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Friday Find: One Tree Hill by Karma Avedon

One Tree Hill by Karma Avedon

I hadn’t done a Friday Find in a while and I really wanted to visit and share with you guys One Tree Hill by Karma Avedon. One Tree Hill is on LEA7, which is a core sim and will be up and available until August 31st, 2017. It is alsoĀ VR goggle friendly.

The project is based entirely on the words and lyrics from U2’sĀ album, The Joshua Tree. Although released 30 years ago, it is incredibly relevant to modern times. Karma says she didn’t want this to be a political project but I feel the project depicts so much of the current political atmosphere from the billboards to theĀ Mothers of the DisappearedĀ scene that tries to address the current refugee crisis in Syria.

I was incredibly moved by Karma’s project and the thought process that went into the scenes. I took a few pictures and also made a video to show how powerful it is and to encourage you all to visit.

Watch my video of One Tree Hill on YouTube:Ā

One Tree Hill by Karma Avedon

Mothers of the Disappeared - One Tree Hill

Weekly Roundup

Since tomorrow is July 1st and I’m leaving in about a week for vacation, I thought I’d do a weekly roundup to share some of the events that will go on during the month of July to keep you busy while I’m gone.

  1. Subscription Boxes – Don’t forget to check out my subscription boxes post and pick up your desired boxes before their release dates. Powder Pack LeLutka comes out tomorrow!
  2. Second Pride – Started June 23rd and ends July 2nd.
  3. The ToddleeDoo Fair – For child avatars, started June 27th and ends July 11th.
  4. Summerfest – Annual summer shopping event runs from June 30th till July 20th. Click here to see Summerfest Map
  5. Hair Fair – Annual event runs from July 1st till July 16th. Proceeds go to Wigs for Kids.
  6. The Crystal Heart FestivalĀ – Annual event runs from June 30th till July 31st. Click here to see Crystal Heart Map.
  7. TheĀ Gacha Guardians – Starts July 1st. Check Flickr Group for details.
  8. The Home Show – Home and Garden event will run from July 8th till 29th.
  9. The Seasons Story Summer – Runs July 10th till August 1st.
  10. INDIE TEEPEEĀ – Annual music and arts festival runs from July 21st till August 6th.
  11. More events in this plurk.
  12. July Holiday Sales on Seraphim – Check out the Seraphim Website for a list of holiday sales going on in Second Life.
  13. CTRL-SHIFT-H – The talented Whiskey Monday started a very interesting blog a few months ago that I have been meaning to tell you guys about. Ā CTRL-SHIFT-HĀ features homes of different Second Life residents and gives us a little look into their Second Lives and how they live them. I find it so fascinating and her photography is always enchanting. You can also submit your own home to be featured.
  14. Am I pretty or ugly? – This is a face beauty analysis test which people were sharing on plurk so I thought I’d give it a try with my avatar and it said I’m 69% pretty. Give it a try with your avatar and let me know what you get!


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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