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Avatars Against Trump

Avatars Against Trump
For over a year I watched the vitriol.
For the past two months I felt the hate.
In the last week I lost much hope.
Today I was told to wait for change.
But instead of waiting, I will fight.
I will fight for justice and negate the hatred.
I am American.
I’m here to stay.

A big thank you to Hamlet Au of New World Notes for encouraging this Avatars Against Trump movement and to Linden Lab for their supportive statement.

UPDATE – 02/04/17: This movement has also been reported on by Motherboard, Vice’s science and tech blog: Second Life Users Are Protesting With Their Avatars 

UPDATE – 02/08/17: This movement has also been reported on by Glixel, Rolling Stone’s gaming site: Meet the Avatars Against Trump in Second Life

Others participating in this movement:
Cajsa Lilliehook – thank you for creating the group and for all your compassion <3
Whiskey Monday – thank you for so eloquently writing what I am feeling.
Daeberethwen Arbenlow – thank you for providing printable signs
More coming soon in the Avatars Against Trump flickr group – please add your pictures if you’d like to participate. You can also link to your posts in the comments of this post.

There are two movements going on right now in the virtual world that you can join:
Avatars Against Trump
Body Language Challenge

Please check these very informative websites and take action: – I use this daily, really well organized. – Weekly email reminder on how/where to take action.
Action Calendar – National and Coordinated Actions to stop the Trump Agenda

Places to donate:
ACLU – The American Civil Liberties Union
More places you can donate: The Love Trumps Hate Challenge

Find Protests: – NYC only – expanding soon
How to find protests online

Thank you.


Shape: Kimberly Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Kimberly v2.08 by Catwa Clip
*Skin Applier: DeeTaleZ *Appliers* Doutzen* EASTERN by Steffi Villota
*Eyes: CATWA RIGGED EYES by Catwa Clip (come with head)
*Bento Hands: VISTA PROHAND V.1FINAL by Vista Barnes
Hijab: Virtual Hijab “Amar” by naga Lionheart
*Sweater: ISON – cowl neck dress by Harry Hyx (Luxe Box Nov 2016)
*Background: RAMA – #selfie_RAMA TF Showroom by Faullon
Pose: katapult – Holding cardboard sign pose by Katiri Hynes


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

148 thoughts on “Avatars Against Trump

  • Saddened.

    Not being a political person, I try to stay away from posts and have been pretty sucessful so far. I didn’t care for either candidate but now that one has emerged victor of the race, I think we could all do with some positivity and love instead of spreading the hate. SL is my place to escape from daily life. But if politics are going to intrude, I am respectfully unsubscribing from your posts and will stop watching your videos.

  • Melissa M. Swope

    Sorry. I do not come to SL for politics. I come here to escape that with my wildly diverse group of friends. It is a special place for that reason. For me, this is bringing hate and divisiveness into a place I cherish. I honor your freedom to protest. I choose to do my works in real life. This is my second life for reason. I will miss your regular blog. Peace be with you.

  • Magenta DeVinna

    Berry has been posting about politics all through the election and ever since it happened and you are only now deciding that this isn’t the blog for you?

    This is wonderful Berry, very informative and the picture is perfect. Keep up the good work! <3

  • Dismayed

    A few posts here and there. Was hoping it would stop. Alas.

  • Looks like you can use a positive comment.
    Thanks for sharing options, news, and a chance to share art in SL.
    I’ve added my name to the Flickr pool.

  • I am not an American ..therefore I do not feel a public platform is the correct place to express my views on the politics of another country.

    But I wholeheartedly support your right to make your views public – and as this is YOUR blog you have every right to use it for whatever purpose you choose.
    To stand up and be counted is a very brave act …..and one I also applaud.

    My very best wishes to you Strawberry – and to all of your countrymen.

  • What are you serious???????? THis really saddens me also. Trump is our President! Have some respect. wowwww

  • Sisch Firecaster

    I’m with you, Berry! Because I think he is bad news for all of us, regardless of from which country we’re from!

  • Whatever

    Um… okayyyy.

  • Avalon Birke

    Awesome, Berry. Count me in. As nice as it would be to pretend politics doesn’t seep into every part of our lives, unfortunately we no longer have that option. At some point we will all be affected. I applaud your courage in taking a stand.

  • Whiskey Monday

    I can’t believe I still have the capacity to be shocked these days, yet it seems that I do, as I’m shocked by the rude comments you’re receiving here. I support you, Berry. I support your right to express yourself and to protest the injustices that just keep raining down upon you (and all of us). I appreciate you. Keep pushing. <3

  • Well, Berry, you know I’ve been following you for quite some time because I’ve just loved all the information and tutorials you’ve provided for us, and I still do.

    I am very sad, however, that you feel you have to express your political views when you’d be very surprised how many of us do not share them. I believe that Second Life is *not* a place to start a “movement”, but rather a place to have some much needed relief from all the hate that we’ve all experienced in our real lives.

    I was frustrated and depressed for eight long years with the previous administration, and now we are experiencing some big changes to hopefully put things back as they were, if it’s even possible. Yet, look at all the unmitigated hatred that is being loudly expressed by the liberal left that we read in the news every single day. Did the Republicans do these things when Obama got elected for the second time? Did we mob the streets, the White House mall, shout obscenities to those who didn’t believe as we did? NO. We sat back and accepted this was the will of the people at that time, whether we liked it or not, as it was legal and binding because of the democratic process.

    I realize that some of the issues regarding immigration are not completely cut and dried, but the President is doing the job that needs to be done. He is imperfect; he will make mistakes, and there will probably be some casualties along the way as there are with all massive changes, and I am truly sorry if and when this occurs. However, the threat of terrorism in our country is genuine and real, and it is time to tackle it head on to protect our United States citizens. Much needs to be repaired to secure our ailing, unsecured land.

    Berry, I need a break. Many of us in the “silent majority” (or in SL, it’s the silent MINORITY) need a break from all this. Most of us in Second Life are there because we need a “break” from our day-to-day lives for a myriad of reasons, whoever we are and whatever we believe.

    I hate to be on such a different page from most everyone I know in sl. It truly grieves me deeply, but in my relationships there, I try to build on what we have in common; those matters of the heart and of shared experiences. I believe in being kind to people no matter who they are or what they believe, because we all have our own private battles. I only hope you are willing to do the same.

    Thanks, Berry…

  • Thank you for taking a public stand! I was feeling really down today and stuck .. I did the woman’s march in my town. I contributed to Aclu and have done a few calls. yet I was still feeling like a drop in the bucket .. then I logged in and saw Linden Labs post and Inara Pey’s blog and wind light magazine and yours! Iam feeling uplifted a bit and hoping we can make the change.. some how. this is not a presidency to sit still for its one to stand up and make the changes you can however you can to push us past this presidency that has done a lot to take hope away. WE need to shine and keep hope, love and freedom alive.

  • I believe like many that SL is not the forum. You should be ashamed of using it as your platform. In politics there are winners and losers. In the end we are a country that thrives on democracy. So get on the train and contribute towards making our country better. Stop trying to tear it down. Grow up!

  • Magenta DeVinna

    I need to express something I didn’t write, even though I know it will fall on deaf ears. I do not even live in the US and yet I care deeply about the people there who are not rich, straight, white men because I am worried about their safety, why aren’t you?

    People with privilege keep saying
    “It will be ok!”
    “It is what it is now”
    “Oh well, better luck in 4 years”
    “*joke about moving to Canada*”
    “He’s our president now, it’s time to accept it”

    All my friends without those same privileges,
    “Will my marriage stay legal?”
    “Are we safe?”
    “What’s going to happen to my healthcare?”
    “Are we safe?”
    “Will my tans child be safe at school?”
    “Are we safe?”
    “Will this increase the militarization of police in my predominantly black community?”
    “Are we safe?”
    “Will Roe vs. Wade be overturned?”
    “Are we safe?”

    If you tell people to accept this and move on, your privilege is showing.

  • Obsolete Aeon

    I’m just going to leave this here

    Berry, I’m with you and I’m proud of you and everyone who is making a stand, virtual or otherwise.

    Good luck and lots of strength to you and your fellow Americans. And I mean all Americans, because soon there will be laws and executive orders that will affect everyone, regardless of whom they voted for.

  • Why should Berry be ashamed?? It is her website, she pays for the hosting, she can post whatever you like. If you do not like what she posts or does, then dont read it, click the x button in the top right corner. I want to applaud Berry for standing up for her convictions. As she is a Muslim American, how do you think she feels right now with everything ongoing??

  • At the moment, democracy in the U.S. is dead. There are no checks and balances. The “president” is running roughshod over this country. He’s turning things back to the way they were alright…back to the early 1900’s.

    I respect the Office of the President, but not the man currently occupying it. And as Teddy Roosevelt once said:

    “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

    So if you want to bury your head in the sand, go for it. I prefer to fight for what I believe is right. Thank you, Berry, for fighting this fight, despite all the criticism. Your blog, your rules, you keep posting whatever you want, and fuck the naysayers.

  • Pajobra Zessinthal

    Kudos for taking a stand. I may be Canadian but I will be moving to the states once the fiance visa goes through. I may not like Trump but I did fall in love with an American but we Canadians have followed American politics for years.

  • Really shocked how many people are taking offense at you using your blog to state something you strongly believe in. I applaud you for speaking out – it’s the only way we can be certain that our leaders know exactly how angry we are with the direction the country is taking with Trump’s hand on the wheel.

    I understand that SL is a place for diversion and escape from the trials and tribulations of the real world, but we can’t hide forever. We need to be aware and make our voices heard!

    Okay, that’s enough soapboxing by me. Thanks Berry! I, as ever, love your blog. 🙂

  • I take it your an immigrant that has privileges in America and now you want to trash our ways of life. Not good not good at all. Then you need to go back to your native country and let us live our way of life. This is America. We are christians not muslims.

  • Indigo

    Thank you! Thank you for not caring if people stop reading because they are incapable of ignoring a post. Thank you for standing up instead of sitting down just because you could offend those who have opposing opinions. Thank you for being an amazing influence to those of us who want to stand up but are on the edge. You are an inspiration, and I am so happy to have come across you in the SL community.

  • As someone who, fortunately, lives on the other side of the world, I watched (as did most thinking people in the free world) your last election with dismay. That America could now have a Fascist moron for president is even more unbelievable than when it had the spoilt little rich moron son of an ex-president for president. All the people making righteous/indignant negative comments about your stand are the reason your country now has an immature,buffoonish (not to mention racist/xenophobic/misogynistic/homophobic/semi-literate) bully for a president, one who has surrounded himself with spine-less yes-people who, between them, have less political nous than dubya had. Do those head-in-the-sand folk seriously believe that the bizarre, alt-universe attentions of your twitter-pres won’t/can’t fall on SL? They should read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, they’ll see what your new buffoon-in-charge could do to any/all free thought that does not blindly align with his. The reason Hitler got as far as he did was because of the millions of ‘non-political’ and head-in-the-sand citizens who were too timid or ill-informed to make a stand. Your current president poses the same order of threat to world peace. So, yes, people need to make a stand, now. Good on you (:

  • December

    Wow, Ron, you are not only racist, but incredibly ignorant to even the most basic values upon which our country was established. This was never, is not, and will never be a “Christian” nation. Religious freedom is a thing here. If you want to live in a theocracy, you are welcome to leave the US. I promise, no one here will miss you or your hate.

    As for the people bitching about Berry using a platform SHE pays for and maintains to present her beliefs and feelings on something very important to her – I don’t like the way you live in your house, so quit it. I don’t like the way you drive your car, you should be ashamed! Get over it. Unsubscribe, hit the X, whatever you need to do to get over the fact that other people will do with their own things what they choose.

  • Berry, love and good wishes to you. You show strength in expressing your views at a time when so much is being questioned and overturned with little regard as to where it may lead. I both applaud you for doing so and offer you whatever love and support I can for doing so.

    Many of us the world over a distressed and concerned by what we as as the undermining of values that have made the United States a powerful force for good in the world.

    You ARE an American. You have a right to state that proudly and clearly. You are part of a nation which is built upon freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

    Don’t ever let the naysayers deny you that. Not here on a forum you have established, and is by rights yours to steer as you see fit; nor anywhere else you chose to express your hopes, your concerns, your love, your fears as has traditionally be the right of any citizen of your country.

  • Cherryblonde Scribe

    Adding my voice to those supporting you, Berry, and urging those who feel their bigotry “trumps” our compassion to use their SL names, so I know who to avoid. After all, “unfollow” is what they’re advocating, right?

  • I almost feel like it’s the same guy that keeps on making the same comments about being opposed to what you are doing here. I guess some people have nothing better to do.

    What you are doing, I think is beautiful by the way. When they go low, you stay high. <3

  • I’m not a fan of Trump, I didn’t vote for him, he doesn’t embody the ideals I have for someone in such a high office and CIC of the Armed Forces. I have watched both sides, good and bad since this became a real thing. I’m just glad people are standing up for what they believe in, as long as it’s not with hate, violence or any sort of -ist. It’s brave these days to stand up for what you believe in because there is always somewhere there to tell you to sit down.Beautiful picture btw 🙂

  • ZsaZsa

    To the hayers, this is Berry’s blog, she is entitled to write about whatever she wishes, just as you are entitled to take her blog off your reading list if the content offends you.

    She is also entitled to spend her time in sl in whatever way she wishes, as are you. It is beyond me how her choices inworld, on her blog, or in real ife could possibly have any negative impact on you, but if it does, it says more about you than it does her.

    Good for you, Berry, for standing up and being counted. At a scary time for so many, being able to join together in the Avatars Against Trump movement is a real positive. Keep being you xx.

  • Otenth Paderborn

    Thank you, Berry! Keep it coming! Where did you get the sign-holding pose?

  • Tizzy Canucci

    Well said. Democracy, despite what the closed minds in the comments above might say, depends on free speech and a tolerance of differing opinions. It is not just a question of who piles up the most votes (which in any case depends on the vagaries of how they are counted).

    I am just as human and just as real when I type under my virtual world name as my actual world name. We all are. We don’t escape the oppressions, we at most divert our attention away from them.

    Political themes entered my machinima overtly this summer. They will remain there. There is too much at stake to pretend we can hide from what’s going on.

  • Alex Bear (alex.claridge)

    Chant your chants, pound your drums, hold up your signs, do anything EXCEPT put your shoulder to the wheel and work to make the country whole.

    With or without you, we will succeed in making America a land of opportunity for everyone.

    I greatly respect your expertise in SL, Strawberry, but when you bleed over to RL and declare a blanket condemnation after President Trump has been in office for only two weeks destroys me. I’m out, there’s nothing more for me, here.

  • Rucy Byron

    There are so many people walking around with blinkers on, unable to see/understand what is happening and there are many more that simply don’t care. I want to applaud you for your courage and for your moral integrity, I am sure you knew you would be attacked by narrow minded fools blinded by their prejudices. So many Americans seem to be against freedom of speech, freedom of religion, equality for all, how un-American of them. I see people who share your fears and your despair and they remain silent, afraid of being attacked. You should stand tall and know there are many other who will stand along side you, you can count on me as one of them. Lets hope that something is done to stop this spread of fascism and intolerance from spreading and further. Much respect to you Berry.

  • Fainora Pussycat

    Politics are not a game of winners and losers, this is not the super bowl.

    You commenters should be ashamed, maybe for you politics are just something with winners and losers that you don’t care about but for a lot of us it is about how we live our daily lives.

    It is life and death, it is basic human rights.

    Just because it doesn’t affect you does not mean you can tell the people that is does effect to shut up.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

  • Dismayed

    Magneta, This is exactly why no one wants politics in SL. You care about everyone except rich, white, straight men and you would say so, blatantly. I think the people who did not want politics were gracious. No one attacked Berry. You instead showed your bias straight away.

    The use of the word “privilege” is code for “be quiet, your views do not matter”. It goes against the very treatment you want for yourself and others. If someone disagrees with you you say ” I am worried about their safety, why aren’t you?” That is quite an assumption about a lot of different people. There can be no change without dialogue.

    No one chooses their skin color, gender, country or environment at birth. You can choose not to be a victim and to build your community and your cause in a productive manner without fomenting fear through bias and the language of oppression.

    I was happy to keep following the blog so I could stay up to date and enjoy the very delightful Berry’s opinions on fashion and lifestyle. Reading your response has has made me change my mind. I am agreeing, SL is not the place for politics.

  • Ruby Simone

    I stand with you Berry!!!!

  • Dismayed – Maybe she’s worried about the marginalized and disenfranchised, becase they are the ones who stand to lose so much with this administration. Don’t you get it? THE RICH WHITE MEN DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! They are the ones being catered to, while everyone else is being treated like a second class citizen. So no…a lot of us don’t care for what they have to say via the legislation and Executive Orders they’re passing.

  • Chandni

    Thank you for making a stand Berry, without spewing hatred or insults as many others do. Thank you for being who you are, informing and giving the info to those of us who want it.

    I am not sure where anyone sees “spreading the hate” in this blog post because there is none.

    It seems to me that some forget that there are as many reasons to be in Second Life as there are people. I do not go to Sl to escape or catch a break. I go to SL to extend myself with things I can’t do in RL.
    When folks want to start a movement in SL that is just as valid as those who want to be a unicorn dancing on rainbows, be a dragon, a rabbit, a runway model, a teacher or whatever they like. Your SL, your Life.

    I also do not see where it says that you *have* come here to read the post if you are not interested in political posts. There is the way to simply skip the things you do not enjoy.

    Again, thank you Berry and keep up what you’re doing: YOU!

  • Chaos Priestman

    Any American who really cares about our values and our constitution stands with you, and that includes Beth and I. We’re actively involved in our local Indivisible group and will be hounding our congressional leaders and insisting they hold the President accountable.

  • I always roll my eyes when Trump supporters talk about how gracious they were in accepting Obama, so gracious they voted for the man whose claim to political fame is alleging Obama is not a citizen. They were so gracious they left over 100 judicial positions unfilled in order to prevent him from appointing judges. They were so gracious they left Merrick Garland without a single hearing for the Supreme Court for 300 days. They were so gracious they hung and burned Obama in effigy. They were so gracious they marched on DC with guns and threatened 2nd Amendment solutions. They were so gracious they perverted Christianity to pray for Obama’s death with Psalm 109. They were so gracious they called for Clinton to be hung, imprisoned and shot for the private server she had, although they are now perfectly okay with the entire Trump executive staff using private servers hosted by the RNC now.

    Spare me your pious claims of acceptance and tolerance of Obama. They’re self-serving lies.

    As to people who think they have the right to tell Berry what she can write in her own blog, well, that’s capitalism for you.

  • I really have to address Ron’s appalling understanding of American history. There were Muslims in America when we were a colony. Muslims fought in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Civl War, and all the was since then. About a fifth of the slaves imported from Africa were Muslims as well.

    Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution specifically mentioned Muslims as an asset to this new country and that freedom or religion extended to the “Hindoo, Jew, and Mahometan,” as Thomas Jefferson explained. This was not just elite opinion, as the people of Chesterfield, VA, petitioned for a state religious freedom guarantee, “”Let Jews, Mehometans and Christians of every denomination enjoy religious liberty…thrust them not out now by establishing the Christian religion lest thereby we become our own enemy and weaken this infant state.” Washington said Muslims were welcome in his home.

    The reason we have survived as a country is because we value religious liberty and reject theocracy. We are not a Christian nation and if the theocrats ever succeed in their goal to make us one, we will cease to be America and become something quite antithetical to the values of our founders and our people.

  • Hey Strawberry! Thank you so much for posting this invaluable information. Many of us have a strong desire to be proactive, and may have no other way to start being so other than in Second Life. I have had avatars from all over the world ask me why was Trump elected, and they are afraid of all that is being done now…I say that to say this: politics is everywhere, even in Second Life! We have to accept that as a norm and a reality, and also have to accept that options should be made public to those interested in taking a proactive stance against this disillusioned dictator….and strawberry, lets cross advertise! I own the SL Parade and would love for us to collaborate :)!

  • Veruca Tammas

    Courage Berry – no one can be silent on this issue. The threat to humanity is too great to ignore. There are many who stand with you. Thank you for speaking out.

  • I applaud your courageous decision to speak your truth Strawberry. I stand with you and all other people in the world who feel as you do. I also joined the Flickr group and I look forward to adding at least one picture to it!

  • Berry, you pay for hosting and are certainly entitled to post your thoughts and opinions here. That is the free market.

    27 of the 41 comments posted when I read the article are supportive of you. I can’t say all of the supportive pieces support your position and thinking. But, most do. 5 disagree, 4 will stop reading your blog, and 5 I can’t really classify.

    What I did notice is several of those supportive comments express negative comments about those that disagree with you. They could be classed as attacks or slams on other people. Most of those not supporting you simply do not want to deal with politics in SL. Well, that is their choice.

    When I post political pieces, I get the same responses.

    The negative comments about others are predominantly from your supporters. But, without an equal number of people disagreeing, it is unfair to make anything of it. But, those of us on the more conservative side and those of us that felt Obama was breaking the country and moving us toward war are noticing far more hate coming from the Liberal-Progressive side and especially the anti-Trump side.

    The Lab published their statement on the ‘Immigration Executive Order”. I think they are entirely off base, fully mislead by fake news coverage, if not outright propaganda. I did a paragraph by paragraph analysis of the Order looking for the Lab’s racism, intolerance, and xenophobia. I can’t find it. (

    I ask several questions in the post I would love to see Anti-trump people answer. The problem is, as I read your post I find it soft on ideology and facts and heavy with emotion and buzzwords. It is difficult to debate emotion and buzzwords. If you feel something… you feel it and that is not to be challenged. But, WHY do you feel that? Are your feelings justified based on actual facts and happenings or are they being manipulated by politicians?

    Can you explain why you feel the Executive Order is whatever you feel it is,(I can’t say I understand what you feel) based on anything factual? If you can’t, all people can do is disagree and remain divided.
    Surely you know American enemies are working to divide us. Are you helping them? OR can you provide your rational thinking so subjects can be debated and minds changed so we can unite? Or at least understand one another?

  • Posh Deluxe

    Thank you for using your voice. I could not agree with you more, but even if I didn’t, I would still support your right to speak your truth. Shame on the people commenting here who don’t realize that protest is patriotic.

    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” -Desmond Tutu

  • Alura McCann

    Berry, thank you for making your voice heard. I have always loved your blog and pictures. I love that you give a peek into your culture and beliefs. I can’t think of a better forum to generate a social movement and education than Second Life. It is after all a very social platform.

    There are many who may not share the same opinion and that’s alright, that’s what makes America the country it is.

    This country was founded with civil disobedience and unrest. This is the very type of freedom that was sought to be protected.

  • Cherise Abonwood

    My goodness. Look at all the proud Americans, annoyed with Strawberry for exercizing her freedom of speech. C’mon guys, nobody’s forcing you to read this blog, or participate in anything political in SL. Just pass it by.

    I’m with you, Berry. Personally I’ve been feeling lost and scared since the inauguration–moreso every day. So thanks for the links and info. It helps to know I’m not alone.

  • I think you are amazing, for standing up for what you believe in, and what you feel about what is happening in our USA. I do not understand how people can be so angry with you for placing this on your own site…They are just ignorant, and can not empathize or sympathize with what you are feeling about what is going on. Keep your head up.

  • Euridice

    I am not from the USA, but I understand that we live in a global world, and what happen in that country affect the whole world. And we all have the right to express our personal oppinion. Second Life if the reflection of the Real Life. We are real people behind the pixels. I applaud you Berry to express what you feel, And for those that does not like, just have a little respet for her oppinion. I will just repeat what Voltaire said: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

  • Ramona

    “I also do not see where it says that you *have* come here to read the post if you are not interested in political posts. There is the way to simply skip the things you do not enjoy.”

    The majority of people who subscribed to this blog did so with an interest in Second Life avatar fashion and accessories … If Strawberry wants to have a political agenda then a separate blog independent of this one is the appropriate place for it and anyone interested can subscribe.

    “Surely you know American enemies are working to divide us. Are you helping them?”

    There will always be differences in opinion regarding, amongst other things, Politics but the current way those differences in opinion are expressed is undermining your current President and therefore undermining your country as a whole. Showing your country’s division is playing into the hands of your enemies who are no doubt plotting and scheming how to take advantage of this situation.

  • Han Held

    Now is the time for all good avatars to come to the aid of their country.

    And that’s exactly what you’re doing, Strawberry. You are a citizen, as much as anyone else, and thank you for taking the stand you’re taking.

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  • Sin Draegonne

    To those who are stating that SL is not the place for politics — isn’t SL whatever you want to make it? Isn’t THAT the entire premise SL was founded on? There is no right or wrong for what SL is. I respect your choice if you want SL to be purely an escape from whatever is going on in your real life, but that does not give you the right to dictate what others are allowed or not allowed to use SL for.

    As for Berry not being allowed to have an opinion because she blogs about SL fashion, it doesn’t matter what kind of job or hobby you have. Being a citizen alone gives you the right to have an opinion and state it however you choose.

    This is coming from a non-immigrant, in case that mattered to anyone.

  • If you are a long term reader of this blog as you mention, then you should have noticed by now that Berry has great strength of character and integrity. I’d have been more surprised and appalled if she hadn’t used her voice – this blog – to speak up for humanity.

  • Donna Poulin

    I’ve had enough. SL is my place to be entertained and leave all the sadness and horrors and pressures of RL aside if only for awhile. I don’t care what your politics are. I liked your fashion sense and could overlook your politics. I just can’t take anymore. If you want to spread hate and dissent go for it. I am sick of people pushing their crap down my throat. This is your place and therefore you can do it but I don’t have to listen anymore. Take care and may God bless you and guide you.

  • Persephone Emerald

    When people choose to live or play in Second Life without being disturbed by real life concerns, it is their right to try to do so. However, the people behind our avatars are real, with real concerns, feelings, and politics that affect our real world lives. We all have the right to voice these concerns. We have the right to create inworld groups, online blogs, and say what we believe in SL or online. We’re lucky Linden Lab is based in the US. We might not have these rights inworld, if this platform were based in some other RL countries.

    I commend Strawberry Shingh for speaking her mind and her heart. She doesn’t have to avoid discussing politics. She’s not forcing her beliefs on anyone, just voicing them, which is her right.

    You who don’t agree with them are also free to politely voice your opinions here in the comments section, and I also respect your right to do that. If you don’t like this discussion, however, I suggest ignoring it and continuing to read the great, non-political fashion blog posts. Otherwise, I think you’d be cutting off your nose to spite your virtual face.

  • Strawberry,

    I have never had a conversation with you, but your picture brought me more than a thousand words.

    What people fail to realize is that we are ALL the descendants of immigrants. Those immigrants that came to this country to be able to worship, live and be true to self. With their thoughts and actions.

    For those that ridicule you, it’s sad for them to see the negativity only. Without understanding of the other side of the argument, being open to it, how can anyone be the judge of another?

    No matter your religion, sex, race, or differentiating opinion on any subject, if you want your argument have any value, you must value those that oppose you.

    If you fail as an American or as a foreigner to understand where Strawberry is coming from, then you do not understand the simple facets that have defined the country in which we live.

    The words that she expresses in her photo is something that all Americans should be remembering now. Also, remember that this country was founded in a war against tyranny.

    History has a tendency to repeat itself. The divide within our country is showing us how progression turns into regression.

    Please do not listen to the slighting opinions and derogatory statements said from those without a spine to show their true colors in public.

    As we all must, rise and shout from the rooftops that what is not right is exactly that, NOT right.

    It’s not about being a democratic, republican, liberal or conservative. It’s about being a human… Being willing to accept the differences of others. Remember that your faith, no matter what it is, has taught you to be a better person than those that ridicule you now.

    Peace and Love to you Strawberry,
    Stay strong and fight the good fight,
    With paper or quill,
    Let it not take your free will,


  • kali wylder

    Good for you Strawberry, I support you and your right to speak out against injustice. You are not alone.

  • Good for you, Berry. We’ve never spoken in world, but I absolutely agree with what you’re saying here. Even if I did not agree, I would never try and keep you from speaking your mind.
    You are not alone.

  • Bravo, Berry!

    Those that are saying politics don’t belong in SL – that’s YOUR SL. How dare you define that for anyone else?

    Berry, use this platform and every other you have to speak out for what you believe. Shout it loud and proud. People can choose to bury their heads in the sand if that’s what they want, but that doesn’t mean you have to. I applaud and support your stance – it is just, and it is right.

    We are the majority. Trump and his supporters can spin it however they want, but they’re wrong. And we won’t be silenced by them. As long as he’s occupying the White House, we will resist.

    I follow this blog to see what Berry has to say. Her blog, her voice, her choices. Period.

  • Berry, I applaud your bravery and honesty. Thank you for posting this call to action. I myself have used that same quote from the Statue of Liberty twice this week in posts against Trump’s dictatorship. To those who would censor you, I have nothing to say because, as Thumper taught us, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” Brava, honey, brava!

  • Hunnie Babie

    I am shocked that people are posting that they are unsubbing from your blog because you spoke up about something that actually matters instead of just virtual goods.
    The virtual world and internet has always been political and a catalyst for change. If you all don’t like it, maybe you all should just curl up in a ball and escape within yourselves. Second Life is not just a game, it is a community and a social network. We have raised money for charity in SL, prayed together, educated each other for more than a decade. There is a lot more to SL than just “fantasy”
    I love to get into the fun part of SL just as much as anyone, I spent 30,000L at Epiphany. But if we can use Second life to make the world a better place in the real world then I am all for that too.

    Shame on you all threatening Berry for speaking her mind. We won’t miss you in SL, you’re obviously too unintelligent to be a part of this community. You all would have failed to figure out prim hair in 2006. And would have run around with system hair poking out of your flex. You’re just that dumb. Please forgive me for the rant, but I don’t have much patience for this particular type of stupid.

  • I cannot even understand neither , why the god sake bringing politic into SL ! Sl must be FUN place to be and escaping real life , but this post is very very stressfull ! I seriously am shocked about this and i cannot at all agree with you Strawberry ! Please don’t force peoples who ESCAPE RL to SL facing this kind a blog.Stay as you have been , with SL stuff , but keep this out. SL is NOT place to POLITIC , NEVER EVER !!! Please ! Thank You !

  • What I see is the head scarf your avatar is wearing which is the true symbol of radical Islam. A radical movement and a chilling gust from the Iron age hell bend on ruining our civilization.
    I’ve been waiting for you to show your true colors and now the day has arrived.

  • DevinVaughn

    Berry, you are an example of “The Right Stuff,” the type of person who makes this nation great. A person who believes with all their heart in the values inshrined in the US Constitution and is willing to fight for them. Like patriots of the past, you have answered the call without fear for your own safety. You may not be Captain Humayun Khan who gave his life for this great nation and what it stands for, but you fight in your own way here despite all the hate thrown at you. Thank you for your courage. Yes, the power must be held accountable to “We the People.” Always. I’m glad to have gotten to know you through your blog, and on plurk.

  • Wow, this was a great read, both the posts & the comments.
    I support you, Berry. I was told someone was being mean to you so I came over to have a look-see. Your post is awesome and I hope I can get my act together to join in.
    You have the right to post whatever you want on your blog. No one gets to tell you to mute any part of yourself, especially when you are offering something so helpful to those of us who, like you, feel like we’re experiencing an emergency that requires a change of programming. Every radio station, from classical to alt-rock, does this. If this is what your current announcement is, we can tune in or go elsewhere if we feel the emergency doesn’t pertain to us. (Good luck with that, see this guy’s famous quote: )
    Also – I think this will be a great source of therapy with some very useful results. People will stretch and strengthen their artistic muscolos. Thanks for doing this, Berry 🙂

  • Jessie

    Obviously Berry can do what she wants on her blog. And i enjoy it very much, mostly :)I’m from Sweden myself but i follow your current politics and see the same things happened in the USA as what we have had to struggle with, or actually still do.

    Liking Trump or not, whatever, but calling him a fascist is an insult to those that lived in terror, to those that got killed, to those that help save Europe from Hitler.

    And if you want to see how badly things can go, read a Swedish magazine, or even better, come visit, i dare you.

    And as for refugees, everyone need to help and together we can solve this problem. But that will only work if we all start to talk to each other.

    Hate wherever it comes from is not the solution!

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  • But the point is also,that even when wearing it , SL is not a right place to bring politic into ! RL is rl , sl is sl ! Keep Politic OUT of SL !!!

  • Han Held

    I’m sure that what you *really mean* is keep politics which you don’t like out of SL. Were she posting an anti-obama screed I doubt you’d be so vehement.

    Regardless, to say that RL doesn’t belong in SL is to cling to a superficial view of SL and what it can offer. SL has been used for many RL causes, political and otherwise (eg Run For Life).

    Strawberry is using her voice to draw attention to a problem affecting thousands and thousands of people. And that is her right.

    And you’re damned straight that an SL blog is the right place for it. If you think it isn’t, then you don’t know SL as well as you believe that you do.

  • Virtue signalling on the internet isn’t activism. This is why Trump won.

    But don’t think for a minute you’re actually doing anything beyond massaging your own ego, Strawberry.

    People already know how to protest Trump and donate to relevant organisations.

    People already don’t like him and are literally SMOTHERED with news about him being bad.

    All you have achieved here is damaging your brand and exposing yourself as an ego-centric armchair activist.

    Oh what’s that, Strawberry? You started an Avatars for Trump movement in a game that is a literal liberal echo-chamber? You’re so brave honey!

    Give yourself a big pat on the back. Well done.

  • *Avatars Against Trump


  • Nino Heartsdale

    well done Berry for having strength of your convictions and the integrity to speak up! I am with you!!!! ♥

  • Random

    Strawberry, your wrists are showing, that is haram. You could get lashes for that.

  • Gordon Twine

    So many comments with “random names” from the Trump supporters. So many comments from well-known SL residents for the Trump protest. This alone speaks for itself.

    I join the protest. Thanks for this post, Berry!

  • We Stand With The Resistance


  • Will Szymborska

    SL Resident of over 10 years, to the poster on here who does not believe anyone could possibly disagree with them.

    I went to school with a girl who’s father died in the North Tower of the World Trade Center, within the impact zone around the 93rd floor. They never found anything to allow for a proper funeral service, due to the false song of radical Islamic terror. Yet, I have several Muslim friends, from Turkey, Palestine, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. They love me and I love them, and they love this country and what it stands for.

    That said, the government protecting those here first, in the face of a flood of immigrants (some of who had pledged allegiance to ISIS and were responsible for a wave of terror in their own countries), I believe is in everyone’s best interest. I’ve seen the horrors of terrorism even in the safe haven of my neighborhood, and I don’t want to see it again. I work in Manhattan’s financial district, mostly in the 1WTC and Battery Park City and think about all the unnecessary death and destruction that will haunt me forever. I can only hope the Muslim community can discourage radicalization and continue to assimilate into the American society as it has before. There is no need to bring those who hate America here, from country’s who are now taught to wish death upon us.

  • PrincessKalika

    i am glad you are voicing your views. it is your blog, you are being respectful and you have the right to state what you think! if they want someone to pretend for them, then they should go and find another blog that will play there game. and to the ones who complain: have any of you thought of the fact that while you feel “inconvenienced” by her speaking her truths, her life if literally being upturned with thanks to the US’s new president and his distaste for people of any race that isn’t his. how small minded of you be petty like this. should people also give up there lives to make your Saturday more comfortable? i have little else to say. Bless.

  • Amaris

    I have always been a fan of yours and have officially become an even bigger one! Not just because of your views on Trump but the bravery you’ve shown in just speaking up. I’m not a politics person at all because it naturally brings about hatred due to opposing views, which we all have a right to. Some choose to be silent and some choose to speak out. It’s our right to do so. For some reason people have selective memory because the last 8 years Ive heard nothing but derogatory statements toward Obama from the moment he was elected. I certainly did not hear “He’s the president now, where is the respect?” or “Everyone needs to accept change and see what he can do.” There will certainly be winners and losers in this process and we do have to accept it to a certain degree. I would love to see Trump turn around and really show us a different person than the one I saw during pre election activities. But who knows if that will happen. Either way continue to speak out in any forum you choose as it’s no one else’s right to tell you when and where. If you oppose with her stance, that’s fine, but no need to attack someone for expressing themselves. None of you would like it if she came to your space and told you how much she disapproves of your choices. For every person who will unsubscribe, there will be more to take their place. Very proud of you Singh.

  • Anna Marie Ragu

    I think it’s sickening that so many people are jumping down berry’s throat and saying she is spreading hatred, etc. When the man you are defending is, even as we speak, banning people based off religion, dress code or any reason he see’s fit actually.
    He talks about women as though they are nothing but property, going as far as to now tell them how they have to “dress like a woman”, openly treats them as sexual objects and is trying to take away a woman’s right to her own body.
    You all spout off about how everyone should get on board and make this country great again, but, exactly how is being hateful, racist and misogynist supposed to do that?
    SL is about diversity, openness and being able to live it as you like, so if you don’t like something or if you only come to SL for “escape” and anything “RL” related bothers you so bad, that’s fine, just create your own little space inside SL where everything is sunshine and rainbows and exist within your own unrealistic view of reality and continue being fake. Some, if not, the majority of us that are mature adults actually enjoy being ourselves and if you can come here to “escape” we can come here and be ourselves and if you can’t handle that, then perhaps your need for escape stems from a much deeper psychological problem that you should get looked at when you make it back to reality.

  • Thank you everyone for your comments, advice and support. I appreciate it.

    For those that don’t like this post, I absolutely understand if you choose to unsubscribe. Thank you for following all these years and for being a fan of my work. I wish you all the best.

    Just letting you guys know that this movement has been picked up by Motherboard, Vice’s science and tech blog:

    Hope you can all share and participate! <3

  • Beautiful! I love your work and willingness to stand up. I wish that others would appreciate your right to freedom of speech rather than attempt to muzzle you.

  • I am a Brit so you may wonder what this has to do with us, but because of America’s power and dominance, what happens in America influences the whole world. I was shocked, dismayed and horrified by Trump’s anti Muslim EO which has affected people from other nations across the world outside of the initial seven, including Britain. For all those people who say that politics has no part in SL please wake up. If you are living and breathing you are affected by politics whether you want to be or not. I have dusted off my resistance beret and will be doing my bit to defeat hate and bigotry. Now where do I sign?

  • @ RON (Feb 3, 4:52pm) who posted this: “I take it your an immigrant that has privileges in America and now you want to trash our ways of life. Not good not good at all. Then you need to go back to your native country and let us live our way of life. This is America. We are christians not muslims.”


    I am a Christian, Ron, and you offend me to my core. How dare you drag my faith in the path of your hate. You forget everyone, including your ancestors, were all originally immigrants. You are NOT a Christian if you subscribe to such hate and bigotry. Folks, Ron does NOT, I repeat, NOT, speak for Christians like myself!

  • Exactly, Mac! In fact, if we want to bring Christianity into any discussion, it is the name of people who follow Jesus Christ AND his teachings. In other words do/say as He did/said. When you bring hate of others into the equation, you’re no longer a Christian.

    “Trash our way of life” is just a euphemism for “let us get rid of everyone we don’t like and make America WHITE again” so, Ron, you can keep YOUR way of life.

    To those who want to unsubscribe because you disagree, by all means you should do so. Weak people can’t stand for others to have an opinion. Is that too harsh? So. Sorry. Berry has a right to post what she wants on HER blog. Hey, lots of times I don’t agree with her assessment of a certain skin/head/piece of clothing and I stick around because … why? I can respect someone else’s right to their opinion on THEIR blog.

  • Jean-Paul DuQuette

    Some of these comments really cause me to shake my head. Bringing “hate and divisiveness” my foot; Singh is doing her part to FIGHT hate and divisiveness. There are extreme political situations, ones that directly affect your life, that you can’t ignore, situations that you have to protest in every venue you have a voice in. Those folks okay with what is essentially a politically-motivated travel/immigration ban from select Muslim countries, blocking families who have been trying years to escape repression and danger and come to “the land of the free”, those folks need to think about how this is not only wrong, but affects the likelihood of discrimination towards American Muslim communities.

  • Poltics can be a sensitive issue, even among the best of friends and most of us come to Second Life to escape. That said, Second Life is not a place to come in and stick your head in the sand and pretend what is happening around us does not exist. These bans directly effect people in here, as well as the people who create this world we come into. Regardless if you support our President or not, there is nothing “radical” about speaking out about a violations of one of the foundations of the very constitution that makes this country the place it is. Remember, this country was founded by immigrants. Thank you Berry.

  • Lysistrata

    It’s pretty amusing (in a sad way) that so many special snowflakes are upset because Strawberry isn’t just posting pretty pics and videos of avatars and fashions. Isn’t it odd that they call the opposing faction by that derogatory name when they themselves (and the man they worship) engage in more temper tantrums than a 2 year old.

    It’s very sad that so many just want to stick their heads in the SL sand and ignore the very real danger this country is in. You are the ones who put the US in this position. You plugged your ears through the whole election cycle and chanted, “I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!” and now we have a country in turmoil.

    In case it has escaped the notice of you who are bitching about this post, your “safe haven” of SL could be and probably will be impacted by this administration’s negative attitudes toward the Internet, toward sexuality, and most importantly toward freedom. It’s a pity you all are too blind to see that. There are those extreme right wing Christians who would ban SL because of its adult content. Even if you only engage in PG rated activities the whole platform could come down if these fascists get their way.

    And yeah, free speech and all that.

    I’m sure Strawberry won’t miss people like Ron and his repetition of the same old racist rhetoric when someone dares insult the Republican Messiah.

  • Giselle Avro

    Thank you Berry for being such the strong woman you are. Ever since I have followed your posts I have seen you spread nothing but love and kindness.
    For those who are slandering Berry saying she is spreading hate, shame on you for being so hateful! I have read through and the posts made by Ron, other anonymous names and Vilvi and have found them to be nothing but shameful and disgusting. How could you stand behind a man like Trump? How can you possibly defend his words and actions? You follow behind him like a good little soldier preaching to everyone else to accept him. He is the President, you do NOT have to accept him when he spreads such intolerance!

  • Berry, thank you so much, so very much, for sharing this and speaking out. I’m currently at work so unfortunately my comment will be short but I just wanted to thank you for this. #resist

  • Thank you as always, Berry, for sharing things that matter to so many of us from Second Life and all-too-real life. Not all of us feel safe in the current climate, and I can’t stress enough that this is not a GOP/Democratic issue, nor a left/right clash, but people wanting to protect basic human rights no matter who decides to try to take them away. I choose to keep my blog a neutral place without any political agenda (most of my views come from outside the USA) but that does not mean I expect anyone else to do so. Your blog, your choices, your right to express yourself. I am here and will remain a reader, and I wish you and your family all the best as always. As someone with a disability, I am not valued by the current administration and have my own (not as drastic but still real) fears for the future. To anyone who has posted angry comments here, I am sorry that you cannot see the harm being done to so many citizens and their loved ones, and I hope you never wind up feeling this scared for your personal freedoms and safety. SL provides an escape for me, but I know I cannot hide from reality. Kindness matters, now more than ever.

  • Skye Everidge

    Fuck Donald Trump and everyone who came to this page to hypocritically tell some one they shouldn’t express their opinion. How about you rando commenters keep YOUR opinions to yourselves? Practice what you preach. Keep doing your thing, Berry.

  • prazillo Lemon

    Dear Berry, it is really your right to post whatever you like, but obviously you are blinded and very naive and have not experience any pain in your life hence you gather enough energy to protest publicly.

    Your so-called brothers have been going around different countries killing innocents souls and families and creating huge problems in the world and causing so much pain and do you hear us protesting and crying. We only pray that God saves us and the world and help everyone see the light.
    You are only just getting a ban and you hold a huge protest it kind of really disappointing knowing that you are just ban from traveling or getting people in and out. Sweetheart if they is a war around you. You would wish for not only a ban but your highness you will be afraid to hold a flag right now.

    Take a deep breathe and step back a bit, your president is not the worst you have seen other countries have worst what we need now is not a protest of what is good or bad or going around hating others or proving a point that he is a good or bad president. We all need to work together in Love and that start with loving others and even your president and praying for him daily that God helps him to make better decision on a daily basis.

    Worst wars are coming, more suffering will come, families will be torn apart but we all need to stand together in Love.

    How about protesting for your muslim brothers to stop. Today thousands of christians and families are wiped out but tomorrow you still see those families get up and go about doing what they need to do. Really please stop being petty and stop all this trump hating and protesting and you seem to be a very intelligent woman and you have lot of viewers please instead spread a different message of love because we only need love to win this war coming not to prove how much you hate one guy. It really does cheapen you.

    With the killing of innocent people all over the world we don’t hate muslims one bit we hate their act does not means we push them away. You president only has policies he feels are right, work with them and hopefully 4 years will be over soon while praying consistently.


  • Ellen Cordeaux

    The bottom line here is that this is Berry’s space. What she does with it is HER choice and if you find that offensive you can not read it; much the same as you turn off the TV or log out of social media.

    That said…I’m one of those people who use SL as a respite and lately I’ve had to dodge a lot of negativity at my little business for trying to keep things politically neutral. It’s a pain in the ass. I don’t want to be bothered with all that while I’m in SL. But that is MY choice. Your mileage may vary.

    We all need to start respecting each others choices. I’m not going to stop reading this blog because Berry has a social conscious.

  • Anna Marie Ragu

    @prazillo Lemon Are you serious? You act like all Muslims are to blame for the horrible deeds of some. If that is case, then you should hate every single person on the planet because there are horrible, evil people in every race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
    How dare you come here and assume you know anything about Berry or what she has or hasn’t gone through in her life. You have no idea, no one does but those that she chooses to share her experiences with.
    You act like Christians are the only people suffering, when, nothing could be further from the truth.
    All I see from everyone calling themselves Christians here that are attacking Berry are the exact opposite of what Jesus would ever have wanted. He would never have treated anyone the way you all are treating Berry and others that you don’t agree with. You make me ashamed to even call myself a Christian because today, that term equals spiteful, hateful, close minded bigot. Perhaps the God I serve is different from your God, because mine doesn’t want us to treat people like dirt where as yours obviously does if your behavior is any indication.
    Don’t forget, Matthew 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged or John 8:7 He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.
    All of you so called “Christians” need to pick up your bibles and start reading because you aren’t even close to being on the right track.

  • Skye Everidge

    prazillo Lemon – Are you ignorant? No clue where you’re from and I couldn’t force myself to read the entirety of your comment but you do know that MOST MASS KILLINGS IN THE US ARE DONE BY CHRISTIAN WHITE MEN? Jesus Christ.

  • Boot Janus

    @prazillo Lemon ROFL ….. You are part of the problem. #ALTFACTS #CLUELESS #IMWITHBERRY

  • Shame on you and Linden Labs for using SL to push your one sided political belief and/or view upon those who may not agree with you! Like others stated, many of us joined SL for entertainment purposes only.

  • Mia, shame on YOU for having an opinion about anything. If you don’t grant someone else the respect to have and state their opinion on their blog, you are not entitled to the same respect. It’s called free speech. Look it up. It’s a constitutional right, something Trump can’t just take away though he’s determined to try. You don’t get to slap a gag on someone unless you want one on your own mouth.

  • Berry, I am so sorry you have to be subjected to such hate and bigotry. I love your blog, warts, political stances and all. Sadly, there are too many far too willing to dig your grave simply because you have a different belief. They have bought deeply into Trump’s censorship and tyranny; no one is allowed an opinion different from theirs or his. Thank God there is still a constitution that says otherwise! Keep going, girl!

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  • I never bothered to follow this blog because I just assumed it was another fashion blog – and those tend to just be advertising platforms of the free goods the blogger got in the past cycle.

    The whole SL fashion scene came when my mind was elsewhere. So I don’t really know Strawberry as much as many newer people to SL do.

    Your article here, your stance on this issue – makes me respect you.

    We need to fight this demagogue with everything we’ve got. From the small things like a ‘gaming platform’ to the large like protests and getting people of counter influence elected. Every step, every measure, matters.

    Curiously some of the very people posting in support of you are among those who have in past shouted me down for being too ‘loud and uppity’ about political or social justice issues. Fair weather friends or just ‘liberal to a point and no further’, or perhaps changed as time has gone by and more has come to light.

    Those in objection only say they don’t want politics in their SL, and in the blog they read – when it is not their politics being pushed.

    Conservatives and racists have a basic notion that their politics are just fine, perhaps normal, or traditional, or acceptable, but when somebody doesn’t like it: that suddenly is being too political… too loud… too uppity…

    As a person of color it’s been a lifelong experience that the people who say “keep politics out of it” will shove racist policy at me all day long, and then use that line when I object…

    They don’t see their own stance as political. Only things that counter it get that label.

  • Lebenselexier Hoffnung

    Berry, as a European I am not directly involved. But reading some of the comments made me really sad.
    If not second life, an international group of people who shouldn’t care about race, where you come from and what you believe in, is the right place for a statement like this….
    Keep going, spread the word, spread the love!
    We are all unique, in second live we are, what we wanna be. We all should focus on bringing that into our first life’s as well!

  • Courage Berry. Stay your course. I’m really saddened that many here in these threads do not seem to understand what an *exchange* of views really means.THIS is why there IS hate and why it spreads like a plague, some do not see that voicing an opinion should open lines of communication not more vitriol.

    This is the time to take a united stand. ALL of you are entitled to take your stance but no one is entitled to spit out more hate.

    I support everyone right to freedom of speech but I do not support hate speech.

    To those of you who do not live in the USA, if you think none of this touches your lives today understand that tomorrow it might.

    The world is changed by your example.Blessings .

  • Staceybee Nikolaidis

    Thank you Berry! I am running into SL to join the group you mentioned. I am so sickened by what Trump is doing that I feel our very way of life in America is threatened. Our country was built on FREEDOM of RELIGION, yet he wants a Muslim ban? So very wrong, and we cannot be silent.

  • Luna Azulejo

    I stopped reading Nalates’ blog when I realized it was right-wing agitprop. Easy to delete! So all of you who don’t like to read Berry’s blog or think she should censor herself, just don’t read her!

  • Myra Wildmist

    I’m happy to see you take a stand on this, Berry. You’re very brave. I believe we all can make a difference. We just have to stand up, say this is wrong, and do what you can to change things.



  • One thing I think should be mentioned here is that Berry is providing her critics something they demand the right to deny her – a voice. She could easily have deleted every post from the critics. She could silence them as they demand the right to silence her. But she doesn’t because she has more respect for discourse and the rights of others than they have for anyone who believes differently from them.

  • Matt Trappen

    Trump is our President. Stop with all the hate.

  • For those of you who are complaining that politics is posted here, why did you even look at the article and read it?? If it was praising Trump you would be applauding Berry for everything, but since its very critical of Trump, you are upset, angry etc,… First of all this blog is not in SL it is hosted outside of it and Berry pays for it, so she can post what she wants to.

    Now to those of you who are saying that Trump is our president and get over it, where you saying this during the 8 years Obama was in office? Nope you were probably happy that Trump was saying he wasn’t born in America and happy that the GOP obstructed almost everything that the man did for 8 years.

    And if you think that those who oppose Trump, the GOP, Trump’s recent orders are ignorant or whiney that Hillary Clinton lost, think again. Some people want to keep their basic rights as human beings and want to be treated as a human being. They do not want to see us take a step back for race relations or for us to foster hate. Only a few generations ago, immigrants thought our streets were paved with gold, that America was the land of opportunity. Now we are seen as the land of hatred and intolerance.

  • Princess

    I voted for Trump and I would vote for him again. I think he is doing a fabulous job of keeping his promises of what got him elected in the first place. A lot of people will disagree with all of the things he is doing, but what made me vote for him was being hesitant to go to a public mall, a public shopping center or even the movies thinking that someone would come in and shoot everyone down. It was getting to the point every day on the news with a new place getting shot up and people killed. That is no way to live. Living in America is a privilege but if you are going to come in and murder other Americans you are not welcome here.

    As far as SL goes, I agree with others, it’s not a place for politics. It’s where most of us come to escape from it all.

  • Princess

    I would also like to add, to all those screaming freedom of religion, its not a religious problem, if anyone came in and started shooting up Americans left and right we would take action also. It just so happens that most of the ones doing this are Muslim. Should we just continue to let them kill everyone and do nothing about it? I would also like to ask if you would allow these refugees into YOUR home with YOUR children to give them a place to stay. I would bet not. Trump is trying to keep us all safe. I love what he is doing.

  • Confused

    Well Princess, seems you have not been paying attention, most mass shooting are by white American men, quite often Christians. So why do you think otherwise? That is the issue here, you are reacting to some false reality that has been fed to you. When did facts become redundant?????

  • Educated

    i hope posts like this bring you the attention that you deserve, and the audience you want, because for acting like you are open minded you are incredibly close minded. That is ALL that moments like these convey…. hypocrisy.

    For anyone who didn’t like the previous president we spent 8 years told how close minded and small we were for disproving of his policies… but now it’s ok to Hate this president? and to spread that hatred?

    I of course fully expect you to not respond to my post because any discourse, civilized conversation or debate will be ignored because it is not what you are interested in.

    Secondly…PLEASE stop calling us a democracy we are not a democracy you should be happy we are not a democracy but rather a republic. The very fact that Berry, you and a lot of your supporters and even the “hate trump” movement don’t understand saddens me.

    “In a Democracy, The Individual, and any group of Individuals composing any Minority, have no protection against the unlimited power of The Majority.”

    “A Republic, on the other hand, has a very different purpose and…primarily to protect The Individual’s… rights and therefore for the protection of the rights of The Minority, of all minorities, and the liberties of people in general. The definition of a Republic is: a constitutionally limited government of the representative type, created by a written Constitution–adopted by the people and changeable (from its original meaning) by them only by its amendment–with its powers divided between three separate Branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial. Here the term “the people” means, of course, the electorate.”

    The fact that you can even have a movement like this is because we are a Republic not a Democracy. Ironic is it not; that you fight for democracy but what you accuse Trump of doings is exactly that… governing like a democracy and not a republic?

  • Strawberry Fuckface

    Suck it snowflakes!

  • Strawberry Fuckface

    The New Colossus doesn’t mean for people to walk right the fuck in without rules.

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  • zzpearlbottom

    Always late then never, Berry for sure knows what was my position during pre election.
    I’m not proud neither ashamed to say that i was a trump’s supporter then, as i thought that since Bernie Sanders was put down by tricks, Hc would never deserved to win.
    Now I’m not proud neither ashamed to admit that I was deeply wrong when i did thought that HC was the true danger.
    Sure, she won the primaries unfair and cheating, sure Bernie Sanders was the best candidate, ever, to show.
    But she was not insane, she was not surrounded by neo Nazis and right wing religious extremists.
    On the 1st day after elections i tweeted trump and requested a simple act to unite all Americans (yes im naif), to consider KKK a racist organization and to ban it from existence, legally.
    I gave him 2 weeks, no answer.
    So i not only renounce my support to him and his ideas as i start exposing the best i can, tweeting and retweeting all the truth about donald trump.
    And the truth, plain and simple is that is a old senile man surrounded by the worse scum that could exist over land, neo nazis (now calling themselves alt right movement) and right wing religious extremists.
    These are the simple facts.
    Berry has all the right to speak about all she wishes, as we have to disagree or support.
    What we don’t have the right is to tell her what to do.
    What we don’t have is the right to deny her, any place to speak about her feeling regarding any subject she wishes to.
    Be on a SL blog, on tweet, on Sl or whatever.
    In these dark times, hiding is not the solution, to stand up against oppression, by any means, Is!

  • Cajsa Lilliehook

    People keep saying we are not a democracy, we are a republic. They are wrong. We are both. We are a democracy which is government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives. We are also a republic. We are an imperfect model of both.

    As to the idea that a republic is a better protector of minority rights than a democracy, that is not true either. What protects minority rights is the rule of law and whether those rights are protected judicially. For example, when Republicans argue that gay rights or abortion rights should be left up to the states, they are arguing that those rights do not exist unless the majority approves them. Of course, rights that are subject to majority rule are not rights, they are privileges.

    Since your party is the one objecting to gay rights, immigrant rights, reproductive rights, it’s amusing that you claim those rights are protected.

  • Zoe Long

    One of the joys of SL is the opportunity to explore who you want to be. I cherish that diversity in SL and seek more of it in RL. President Trump sees the world as a zero-sum game which he must always win. If the facts do not support his position, he denies the facts. If people fail to applaud his every statement, he seeks to crush them. He acts like a spoiled child. He refuses to seek ways to maximize the overall good. I think his view of the world is evil and dangerous. Refusing to oppose evil is itself evil. So, I applaud your statements Berry and join you in SL and RL.

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  • Strawberry, while I sympathize with you on this question, I’ve already had my Second Life made painful by people who won’t drop the stick and stop beating the dead horse of the last election. The last such episode occurred last night, and while I sympathized with my friend’s anguish on the subject, if both she and the person she disagreed with had kept their peace, we’d have all had a nicer evening.

    My response is here:

    We’ve moved past the legally-held, very publicly confirmed vote which placed Donald Trump in office. Now, the appropriate thing is not to attack the man, but his policies if and when they are wrong. That is how democracies work.

    Confronted with more demonization of my country’s president, I’ll use the traditional SL remedies, beginning with an earnest request to stop, then escalating through muting to blocking.

    It’s neither personal nor to do with your religion or nationality. It is what it is.

  • wow i never knew you stupid as fck just lost all my respect for you after reading this. bye berry

  • Same as Pussycat, not my kind of blog and used to look at it for new mesh head releases but stopped when the whole subscription box thing happened.

    I do want to ask commenters one thing – those who divide Sl and politics … how do you do it? It is everywhere – Sl used to demand credit cards long ago and it got poorer countries not happy as no credit cards anywhere (yep, me) and economy is part of it. Same as when you are online – it is dictated by your work hours, same as how much you spend. The characters you make are rooted somewhere in our reality and concepts (such as: do I make my character from a working class or upper class background? How to portray them?). All we do, the way we speak, friends we chose is based on how we react to environment around us.

    To those who can somehow divide it and evem avoid in life … can tell you are rich or somehow had every document filled for you. All local mandates can drastically change someone’s quality of life and it includes Sl. Can imagine only someone massively detached not being affected hence ‘rich’ as their livehood would not be risked. (And yes, I do not dislike rich folks but avoid them and would not trust, sure, economy needs them and there are people who contribute to local market growth while being decent but … yeah, not Trump who also fails as a business man)

  • Strawberry Lover

    I really can’t believe some of the bullshit i read here from Trump Lovers. Go fuck yourselves.The resistance is starting, and as for all the assholes who are asking Berry to apologise for muslims, they can start by apologising for the KKK and their form of christianity, as for you strawberry , keep fighting the fight and if some assholes unsubscribe from you then they are the bigots hiding behind white privilege.
    I have total respect for you for standing up to Trump.
    If i run into any of these Trump supporting assholes who commented here, It will be my pleasure to GRIEF the shit out of them

  • Justadude

    I usually stay out of stuff like this. But in response to most white christians doing mass killings. Originally stated by Van Jones who I honestly respect his opinion.

    First of all, in USA white christians are the large majority of population. They are there, they are everywhere. It’s what most of the USA is.

    Second: islam is not a race. Muslims are not a race. There are muslims from Africa, from Arab countries, from Asiatic countries and even from Europe, from all races and skin colours.

    Third: christian mass shootings are not committed in the name of god, nor in the name of the bible.
    The shooters are christian just because the majority of people in USA is christian.
    They kill because they have mental problems, not because their book tells them to. To put it better, they could as well be classified as Christians because they are USA white citizens, while instead they are just… white people that don’t give a damn about religion.
    Profiling whites wouldn’t help identifying the main menace of mass shootings happening from white people, because they are not trackable back to a single reason like in the islam terror attacks.
    This is the same reason why media do EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to cover up that attacks are brought on by muslim people, they call them in any other possible way, like “asian”, “black”, “mentally ill”, “depressed”, “american african” and shit like that, the elìte doesn’t want people to know what islam means to western countries.

    Fourth: muslim terrorists scream allahu akhbar when they shoot.
    They do their attacks as their religions teaches, as their book says, as their imams command.
    The fact that most muslims do not go around killing people doesn’t mean that it’s not written as a commandment in the quran, it just means that they choose to live a more quiet life and don’t feel like shooting people, exactly like many Christians live their religion without executing most of what the bible says.

    Fifth: mass shootings and bombings happen CONTINUOUSLY in the muslim world, in their countries because of stupid different views of the quran and stuff, but ALL in the name of allah. Something that the western world has abandoned since some centuries is killing in the name of god.

    I respect the people, but I don’t respect some stuff that the qaran states:

  • Justadude

    Also, i’m not a trump supporter. I think hes a disgusting man. I didn’t like either candidates at all. I wish someone new and better would pf came along.

  • Justadude, thank you for the response. I will however say that you are doing a serious disservice to the majority of peace loving muslims in this world, like myself, when you choose to link to websites and believe them and possibly behave negatively towards muslims in the real world, when those websites are choosing to interpret the Quran like terrorists do. I too can link to random websites to debunk everything listed there:
    or how about this one:

    But I also understand that people practice their faiths for themselves and their own spirituality in their own ways, whatever faith that may be. It’s the brainwashed individuals with extremist tendencies in this world that cause the violence where the majority of us are just trying to live our lives the best way possible.

  • To religion debacle … now … please sit down as it might shock you … Islam is an Abrahamic religion. Shocking. Jews still did not get Messaiah, Catholics cannot decide as it varies from country to country and in Islam, Mohammed was simply the last prophet. All of these have many strains and interpretations – extermists will warp all as their goal is to destabilise society and alienate their target groups. ISIS’ target is other Muslims – oppressing and dividing them from just about everyone so no one will protest. Am certain there are violent parts in Islamic religious sources but they are less drastic than Old Testament. Always seen the meaning of jihad as various evangelisation methods which most of spiritual denominations have. Actually, authors’ links above are grand as did not know the political interpretation of standing up to totalitarian rulers.

    Indeed had to read Bible for analysis at school and it makes a grand horror flick – am not as familiar with Quran, Hadith and Sunnah as whole texts and only know how they are commonly interpreted in UK.

    I will recommend a grand film that I seen on Channel 4 and shown a division between radicals and ordinary folks rather well, despite being horridly depressing. It is a film about family’s father delving deeper and deeper into radicalism as he had 6 daughters and when he finally thought he got a son … turned out to be a trans woman (yes, she is murdered and will warn anyone beforehand BUT her sisters and mum do accept and love her, it also addresses the issue of queer matters as she does not wish to fully transition but in their area there is a pressure to, plus to live outside of main town). Film is “Bol” and made in Pakistan about Pakistan, also got huge critical acclaim.

  • Star

    I respect everyone’s opinion weather I agree or not. I don’t argue with them and I don’t want them to argue with me. Please keep this off of a fashion blog because it will make people not even want to open it. There are other blogs and platforms for this

  • Ok what part of this is Strawberry Singh’s site and she pays the bills to host it that you do not seem to understand? She can post whatever she wants on her site, she pays for it. If you do not want to read it or hate what shes posting, then click the x and do not visit the site. It’s that simple!

  • Evangeline Ling

    Strawberry I completely and wholeheartedly support your message and stand with you in solidarity. It is your absolute right to express your views especially on a platform you started. People are free to come and go, to unfollow or even leave some mean comment about your remarks. But you have treated this entire issue with grace and dignity even with some rather heavy handed criticism. While I have mostly pulled back from politics in SL myself (I engaged in them pretty heavily during the campaign) I still have many friends that do so. I do still from time to time put up some sort of Flickr message though, I totally understand as an artist the need to use your gifts to make a difference. That is what you are doing. Stay positive. Much love.

    <3 Eva

    Evangeline Ling

  • Ima Rang

    Bravo! I knew there were more than 10 reasons I liked you! 🙂 Stay strong! #Resist

  • Justadude

    Thank you for the reply and those links. I am not against muslims of peace, just the ones going around chopping heads off etc. If you read most of the comments in the second link that you posted me, it even states that most of the violence in the bible was in the OT, not the NT. I’ll post a comment from one of the links you actually sent me, which a lot of people in those comments agree with.

    Christ fulfilled and ended the Old Testament command, and New Testament begins with Christ’s message and his messages are not about violence. Mohammed’s life and teachings are full of violence and hate, There is no Quran without Mohammed’s teaching. It doesn’t matter which text has more or less violence but whose teaching and characters are more peaceful or full violence that’s matters and followers follow the leaders teaching. According to following statistics, Quran shows less violence than New Testament, that less violence must be more lethal and dangerous against humanity than the more violent version of Old and New Testament combined!
    “Killing and destruction are referenced slightly more often in the New Testament (2.8%) than in the Quran (2.1%), but the Old Testament clearly leads—more than twice that of the Quran—in mentions of destruction and killing (5.3%).”

    I’m not against muslims, i’m against radical murdering muslims.
    Anyways, i’m done with the religious talk and won’t be returning to this post.

    I suggest posting there if you want to debate against relgions.

  • Justadude

    One more snippet that I have to post.

    “I’m a Muslim, but in order to make a logical argument, you must acknowledge the facts and the fact is that in Christianity, the New Testament’s revelation essentially rendered the Old Testament obsolete.”

    “Meaningless comparisons. First of all, all 3 religions accept the Old Testament, so they have that in common. Secondly, the New Testament may refer to violence, but nowhere does Christ exhort his followers to commit violence. The reference to the words, since it appears to have been a simple word count, is to encourage his followers to refrain from violence. By contrast, the Qurans reference to violence is to commit it, particularly against the kafirs, or unbelievers. So concluding, doing word counts out of context are meaningless. And how many times have we read in the news about violence, bombing, or suicide attacks committed by Christians in the name of their religion? Or in the hopes of a reward in heaven? Personally, I have ZERO awareness of such acts, so please correct me if I’m wrong.”

    Please don’t compare the whole bible as a whole to the Quran.

  • Wakeup

  • Sasara Klaar

    To Berry:

    Thank you for speaking your mind, and bringing these opportunities to participate in political speech and activity to my attention.

    To Berry’s supporters:

    Be strong, be joyful, be unrelenting, but also be thoughtful, considerate, kind, compassionate, understanding and all of those things you wish others to be. You be them first. Check your sources, be accurate, be right.

    To Berry’s detractors:

    Your right to speak your mind is as correct and valid as anyone’s. Thank you for doing so. Many of you have used calm and reasonable speech, even though you felt yourself to be in a hostile context. Thank you for that as well. We can disagree without hate.

    With that said, some have used angry words, and some have repeated hurtful falsehoods and uttered hurtful judgments. This is the very reason so many are afraid of Mr. Trump’s policies and actions – because he has encouraged this sort of behavior in others. I personally do not feel fear of Mr. Trump himself, as he is far from me. I very much fear some of his followers, even though most are good people including those in my own family.

    There has been some discussion of the concept of privilege and some anger related to it. In my opinion, in recent years some people are beginning to feel singled out for bigotry because they are Caucasian, or Christian, or male, or heterosexual, or some other category. “Privilege” in this political and social context means that people of that category do not normally feel like it is a reason to fear the hatred or prejudice of others. When that protected category is perceived as threatened, people often react with anger and defensiveness.

    Please understand, the fear you may now feel is what has been heaped on everyone else for the entire history of the United States of America. In recent years, those of us who had to live under this prejudice have begun to taste a future where we do not have to live in hiding, or subservience, or second class citizenship. We have had a taste of what it means to be free like a white, straight, Christian person has always been privileged to live. Do bear in mind, this is generalization… but oh, how true it feels to me!

    We will not walk it back to the “good old days” willingly.

    When we hear Mr. Trump say that Mexican immigrants are bad people, those of us whose mothers or fathers are Mexican immigrants get angry. When we hear state legislatures passing laws to make it illegal for cities or schools to protect our trans brothers and sisters from discrimination and physical danger, we get angry. When those of us who only in these last glorious months finally have the legal right to marry the person we have been building a life with for years or decades, and then vicious mobs come threatening to take that away again, we get angry. We get angry in the same way you may feel about the fear of having your privilege revoked.

    So, what do we do?

    We speak out. Loudly. Eloquently if possible, but ubiquitously, regardless. We speak out everywhere, and that includes blogs, and that includes virtual spaces like Second Life.

    So why do some people fear that those who have been oppressed will gain political power? I think it is because they fear what “we” will do with it. That “we” will treat “them” as they have treated “us”. I can understand that fear. I can sympathize, and I hope I can work to alleviate it. I’ll start trying right now.

    You see, there is no “Them”. There is only “Us”. Any two people on earth can find ways to separate themselves – height, shoe size, color, gender, religion, likes and dislikes, even hobbies and games. We are all different from one another. And we are all human.

    So, the answer is to stop being “them” vs. “us”, and start putting Us back together. When that happens, a light brown person need not fear what a dark brown person will do if allowed to act in freedom. They are brothers. A husband and wife need not fear that their lesbian neighbors might get married. They’ll all still live in the same houses and have the same families, and still be neighbors. And the people of the USA can stop being so afraid of terrorists that they cut off their own nose to spite their face, and start recognizing that while terrorists are real, and bad, and sadly we have to have border controls and defensive agencies to identify dangerous people and protect the rest of us from them… we already have those things, and a US citizen is in more danger of harm from their own behaviors than from any external threat, and even among external threats terrorism is so far down the list as to be almost negligible. Some will have a conniption over that statement, but the numbers back me up. The whole point of Terrorism is to make people far more afraid than they have any rational need to be. I’m sad to say that it’s working.

    So – what does this long-winded post have to do with Mr. Trump? Simply this: To a great many people, Mr. Trump appears to be making things worse, not better, and we intend to do what we can to make things better.

    May all of you have peace and love and plenty.

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  • Hi berry,

    Where doI join this? What can I do to help? As you know, I have quite some reach with my blog.

  • Chaos Priestman

    Beautifully put as always Strawberry! Beth has switched to working pretty much full-time managing and working Democratic campaigns in Texas this year, and I’ve taken a sabbatical to be her roadie. We’re looking good to flip several districts and positions at the state and federal level here. We’re going to be fixing the damage for decades, but maybe this disaster will turn out to be a positive reminder that democracies aren’t spectator sports. Democracies are always at risk of being hijacked by well-funded crooks. We have to participate or we lose everything.

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