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Luxe Box April 2017 Unboxing Video!

Luxe Box April 2017 Unboxing Video!

Hi guys, it’s Luxe Box day! Today I unboxed the April 2017 Luxe Box, and here is the full list of the 12 designers participating this month:

> Foxes
> Flowey
> Hive
> Lamb
> MishMish
> Moon
> Tarte
> Tee*fy
> Tres Blah

Now watch my unboxing video on YouTube:

UPDATE: I wanted to put an update here because in the video I stated that I loved the Moon hairstyle but something seemed off with it, that the ends looked unnaturally hard and not soft like usual. A friend messaged me and said that there was a setting in the hair that could make it look softer. If you right-click on the hair and edit it then in the texture tab change the “Alpha Masking” to “Alpha Blending” it will look a lot softer. So I tried that and it looks amazing now! I thought I would share this tip so you guys can enjoy the softer hair too if you like.

Next month it will be the 1 year anniversary of Luxe Box. The first subscription box was released on May 15th, 2016.  The subscription box craze these days is one of my favorites because I love the surprise element. I think a lot of people enjoy these boxes because for a decent price you get a wide variety of items, including many fatpacks, to choose from. I have to give the Luxe Box team a big thank you for bringing this concept into Second Life.

If you did not join Luxe Box this month and you would like these items, there is a way for you to get them. You can join the Luxe Box group right now for double the price for the next 24 hours or just join it next month and then you can go to the Luxe Box Boutique and pick up any previous Luxe boxes. You can find all of this info in the Luxe Box FAQ. All previously released Luxe Boxes will cost L$2000. To receive the latest Luxe Boxes, it will cost L$1500 to join the group every month. To see what’s in the boxes of previous months, check out the Luxe Box Catalog, or you can also watch my unboxing videos playlist at this link.

If you enjoyed this post and my unboxing video, check out my Subscription Boxes category on my blog or my Subscription Boxes Playlist on Youtube for more unboxing videos. Happy unboxing and don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel!

Here is a list of Second Life subscription boxes I am planning to unbox next month:

  1. Powder Pack LeLutka1st of each month – catering to makeup lovers with LeLutka heads (Enter the Giveaway!)
  2. Cutie Loot – 8th of each month – catering to the magical and kawaii girls
  3. Deco(c)rate8th of each month – catering to home and decor addicts
  4. Luxe Box15th of each month – catering to female avatars
  5. Powder Pack Catwa17th of each month – catering to makeup lovers with Catwa heads
  6. BishBox20th of each month – catering to wild and crazy girls

UPDATE: Other SL Vloggers Unboxing this Box:
I thought it would be a good idea to share some unboxing videos of this month’s box made by some other Second Life vloggers so you guys can subscribe to them as well and watch their videos. I love that more people are getting into SL vlogging and want to promote them when I can. I’ll try and do this for every box each month. If I missed listing your unboxing of this box, feel free to leave a link to it in the comments:

  1. Zarrakan
  2. cassie middles
  3. Nivaya
  4. Marijane Herbst
  5. Kirsten Corleone
  6. Pretty Voxels
  7. Cryssie Carver

What I’m wearing in the first picture:
Majority of the items are from Luxe Box April 2017, please watch the video for details.

What I was wearing in the video before I started unboxing:
Full style details in this post: Pose Fair 2017


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

2 thoughts on “Luxe Box April 2017 Unboxing Video!

  • Hi Strawberry

    I went into the Texture setting to make the hair softer and I see the Alpha Mode option but it is darkened out and I can’t choose anything. Is there something you have to choose first to get that to become available to click? I’m not liking the hair much as is so I wanted to try that.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Nevaeh, sorry just noticed your comment now. I didn’t have to choose anything else first, I got that option available right away as soon as I hit edit.

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