12 thoughts on “Second Life Vlogging & Machinima Viewer Tips

  1. Thank you, as always Berry, and have a wonderful vacation! <3

  2. Bobbie Faulds says:

    Grats on the honeymoon.

    For really good looking pictures and Machinima, check out the Black Dragon viewer. He has all the photo tools, including the hidden ones in the default bug menu, out where you can see and use them.

  3. Such a cracking post and really useful, thank you so much Berrycakes, and have a wonderful honeymoon <3

  4. FelipeFelix Pearl says:

    Ctrl+Alt+F1 is not working for me. I even were using Alchemy to Machinima because I never could hide Firestorm’s UI

  5. Amelie Marcoud says:

    There is so much that goes into making machinimas, but it is worth it. These are great tips. Thanks Strawberry!

  6. TabbithaJane says:

    Strawberry you give so much fabulous insight to all of us here in Second Life. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information with everyone. You are the “E.F.Hutton of Second Life and Firestorm viewer”, and definitely my #1 “go to” for tips, tricks, and products available in Second Life. What an asset to us!

  7. The Quick Preferences button on the bottom right of the viewer (at least on mine and your viewer setup), has an option to quickly turn on and off name tags. Easier than going through avatar preferences. Good place for quick options of draw distance, hover height, complexity of everyone view and more.

  8. […] released a tutorial for those making machinimas using the Firestorm Viewer. You’ll find it here: Second Life Vlogging & Machinima Viewer Tips. It is, of course, a video but. It is backed up with a text version too, good for quick reference. […]

  9. Thanks guys, I’m happy you found this post informative and thanks for the extra tips!

  10. I wish more SIM locations would either allow machinima or at least would leave consent or not in their location information. It’s frustrating that so far really there are only a handful

  11. I also turn off hover tips and selection beams. It just looks better without them.

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