addons. But her heads do have her signature features which are very hard to modify even with Bento sliders but still very versatile. This is my mesh head of choice.


    EVE – this body was much improved with her very very long-awaited Bento update. One of the pluses for the male body is the Alpha system … there are 99 save slots for alphas … sadly the girls only get 12. On the downside her necks are not good … they are very difficult to get a close fit with necklaces and the back of the neck has an angle that makes your neck look broken. Also the skins in the HUD for the girls the crotch area is really badly shaded and looks orange on the lighter skins.

    Belleza – I think many would agree Belleza has the best physical shape and the built in mesh nipples are also a good feature. The downsides are they made a rod for their own back with three different bodies and different levels of breast perkiness and designers are now being selective and only making clothes for one or two variations of the body. They are also extremely slow in their updates … especially the Bento hands.

    Maitreya – This body is the most popular for good reason. Very versatile and easy to use HUD. This is my body of choice for this reason.

  • I use the Maitreya mesh body and I love it and a Catwa head.

  • Myasia Gans

    I have belleza maitreya and hourglass but I love my freya it’s more me in real life big boned girl I have 2 catwa one ak but I mist say I love the new vista head simply because she was easy to shape and works so well with a vista bento ao

  • Jazmyn Draconia

    I tried several different mesh bodies and mesh heads, but finally chose Maitreya and Catwa. It gave me the look I wanted. I tried on so many was not an easy process..watching your videos was a huge help and I direct everyone that I know who wants to get a mesh body or head to watch your videos.

  • ElSolLaluna

    I wear Belleza Freya and Catwa Lilo. I purchased the Belleza Venus set with Freya, Venus and Isis. I like the Freya best for now, not sure why. I went with Belleza as I got a good deal on all three and I liked the hud. But the boob option sucks since no one designs for all three choices, usually only the default breast shape works with all the clothes. I can’t bring myself to waste money purchasing more mesh.
    Catwa Lilo head was most like my standard avatar head and reminded me of myself when younger so I choose that one. I had the Eve bento head but it was very limited in what you can do with it. I like all the makeup an skin options you get with Catwa. There are many catwa heads I like but again I can’t bring myself to spend money and who wants to change their look all the time. It is hard enough to get dressed and put makeup on – then to add to it changing your head and or shape too??? NO thanks!

  • I like my alt’s Signature Gianni body and head combo, but the facial animations are nothing like as good as my own CATWA head … unfortunately the neck blend between the CATWA head and my Niramyth Aesthetic Enzo body is atrocious and only bearable because I almost always wear longish hair. I really like both these options very much and wish the creators would sort these issues out. My next adventures will be looking for good facial animations for Genesis and trying out A Jake body on Trimmer.

  • Tracy RedAngel

    I forgot to say what head I use. I love my Catwa Kathy head. It’s similar in shape to Catwa’s pre-Bento Annie head. I also own Kimberly which I like very much as well. The great thing about mesh heads is you can pretty much wear whatever you want and go nuts with them (as long as you can find appliers, or can make them yourself). Everyone can be a true individual if they want. There’s so many gorgeous heads, but I tend to stick with my Catwa because I already have lots of appliers and makeup. I love playing around with different skins and makeups. For me it’s sort of a mind relaxing thing to do.

  • While I currently wear Maitreya, I only do so because more creators seem to create for it using the autohide. I prefer the look of Belleza and TMP because they have the curves and detail I like, but TMP has a sucky system for clothes and Belleza, I never could get a good matching skin when the designer I prefer “updated” his/her system.

    I own most of the top mesh bodies and many, far too many, mesh heads. I wear the Catwa Catya because it is most like my classic avatar’s look so I don’t feel like I now look too different.

  • Memory Thorne

    I wear Maitreya Lara for preference and Catwa heads- although I love
    Genesis Lab Lena- she has a nose! I also like the new Vista head- but my favourite skin is not omega compatible

  • Kali Wylder

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I think I bought each mesh body as it came out but didn’t start wearing it regularly until Maitreya’s came out. From then on I stuck with the Maitreya. I did try Belleza, because I love their skins I just didn’t like the body. I didn’t have any interest in the mesh heads until Bento. Then I kept fiddling with different demos until I managed to get one that looked like my system face. I was also determined not to buy more than one head after the fortune I spent on bodies.

    I’m really happy with my Lelutka head and my Maitreya

  • Shanty

    Hola! Uso el el cuerpo mesh maitreya Lara, es mi primer cuerpo mesh pero he probado los demos de varios cuerpos antes de comprarlo, una de las cosas principales por cual la compre, fue que es el cuerpo que más utilizan los creadores, y es mas fácil conseguir cosas para el, desde aplicadores a accesorios o ropa mesh, también tiene un hud muy intuitivo y completo, como también ocupa poco espacio visual en la pantalla, los alphas son perfectos para ajustar la ropa, y cada ropa mesh que he probado en este cuerpo aunque no sea para el, calsa perfecto y los alphas trabajan bien ajustándose. Los huds de otros cuerpos traen las líneas de apha tan pegadas que es difícil manejarlos, por eso me quedo con maitreya. Otra ventaja son sus actualizaciones que mantienen a los clientes antiguos al día, ya q hay otras marcas que, venden sus partes separadas y las bento por ejemplo no las actualizan las venden a parte generando un gasto mayor :/. Lo único en contra que encuentro es las forma de los senos, no son tan bonitos como el belleza y tampoco me gusta su interacción con la física. Llegue a un punto q prefería no usarla xD. Se mueve extraño.
    Me gustaría probar el belleza para ver como quedaría mi shape! Y también el ebody curvy ya q la versión free me pareció preciosa, pero no pude probar el hud bien, no traía los alphas habilitados, el hud de estos 2 no tienen la estética que me gusta como el maitreya para mi es algo en contra ya q mi pc tiene pantalla chica y al sacar fotos ocupa espacio :/. Para mi no tener el hud completo en las demos es grave error de los creadores, necesitamos tener el acceso a lo que invertimos por la cantidad de lindes que piden, sería bueno que los dejarán usar por tiempo como algunos objetos q desaparecen en minutos de abrirse!
    la cabeza mesh que tengo es la catwa catya, una de las más hermosas q vi en el mercado en su momento y lo sigo sosteniendo, catwa es una marca masiva también y me gusta por la misma razón que maitreya hay muchos creadores que la utilizan y mucha variedad de cosas para ella. Sus actualizaciónes mantien a catwa en mi lista! Me encanta su nuevo hud y las animaciones de cara! Que cambio!.. la hace más realista ese sutil movimiento de gestos en su ao y los cambios combinado de gestos, Simplemente perfecta, lo único en contra es que hay q tener experiencia para combinar las capas de maquillaje y aprender a guardar en su hud :l pero con práctica se aprende!
    me gustaría probar alguna lelutka aunque no me convence su hud, es muy grande aunque tiene hermosas pieles de glam! Y una buena interfaz con el cuello con maitreya, queda perfecto!! catwa creo q deveria mejorar un poquito la calidad de sus pieles :/ para coordinar con maitreya.
    Perdón por lo extenso xD muchas gracias por tu trabajo de Blogger me ayudaste en mis años en sl, espero haber sido de ayuda! 😀 saludos desde Argentina.

  • Caitlyn Lewinter

    I have the Maitreya Lara body and wear the LAQ Bento Gaia Head. LAQ is the only head brand I have. It has a simple to use HUD that does everything I want. Heads from Lelutka and Catwa have HUDs that are too complex for me and the heads don’t adjust to the look I want. Plus the Customer Service from LAQ is top of the line.

  • Im wearing LAQ/maitreya combo. Love the LAQ since Trinity hit the market as she was so totally different to the catwa i demo’d and was never happy with, in the face shape, one hud does all, as opposed to multiple catwa huds that all do something different. saves time finding the right hud!
    I use maitreya because, put simply, it was what my mother used and recommended,,, adn she could help me out when things went wrong! Since then, ive demo’d the other bodies just in case, and nothing quite came up to scratch when compared to the maitreya.

  • sweetnstormy

    Qs. Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    As. I use Maitreya Lara. I just love how easy it is to shape. Plus I like that the hands and feet come with the body. It’s annoying to buy the hands and feet separately like you have to do with the Slink body.

    I use Catwa Catya mesh head. I liked my look when I got the regular mesh Jessica head from Catwa, and with the Catya head I was able to get the almost exactly the same look I had before.

  • I use Maitreya almost exclusively, though I also have Slink Hourglass. I tend to stick with Maitreya primarily due to sizing for items I blog and the ease of finding the right size clothes for everything else. And I like how most skins look on it as well as the cuts for the alphas. I use Catwa Catya at the moment. I have several Bento and non-Bento heads, but I keep coming back to Catya as I’ve managed to get her to look the way I really want to and not having certain facial animations “break.”

  • I use Catwa Shaheen head for my main Avatar (Male). Basically it has the most texture support for guy heads that I have found but I dont care for the HUD. And the Signature Gianni body. I’ve never tried the Belleza. But just from my general shopping Signature & Belleza seem to have the most fit mesh support in clothing.
    I own the Slink & TMP mens body but never use them. I wasnt keen on buying more hands and feet for the Slink. And didnt like the HUD for TMP or having to buy & spend “credits” gimmick in their store.

    For my Female avatar I use Catwa Catya head (just because I’m familiar with the brand) Lelutka seems to get a lot of praise from others but never tried it. I dont use my female avatar enough to justify buying a new head. LOL! And Maitreya body. Hands down I prefer the Maitreya body over Slink & TMP female bodies.

  • Sparoku

    My female form wears the Maitreya, with Slink hands/feet.

    My male form wears both the Slink and Belleza bodies, depending on my mood.

  • I currently prefer to wear Maitreya and LeLutka Greer becuase of how well detailed the body and head are. The HUDs are a dream and many creators make items for them. The bento animations from LeLutka are also awesome. I didn’t care for their regular heads, but with bento they are awesome.
    My husbands wears Bellaza Jake and LeLutka Andrea for the same reasons.

  • Amelie Mersereau

    I wear Belleza Isis for her subtle loveliness and for her soft, sensual & erotic look. Isis is detailed in subtle, fluid, round and less “chiseled” ways and has wonderful body & muscle tone, and her legs have wonderful definition and tone as well, they are not straight-lined. Belleza’s HUD is simple and great too 😉 . My head, Lelutka Simone Bento, is compelling because of her soft and also less “chiseled”, yet intense, look. Simone’s features are delicate, yet incredibly detailed and expressive. Simone imparts both mystery and beauty with a soft, delicate and, at the same time, almost exotic look. Additionally, the Lelutka HUD is both comprehensive and easy to use.

  • Nancy Toocool

    Most of the time I wear the Slink Hourglass body because of its unique curves and great quality (its shoulders actually look like shoulders and not like raw pizza dough as is the case with some other bodies’ shoulders). When I want a more natural/elegant look and a wider variety of clothing options, I use the Maitreya Lara body. It’s a great basic body that is customizable enough to fit different styles and shapes.
    As for the heads, I mostly use either Catwa Sofia or LeLutka Bianca these days. They both are very pretty and I feel like myself with them. For more unique looks and shapes I sometimes use my Catwa Catya since that’s the head most designers seem to prefer so there are lots of skins, shapes and make-ups that fit it perfectly (some of them work with other heads too but not all).
    I would like to try the Vista Lia head but as it’s still so new I’m afraid there wouldn’t be many skins for it. I might get it soon anyway since it’s not as expensive as most bento mesh heads. I wish the bento heads were cheaper, since L$5000 is a lot for me. I already own 6 bento heads and I would like to try more (yes, I’m addicted to bento heads) but I have to think of my budget… :p

  • Valeries Muircastle

    Maitreya Lara as body since it offers all I need/want and has the widest 3rd party creator support.

    Mesh Head: I prefer to *use* my Lelutka Simone 3.0 but I am actually wearing the Catwa Catya 3.0 most of the time.
    Reasons: I think the Lelutka Hud is state of the art in terms of usability. Also the whole animation system for the head is implemented in a more stringent and logical way. Despite not being new to Sl and Huds at all I find myself repeatedly clicking around in the Catwa Hud until I have what I want. The whole thing just needs to be ‘tidied up’. The separate animation hud for the Catwa has its pros and cons, for me its rather a pro. In fact an animation section would probably not ‘fit’ inside the Catwa hud since it is simply massive on resources. I just switched to an i7 with a 4GB GTX980, system and viewer starting from an ssd and now only the Catwa is not slowing down my performance significantly. On my 6 yo older system that hud was a small nightmare while the Lelutka worked sufficiently smoothly.

    Now why am I mostly using Catwa? Simply because of slightly wider 3rd party skin and makeup support and because I simply found several skins and one –
    quite modfied – shape that gives me the look I want for the Catwa. Something I have never satisfactorily succeeded with for the Simone (and I tried). This of course is not the fault of Lelutka (and not an asset of Catwa) but my own personal taste (or paranoia 😉 )

    I find the Catwa an excellent product, don’t get me wrong, but if I found a skin/shape combo that would give my Lelutka Simone more or less the look I have with my Catwa, I would probably switch back to Lelutka thanks to its quite stringent hud.

  • Reggie

    As far as bodies go I used the Maitreya. This seems to be the most created for body. However, I would prefer to be able to use my Belleza Freya but the lack of updates keep me with the Maitreya.

    Heads I use vary between the Lelutka May and Catwa Catya head. The Catwa does seem to have the most options and the most creators designing for it. However, I recently have fallen in love with the LAQ Scarlet head but there just is not enough animations nor appliers for that specific brand of head for me to wear it all the time.

  • MaryMll

    I currently wear maitreya and catwa magy use to wear the belleza Freya that was gifted to me when I was new in SL. I switched to maitreya because I noticed there was way more clothes for maitreya then belleza . Plus I feel in love with the bento hands I love both bodies but really wish belleza was bento as well.

  • Sayshi

    I prefer where sking katena because I like going for more plus size avatar and it’s currently the only one I seen any mesh clothing made for. I really enjoy the look of it I hope for more clothes made for it. And I go with catwa because it’s looks good with any body you wear with it I notice with other heads you have wear smaller body type which it’s the opposite I prefer. Love your blog and have merry Christmas

  • Catwa is nice but too many ppl wear them and they all look the same imo. Also the catwa HUD looks confusing.

  • First, I’m not a fashionista by any means. So this is a topic I really am not any kind of expert on!

    “Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why?”
    I currently use Maitreya Lara, without a mesh head.

    “Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?”

    I’d like the look of the Tonic Fine body, and I think it would probably work better for me.

    But I don’t use it because of cost, there not being enough clothes for it, not knowing how it works and lastly …most importantly… I’m not wanting to spend the money on it.

    I think I’d probably go with the LAQ head, but to be honest I really don’t know or have a preference …it’s not something I’ve looked into at all (have I mentioned I’m not a fashionista?).

  • Kortney

    I curently use Catwa Catya head, because I love Catwa’s heads the most, they have various options and they are very smooth and much more detailed in my opinion. Mesh body wise I use Maitreya, because it’s very easy to use and looks really good and realistic. I love the fact that it comes with hands and 3 feet options is a great deal too. Maitreya is my go to body and I suggest it to everyone who is thinking of owning a mesh body.

  • Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    My favourite and most commonly worn mesh body is Slink Physique Original, but since most brands at most support Slink Physique Hourglass, I often use that one for blogging. It is starting to feel like I may have to get the Maitreya body next year, but I don’t really enjoy the proportions of it.

    I switch heads a lot between LightStar, LeLutka and Vista. LightStar has less “polished” heads than those from the big creators, but really offers the most interesting faces, especially Athena and Maya. Very impressed with Vista’s Lia head as well, a great first head. From LeLutka I use Simone and Cate since they are the boldest and least cute faces.

  • Sabrina

    I own most of the popular mesh avatars and heads, but i am really loving the new eBODY curvy for a few reasons, it gives me my luscious curves i crave, and the most beautiful pregnancy shapes out of the box, that eBODY has always been known for producing, i feel this body is going to become very very popular, so right now my support is fully in and using this product.

    The head topic made me strain to click a box, so many i use and love, but with my current skin tone, LAQ Trinity is wooing the crowds and turning heads, making me shine, the body head combination is clearly working it well for me.

  • Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of…?

    I use Hourglass cause it’s the only widely supported curvy body. I would be using TMP body if they ever updated it (and redid their arm position). Similarly with head, TMP had great heads but their HUD and lack of updates is a nightmare.

  • I like Slink Hourglass and Belleza Freya but I have defaulted to Maitreya Lara simply because of how supported it is. A lot of my favorite clothing is exclusive to Lara and therefore I had just settled to wearing it almost the entire time, and learned how to make the shape appear more curvy. It’s a hard decision when creators put out gacha machines with buttons for all bodies separately though! Do I try to win something for the body I prefer, or for the body which I know I’ll have more items to combine it with?….

  • PaleBlueSky

    Maitreya Lara and Catwa Catya for me. I was fortunate to find a shape I really like that minimises the Catya lips, and with the ample quantity of available skins for both, and clothing for Maitreya, I’m very happy with the resulting avatar.

  • Mellon Llewellyn

    Mesh body: Lara because of ease of use, availability of skins.

    Mesh head: Lelutka Simone because it has a more mature look rather than cutesy, ease of use, naturalness of facial animations, availability of appliers.

    I just got Vista’s head and like it a lot but of course there’s not a lot out there for it yesterday. I like it in profile better than any other head but there’s something odd about the eyes, the way the mesh eyes integrate and the eye creases and how makeup fits.

    I own Catwa Catya but never wear it, don’t like the lips. I’ve looked at others but both expense and look keep me from buying another. What I like best is the way closed eyes look with eyelashes lying in checks. I wish Siimone looked like that.

  • Elora Lunasea

    Maitreya Lara is the only body I wear on my main. I love the shape, and the HUD is very easy use. My head is 99% of the time Lelutka’s Simone (Bento). It feels most like “me” and the features suit my usage. She has a more mature appearance which is preferable to my tastes.

    My male alt is using Belleza Jake and currently, Lelutka Andrea head. I used to use Gianni for him, but the HUD is just too much trouble (although Belleza’s is not much better). I was using the Catwa Daniel head but it never looked right to me no matter what skins I put on it. I prefer the skins I’ve found to use with Andrea.

    I have several female alts but the one I use most wears Belleza Freya and Lelutka Spencer. I wanted her to look more curvy than my main and the Spencer head adorable.

    I use a LOT of other head brands. I have several Catwa heads and enjoy using them for photographic purposes when I want a slightly younger look. Typically I use Catya although I own others. I do not like using their HUD though, while it has the most bells and whistles, it’s unbearably difficult for me to figure out.

    I also use Genesis heads and would wear them even more frequently if the neck area looked better. This is a big problem so I tend to wear those only if my clothing can hide the line. The neck fix just does not work well enough. I’d like the creator to find a way to fix this as the heads are more unique than most.

    I really like Murray’s head but it’s woefully behind in updates. I’d use it a lot more if they would make an effort to upgrade it.

    I bought Vista Lia recently but haven’t had a chance to play with it yet.

  • MikaC

    To me heads aren’t a problem. I used to enjoy Lelutka but compared to Catwa you end up looking similar to others. I find with Catwa youre able to get a more unique look so i stick with it.
    My biggest concern is the mesh body. My favorite is Belleza Isis. I like that its curvy in moderation. But not everyone creates for it so often I find myself either passing on brands because of it or getting the Maitreya Lara version if i really like the item in question. Yes, I do own Maitreya and it used to be my favorite until i tried Isis. Sadly Maitreya is the most popular so i go back and forth between those two bodies. I dont blame designers as I think Isis isnt as popular as other bodies so I understand they dont want to waste time meshing for a body that just a few will buy. But it saddens me. I dont want to have to switch bodies and I would support more people if there was more Isis versions outthere.
    Thank you for doing this poll Berry. Who knows, maybe Isis isn’t the black sheep most people think lol and more people end up giving it more attention after the results of this survey 🙂

  • I love Belleza bodies but because of the cost I got just Isis with multiple hand poses (No bento hands yet). I think is are the one that represent the best the female body. Now my second and for the same reason is TMP.
    Now with the heads it’s a bit more difficult to choose because there’s some kind of signature in each one but the wanted result will still depend from the skin. I use lelutka because all the options that I have but I would love to use Genesis Heads. I think they have this high fashion look but the only problem for me with this head is the little posibilities. Not much skins appliers around, the hud with not many options such as decrease tone of make up and how the animations work.

  • For my main female avatar, I use a Maitreya Lara body and a Catwa Kimberly head (I picked Kimberly because of the useful comparative image of four different Catwa heads which you posted to your blog Strawberry, thank you!).

    I am very happy with them and I would recommend them to anybody.

    For my main male avatar, I have a Gianni Signature body and a Catwa Daniel head (I think it’s Daniel I’m not 100% sure). With a Stray DOg skin he look stunning! I also have a male alt with a Belleza Jake body and a Catwa head.

    Catwa heads are expensive but worth every penny in my opinion.

    What I do see as interesting is the new L$1 eBODY mesh avatar bodies for women and the free Altamura bodies for men and women. Obviously these companies are hungry for market share! It also means that even the poorest among us can now afford to put together a beautiful-looking, fully-functional mesh avatar.

  • Zaine Karu

    I use Catwa heads and Slink bodies on both my female and male avatar. I don’t “prefer” it, those are just the ones I purchased after becoming aware of them first. I kept seeing “for Slink bodies” and “for Catwa heads” at fashion sales events so, after NOT shopping around very much, I purchased those. The huge cost is the biggest factor in me not using or trying to use others.

  • pixelberry

    I switch between wearing slink hourglass and Belleza freya, I mostly use slink hourglass because it’s the most supported clothing wise out of those two, but my favorite is for sure Belleza freya. I can see people support it more now lately but it’s far away from the support that the over-hyped Maitreya body is getting. Don’t get me wrong, Maitreya is a okay body for new people starting in second life, as you get hands and feet, and save money because of that, but shape wise it feels pretty dull, something about the shoulders specially annoys me, it doesn’t look or feel realistic to me, specially compared to Belleza, which i feel is the most realistic out of all bodies in second life. I feel pretty disappointing and sad when I get forced to wear Maitreya, because of Maitreya only clothes, which honestly are the best clothes you can get. Even creators have said the rigging part of the clothes are very tricky on the Maitreya, the kit they get isn’t good at all, but still they bother, to get lots of money out of it, I do understand that but, nobody else but the creators can remove the focus on the maitreya body.

    But anyways, the head I wear is catwa catya. Just like the old generation I don’t think I can remove the first head she makes in the different changes like bento, tho I do wish that lelutka could make more cutesy head with a different looking nose ( I feel like the nose is really hard to adjust to your liking and what not, they kinda look odd to me). I really love the animations lelutka have and which maybe catwa could made hers a bit better, but overall I love catwa more, it just need some fine small adjustments.

  • Claudia Umbarundu

    I have spent many hours trying to modify mesh heads to look like me, but haven’t been able to so far. I like my Maitreya Lara body but I wish it had a few more alpha cuts.

  • Ariel

    I currently use Belleza Freya and Catwa Catya on my female.
    On my male I use Belleza Jake and Catwa Magy, since I have an androgynous look.
    Over all I think Belleza bodies are beautifully made, although I use Maitreya quite a lot too.
    The discovery of unisex heads like Magy was lifechanging, but they look really female, they need a lot of work if you want them to look a bit androgynous, it would be great to see really andro heads in the new year 🙂

  • JadeWindsong Resident

    I have bought Catwa, Lelutka, Logo and was so happy when LAQ finally came out with hers and that is the only one I will wear. Why, because she is a one stop shop. She not only gives you the head, but also the body, her skins are beautiful and so life like. I have been told over and over both by women and men, how beautiful my avatar is and how life life too. She has a group that you can ask questions in and the admins are very helpful and supportive. I have had TMP, Belleza, Slink and Maitreya, and Maitreya is the best. The others seem to be bottom heavy or thick legs and you really can not adjust them to a shape you prefer. Maitreya is the one, all the designers make clothes for, so I would say it is a good choice for everyone, to use Maitreya.

  • Starlight

    I currently use Lelutka May and Maitreya body. I would stay with Lelutka heads, but would love to be able to use my TMP body (as I prefer it to the Maitreya), but there is not enough made for TMP body.

  • Dojiba Sabra

    I use the Maitreya body – great natural-looking shape, easy-to-use hud. Also has the most widely-available skins and clothes. I use a Lelutka head because it looks great, has one wonderful hud, is very responsive to sliders and has the smoothest animations.

  • Brice

    I Currently use the Lelutka Male head and Signature Gianni body. Both because I like the looks of both and the head is different from the more commonly used Catwa.

  • Fieraxxi Resident

    I used to have a Slink Physique body but I trashed it because the hud is annoying to use & so was feet swapping digging through folders. I have Maitreya Lara instead for its easy hud, pretty shape, included bento hands, cost & wider clothing options. As for mesh head, I started with a basic Catwa mesh head because it was affordable & the ease of finding appliers for it. Recently, I got the LAQ Scarlet Bento head (my first) because it was on Promo. I like the animations hud a lot as the expressions are more natural than others. A bit harder to find acessories for it as it seems Catwa corners the market mostly but the intro price sold me.

    No I’m happy with Maitreya Lara body.

  • jade Serenity

    I purchased the Maitreya Lara body after watching your videos and seeing all the products out there for it.
    I would LOVE to have a head but cannot afford one and also cannot decide which one so your survey will point me in a good direction along with your videos.

  • I wear the Maitreya body as I love the simplicity of the sliders making it easy to adjust it to my liking especially when the updated version came with Bento making it even nicer than before ~ as for heads I absolutely love Catwa and I have 2 but mostly wear Catya as again it is easy to adjust to my tastes ~btw always love your blog Strawberry ~

  • I own these female bodies: maitreya, belleza Venus, belleza isis, belleza freya, slink physique. I use maitreya most because body, feet and bento hands come in one package and the hud is easy to use. I sometimes switch to belleza isis since I like the anatomy equally well as maitreya, but most clothes fit maitreya. I probably won’t switch bodies since maitreya has been great about updates. I wish the alpha cuts were a bit better, though.

    Heads, I own many: catwa (mesh and bento), Lelutka (mesh and bento), vista, laq (bento), AK (mesh and bento), altamura (bento), genesis (mesh and bento), logo (mesh). The easiest to use and most trouble free heads are Lelutka, laq and vista, though I’ve demoed ga-eg and like it quite a bit also. If I could only wear one it would be laq because I love the anatomy, but I wish more designers would create skins for them.

  • Body: Maitreya Lara. It’s the only 1 I have and have not been tempted by other bodies due to the overwhelming creator catering towards this.
    Head: Catwa. Started off originally with a static head and wasn’t tempted to go bento until I found a shape that I could relate to (it was difficult for me to get my mind around customising those sliders, so found a shape which was close to what appealed to me and then adjusted sliders from there). Well supported, and have not had any difficulty in finding products to use on the head.

  • Anidusa Carolina

    With my female Avatar I prefer mostly Slink Physique body and Catwa head.

    Catwa because first of all I find it the best rigged one, it reacts awesomely sensible to the sliders. Secondly there is the most Third Party Stuff for it.
    Slink body because it was my first one to have…..and I am not rich.I hope it is not going to be ingnored by the clothing creators since everyone wears Maitreay bodies 🙂

    There is one alt of mine who is created to be a hermaphrodit and has very small breasts, I would prefer to wear the tonic fine body here. But I am wearing a Maitreya with that alt because fitted clothing for the Tonic is super hard to find, and Maytreya has the most stuff for gendercrossers.

    My male avatar wears Slink Physique body too, and a Catwa head too.
    I regret that so many producers of male clothing are starting to ignore the slink body now. If I would have to chose one of the newer bodies it would be Signature, but I hope to be able to keep to my Slink for another while!

  • Paige Muircastle

    I’ve loved my Maitreya Lara from the moment I wore it (those legs!!!) and judging by the number of votes, it is the Gold standard for mesh bodies. But I will stick with my system head for the foreseeable future. My face has not changed since my rez day and, I’m not kidding, I’ve been asked which mesh head I was wearing! Despite Bento advances, lips are still too weird (we rarely see see Catwa heads from the side, do we?) and too many women look like they went to the same plastic surgeon.

  • Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why?

    I use the Belleza Jake body. I like the look of this body the best. I think this body looks the best if you are going for a slimmer look. I like that the HUD is easy to use.
    I use the Catwa Daniel head. It was the best option for me at the time for the look I was going for.

    Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason.

    I have considered switching to a Lelutka head because of the simple HUD/facial expressions but am too attached to my current head to switch yet.

  • Sherlyndrea

    I love Genesis for the Variety, and the last one, Jane is insanely beautiful and fun to use, I also like my AK head, it’s very pretty.

    I refuse to pay that much for a Catwa, and also because i already threw out so much catwa stuff!! But i see it’s everywhere and everyone has stuff for it, so, who knows? maybe i’ll splurge!

    But i don’t feel attached to one head, my ‘beloved’ skin doesn’t go on any head anyway…

    For the body, I was a slink girl for a long time, but after some update, i found the maitreya fitted more my original shape and woah, what a change! so easy to use! so i was completely won over, although i still use the slink for the applyers or gacha items fitted for slink.

  • Ivy Norsk

    I have been largely happy with my Slink physique body, but was becoming increasingly frustrated with clothing makers designing exclusively for Maitreya, so I figured I’d better move into a Lara body. I had problems with alpha glitching in the Slink body around the wrists when using appliers that extended from the arm onto the hands. On the plus side with Physique, the applier layers are tintable. With Lara, the hips are a bit odd (triangular) but I like the convenience of the 3 feet heights being included and easily interchangeable with a click on the HUD, and I have experienced no glitching at the wrist.

    On a slightly different topic, I find that many clothing makers rig too tightly, not taking account of the applier layers – and yet we need appliers if we’re going to wear any jeans with those boots, or put a camisole under that top.

  • CatrinaWynn Resident

    I always use my Maitreya Lara body. For me it is perfect as I can easily modify it plus there are so many different designers making outfits which are suitable for Maitreya.

    My favourite mesh Head is LAQ Gaia. Once again it is so easy to modify to give me the exact look I want. Plus any Omega friendly skin appliers fit perfectly. Another plus for me is I can wear any of my “original” shapes with the minimum of tweaking which means I do not have to buy Bento shapes unless I see one I specifically love.

    I also have a CATWA Head but (in my opinion) it is not as easy to modify which means I hardly ever wear it.

  • Natasha

    I have two female avis. SLink, is what I use, as Natasha, along with the new Vista bento head, several months, later –largely because of the price, but also because I liked the appearance. Before I acquired the bento, I used different Genesis mesh heads. The reason I got SLink, was that I did not know there was, Maitreya’s Lara, as yet.

    When I found out that Maitreya’s Lara was out, I got that one for my alt avi, along with the Lelutka head, which had just come out, on the strength of Strawberry’s video review. The body is, ‘me,’ …yet one more reason to get, it.

  • moonieratty resident

    As someone who likes having a curvy avatar I would GREATLY GREATLY prefer to use belleza freya for all my outfits but it’s just not well supported by designers… It’s a shame because it has the nicest shape for curvy/chubby girls. Maitreya really does not, despite people claiming otherwise, do curvy/chubby all that well in my opinion.

  • Evangeline Firanelli

    My first mesh body was Vanda from EVE, using the slim version until Maitreya Lara came out. Although I have tried demos from other mesh body designers, I cannot see myself switching to another mesh body. Lara is easy to use, easy to clothe and style and always looks exactly how I want to look.
    My first mesh head was the Fiore Aylah which had a very pretty face until an update made it unrecognizable. I have since changed over to CATWA heads and bought a variety of them until I was finally happy with the Catya head. I occasionally still demo other mesh heads, including the new LAQ heads, newer CATWA heads and LeLutka but more out of curiosity. Catya has captured me and because I bought all the peripherals, like the Animation C HUD and Catya animation packs, I think I will happily stick with it.
    My husband was harder to convince to change to a mesh body, let alone mesh head as he didn’t want to change his looks but, he too, finally made the change, first with the Signature Gianni mesh body and recently also the CATWA Daniel head. He is still getting used to the newness of having to attach mesh body and head and using HUDs instead of alpha layers but overall he, too, is happy with his choices despite the odd grumble about having to replace all his old clothes.

  • I tried other mesh bodies, and Maitreya just works best for me. I actually deleted the other ones. I have a curvy figure, and Maitreya works just fine. I have the Catwa Catya head, and I also own a Lelutka head that I never use. I just prefer the look of the Catwa head and find it easy to use. If I had a criticism about the Maitreya body, it would be to refine the parts you can alpha, make them in smaller pieces, as sometimes when you alpha out something it leaves a hole, so you either have to go to a bigger size or fuss with your avatar shape.

  • Otenth Paderborn

    Only male mesh here (so far), mostly attempting to have Slink/Catwa. I like the Slink physique body but see from the survey results why I’m having so little success in finding skins I like for the Catwa/Slink combo. Dealing with *four* vendors in order just to have a naked body (without even talking about a penis) is a total PITA.

    The only fully satisfying profile I’ve found was the NO!Project heads, but they aren’t bento and had limited skins. I’ve loved a Samurai head on one avie, again for the nose profile, but again very limited skin options.

    I guess I’ll have to consider shifting to Belleza or Signature for my bodies.

  • Cynnamon Melody

    Currently I’m a Maitreya Body user. Started that way because of the abundance of clothes but.. the few times I’ve gone back to my Belleza Isis…. it just didn’t suit me as well any longer. And I’m a Catwa girl all the way. Have literally bought every head she’s made but have spent most of my time in Lona.. till Lilly stole my heart.

  • pepsi

    i use Catwa Lona and Slink Hourglass most times and sometimes also Belleza Isis or Freya. i’m happy with my mesh parts but i would wear the Belleza bodies more if there were more clothes made for them. the Belleza bodies have wonderful shapes overall but darn difficult to find a nice wardrobe for… 🙁 also the 3 breast options is a wasted opportunity, no one makes clothes using that wonderful function.

  • Gwaloth Dollweaver

    I use the Maitreya body and Catwa Lona, mostly because they both fit better with the look that I had with my old system avatar and that I loved.Sadly I can’t afford to buy others, so it took me a few months of trying all the demos heads, bodies and skins I could find to finally decided and I bought Lona days after it was out on the store because I love it, even if I am still looking for the perfect skin but I am pretty happy with Lona and haven’t regretted buying it. I would love to have the Maitreya Catya too and to try Lelutka for some fun, but I found my old av’s shape and skin early when I joined SL and after some time changing it into what I wanted I kept the same look for almost five years, until I finally gave in to mesh bodies and the only thing mesh I had used until then, were the slink feet and hands. One of the reasons I also love Maitreya is that not having much money and being very attached to my hard earned collection of shoes, I can still wear all my amazing Slink shoes with the Maitreya body.I like the shape a lot and I can modify it to my liking easily and also, again, the money issue, it is much easier to find the sort of clothes and shoes that I like for Maitreya, although I wish that the Alpha HUD had more smaller pieces options to hide , sometimes some cleavages are an issue with the breasts, because the parts that hide are so big and even some leg parts make it difficult to wear some clothes. But I would not change to another body.

  • I use an Akeruka Eretica Head and the Maitreya Lara body mostly. I do prefer the Belleza Freya but don’t get to wear her too often since so much more is made only for the Maitreya. But I do prefer the Maitreya’s Hud, I think it is much easier to work with. As far as the mesh head, I do have a few Akeruka and Logo heads. I would love to get a CATWA but they are so expensive. Even with the Akeruka, I don’t buy the expressions because I really don’t have the money to do so.
    Also, I can’t get the Logo ones to a look that I love, so I rarely use them now. I tried for a while but just not happy with them. I like the ease of use on the Logo heads but I am so used to and prefer the look of the Eretica head that I always go back to it quickly. I wish I could have a CATWA but cost prevents me. And, I think that is because some of the reason is the makeups I really like are on the CATWA only.
    I think I am done with different bodies, I am happy with what I have which is the Maitreya, Slink Hourglass and the Belleza Freya. And I love each one for different reasons, but I usually stick with the Maitreya due to more clothing choices.

  • Mimi LaSweet-Caiben aka iilalaii Resident

    I have several bodies but have been using the maitreya body for awhile now. I find it’s easier to purchase clothing for because there is more of a selection. I also jumped on the bad wagon because of the bento hands were included with the purchase which made it easier for me to justify buying it over buying the “fat pack” bento hands for the Slink body which was my preferred body for the longest time. I also recently purchased the LOGO head. It was theonly one that I have liked. The shape was closest to my system head so it didn’t take much to change the shape, it’s omega compatible so I really wish more designer would create for LOGO and I liked the price over the other heads.

  • Charmayne Brentley

    I wear Catwa, Lelutka and LAQ mostly. Maitreya body however I love hourglass but I can’t get the blending just right.

  • I use the Maitreya body because i like it and it’s the one that the designers offers are the best. Previously, i used Lelutka heads but since we find more stuff (appliers, makeups, hairbases) for Catwa, i decided to go with Catwa. If most of the designers can offer all their appliers for Omega so we could use them for both Catwa and Lelutka heads. I am aware that some appliers won’t fit on some heads but we the demos to try.

  • Kaosa Resident

    I use several different Catea bento heads. I use Catwa mainly because of the amount of stuff that’s compatible with them, I was going to try the new Vista head but I was worried there wouldn’t be much in the way of appliers.

    I use to only use the Maitreya but this year I purchased and switched to the Belleza Freya. I had been looking to get a curvier look but the hourglass was too pinched at the waist for me. I’m just eagerly awaiting the update to bento so I can stop using my Slink bento hands lol.

    Definitely the market for clothes is biased towards Maitreya… supply and demand I guess but it can be a little frustrating when so many creators don’t even bother to make clothes for any other body so that’s definitely a con when it comes to other mesh bodies.

  • Mishie Sapphire

    I have most heads but using Catya from Catwa, simply because the HUDS are very user friendly and I have found with experimenting with other heads I can achieve the look I want better with Catya than other brands and other Catwa heads.

  • Michi Snow

    I love my Freya Body. I wouldn’t ever switch if it weren’t for creators not making for it as much. I also wear hourglass. I love my catwa Head and I think it’s mainly because I had her static head and I’ve invested so much due to skins makeup etc. If i switch I’d have purchase most all of that over.

  • I wear Maitrya Lara and Catwa Catya, which is also what I prefer.

  • Phedre Iwish

    I use the Maitreya body and the catwa heads.
    I don’t change my body as its attractive and I’ve worked out a shape i like. My Catwa Bento head is Tala which gives me issues from time to time as not many skin makers use Tala as a template. She is tricky to work with. I wish i had known this before investing in her, but I’ve made it work satisfactorily. I would LOVE to try the LAQ head but I’ve invested heavily in Catwa skins so it would be a large monetary investment.

  • Maitreya body and Lelutka head.

    I would have gone for a Catwa head but I couldn’t find a skin that looked like me when I was switching over and the one I got for Lelutka was almost perfect. Just wish there were more things out there for them.

  • Fayla

    Belleza by far has the best bodies! I pretty much exclusively wear the Freya but I also have Isis. Catwa has the best head selection and Lelutka has really stepped up their game. For men, Jake is hands down the best – no compettion. The Stanley head from Catwa is really nice too. Combining those two is PERFECTION.

  • I’m wearing the maitreya body and I love it!!!
    Head: genesis lab, bento. I wanna have a catwa bento head, because I like catwa more (better HUD, more makeup, skins, eyes, etc) But it’s too expensive for me.. 🙁

  • Theresa Hermit

    I wear the Slink Physique body probably because I have been wearing Slink hands and feet for a long time and like the way they look and work. I wear a Catwa head, Kimberly because I was able to get it to look pretty close to my pre-mesh head. I have thought about Maitreya because a lot of my friends use it and seem to like it, but I keep seeing designers who just design for Maitreya, and when I asked about it was told that for some designers to be able to create things for Maitreya they have to be exclusive to Maitreya. That strikes me as wrong and therefore I have decided not to go with Maitreya for that reason. Ironically, before mesh bodies I used to shop a lot at Maitreya. Oh well.

  • Karrie Kweller

    I agree with what Theresa Hermit said. It seems Maitreya is attempting to monopolize the mesh body business, which is sad. I’m sure their bodies are just fine but this is a strong-arm business tactic and I can’t support that, especially in the free, open-source environment that SL has always been. I have been a SLink customer since about 2009-2010 and they’ve never let me down. They were also very open-source when they spearheaded the standard sizing for SL, not keeping it to themselves but sharing among all mesh creators. I wear SLink everywhere except my head, which is GA.EG.

  • Suzette Chantal

    I have Maitreya Lara, Hourglass and Belezza Isis… my everyday go-to body is Lara.. the easiest to use, the most products available, and I do like how it looks a lot… I use the other two rarely, but if I am wearing something that would look better with the curvier/hourglass shape I wear the Slink and I love Isis, but as others have stated, there are a number of drawbacks to using Belezza right now, including lack of bento hands. I could use my slink dynamic hands but that is more trouble/time than I care to spend in getting the skins matched up. I like to be able to switch skins more easily and they have to be compatible with all my bodies and my head.

    As for head, after much demoing and deliberation I finally chose Catwa Kimberly for several reasons. First, I chose Catwa because there are just so many appliers/makeup etc available for it. Kimberly was the closest to my old system head, and I was able to make the adjustments necessary to get it even closer, and I am very pleased with the result of my regular, everyday Lara/Kimberly combo

  • Leofrida Bergmann

    I use a Lelutka Head (Cate) and an eBody Classic.

    I tried lots of Bento head demos and I prefer Lelutka over the other brands by far for appearance, ease of HUD use, and animations. I was also able to create the most “me” look with this head, and there’s nothing cartoony about it like I find some other brands to be. It’s super easy to play with lots of different makeup, clear layers, tint layers, etc.

    I got an eBody on the recommendation of a friend who loves hers when I was first exploring mesh. I’m almost certainly going to get a second body (probably Maitreya) though, at some point when I can spare the expense, because although alpha cuts *usually* let you get away with wearing clothes rigged for other bodies, if the outfit reveals the waist area at all, has cutouts, etc., it really doesn’t work unless it was rigged for the eBody, which hardly anything is. And it also has an issue where it can’t go in water without turning white unless you go into the HUD and turn off all applier layers. Plus in general I feel like I just do so much more fiddling with alphas than the people with “mainstream” bodies do, which is a bummer.

    Also, the creator is currently upgrading to Bento hands but there are some clear growing pains and each update has come with new glitches that are frustrating.

    I don’t know if I’d say that I *regret* choosing this body but, uh, yeah, I kind of do sometimes. Honestly, what I like most about it is having a slightly different shape to the general Maitreya-wearing crowd. (And that isn’t even really apparent unless you’re wearing hardly anything.) Otherwise… idk. I’m hoping future updates fix some of the most glaring issues.

    And I still wear an older version because of glitches in the present one, so I really could not recommend it to new buyers right now.

  • Sansarya Caligari

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? I have and use Maitreya Lara and Belleza Freya/Isis and SLink Hourglass. I mostly use Maitreya Lara. For heads I have Catwa, Lelutka, and LAQ heads. I wear them all about the same amount of time.
    Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason? I would prefer to wear the Belleza Freya all the time, but I was told it has so many vertices that it uses a lot of system resources and lags others, so I only wear it in my skybox when I’m the only one around. There are fewer clothes for it, too, so the Maitreya is my number one mesh body because so much is available for it. The HUD for Maitreya is much easier for me to rez, as well. The Belleza HUD can be difficult to rez if my internet is slow.
    For heads I prefer the Lelutka Chloe. The HUD is nice and there are so many great looks you can get with the sliders. I like my Catwa heads, but the HUD is obnoxiously difficult to use and it’s hard to see on my laptop monitor. I like the LAQ heads as well, and the HUD is fine, it just feels limited because there are so few skins available for it unless you mess with the Omega appliers, which took me forever (seriously, at least a year) to figure out.

  • I prefer to use the Maitreya Lara body and the Chloe Lelutka head.

    My first mesh body was the Slink body when it first came out, but I’ve found that Maitreya is easier to shape and there’s a wider support for clothing to fit to the Maitreya body. I also find the HUD for the Maitreya body to be very easy to use.

    As far as mesh head, I do switch back and forth between CaTwA and Lelutka for my blog posts, but my main head that I enjoy using the most is the Chloe head from Lelutka. I find the Catwa heads to look a bit toonish when using some of the facial expressions, when compared to the Lelutka expressions. I like how streamline the HUD for the Lelutka heads are. Everything is within one hud and that takes up less space on the viewer.

  • I upgraded to my Maitreya body from TMP, because I wanted Bento hands and TMP don’t seem to be updating anymore. I love Maitreya! I wish I had converted to Maitreya sooner! The HUD is so easy to use and I can now buy anything and know that it will fit my body! Bliss!

    I have a Catwa Bento Kimberly head, and love it. Catwa have great animations and are well supported by designers. I do buy lots of skins, so that changes my look, when I need to.

    I am not a collector of bodies or heads, and as I am happy with my current choices I don’t feel there are any others that I would prefer to have.

    Thank you for your great blogs/vlogs I really enjoy them.

  • cybermage Noonan

    I use the dev Nana body with the standard SL AV head. I have also included the Violet Studios Dragon lower legs for a unique look. This generally limits my clothing selections to items made for the body or items that include enough Omega support to work. Does drive me a bit nuts seeing many other options available for other bodies that I won’t be able to easily wear.

  • Alexandra Joy

    I have both maitreya and belleza Freya. I wear my Freya body 99% of the time. It is the only body that you can get significant curves on, without looking like a freak. None of the other bodies allow for a natural, thicker shape.

    I wear the catwa bento head because I was able to find a head that I could modify enough to look like my system head. I also appreciate the fact that there are so many applier options for makeup and eyes for catwa.

  • softprincess

    Uso de cabezas bento génesis y cuerpp maitreya en realidad mw encantan los dos son muy buenos la verdad y quisiera comprarme una catwa bento y el belleza isis y freya para probar, las cabezas de génesis son muy buenas y tienen muchas cositas, pero sus huds cuesta leerles son un tanto pequeños y claras las letras a diferencia de la catwa que bueno en cuanto a animaciones es muchísimo más completa y en shapes y piel es más fácil conseguir sólo eso de resto todo perfecto. Buenas tardes

  • I always use the Lelutka Bento Simone head and Maitreya Lara Body.

    I use Maitreya Lara because so much is made to go with it. The first mesh body I used was the Absolut Creation Eve. I like it more than Maitreya but it was difficult to find clothing, skins, etc. to fit Eve.

    I use the Simone head because I was able replicate my system face better with it than any of the many other mesh head demos I tried.

  • I currently use the Maitreya body with the Catya head. Previous to this I’ve had the TMP female body and found it rather difficult to use and the Slink Hourglass body which I absolutely love. Given the choice of sticking with Maitreya or going back to my hourglass body I’d switch back in a heartbeat. Except, that’s not an option for most of the clothing releases, and as a blogger, I don’t have as many options. In order to showcase the releases from my sponsors I have to wear the body or add-on they support. It’s turning into a large monopoly and a vicious cycle. I understand how time and labor intensive it is for designers to rig for other bodies. I don’t want to seem ungrateful to the designers that do so many wonderful releases for Maitreya only but it would be nice to see a bit more variety.

    As for heads and what not Catwa is the only brand i’ve really tried and it’s honestly because if all the support and different styles of the heads i’ve demo’ed heads from Lelutka, Genesis Labs, and Logo, but I didn’t see any reason to switch from my catwa head.

  • Secret Ansome

    I am still loving my maitreya lara body. I tried on others but they doesn’t felt “right” for me. I love the catwa catya mesh head a lot. I mostly wear this head.

  • nerthuschild resident

    I am quite happy with the Maitreya body and the Catya Bento head. I would not choose anything else but will admit that both of these were given to me by friends as presents. I was saving up for them and it would have taken me a long time. 🙂 I work in SL hosting and I see a lot of other heads and bodies and am convinced that I made the best choices. I also appreciate that Catwa upgrades quite frequently and throws in gifts upon occasion as well. Laura by Maitreya also has upgraded several times much to my delight the last one included bento hands and their positions

  • luciole78 Zarco

    -Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Maitreya and Catwa , probably because they are the one with more options, almost all designers that I purchase design for maitreya and catwa. Also they are the first one I purchase and with my inventory now , I do not want to start over with others.Also both are omega compatible.
    -Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason? I already had one genesis head, however lack or information and products , make me retired it . Omega isnt totally working , even if genesis does have omega ,but its not for all them head. I wish to have a lelutka head, but again since I already invest a lot on catwa , I do not see really a point to start with lelutka. I had slink hand and feet , was looking for slink physique … however I like my maitreya body and do not see really the point now to invest on other body.

  • What head of body and mesh do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head that you prefer to use but does not do it for convenience, cost or other reason?

    Thanks for the survey! I use Maitreya Lara + Lelutka Simone. I’m happy, but I always like other AVIS more. I do not know how to use everything related to the avi mesh. I find everything very difficult.
    And if I would like to try another head, but my fear is not knowing what form to use. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

  • Sammy Morelli

    What head of body and mesh do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head that you prefer to use but does not do it for convenience, cost or other reason?

    I use two bodies, Gianni for my male avi, and Maitreya for my female avi. I use Catwa Catya for female, and Daniel for Male. I find that I like the ease of use, for both Gianni and Maitreya. I find the HUDS almost identically mirror each other. Now for the heads, I used to use the Gianni head and Gianni body Exclusively. But I had come out as trans in Both SL and RL. SO I decided to get a female body. Which I have been happier with.
    Now for the other part of the question, No there is not another body or head I prefer to use. I am pretty happy with what I got, and will not be changing it anytime soon. I just find it would be A too expensive, and B too confusing and illogical for myself.

  • Jaxynn

    I wear Maitreya Lara body with a Catwa Bento Head. I prefer both over the other brands because they appeal to me aesthetically. I liked my Maitreya body so much when I first got it that I didn’t feel a need to buy any other brands. It didn’t make sense to me to waste money on multiple bodies when I could get any shape that appealed to ME with Maitreya. I went through several mesh heads before finally being satisfied with my Catwa Bento head. Another reason I have stayed with my Maitreya body is that my favorite designers support the body by making clothing and shoes for it. I can recall how, in the early days of mesh bodies, there wasn’t a lot out there for any of them. But as time went by, more became available and from what I can tell, more continues to become available.

  • Nicole Striatus

    I currently use the Maitreya body and Catwa Catya head. I would like to get a Lelutka head but they are very expensive. I would also like a Slink Hourglass body and Belleza Freya body but just haven’t saved up enough linden for them yet.

  • Umshlanga Barbosa

    I currently use Signature body because it is one of the best out there and now has a good amount of creators making items for that body, I have tried a few others I was not happy with `we live and learn` and seen 2 others I prefer the shape ` especially the leg definition` but that would now mean buying appliers and clothes for that new body and I`m not going to do that again after the first bodies I tried and lost money on clothing them.
    I use the signature bento head but mainly 4 Catwa bento heads depending on what photo`s I`m taking, very happy with them tried a few demos of others but like Catwa better than the others

  • Toy Wiskee

    Currently and have been for a long time using Maitreya for my body, the hud is super easy to learn and use and the curves seem so natural. For a head I’m currently in lelutka, but I flip flop between Lelutka and Catwa. It mostly depends on my mood. If I want to feel sophisticated and sexy it’s Lelutka all the way, but sometimes I feel young and playful and a little on the tomboy side so it’s Catwa. Though I have to say the new Laq head Scarlet is super cute too.

  • 1. Which mesh body do you currently use and why? I use Maitreya Lara for Mesh body because it was recommended. I looked at a few others but did not like what I saw in shapes.
    2. Which head do you currently use and why?
    * I use primarily a fallen gods Yabusaka Petite, However for RP I use a 6doo head because it was easily made into a Japanese appearing character.
    * I also use a AK head because it easily reflected a even more Japanese appearance.
    * Finally, I just purchased a GA.EG Head Mia, because well OMG she is just so darling (and I was able to easily make her to look Japanese.)
    3. Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason? Yes I would love to use a Catwa head because of the abundance of applier and accessories available but I have tried several heads and can make none of them get a real Japanese appearance. If the creators were smart enough to include the slide numbers in the infrequent inclusion of style cards that would be nice. But I understand people want to stay unique.
    8There is one head out there that is so popular that three girls on a sim I frequent have the same head, the same look. They are indistinguishable from each other. So sad.

  • Masha Eilde

    Maitreya Lara and Lelutka Simone Bento head for me. I was dedicated to Catwa before the Lelutka Bento came out and I’ve never looked back. The facial animations and expressions are so /natural/ and smooth that when I look at Catwa now they feel cartoonish. My only wish is that creators would figure out a way to make skins that work with BOTH Catwa and Lelutka brands as it feels like Mac versus Windows out there.

    For bodies, I like short and proportional and curvy without looking extreme. Thus, Maitreya.

  • Haylo Guardian Azalee

    I use maitreya body because simply love the look and simplicity of the hud. I use catwa mesh head (nonbento) I bought a few diff heads first that where cheaper and even bento but had a very hard time adjusting to get the look I wanted and or the skin I wanted for the heads. Went with catwa after found skin and shape available I loved and could make my avi look unique and not like every other avi out there…being *ME* means more to me than anything well besides ease of use..if it’s 2 difficult I move on

  • Cindy Abel

    I prefer the Maitreya Mesh Body as it has free updates, is the most easy to create a realistic slighter shape and has the most appliers out there to choose from. Right now, I prefer the Lelutka Greer and May heads and the HUDS are the easiest to use, although I started with Catwa and recently got the Vista Tia head at a big discount, although I’ve been too busy to really get to play with the head as it is supposed to be easier to alter without “breaking” the mesh.

  • My favorite heads I use are Catwa’s Catya and Lona heads. I like how they are defined and shaped. Genesis was my first go to head but support was not that great. Not sure now, I rarely use them. I have Belleza body which I rarely use. My favorite is Maitreya Lara. Only thing I would improve is having smaller feet and the butt is too large even on the smallest settings.

  • Casey More

    No doubt it’s been a ride with the release of Bento heads and bodies.For male are like this: Head: Lelutka, Catwa, Genesis Lab
    body: I very much like NX- Nardcotix as is the one that has the best shoulders when moving and raising the arms up. I wish there was more creators doing clothes, shoes, skins, etc, for it. So I do use more Signature and Belleza(on this one, waiting for an update). Hope it does not happen as with TMP(waste of lindens and time)
    For female: Head: Catwa Kimberly, Genesis Lab
    body: Belleza Isis

  • I use Maitreya Lara almost all the time, but I’m in agreement with a lot of the people commenting here: I actually prefer Freya but there are so many things that are Maitreya only that it’s easier to just stick to Maitreya. My alts are all in Maitreya as well, for this reason.
    For heads, on my main I use LeLutka Simone because it’s the only face I’ve been able to adjust to feel like ‘me’, and I like the HUD and the idle animations the best of all the head brands. I went with Catwa Lona for my primary alt so I could take advantage of all the third party appliers and also have a totally different look.

    My male alt either uses no mesh body at all or Slink Physique. I recently bought the LeLutka Andrea head and I like it a lot more than the Catwa heads, but I can’t settle on a good skin/shape setting that gets him close enough to his classic look for me to be happy, so he’s still wearing his system head because I am too attached to his face and refuse to change lol.

  • EnCore Mayne

    i wear onyx leshelle and catwa clip on my main avi. i would prefer to wear a complete body that includes seamless head, hands, and feet but the game’s status quo won’t seem to allow for this next level of creative evolution.

  • Vaki

    I’m using the Lelutka head because it’s the only one that will let me put even a tiny bump in the bridge of my nose. If someone would create a mesh head that would let me create a good aquiline nose, I’d buy it in a second.

    I’ve switched from the Slink body to the Maitreya because the HUD is better.

  • Blaise Glendevon

    How funny that this survey came up JUST as I purchased a new body for the first time since 2014. I’m a long time Slink hands/feet user, but have worn the Maitreya Body and no other. I really like the proportions and the way the various curves are sculpted.

    Catwa Kimberly is my ride-or-die head. I keep trying others, but nothing looks as much like me as she does. I like my Logo Chloe, even though it’s not bento. Before Kimberly, I was almost exclusively wearing Catwa Amy. Something about those big eyes and pointy, doll-like chins. I’m not particularly brand-loyal, but I have a pretty strong aesthetic for my human avatars. I experiment a whole lot more with furry ones.

    But back to my new body! I bought Slink Hourglass while it’s on sale. And now it’s going to take me eighty years to get my proportions right. This is mostly just an experiment, of course.

  • Valerie Rainfall

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I use Maitreya mesh body. It’s wonderful, wouldn’t change it, (although, I would love an update that creates more alpha boxes, ability to color each nail separately, and a pointy toe position as well as the option to pose each foot separately).

    I have tried a few different heads, my favorite is Catwa. I have two avatars, both have Catwa, one is Kathy, and one is Tala. I love them both. They are gorgeous and unique! I wouldn’t change my head either, (because they are too expensive to change anyway). 😉

    Hope you have a fantastic holiday season! xoxo

  • Yaya millz

    Slink hourglass body is bomb and Freya will be nice but she needs to make the freya booty pop more bcuz it’s flat as hell. Other than that I love freya a natural bless and curvy ness. Maitreya is ok. I love catya catya head it’s versatile and I have shaped it over 50 times

  • Sariya Lyn

    I wear the maitreya body for two reasons. 1. Much easier to find clothes that fit the body and 2. The hud is extremely easy to use. As for the bento head, I started out with Catwa, changed to Lelutka for the better and easier hud, but now has switched to LAQ because I just love the look of the head, very pretty and now that they have updated their huds so they are easier to use and more complete, I will probably stick with this last head. I actually purchased the LAQ head after seeing your video on it. BTW, I always use Strawberry Singh shapes and then tailor them to my liking, because its easier to start with your shapes than the creator ones. So, thank you for your shapes that you sell in your MP store.

  • Mattee McMillan

    I use the Maitreya body because I like the coloring and I like the ease of the hud. I think I have tried them all. I love the LAQ non bento heads. I wear the Maxine with some of the LAQ makeups. I think they are elegant and beautiful but the bento heads I don’t like. The mouths are too big even when you scale them down, the teeth are too huge.

  • Angie

    I wear Maitreya Lara because at the time I knew little about mesh bodies and that was the safest choice, and it still is. I might be tempted to try another body which has more realistic boobs, a better HUD, and is modifiable. My head is the new Utilizator Normie; I have have tested lots of others but this is the best one that suits my look and is nicely compatible/modifiable.

  • Hi I’m using catwa head catya because catwa makes amazing heads and I love it . For body I’m using maitreya. I would use the mesh project body because I love the texture of it and it looks rl but I’m not using it because they don’t update there products and when apply applier the texture of the skin change. I hope I answered what you asked me thank you

  • I always wear the Maitreya Lara body because I can always get clothing for it, and it looks fantastic.

    I wear an Akeruka head with an Izzie skin because I don’t want to look like a clone 😀

  • Meri Devlyn

    I use the Maitreya Lara body and Catwa Lona head. I have both the Slink Physique and Hourglass bodies, but I find that I can create a shape that feels more natural and realistic with the Maitreya Lara. I’m also very happy with how much support the Lara body has in terms of skins, tattoos, clothing and other fitmesh/rigged items. I still sometimes wear my Slink feet because I like the pointe and kitten heel options in addition to the standard flat, mid, and high. I quite often use my Slink bento hands because it’s possible to customize nail polish appliers per each individual fingernail. This is a feature I’d like to see with the Maitreya hands as well. I love love love my Catwa head. I still adore the static Jessica mesh head, but Lona is perfect for me, so easy to customize and the animations are fluid and just so well-done. I did a lot of research before settling on the Maitreya / Catwa body and head. Part of my decision to buy them was based on third party support, but mostly, I just think they’re lovely and easy to use.

  • i do have the slink body as well, with that body i would wear a head from Genesis, i liked it but was so script and such, i like that stray dog gave me an applier that worked as well. I am not terribly techie at all, in fact hopeless so…i like have systems i can almost sorta figure out

  • I absolutely love my LAQ Ana head. I don’t like looking like everyone else and she’s unique.
    While I love my Maitreya Lara body, I wish the alphas could be broken down to smaller bits, especially in the breasts. I have a gazillion items in my inventory I would love to wear from when I was a classic body but cannot because my breasts cannot be alpha’d out properly. I would much rather click a lot of spots on the breast than not use items in my inventory.

  • Vixxen Rainbow

    I love my Catya head because it more closely resembled my original look than the Logo head I had been using. I’d gone with Logo because they had more facial expressions at the time and as a photographer and model that was important to me. Once Catwa came out with more expressions, I switched over to it.

    I’ve been looking for some time now to vent my frustrations over the mesh body monopoly. Not so much the bodies as the clothing options. I had originally bought a Maitreya Lara, which is nice, but I wanted something curvier and full figured, so I bought Slink Hourglass, which I love. The problem is that 50% of designers these days have gone “Maitreya exclusive” and it is beyond frustrating to those of us that don’t wear Maitreya. Rumor has it Maitreya’s designer has clothing designers sign a contract that they will only create for her body. Despite that I agree this is a wise business move on the creator’s part, it’s exceedingly frustrating for those people who don’t wear Maitreya.

  • Laura Azalee

    I’ve been using the Maitreya body ever since they came out with Bento hands but I still do think that Isis is a far better body and the HUD is far better too. It’s a shame they haven’t done Bento hands yet. If they ever do, Belleza will get my vote again!

  • Beachy Piers

    I MUCH prefer my Lelutka head to the others, and I own them all! I struggle with it, because no one makes NEAR the amount of skins/ make up etc. for LeLutka as they do for Catwa, however, the animations and smoothness of Lelutka is by far the best for me. Plus, eye roll!
    I had a SLINK Physique but changed to Maitreya after listening to all the raves, and glad that I have.

  • Sage

    I use a Slink Physique body, but would love to use my Eve, there just aren’t enough clothing options. I like my Logo head, but again, fewer options

  • I started with the Maitreya Lara from the get-go and added a Catwa Catya head about 6 months ago and i have no complaints except…

    The Maitreya boobs are no good for square cut tops.

    Either I stick out at the sides or the tops of my boobs are missing.

    I’d like some kind of slider to make either a horizontal or vertical alpha for that area?

    Other than that, I’m delighted.

  • Tristizia Demonista

    I use the Maitreya Body, because there simply isn’t any other around that comes close to what i like, except maybe the Belleza, but the drawing weight makes it a no-go for me.
    As for the Head, i really like my LightStar Athena, because it is so far the only one (possible exception the new Head from Vista) that let me keep a face that resembles what my System Head was like. (Together with a beautiful Skin by Plastik!!).
    As for all other heads, the lips are simply NOT what i like to have. I hate these puffy Botox-Lips!
    (and no amount of slider pushing or shape twisting removes that look!)

  • Yasmine Adjani

    I use the Maitreya Lara body primarily although on occasion i use Slink Physique (some clothing just works better on Slink) as well as Belleza Isis. The one advantage to using Slink is the auto alpha is very easy to set up and sometimes that is my primary reason for using that body. I wear a Catwa Catya head and i love it (altho initially i have to admit i was not fond of the lips) I recently tried the Vista Lia head and am impressed with it (altho not giving up my Catya just yet).

  • Beq Janus

    I am clinging on to my Slink physique and Visage (emma) head and the only real change I would like to see is a Bento version of Emma. I’ve tried other heads and have never been completely pleased with the results. Catwa never works for me the lips are always problematic. The closest I have found to something I like is Lelutka, though Akeruka came a close second. I am still sitting here hoping that Santa Sidean might have a bento update for us soon.

  • Bianca Whitfield

    LAQ bento head with Lara !

    My Hubby use GIANNI + Catwa bento head(s)

  • Patra Jashan

    I currently use mesh body Freya, I love the curves. They resemble my RL human body the most. I am also using a catwa none bento head and that’s because of affordability and that it’s more ethnic looking than most others. I would love Fiore but it’s out of my budget. I would never use another mesh body…I’m in love with Freya!

  • Cayleen Linette

    I have Catwa, AK and LeLutka heads. I prefer the LeLutka because the hud is significantly easier to understand/use and the animations/poses are much smoother than any others I’ve seen.

    I have both the Slink and Lara bodies and use the Lara body 100% of the time. I prefer the Lara hud and the alpha sections are easier to work with.

  • I prefer the Belleza Isis and Freya but am using Maitreya out of necessity. My mesh head I love the most is Catwa Kathy bento head. it’s the only one I use. I would like more designers to cater to Kathy and Belleza bodies.

  • I am use Maitreya Body and Catwa head. I love Belleza Isis body and Fiore heads also <3

  • Hi Strawberry, I use the Maitreya Lara Body because it is the most realistic in my eyes. I find the Maitreya HUD simple to use, plus there are many skins for it. The Maitreya body is also one of those bodies that one has no difficulty finding clothes and appliers for, and the clothes generally fit my particular shape, which is thick. Also, Maitreya one of those shapes that you can literally make it look like any other shape by other creators, or create a shape completely unique and unlike the body itself (as it comes.) My only complaint is that the standard shapes it comes with are too slim and look a tad skeletal, but if one has skills they can easily fix that using sliders, and the possibilities are endless.

    The Lelutka Head is the best in my opinion. I own Catwa and Genesis as well, but find that the other two, Catwa and Genesis, load very slow, plus with regard to Genesis there are not many appliers as far as skin and make up go. I dislike Catwa as it takes too long to load, even without the brain (ha!). The other issue is that half of Catwa’s faces will rezz sometimes, leaving the other half to not rezz, or other times the Catwa head will fully rezz, but then suddenly the lower parts (or upper parts) of the face disappear – in my opinion the head is horribly put together, with too many components, which is why the Catwa head loads slow. I use a gaming computer that is less than a year old and and run on Ultra, which this comp cuts through like butter, so I know it’s not technical on my end, but the creators bad building skills (IMO.)

    Lelutka heads loads quick, there are many heads, not as many as Catwa but it hardly matters when you can make them look like any head on the market (Including Catwa’s) and you can also find many applier skins and make up to choose the look one wants. Lelutka is quite distinctive out the gate aesthetically, but can be changed using all sliders. What I like most about Lelutka is that the head loads fast, the creator did a fantastic job of making sure one doesn’t have a million parts to play with, and that the head’s HUD is not confusing for users, which is important, especially for those who are new to Mesh and Bento.

  • AlisaDexter

    I wear Maitreya body because it has all the feature in it and the HUD that suit me. She very easy to use and alpha when needed, the alpha slices are absolutely the best (I have all Belleza, Slink and TMP). I am really liking Vistas new head, I have been looking for a head to get away from my others heads creator and finally found one that will do it!

  • Psyche

    I have a couple of different answers, depending upon which avatar is being asked.

    Psyche wears:
    – Andro/Femme Form

    Head: Lelutka Cate:v3.0
    Body: Maitreya Lara:v4.1
    Chest: V-Tech Boi Chest:v2.4
    – Male Form
    Head: Catwa Daniel:v2.16
    Genesis Lab Ethan:v3.3
    Body: Belleza Jake

    Seraph wears:
    Head: Lelutka Chloe:v2.7
    Body: Maitreya Lara:v4.1
    Belleza Freya:v2.01

    Quinn wears:
    Head: Catwa Daniel:v2.16
    Body: Belleza Jake:v1.0

  • Lunaria Eclipse

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why?

    Maitreya Lara- Love how it fit my shape. Lelutka Bento Chloe. I love her face, love how I was able to form her right to my old SL form and make myself look how I did in the sl body shape. Both Huds are easy and work with all I get. Although alot choose Catwa I prefer Lelutka.

  • Zidaya Zenovka

    I don’t wear a mesh head or body. I wear an old school Anthroxtacy anthropomorphic kangaroo avatar. My main interest in Sansar is seeing what sorts of furry avatars people are able to come up with.

  • Deadly Apple

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I use a mix for my body, I wear Maitreya and V-Tech Boi Chest mod. Simply because that’s what’s available for my preferred style.
    Head is Lelutka – I love the facial expressions
    I’d prefer to use Logo but lack of facial expressions being released is why I don’t.

  • Ripley

    I use a Catwa head and the Slink Physique body. I fell in love with the head after trying all of the demo heads available. It’s not Bento and I’m in no hurry to upgrade to that. I prefer the Physique body because I’ve always gone for a thin, willowy look on my avatar. I’m not a fan of wide hips, huge breasts or a very rounded tush for myself. At first there was a lot of stuff out there for the Physique but I’m noticing that it’s more and more Maitreya only stuff or Maitreya, Belleza and Hourglass items. I know rigging all the bodies can be a pain but I wish more creators were remembering the bodies that aren’t the top 3. I don’t change my look much, same hair color always, same body, face, skin gets an update yearly but I stick to the same tone, my eyes stay the same color always.

  • Leslie White (inworld smoke4life2015)

    I’m wearing the Maitreya body, I have never owned any others. She’s the perfect fit for me. As far as heads…I own 3 Logo heads, 2 Akeruka, and 1 Genesis Labs, which I currently wear. To me the Logo hud is much much better then the other 2 brands, but my Genesis head has a much more realistic look too it’s skin. I love Logo but the skin needs a lot more work. Genesis Lab heads need more expressions, but I’m still in love with my look now.

  • Keliah Angelis

    I’d really hope creators don’t focus on just one body. Nothing drives me crazier than “Maitreya Exclusive” and I don’t spend my funds at those stores. If we all wore Maitreya bodies, we’d all look the same. I like the diversity current meshes offer and I hope more come available.

  • Mystiq Adored-Mynx Ks

    Hello there. Well I use the Belleza Freya mesh body. I like this body a lot. For it’s good detailed of the body how it makes my skin looks smooth and silky, and also for the curves of the body. Don’t like a stick figure type of body and I just love embracing my curves. I just recent purchased a mesh head couple of months ago. I use the Catwa head and I like how it looks on me and I fell in love with it. It doesn’t look like anyone else’s head which I like. The other mesh body I had tried were Slink Hourglass and Maitreya. I didn’t keep them on too long just not a fan of those two mesh bodies. I’m in love with my Belleza Freya body. And hope to see more designers cater to it. Like they do the Maitreya body.

  • Acacia Merlin

    I love the Tonic Fine Beauty, and I love that there are more creators making clothing for it. Alafolie has such beautiful dresses for Tonic. Also Doc Eldritch. Those are my favorites. Plus Tonic also makes its own clothing and shoes. I haven’t migrated to a mesh head because I’m used to me being me and not looking like everyone else.

  • AMarie

    I currently use Belleza Isis and Catwa Annie head. The Belleza bodies have curves that I personally find amazing. I switched from Maitreya body and I haven’t looked back until later this year. I’ve noticed a lot of designers have dropped other mesh bodies and are catering to the top 3 mesh bodies or just Maitreya.I don’t plan on switching though.

  • Currently using Maitreya body (always now), and Catwa Catya (because I found a shape I tweaked slightly and really like).

  • Envy Warwillow

    I wear the Maitreya Lara body with the CATWA Koura head. The Maitreya body is gorgeous and the HUD is simple to use and feels light and sleek in its design. Also the bonus Glam Affair skins in the body HUD were super cool as I love Glam Affair’s skins and wear them all the time now, no need for separate body appliers! I only purchase a head applier.

    I chose a CATWA head because of the amount of skin appliers available to CATWA heads. CATWA made it easy for me when choosing the right mesh head when I made the switch from system to mesh. I still wanted to look like my old self and out of all the mesh head designers CATWA was the one with the best selection for me. The switch over was pretty seamless. I still feel like me 🙂

    I think the Belleza bodies are beautiful. I have a friend that wears Freya and it is absolutely gorgeous. Also the fact that it comes with 3 different body types is awesome. I also really like the LeLutka heads, super pretty! I’m very happy with what I’m using now, it’s mostly a cost issue when it comes to buying more mesh bodies and heads.

  • I use Maitreya body because I love it and I have an Akeruka Head and a GA:EG Head. I like both but I tend to wear the Akeruka one more as I got it to look like my old avi did, head shape, eyes etc. I will say though that the GA:EG one has an awesome facial expressions hud which I use for both my heads. Love it.

  • Sigh, I forgot to say that I went for these heads because they worked for me and the price was good.

  • Moira

    Maitreya Lara because I like the shape, and there are plenty of clothes for it.

    Vista Lia because it was more affordable, had a great review on your site, and because it works really well for the face shapes I prefer. It sucks that skins and appliers are thin on the ground for it, and I wish creators made more Omega options.

    I didn’t go for the more popular mesh heads because so many of the ones I otherwise liked had the super poufy lips, which is just not for me at all. Even Lia is borderline with this, but I’ll take what I can get at this point.

  • Alex

    I’m currently wearing Slink Physique and AK Lulu Bento Head, I really like both of them.
    It’s irritating nowadays the trend of exclusives for 1 body (or 2) only, it’s like going back to a standard body and all the avatars will look the same more or less.

  • Suzanne Piers

    There are several reasons I like the Maitreya Lara body. First is because it comes with mesh head and feet attached, so when you wear the body, no need to attach a bunch of stuff. Plus, the price is reasonable. Also, the creators nearly always make Maitreya Lara clothing. It is rare that I ever find one that doesn’t. This is a huge convenience. My husband had a Adam body and we finally ditched it because it was nearly impossible to find clothing for it. Plus, the Lara body has a huge amount of choices for skin appliers. No need to go hunting all over the grid. Nearly every skin creator sells Lara appliers.

    As far as heads, I really like the Catwa Catya 3.0 bento head. It’s relatively easy to operate, and for me I feel it looks a lot more natural than the Lelutka.

    It could be that the reason there are so many skins and clothing for these mesh heads and bodies is because they are so popular. But for me the quality plus ease of finding clothing/skins is huge for me.

    There seem to be the top three mesh bodies that clothing creators cater to, which makes sense. It would be nice, though, if they would make Omega appliers for everything, too, so that if you didn’t have one of the top three, at least you’d have a way to get skins for it.

    Thanks for the survey! 🙂

  • Suzanne Piers

    Oops! I didn’t mean mesh head and feet; I meant mesh HANDS and feet! Duh! 🙂

  • Steph

    I would PREFER to use Tonic Curvy or EVE Plump but I end up using Maitreya because it has better clothing options. If that changed I would gladly switch over to those.

    For Mesh Head, I use and prefer LOGO Alexis.

  • Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    I only use Belleza Freya. It animates best, and has the best looking form (once you heavily mod the shape dials). I simply cannot get a good look on any other body and I have tried them all and blogged about it extensively. When I look at people on other brands I cannot help but notice flaws in the anatomy that glare to my eyes.

    That said… there is not enough ‘definition’ in the genital area of Belleza. For some reason you can only get this part of the body detailed on a small selection of mostly cartoonish furry avatars… the last place I would want to look for it… But Belleza lacks more than some other brands (but is not as bad as TMP was there).
    – Everything else about Belleza is perfect… (well it could use a bento update… but I mean perfect in terms of form and physics.

    Some popular brands, if you dial up the physics really high (needed for a nude body where the bosom will shake a lot when you move) – the sternum will move as well… on some really bad bodies, you can dial up the butt, and watch your vulva wiggle with it – very strange…
    – Other bodies do weird things to the bosom on larger cup sizes… especially when you use buoyancy, mass, and gravity to simulate proper weight / sag.

    ONLY belleza gets it all right. And only Freya allows for a larger bosom size (without being comically large) Maitreya at 100 breast size is still smaller than most women in my RL family and many women of the ethnic group of my avatar…

    Belleza Jake. I tried slink, adam, and signature first for my male alt… An alt that goes 99% unused has spent more money than even some of the premium account alts I use to manage land holdings thanks to “research” into bodies and bits…

    I settled on Jake because like Belleza’s females it looks right. The others are all too muscular. I didn’t want a circus clown and I like my blokes to look slim and athletic.

    I want Tuxedo Mask and all the other brands give me the Hulk…
    – Or if not that, they have too much lag.
    – Or slink, which has the ‘male bits’ of a child… Take out a prim, measure it… and then take another prim and measure that to “what you think a man should have” and resize your male prop accordingly.

    A LOT of guys in SL, wanting to avoid being accused to ‘ego compensating’ have given their avatars 2″ frank-and-beans…
    – Give that man something folks can get a handle on…

    Belleza Jake just ‘worked’ when I put a shape on him that was meant to have ‘real world human anatomy’.
    – I should also note that Belleza Jake has an amazing ‘built in african skin tone’… it’s actually better than the ones I found commercially as just skins.
    – Jakes only problem is the hands don’t have a default animation running. Take off the HUD and TP, and you’re hand splay out. I had to write a little script and put it into something I always wear – just to run a basic animation if have no other animation on the hands going…


    Mayreal: This is the only female mesh head that is easy to re-make the same basic look one had for a face before mesh, but in better more realistic detail. In other words… you get to stay you.

    It also costs about 1/3 of most competition… and it comes with an extra unscripted ‘mod’ copy for modders…
    – PLUS it comes in both ‘with and without’ ears heads… I’m a neko and this was vital. I made an Orc alt recently and again, vital to have a no ears option so I could pop pointy ears onto my head…

    It also animates very nicely with a lot of different third party animations, and has it’s own list of animations that are just great…

    Only downside is there is no script to run facial expressions when furniture triggers them – like a pre-mesh head does. I had to buy a 300L script for that from ‘Sweet Animations’… But I just might write my own because the animations built into Mayreal are better than any competition…

    Catwa: My copy of Jake uses Catwa ONLY because Belleza Jake came with an applier to use it’s built in skins with Catwa. I have no opinions on this otherwise – I didn’t bother testing out different male heads… I just gulped at paying the cost of a house in RL London just to get a head for a male alt I never use…

  • Citie Raven Viper

    I wear the Maitreya body because I like the smoothness of it and the hud is very simple and easy to understand, also helps that there are a lot of clothing options for it. However, I wear the SLink Dynamic Bento hands. I personally think the fingers and the nails are cuter. I know there isn’t a lot of options for the Dynamic but that’s ok, I don’t wear a lot of jewelry anyway. For the head, I wear the Bento Simone by Lelutka. The hud was the easiest to understand for me and I liked how her eyebrows looked (lol). Lelutka is always coming out with cool expressions as well. Thou I still use system eyes, haven’t found the right pair of eyes yet. I am very happy with all parts of me.

  • Mimara Blessed

    The cycle of Maitreya being popular because it’s the most supported because it’s the most popular continues… yay for continuing with all it’s flaws (shoulder blades that invert, 0 butt definition, etc, etc).

  • Yukimi

    I tend to use my Maitreya body more of late, but really still like the Kemono body and the anime heads, sadly there is not as much support for them as there used to be, as for other mesh heads I use my Catwa head mostly with some looks using the Normie head, just depends on the look and species of the avatar I am creating.

  • John Nordic

    I use TMP but I am not satisfied; it fits major designer outfits poorly in the back/neck. Looking into Signature/Gianni, except that the nipples seem to be placed too low, almost on the underside of the chest. Not wearing a mesh head but will try Catwa Victor – seems male’ish my style.

  • Daimon Silverdragon

    Really happy to see how popular Belleza Jake has become in such a short time. I held off wearing a mesh body for a long time because I didn’t like the shape of any of them. But Jake was a home run as soon as I tried it on the first time. I’ve pestered so many creators to make things for Jake… I hope the survey results help my cause!

  • I use Eve head and body. This body is closer to my natural shape and size and more realistic. This way I do not get to have giant clumpy feet because of my small frame and fixed pickaxe handle calves with no foot sizing. Also ass is not square when I have small shape and Eve has a waist and does not look like a man’s body with tits. Also is good to have a body with a pussy for a change that is low complexity and does not need add ons! This body is under-publicised and the Eve/Adam community are not informed of these polls and I question why?

  • I wear Eve Body and Head only because shape is real not plastic: Is not perfect but then is not false either.

    Why is there no notices sent to Eve Group for these Polls??

  • Marius

    Adam – no questions is not over inflated or look like gorilla.

    Why is Adam/Eve group never told of these polls?

  • Adam all the way and this poll is fake! – I could make same entry 100 times with the way this is set up.




  • Thank you to everyone that has participated in this survey so far. I want to just make a few statements because of things people have brought up.

    I am not a designer, I am just a blogger that blogs a wide variety of bodies and heads. I have no interest in setting up a fake poll. I don’t earn any extra money from doing that.

    The polls count one vote per IP address. So even if you vote more than once, it will only count one of your votes per IP address. I shared this poll on my blog and my social networks. I did not approach any body or head designers and ask them to share them in any of their groups. If some of them did that, that is their choice, I never asked anyone to do that.

    I did this poll as a public service and tried to keep it as neutral and as inclusive as possible.

    Thank you again for participating, I appreciate it.

  • creola Deledda

    I use the Maitreya Mesh Body because of its’ lower ARC and the Bento hands. I also have Belleza, SLink Hourglass, G-body. & 2 Altamura bodies. I love the shape of the Belleza. I mainly use the Catwa Kimberly Bento head. I have early non-Bento mesh heads from Logo & Catwa & Bento LAQ & AK.

    I am very disappointed in the Altamura full mesh Bento bodies because I have not been able to apply anything Omega and I can’t even match their skin tones for head & body. Luckily I got one free & the other on sale.

    Like you, I do love switching up bodies & heads. 😀

  • Serenity Quar

    I go between Lelutka and Laq for heads, they are different as most people wear catwa, and i find they can really look different with the skins you choose, i never found that with Catwa. I use the maitreya body most days but have switched between, slink hourglass and belleza isis. I never change my feet and only wear the ones from maitreya with the body, unless im wearing belleza or slink, i find the maitreya the easiest to use by far, and the huds for the laq and lelutka heads so much easier and less laggy then the catwa hud.

  • Cennie Daines

    I wear the Bento Alive Bento Living Sensuous Sophie Head along with the Bento Alive Bento Living Sophie Body. I wanted to get away from the “Mainstream” and find something different, apart from everyone else. It’s been an experience not having the alpha hud but it does teach you that if you want reality, Sophie is it!

  • Patricia de Chenier

    I wear a Maitreya Lara body, but do not wear a mesh head.
    I’ve spent quite a lot of time adjusting sliders on my Classic head to get the look I like. I’m pressed for time in my Second Life and am reluctant to spend the amount of time some of my friends have reproducing their “look” from their Classic heads on their mesh heads. If there were a mesh head that you could wear that would require only a little modification to reproduce the features from your shape’s head, that’d be so nice.

  • Steve

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?
    Female heads: Catya and Lilo by Catwa, Simone and Chloe by Lelutka and Lulu by Akeruka. I like all these three brands, their heads are very good, I am not very fond of the Catwa hud, it is a bit small for me, ending in using the Catwa heads less than I would like. I also like Laq Fiore and Vista heads and I will bye some of them for my collection
    Female bodies: I have Maitreya, Belezza, TMp and both Slink.
    I dont use TMP, Venus and Physique any more, their design seems a bit old these days. My fav is Isis body with Slink hands and feet, but unfortunately I dont find many clothes for it and I use more the Maitreya one.
    Male heads: I have Daniel from Catwa and Enzo from Niramyth. Daniel is the head I use most for the time, but I am not very fond of it, I am waiting for new designs to come out. The same with Enzo, I rarely use this one anymore. I tried some of the new Catwa heads and the Lelutka male head, and I will bye more heads when there will be more options. Again, althought I like the Catwa heads, again I have problems using this small hud.
    Male bodies: I have Niramyth, Belezza, Signature, TMP and Slink.
    I love the Niramyth body, I think it has great design and the hud is very easy, but unfortunately there are not many skin options for it. I am waiting for Niramyth to release the new body that he said he is preparing. The body I use most often is Jake, I think it is very good in design and hud and there are lots of clothes for it. The TMP and Slink bodies I dont use them anymore, they seem a bit old. I sometimes use Signature boody. I liked the new body from Nardcotix and I will bye it soon.
    In geberal I am happy with all the brands that make mesh heads and bodies, I support them and I will continue to do so, I am waiting for the new body from Niramyth, I would love an update of the male Slink body, I would like it if Catwa made their hud bigger, I would love to see more male mesh heads and finaly and most important, I would love to see the prices going down, there are so many bento heads and bodies around, and there are so many new ones coming, that the prices should be re estimated.

  • I use Catwa Catya Bento and Lona Bento heads and LeLutka Simone Bento with a Maitreya body. I have a number of other heads including AK and several Genesis heads (not Bento) and just purchased a LAQ Bento. There are differences in huds for each. I like the LeLutka hud because everything is on the same hud. The Catwa huds are smaller and harder to use, plus you must change huds for different functions. More skin makers seem to concentrate on Catwa. I would wear the Lelutka head more, because I really like the animations in it, but I haven’t found a lot of skin makers who do well with the LeLutka head. I have the TMP and eBody but use the Maitreya body because more clothing makers seem to make things for that. The fantasy designers particularly seem to make items exclusively for Maitreya. The Maitreya hud is very easy to use. My only issue with it is that I wish there was a finer division in some of the alpha areas, particularly at the wrists and lower legs and around the breasts.

  • Sweecahcahche Ah

    I wear (Tonic Fine Beauty) because i find the ability to make a more petite female figure similar to my own in real life, suits my avatar better than others I have tried I use on occasion (Maitreya Lara) but it is not as suited to my avatar as the Tonic one. I know it’s silly and that in SL you can be whatever shape and size , or human, animal even gender you prefer, but for a human avatar i like to create my avatar to look like me in RL. I am of Asian frame and yes stereotypically i could pass as a teen even tho I am now in my 30’s. I am only a us 4 = uk 8 = eu 38 in clothing due to my frame being very small and only 5 feet 1 inches = 154.94 cm in height to get this look in sl and not look like a child the Tonic Fine beauty has the perfect ability to resize with the shape slider to my proportions, so that is why I choose that Body. I wish more designers would do clothing for this brand as it is such a lovely body mesh and is already pre-loaded with omega. Meli Imako now has been doing her full perm kits for a while for the Tonic Bodies which is a great bonus, I wish other front line popular stores like Addams and Blueberry to name just a couple would start to add the ranges they do to Tonic so instead of having to wear a generic xs,s,m,l,xl which never gives a perfect fit, we could have as close a fit as with maitreya clothing.

  • Lili Xubersnak

    I use Lelutka Simone and Slink Hourglass.

    I originally owned Physique. About two years ago I took a break from SL and, when returning, wanted a new body. Going with Hourglass made sense (I already had hands and feet), and I liked the body type. Had I known Maitreya had become the SL standard and I would miss out by not being in the right “club”, I would choose Maitreya instead. I still would change to Lara, but I’m faced with a proposition of paying a lot of money and investing a lot of time (and perhaps more money) digging up Maitreya items and converting outfits.

    In short, I feel completely “committed” to Slink, and time, energy, and dollar costs make change prohibitive.

    I prefer Lelutka for heads because of the system, especially the HUD, which is the best design in SL. About two years ago I tried CATWA but was unhappy with it for all the reasons I love Lelutka. I would not change brands.

  • Danethegreat

    For my main avatar I use a Signature Gianni Body and Lelutka Andrea head. The Gianni just has a good toned look (can get too muscled if you go crazy on the sliders) and has lot more options for clothes. I have used just about every major male mesh body in my time, and prefer the Gianni. The Lelutka head I just love the animations so smooth and perfect for my photography

    For my female model I use Maitreya Lara, just so much out there for it it’s hard to say no. Matched with a Lelutka Cate head. I toyed with an hourglass but just hard to have a realistic shape that isn’t cartoony.

  • Question: Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?

    Answer: I wear the Slink Hourglass mesh body and the Simone head from Lelutka. I would love to wear Maitreya more often but the body to me isn’t as curvy as the slink hourglass. That’s what I like about hourglass is the curves. It gives you a slim thick look. Curvy but not too curvy, where as Freya from Belleza gives you a more curvy look. I really wish creators like Amitomo, 89Hz, Zenith, M.Birdie and Momento to name a few would create for slink as well. I love their clothing, but they only create for Maitreya and it’s kinda frustrating when I have to ALWAYS switch bodies to wear a certain top or shorts. This is the same for for heads as well. I wish more creators made skins for heads other than Catwa. Catwa is nice, and I love the fact that there is more than one layer on the head for each section. That’s what I wish Lelutka and Genesis had for their heads as well. I would wear them WAY more often than I do now. I love Lelutka and Genesis very much. I just wish that the heads could have more than one layer. Creators really only make the cutest things for Catwa or Maitreya and it’s just so tiresome to have to switch back and forth all the time. I would wear Belleza a bit more if the breast were a tad more natural looking. I love the breast on the Maitreya body, it’s just they don’t have the fullness of the slink hourglass that I like. Honestly all and all I would like for creators to give more attention to other bento mesh bodies like Slink Hourglass, Belleza, and other bento heads like Lelutka and Genesis Lab. There aren’t many skins for either of those heads which is sad because they are such beautiful heads. Another head I do like is the Fiore head. It’s pretty as well. I would wear it more if the lips were adjusted to were they were more equaled out and that way if a customer would like more of a fuller lower lip. They could shape it themselves instead of it being that way already. I don’t know if it’s possible to ever wear applier clothing with tattoos without having to mask one or the other one day, but that would be awesome!!!! Anyways I love my mesh bodies and bento heads. It’s so amazing to be able to really customize your look. It’s the reason why I encourage so many people to try Second life, especially with all the new updates and the new things that the bento system brings!

  • ElSolLaluna

    Will you be posting any results for this poll?

  • Hello ElSolLaluna, when you vote in the polls, you should get the results rigth away inside the embedded poll. If you don’t see any of the embedded polls on this page, please make sure you disable any ad blockers and then you should be able to see them.

    Thank you for participating!

  • Lysana McMillan

    I use SLink Physique and GA.EG’s Barbara head. I chose Physique because it was the best fit for my body shape and I preferred the shape of the breasts over that of the others. It didn’t hurt that I’d also already bought the feet and hands a while beforehand. This has granted me the additional benefit of being able to keep the mesh extremities for those rare occasions not wearing my mesh body makes more sense for what I’m doing. I went with GA.EG because I was able to actually look like myself with it, including the capacity to have a resting smile whether or not I wear its animation HUD. The lower price on both the head and accessories also helped a lot.

  • Lysana McMillan

    As for the which I would use but for X reason question, honestly, there isn’t anyone else’s product I would move to at this time. I only get a little annoyed if I see a specific item I’d love to own but it’s not for Physique. I am deeply enamored of this body. However, I was charmed when I saw eBody lets you select your nipple shape. I’d also fake-marry Siddean Munro if her alpha cuts were closer to Altamura’s. The 2.0 version of the body helped in that area, but the fine-tuning possible on Altamura is beyond anyone else’s. As for the head, I only have flashes of annoyance when I see lash appliers. Nobody but GA.EG does lashes for it. I know there’s a very good set of reasons after chatting with a designer about UV maps, though. GA.EG is well designed enough that I haven’t run into significant issues with using animations plotted for other heads for the few occasions I care to.

  • Hi, i’ve several avatar, male and female, and mostly i use Catwa head for both. For bodies, i use Maitreya for female and Slink for male, but in this second case, i often have to use Signature Gianni because of sizes included in dress packages. For male, when i look for a “young and delicate” effect, i use Maitreya+V-Tech chest mod. I particularly love this combo, but it’s very limitate due the lack of items for V-Tech mod. I hope in the future more designers will consider this mod for Maitreya body.

  • I currently use Maitreya on my primary Avitar and Belleza Freya on my alt.. I would use Kitties Lair Lena on my main IF she had a better alpha hud for it and people made clothes for it.. I prefer the shape of the KL Lena

  • Lestat Draconia

    I liked the survey, but why was there no Poll for Male mesh bodies? I seen Womens bodies, Female and male heads, but no Male Bodies. My vote would have gone to Signature had there been one.
    Currently, I use a Signature Gianni Mesh body, and a basic Catwa mesh head. I have not found a Bento head that I am particularly fond of nor do I have the patience to make a new bento head AND shape look the same as what I am currently wearing.

  • Sub Fhang

    I use TMP body and head. A funny choice really. Pre-mesh my favorite skins were from Aeros. I’ve found almost all mesh skins to be a long drop off from Pi Rain’s pre-mesh work. The only exception is her Baenar. Of course there’s tons of things I haven’t seen. But, I spent a long time trying to find a skin I loved usuing Catwa Daniel. The TMP mesh head seems grossly overpriced. TMP’s many failings are well documented in discussions here and other places. No need for me to elaborate. So, Baenar skin on the TMP head and body and an Elysian skin on the same head and body are what I’ve settled on. I’m happy with my look. I’ll be very happy to get a motion capture bento head some time. But, none of the skins I put on the Catwa head did much for me.

  • Kaarah

    I currently use maitreya Lara with my catwa bento head. I rarely change bodies even though I also have both slink physique and hourglass as well as all the Belleza bodies. Maitreya is just my absolute favorite. catwa has the best heads in my opinion however I always have my eyes on Fiore because of the variety of ethnic choices they offer in the facial features. The drawback for me is that there aren’t as many apliers options as catwa and the hairbase layer doesn’t come as far forward as I would like so the hairline seems to start a ways back from the forehead. But I do LOVE the way the Hudson work. I enjoyed that much the little time I wore the head before.

  • Coconaught

    Mesh Head-
    I currently use the CATWA mesh heads. I’ve used LOGO in the past and demo’d Lelutka, and LAQ but I prefer CATWA overall because of the head aesthetics, skin availability and the robust HUDs.

    Mesh Bodies-
    My TRUE favorite would have to be the Belleza Freya body. I love the overall shape, I just wish the HUD was more like the Maitreya and that they would get updated with bento hands. Now with that said, I do love my Maitreya body. It is able to get a nice shape and the availability for clothes and accessories is second to none but the hips and breast shapes of Belleza are just too <3 for me to ignore. I do also use the SLink Hourglass body but as someone who always wears the accompanying HUDS for their body there is just too much to keep track of when I need to keep a seperate foot hud on as well as one for the body. (I change outfits like mad) also the calves don't seem to scale well with the overall body shape which can be annoying at times.

  • Khalida Nirvana

    I use Maitreya body with hands and feet, and I use Catwa head. I have tried 2 non-bento heads from Catwa and the Slink Visage Head, and I have also tried Slink Physique, Slink Hands and Feet, and TMP body, hands, and feet. Maitreya is my favorite out of them because I like that there is so much stuff for it and I like the body shape better. You can do so much more with it, and the breast, butt, feet, and hands are nicer of the three. I have tried demos of other heads like LeLutka, Genius Lab, and Akeruka and did not like them. I liked the Visage for a while but then tried Catwa and never looked back.I didn’t like the smile lines on it and it’s not bento. Also, I would like to say that the HUD for both Catwa and Maitreya are so easy to use. The only thing I miss is the fact that with SLink Physique, you could pick different parts of the tattoo that you could wear, like if it was an upper body tattoo, you could choose to use just the sleeves part, and using two different layers, like clothing and tattoo, didn’t glitch/disappear. If Maitreya worked on that aspect, it would be the PERFECT body IMO.

  • Kiislin

    I love the Tonic Fine Beauty body. For me it is the perfect look for small perky breasts and butt. Along with the Tonic body I prefer Catwa heads. They tend to be a little technical with the HUD, but overall, the wide choices of bento heads and the wide choices of 3 party skins it is possible to create the exact look you want.

  • Fabi Millet

    I love the Tonic Fine Beauty body. For me it is also the perfect look especially for smaller breasts and butts. And to represent more petite or Skinny bodies. With the tonic body I prefer Catwa heads. Because of the great offer of Bento heads and the selection of skins, it is possible to create just the look you want. I also particularly like the operation of the Hud. Tonic and Catwa are very good to serve. Especially from not so tech savvy people.

  • Jolie Serendipity

    Maitreya Lara body and Catwa Catya. I started with the Maitreya Lara mesh body, and have not changed since then because I loved the simplicity over all the other miscellaneous parts I was wearing. In addition, I love that I can find beautiful clothes and other fun appliers. It seems that I can buy just about anything I want for my body. Added bonus: the Maitreya Lara Friends group has amazing support and the most friendly members of all my SL groups. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    I’ve had 4 or 5 different CATWA heads, but once I found Catya, I was sold. While I still find the HUD confusing, I know the support in the group is there for me. Their members are patient and funny, and ever so helpful. I love all the different skins, makeups, and other appliers available for CATWA heads, and I love that I’ve never seen anyone who looks like me.

  • Alicia Robbins

    I use Eve Slim Bento V9.1 with Eve’olution head both by Absolute Creations. One advantage is that the body and head are easy to match (obviously!).
    The bento hands on the latest update are beautiful and being able to create your own poses is a nice touch. There are more alpha cuts now for the body which has been a bugbear in the past. I love the head – its bento and distinctive though animations are lacking – but it is still at beta stage.
    The main prob of course is that clothes designers don’t support it as much as for other bodies such as Maitreya. However with a little work on body shape its possible to produce a pseudo maitreya and belleza venus fit – always testing using demos! So I love my Eve – its distinctive and feminine. I just wish there were more designers but with the M body being the “go-to” you can understand why – sadly.

  • Trixie

    I use Maitreya and Catwa exclusively. I sometimes think about switching to Lelutka (for the skins) and Freya (for the curves), but quite honestly that just feels like a lot of work lol. I’m happy with the ease of use for what I have.

  • Riviera

    I am waiting for one COMPLETE MESH BODY that includes the bento head, bento hands, directional feet. Maitreya body is the most complete offering that includes directional feet and bento hands making it the best value/price. Now if only Maitreya can make a bento head. That’s the head I will buy.

    I find it cumbersome filling up my screen with huds for everything body/head/animation. In my opinion, it’s a matter of time when someone will drop a complete option.

  • Lyric Lancrae

    I own all major brands but, best that work for me is Isis with lelutka greer/spencer. I mix belleza Isis with maitreya hands,feet(sometimes slink as well). It works out well and always get compliments about my shape. Many are surprised when I mention I’m wearing Isis when I tell them what I’m wearing exactly and it’s awesome to open eyes to more brands. Support all brands in sl!

  • I use Tonic Fine beauty hands/body/feet (which comes all together) paired with a Catwa head, simply for the reason that they are easily customizable for me and were relatively low cost when compared to some other bento items on the market. After 6 years of searching for something I could customize and not come back to critique.. this set works for me as Tonic is Omega Advanced, compatible with Slink feet, and my Catwa choice was perfect for the face I wanted!

  • Cristalle Karami

    I own a number of heads from different brands (Akeruka, Eve, Altamura, Catwa, LOGO, LAQ, and Lelutka). My preferred head is Lelutka Cate at this time, although the newer batch of heads is tempting. The Lelutka HUD is the best, hands down, and there are more good choices for animation than most brands. It is just the smoothest and most professional HUD. LAQ’s heads would be my second choice, they are beautiful and take Omega appliers better than Lelutka heads (Lelutka distorts around the eyes). Their HUD is nice but it is not as slick to me as Lelutka.

    I wear almost all my heads, though, as I roleplay and like to make different characters with distinct looks. The non-bento heads have been boxed up for now, though. I do not have a Bento Catwa or LOGO head although I imagine I will at some point in the future. I have been busy irl lately and haven’t been logging in too much, so getting a new head and skin shopping are on the back burner.

    For bodies: Maitreya. But I am likely to pick up Tonic Curvy Beauty as well. For me, I think that is a more natural-looking shape, even at the lower numbers on the chest slider. Clothing might be difficult to get, though, to fit at the higher numbers. Again, it’s not a priority right now since I’m barely logging in. We’ll see what happens a few months down the road.

  • Lettie Lynagh

    My first (and last) mesh bodies are the eBODY classic and curvy. They both have wonderful curves and detailed lines. I took a while to choose my mesh body, not jumping in as soon as they were available, however, once I’d tried the demo of the eBODY, that was me converted. Most of the mesh clothing now on offer fits the classic body and designers are jumping on board to create clothing for the Curvy….Yay!

  • Ta'Lyndah Chevaughn Monroe

    As of right now, I am using the Cat Tala head with the eBody Curvy mesh body. Prior to buying the eBody, I was using the Belleza Freya over the Maitreya or Slink Hourglass. What I enjoy most about the eBody Curvy mesh is that is full and natural without taking on the “swollen” hip look of the Freya when you increase the saddlebags on the hips. It also responds well to added body fat without becoming “dumpy” too quickly. The 8.5 update reshaped the breasts beautifully and gave extra “oomph” to the behind and legs.

    This body also looks amazing with applier clothing which I have to use until more creators begin to make content for it, and for those that already to update to the latest version. The vaginal area is well shaped, unlike most bodies that preceded it.

  • EleanorJean

    I read a lot of these insightful comments and they were interesting to hear. For me my choice comes down to the mesh parts that creators are making things for. Although it seems the Catwa heads have more makeup choice, I still prefer my Lelutka Head. As for body I go with the Lara.
    I realize it’s hard for creators to make multiple versions, but it would be nice if our choices could be based on the features of the mesh body part and not just which it is easier to get things for. Some of the lesser used mash bodies and heads are great. I have demo-ed a large number of them. So glad we have Berry to demo them all for us! Thanks Berry!

  • Kemoni

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t

    I own slink hg, belleza, tmp deluxe, ebody curvy and maitreya amongst quite a few others… i currently use maitreya the most. Not because it’s my preferred body but because it has the support of majority the creators so there’s a huge variety of selection for it. I also own quite a few heads but prefer my catwas as I’m most used to their huds and ease of shaping.

  • Debbie

    Question: “Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why? Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason?”

    For bodies I use Classic/System body, Maitreya and eBODY on a regularly basis. But I prefer full perm templates for clothes.

    For a head I use my classic/system head with upgraded skin, eyes and makeup.

    Why Maitreya is my favorite for a very stable body / scripts. I still use my classic/system body when I need to have the least memory use and scripts.

    Mesh heads are still to expensive and to many scripts / memory use. I still consider them in the beta mode. When I do get one some day I want it to look like my classic head, a seamless upgrade. I want all adjustment sliders to work. Keep it simple. It’s still to complex.

    I’m on satellite internet so I have high ping time, 550 ms. So it’s important to me to use the least amount of memory and scripts for an efficient avatar. When the internet is very busy, like the weekends, my ping time explodes and SL become almost unusable at times.

  • FlashMob004 Resident

    I tried the Ebody Curvy, the 1 dollar version for a while, found some clothings for that new 8.5 version body at the Tam’s Trousseau shop
    and at the *EF* Empire Fashions , GranVilles World shop, later i bought the full version body since that one has a HUD that allows me to use more clothings, as well as omega enabled clothings, So far i’m happy with this body and i hope more clothing creators will start supporting making clothings. Right now i use it with LAQ neve head, considering buying more heads, maybe from LeLutka.

  • Lettie Lynagh

    For me I don’t think you can go past the Abar eBody, both the classic and the curvy. Both bodies are so natural in shape and form and are very easy to deal with. Unfortunately, and I’m not sure why this is so, many creators are not jumping into the potential market this body is creating, preferring instead to create clothing of lesser worn mesh bodies. I have IM’d some well known creators asking them to consider creating clothing for the eBody curvy, only to be informed by one clothing creator that it will not happen. I only hope that once they have seen this survey they will reconsider.

  • Rhjena Nightfire

    I much prefer Belleza bodies over Maitreya and Slink. Slink hips/butt look like a child’s rear and you just can’t fix it, I’ve tried. Plus I don’t want to have to worry with lines/seams between the body/hands/feet. That’s just too much to have to worry with and keep updated all the time. What a pain in the rear. Maitreya has so many little things that I didn’t like, legs have no shape for one in particular and the breasts, wrists, ankles. I found the Belleza body after trying out Maitreya and wouldn’t go back for nothing.

  • Tess Falworth

    Which mesh body and head do you currently use and why?
    I find that my preference for heads is Catwa. I think they photograph better in different lights than other heads, and they also have more distinct features. Their eyes also photograph better, and look more realistic than other mesh eyes(even with same appliers). I do own LAQ, Lelutka, and Vista, as well as Utilizator and Altamura, as well as Genesis Eva and LOGO, Alex. Lelutka has an elegant HUD that is less laggy and easier to use than Catwa, and better animations, in my opinion, but overall, there are more appliers for Catwa and in photos, Catwa just works best.
    I also really like the profiles for Catwa best of all.But, if someone could combine the lovely profile of the LOGO heads, their expressions and the Catwa look in photos, I’d be down with that head!

    For Bodies: I find that Maitreya is the one I wear 95% of the time. Their body has always been more “neutral”; that is, I can modify it to suit many shapes, and it has a better overall look than the other bodies. I find the Belleza bodies to be lovely for a more “mature” look. The reason I don’t wear them very much is their HUDs… laggy AF. Just not user friendly at all in my opinion. And, even though I love Slink, I find their system to be just too much.. Maitreya has it all, hands, feet, and now Bento hands included in one package, no fuss, no extra stuff to buy, etc. I do own the Tonic body in an alt, and it is a very nice looking body, similar in editing ability to Maitreya, but the hands, tho. 🙁 Just not as elegant as Slink or even Maitreya, though with the Bento update I think it looks better.

    Is there another body or head you would prefer to use but don’t because of convenience, cost, or another reason? I think I am pretty much a Maitreya body user to be honest. As for a head, unless someone managed to combine all the best features of all the heads, I think I’m sticking to Catwa.

    In the end, it really comes down to user preference and the attention to details in each body. Do you want a more mature looking avi? more youthful, fuller, slimmer, etc etc. I don’t’ think anyone body is bad, nor do I think anyone is THE BEST. I believe they all have unique and lovely looks, but I tend to go with one that allows me to have the most capability in editing, as well as the easiest to use and is most inclusive as far as what it comes with for the price. Maitreya has all of those hands down.

  • I prefer the Belleza bodies mainly Venus and Freya. The bodies are easy to shape and have a lot of flexibility. I am so happy to see that so many more creators are putting out clothes for the Belleza bodies now. The update with bento hands is great, no more need for other hands or feet. For a while I wondered if I fell in love with the wrong body but finally I can now find a lot more clothes and just don’t worry if shops don’t support Belleza because now I can find many that do. I have Maitreya and Physic but hardly wear them anymore. I like the Belleza HUD but maybe that’s because I’m so used to it. It’s very clear as to what to click on and other than under the arms you are able to alpha much easier than the other two body HUDS I have.
    For mesh heads I love the Vista Diana and Zoe. I’m getting attached to LAQ heads too. And just like with Belleza I’m glad to see that at least a few more creators are making products for these heads. I just wish they would put the products out at events too so we know who we can buy from without assuming they only sell Catwa. I have a couple Catwa heads and just don’t like the puffy mouths (viewing from the side). They always bothered me but I should look at the newer Catwa heads to see if they are less puffed out. But now that other head makers have lower pricing I don’t know if I’ll spend that much on a head again.

  • Just started with Belleza Jake and Lelutka Andrea for male. Clothes are pretty poor all around at present for all male avs. For female Maitreya Lara has the best choice, pity there isn’t more for the Belleza bodies.

  • I wear the Maitreya Body but no bento or mesh head. I have often wanted to have it but I can’t afford one.

  • Sylvie Jeanjacquot

    I started as a pioneer with Wowmeh, went from Belleza to TMP, then Maitreya and settled down wearing Hourglass daily. Matching her with LeLutka’s Bianca satisfies me most.

    Catwa never catch me that much, despite – or maybe because of – the overwhelming market (call it dictatorship) for Catwa-Appliers.

    Same with Maitreya, btw; which is a stunning body but also everything “Exlusive” distracts me. Apparently, Hourglass is a tad more feminine, too.

  • Mondy Brangwin

    Wow, people still posting comments, I wonder it they’re still being read? 😉
    Anyway. I use Maitreya Lara and Catwa Kimberly combination.
    Lara being most supported IMO by designers and the Kimberly, after trying umpteen demos I felt was most similar to my original system head and look in combination with my usual skin.
    I also own Belleza but rarely use it and Lelutka Simone, but could never get it to look quite right (I could never get my mouth or eyes to look good)
    On an alt I’ve tried the Laq heads but I really don’t like the hud. I find that really off putting and most of the Laq heads are a much younger look.

  • Jaulistine

    I am happy to see Sking Katena on this list. For me I enjoy being thick and this is literally one of the only bodies outside of AA bodies that does this without getting weird pointy hips and ugly football shoulders. Yes it has a few flaws but ever single body has some flaws. Yet for me this body does everything that I want it to do. Plus I can stand out the way I want to. When it comes to mesh heads it all depends on what I am wanting to look like I own from many brands. Lately I’ve been wearing Genus due to the wide range of looks I can create. I also own all the basic SL bodies such as Maitreya only because most gachas only make for that body but one day I realized quantity over quality wasn’t something I was on board for anymore. So it got put on the back shelf. As well as my Slinks’ and Bellezas’. They’re not ugly bodies don’t get me wrong. But they are made for the skinny avis. And I enjoy being fluffy so they don’t work for me. It’s an each to their own.

  • Belleza Freya with LAQ Gaia head, love Freya over Lara which I also have but never use, I find it doesn’t suit my curve needs like Freya does, anything she wears is beautifully curvy and flattering where Lara needs almost constant tinkering and I’m never happy with the shape, so I put her away and just use Freya now.

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  • Rain723 Munster

    Can this be redone? I know Belleza Freya and getting more popular, and apparently most clothing designers use this poll as to which body type clothing they will make. I am just tired of this and wish they could share the love and make clothes for Belleza also.

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