Introduction to Linden Lab’s Sansar

Introduction to Linden Lab's Sansar (Raw shot from God Rays Experience in Sansar)

Linden Lab‘s new virtual world named Sansar opened to the public today at 10:30am PST, but it is still in beta. Once you have signed up and created an account (learn details about creating your Sansar avatar’s name on Ciaran Laval’s blog), check out the different areas of the Sansar website:

  • Download Sansar: Click over and download the client to start exploring Sansar right away.
  • Recommended System Specs: Want to know if your computer will run Sansar? Check out Linden Lab’s recommended specs, which are also listed on the Download page.
  • Sansar Atlas: Find different experiences to explore. The Sansar experiences are created by Linden Lab and Sansar residents and creators. Once you are comfortable with Sansar, you can create your own experience!
  • Sansar Store: Share creations and enhance your Sansar experiences with original content from other creators.
  • SandeX: The unit of trade in Sansar is called the Sansar dollar (S$). You can purchase Sansar dollars online on the Sansar Dollar Exchange (SandeX), or you can earn Sansar dollars by selling items in the Sansar Store.
  • Sansar Help: Check out the very detailed Sansar Help Guide to learn all about Sansar from the basics to creating, scripting and more.

Avatars in Linden Lab's Sansar(My avatar chatting with Maxwell Graf and Draxtor Despres in Draxtor’s Experience in Sansar)

I was invited to try out Sansar back in April 2017 (when it was still in closed beta), and I started shooting videos from the first moment I logged in. I’ve logged in a number of times now, explored many different experiences and even went to a party at Draxtor Despres’ experience in Sansar. I think Sansar is an absolutely beautiful virtual world. The first time I logged in I was blown away by the graphics and lighting. The beauty and realism of some of the experiences was incredibly enjoyable to explore.

That being said, there is not a lot of social activities on Sansar as of yet. You can login and have quite a bit to explore, but lack of people and activities will make your virtual social life a bit dull. Hopefully now that it’s gone public and more people will join, create and interact, the social aspect of it will also improve.

Another aspect Sansar is lacking in right now is avatar customization. We do have some sliders for the avatars, but we are not able to make drastic changes to them. I have heard they will be updating and adding more customization options soon so I’m hoping we’ll be able to have more drastic slider changes, and of course wear different skins and clothing by content creators that will continue to join now that it’s public.

I personally do not have VR Goggles so I have not explored Sansar in that way as of yet, I have only used a desktop computer to explore it. I have tried HTC Vive with other VR games and it made me feel quite dizzy and disoriented so I am not sure if that is something I will get into, but if I do, I will share my VR experiences in Sansar with you guys here on my blog and my youtube channel. If you are wondering what kind of computer I use to explore Sansar, you can see a full list of my computer specs on this page.

The following videos show my first impression of Sansar and then some exploring as well as a tutorial showing some basic avatar and camera controls on a desktop computer:

First Impression of Linden Lab’s Sansar – April 2017 –

Linden Lab’s Sansar Avatar Customization Update – July 2017 –

Exploring Draxtor’s Experience in Linden Lab’s Sansar – July 2017 –

Linden Lab’s Sansar – Avatar & Camera Controls – July 2017 –

Follow all of my future Sansar posts:

  • Sansar PlayList on YouTube: I’ve created a playlist on my youtube channel for all of the videos I create about Sansar.
  • Sansar Category on my Blog: I have created a new category on my blog that will consists of all future posts I make about Sansar. These posts will contain images and videos I take in this new virtual world.
  • Project Sansar Tag on my Blog: I have been blogging about Sansar since 2015, before it was even named Sansar officially. I was using this Project Sansar tag for all of my previous posts, so I will continue to also use it in all of my future Sansar posts as well.

Follow Sansar on different Social Networks:

Live Streaming from Sansar:
When Sansar opens, I do plan to live stream later in the evening as I won’t be around during the day hours. However, rumor has it that Draxtor Despres will also be live streaming as soon as Sansar opens its doors for a few hours. So if you do login to Sansar today, make sure to visit Draxtor’s Experience called 114 Harvest and you may show up on his live stream on youtube! Here are links for both mine and Draxtor’s youtube live streams if you want to visit and watch us in Sansar today:

I remember when Linden Lab first announced Sansar’s name in May of 2015, I loved the choice and tweeted about it to them because Sansar means world in Sanskrit. They said the name would be temporary at that time and were calling it Project Sansar. I am so happy they decided to keep it Sansar, I think it’s perfect, don’t you?

For Second Life residents, I do want to reassure you all since quite a bit of you have asked me if Second Life will be closing now because of Sansar, this is absolutely not the case! I have spoken to Linden Lab employees that are working on both the Second Life and Sansar teams and they have reassured me that Second Life is here to stay.

For years we have been hearing that Second Life is dying and will be closing its doors soon, however we continue to get new developments such as mesh, materials, bento and more. There is still a dedicated team working to continue improving and adding features to Second Life and it looks better than ever.

Sansar is not Second Life 2.0, but Linden Lab is encouraging all Second Life residents to give it a try. It is still in beta – so there is a lot still on the roadmap for the future. Second Life and Sansar will run in parallel for a very long time to come.

My blog will continue to focus mainly on Second Life but I will definitely try and blog about Sansar every once in a while and continue to cover all new updates and changes to it as they happen. My blog posts will be labelled properly so you will know when I’m talking about Sansar but I do want to reassure you that I am not leaving Second Life. It is my first love and this blog will continue to focus on Second Life fashion, lifestyle and my adventures in it.

I am also officially back from my vacation now and slowly going through all of my emails, so if you’ve emailed me in the last couple of weeks, I promise to get back to you very soon. Thanks again for reading and for your continued support of my blog. Have fun exploring Sansar!

UPDATE: I did some live streaming from Sansar today:


UPDATE: Draxtor and I will be doing a weekly show called Atlas-Hopping in Sansar, join us or watch live on youtube, details here: Atlas-Hopping in Linden Lab’s Sansar with Berry & Drax


18 thoughts on “Introduction to Linden Lab’s Sansar

  1. Paulyta Miles says:

    Personally, i dont like sansar… maybe is for because is just a beta but is very basic, just walk and walk around and done, you cant jump!! lol

  2. Sadly there is no Mac version, but I was invited to join and I snagged my name at least. I can’t see myself using VR goggles as I find even 3D goggles too disorienting. Interesting that even without you can have a good experience.

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  4. […] Make sure you also read her blog about her Sansar experiences by clicking here. […]

  5. […] guys! I just got word not too long ago that Sansar was now in open beta! Strawberry Singh has a lot of useful information on Sansar – I recommend watching the videos before downloading […]

  6. […] watched several of Strawberry Singh’s Sansar videos, which were really helpful, because there isn’t a lot of information on how Sansar works […]

  7. I was disappointed about Sansa even it is Beta. The Avatar moves like Pinocchio. In SL it is much smoother to walk. The Avatar is even so ugly like when I joined Second Live 10 Years ago. Some places are nicely done but there was nothing that really impressed me. The have a lot work to do to make it attractive for people.

  8. As in any, new, offering, Sansar is going to have many, growing pains. I cannot agree with Aida’s remark about the avatars, but the rest is pretty much spot, on. I have seen major improvements, with regard the avatar, movements, since I was invited some weeks, ago. When I first logged on, it was really, stilted.

    The avatars –to me, at least– resemble the newer, mesh, avatars on Second Life …and I do remember, Ruth, too. The Sansar avatars are very far removed from, Ruth. They aren’t perfect, yet, of course. I am willing to give them, time. This is a new, leap.

  9. I was expecting more from sansar, to have been a project so announced to hard worked, i think is not better than secondlife, it’s like start over in sl but with more technology and we are uncappable to make changes as SL

  10. Sansar is not, Second Life. I am amused, by people who expect Sansar to be fully-grown, out of the gate. This is a brand new, direction. Like Second Life, it will have been created, essentially, by its users. What I have experienced, so far, has been quite, good –some, actually, amazing.

  11. […] the available desktop avatar and camera controls.  The video I included below is just one part of an extremely comprehensive introduction to Sansar which I can heartily recommend to newbies.  This six-minute video is probably the most painless […]

  12. Maybe in 1-2 years it will be something worth exploring but till then personally i can’t find something special about it.
    Second Life is still the Leader in VR World’s.

  13. Amigatu Choche says:

    I agree with many here , Sansar is not second life not that it was meant to be, but it is surely not for me . I do not like it at all. It is a rich man’s game . Rift is a min, of 399.00 from what i saw and HIC is min 799.00 not to mention the costs to improve your avatar. I know some players who rushed to the beta , I think they will be disappointed . There is nothing like SL . Like anything else , it is something new .

  14. […] Last week Draxtor Despres invited me to go Atlas-Hopping with him in Linden Lab’s new virtual world named, Sansar. I blogged about it last week when it went public so if you haven’t check out Sansar as of yet, click over and read my detailed blog post about it: Introduction to Linden Lab’s Sansar. […]

  15. […] Brief Summary Because of the previously-mentioned limitations on my platform I kept waffling on even presenting this blog which says nothing detailed about Sansar experiences themselves. There are gorgeous Sansar starters out there already, like this one by Strawberry Singh: […]

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  17. I tryed Sansar and personal. NOPE i dont like it. Its okay, Light are fine, Graphics looks a lil better… but really? Thats all. If it grows and grows i will take a second look back into. I stay on SL because its a lot fun, buildig is Easy and also the People i know by talking/chatting.

    The Idea behind Sansar is okay, away from the useless “Sex Stuff” to a new Community… but in the End i guess it will be the Same like Second Life in 5 Years. Only with a Graphic Update then.

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