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Second Life Subscription Boxes

Second Life Subscription Boxes

A subscription box is a recurring delivery of niche products which you can subscribe to each month (or whenever they are released) often at a discounted rate.

You guys may have noticed that I am a bit of a subscription box addict in Second Life. I have to admit that I am also a subscription box addict in the real world as well. Not only do I subscribe to Sephora Play and Ipsy, I also get a few other boxes from time to time.

Since May of 2016 I have been doing unboxing videos on my YouTube channel of Second life subscription boxes. Now more and more boxes have started to hit the grid and I’m having a hard time keeping up with all of them so I thought I would do a post (that I will do my best to keep updated) with all of the subscription boxes available in Second Life.

You can keep an eye on my Subscription Boxes category on my blog and my Subscription Boxes Playlist on my YouTube channel for my unboxing videos that I do for any box I end up blogging in Second Life.

I am going to list currently active boxes in order of the date they are released during the month:

  1. DRD’s Shadow Box –  1st of each month – catering to home and decor addicts
  2. Builder’s Box – 5th every three months – quarterly box for lovers of architecture
  3. Bound – 12th every three months – quarterly box catering towards the BDSM/Kinky community
  4. Powder Pack Catwa/LeLutka – 17th of each month – catering to makeup lovers with Catwa or LeLutka heads

Boxes I’ve blogged in the past that are no longer available:

  1. SwagBag1st of each month – catering to male avatars (no longer available)
  2. Deco(c)rate8th of each month – catering to home and decor addicts (no longer available)
  3. Cutie Loot – 8th of each month – catering to the magical and kawaii girls (no longer available)
  4. Luxe Box15th of each month – catering to female avatars (no longer available)
  5. Treasure Chest15th of each month – catering to roleplayers (no longer available)
  6. BishBox20th of each month – catering to wild and crazy girls (no longer available)

Please note that because of my real life work and also because I’ll be traveling this summer, I will not be unboxing much for the next few months. So, here is a list of vloggers that regularly do unboxing videos. You can check out their channels and subscribe to them to see more unboxings:

  1. Alicia Chenaux
  2. Cassie Middles
  3. Nivaya
  4. Freya Cromwell
  5. Marijane Herbst
  6. Whisper Mizin
  7. Kitty O’toole
  8. Kirsten Corleone
  9. Dazza Vlogs
  10. Kayshla Aristocrat
  11. Pretty Voxels
  12. Lilo Khodorov
  13. Dani Graphelle
  14. Zarrakan
  15. Vanity Mirror
  16. Cynarah Foxx
  17. Katarina Susanne Oxhall
  18. ThePetiteYoutuber Plays
  19. Harmony Sandalphon
  20. Otherworldly
  21. Christa Echos
  22. Charming Ho
  23. Lark
  24. And check out more Second Life Vloggers in the comments of my Vlogger Challenge.

Also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel too. Once I hit 10K subscribers, I will do another big giveaway!

I will do my best to keep this post updated every time there is a new subscription box or vlogger that unboxes. If I have missed any subscription boxes or vloggers, please do leave the name and link to them in the comments of this post and I will update the post with their info. Thank you!


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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