Second Life Featured on PCGamer

Second Life Featured on PCGamer

Today a positive article about Second Life was featured in PCGamer Magazine. A big thank you to Steven Messner and PCGamer for taking the time to interview me and shed a positive light on Second Life.

These days Linden Lab and Second Life seem to be getting better press and it’s definitely a welcome change. When Steven first approached me a couple of weeks ago and asked if he could interview me, I was excited but also a bit apprehensive and scared. He requested we speak on Skype, which made me even more nervous because I didn’t want to ramble or say something without thinking. But it turned out to be a wonderful experience and I am very thankful that I did it. It was also very surreal to see one of my Second Life images on the front page of PCGamer.

Steven happened to have found one of my Second Life unboxing videos on youtube by chance and got intrigued. He’s written a wonderful piece about the Second Life fashion industry and has been incredibly kind and respectful in his comments about my videos and other work. I sincerely appreciate it. I hope you click over to have a read and share the article on your social media.

My favorite part of the whole article was the last paragraph where Steven shared so eloquently just how well the Second Life community works together and celebrates each other. I loved his words so I’ll share them here:

My conversation with Berry has given me a rare glimpse into a world that is often negatively branded as bizarre. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find a community of artists and creators who have banded together to share and celebrate each other. It’s not something you see in other massively multiplayer games, but it’s something I wish there is more of. It makes me a bit sad, then, that Second Life will always be labelled by its strip joints and sex clubs. As Berry tells me, “That’s just not what Second Life is about, there’s so much more you can do here.”

Steven has also told me that he is interested in writing more about Second Life in the near future so I highly encourage all of you to follow him on Twitter, send him thanks for the positive article and encourage him to do more of the same when he has time.

Here are some links to PCGamer social media which you can share:



Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

17 thoughts on “Second Life Featured on PCGamer

  • Maeve Byron

    Perhaps SL is getting kinder press. A full 24 words pass before we see the word “sex” :p

  • Lahaina Jonstone

    I have been following blogs and reviews on Second life for the better part of my time in SL (since 2009) and I don’t believe they could have chosen a better voice for SL. SS is articulate, bright and positive in every way. Well Done Berry!!!!!

  • Always you are very articulate and great voice as you appeal to so many am delighted they chose you ~ well done as always!!!!

  • chericolette

    Congratulation Berry-if anyone is a spokesperson for SL, no-one better for the job than YOU! Bet your husband is proud too.

  • Don’t wanna spoil the party, kidz, but the very Berry is as bad a spokesperson for SL as the next strip club owner. And that’s great! SL is so many different things for so many different people. And who says the pixel pimp spent less creatvity in their club build than a ultra chic skin manufacturer put in their latest makeup?

    A vast majority of SLers can’t be bothered with bento heads and evening gowns and party frocks and shoes and whimsical house interiors, neither with pixel humping but they wanna roleplay or test out physics or grief or just build curious or needful things or or or …

    So whomever the press interviews, it’ll always be the wrong representative … kinda. And it’s neither good nor bad, it is like it is!

  • chrysanthemum

    Nicely done interview, SL needs all the good publicity it can get 🙂

  • Carla Putnam

    Good job!

  • Laura Blues

    How wonderful that they chose you to represent that side of Second Life, of which, I agree, you are the perfect representative. I hope that this serves as gateway to start showing the world all the different aspects of SL in all its diversity of styles and diversities. I’m glad yours was the first. Cheers!

  • Laura Blues

    Erratum: “… in all its diversity of styles and activities.”

  • Great job Berry!! You do have a way with words.

  • Myra Wildmist

    Gratz on the article, Berry. Really nice to see a focus on some of the other aspects of SL. <3

  • I’ve been in Second Life since 2003. I have a wonderful first life, so I’m not escaping anything. I have a great family in SL, not so much in RL. In RL I have a beautiful home, in SL I have a beautiful home on a private island with a music venue. I met a wonderful man in SL and married him there, then we met in RL and are married here also. Second Life does have a vulger side, so does Real Life. You search for what you want in RL, you search for what you want in SL, hopefully you find what you want in each. It’s true a lot of people go to SL for sex and kinks, but there’s SO much more there, if you don’t want to go into sex clubs, just don’t go, just like RL!

  • I’m glad that this article was written. But, honesty, a large portion of sl is about sex. The one thing I think about often is the average person (who has never used sl) coming in and trying to figure out mesh avatars, bento heads, and how to affix the fine fashion onto it. I’m a long-time sl user, and very technically minded, but working with the bleeding edge of tech with SL avatars is a nightmare. Imagine how it is for the average pc user.

  • I think the learning curve for sl is really high right now, there’s so much to learn and know. From simply how to attach and detach things, how to change your lighting to your own liking, how to sit and stand, the basic requirements of changing your appearance even before you add on heads and bodies and appliers. It’s hard to learn. And I think a lot of people who join sl either don’t want to be bothered with all that or find that the curve is too high for their taste. Not everyone learns in the same way, not everyone rezzes at the same speed and so forth. So I think that’s one thing to acknowledge, a new person has to work to get to know sl and for something most people understand as a -game- (that’s a whole other conversation) it’s too much. Once you get past that point, there’s still a lot to learn in terms of mesh, what’s standard size what’s fit mesh what’s body size and then you add bento to it, it goes on and on.

    I think it’s great that SL is getting attention for something besides sex clubs and cheating spouses etc, don’t get me wrong. But there really needs to be a blog and a series of videos that focuses on nothing more than, how the heck do I start in sl. Maybe I’ll start that series, who knows. But thank you Berry for at least drawing attention to the vast number of creators and bloggers and fashion loving people in sl that don’t spend their time humping on a pose ball on a sex sim. It’s nice to see.

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