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Genesis Lena Bento Mesh Head

Genesis Lena Bento Mesh Head

Genesis Lab has released their second Bento head now. Her name is Lena and she is currently available at the Uber event. After the month of February, I am sure you will be able to find this head in the Genesis Lab mainstore. The first bento head that Genesis Lab released was named Eva and I blogged about it at this link.

Here is some information about Lena:

  • Price:¬†The price of the head is L$4000 and the DEMO is free. For that price you get a white skin-less version of the head which looks like the one on the left in the¬†picture¬†in this link.
  • Skin Appliers:¬†Since the head comes skin-less you need to¬†purchase some skin appliers for it. The Genesis Lab Lena skin (on the right) is sold separately right beside it for L$500 per tone. There is also a free DEMO for the skin tones.
  • Body Appliers:¬†They have body appliers with 10 skin tones and 3 cleavage options¬†which are available for Maitreya, SLink, Belleza, Vista Hands and default body. All costs L$250 each.
  • Omega Compatibility:¬†According to the Omega Solutions Blog, it should be omega compatible for makeup, not for skins. You just need to pick up¬†the Omega HUD from the marketplace.
  • Body Parts:¬†It comes with rigged ears and eyes which you need to wear or wear your own in their place.
  • HUD:¬†Aside from the skin HUD that you purchase separately, the mesh head itself comes with one main HUD that has three tabs on it:
    1. Genetic Tab: In this tab you can change the color of your eyes, eyelash length and color, ear color, teeth and tongue, beauty marks and freckles and hairbase.
    2. Makeup Tab: in this tab you have a wide variety of makeup to choose from: eyeshadows, eyeliners, blush and contour and lipstick.
    3. Settings Tab: In this tab you have your animations, static poses, eye rotation, blink, talking animation, neck fit, teeth and tongue accessories, and skin shine.
  • Customer Service Questions: If you have any questions about this head, it would be best if you looked at the designer’s profile, their¬†name is GenesisLab, to see how they¬†prefer to be contacted for customer service issues as I will probably not be able to assist you with that.

Watch my video on YouTube where I go into detail about everything this head can do:

The biggest thing to note about this head is the nose. This head has an Aquiline nose, also called a Roman nose, which means that it has a very prominent upper bridge and will make the nose appear slightly bent. If you watch my video, you will see that this feature in this head is very hard to remove using the sliders as this was added into the head on purpose to give it more of a unique look. I also shared in the video my opinion about the chin/jaw/neck sliders and how I think they are not as responsive as previous bento heads. Therefore, I strongly urge you all to please try a DEMO first and make sure you are okay with the way the head looks and can be changed with the sliders before making your purchase. This head is incredibly beautiful but quite different than other heads released on the grid and you want to make sure you are satisfied before purchasing.

Here is a list of skins I applied to this head in the video:
> YSYS Sidney
> Bold & Beauty Flora
> Bold & Beauty Ayana
> Bold & Beauty Kioko
> Bold & Beauty Elsa

In the pictures in this post I am wearing the Genesis Lab Lena skin that you can purchase separately for L$500. Lena Shape

I have released my shape for this bento mesh head and it is available in my marketplace store at this link. (UPDATE ‚Äď MY SHAPES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Other things that I mentioned in the video:

Shape: Lena¬†Shape by Strawberry Singh (UPDATE ‚Äď MY SHAPES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE)
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body ‚Äď Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: Genesis_Head_Lena_3.0 Bento by GenesisLab (@ Uber)
*Skin Applier: Genesis_Lab_Skin_Lena by GenesisLab (@ Uber)
*Eyes: (they come with the head)
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Gaea by Truth Hawks (Jan Gift)
Headdress: LODE Head Accessory РRose Vintage Crown [cream] by Chirzaka Vlodovic
*Bento Hands: VISTA PROHAND v.1FINAL by Vista Barnes
Bento Wings:¬†Decoy – Cupid’s Calling: Wings by Annette Voight (@ The Epiphany)
*Dress: erratic / irina Рgirdle dress by Erratic Rain (@ Uber)
*Bracelets: **RE** Zaria Bracelet by crashnoww
*Anklets: **RE** Soleil Anklet РMedium by crashnoww
Pose+Prop:¬†Kirin –¬†My Sweet Cloud Poses and Prop by¬†Carolina Sautereau



Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

13 thoughts on “Genesis Lena Bento Mesh Head

  • WoW thans pretty pricey, 4K for √† skinless head. Thats not for me , way to expensiv ūüôĀ

  • I hate the nose. Hate hate hate it! But she looks so pretty in frontal view.

  • Kayleigh

    For some reason my applier will not work on the vista pro hands and side view I also hate the nose ūüôĀ was very disappointed with this head.

  • Joanna M.

    In my opinion the best thing about this head is exactly the nose, because we can’t get this result easily with the sliders.
    My only complain about Genesis 3.0 heads is that the HUD has no option to tint makeup layers or adjust their opacity. These options should be an essential feature for a mesh head because it allows adjust the layers for every skin tone. I hope they consider update their HUD with those options.

  • I actually love the nose on that head, and I’m all for individuality when it comes to mesh heads. It’s understandable that most people want to look gorgeous and without what they might view as perceived ‘flaws’, but it’s flaws that make for a characterful and interesting face. That face would – if I saw it in profile – probably make me contact its owner to compliment her on it.

    For years, Skell has gone around SL with a slightly too-wide, upper lip-heavy mouth, and a long, upturned ski-slope of a nose that meant I had to edit annoying ‘nose triangles’ out of any portraits that I took of him. But then, I don’t subscribe to the chisel-jawed, stern-faced, macho notions of masculinity that pervade much of SL. I like to look interesting, not perfect.

    That said, however, I do think that L$4000 for a plain white head that doesn’t even come with a basic set of skin options is a bit steep. Most mesh heads come with basic skin appliers these days, from what I’ve noticed.

    The combination of mesh heads, bodies, hands, and feet can be a pricey business. The cost of all the various appliers one would need for a specific look (and I’m talking about male appliers here; possibly female ones are cheaper because there are more of them to choose from) tends to average out at roughly L$1500, which is what you might have paid for a high-quality system skin a few years ago. Until those prices reduce somewhat, that expense is going to limit the creativity of people like me, who love to chop and change skins as often as they do their clothing.

  • Lysistrata Szapira

    Berry, thanks to your video showing this head with the Ayana applier from Bold & Beauty was what finally got me to drop the Lindens for a Bento head.

    Pricey yes, but the combination of that head, that applier and your shape (with some minor tweaking to my own tastes) is just freaking gorgeous. I’ve never gone with a dark skin before (always redhead or blonde), but I had to have this one.

    And the nose? I love that it gives my avatar some individuality. While I’m sure there will be a few people out there with the same face, it’s going to stand out from the herds of Lelutka and Catwa heads. It’s a unique look, and I’m quite happy with it.

  • LadyD6959 Meistrich

    Is there a landmark for The Epiphany event. I found the SL group but no slurl or landmark to get to the event.

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  • Ana Carolina

    Despite some limitations already mentioned above, I bought it because of the unique details and I am loving it!

    Berry, I do not know if you can help me, but I am having some problems to match Ayana skin from Bold & Beauty with my Maitreya Lara Mesh Body. There is line in neck that shows the difference of tones between the skin body and the head skin.

    I already sent a notecard to the creator – and I am waiting the answer -, but I want to know a different opinion about it.

    It is really driving me crazy! hehehe

    Thank you in advance. ūüėČ

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  • TinuvielArbenlow

    I just bought this head, and I LOVE it. I wanted something with a roman nose, so I’m thrilled. The only issue is that I am getting a slight line at the neck, even though I’m using the appliers for the head and my maitreya body. Anyone else run into this and have a fix?

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