Berry’s Birthday Giveaway 2017!

UPDATE: I have announced the 5 winners of the giveaway in the comments below. Thank you so much to everyone for entering and for all the birthday wishes! <3 Berry's Birthday Giveaway 2017!

September 22nd is my birthday and this past year has been such a wonderful one for me personally. I feel like I’ve really grown and I finally feel as if my life has purpose. I’m not even going to hide my age, I’ve earned my 37 years, and I’ve never felt so incredibly strong and confident before in my life. I’m hoping for even more growth and strength this coming year.

This coming year will also be my 10th year blogging about Second Life. Blogging is such a satisfying and rewarding hobby for me and I don’t know if I ever would have started it if it wasn’t for Second Life. I am so thankful for finding this virtual world that has brought me so much joy and has been such a wonderful creative outlet for me.

To celebrate my birthday I wanted to give you guys, my readers, a gift. I was lucky enough to have a very talented designer, Erratic Rain, donate five L$1000 gift cards for a giveaway for my readers, thank you Erratic!

To enter my birthday giveaway, for a chance to be one of the 5 lucky readers to win a L$1000 gift card for erratic, all you have to do is leave a comment in this blog post with the following information:

  1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name)
  2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!

The giveaway will end on Friday, September 29th at 6am SLT and I will announce the winners shortly after that, so you have about a week to enter. At 6am SLT, I will use the Pick Giveaway Winner wordpress plugin to randomly choose 5 winners and I will then announce the winners’ names in the comments of this post and drop the gift cards on them inworld soon afterwards. Good luck to everyone that enters!

I’m also embedding a video below in which I’ve given you a bit of a tour of the erratic mainstore and a glimpse at this bento sweater erratic released this month. So have a look if you haven’t had the chance to visit erratic before.

Watch my video on youtube:

Here are some links for erratic:
> Website
> Mainstore
> Marketplace
> Plurk
> Facebook
> Flickr
> Flickr Group
> Twitter

I’m also planning to live stream on youtube today for my birthday! I plan to visit the new grid-wide experience in Second Life: Tyrah & the Curse of the Magical Glytches. As I explore that experience I will live stream it to my youtube channel. I plan to do this at 9am PST on my birthday. If you’d like to join me in this experience, meet me at the portal at 9am PST! Don’t forget to view the tutorial video for this experience ahead of time, so you know what to do when you get there!

Here is a link where you can watch:

I also have a few updates on some other topics I wanted to talk to you guys about.


I blogged about Sansar when it first went into public beta on July 31st. Since then, I’ve been doing a weekly show in Sansar with Draxtor called Atlas Hopping. In each episode we try to visit a few experiences in Sansar and also talk about the latest and upcoming updates to the virtual world. You can watch all the episodes of Atlas Hopping so far in my youtube playlist.

I was also recently asked my thoughts about Sansar by Eclipse Magazine so I shared what my impressions have been thus far and why I enjoy it. Click over to read my response on page 180, but also check out the rest of the Sansar responses starting on page 176.

Sansar also went public with their Discord Server today and all are invited to join. Click over to the Sansar Discord help page to see how you can join their Discord community. If you are not familiar with Discord, I did a detailed post about it a couple of months ago.

The Bloggies Awards

The Bloggies are brought to you by the Blogger & Vlogger Network. They recognize key contributors in the blogging and vlogging community. I had blogged about it a couple of weeks ago, asking you guys to nominate your favorite bloggers and vloggers and even though I encouraged you guys not to nominate me, some of you still did lol. It made me smile, thank you so much. I really do appreciate you guys being so supportive of my hobby, it makes it all the more fulfilling. You guys nominated me in the following 5 categories: Best Destination Blogger, Best Tutorial Blogger, Best Narrative Blogger, Unboxing Vlogger of the Year and Best News Blogger. Thank you again for all the nominations! <3

The nomination process is now over and the voting process has begun. Click over and vote for your favorites now and then join me on October 14th at 12pm SLT at the ceremony. I will do my best to live stream it to my youtube channel as well.

Second Life Survey – Four Bridges Project

millay Freschi (Amy Cross in the real world) is conducting research into the Second Life experience as part of her PhD dissertation at the University of Maine. She has set up an anonymous survey of 48 questions about your relationship with your avatar, your  Second Life relationships and group memberships, as well as some demographic information. There is nothing involved that reveals your location or identity. millay founded The Four Bridges Project in SL and will host a concert for the community in January.
She wants to show what, if any, effect our avatars have on our other selves and how this might affect choices and decisions that we make in both worlds. Your participation will be appreciated; the survey will be available until October 15.
Here is a link to the online survey that should take about 30 minutes of your time: Second Life Survey – Four Bridges Project


Thanks again for all of the support this past decade, I really appreciate it. I will be doing another giveaway soon for all of my youtube subscribers once I hit 10000 subscribers on youtube, so if you haven’t subscribed as of yet, click over and hit that subscribe button now! Thank you! <3

Style Credits:
Shape: Simone Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0 by JadenArt
*Skin Applier: Glam Affair Mea by Aida Ewing (@ C88)
*Eye appliers: Avi-Glam Charm Eyes by Kendra Parfort (@ Shiny Shabby)
Hair: booN Lab.022 hair by boo Nakamura
*Sweater: erratic / laura – sweater by Erratic Rain (@ C88)
*Jeans: erratic / taylor – denim pants by Erratic Rain
*Shoes: A N E Shoes – EVOL Ankle Boots v.2 by Anemysk Karu (@ TLC)
Nosering: Amala – The Heart Nose Stud by crystalny

331 thoughts on “Berry’s Birthday Giveaway 2017!

  1. Weetie Whitfield says:

    Weetie Whitfield

  2. 1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name): BrandieKelly Resident
    2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!

    I am a shopper, a lover of fashion and decorating. I keep logging in because it is a creative outlet for me and I enjoy the social aspect as well as all the things I can do. I never tire of it. I always find something to do or work at.

  3. Happy Birthday,Berry!
    1. Vienette Resident
    2. Shopper, Blogger/

  4. Weetie Whitfield says:

    Weetie Whitfield …. shopper, explorer, freebie shopping addict. The friends that i have met over the years who are such a big part of keeping my life sane is what keeps me coming to Second Life.

  5. Happy birthday, Berry!! <3 My name is Alicia Chenaux, and I'm a blogger, vlogger, mom, wife, first of her name, Queen of Bluebonnet, Queen of Plants, the runner of her mouth, the Unslept, protector of noobs, and mother of cats.

    What keeps me coming back to SL? The obvious answer would be my blog, vlog, friends, and family. But honestly, the real answer is… possibilities. SL is so full of possibilities. Anything could happen on any given day and I'm always eager to come in and see what's going on.

  6. 1.Your full Second Life login name (not display name): BloodyKitty230 Resident

    2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!:

    I am a blogger in Second Life yes, and have been for a year now. I love shopping and exploring, finding new items to wear and new places to explore solo or with my friends. I’d say my favorite aspect is the shopping, when usually in real life I couldn’t care less to shop.


  7. 1.Pixie Burch
    2.I have been in Secondlife for 11 years and still counting.I was a designer for 5 years and then mesh ran me off.I currently Shop and explore.I stalk the blogs and events to see what’s new and what needs to be added to my mess of an inventory. I got the bestest friends a girl could ask for and they are my family now that is why I stay.

  8. Happy Birthday Berry ♥

    1. missmajersfl Resident

    2. Blogger,Creator & shopper, just enjoying sl with party & friends

  9. Evadelavigne Resident says:

    Hi Strawberry. Happy Birthday beautiful. Hope you have a fantastic day. My name is evadelavigne Resident in sl and I am a shopper (shopaholic) ty for the opportunity to be in your giveaway. I am mobile right now so hope I did it right lol. Muaah love all of your work. I follow religiously ❤

  10. Gwendolyn Beverly says:

    Hi! I’m Gwendolyn Beverly and I’m a shopaholic and explorer. What really keeps me logging in is the people.
    Happy birthday!

  11. Hi, Berry! Happy birthday and best wishes for you <3

    My SL name is Arkaddia Resident.
    I do love SL and been addicted to it. I like doing things that I like, such as shopping, exploring sims, customizing my avatar, hanging out with friends and I'm also working in SL.
    But I wish I can blog in the future, and you're totally one of my favorite blogger in SL. Thanks for insipiring videos you made! <3

    Once again, happy birthday, Berry. I hope you have amazing life in both worlds you live. xoxo

  12. I love to shop, explore, and meet people from around the world.. I love decorating my SL home and dressing my avi to look her best is what keeps me logging in.

  13. Resident queergirliza .i love to blog bc I love fashion and I love to push my self to see how far I go and I love it .i do have people tell me I’m not a good blogger but I don’t care and I believe in my self and that’s all that matters

  14. RavenSkye Waverider (ravenskye.waverider)
    I am a blogger, hope to be creator soon (trying some things), shopping whore totally explorer but mostly live on a platform keeping to myself lol
    I log in for the creativeness, fun, distraction and a few friends.. trying to do new things and keep active during my life situations. So, SL is great for keeping the mind from melting. This includes doing customer service and videos for a couple friends who are avatar creators.

  15. Kytara Warblood says:

    I am an avid shopper in SL. Love finding new and fun things. My friends and family keep me logged in over 10 years since I first started. I also love exploring so that keeps me logged in. Happy birthday!

  16. Hello Berry. Happy Birthday! I hope your year is full of joy and happiness!.

    My name is Aealla Illyar. I am model, blogger, stylist, Senior General Manager for Prism. I love exploring and playing games. What keeps me logging into SL? That would be dear friends and family. Without them, SL would not be as fun or interesting.

  17. Happy Bird-Day Berry!

    Ossia Xevion, I’m a blogger an DJ and all that crap. SL keeps me occupied during down time.

    The blog thing:

  18. 1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name): lilinunez
    2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!
    Well I’m a shopper, and what keeps me coming is my RL friend, that lives in another country so we meet in sl to still be close and hang out together in the virtual experience.

  19. Tamsyn Abbot

    HI, I’m Tam. I’m lucky enough to be employed as an estate manager for a beautiful homestead in SL, working for the owner is a pleasure. I’m also very involved in the SL live trivia and go to many of their events in which I have made some awesome friends. Thank you for this great opportunity.

  20. Happy Birthday, Strawberry
    I have been in SL for 13 years.I already have 10 years being a blogger.I really like what I do, and I learned a lot, and what I have to learn.And I hope to continue for much longer.

  21. Happy Birthday, Berry!
    Emelia Sinatra here . . . I like to shop, go dancing with my hubby. Having been in SL a long time, I’ve done a bit of everything. I started as a dance leader for a group called Funky Feats. Later, I decided to build a retro sim with several clubs on it where we held lots of fun activities. I made an Elvis Presley museum once, the Rockin Roller Rink and devised a way to skate dance people. Currently, my partner and I are building again. We have built the Blue Onion which is a beatnik/jazz club. Also built another roller rink. There is also a fallout shelter in the back of Blue Onion where we have erotic readings. We hold exclusive parties when we feel like it. To get on the invite list there is a subscribo behind the bar at the Blue Onion. Here’s a link to the Blue Onion

  22. Happy Birthday!!!

    2.Photos, videos, exploring sl, host by few music clubs, following some lessons (meditation, role play, building..), meet new people, chatting. It’s keep give me possibilities to learn more.

    Have a wonderful BDay.

  23. Leilani Darkfury says:

    I am more of a shopper who occasionally dabbles in Photoshop and making videos.. what keeps me logging is the social aspect and creative outlet sl offers.

  24. Naydee McGettigan says:

    Happy Birthday Berry Lady! ♥

    My name is Naydee Mcgettigan. I was a club owner for 12 years and a DJ for even longer! I keep coming back for my friends (my second family) :D And of course ~ the shopping, the dancing and the music!

  25. 1. Lyda Mynx
    2. I am a shopper,vlogger,and Mom oh an cant forget hoarder hehe (Meaning I shop way to much) as well as a roleplayer.

  26. I’m Bobbie Faulds. I make applier clothing and shapes. I’m currently updating them for Bento heads. I’m also a mod in the Omega Support group and help in other groups like Skin Addicting, Mesh Body Addicts, and various skin groups I’m in. My shop is at secondlife://Nieun/176/93. Applier shop is Quoth the Ravenn and shapes are Bodies by Bobbie.

  27. Happy Happy Birthday!
    1. I am alianahdarke Resident
    2. I am a land manager and have been for a few years now. I am also a part time hostess at an LGBTQ club and a co-owner of a trivia club and sometimes I putter around with textures and try to poke blender… whew busy busy bee.
    Besides my work, my Master and my friends and siblings are what keeps me coming back. If I didn’t have SL, I would be curled up hiding and reading comics all the time!

  28. Dulcetkitty Melody says:

    Hi Berry,

    My name is Dulcetkitty Melody
    In Sl, i spend a lot of time shopping and buying all the things you wear in your blogs (thanks). Sometimes I like to show them off so I have a flicker and a blog
    [ Kitty’s Blog]
    [ Kitty’s Flickr]

    I am now extremely interested in creating art and scuptures and that is taking up a lot of my time and creative juices that are flowing.

    I love SL and you make it even more fun !

  29. Jessica Marabana says:

    Jessica Marabana – I am a builder, host, photographer, explorer, vampire, helper of those in need.

    People keep me logging in… I have found friends and very special friends I just adore without whom I would not be coming back. I LOVE the creativity of people and explore different sims just to find myself in awe of what people can do.

    I build small household items with love and hope that I can bring a little joy to others.

  30. 1. juicyjennie resident
    2. I’m a blogger and photographer and a shopper! I love using SL as a creative platform. I love fashion and photography and the artistry of it and being able to explore my artistic side on SL and snap pictures that I can process in photoshop is a good way to exercise my creativity. It’s definitely one of my favorite hobbies.

    Thanks for this great opportunity and happy birthday, lovely. <3

    Blog Links:
    Tumblr –
    Blogspot –

  31. Happy Birthday Berry!

    1. PrimroseDean
    2. I am an avid shopper and I love seeing all the amazing things creators create, be it the clothing or the sims themselves. I am starting to explore my decorating skills and that keeps me logging in. Also my cats!

  32. nerthuschild resident

    two things rock my world in SL – One is the Companion’s Guild which has provided me with a family as well as learning how to be a better more loving person. the second is hosting in a blues club -which satisfies my love of the blues and also the opportunity to maybe make people a little bit happier in the time they are there with me.

  33. I forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday, Strawberry!c

  34. Happy Birthday to you!! <3 My SL name is Jenilyn Pearl.
    I currently getting into the world of blogging. I am trying to learn photography and figuring out how the world of blogging works.
    The reason why I keep coming back to SL is because I enjoy doing things that I am not able to do in RL. Like travel and exploring different places,cites, Mystical lands,Etc. I also enjoy the fashion in sl and all the many different types of styles that talented creators come up with.

  35. Hi! Thanks for the great giveaway, and happy birthday! I’m mousymayhem resident, and I’m a DJ. I also love to explore, take photos, and shop :)

  36. Misha6942 Resident
    I’m a choreographer, dancer, and used to be a writer. I like shopping and exploring.

  37. Charmayne Brentley says:

    Happy Birthday Strawberry! My Sl name is Charmayne Brentley and I am a shopper, cat-breeder, dabble in other breedables and I love your blog. I enjoy decorating my little bit of Second Life and always always seeing what is new to wear and playing with different looks.

  38. Hello Berry! I won’t say happy bday before the 27th because here in Italy is a bad thing xD I want you to know that I’m so happy you’re feeling much more confident, it’s something that not many can do.
    1. My sl name is Lawrencecraft
    2. What keeps me logging are my husband on sl and all my friends. I won’t lie, I wanted to open a blog but it’s still under construction and I also started to create shapes for mesh. My goal is to learn how to make skins and I hope i could reach it soon.

  39. Happy Birthday Berry

    Names CheriColette Resident
    I enjoy Second Life. Im a casual blogger, just in flickr, where I talk about places Ive been, Events or Art Ive seen and I like taking photos.
    When Im on a break at (RL) work, I reach for my phone and catch up on the news and fashion from SL. Its a great life.
    My Flickr>>

  40. Corin Gabe
    I’m mostly a shopper but I also do a lot of breedables and farming. I love Papillon breedables found on the Slink main sim.

  41. Fieraxxi Resident says:

    SL Name: fieraxxi

    In SL I enjoy shopping, exploring, in-world photography, music/dancing and personal landscaping/interior decorating.

    What keeps me logging in are the endless possibilities of creativity. I can dress up in costume, live in any type of home or if I want to be a cute piggy avatar in a pink tutu…I can do that too. My imagination runs free and that’s the best part about SL…that you simply CAN.

  42. Yay, Happy Birtday!!!! <3
    1. DyanaSand
    2. I am still too new yet to be anything in second life other than a shopper. I am exploring and trying to find the things that will interest me. In future i would love to be a creator…though let's be honest here, i don't have a single creative bone in my body.

  43. Angel Jillybean says:

    Happy Birthday Berry! I love watching all your videos. If it wasn’t for thdm, I never would have learned about mesh bodies/heads. So thank you for the videos

    1. Angel Jillybean
    2. I have been in SL for 8 yrs now. I am a former club owner. I also used to rent out land, and I have a store as well. I’ve done alot in 8 yrs. Why I keep logging in now is to be with my SL husband. i also love to shop, dance, listen to music and explore all the awesome sims SL has to offer. I love doing photography as well…there are so many nice sims to take pictures on.

  44. 1.kalelcashmere

    2. I am a shopper, sim hopper
    love your videos

  45. Hiii berry … Wish you a happiest birthday and a super year ahead
    1.Your full Second Life login name (not display name): zoeyrose15

    2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!

    I am not really a photographer or even a blogger or creator .. First when I joined second life I had no idea wht it wud be like .. N as years went by i started seeing it as a way to escape from real for the time .. In a productive way .. I love exploring beautiful places have met very few good people .. love following blogs n keeping up on the events …I enjoy decorating in whatever house decor I have collected over the years . Even joined Flickr very recently.. I am no professional photographer in real or sl but I try improving on the pics just for fun …

  46. Hello Cherry and Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day!

    Your full Second Life login name (not display name)- Susannah Reynolds

    What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!
    I am a Blogger in SecondLife and I completely enjoy it! I have learned so much in the year that I have been blogging and have improved so much on my photograhpy as well. I love to explore new sims , and see whats around them , what there is to do if anything. I am a also a shopaholic LOL .. I love to go shopping when I have the L to do so.

  47. Many happy returns, Berry! I hope you have a lovely and joyful year with your family and friends.

    SL name: Sparrow Tuqiri

    I’m an on and off creator with my own little shop. Something I’ve always wanted in r/l but never had the time to do. Hunts were an early passion, and I would log on in the wee hours just to finish them off. Then going to live music events & poetry readings was my thing. I found out about gimp, then purchased PS and started creating and have been doing that for the last 6 years of my second life. Now the clothing is slowing down and my second life is transforming again. Who knows what’s next, can’t wait!

  48. PoisonMagnifico says:

    1. PoisonMagnifico
    2. I am A Blogger, Photographer, Creator ( Deadkitten designs and SugarSkull Designs)

    Happpy birthday strawberry you deserve everything and so much happiness on your birthday, your one of the best bloggers and people ive ever watched from secondlife!

  49. Happy birthday Berry :), Mine was on september 12th haha.

    1. Bibblestar Resident
    2. Im an Adult pose creator and own a store inworld, All my poses are adult and quite 18+, haha i am stil learning with stuff but im doing quite okay i find myself :), i always wanted to create poses but never took the step to do it… now i did and im quite happy that i did!, Stil improving slowly and ready to learn new stuff.. stil unable to make bento poses but would love to know how.. i really love love making poses…*smiles*.


    Store name: Nevoir poses.

  50. Happy Birthday!
    My name is Astera Thistle. I love fashion, decorating, and music in Second Life.

  51. Ameliamichelle resident says:

    Hi Berry, Happy Birthday!
    My name is ameliamichelle resident and I’m an explorer, shopper, and a mom. My family, friends, and the endless possibilities SecondLife has to offer keep some me coming back. I love to see all the new creations, sim designs, blogs, and the aspect of logging in to see what’s new!

  52. LisaLisa Galaxy says:

    Happy Birthday Berry!

    I am LisaLisa Galaxy.

    I have been a creator and have been running a mall in my early years. Now im a breeder of….. yes, breedables ;) Besides that i love to shop, buy clothes, skins, hair, and everything else i can wear.

  53. Valerie Rainfall says:

    First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I’m 36, just one year younger. I feel it’s a good time in a persons life. We have been around the block and are matured, yet still young enough to learn a few things. :) Enjoy your day sweetie!!

    1. Valerie Rainfall

    2. In Second Life, I’m mainly here for friends that I’ve made over the years I’ve been on SL and meeting new people as well. Also, fashion and shopping are life. I love to go shopping when I can and mix and match lots of different outfits. I enjoy putting an outfit or look together and sometimes it can take hours doing it. But it’s relaxing to me. I love to shop, but hate the crowds/lag. I love to explore, either by myself or with someone. It’s often fun to get on voice and explore places with someone and share an experience with each other. While doing so, I tend to take pictures. Now, my graphics aren’t the best, but I do what I can with what I’ve got. I do edit some pics and play around with some options on Photoshop. I’ve always been into art so I find enjoyment in creating fun, interesting or just soulful pictures; pictures that really show someone’s mood. I have a Flickr page, please feel free to browse, favorite or follow. Aside from those things, you can find me at a live show or just playing table games. I’m open to new experiences as well. You just never know what you’ll end up getting into on SL anymore. There are so many things to do!!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win gift cards! Again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :)

  54. Happy birthday, Berry! Your blog is the first SL blog I ever read, and before that I didn’t really “get” blogging (in SL) at all. Once I read yours, it began to make sense for me!

    1. Lucie Bluebird
    2. I blog, I own two commercial sims with my RL husband (we joined SL together in 2009) and I’ve done various event management type stuff over the years. We used to own a pose store, but he got tired of making poses (it was not something I enjoyed OR excelled at) and I preferred to just blog. I spend a lot of time playing with erm decorating my homestead sim, too.

  55. Annnd I forgot to close my strike out. *facepalms*

  56. Hi Berry, and congratz on your 30a burfdai. Want some particulars? Okeeee …

    1. Orca Flotta (spelled as pronounced)

    2. My blog: Thar She Blows! can be found at

    I am an ex-race and cruise sailor, race directrice and yacht club manager, had my own OrCafé and art gallery … but nowadays I’m just a slacking blogger too lazy to start anything meaningful.

  57. … and why the fük doesn’t my gravatar not show anymore? :o

  58. 1. Arieblue

    2. I love taking photos in second life and have learned a lot from you.
    thank you for all you do to make our sl better

  59. ArwenLEvenstar says:

    Hi Berry
    Happy birthday <3
    my name n sl is ArwenLEvenstar
    i am model for CK store almost 3 years and enjoy in every day i spend there
    also i like linden realms chasing crystals is fun ,love to explore different places and make pics
    ofc i like events and shopping lol and enjoying making my avatar looks good :D

  60. Happy birthday Berry!

    1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name)

    Kilolo Jenkins

    2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!

    I am a designer, a blogger, a hostess and DJ for a club inworld. I explore, and I’m also a mother/grandmother/aunty. What keeps me logging in aside from duty is the connections I make with each person I have in my life on a daily basis. Without them the experience is completely lacking and pointless.

  61. 1. AdiraGrace Resident
    2. I love shopping and exploring in SL. Love your blog and youtube! Happy Birthday!! <3

  62. Ginevra Perdide says:

    1. Ginevra Perdide

    2. I’m an explorer and system outfit maker.

    Happy Birthday Strawberry.

  63. Sahirah Hauptmann says:

    First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRAWBERRY! I hope you have a wonderful day and THANK YOU for deciding all those years ago to start blogging because you do such a wonderful job at it!

    Your full Second Life login name: Sahirah Hauptmann

    What do you do in your Second Life? I have owned my own Furniture store since 2006, way back when it was all natural prims lol. While I do not create my own mesh items, I do feel like in the past 3-4 years I have really begun to hone my skills in creating my own textures for the mesh that I buy. Every time I create a new set to release I feel that I am stepping up my game and challenging myself to produce high quality items for my customers. I know I’ll never be one of the biggest names in the game, but I enjoy what I do and I’m proud of my work.

  64. Quinreign Resident says:

    My SL login name is Quinreign Resident

    What keeps me logging into SL: I am a firefighter for Cocoa Bay SL Community as well as a member of the SL US Navy where I am a PO2 and hospital corpsman at the naval hospital at North Valley Naval Base in Gorlanova. I also am a SL Navy Search and Rescue person which means I get to jump from helicopter into LL water to save stranded, injured people. Thats what keeps me logging in. :)

  65. Happy Birtoday Berry!!!!

    1. JenniexKim Resident
    2. I’m a shopper, explorer! I love seeing what creators design and supporting their work! I also love exploring SL, there are soooo many sims out there and it’s always amazing to see what people create. I also love to decorate, it’s super fun to me decorating a room and seeing what I create. It’s a creative outlet for me so I keeping logging in.

  66. Quinreign Resident says:

    SL Legacy name: Quinreign Resident

    What keeps me logging into SL: I am a firefighter for Cocoa Bay SL Community as well as a member of the US SL Navy where I am a PO2 and hospital corpsman at the naval hospital at North Valley Naval Base in Gorlanova. I also am a SL Navy Search and Rescue person which means I get to jump from helicopter into LL water to save stranded, injured people. Its fun exciting and I have met people from all over the world while serving in the USNSL

  67. Happy Happy Birthday, Berry!!!! Wishing you all the very best, now and always, and thanks so much for sharing your talents with all of us.

    My name in SL is Dawn Tokyoska, and I am a blogger/shopper/gridwide hunter/etc. :) I totally spaced on my 10th rezday a couple of weeks ago (Sept. 4th I believe) but it has been a long, strange, and wonderful journey. I guess what keeps me logging in are big things like my partner and my blog, and little things like seeing what new creations people have come up with and how SL evolves so consistently. I am very shy in RL and SL, but I like being a part of something so special.

  68. Quinreign Resident says:

    sorry I sent two I didnt see the other one until after the second one posted. :)

  69. Simply Happy Birthday Strawberry

  70. Happy Birthday Berry!

    1. Sl name: Naria Panthar
    2. What I do in sl: I love vlogging and I love photography. I also try to explore second life a lot and just casualy hang out with friends :P Love to do videos to help people get something cheap or free in Second life also dont mind helping noobs :) For me Sl is a creative platform.

  71. First of all I’d like to wish you a Happy Birthday and hope it’s a special one! Tysm for all your tutorials and videos which I have found so helpful! You’re really doing wonders for the SL community and I admire your love for sharing tips!
    1. Second Life login name- joannavou
    2. Shopper, explorer, creator, photographer.
    I’ve been in SL for almost 4 yrs now, since October 09, 2013. I used to create but not any more. When I was still a newbie I really wanted to do something for the SL community. So I made a free gestures pack, this one >
    Well let me say I had never expected it to do so well! It’s been downloaded thousands of times and my reward is seeing my gestures played in clubs. You can’t imagine how great that makes me feel! I have never missed a SINGLE day in SL since I first started playing. Yes, I sure am a SL junkie LOL. What keeps me logging in? It’s a mixture of things. I love meeting new people and making friends. I’m addicted to freebie hunting, and when I say freebies I mean good group gifts. I have this daily ritual of looking up pages on Facebook and checking for any new awesome group gifts. This is taking a toll on my inventory but it’s something I really love doing. I also love parting with my Lindens in certain stores, well-known brands, when a new product is released which I really like & I’m a sucker for fat packs! Since I broke up with my partner in SL a year ago, I have been dedicating my time to photography and exploring new sims. I still have a so much to learn but am slowly getting there. I’m on flickr but don’t have many photos there. I have much more on my Facebook page
    I also created a flickr group for SL in April this year which is slowly growing and some very talented photographers have joined. Here’s the link for anyone who would like to join us (You have to be logged in to flickr to see the group)

  72. Ushnasan Resident says:

    Hi, Berry! Happy birthday!!!
    I’m Ushnasan Resident.
    I’m an explorer of SL and enjoy shopping too.
    What keeps me logging into SL: “Friends” all over the world.

  73. Happy Birthday!

    1. MinervaXMoon Resident

    2. I simply live a second life :-)

  74. Solde Rothmanay says:

    Solde Rothmanay

    My SL is filled with all of the above lol…I shop, create, build, explore, take photos and I used to blog. Second Life is full of creative opportunities and I love seeing the work of others!!

  75. A very Happy Birthday to you Berry. I’m way past 37 but I have to tell you that I think women come into their own at 35! Men a bit later than that. :) So enjoy these years, make the most of them.

    1. SL name: JMB Balogh

    2. What I do in SL: I am a performance dancer these past few years and also involved in the SL art community.
    I’m a member of the Linden Endowment of the Arts Committee. One of the things I love most about SL is that you learn something new every day, even after the ten years I have been here.

  76. Mimi LaSweet - Caiben says:

    Happy Birthday! I hope your year is even better then the last.

    Your full Second Life login name (not display name) iilalaii Resident (original I know. Hahahaha)

    What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!

    When I first started logging in I would always go exploring, hoping to meet some nice people along the way that I could form close friendships with. However that never happened for me. But I still loved exploring and taking photos. I also use to go dancing at clubs and that’s when I met Roger. We’ve been together for three years now and a majority of the time I log in to spend with him. I also love to decorate and try my hand at landscaping. I still like to explore the grid. Shopping is addictive and I love 50 Linden Fridays and gachas. The art I’ve seen on SL is just mind blowing and I am glad I get to enjoy that as well. I could go on but you don’t wanna hear all that. Haha Oh, I also tried to vlog but I just didn’t feel a passion for it.

  77. Happy Birthday Berry!!
    1. LexiDeanna Resident

    2. I love shopping in SL and also exploring to meet new people. Also im trying to learn how to take good photographer pictures to possibly start blogging in Second Life. The work people put in on SL amazes me of how good clothing and everything else looks. Berry your Youtube videos actually inspired me to start playing SL! :P

  78. 1. sweetnstormy
    2. I love to shop and explore. Real life has a lot of ups and down. Emotional roller coaster. Second Life can be like that too as well, so I mostly keep to myself like I do in real life. I log into Second Life to do some shopping and exploring. I love to see what everyone has created. Some of it is so beautiful that you can really get lost in the worlds. That is why I love to come to Second Life to just forget about harsh things for awhile and to relax.

    Thank you!

  79. Allania Zhora.
    I do many things.
    I dj AT A CLUB.
    i sometimes am a dancer there to .
    I am a blogger who loves fashion and ur blogs help me alot.
    And i love spending time with the friends and family i have made in secondlife

  80. Hello Berry!!
    Wish you a very happy birthday and fulfilling years ahead. So often I have felt that I can totally relate to your blogs and I wondered if that has to do with us being in the same generation hehe and I know it does :) You are about 4 months older than I am and I totally can relate to how this is possibly the best time of our lives till we keep going ahead and enjoy those too .. winks

    Name: Ruby Ornamental
    What I do : I blog, Shop, Model and have fun :)
    What keeps me login in one more day : The ability to express and be creative. Thank you <3

  81. Gjools Starsider says:

    Happy Birthday Strawberry!

    Gjools Starsider

    I enjoy live music events, shopping, gaming, and decorating my SL parcel. My friend turned me onto your blog and I love it when Manberry gets an opportunity to shine!

  82. ladywhite farrior says:

    Happy Birthday Berry @->—

    My SL name is ladywhite farrior

    I love SL, I enjoy exploring I enjoy entering photo contests an helping others. I enjoy my friends, an meeting others all over the world. Every time I am on SL I never know what I well do that day SL is limitless if you can dream it you can do it.My current dream is to start a blog.

  83. Sensual Sparkle says:

    Name: Sensual Sparkle

    Reason I’m so obsessed with SL : I’m a roleplayer. I love the beauty of words, feel of emotions and adventure of every aspect of roleplay.

  84. Nadine Philly.

    I love to explore secondlife and all the beautiful places it has to offer. I love shopping in SL with all the creative and well made objects. I keep logging in because of all the wonderful people Ive met and to keep admiring all the amazing work and designs in this wonderful virtual world, Its a great escape at times too.

  85. Happy Birthday Berry <3 I hope you have many such wonderful days ahead..

    My SL name is unicornsandrainbowss. I am only a shopper and explorer. I do like reading blogs, watching vlogs and making goo goo eyes at other pictures. I love exploring SL finding new pretty sims to visit. I am always amazed at all the creativity SL has to offer and wonder what could happen if SL had reached its true potential.

    What keeps me coming back? Well I've made a few friends along the way, who keep me coming back. And all the reasons above.. I just enjoy watching this virtual world evolve.

  86. Kayte8 Resident says:

    Wishes for many more years of bliss and discovery to you, Berry! Congrats on your “berry” special day! : )

    1. Kayte8 Resident

    2. I am many things in SL which include being a wife, mother, sister, friend, pro-shopper, explorer, admirer of quality mesh, dancer and believer in possibilities. SL can be an amazing platform that allows millions upon millions of possibilities that are readily available for those willing. Be happy and dream big making those possibilities into realities. : )

  87. 1.IdonyMorgan
    2.Im new To creating

    Kinda difficult since applier clothing has become outta style but I’m learning meshing ,rigging ect.
    MarketPlace Link :

  88. Happy birthday to you! Charmshadow here. I love the virtual world of SL. What keeps me coming back is Club Aquabelliza where I am the GM, friends, surfing, and finding good deals and great products.

  89. Medow5571 Shilova

    I too am a blogger in SL. I have been blogging for just over 5 years. Logging in everyday, and chatting with my close friends, along with blogging, keeps me coming back into SL. Blogging has become a hobby for me as well.

    Blog Link:


  91. Alexandra Melune says:

    1. Alexandra Melune

    2. I’m a blogger and RPer in SL…and a shopper! So much a shopper. Mostly what keeps me logging in are the friends that I’ve made via RP & blogging, being able to chat with them while having a blast!

  92. Sl name- Missvampire Nirvana
    What di i do – addicted to Reading your blogs and going shopping after that. Im à big shopper.
    Photographer , i love to play and create pictures,
    also running à dance club and i.m also à music addicted dj in Sl .

    I wish you the most happy birthday and à lost of love, strawberry.
    my birthday is monday the 25th

    Hugs Missy

  93. Happy Birthday Berry

    Nightshade Kimono

    Fast approaching 9 years in SL and I am as addicted now as I was when first a lil newbie. The creativity, the true connections with people I consider family & friends, the ability to re-invent yourself as often as you like…these are some of the reasons I continue to enter this world.

    These days, I am an avid blogger & photographer….I am such a Diva.


  94. LoverofCold Resident says:

    1. LoverofCold Resident

    2. I love logging into SL because of the pure freedom it allows me, to be become anything I want to be whenever I am able. If you put in the time and effort, nothing is impossible through SecondLife’s platform. I meet friends and explore places, but to be totally honest, I’m a huge shopper XD Seeing creators beautiful work and how each one is even more amazing than the last makes me happy alone.
    In the future I’d love to start a blog of my own, still haven’t quite done it, and also create for my own. It’s a work in progress and I’m closer to it everyday.

    Thank you for your amazing blog Berry, but more importantly, have a wonderful birthday doing exactly what you want to do.

    -Emilia Basille

  95. Happy birthday Berry!! Good to meet a fellow September-ite lol! 5 days before mine – I turn 32 on the 27th!
    My SL name is Feyonce Resident. I have a hundred interests in SL –I am an avid Explorer – I especially love visiting RL places in SL – like Sydney or Venice…even Mount Everest!!
    I’m a casual blogger –I write about things I like doing in SL -like a diary. I recently started vlogging and I follow your work for inspiration. It would be nice to meet you in-world sometime!!
    I model a little and shop a LOT!I also fly airplanes, sail, RP in the SL Navy — I love trying new things and making new friends in SL.

    Here’s a link to my blog —
    AND my Youtube channel — I’m quite a novice though :P

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Have a fantastic Birthday and a great year!!

  96. Happy B-Day


  97. Many Happy Returns Berry

    Name: Haakon Gehlband

    Interests: Friends, shopping, exploring, fashion, dancing, music, theater, anime, photography, landscaping, surfing, yachting and staying in touch with my RL brother Meta.

  98. 1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name): fotini Baily

    2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!
    I am a blogger ,crazy shopper and of course explorer!
    I love searching for sales and promo and all about new stuff at second life world make me more inspired for new ideas to blog for and of course happy when i found out a new sim that is interesting and unique to make my pics or blog or just hang out with my friends there :)
    Here is my Blog/Flickr:
    Happy Birthday again ♥ Good luck to everyone :)

  99. 1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name): fotini Baily

    2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!
    I am a blogger ,crazy shopper and of course explorer!
    I love searching for sales and promo and all about new stuff at second life world make me more inspired for new ideas to blog for and of course happy when i found out a new sim that is interesting and unique to make my pics or blog or just hang out with my friends there :)
    Here is my Blog/Flickr:
    Happy Birthday again ♥ Good luck to everyone :)

  100. Sam Littleboots says:

    Hey! My inworld is Shadymattel, and I like to shop, blog and explore sims.

    Here’s my flickr & blog linkyss :3 c:

  101. Don’t enter me into the competition, but happy birthday Berry!

    My name is Winter Jefferson. What do I do in Second Life? I’m a model, sextoy and troll. Not in that order.

    <3 ily

  102. 1. Your full Second Life login name: LaurenVanStraten

    2. What do you do in your Second Life? I’m an avid shopper and explorer who enjoys dancing, decorating, landscaping and spending time with my sl friends.

  103. Sangi Phaeton

    I am a blogger, newbie writer, DJ, Sister, Daughter, and loving friend who wears her RL heart inside SL. I have been in SL since 2003. (on the same Avatar!) What keeps me logging in, is the friendships, the memories and the chance to grow and learn.
    Even more so now that my life has changed and I can no longer work RL.
    SL has brought me joy, heartbreak, and love. And I wouldn’t change a single day.

  104. Vin Copperfield says:

    Happy birthday!
    I’m Vin Copperfield. My favourite activities in SL are shopping and playing and hosting trivia. I love visiting theme parks and seasonal sims,to explore and take pics. I’m also a chronic organiser, I often do inventory when I’m stressed, it has an almost meditative effect on me.

  105. Happy Birthday, Berry. I hope this year is filled with all the love & laughter you deserve. ♥
    My name is Sadystika Sabretooth.
    I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half. I’m completely addicted to it. I’ve been in SL since Nov 2006 and I’ve met the most amazing people over the years. I love doing all sorts of creative activities in SL and like you, I feel like my life is better for it.
    my blog:
    my flickr:
    my facebook:

  106. Your full Second Life login name (not display name): Abigale Heron

    What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!: I used to be a blogger, now i mostly take pics and use my blog just to share the credits of what i use. I also offer sketch commission based on avatar’s resident ( ), and i still love to go around and explore this pixel world.

  107. Inworld name: Swuran Resident

    I LOVE to shop, Love to decorate, which I wish I could do more of, Explore And I love to change my avatar’s looks a billion times, Or as I call it, playing barbie lol

    But what keeps me coming back to SL is the wonderful people that I’ve met, who I never would’ve met without SL, And the fact that I can do a lot of things in SL that I’m unable to do in my RL due to health issues.

  108. Happy birthday!

    SL name: nelly ishtari

    My occupation in SL: mostly chilling around, shopping, trying stuff, tweaking my toon, visiting the dark sides of SL, making plan on what I would buy with this giftcard…. no question asked.. I’ll go for that eden set!
    /me crosses fingers

  109. My full SL name is Stephannie3006.
    I’m a shopper, a dancer and a part time blogger, if you may call it that. I’m in constant search for new fashion, and your blog is my go-to for such purposes! You inspired me to start blogging. I haven’t been able to much of that yet, because of RL, but I’m trying to incorporate it in my daily schedule!

  110. First Happy Birthday Strawberry♥

    My full SL name is Starr Ghost
    I am a blogger here is my link The biggest reason for logging in the past 9 years is the friendships that I have made and getting to know other bloggers like yourself through reading and speaking with them ~ you inspired me in a lot of ways ~ thank you for always sharing your thoughts and experiences with us

  111. Congrats on your tenth year as a blogger. You’re one of two bloggers I’ve followed consistently over the last ten years and that I relied on to keep me in the loop with what’s new and fashionable in sl. I still haven’t jumped to a mesh head yet but I love your yt demos and reviews. So many choices Thank you.

    1. Leilani Arnaz
    2. I’ve been in sl for over 12 years off. I do take breaks off and on throughout the years for sanity reasons. Not a content creator or blogger, I really just enjoy shopping, meeting people and exploring.

  112. Happy Birthday Berry! You share your Birthday with my RL Daughter. My secondlife name is silverchild24 resident. I’m a Blogger/Vlogger, I’m also a CSR for Empire and Blogger Manager for KraftWork. Thank you for the giveaway and once again, Happy Birthday! ♥

  113. Josie Anderton says:

    Happy Birthday to youuuuu xxx
    Name – Josie Anderton
    What do I do? A bit of exploring, take a few pictures, enjoy live music and so on
    What keeps me coming back……. ummmmm, Creativity, the fact that I can meet new and interesting people from all over the world, I have made some good friends and it’s where we all get together and do stupid stuff. Like having a lollipop battle LOL
    Did I say creativity? I just love the endless opportunities to stretch myself in which ever direction I choose to go.. and to be able to to talk with and even collaborate with artists and creators, something I really would never be able to do in my real life.

  114. Happy Birthday Strawberry and many returns!!! You are exactly 2 days younger than myself, i turned 37 on the 20th :) And i to am proud of my age, and appreciate every year that made me who i am today.

    Full name: Ireth Resident

    I joined Second life just under 7 years back, wanting to know more about other virtual worlds. I create on another platform, so i wished to understand how second life worked and see if i can expand my horizons in this way. And then i got hooked, so bad i rarely go back to where i came from, especially since the mesh avatars started, making Second life superior to all others. Yes, i know Sansar will probably change that in the near future, but for now, Second life is the place i go to for creating, developing my writing skills with role play, exploring the beautiful places other members have built, shop like mad and now and then get inspired enough to make a little something for my marketplace, you can find a link to it below.

  115. Hi and Happy birthday !!! I am Ticha31 and i am a shopper and like exploring but also a creator, i script with my “rl” husband particle effects.

  116. Jezzika Debevec says:

    1. Jezzika Debevec

    2. Like you I celebrated my 10th Rezzday this past May . Before mesh I created jewelry, and now I marvel at the creations of others. I have been a DJ now for over nine years and love the opportunity to share music and socialize. I also take advantage of being a real life photographer and use SL as a creative platform for making photographic art. The opportunity to be creative and to socialize keeps me coming back. Thank you for your blogs and this giveaway opportunity. Happy birthday!

  117. I’m Cryssie Carver in world and I’m a blogger. It’s one of the things that keeps me logging in but another is my loved ones.

  118. Happy birthday berry! I hope you have a wonderful day. .< not only that but all the events and shopping and especially my friends are reasons as to why i don’t log out either. Aside from that I’ve also been dabbling with blogging because I love expressing myself and experimenting with different Windlights and lightings so hopefully that ends up well along with my mesh learning.

    Blog — (I just started so there’s hardly anything but that’ll change soon)

  119. Happy Birthday Strawberry <3 <3 !!!

    Name : LonelySu

    I love to visit interesting places in Second Life ,to take photos , a lot of photos :D nature mostly . I also enjoy shopping with my friends every day .

  120. SL name: Erika Zhong

    Happy birthday!!the reasons i keep on logging in second life, is to unstress from RL and having fun with my friends in there and shopping too ofcourse ^^

  121. Hello Strawbery! Happy birthday!

    Your full Second Life login name: Vanity Fair

    What do you do in your Second Life? In SL I am primarily a consumer and an explorer. I also love to visit live music venues and go dancing!

  122. 1) Alienmaus Allen
    2) Not a creator or blogger. Only shopping, hihi

    Happy birthday Berry :)

  123. Hey Strawbs!

    Xafira Cortes here, SL Model for Defiance Magazine, Unplugged Publications and Dogstar Productions!

    I also dabble in photography, dance and art.

    I love exploring strange and unusual sims and I LOVE to SHOP!

    Keep on keeping on,


    Xafi <3 <3 <3

  124. Happy Birthday!!

    My name is Ashira Vella

    I Shop Shop Shop!!

    I always look at your posts for some great ideas!! They are spot on!!

  125. Kalyca McCallen says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Kalyca McCallen
    Artist/Explorer/Music/Social/Love of my Life❤️

  126. Eurydice Barzane says:

    Hi Berry, and Happy 37th birthday. Please enjoy being 37 for me, because when I was 37 I spent the whole year thinking I was 38. I consider 37 to be my ‘lost’ year.

    I’m Eurydice Barzane, also class of 2007.

    I wish I could say I did some fantastical things in SL, but other than some mediocre photography and some truly exceptional shopping, I mostly spend my time with kittycats and my friends. Actually, my friends are pretty fantastical, so perhaps I’m not the wastrel I made myself out to be.

    I hope you have an amazing birthday – eat lots of cake and have a tonne of fun.

  127. Amanda Langley says:

    Second Life Name: ZenCho Balhaus

    I recently started blooging in a guest capacity, on a friends blog, her stuff is much much better than mine.
    I also like to explore, even after my 10 years in SL the creativity still amazes me.
    Why do i keep logging in, I have made some amazing friends who enrich my life..some now are actual real life friends, who I have met

  128. Happy birthday and congrats on 10 years blogging sl!


    -I’ve only been in world for a little over a year, but in this time I’ve discovered so many things about myself and about the virtual world that keep me logging in. At first I thought I wanted to be a builder and business owner but I quickly learned I was more into exploring and photography and music and dancing…and FASHION of all things! So I would say I’m a shopaholic-blogger-explorer.
    Here’s a post from several months ago I’m sure lots of people can relate to:

    Thank you for the contest <3

  129. Sl name bayecakez45
    I’m a blogger, model, shopper, and representative. I come on to hang with my family and friends and to meet other people. Hope to meet u one day. U do an awesome job on your pictures and blogs and vlogs.

  130. Hey there Strawberry! Happy Birthday!
    My Second Life name is Madison Carlberg
    I am a photographer in Sl, I specialize in landscapes, however I’ve been playing around with blogging too. Of course shopping and the amazing events tend to keep me coming back!
    My blog is new, I’m definitely still learning, but here it is!

  131. Second Life login name: Kryptonia Paperdoll

    What do you do in your Second Life? I do alot hehehe
    SCALA™ Models Owner
    SCALA™ Models Academy Director

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Fashion Show Producer, Choreographer
    Model (Print, Machinima, Runway)
    Dance Choreographer
    Poser, Event Manager

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Content Creator (See PICKS for Info)
    Poser, Blogger, Event Manager

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    VPC HUD CO – Creator
    STRUT IT HUD CO – Creator
    =ILC= & HSPL CO – Founder

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Creating and releasing items once in while :)

    Of course i am a Shopper and Explorer too (i do love to explore awesome SL Places)

  132. Hey Strawberry! Happy Birthday!
    My Secondlife name is narati
    As far as what i do in SL I love to do photography.. I actually got into photography on SL after i found your page! I’m still working on my skills and I feel like I’m improving ! I also love to shop around and find new cool stuff.
    Here is the link to my Flickr !

  133. Happy Birthday, Berry!
    Thanks for all the excellent work you do.

    Your full Second Life login name: Paige Muircastle

    What do you do in your Second Life? I like to shop, explore, dance, dress/undress, play…and more :)

  134. SL log in Name: kylady000
    I am an avid shopper in SL and love Fashion. I also Love Landscaping and do all my own and take pictures for my Flickr page. I love to also play with Photography. I am still learning a lot about Photography and love after I purchase a new out fit to post pictures on my Flicker page of me wearing the new outfit. I read a lot of blogs and keep up with all the new trends. Check out my Flickr page here:

  135. 1.Faharis Resident
    2.Blogger, Photographer, Model, Shopper and learner.

  136. Primitv1 Magic says:

    Wow, so it is your RL Birthday? I was thinking it was your SL. Happy, Happy Birthday! I am so glad you have found some truths or understandings that you were looking for or didn’t know where missing. 37 is a beautiful age! I am 54yrs this year. It seems to go faster and faster. I send you good vibes for the coming year and may find more love, laughter and acceptance as you continue through your 37th year!
    About your questions, I have been in SL since 2008, but I have not been online much since 2013. I was and am a amateur photographer in RL and I had opened an art gallery in SL back in 2008, but when I faced a divorce and illness all this went to the “wayside”.
    I have been coming back recently, as I would like to make this a place where my students can come to listen, speak, and learn English. I went back to Uni to get my master’s in TESOL. I live in France now and I have many young students that need to immerse in English, but can’t afford to travel. This is a great way to bring an English speaking world to them.
    I really appreciate your blog, videos, knowledge and all that you do to share SL life, SL creations, worlds, and a holistic approach to your shared experience.
    I keep logging in, this might sound strange, because I really feel very much a part of a community and I am able to integrate or find a diversity of opinions and characters. Plus, I love the whole element of creating an avatar that represents one’s self, how you identify with yourself and how you see yourself with others in any skin you choose.

  137. Happy Birthday Berry!

    First, my SL user name is Christeenie.

    I’ve been in world for just over 2 years. At first, I had no idea what it was. I thought maybe it would be some big chat room or something. And it turned out to be so much more that. More than being a place to play “grown up Barbie”, it’s a place where I can commune with friends. I would consider myself a professional shopper :P

  138. Swaragini Resident says:

    Happy Birthday Berry,
    Lots of

  139. Ri13 resident. I usually log in to help other on different groups such as lumiya , or to chat with friends honestly i love your Amazing blogs you’re the best blogger ever

  140. And happy birthday :)

  141. memoriae resident says:

    Memoriae Resident
    I’m definitely a shopper :D, I love exploring SL and taking candid photos, meeting the many varied and friendly folks that I cross paths with all while learning to texture and build on my parcel. All of the above keeps me coming back, being able to express myself as I wish and sharing my time with a very special someone. Cheers.

  142. Rosie Helendale says:

    Rosie Helendale
    Happy Birthday Strawberry!
    There are many things I have done in Second Life over the years like exploring, dancing, building, creating sims, photography, blogging and more recently vlogging which have come to a bit of a standstill at the moment but I hope I can get back on track soon and start enjoying second life more again. Here are the links to my stuff

  143. Happy Birthday, Berry :) May all your wishes come true, have a joyful, fullest and healthy life. Please keep making inspiring posts :)
    1. LADYBLANCE Resident

    2. I started SL as an explorer, later that passion turned into a taking pics and then become a blogger. What keeps me logging in SL? That’s surely talented people and their creations. I don’t get tired of admiring their beautiful works.
    Blog – and continuing it

  144. Hi and Happy Birthday Berry !:D
    Spirit Khorana, resident for almost 11 years now, and love SL and all the changes…I am a Hunter, Shopper, Explorer and Wanderer in SL…enjoying exploring the worlds and all the new and shiny :D
    Thank you for your posts and video’s that supply a direction for some of my travels :)

  145. 1. Vali Valeeva
    2. I’m a shopper and explorer

  146. Valentina Oprea says:

    1. Vali Valeeva
    2. I’m a shopper and an explorer

  147. Nyara Squeegee
    I like to shop various Gacha Fairs and create different avatars using the items I collect. I also like to dress up my little Japanese style home away from home for every season. Looking forward to redoing everything in autumn decor.

  148. Happy Birthday Berry from Lexia Metaller! Thank you for all the help your given us over the years. (… and for your birthday, I’ve gotten 5 friends to unsubscribe from Drax and subscribe to you! LOL J/K you are both awesome!)

    In second life is my time to play games and meet friends. I love to get to know new people and even shop, thanks to all your recommendations. I wish I could join you in the game today, but I have to work.

  149. Happy Birthday Berry!!
    2. I make Pic’s for my Flickr

  150. Hi Strawberry Happy birthday!! Thanks for all the videos very informative. Your my only sl blogger im suscribed, cuz i feel you inform me well that there is no need for someone else! :)

    Im Zoeriot Resident on sl and what keeps me logged in? Well other then great friends i do take part of many communities such as:

    Bloodlines as Queen, AEG as a host, creator and designer of .::Elite Designs::. Clothing line and very soon probably a anime store for the community i take part of roleplaying at TDCL, AnimeUniverse. I also love to go through experiences so i hope to be joining you soon for some!

  151. Happy Birthday Berry!
    My name is Cats Kornfeld, I’m a host at Sanctuary of Rock, shopper, and a blogger, but I haven’t blogged in ages.

  152. Hey and happy birthday Berry, my name is Abi Latzo, and I’m a shopper, photographer/blogger in Second Life for about a year now and loving it. Some of my links are and gotta say it was you who inspired me to start blogging, so thanks for that, as that keeps me logging in <3

  153. Happy Birthday Strawberry!

    Mys SL name is Rachel Boram
    In SL I love to explore, shop and adventure!
    I do blog some at: Cutie Crumbles /

  154. Happy birthday! =) (You’re so talented. I’ve been reading you for years. Thanks for all the awesome content!)

    1. Heaven Larsen
    2. I met my husband on SL, so it’s very sentimental to me! =D Also, I am a creator. I love that I learned to use Photoshop and Blender so I could create better content for SL. Mesh stuff is so fun to make!

  155. Happy Birthday Strawberry , your awesome !

    1. My SL username is adriansweetie
    2. What I usually do in sl is shopping , hangout with friends and explore this big virtual world on this small screen but also what I’m really into now is blogging ( Link will be down blown)

    My Blog :

  156. Hi, Happy Birthday Berry <3

    -I m vlogger and creator.

  157. Happy smurfday prettifuls!

    Talisy Minor
    Blogger/Roleplayer/Shopping Addict &

  158. User Name: Krishaela

    Shopper / Explorer / Role Player

    Happy Birthday!!! I love Second Life!! Your blogs are amazing and I hope they never stop! :) <3 <3 <3

  159. I’m Lainey Thorne, a blogger who loves exploring and is a shopaholic but its the people and the creativity that keeps me logging in. I love to see the creative outlets that we have in SL whether its designing an entire sim, decorating a house, creating a look with their avatar or what a creator designs for their store or event. The creativity still amazes me after 10 years and keeps me logging in.

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday Berry ♥

  160. 1. Agneskate Martinek
    2. First Happy Birthday!!! I wish all your dreams come true. :)

    I’m shopper, explorer and blogger.
    In the second life all the time something new is happening. Events, hunts, gachas. That is why I log in for almost 10 years. :) With my sister we run a blog. :)

  161. 1. Second Life login name: Coby Foden

    2. I’m mostly an explorer, shopper, live concerts lover. I love sailing and surfing too. It’s also interesting to meet people all over the world. I know how to design, though in SL I haven’t done much so.

    Happy birthday Berry! :-)

  162. Happy Birthday, Miss Berry!

    1. KikoMasumi
    2. Shopper and explorer. I love seeking out and finding beautiful clothes, bargains and freebies. Now and again I pick on a nice stranger and take them freebie shopping to get all my latest best finds :)

    I do not have a blog, but I love photography and use only what is available inside SL:-


  163. 1. Gracie McKeenan

    2. I keep logging into SecondLife for mulitiple reasons. I love to shop but also I love to find the affordable, read cheap, fashions, the free fashions. I love to help new avatars when I encounter them show they do not need to break their RL bank to look good. I do enjoy the occasional causual RP. I am lucky enough to have met my RL best friend in SL over 5 years ago, as she lives in Canada it helps us to stay connected. I have done so much in SL from meeting both my RL husbands. (My first has passed on to his reward) to meeting my best friend I just can’t stay away. I have ran RP sims, been a wedding planner, had other crazy business adventures as well. I can not be a mother in RL and i am able to do so in this world. It allows me those things, and helps me with being more outgoing.

  164. 1. Second Life login name: Raven Page

    2. by Page Creations™ established in late 2004 by Nite & Raven Page. So from that you can see I’ve been around for a while. LOL. I love to create/design in SL, fashion, decor, just a little bit of everything really. I blog, shop, participate in an performance group, and horribly addicted to SL and have been for years.

    Thank you for all your informative blog posts & videos. They have been very helpful, as well as inspirational to keep the creative ideas flowing.

    Have a wonderful birthday Berry! :)

  165. 1. Ada Forwzy
    2. I play with my sister – we always try to keep up to every event. ;D
    I love making photos in Second Life and that is why I like to explore new places and getting new clothes too. I think I’m kind of addicted to gacha and every event there is that contains it xD. I used to do hunts but now there is not enough time for that :P
    I have a little blog with my sister:
    And Flickr:

  166. First of all! Happy birthday, many wishes for you ♥
    Your full Second Life login name (not display name): Dan Gericault

    What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!:

    I am a blogger I used to be a designer but i don’t really have much time to create, but i have so much passion for fashion in rl and sl, even tho im a new blogger i always liked go hunting for new goodies in secondlife.

    My blog:
    my flickr:

  167. HI Strawberry, Happy Birthday!! I love your blog, and how very generous it is of you and Erratic to offer this giveaway.

    My Name: Lyda Sands
    What I do: I shop, and style my avie, meet and chat with people and explore new realms.

    What keeps me coming back: The people!! The creations, the designs, the concepts, and the adventures. Chatting, learning, discussing different ideas from people from different cultures all over the world in this virtual world is what makes SL fantastic!

  168. Happy Birthday Strawberry,

    my Name in Second Life is: Sooosiij Resident

    I am in Second Life since some years and doing listening electro music allmost. I very love the fascettes of all kinds of music in there.

    Between that moments i very like to go to shopping
    and Erratic was one of my first brands, what i have bought for my avatar. Its fine to know, that Erratic is still releasing.

    Since some Months i do creating some stuff by my self and the last days i have released an “bento Shape” leaned on to realism.
    The “RHAMADA – Vanilla bento shape”. There are 25 shapes in there and i will release some special shapes after.

  169. Yay Strawberry … Happy Birthday

    my name is : Ƶι (Zaina Arun)

    well second life was a journey, i have been in sl for the past 7 years.
    i was a drifter at first, got into a serious relationship in sl, got my heart broken. then i came back, with a friends help i became a host. a job which i love so much. i take photos as well of my outfits that i wear, if it is an outfit i love. i love shopping, i try to be me in the outfits. i learned a lot from your blog on how to do lots of things , am still learning.

    thank you for everything you do.

  170. Happy birthday berry I hope it is wonderful! I’m CassandraMiddles and I blog and vlog in second life and sometimes roleplay. What keeps me coming back are the people that are so kind and wonderful and have made their impact of my life.
    Anyways Ily, I’m so happy to know you, and I hope all your birthday wishes come true! Hugs

  171. Panster Moonshadow says:

    I’m Panster Moonshadow – Happy Birthday Berry! My wonderful friends, hobbies to sustain my gameplay, and live music events keep me logging in every day. The range of talent in SL is amazing, and I am dazzled daily by the wit, humor, sacrifices and love shown by the residents I meet.

  172. 1 • My username is : Ajvdi
    2 • I’m an avid explorer in SecondLife I love to keep myself busy and learn, I am a DJ I absolutely love sharing music but I’m also a big shopper thanks to your videos hehe I’m addicted to event shopping I love fashion ! I also am a French Youtuber/Blogger I do videos about Secondlife including Beginner guide, vlogging, tutorials and also exploring the grid I try to share my experience with the French compunity, I also love doing photos and videos specially dance videos I love editing and digital design and I hope to be even more soon and discover new things !

    My Youtube channel :
    My Instagram :
    My Flickr :

  173. Izette Resident
    What is keeping me in SL is the creativity. I adore taking photos, especially of random avis that I find interesting while they are unaware, I love their responses when I send them the pic (which is generally surprise and pleasure More than the photos that I take, I also love seeing other people’s work and ideas, especially since we may take a photo of the same thing, but our perspectives in what we “see” can vary drastically.
    Shortly (once I finish moving in a couple of weeks), my partner and I will be begin in another form of SL creativity…making items whether it be static objects or clothing (he scowls over the limited options available for the guys compared to the chicky-babes). While he has dabbled before in creating objects for SL before, I do believe a whole new world is about to open up for me!

    And Happy Birthday Berry! I had a bit of a chuckle that your birthday is the same as my G’ma!

  174. My Login Name on Second Life is Lexie2112..

    What keeps me in Second Life are the Great friends that I made along the way..
    There are a few that I even truly consider real life friends. This handful of people have touched my life in ways that I never thought were possible. Tamara, Candy, and Mike, This is my family in Second Life, and I couldn’t have asked for better. I love to shop, and I enjoy my 2 jobs as well.. But My main reason for continuing Second Life is my family.

    Happy Birthday, Strawberry!! I hope everything is what you hope it would be, and May Life be full of wonderful surprises, Each one better than the last!!

  175. Karismadior Resident says:

    My SL name is Karismadior Resident
    I’m not a blogger or Vlogger, but one day I hope to be. I love to share my interest and passions with the SL community. My interest is fashion styling. I enjoy shopping, exploring and mostly having the pleasure of being apart of an amazing cloud of creative and talented people that sell, create and freely share their products and services in SL.
    What keeps me coming back is the peaceful atmosphere I get when I’m in my SL world, the freedom to be me, having a solid connection to meet people around the world and being able to explore the possibilities of all that my imagination will allow. I love SL!

  176. JacquelineRaine says:

    I am an SLCS Cheerleader (Yay!) we keep very busy with charity events most of the time. I’m an sl model, Addicted sl shopper (ugh ) I love to explore when time allows or when I need a much deserved break . And now I’m ready to learn how to make things in sl.

    My sl friends keep me logging in. No matter the kind of day I have I know that when I get online there is going to be a lot of laughter.

    And one more thing, have a spectacular birthday

  177. 1. Abreale Resident
    2. I’m a shopper and a collector and a socializer x’D But mainly a shopper.

  178. Hope you are enjoying your day hun.

  179. thatkajira reside
    I found sl just over 4yrs ago…I love shopping exploring looking at and buying new clothes. Updating the latest fashions..I am returning to sl after 2 yrs being gone…rl had stole me to health issues…I am glad to be back..and glad to see the changes to sl.

  180. 1. Keke Acoustic
    2. Blogger:
    Learning photographer:
    I love learning, creating, exploring and finding new things! What keeps me logging in is the creativity you can have in second life whether it be creating outfits, creating things to sell or building something new!

  181. 1. Dreama Summerwind
    2. I am a LIVE vocalist. Singing is a passion of mine. After that, I am a shopaholic, I love to explore all over SL and enjoy being with my friends/family.

    I’ve been a stalker of your blog for a while now. I really enjoy what you do so thank you and a very Happy Birthday to you, Strawberry!

  182. *repost cause of name correction*

    thatkajira resident
    I found sl just over 4yrs ago…I love shopping exploring looking at and buying new clothes. Updating the latest fashions..I am returning to sl after 2 yrs being gone…rl had stole me to health issues…I am glad to be back..and glad to see the changes to sl.

  183. ZsaZsaZahira Resident says:

    ZsaZsaZahira Resident. I blogged for 3 years but am currently on a break. I keep logging in to play house, chat to my friends and sort my inventory lol. I love all the mesh body parts available and playing with new looks.

    Happy Birthday Berry and thank you for your posts, tutorials and vlogs which inspire me, teach me something or are just fun to watch.

  184. Happy Birthday to youuu *sing :)

    June Trenkins

    Creator/Blogger and Blog reader :)

  185. 1. outlawshewolf

    2. I enjoy SL because it gives me freedom to do, look and dress in ways that I can not do in real life. I enjoy music, dancing, shopping, riding motorcycles and I am also a president of our, (mine and my husband), own MC. My husband is also my sl partner. I love the friendships we have made there and most are like family to us. I enjoy learning from people like yourself, who take the time to teach us how things work inworld. Well my hubby does, I have only watched you. So those are some of the reason I enjoy my sl and love going in as rl permits. Thanks for asking! :) <3

  186. Hey! Thank you so much for including my survey! So many people have told me “if you want the BIG numbers, talk to Strawberry!” And look! Here it is! So, thank you and I know that this will help to get some really good data about who we are, what we do and how we interact. Of course, I will happily and freely share all results. The survey is open until October 15! I’m honored to be included here.

  187. Adriel Huntress says:

    Happy Birthday tomorrow :) <3

    Adriel Huntress
    What do you do in your Second Life? I am the owner/designer of PREY –

    I model – when the mood strikes lol
    I enjoy taking pictures in world and playing with them in Photoshop.

  188. Oh yes! And happy happy birthday☆☆○☆☆

  189. Kim Blue (KimBlue90) says:

    Happy Birthday Strawberry ♥
    1. KimBlue90
    2. SDI Resort Manager, Mesh Body Addicts chat mod, shopper & explorer

  190. Happy Bday *\o/*

    My SL name is Eveldin

    Im a shopper … and the gacha addicted one (A)

  191. 1. Amanda Dallin

    2. Shopper, Explorer, Part-Owner of the City of New Orleans ( where we host a weekly concert on Mondays and other events. My partners in New Orleans are two of the main reasons I stay in SL. Sandrine Vanbeeck my partner and Trinity Claymore. Their the best friends one could have in RL or SL.

    I also protect the high seas of Second Life from the pirate menace. (I hunt and fight pirates.) I keep up a blog for my RP navy ( ) where I post pics from ship battles.

    The friends I’ve meet in these activities keep me coming back to SL. That and I really enjoy beating pirates in ship battles :)

  192. 1. Chelsuk
    2. Shopaholic and love to explore. Just discovered I also love the rp side of secondlife and am loving my little family and new community also meeting people that I would never cross paths with in rl from all over the world… All the joys and perks of an online virtual life.

    Many happy returns on your birthday berry and keep up the good work!! Your blogs introduced me to the world of bento <3

  193. Holly Portland says:

    1. Holly Portland

    2. Shopper, photographer and explorer

    Happy Birthday Strawberry!

  194. First, thank you Berry for posting the information about millay’s research survey! More respondents will make for even more interesting data that reflects the avatar experience. Most appreciated!

    Of course, I wish to enter the BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY! Here’s my information:
    Second Life login name is Mireille Jenvieve
    I co-own and operate an arts sim: Ce Soir/Ce Soir Arts. I curate the art galleries and host spoken word and musical events. We have special events throughout the year and will soon celebrate the Mad Masquerade for Hallowe’en! I love SL and enjoy meeting so many fascinating people from around the world and sharing art, literature, theatre, and music!

    I want to thank you also, Berry, for your wonderful tutorials on all things SL! I learn so much from you and even have a completely mesh avatar now because of your tutorials!

    Best to you and to all your readers!

  195. Francine Brandi says:

    A model a shopper a builder and a hunter.

  196. PS: We’re at – or just click on my name above to access the blog. Thank you!

  197. Opal Edman
    Hi Berry, happy birthday!
    I have been an SL resident for over 10 years now and I mainly shop and explore, The creativity of people amazes me and I am endlessly excited by new and innovative designs I find all over the grid.
    I enjoy finding new stores and new places to explore.
    What brings me back all these years? I believe it’s a deep rooted enjoyment of playing Barbie as a child, now my Barbie does all the things I wanted her to when I was little, only she does it on screen and she does it better! The choices for her are endless. If you had a Barbie doll as a child you understand completely.
    SecondLife is my escape, a little bit of peace on earth, where we can pretend and forget the madness and cruelty of the real world for a short while. Blissful virtual peaceful world.
    Thanks for reading, keep doing what you do please, you have taught me so much and made my SL much improved, bless you.
    Opal x

  198. Isabella McCrary says:

    Happy Birthday Berry!

    1. clockwork15 Resident
    2. Breeder of ABC horses

  199. Roman skjellerup says:

    Happy birthday!!
    Roman skjellerup is my second life name.. and I am definitely a shopper!! I’ve been in second life for about 10 years and I’ve come to realize second life is more fun when you are able to make fun memories with amazing friends!!

  200. 1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name): MarkusAllan Resident
    2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!

    I actually do quite a bit in SL. I am a chat mod for [Life2] HUD, I run The Oasis of Life (A [Life2] enabled community for surfing), and I host once a week at Totally 80’s.

  201. 1. Mea Hyx
    2. Shopping all the time, also a lover of gifts & freebies & such, dressing my avi matching from hair to toenails… and staring at my avi for hours, and sometimes, I fall asleep at my desk watching her! Well, I don’t JUST stare at her.. I use my time to clean up and go thru my inv! That’s a NEVER ENDING job! I don’t blog but I love reading as many SL blogs/vlogs as I can find for ideas and great pics.. which is why I love yours so much! (btw Alicia’s response here had me lmbo as she usually does!)

  202. Hello! I’ve just recently come back to Secondlife and feel the same as you said, it really is a nice creative outlet for me to dress up and express myself! I’ve even considered designing clothes in the future. Love your blog, especially the subscription unboxings! Happy Birthday!!

    SL login: Morgan Mode

  203. Hello! Happy Birthday!!

    I am jks.beck

    My profile is over ten years old, upon signing up, I walked in world, shook my head and left, not to look back until about eight years later; I was surprised to find I could still log on! Having gone from writing stories interactively (online), to building homes in a (different) virtual world whose graphics are no-where near this quality, it gave me a taste of what I enjoy. So now in SL I have the better of both worlds, it may be some time still until I build my first house here since my time is quite limited due to my rl obligations, it WILL happen.

    Creativity in SL fascinates me!! I find myself happiest when wandering about, wondering how things are made, bargain shopping (land included), splurging (decocrate, DRD Shadow boxes, GACHA) decorating land and homes; I am also loving the amazing photography one can do here! I do have a flickr, not too much posted yet but I try to get quality images and tag the designers in my best photos.

    The learning curve is so high in SL, I am determined to learn everything I can. Blogging, tutorials, facebook, flickr, twitter, google; I never imagined there was such a huge world built around SL. Everyday seems to bring something new to the table.

  204. Adesianvail Resident
    I’m a huge shopper, and I’ve been starting to create a little bit, but it’s still in the works. I’ve also just recently started blogging myself!

  205. Happy birthday :)


    I am a shopper, explorer, I love meeting new people and seeing all the awesome designs from creators and a main part why I stay logged in is my sl family and friends their the best :)

  206. happy birthday, Hi im a huge shopper, hunter, and adventurer. i love everything sl offered been here for 8 years now and my inventory is treasure its at 245,000 items since i went through it for the second time this year XD \

  207. Happy Birthday Strawberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending you many many well wishes. My Sl name is SensualSeduction1313 I am a CSR Chat Mod for an up and coming new Hud on SL. Hoping to open soon to the public. Named beYou. You can find us at A lil secret to as what keeps me logging in every day it’s my Husband on there. She is my RL gf as well but we are 7 hours away. Plan on meeting soon and hoping for the best. Every day I enjoy spending my time with her and our babies.

  208. Happy Birthday! Hope you have an amazing one and many more to come!

    My SL name is Rosy1800

    I’m a role-player and a creator (at times!). I love to roleplay with my the people I love on here and just explore around. At times I do like to create content though usually its just for myself .

  209. Happy Birthday. Hi my name is Cynja Resident. What keeps me logged in, I have been a DJ and a creater. Now a shopping and thinking of blogging.

  210. luckiicharmed.resident says:

    Happy Birthday hope your day is fantabulous!! My name is luckiicharmed.resident. I am a blogger and shopaholic I love spending my time blogging. I also love to explore and go on hunts from time to time. Those are the things that keep me logging onto SL.

  211. Blaise Glendevon says:

    Happy Birthday, Berry! It’s so fun to look back at previous years, and see how much both your style and SL have changed.

    1. Blaise Glendevon
    2. Profligate shopper, occasional dancer, inconsistent flickr-er, and general people-watcher.

  212. Happy Birthday Thank for all the style years

    rinda DeCuir


  213. Hi Strawberry – Happy Birthday – sorry it’s a belated one!
    My name’s Suzy Mynx, I’ve been on SL over seven years now. Mainly I spend time at my club , the latest reincarnation of which is called Catch22. I used to blog and I’ve made a few videos, still trying to get my head around the 3dconnextion mouse – I spend a lot of time watching my avatar dance, which is sad I know lol and what keeps me here is the friends I’ve made over the years, the music and the shopping!!!

  214. I do a little bit of everythhing in SL. Shopping, creating and vlogging! In world name: JarJarMinx Resident.
    Find my vlog on youtube here:

  215. Trudy Monae Bloodmoon says:

    Happy, happy birthday to you, Berry!

    I am a big fan of yours and many other bloggers. Thank you for all you’ve contributed. It is most fun to see the infinite ways individuals can blog different items

    I go by Trudithrose Resident in SL. I’m a kid blogger, borderline gachaholic and shopper of other things! Blogging as a kid in sl brings me joy and satisfaction as I never thought I’d make it past one month!I’m well over a year and post to flickr: and my main site titled Tru Colors :

    My SL fam keeps me logging in! I’ve been fortunate to meet some pretty awesome individuals and I wouldn’t trade them for anything! Not even the most yummiest, juiciest gummy bears in the world! And I REALLY love gummy bears!

  216. Happy Birthday…..!

    1.Your full Second Life login name (not display name): BillieRaeMax

    . What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one! I am a shopper…

    Thank you as well for all your youtube tutorials … then helped greatly when I was reinventing my character after being gone a long while….♥

  217. 1. Stina McGillivary
    2. SL has been a wonderful place to relax and connect with friends from all over the world for me for the past 9 years… it’s kinda surprising to think of that number but yeah… i’m still hooked :) Doing it all there: from shopping and listening to music with friends to managing clubs and helping to develop a clothing brand:

  218. 1. danethegreat resident

    2. Photography, I have in the past 5 months really gotten into SL photography, a small part to you, after getting a portrait done by you last year, really inspired me thank you! I keep looking for new places and inspiration for new shots.
    My Flickr

  219. Shinigami Kayo says:

    Shinigami Kayo
    Former everything from blogging to building, but now after 10 years I am settling down a bit and just being a social animal.
    I always thought to survive in SL you needed a wee bit of purpose and try to see the fun (and funny) in it all.

  220. Happy birthday dear Strawberry!

    Anandaheart resident is my inworld name

    I am in SL for many years and just had a 2 month break for lack of a good graphic card, which made me realize how much I enjoy taking pictures and blogging in SL, it is my major creative outlet for years now, having been very ill in RL. However SL changes, there will always be people who create in it the most beautiful exhibits, landscapes, fashion and home stuff and more and looking at all the blogs, magazines and flickr pages is a welcome part of being in SL for me. Just te be able to do something with my lifelong passion for fashion in SL stays amazing always!

    I hope you will be in SL with us for a long time to come.
    Wishting you much love and health and happiness!

    anandaheart resident

  221. 1 Moki Yuitza
    2 I’m a shopper (shopaholic, really), couse my main interest is mix&match pieces to create some original avatars and looks. I think that SL offers a new media to express creativity in any form, so I would like to improve my photographics skills to start (again) my blog to celebrate creativity in SL. In the meantime, i build little things with the old system prims (i love prims…), just for me and my friends, but in the past i did something fo marketplace ( where i actually sell gacha’s extras too.

  222. Toy Wiskee

    I’ve tried blogging, I wasn’t disciplined enough for that. I’ve been a store owner and creator. I love, love, love that, but alas real life has me by the shorts and my time in SL is too limited now to maintain a store properly. What keeps me logging in now is my SL family and friends…oh and of course shopping!

  223. Happy Birthday!!!! hope you have a great day Strawberry!!!!
    Libbie Parkin an I am a shopper, ( I have a shopping addiction), blues music, blog reader, learning to take photos ( Attached my flickr url ) I really enjoy exploring different sims . I enjoy taking photos an playing with the different lighting in SL,

  224. Reececupz Marquis says:

    Happy Birthday! My name is Reececupz Marquis. I am mainly an explorer. What keeps me going on SL is I love exploring, cosplay, taking pics to add to my flckr and spending time with family and friends.

  225. Your full Second Life login name (not display name) FoxyPepsiArcherrr

    What do you do in your Second Life? I love shopping, exploring and at times go to salsa clubs and meeting people but mostly my time is spent shopping. LOL. I do desire to take photos and vblogs and hope one day I learn and have even more fun in SL.

    Happy Birthday!

  226. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I hope you have many more wonderful birthdays to come!

    1. Tokvo
    2. I’m nothing more than a dreamer, admirer and sucker for passionate people when it comes to animation, character design/creation and all of the detail that goes into it. I’ve loved second life for many years and I’ve only recently gotten close to creating my dream avatar, on my second account (my first one was deleted years ago) even with everything going on offline that has always been dark for me, second life is my light. Second life is my everything and I love seeing others who show that their passion and love for it, through their creations.

  227. Happy Birthday!!!! I just met you on sansar yay!
    1. Myst Serenity
    2. Shopper, explorer, creator
    I log in for peace and respite from RL to be with friends i have had for over 10 years.

  228. Happy Birthday Strawberry!

    1. luxroyalty
    2. Usually I shopper and explorer, often go on all new events and try demo, or just I stay at home and change my shape :)

  229. Paulette Oldrich says:

    Happy Birthday, Berry.
    1 Avatar name: Paulette Oldrich
    2. SL Performer- jazz and standards 2008-2014
    RL illness kept me away from SL till 2017 and though I am not singing at the moment I am a shopoholic enjoy the work of so many great creators and the progress made with mesh and Bento while I was away. It’s been great to catch up with old friends too!

  230. Khaleesi A. Moon says:

    Happy Birthday! <3

    1. Lushyy
    2. Shopper & Explorer

  231. Happy Belated B-day Berry!!!

    1. Maddie Wyatt

    2. Vlogger/amateur machinima creator/entertainer/mamteur photographer

    3. The opportunity to create goofy entertaining videos for both my entertainment as well as others and how awesome it is to see my ideas come to life though my videos and photos. Also the amazing new friends I’ve made because of it :D

  232. cyberspy resident
    What I do: sim design, art, photography, modeling, shopping, Hidden Desires Women’s Resort Owner/Lounge Owner located at Mellor sim.

  233. Goregasm resident says:

    Happy birthday! Hope it’s the best ever!
    My name on sl is goregasm Resident.
    I’m a shopper at heart. I love photogrophy and Flickr. I used to blog and still do part time for fun. I come on sl for my family and friends and the great experiences or adventures and exploring. There’s so many possibilities here and it keeps me coming back for more.

  234. Your full Second Life login name (not display name)
    Tamar Luminos

    What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer?
    Roleplayer, shopper, creator/builder, photographer, explorer. LOL I dabble in a lot of things.

    Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!
    I keep logging into SL to shop, make pretty outfits/avatars, roleplay, socialize, build…usually at least a couple times a week.

    My blog:

  235. Belinda Millet says:

    Your full Second Life login name (not display name)
    Belinda Millet

    What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!

    Well when I’m in SL I tend to love going out exploring, finding the perfect outfit and finding somewhere awesome to take pictures in. I’m a huge photo buff and of course I can be a huge shopaholic.

  236. 1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name): Veronica Gearz
    2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!
    I am a fashion blogger in SL.

    I learned to market myself by watching you on blogger/vlogger network.. So now I have so many links.. Thank you for all you do.

  237. 1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name): Aleylia Resident
    2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!

    I’m a live singer in SL.

  238. Happy belated Birthday!

    1.Ember Adored.
    2. I I am a blogger who mostly stands on my platform & take photos.
    I also like to explore off the destination guide & take photos of the amazing places people create.

    Flickr –

  239. 1. Caroline Apollo
    2. I am now a blogger. My handful of good friends and seeing the amazing creations keep me logging in.. almost 14 years now.

  240. CamilaGrace Resident
    I am a venue hostess, have great friends and love to shop

  241. Amyweil Hyland says:

    Happy Birthday

    1. Amyweil Hyland

    2. I am an interior decorator and shopper

  242. I am a professional shopper!!

  243. Honeychile Sweetwater says:

    1. Honeychile Sweetwater
    2. Virtual explorer and people watcher.

  244. Your full Second Life login name (not display name)Connie Rain

    What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? I am a shopper :)

    Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!

    I keep logging in to participate in all the wonderful experiences that SL has to offer. I love how it is constantly evolving and changing. My friends keep me in SL also. I have met some amazing people.

  245. Seaskye Ember.

    I have been in second life almost 10 years now.
    I was an amateur builder until mesh became more popular.
    I have a friend who still uses the sky box I built ages ago.
    A second life friend had a club and I was a hostess who
    also decorated the club with the various themes we came
    up with. One of the favorite was the Coffee Shop.
    I love that SL is involved in Relay for Life! I have
    walked the Track for many years now!
    I used to be a huntaholic and came up with a card with
    hunting rules and strategy.
    I now mostly hang out with friends and visit various music
    venues. I am still in touch with my friend who does various
    DJ events.
    Did I mention Gacha’s? I tend to pull Rares a lot. I usually
    put together outfits for myself my RL Sister and Friends.
    I love the Seraphim yard sale for the Arcade. The other
    Gacha events I check yardsales MarketPlace and various
    Trading groups.
    Yes I also Love the Shop! My favorite events are C88 and Fifty
    Linden Fridays.

  246. 1.daftlyn

  247. Name: Isabela Loring
    Happy Birthday Berry!!!
    I have been in SL for almost 10 yr. I keep logging in for my friends and my SL partner. We dance, decorate our 4/5 of a sim, Shoping and just having fun.

  248. K4terinaPetrova says:

    Hi Berry, Happy Bday! My name is K4terinaPetrova and i love to shop, take pictures and i also started blogging recently and im already loving it!

    Here is the link to my blog:
    and my to Flickr:

  249. MY SL name: Caresia Adored

    I guess I’m a flickr blogger now, but mostly just a shopper and explorer. I have a shop that I rarely add to anymore.

    I log in because, well, I still enjoy Second Life. I love seeing how peoples’ minds show with their work in the game. I love exploring the many sims and I love decorating my little sim, even after all these years. I hope you had a happy birthday :)

  250. First of all I wish you a happy birthday! You are in the best time of your life. I hope a lot of successful years will follow and keep on blogging!

    1. Aida Lundquist
    2. I love shopping, visiting clubs and dancing and I do Bellydancing too since more than 4 years. My blog is but at the moment I’m in a bit crisis struggling with my blog. I’m not sure if I want to continue the blog or not. The responses of the blog against what I got on Flickr is very low. Maybe I’m no blogger talent LOL.
    I love shopping in SL but spend much too much money every month ;-)

  251. Hello Berry !! Be-lated happy birthday <33
    1. KitKapper Resident
    2. I am a shopper and explorer. I log in almost every day just to shop and hang out with friends. I am a fashion addict hehe.

  252. Happy Birthday Berry!
    SL Name: lylaq resident

    I’m an explorer, shopper, and fisher. What keeps me logging in is the people I’ve met through the activities I enjoy doing in sl as mentioned. I’ve thought about blogging, but haven’t decided on it yet.

    p.s. We share the same birthday YAY!!!

  253. Love You Stawberry Singh

    I’m a explorer
    Even though I been on SL for only a year it has been a very fun year I met some really great people on here and I love visiting all the places SL has to offer

  254. Your full Second Life login name (not display name)Saggees Resident

    What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper?
    I love to shop and explore oh and my fav thing is gachias.I love to decorate my house,I redecorate it everyweek lol.

    Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!What keeps me coming back are the friends I’ve made and the beautiful builds to explore and of course SHOPPING!hehe

  255. HaPPy BiRTHday!

    Your full Second Life login name LILLEMOUSE TABLA

    What do you do in your Second Life? I enjoy sailing, going to concerts and other live events, exploring, decorating!

  256. Lyric Irelund – I love socializing, dancing, and exploring. I also enjoy decorating, and shopping. I never tire of SL!

  257. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!

  258. mae delvalle

    i roleplay. 99% of the time. shop the 1% :)

  259. Lydia Onedin-In SL, I mostly browse, shop, and hang out with my friends. I am into the mesh bodies yet, but I do have SLink hands and feet. I like to keep my avatar looking like I do in RL, including my face, and haven’t decided that I like the heads good enough yet. I am leaning towards a SLink physique body if I had to choose one though.
    I love to see all the new fashions and goings in in SL and always check out what you have to say about things Strawberry. Thanks for everything and Happy Birthday!

  260. I am Sky Quintessa

    Happy Birthday

    In SL I shop, decorate, see friends and buy and sell a little land

  261. 1. Kurushiia resident
    2. I am a lover….fashion lover, music lover, art lover, I explore worlds, I create worlds and I let myself being inspired for my SL and RL work and for my life and development. But what really keeps me logging in is my friends and my special someone who are letting me spend some moments of joy and relaxation with them.

    To you, Strawberry, I wish another wonderful year full of interesting experience and personal growth. Thank you for sharing so much with us :)

  262. 1) vasile McMahn
    2) I am a partner of a wonderful woman; a sim maker; a Dom; an explorer of D/s; a layabout par excellence. 8 years young and loving it…

    Happy Birthday Strawberry. thank you for all of the work you do in SL.

  263. Kayleigh Quan
    Spend time with friends, explore and make pictures.

    And ofc, Happy Birthday to you Strawberry. Keep up all the good work. I always enjoy to see your video’s.

  264. Dear Berry,
    wishing you all the best for the next 10 years to come in RL and SL! Looking forward to many more informative and humorous blog posts…. and thank you and erratic for the generous gift cards!

    1) gerdb Burger
    2) mostly exploring, shopping and socializing with friends, enjoying the new options mesh technology offers!

  265. Blythe Grayman says:

    Dear Stawberry,

    My internet has been down for so long and may go down again as I am typing. I want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday!! You are still so very young! I enjoy and rely on your videos/blogs for SL information.

    I log in to SL for entertainment, exploration, home decor, make up/avatar/mesh body/ subscription box ideas.

    I also log in to SL for literature (seanchai library).

  266. Hi Berry,
    My name is Negly Resident. I’m Venezuelan.
    I’m a Blogger and Model in SL and a Medical Doctor in RL. I love to explore new sims in SL, admiring the creativity and imagination of their creators, and sometimes dance with the It’s Girlz & Fellaz dance troupe.
    What keeps me logging in SL is the desire of create art with my styling and photography, sharing my life story to my blog readers through the eyes of an SL Avi. I also met my RL husband in SL so we own our little home sweet home in SL too. Lastly to talk about my nation Venezuela, a land lost in corruption and lack of freedom, food and medicine but so beautiful that it causes awe to those who explore it.
    Congratulations for you birthday and I wish you all the best!
    Negly Resident. My Blog:
    My Flickr:

  267. Happy belated birthday Strawberry, I’m sorry I missed it and hope you had a great day.

    1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name)
    Destiny Yheng
    2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer?

    I’m a shopper and though I want to become a blogger, I love secondlife fashion my fav places are Blueberry, Reign, Vinyl and Erratic. I log in everyday to spend time with my amazing family, I don’t really have one RL so being able to share my life with those I call family in SL feels amazing and so rewarding, they are what help me live each day.

  268. 1. MollyMirassou Resident

    2. What I love to do in SL is constantly evolving, just like I am! I love to find new and beautiful creations (sims, clothing, and adorable animals!). I used to love to sail, but that has given way to learning how to surf. I love photography and hope to raise my skill level. I especially love logging in and finding my dear friends and loved ones, and spending time with them <3
    I am not a blogger, but that might be my next project!
    What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!

  269. Hi! Happy Rezzday!

    I am lilaskyheart Resident. I am a role player and a blogger! I try to focus my blog mainly on vintage clothing but I’ve been venturing into more modern items recently! I also recently started basing my blog posts after music so please check it out and don’t forget to click ‘music vibes’ so you can get the vibe for the photo <3.

  270. Bellarosa Sierot says:

    1.Your full Second Life login name (not display name): BloodyKitty230 Resident

    2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!

    Hope you enjoyed your rezzday!

    My name is Bellarosa Sierot inworld. I used to have businesses in SL, but right now I am an explorer and wanderer of SL. I have family and friends that i love, and we do it all: Flying,shopping, biking,driving,horseback riding,sailing,and so,so much more. We have all all decided that SL is going to be what we make it, and we need to lg in daily to make SL a great place for us and others to log off smiling. Sharing fashion is one of our number one past times. I would love to blog, but i know that I could not dedicate the time to it, so until i can, I am just someone who love this place.

  271. Hi Berry! My account name is keyliikkin resident, but my display name is just Keyli. I’m a shopper, sailor, and neophyte photographer – I toy with the idea of working on a blog, but I’m not quite sure I can put the time in to really do it right.

    I keep logging in to learn things and meet new people. I recently met a woman from Pakistan and learned a bit about what it’s like to live there. And a few days ago I learned how to texture my new sailboat and it looks GREAT! :) Congrats on your big milestone!

  272. Happy Birthday Strawberry!

    1. LovelyKity
    2. I am a shape shifter! I fixing up my avi a lot! I love socializing, dancing, and exploring. I often hang out with my friends and of course i enjoy reading your blog and watching youtube channel. You are awesome!

  273. Veronique highwater says:

    Name : Veronique Highwater

    What do I do in SL? : Shop, explore, chat with friends and take photos.

  274. KassiAndraSouris says:

    1) Your full Second Life login name (not display name)- KassiAndraSouris Resident
    2) What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one! I am a shopper and dancer. Amatuer Photographer

  275. Happy Birthday Stawberry!!

    1) Your full Second Life login name (not display name)- Persis Azemus

    2) What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one! I love the SL experience! I still lovo to explore new places since I created my avis. Actually I’ve been trying to create too. I have a small cosmetic shop on marketplace. I love to make new friends and go to the parties. I’m also a shopper haha. Second Life is part of my life since 2007 and I think it will still be till the end ♥ Happy Bday!

  276. Happy Birthday♥

    My name is FriendLine Resident (Mimu)

    I am vblogger in Second Life and I love to explore!

    I love to make friends and gachas are my addiction xD

    Happy birthday to you ♥

    My youtube Channel

  277. Happy Birthday Berry!<3 today is my birthday :D

    1. Rouse Hoxley
    2. I'm shopping holic and Gacha-Addict *.* in speccially when open the box hehehehe love go to store in store <3 Always check your blog in special your reviews.


  278. 1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name)
    – MamiChella Resident
    2. What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!
    -. Blogging! Exploiring new places/sims, making pictures, club with the live mixing djs I love music! building with old prims.

  279. Stephanie Silentghost says:

    1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name)
    Stephanie Silentghost.

    What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? I am a Shopper, creator (texturing builds), live performer, host, photographer, and explorer in SL.

    Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!
    I help run Grim Reapers MC and my family and friends keep me logging into SL.

  280. 1. Elissiana Caproni
    2. I am a photographer and former model, Club Hostess and Manager at NAT’S Jazz Club. I enjoy logging on to hang out with friends and go to and host live music events. I do love working on my look and putting together outfits for my Avatar. Since Mesh bodies and heads have become so popular I particularly enjoy making older mesh items work with various looks when I can. I am an aspiring Content Creator/Designer and Blogger( if I can find time to pull it together soon) :) Thanks for the great giveaway and Happy Birthday!
    Flikr link below

  281. 1. oddlywondrous
    2. Shameless shopper shopper shopper!

  282. 1. sub4urpleasur
    2. Dancer

    Happy Birthday Berryb

  283. I am Weniki Oh. I’ve been on Second Life for over 10 years.

    I play and host live trivia games in-world, usually at Sharon’s Diner. I also love to shop for clothes, hair-dos, houses and furniture.

  284. Happy Birthday!
    My name is naviehale. I like to shop and take pictures in sl. I have recently started blogging and also love to explore beautiful sims and play interactive games inworld.

  285. Happy 10th Rez Day Strawberry!!

    Your full Second Life login name — Adianna Price

    What do you do in your Second Life? I love to take pictures…. and I love fashion … really good fashion….. so therefore I flickr blog the things I love… I signed up for a blog but have no idea where to start… I am no good at coding… so I just stick to flickr. My RL job can be very stressful , so I like to come into Secondlife to let go of all the rigors of a day in High School can bring. I have a couple of friends I love to hang out with … but other times…. I just like to organize the old SL closet, and be alone with my thoughts.
    Thanks to you, for helping me through some confusing issues with mesh, bento, fashion… and photography tips…. You’re a great asset to Second Life, and I wish you many more years of blogging and vlogging. ♥

    My flickr –

  286. Your full Second Life login name: Eivin
    What do you do in your Second Life? I’m a Desinger, creator and shooper!
    Share with me what keeps you logging: Be with my friends, keep working on more items for my shop even if I’m some budy with my studies, explore new sims and world! And play a lot of gachas XD.
    Also Happy Birthday!

    My links:

  287. Strawberry sing you’re so cool I love you sick in life videos there are so cool you wear the one that made my avatar look so great this is why I say thank you and happy birthday

  288. Happy Birthday!
    My name is — Valery humbridge
    I love to take pictures and make flickr for that.Further I like to shop and
    follow the Fashion and exploring secondlife and new places hold me in sl.
    Further I have a couple of friends I love to hang out with … but other times…. If they are not online I like to organize my inventory and cloths, and building in sandboxes by times or making new friends.
    You’re a great asset to Second Life and a great help for many people in sl,me and my friends are always talking about your blog and try things from your blog.Keep going what you are doing I wish you many more years of blogging .

  289. Hi, do not forget my piece of cake!
    My name in the world is alielgreen Resident and I am currently exploring, and who knows in the future to learn something interesting!

  290. Congratulations, Berry!

    My Second Life login name: lavalois resident
    What do I do in Second Life? Starting over after a forced restart, where I lost my avatar and the contents of her inventory. I’m trying to pick up my blog again, and hoping to get succesful in that!

    My Links:

  291. nick: Prettyprincesshasarrived

    I just love to talk with people, help to new residents and I’m a volunteer in a club.

    Like to make pictures and visit great places around the grid.

    Happy birthday!!! :D

    And thanks!!!

  292. Nick: Airshippirate Resident

    I love to make photos, create my own props or re-using some. Love to discover great places and spend time there, meet people.

    I also help in a group for newbies and no so newbies, where we prepare specific courses about SL, Blender, etc…

    Or sometimes I only want to chill in a nice place and relax

    Happy birthday Strawberry, I’m following you for years and hope to be able to do it for long time.

    Thanks for this giveaway :D

  293. Keishla Moonbeam says:

    I am shopper and explorer. Will love to get into photography.

  294. Happy birthday, your beautiful ♥
    My name is djmaah I’m dj in second life and I would love to win this gift because tomorrow is my real-life birthday, please choose me \ o ♥

  295. Haappy belayed birthday Strawberry <3

    1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name)

    Gem Sabra

    2. What do you do in your Second Life?

    I'm a bit of everything, depending on mood – freebie hunter, shopper girl, gacha lover, newbie designer, starter photographer so also explorer of places due to interest, and friendly helping out (or trying at least) those with whatever questions they might have about all the above mentioned :)

    I log in cus I like what I can achieve without ppl knowing that I'm social "handicapped". I seem to be more free, do better jokes and etc. While I'm more introvert in RL, SL somehow "balance" me being extrovert… if that makes sense :)

    Love ur blog! Since I recently started SL again (yay, finally a computer that doesn't die on me whenever it get hit by lag-monster), ur blog seems to be answering my questions whenever I was looking for them in Google – so just that u know, u are quite popular there :)

    Really generous of u giving away the GCs <3 If I'm not one of the lucky few, I wish those few a HUGE CONGRATS :)

    Be safe and take care :)

  296. Didn’t seem to give in my links, sorry for the 2nd post -_-

  297. Wishing you a very happy birthday and may all your dreams come true…i am here on second life to enjoy all that my first life lacks yes im having a ball on second life and enjoying everything that it has to offer …from friends to shopping to learning new things and a whole lot more ..thank you second life and thank you strawberry for helping me to enjoy myself even more by showing me the way .
    Cleo xooxoxoxox

  298. Hello. We have a birthday the same day! Congratulations to US!
    I love your videos and I wish all the happiness in the world.
    1- login (vihladyvamp)
    2- I like to stay with my family! I love them and we have been together since my first day of I like to stay with my family! I love them and we have been together since my first day in SL ❤

  299. 37? Wow -still so young! :-O
    Happy Birthday, I hope you have many wonderful blessings over the next year. :)

    1) Han Held

    2) What keeps my coming back to Secondlife? My home in Funadama, my SL family and my ties to CDS (org, not security system :p)

  300. Dannicka resident
    I’m a blogger/ photographer or try to be

  301. ADRILEV
    I’m a photographer in sl and I like to shop and explore
    I’m not a blogger

  302. ADRILEV
    I’m a photographer in sl and I like to shop and explore
    I’m not a blogger
    In sl I like to meet people from other countries and discover new things

  303. KaylaFae89 Resident

    I am a shopper, decorator and avid photographer. I love all your videos. Gives me so many ideas and the information makes a lot of the processes so much easier. Thank you and hope you had an amazing birthday!!

  304. SadiePierce Resident

    I’m an avid shopper, lover of all things fashion and a fledgling photographer and blogger. I keep returning for the meaningful relationships I have developed, for the people I call friends and family. Second Life is truly, my second life. How lucky I am.

  305. Your full Second Life login name: SophiaRose Dagostino

    What do you do in your Second Life? I am an explorer. I like to meet new people, explore new places and of course try on all the new fashions. The main that keeps me logging in is my SL family. They have saved my life more times than they know and I love all of them dearly.

  306. SHEEREN Ballyhoo says:

    Photographer, avid shopper and reader of Strawberry’s blogs which are so informative, professional and fun! Also have a love for landscaping, terraforming, decorating and attempting to build.

  307. My name is Ava Cartier and I am the owner of Corpsewood Haunted House and Gacha Goddess, a Gacha resale shoppe.

    I love horror so much that I created a horror sim for the public to see, free-of-charge — all year long. Horror isn’t just reserved for one night in October. Thousands have visited since I opened and I’ve been blogged. Gacha Goddess is my beautiful, pink store that resells Gachas. I display things I like and only play Gachas I like. I’m not in it for the money — I love displaying my favorite Gachas, like in a museum. I also have some Starax Statosky pieces to view at Gacha Goddess. So, if you have the time and desire, please stop by both places to see the love I put into them. You don’t need to buy anything, just visit! :D

  308. Happy Birthday, Berry! Thanks for being a leading member of our community for so long.

    I am Uccello Poultry and I have done so many thing in Second Life, it is hard to remember it all. Currently I help the Lindens manage the Bay City Marina at New Port as well as participate in Bay City community activities. I also love to explore. You’ll often find me tracking Magellan Linden’s whereabouts and stalking LDPW Moles.

  309. Happy Birthday!
    1. Aerlinniel Vella
    2. Blogger

    What keeps me signing in are the great friends who have become family over the years and the new friends that I have met since I began blogging. Exploring new places in world keeps the fun going as well. There’s so much to do in Second Life, one just needs to reach out and do it.

  310. Raven Raine (simita) says:

    Simita Resident

    I’m a shopping addict and explorer. All the new things and updates keep me coming back as well as long term friends i’ve made along the way

  311. Name: Shelz Theas
    SL Hobbies: Shopping, exploring, snapping photos

    Happy birthday, Berry! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

  312. 1. Silverhudson
    2. I am starting to explore blogging from Flickr. I shop a lot!!! lol I’ve been in SL for 13 years. Happy Birthday!! Hope its a good one.

  313. Happy Birthday ♥
    Name : brunathegirl
    I’m blogger and photographer. I love to photograph the great places that exist in sl,be able to make different looks and share this with the people!♥

  314. Ciera Richez

    I’m definitely a shopper (shopaholic LOL), I also like to explore, but most of the time I’m just chilling out at my place, or on a beach somewhere, either alone or with family/friends, just having fun. I also dabble in photography.

  315. 1: Nancy Toocool
    2: First of all I’m a performer/dancer, been doing that for 6 years. I’m also a photographer, shopper, explorer and a lover of everything SL.

  316. 1. Grace Itano
    2. I love to fish, and landscaping and building. When I am done with builds I use them for photographs. I also love to discover new lands that others have done and take photographs also.

  317. Happy Birthday Strawberry! I keep logging in to see friends and to keep learning something new or try some new gadget out that I find interesting. I started a blog and ended it a couple of years ago but since I am attempting to learn more about modeling I re-created a new blog. Feel free to check it out and thank you so much for all your blogs and videos. Best and wishing you a Happy Birthday QuillAndDagger Resident

  318. 1. QueenGalaxia Resident
    2. I am a rookie blogger who enjoys blogging all sorts of clothing and items on secondlife. I am working my hardest to improve my photography and blog skills everyday. I enjoy blogging because It relieves alot of my anxiety and stress. :) <3

  319. Happy late Birthday Berry! Your age is just a number, its what you learn and experience that matters the most!

    In SL (Beca Staheli) I like to socialize, work in photography and also different looks and shapes for my avatar.

  320. Happy Birthday Strawberry! We hope it’s a great one for you!

    Your full Second Life login name (not display name) SummerLove7411

    What do you do in your Second Life? Are you a blogger? Creator? Shopper? Explorer? Share with me what keeps you logging in and don’t forget to leave a link to your blog/store if you have one!

    I log in everyday to see my family & friends & we love to go exploring and shopping in Second Life

  321. CraftyTifa Resident

    Happy Birthday!
    shopper & explorer (freebie shopping addict)

  322. Name: Ethenia Resident

    I am a shopper and explorer.

    The ability to escape the stress and struggles of everyday real life is what keeps me logging in to SL. Having a place where I can Relax and unwind, try on clothes, makeup, etc. and talk with friends really helps in making those rough days somewhat better.

  323. 1. Adelle09
    2. Shopper and Explorer.. I love to share with my friends the joys I find in Second life.

    Wish you many happy years ahead!

  324. Happy Birthday Berry!!

    My name is Kenllix Resident and I’m a explorer and a shopper.

  325. Vilali Resident

    I shop and explore. I’m also apart of the roleplay wrestling community.

  326. jazmina voom


    I like to role-play, shop and have made a few little things, hope to make more. Love you Strawberry! Have been watching you for years!

  327. Thank you so much to everyone for entering and for all of the well wishes for my birthday. I loved reading about everything you guys do on Second Life and I’m so thankful that we have this wonderful platform to get creative on.

    I have used the Random Pick Giveaway Winner Plugin to choose the winners. When it gives me the winner’s name it also gives me their email address beside it so the part that I blacked out in the following images is their email addresses. The 5 winners are:

    jade serenity (Myst Serenity)

    Nancy Toocool

    Viv Bravin (Vienette Resident)


    ZsaZsaZahira Resident

    Congratulations! I will be dropping the gift cards from Erratic to you guys inworld very soon.

    Thanks again to everyone that entered! I’m planning to do another big giveaway when I hit 10K subscribers on my YouTube channel, so if you haven’t subscribed yet:

    Have a great weekend everyone! <3

  328. Oh my gosh!!! Thank you SO very much!!!
    I have never won anything before ((((GIANT HUG!!!)))))

  329. Liv Watkins
    I spend time with family I shop I blog occasionally

  330. ZsaZsaZahira Resident says:

    Thank you so much Berry, what a lovely surprise <3

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