Exploring The Well by Loki Eliot in Second Life

Exploring The Well by Loki Eliot in Second Life

Today Draxtor Despres and I both decided to explore Loki Eliot’s The Well in Second Life, which is the fourth and final chapter of this series.

At first I was completely lost and it also didn’t help that I was about 20 minutes late because of real life guests. I was able to catch up, with lots of help from others, and join Drax in exploring the rest of it. Both Drax and I aren’t very good at these kinds of exploring treasure hunt type games so we were lost for most of it but with lots of help from people that were exploring with us, as well as the ones in my live stream, we were able to get through it till the end.

Watch my live stream on youtube:

Teleport over and explore The Well for yourself, I believe it’s only there for a few more days. There is a cost of L$200 in order to play, but it is quite fun, especially if you go with friends. I do want to warn you that there are some jump scares with creatures that are quite frightening at times (to me anyways).

I was quite scared at times, so much so that I ended up saying some funny things, which of course Drax then quoted on Twitter:

Usually Draxtor and I explore Sansar every Saturday when we do Atlas Hopping, but this week we decided to postpone that so we could explore The Well. We will pick up Atlas Hopping on Halloween this Tuesday, October 31st at 9am SLT.

After Atlas Hopping, I will also try to live stream at Linden Lab’s Creepy Crawl Event in Second Life, which will run throughout the day from 10am till 2pm PST. I hope you can join me for all these adventures. Keep an eye on my live stream link that day. See you on Halloween!

My Style Credits can be found here: #SecondLifeChallenge – Halloween in Second Life


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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  • mae delvalle

    i did this today with my firend and had soooo much fun! crazy good ride!

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