Weekly Atlas-Hopping in Linden Lab’s Sansar with Berry & Drax

Weekly Atlas Hopping in Linden Lab's Sansar with Berry & Drax (logo designed by: Stefanie Rost)

Recently Draxtor Despres invited me to go Atlas-Hopping with him in Linden Lab’s new virtual world named, Sansar. I first blogged about Sansar when it went into public beta on July 31st, so if you haven’t checked out Sansar as of yet, click over and read my detailed blog post about it: Introduction to Linden Lab’s Sansar.

Atlas-Hopping basically means that we open up the Atlas in Sansar (a map of all the current experiences that you can explore) and then pick a few to teleport to and explore. We had so much fun last week that we decided to make this into a weekly show called Atlas-Hopping in Sansar with Berry and Drax. We will try and do Atlas-Hopping on Saturday mornings at 11am.

Every Saturday we will try and meet at 114 Harvest in Sansar at 11am PST (sometimes different days & timings, see below for schedule) and then go to a few different experiences from there. We may have special guests with us from time to time; last week it was Ryan Schultz and Richardus Raymaker. You guys are also free to join us on our adventures if you like! Tomorrow Ryan says he will join us again as our special guest. I’m looking forward to it as I enjoyed their company while I explored Sansar a bit more.

If you are not able to join us in Sansar, we will also both be live streaming it to our youtube channels. Draxtor uses VR gear to explore Sansar so if you watch his stream you will see how it looks to people using VR (kind of like 3D). I use my desktop to explore Sansar so you can see how it looks if you explore using desktop. This way you can also experience it in both ways. Here are the links to our streams:

I am also making a playlist called Atlas-Hopping in Sansar with Berry and Drax on my youtube channel, where I will save all of my videos so you can watch them at a later time if you miss them.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss any of these episodes of Atlas-Hopping, you can follow both me and Drax on twitter, we will always announce it there before and when we start streaming and exploring. You can also follow Ryan Schultz’ new Sansar blog where he covers all of the latest updates and information about Sansar. He is blogging about these Atlas-Hopping episodes so if you follow that blog, you’ll get episode reminders there as well.

Watch all the episodes so far in my Atlas-Hopping playlist:

I do want to mention that if you watch or join us, please know that Draxtor and I are quite friendly with each other and tend to rant, vent and banter back and forth often. We also fake fight over subscribers and viewers just for fun. Please don’t take anything we say personally, we are just shit-talking each other for fun. However, I am planning to throw a party once I beat Draxtor in youtube subscribers so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL and UNSUBSCRIBE from his! :P (JOKING) (not really)

I also want to add that I personally feel Sansar has a long way to go before it becomes attractive and easily accessible for regular Second Life residents like myself that are not creators and builders. That being said, I do enjoy logging in and exploring it already because I find it to be extremely beautiful and I love the small little community that is there already. I am truly enjoying my time there and looking forward to all the new updates in the coming year. Hopefully it may push me to learn to build and make things myself, who knows! So please come and join or watch and explore Sansar with us if you like; all are welcome! I also hope these episodes give you the opportunity to get weekly updates about Sansar as well.

While we are on the topic of Sansar and YouTube, are you guys subscribed to the Sansar channel on YouTube? They’ve been releasing videos about the creators already in Sansar that are working on their own experiences. So far we have met Loz HydeRia, Maxwell GrafBlueberryAnrick and today’s video is about David Hall.

Schedule for future Atlas-Hopping Meetups at 114 Harvest in Sansar:


In May of 2018 Draxtor and I started a new series called Noob-Hopping. Every Thursday at 8am PDT we meet at 114 Harvest and answer any questions newcomers in Sansar may have. We also perhaps share a few tips and tricks and also travel some different experiences. I stream this on Twitch. You can watch the event updates on my Twitch channel and join us: https://www.twitch.tv/events/-xhM21k0QouPYfBAq4zXfA

Starting June 2018, I will no longer stream Atlas Hopping episodes to my YouTube channel. I will start streaming them to my Twitch channel only. So all my Sansar videos will be on Twitch from now on. You can watch my event updates for Atlas Hopping each week and join us: https://www.twitch.tv/events/okw0PCpBSByuNhG6vTsUvg

12 thoughts on “Weekly Atlas-Hopping in Linden Lab’s Sansar with Berry & Drax

  1. Love it! It was great meeting you in Sansar last Saturday, Strawberry. See you in-world later today for some more Atlas Hopping :-)

  2. Great to meet you Ryan! Hope you can join us next week as well.

  3. Leelah Wolfheart says:

    Hello Strawberry,

    thanks for that awsome great possibility to walk with you in Sansar. I have not added me to it but for sure will be if I can fullfill what is needed. And thank you for taking away my biggest fear. As I know Sansar will have a great future I feared that it would happen what happened to my first experiance in an online game named ‘Neverwinter Nights’. We had a great community there and had friends all over the world like in SL. But with the new version out we that it would go on over there too and it didn’t happen. It was cold and unfriendly between the players. Then ‘Second Life’came mentioned here in germany as a new way of virtual world and from the first moment I felt home there again. So when I heard about ‘Sansar’ I was curious but also feared it would happen like it happen back there. But you show me today I am wrong …..gladly. I had so much fun watching you guys and your fight with Draxx and ……*laughs* I have subscribed to you since a while, as I like your work in SL,but not to Drax so hehe you can tell him about it. Have a great day over there and I am waiting to see more of you or speak to you in SL or maybe one day over there in Sansar. *waves*

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  5. Great post! Have nice day ! :) dkefh

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  8. […] because honestly I am so in love with it! I find it absolutely beautiful and although I love Atlas-Hopping every Saturday, I much prefer to explore Sansar quietly and alone, so I thought, why not stream to my Twitch […]

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  10. […] Atlas-hopping is going strong each week. Every Saturday at 11am PST, Draxtor Despres and I explore different experiences in Sansar and recently we’ve been playing a lot of games as well. I wasn’t there last Saturday as my husband and I went away for the weekend to celebrate our first anniversary, but I will be there this coming Saturday! This coming Saturday Drax and I will be fighting it out for different prizes and apparently a lot of fun activities are in store! Hope you can join us either in Sansar or via live stream. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and keep an eye on my Atlas Hopping PlayList for all the updates! […]

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