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Berry’s 2016 Holiday Giveaway – BishBox Subscription Boxes!

UPDATE: I have announced the winners in the comments below, congratulations!

Berry's 2016 Holiday Giveaway!

Hello everyone, Merry Christmas! Before I begin talking about the giveaway and subscription boxes, I just wanted to give you all a big thank you! Yesterday I came home from a busy weekend to find out I won the AVI Choice Award for Best Blogger for 2016. Thank you so much for voting for me. As you know, blogging is one of my most favorite hobbies because I find it incredibly fun and fulfilling and knowing that you guys also enjoy visiting and reading makes it all the more worthwhile. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Also a big thank you to the AVI Choice team for organizing it all and congratulations to all of the AVI Choice nominees and winners! <3

This year, as a thank you for voting for me, and for my yearly holiday giveaway, I decided to give away some Bishbox subscription boxes, which is a new subscription box for female avatars that will be released by MadPea Productions on December 20th and then on the 20th of each month going forward. When I inquired about how to get gift cards for the giveaway, the MadPea team was so generous they donated 5 subscription boxes for my giveaway. Now 5 of my readers will have a chance to enter and win this subscription box. A big thank you to the MadPea team! <3

To enter the give away, post the following information in the comments of this blog post:

  1. Your full Second Life username (not display name) (or your friend’s SL name if you want it sent as a gift)
  2. Tell me if you’ve subscribed to any subscription boxes in Second Life as of yet, if so, which ones and what do you think of subscription boxes in Second Life?

The giveaway will end on Wednesday, December 14th at 6am SLT and I will announce the winner shortly after that, so you have about a week and a half to enter. At 6am SLT, I will input all your names into the Randomizer and let the website choose the 5 winners. I will then announce the winners’ names in the comments of this post and their names will be added to the BishBox subscription list by the MadPea team and they will be sent the BishBox on December 20th. Good luck to everyone that enters!

Here is a little video I’ve done talking a bit about the giveaway and then some more information about BishBox:

I mentioned this in my video but I thought I would mention it here as well. I will be having another giveaway, but this time a youtube giveaway to my youtube subscribers once I hit 5000 subscribers. Currently I am at around 4600 so whenever I hit 5000 I will be giving away another subscription box. If you do enjoy watching my youtube videos and haven’t subscribed as of yet, please click over to my youtube channel and hit the subscribe button, thank you!

Bishbox is the latest subscription box from MadPea, geared towards wild and crazy female avatars in Second Life. The theme for the month of December is Wild December and if you don’t want to enter the giveaway, teleport over to the BishBox headquarters right now and subscribe!

Here is a list of the 15 designers participating this month:

  1. Atelier Pepe
  2. Besom
  3. Black Bantam
  4. essenz
  5. fawny
  6. Kibitz
  7. Lapointe & Bastchild
  8. Luxe
  9. Mina
  10. N.core Design
  11. Phedora.
  12. Razor
  13. United Colors
  14. Violent Seduction
  15. Yummy

As you can see from this list we have a wide variety of hair, clothing, accessories and even skin! I think the skin alone from Atelier Pepe will make this box so worthwhile. I am wearing a skin from Atelier Pepe in this post as well as a Mina hair and my glasses are from Yummy. You can see what great quality these designers will bring to the box. Please make sure to click over to their flickr accounts to see more of their work.

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for a loved one this month, my recommendation will definitely be a subscription box! I feel like they are great for the price that you pay for them as you get a wide variety of items. Plus it will be like giving them multiple gifts at once. MadPea Designs has also made it so easy with their kiosk. You can just click on them and you get the option to buy the subscription box for yourself or send it as a gift to a loved one, right from the kiosk. They also have 3 monthly subscription boxes running now:

  1. Deco(c)rate – Monthly home and decor subscription box released on the 8th of each month. Price is L$1500 before the 8th and L$3000 after the 8th. Watch me unbox them at this link.
  2. SwagBag – Monthly male subscription box released on the 1st of each month. Price is L$1500 before the 1st and L$3000 after the 1st. Watch me unbox them at this link.
  3. BishBox – Monthly female subscription box released on the 20th of each month. Price is L$1500 before the 20th and L$3000 after the 20th. Watch me unbox them at this link.
  4. Special Christmas Calendar – This is not a subscription box but an Advent Christmas Calendar. This calendar is L$1000 and can be bought anytime before December 25th, 2016. Read my blog post about this calendar at this link.

These are the four recommendations I have for Christmas gifts for your family and friends in Second Life this year, and again, you can send these directly using the MadPea kiosk, which I showed how to do in my video above. ^

Before I end this post, I do want to mention that I am also having a holiday advertising sale on my blog. All of my advertising rates are 50% off until December 16th, 2016. Click over to my advertising page for all the details and get your ad up on my blog’s sidebar.

Thank you for all the love and support in 2016. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your real and Second Life families. Happy Holidays and don’t forget to spread the love! ♥

What I’m Wearing:
Shape: Zara Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Tumble V4.10 by Catwa Clip
*Skin Appliers: Atelier Pepe – Daphne .::Universal::. (Summer) by pepehair
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Brown by Ikon Innovia
*Hair: MINA Hair – Indica by Mina Nakamura
Hairbase: Just Magnetized – Basic Hairbase – set 03 for CATWA by Justyna Magne
*Hair Accessory: !Ohmai: X’mas Lights Wreath [Playful] – lighted! by Anya Ohmai (released in 2015, not sure if still available)
*Sweater: TRUTH Sunday Sweater [Red] [Maitreya] by Truth Hawks (Lazy Sunday Gacha)
*Jeans: erratic / swift – jeans by erratic rain
*Shoes: REIGN.- MILLANI CHUNKY HEELS  by KenadeeCole
*Glasses: (Yummy) Novelty Snowman Glasses by Polyester Partridge (MadPea Christmas Calendar)
*Rings: [MANDALA] SINRA Rings Season2 by kikunosuke Eel
*Reindeer: Serenity Style- My little reindeer- wear by Hanstrid Inshan (MadPea Christmas Calendar)

*Christmas Tree: LeLutka Grace Tree (Group Gift from 2014, not sure if still available)
Blog Sign: {what next} Blogger’s Office Accessories by Winter Thorn


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

281 thoughts on “Berry’s 2016 Holiday Giveaway – BishBox Subscription Boxes!

  • Aranel


    I love subscription boxes, but I never win a giveaway, soooo I’m crossing my fingers this time XD
    I think that there should be more sub boxes cause it really gives you a way to know new stores and have awesome items at the same time.

  • Congratulations! Well deserved win for you! Well, my name in world is Melly Lecker and so far the only special box I have participated in is the Luxe Box – which I think is spectacular. I have always enjoyed almost every piece of each month’s box, and even if I wasn’t overly overjoyed about some pieces, I know there were plenty of people out there loved what I wasn’t excited about. I am looking forward to signing up for the Bishbox because the designers set up to participate for the first round look wonderful! It’ll be like Christmas, just early ☺

  • Gwendolyn Beverly

    I’m Gwendolyn Beverly, I did the luxe box once and I think subscription boxes are super cool.

  • Missvampire Nirvana is my full Sl name.
    And i dont have subscriptions because iTS just to expensive for me to afford.
    But i love to watch when you unpack them, so now i,m hoping my name get picked out….

    Keep blogging as i sooo love iT, and your pictures are always amazing.

    Love Missvampire Nirvana

  • Lizadoll

    Heyyy queergirliza I love subscription boxes the last one I joined was luxe box it was fun I don’t have the lindens to spend on subscription boxes like i used to lol but I’m sooo happy about you win like I said you deserve it hun huggggs

  • PetitOurs

    1. PetitOurs Resident
    2. None yet! Money is tight this time of year.

  • SabrinaGrace Afterthought

    SabrinaGrace Afterthought

    Only ever subscribed to LuxeBox and loved it. I guess I’m not trendy enough to keep up with what is popular at the moment. But I think the boxes are a great idea to explore what’s beyond MP.

  • Leora Greenwood

    1. Leora Greenwood

    2. I have subscribed to the first Dec(o)crate and to the MadPea Advent Calendar. I enjoyed the first Dec(o)crate immensely (the unpacking sounds and animation alone were worth the price!) am planning to stick with it to see how many of the items I end up using on a regular basis. The Advent Calendar is only five days in so I can only say that I am loving it so far!

    I would love to win a BishBox but plan to purchase it even if I do not win one. 😀

  • Jessa Oriel


    I love the idea of subscription boxes. It’s nice to have exclusive items, and when you break it down, it’s a great deal. So far, I’ve only participated in the Luxe box, but I planned on purchasing the Bish Box this time!

  • Bomba Zanzibar

    Bomba Zanzibar is my full name.First of all, congratulations 🙂
    I always watch and follow about subscriptions boxes, but.. too expensive for me. I must admit I spent lindens in fashions, events and dj tip jars , lol
    I love your work, and you decided me to wear mesh heads and bodies 🙂 take care

  • Sl name: lunastarwind aichi

    I love the subscription boxes, but sadly can’t afford any right now and have yet to be able to sub to one. I pretty much live those moments through you lol ; 3;
    Hopefully soon I can some how manage to get at least the Christmas calendar ~

  • Snaxi

    SL name -> Snaxi

    Firstly, congrats on the well deserved win!! I can see your dedication and enjoyment of blogging in all your posts. I am not surprised that you would win 😉

    I have joined two subscription box types, one being Luxe Box and the other (may not fit this catagory) is the Forest! Both are fantastic.

    I think sub boxes are a really fun and ideal way to explore designers you may not be familiar with! Thank you for posting about new ones!

  • Thaylia Rae

    I am currently a subscriber of Luxe Box, and I absolutely love it! The products contained within the hud each month are more than worth the sub fee. I recommend it to all my female friends, and so far they are just as addicted as I am!

  • Aradia Mistwood

    Aradia Mistwood is my full SL Name.

    I have only ever done is Treasure Chest and I absolutely loved it.It’s like Christmas every time it arrives! I really enjoy subscription boxes and I understand why the prices are as high as they are, because of the quality of the designers involved in them. Some of them are just too expensive.
    I love the idea, but I hope they get a little more diverse. 🙂

    Keep up the good work Berry! You are amazing!

  • Lushyy

    Hello I am Lushyy on Secondlife. I have Subscribed to LuxeBox previously for many months. I have also subscribed to decocrate, and i love subscription boxes they are a deal and lets you try new things you normally wouldn’t have probably purchased.

  • Hi. I am nerthuschild or Aqua Aura Firecaster no sure which name is what since I am away from my computer right now. The only subscription box I have used so far is Luxebox. I actually use the subscription to keep myself from getting addicted to spending, which is what happened. So instead of running around and spending too much I allow myself the 1500L and get new stuff once a month. I like Luxebox but I am getting bored with the same designers. I cannot afford to do two, but if you unbox the Bish Box, I will check it out and maybe switch between the two. Thanks for all you do, I learn a lot from you. 🙂

  • 1. SunSwimmer Resident
    2.I have done the Deco(c)rate and Luxe Box. I like them. I would prefer if most kept to a theme, like Deco(c)rate. But I enjoy the surprise and how big of a bargain they are.

  • Hi Berry *holiday hugs*
    Yes, I’m a guy but I’d like to enter because this would make a wonderful gift!
    I belong to the Deco[c]rate Subscription as it has masses of Home & Garden items that are themed, which means you can use them all together for blogging and/or decoration. It would cost you a fortune to get them all separately. I used to subscribe to Swagbag, but it got rather trashy for a couple of months and not my style at all. However, the December one was great so I resubscribed in that month. <3 Moz

  • Emelyn Aedipo

    AphroditeStarr Resident here, So happy you won the award! I know I voted for you. I haven’t had the chance to try subscription boxes yet but I keep looking into them, especially since following your blog. Perhaps for the new year will be my introduction to them officially.

    Keep bloggin, we love you

  • Onyma Resident

    SL Name – Onyma Resident

    I am fairly new to SecondLife, and since I started I’ve known of the subscriptions boxes like Luxe Box, Swag Bag, MadPea and the like. I find that they are a great way for designers, New and Old, to expose their work to the public and gather more clientele. As well as provide a guaranteed purchase that’ll make the buyer feel more comfortable when shopping, whereas when you buy in MP your exposed to so many fake vendors who scam their customers. However, as a fairly new SL Resident, I also find them to be a bit pricey. I understand the reason behind that, however, there is tons of hard-work put into the creation of a single product. But I’d love to see a more affordable option for those noobies – they were once in their situation. Why not think of them… Also, it’d be cool to have a customizable box, where you could choose the designers you’d like instead of them being preassigned. I don’t know, it’s just my thoughts.

    Happy Holidays!! :3

  • Arden Sirnah

    Arden Sirnah.

    I don’t subscribe to any boxes but I enjoy watching you unpack them. Congrats on your avi award. I voted for you for you are my favorite blogger.

  • Liquid

    1) xLiquidDreamsx Resident

    2) I have not had the pleasure of subscribing to any of the boxes in Second Life as of yet. However I’ve seen a few of your unboxings and they look great. =)

  • Congratulations Strawberry on your award!
    We do ♥︎love♥︎ you its true!!

    1. Aair Resident
    2. No, not yet.

  • Grats on the win! My in world name is : Akasha Wachmann, and yes I have tried a subscription box but just luxebox and only a few times. Sub boxes are freaking great and good to see more are popping up

  • Holymotherricc

    Congratulations on your well deserved award! I found you the week after I started SL and have been here ever since!

    My SL name : Holymotherricc

    I’ve always wanted to subscribe to the boxes but I’m always poor haha. I think that subscription boxes should be more common because they are super cool!

  • rebound

    Congratulations i always like reading you.
    My sl name is rebound resident and i never bought or subscribe to any boxes for a simple reason its to expensive for me. But i do love them.
    I hope you will have a lovely Christmas and all the luck and health for 2017.
    xx Reb

  • Lia Mistwalker

    Congratulations!! awesome blogger! : ) They all awesome subscribing boxes. i have apply few time last month and i enjoy watching unbox video

  • Congrats on your win as the best blogger! My SL name is: Sakki Salubria Yes, I do subscribe to a few of the subscription boxes. They are, Luxe Box and Decocrate. I also did the Advent Calendar from Mad Pea, not sure if that counts as a subscription box though. I really enjoy them, it is always exciting to see what items I received. I was happy to see SL doing them as I also do some in real life. Hugs, Sakki

  • Kaeko Freenote

    Kaeko Freenote. I haven’t subscribed to any yet, but depending on the designer, I think it’s a really cool and fun idea! I can think of designers I would like to get stuff from every month!

  • Congratulations! A well deserved award 🙂

    SL name: Sensual Sparkle

    I do Luxe Box every month, its a great little treat to myself, a friend gifted me with the advent calendar this month, it has been cool! Thank you for the giveaways!

  • Rosy Liddell

    Congrats on the Award! 😀

    1. My SL name is rosy1800 resident

    2. I haven’t subscribed to any before but am definitely thinking about it in the future

  • Muliana2

    Hey hey im so happy you won the Award! <3
    So lets start like this:

    1. My SL name is Muliana2

    2.I have been a used of luxe box subscription for some time,but lately I stoped buying them.I think they are an awesome way to find new stores and stuff that you might never think of buying but at the end like for what it is.

  • Paisleysaige resident

    Paisleysaige resident

    Currently subscribed to Luxe box and I LOVE IT! I love the convenience and cost of it all!

  • Isabella Rumsford


    2. I didn’t join a subscription box as of yet, however, I am planning to join Luxe Box and Deco(c)rate. These are my most favorites.

    Lastly, congratulations on your win. You totally deserve it. 🙂

  • Amy Patterson

    SL Name: Amy Patterson

    Name For Gift: Eathelyn Resident

    On my alt i did luxe box, I loved it because it had a little bit of everything, ANd i think my fav was the tarte lighted bed.

  • Amberyl Ethaniel

    Amberyl Ethaniel I subscribed to the Treasure Box last month because I loved the hair and jewelry in that particular release. I don’t usually subscribe, but I think its a great idea..

  • Sasha Mac

    CMeBen Dover is my SL Name

    I have dont the Luxe box and the items are amazing!

  • Celebrity Trollop

    I always thought this model was the future of content in Second Life – bands of creatives coming together to sell bundles of content via a type of patronage system.

    That it has taken this long to catch on in world is a bit of a surprise to me, because I thought this kind of arrangement would become common in 2011 – and it’s five years later! In any case, I haven’t subscribed to any of these services because I’m not in world enough to enjoy them but I think it’s a brilliant idea.

    Congrats on your award, Berry!! <3

  • Congrats on the win 🙂
    Serenity Couerblanc is my SL name. I have subscribed only to the Luxe box, and have been really happy with them. I think it’s a great way to get quality items from familiar and new designers without having to worry about trying to get into an event, or fighting lag to make your purchases. I would join more if I had the group space.. and lindens lol.

  • Nathalia Sinister

    In world name: Nathalia Sinister

    The only box I have subscribed to is luxe box.

  • Ruby Geek

    Congrats on de Avi Choice Awards!!!!!!!!

    My rezname in SL is Ran Prunes.
    I love and usually suscribe when I can to the Luxe Box. So far no other boxes have really convinced me, but the theme of this one sounds really interesting! Like, I think it caters more to what kind of person I am? We’ll see!

  • MamaXiaolu

    Hey! My full Second Life name is MamaXiaolu (Resident?). I have subscribed to Luxe Box every month since it started, and also subscribed to the first Deco(c)rate last month.

    So far I love Luxe Box because it has several of my favourite brands, so considering the box itself is the price of one fatpack, it’s both exciting and great value for money.

    I think the idea of subscription boxes is great if you love surprises, I’ve decided that fashion/accessory/beauty boxes are better for me because homewear is much more subjective depending on the type of home you live in – i.e. I have a modern skybox so most of the contents of the Dec(c)rate last month weren’t usable.

  • Amyweil Hyland

    Hi Amyweil Hyland here which is also my SL name would love a chance to win this give away. I have gotten Luxe Box since it was released as well as I have gotten Deco(c)ate last month and again this month. I love these types of boxes it is like a surprise every month.

  • amyalka Resident

    1. Name: amyalka Resident:

    2.First of all congrats on your AVI choice award you deserve it. You make nice videos and nice blog posts and you’re a great blogger. About subscriber boxes: I’ve subscribed to Luxe Box in the past for few months and then I quit doing it and I kept going with The Forest event which isn’t quite a subscriber box but it’s the same thing, you pay an amount of money and you receive a lot of items from 15-25 max 30 designers. Now they changed and you can buy them separately or buy the whole price and get everything that’s inside. And this month I’ve joined the Deco(c)rate box and I can’t wait to receive it. What I think about them is that, they’re bringing that childhood joy, when I was a child (and even now) I always liked the surprise from the Kinder Eggs and I enjoyed so much the surprise that was inside that I had like a huge collection of surprises from the eggs lol and i still have it in one corner of my old room and this subscriber boxes are the same, they’re magical and you never know what’s inside and that makes things much more excited. For me they’re AMAZING. 😀

  • Maxi Haystack

    my sl handle is maxitone haystack

    i have never been able to afford a subscription box, but would love to have the opportunity to open one. Watching your video link quite makes my mouth water, and the thought of having one quite excites me

    Congrats on your award, i have been following your blog for many years

  • I’m not commenting to win, I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoy watching your reveal videos. Since I have a fitmesh body, spending the money on fashion boxes is more a waste of money than not, but I’m considering one of the home and decorating subscriptions, in light of the increased prim allowances. I’ll keep watching your reveals to see if they consistently match my “taste” (if it is that, at all, lol).

    Congrats on your win!!

  • Nina Carrasco

    My name is Nina Carrasco.
    I subscribe to Luxe Box and Decorate Box for now. I am always looking for new interesting ones to subscribe too. I am thinking about doing Bish Box as well. I LOVE subscription boxes. I am definitely a new addict! LOL

  • Tealish Resident

    Tealish Resident

    I am not subscribed yet to any.
    I think they are a bit pricey but from what I
    Can tell worth the expense if you can afford it.

    I also like the variety you get from them and
    love the surprise factor.

    Thank you.

  • Ivyana Szondi

    Hello Berry, my name is Ivyana Szondi in Second Life.

    So far, I have only subscribed to the Luxe Box a few times. I think to some extent Subscription Boxes are a good idea but the fact that you can buy past subscription boxes takes away from the experience.

  • Gift – Brigittacoral

    Iam subscribed to Bishbox and deco crate at this time I have had Lux box in the past and I influenced a male friend into swag bag : )

    I really enjoy the surprise of seeing what we get in the subscriptions. The deco crate box really impressed me with the variety on the theme and the quality of the wonderful pieces.

    thank you strawberry Congrats on the blogger award well deserved!

  • Misty McConach

    Congrats on Blogger win!

    1. Misty McConach

    2. I have subscribed to Luxe Box… I think subscription boxes are a great idea since we all love surprises.

  • Luciaindica is my username.

    I have subscribed to Luxe Box a couple of times. I love it, it’s great. So many exclusives that make you look sexy.

    I can’t wait for this month’s BishBox it’s going to be A-MAZING!

  • 2. I haven’t signed up for any of the boxes, they look interesting though. (sorry for 2 comments, I hit enter in the wrong part of the form haha)

  • Congrats on your win Berry! I’m Venom Zanzibar, I’ve been in SL since November of 2008 and I’ve loved every minute! My first subscription box was the first ever Luxe Box back in May of 2016 I think it was, and I’ve gotten it every month since with no regrets ever. I’m so looking forward to this new one too! I think it will be added to my monthly must haves along with the Luxe Box! Come on BishBox! December 20 can’t come soon enough!

  • Hello Berry,
    My full SL name is – Sharna Beaumont
    Iv subscribed to a few of the Luxe Boxs and also the Deco crate, the Luxe box i tend to only like one or two things, and the Deco crate, only one the last month. So i was some what disappointed, I expected alot more from the Deco one as there was a lot of great designers, a few of my favs dropped out after i subscribe but i was keeping my fingers crossed.. I’v subscribed again for this month hoping with it being the Winter Nostalgia which from the tease pics looks very promising, but you never know. I always watch your youtube channel for the subscription boxes. Id love to have a chance to see what the Bishbox is about and who the lovely designers are for this one. Thank you for the great chance to win such a great prize and also to Madpea for there awesome donation to your valued readers xxx

  • Tossing my name in the hat Berry, congratulations on your win, your blogs and videos are always appreciated. <3 I'm Desire Frenzy in world and I have subscribed to Luxe Box almost from the first box. a couple of others I wanted like Deco(c)rate and ended up having to buy after the fact but I was interested in Bish Box and definitely interested in more boxes!

  • Wiggs Resident

    Wiggs Resident

    Purchased Luxebox once. Disappointed as after reading about luxebox and i was under the impression that the luxbox items will never be released for general sale. A few weeks later i saw some Luxebox items for general sale.

  • Marsy Monroe

    My SL name is MarsyMonroe.Resident – I have not subscribed to any boxes before. I’ve always heard of them, but never had the privilege to buy any.

  • Licia Applewhyte

    I love the subscription boxes. The anticipation of waiting is part of the fun.
    Currently I subscribe to: Luxe Box and Decocrate. For Christmas I subscribed to the MadPea Christmas Calendar.

    Licia Applewhyte

  • irinaxtouch resident

    1- irinaxtouch resident
    2- I subscribed to the luxebox, the calendar Mad Pea, then to the bishbox.
    Sorry for my English, I am French.

  • Elaine Lorefield

    I am Elaine Lorefield in SL I have subscribed to Luxe Box, which is great but I see that BishBox has designers that are a bit edgier than those in LuxeBox.. Also, I am glad to see that there are just items for personal avi use, no buildings. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • Hi Berry!

    Wow so generous of you!! I love the subscription boxes. I have signed up for Luxe Box, Decorate, and I signed up for the first Bish Box! The designers of the subscription boxes are usually the bomb, and the price might seem steep, but it’s not if you do the math, its a super bargain!

    I can’t wait for Bish because I am a total LaPointe Swear Fan, can’t wait to see what we get! I always watch your Luxe Box opening too;)

    About me, Lilliana Corleone, resident since 2006. I am a fellow Blogger, am the biggest fan of you, you are my secret mentor:)


  • Jessy Cinderflame

    I sub to LuxeBox and have been a sub since the beginning… I use the Venus from Belleza and alot of times its a hit or miss because most use maity Lara. I do love the boxes but im always worried about wasting my L because I cant use the items my Username is Jessy Cinderflame

  • 1)Carpetsniffer resident

    2)I had just recently discovered blogs and YouTube vids. Of all the ones I have checked out, YOU are the one that is my “Go To” resource/help person. You have been SO helpful in a time efficient manner may I add. I have never subscribed to a subscription box other than the Madpea Advent calender. It is something I look forward to. I have been on sl for a year. Congrats on your award.

  • galladriel

    LOVE subscription boxes… Used Luxe so far and Deco[c]rate waiting for the next ones for both. Of course the MadPea advent AND anxious to see the Bish Box…
    I am Galladriel and congrats on your well deserved win 🙂

  • Jadriana Jewell

    i have subscribed to luxe box, deco(c)rate, and really considering bishbox..i love the idea of mystery boxes, and love the creators that are involved. i never win any giveaways, but am taking a chance in this, crossing my fingers hoping my name gets picked 🙂

  • Brynn Darkfire

    SL Name: Brynn Darkfire

    First of all congratulations:)A friend tossed me a link to one of your videos when I became interested in SL photography and I have been an addict of your videos and blogs ever since. Well deserved win 🙂

    Have I ever tried a subscription box?
    Yes I am a big fan luxe and after reading the comments above I am going to check out decocrate too. I think it may be the perfect xmas gift for a special friend of mine!
    I am an admitted shopaholic on SL lol – the fun of receiving the surprises each month to open along with being a great deal is too much fun!

  • Jaicya

    Congratulations Strawberry!

    Just once i’ve got a Luxe Box as a gift.

    sl name: Jaicya

  • GypsyRose Verrazzano

    I subscribe to the Luxe Box. I think it’s amazing and so worth it. The concept is phenomenal and personally think you can never go wrong price wise or product wise. Congrats on your AVI Choice Award !!! PS I loved the videos you did on mesh heads too…

  • Kylyra Destiny

    Congratulations, you definitely deserve it!

    SL name: Kylyra Destiny

    Yes I am subscribed to Luxe, Bebe Bundle, DecoCrate, have tried Treasure Chest, and have purchased SwagBag and DecoCrate as gifts for others.

    I love these boxes, I love surprises and the prices are very affordable and make great gifts.

  • 1. silverchild24 resident
    2. I’ve subscribed to Luxebox & Deco(c)rate so far. I like the fact that you get more than what you are paying for when you break the boxes down. Items that could be 500 or more and then there are 12 items for Luxebox and 15 in the case of Deco(c)rate.

    I’m curious about Bishbox and might get it if I have the funds even if I don’t win the giveaway.

  • Bubbles keys

    hai i love subcription boxes ive joined almost all the luxe box months and im happy more are comming out. and im happy chu got the avi choice awards thats like aesome and youdesurve it your a very awesome blogger and i always get happy when you post a new blog video on youtube. because it shows me what is new and out
    Sl- Name Nomedgrl

  • Sl name: waldoemmerson

    None yet. It’s still terra incognito for me.

  • Sl name: haruichiro

    None yet. Looking forward to check it out.

  • 1. anandaheart resident
    2. never had any box subscription but would love to make this a first! 😉

  • Gwyneth

    Hi Berry! My name is Gwyneth McMahon. I’ve got the Christmas calendar and subscribed for the December decorate box. I also did the Forest event a few times which is a similar idea. I think it’s pretty cool but too expensive to be done regularly.

  • My name is rosepeonynorway and I have only subscribed to Luxe Box some times, now i cant longer afford it and would love this BishBox 🙂

    Have a great christmas, I love your blog

  • sivyaleah

    First, congratulations Berry! Glad my vote didn’t go to waste LOL

    SL Name:Elora Lunasea
    I’ve been doing Luxe Box, The Forest and Deco(c)rate. Been loving them for the most part. I’ve gotten very good use out of the products thus far.

  • Alex Bear (alex.claridge)

    Yay for the Avi Award, Strawbs! The only subscriber event that I’ve participated in, to date, is The Forest. Not technically a blind box but yeah. And the reason I haven’t is that I’m usually broke! LOL! C’est la vie!

  • Taraixx

    SL name : Taraixx
    I havn’t done any for myself but friends have and they always enjoy them so I thought id enter just to see an fingers crossed.
    *found you on the project bento link an led to youtube led to here hehe*

  • MyBelle Resident

    Hello Strawberry and congrats on your award. I would like to enter the holiday giveaway. As above my SL name is MyBelle Resident and I have yet to subscribe to any subscription boxes. I just don’t have the money in RL to pay the monthly fee.


    (aka Michelle MyBelle)

  • Winter Neutron

    I joined luxe box last month and I’m now hooked. Great designers, exclusive items and it’s all a big surprise.. I love the surprise of it all!

  • Blythe Grayman

    I thought I signed up for one, but never received anything, and now I’ve forgotten which one! I’m such an idiot!

  • mcd Adder

    Congratulations 🙂
    My name its mcd Adder

    I never subscribe to any box because it’s very expensive, but I love watching the videos and I think it’s a good idea for those who can participate. hugs

  • Amanda

    Hi Berry ……

    Firstly congratulations on your Award

    My Avie name is: ZenCho Balhaus

    As to the SL Subscription boxes, I have never partaken of them, my thought is this, they are an expense that I can barely afford in SL

  • 1. Ashamalala Resident
    2. None yet. I’m always scared to pay out this large sum to only end up liking a couple of items. If I knew I’d like all or most, I’d be less chicken about it. The roleplay subscription has piqued my interest, however.

  • Ivy BelRae

    Sl Login: Ivylarae resident
    I have subscribed to Luxe box 4 times and plan to do it this month too, I absolutely LOVE what they have in there.
    I absolutely love them, I love the surprise of it all and that its definitely worth evere L$ they charge each month

  • PosionMagnifico


    2. never did a sub box but rly want to in the future 😀

  • HALEY Salomon


  • Valerie Rainfall

    1. Valerie Rainfall
    2. I have done all but one of the Luxeboxes and the first Decocrate box. I love both boxes and looking forward to them each month. I love the designers for Bishbox and really hope I can get in on that!

    Congrats on Avi Choice!! <3

  • My name is Maciah Vaniva and I have tried out the LuxeBox once. It was very nice but too expensive for me to do every month.

  • Cheyanne Moore

    Username: Sheyston1

    Im so glad you won! i voted for you and was hoping you would!

    I currently subscribed to luxe box bish box decocrate and the madpea advent. I love subscription boxes. I really love the surprise factor in it all and the fact that i discover creators i had never known before!

  • 1. CandyGunpowder.
    2. I’ve done LuxeBox once and I loved it! Unfortunately I’m unable to afford them every month. I also did the MadPea Christmas calendar and I’m having so much fun with that <3

  • Tarani Tempest

    I have subscribed to Luxe Box since it began 🙂 I have enjoyed every month, not just for the items, but for the anticipation of it 🙂

    Congrats on the AVI award!!!

  • Keli Kyrie and I have never used one of those boxes before.

  • Valeri Carissa

    Valeri Carissa
    I have subscribed to the Luxe Box, several times and its kinda fun with the suspense!

    Wishing you all the best during these holidays and Congrats !

  • SL name: Freyja Nemeth

    I’ve tried out the Deco(c)rate once and will probably grab the December one too. I found myself anticipating the box quite eagerly and unpacking it and being surprised was a lot of fun (though I did check all the teasers before deciding to subscribe).

  • Solde Rothmanay

    Congrats on your win!!! I have tried the LuxeBox and Decocrate, each are great in their own right but I prefer the Decocrate since I just adore home furnishings!

  • Nealy Shea

    Congratulations Strawberry! You well deserved the Avi Choice Award! You’re my favorite blogger for sure!

    Name in world
    Nealy Shea

    I have subscribed to Luxebox. I love that there are subscription boxes! Its like Christmas each month!

  • Morrigan


    Congratulations, on winning! I haven’t really played second life but subscription boxes would really get me going.

  • SL Name: Lucie Bluebird

    I did Deco(C)rate and loved the first one, so I’ve signed up for the next, too! Just the packaging was so cute alone. Plus, I really love the designers involved. I thought what we got for the price was pretty impressive, too.

    I’ve done Luxe Box every month so far. I love it. It’s a fun thing to wait for every month. And definitely worth the cost.

  • Astera Thistle

    Astera Thistle
    I have not yet tried any subscription boxes, but I think they are a super idea!

  • laillalollitachollita

    My name is laillalollitachollita. Congrats on your well deserved win. I have never tried a subscription box. Guess, they seem to risky to me but have warmed up to the idea over the last couple of month.

  • MyBelle Resident

    Hi Berry,

    A totally unrelated question: What is the purpose of wearing a standard avi skin if I have a mesh body like Lara and use a mesh skin? By the way, I always use your Zara shape and I do understand why I need to wear a shape, but no the standard skin.


    Michelle Mybelle

  • Sugar Silverstar

    Congratulations Strawberry …a much deserved win I love reading your Blogs.
    I havent tried any of the boxes yet.

  • Congrats on the award. It’s much deserved. you are always my first stop if i hear talk of a new feature or big product release♥

    1. glitterandneon resident
    2. i’ve been subscribing to luxebox since the very beginning and loving it. I got the first round of the deco(c)rate box too and it was pretty cool, a lot of great designers♥ And i do the forest too, although i’m not sure if that counts 🙂

  • JMB Balogh

    My name is JMB Balogh

    I’ve subscribed to the Luxe box once only, their initial offering. I only wear one thing from it so it was very expensive hair!

    Congratulations on the win Berry, you’re my favourite SL blogger!

  • Caroline Apollo
    I have subscribed to Luxe Box on and off. I know that I will get great quality items.

    Congratulations on your win!

  • Itonami Hilltop

    Itonami Hilltop

    I have just did luxebox and treasurebox. Its super cute, I love them both! I really, really love the idea, makes me excited when I see them.

    Congrats on the win!

  • Rosecullen Resident

    Rosecullen Resident
    I have not subscribed to any subscription boxes as of yet, but I am researching them and I am going to choose one or two for me and my wife in the new year!

  • Shawn Mynx

    I checked out the luxebox but decided not to join it yet however I am checking into the swagbag 🙂 thank you

  • Toxic Darkmatter (Toxie)

    I have subscribed to Luxebox in the past! I havent always had a chance to do so but it feels like Christmas every time I do! Its also a pleasure to watch you unbox your “haul” when I don’t get a chance to subscribe.

    Congratulations also on your Avichoice win and nominations! Its truly well deserved. I find myself always referring back to your page and youtube channel as well as sharing it within the Catwa group because of the informative and eloquent way you’re able to describe whatever it is you are showcasing. Happy Holidays!

  • Saphira Stone

    Saphira Moonshadow

    I really want to try the subscription boxes, but money’s been a little too tight right now. I think it’s a fun idea, though.
    Good luck to everyone entering, and thanks to Berry for doing this giveaway. 🙂

  • SeoHee

    Hello, Happy December! Yay, It’s finally the holidays hehehe okay so my sL name is NanamiYuuki and I haven’t really purchased any subscription boxes yet but I’m hoping to in the future. Although if I were to buy one, I would choose the Luxe Box because I just love the designers that participate and the clothes they design, I just adore and they never disappoint anyone. Their website and packaging also seems very glamorous and shiny and they make you feel like it’s your birthday. So yup, I can’t wait to purchase one. Happy Holidays!

  • Rosie Helendale

    Rosie Helendale
    Not signed up to any subscription boxes as of yet,,, still considering it!

  • arieblue

    Thank you Strawberry for all you do and congrats on the avi choice awards, very much deserved it <3
    I am subscribed to Luxebox , love it, like christmas every month 🙂

    arieblue resident

  • Julie Marcus

    My name is juliemarcus.I havent subscribed to any box yet, I dont have enough lindens to do it yet. I watch your unpacking videos of the boxes, they are awesome. The boxes looks fun, so many cool designers in it.

    Congrasts on the Avi Choice, you do so much for us, it is well deserved

  • Gabie Meads

    Congratulations on your AviChoice award Strawberry, it is well deserved! Also thank you for sharing your thoughts, information, insight, etc in your blog, I really enjoy reading it.

    As for the subscription boxes, I do love them. I am suscribed to the Luxebox and I love the suspense and waiting to see what it is inside the box.

    Gabie Meads

  • Hi Berry, firstly, congratulations on winning the award!! You truly are an amazing blogger and I enjoy every youtube video and post that you publish!

    Name: syrinehawthorn

    I’ve been purchasing Luxe box and Deco(c)rate since they both launched, though I was late for the first round of Deco(c)rate, haha!

    I must say I’m in love with both. For Luxe box, the clothes and shoes have been my absolute favorites. The quality is always amazing. For Deco(c)rate, I really do adore how lovely the builds are. While I may not use all of them at one time, I’m sure to phase them in whenever I redecorate my place.

    <3 Syrine

  • Mousy Mayhem

    Another great giveaway! Thank you! I’ve been purchasing Luxe box every month and I LOVE it! My name in SL is mousymayhem resident.

  • Joan Mayflower

    I’ve never tried any sub boxes, but they look like a good time 🙂

  • Valentina

    Vali valeeva , no I never been subscribe , love to watch all your videos when you open the boxes.

  • Kalelcashmere

    kalelcashmere ive never been able to get a box

  • Blaise Glendevon

    1. Blaise Glendevon
    2. I’ve been a Luxebox subscriber since the first month. And while I like it, I’ve noticed that the brands I joined to get have been being phased out or swapped out for guests. I’m hesitant for December, but I’ll probably still subscribe. I got the first month of Treasure Chest, but have not used many of the items. They’re just not in my own particular fantasy wheelhouse. Maybe if they start doing themed boxes, I’ll consider — but right now, it’s too broad to be useful.

  • Candydumont Resident

    Hiya Berry! I’m Candydumont Resident. Been a long time fan of yours. Congrats on the win! Most certainly well deserved. Subscriber boxes can be a hit or miss for me. I don’t think I’m ever going to have a box where i’m in love with 100% of the items. Just not realistic. So I subscribe based on the brands that I love and can always depend on receiving quality work! I subscribed to Decocrate on my little as I blog with her. Most of the items suited my tastes. I’m currently subscribed to the Madpea advent calendar. The items so far are alright but I’m mostly in it for contraption and a few others. I am interested in seeing more boxes like The Forest (I think that’s what its named) Where you are able to see what you’re paying for. If I know that i’m paying 1000L just so I can primarily get my hands on 1 or 2 designer items that I really want…I find that its more tolerable as opposed to paying 1000L for the unknown and having a sense of disappointment. Nevertheless I appreciate the creativity and the uniqueness of all designers involved, even though they aren’t always in line with my specific tastes.

  • Leala Spire

    1. Leala Spire

    2. I subscribe to Deco(c)rate! I love decorating with the seasons and also taking photos in SL. This seems the perfect package for me. Offers me the challenge of how to use the items every month. 🙂

  • Congrats on winning the AVI Choice Award for Best Blogger for 2016! You deserve it. Here’s my info, lovely!

    1. juicyjennie

    2. I have never subscribed to a subscription box, I live vicariously through your unboxing videos when it comes to subscription boxes! I think they are awesome, I am subscribed to some of them in RL and I always feel like I’m receiving a gift I forgot I bought! 😛

  • Savannah

    SL Name: niveajade

    I typically subscribe to Luxe Box and I looove the idea. It’s exciting on unboxing day to see what prizes you get. ♥

  • Sweetsiren

    SL Name – Sweetsiren

    I’ve never subscribed to any of them as its a big chunk of lindens for me to put down at once, but I love the concept and would love to try one out. Its like Christmas once a month all year round lol 🙂

  • Zara Benoir

    First of all, congratulations on winning the AVI Choice Blogger’s award. Yay!!!!

    My name is Zara Benoir and I really enjoy subscribing to the Luxe box. I normally really like most of the items except the houses and furniture, but I am sure others like those and there is a nice diversity of exclusive items. I am definitely interested in trying the Bishbox.

  • Hatsunemikusann

    1) SL Name: hatsunemikusann Resident

    2) CONGRATS ON YOUR AVI CHOICE AWARD :DDDD I’m so happy you won the blogger portion I couldn’t be happy enough ; v ; As for subscription boxes, I’ve been subscribed to Luxe Box for the past 2 or 3 months and I’ve loved it so far, definitely was worth it! I’ve wanted to try Decocrate but wasn’t sure if I’d really be interested even though I LOVE decor, but after seeing some videos and posts about it definitely might take a shot at it 😀 Happy Holidays dear, hope yours are filled with love and peace <3

  • Aimee Novaland

    My avi name is Aimee Novaland, and I have subscribed to other boxes in SL. I’ve done Luxe Box, and Deco(c)rate. I think that’s it in SL. Oh, and I did get the MadPea Christmas Calendar too haha. I’ve done subscription boxes in RL as well. I think it’s pretty cool that the concept has been brought into SL. Even if *all* the items are not to my taste, there’s generally always enough that is to more than justify the cost of the boxes!

  • iilalaii aka Mimi Caiben

    Hi, I always enjoy your blog posts and especially your videos, I’ve learned so much by watching them and have discovered some great clothing/accessories because of them. Congratulations on your nomination and win. 🙂 I know the drawings are random but I just want to mention that. haha Anyway, excited to put my name in for one of the boxes, I have purchased a Luxe box in the past, was slightly disappointed that more Slink Hourglass items weren’t in it at that time. I have noticed in the more recent boxes that there are more Slink Hourglass items with is awesome so I may try them again or another box that is out there. My user id is iilalaii . Thank you for doing this, what a great opportunity to give back to the SL community. Happy Holidays! 🙂

  • Khalida Nirvana

    I absolutely LOVE the idea of subscription boxes! I have bought every single Luxe Box (except I haven’t gotten November yet, I missed it :/) I also bought this month’s De(c)o Crate. I was waiting for money to buy the Madpea calendar and the Bishbox but then I saw your giveaway so, I’m taking a gamble ^^ I love the mystery of the boxes, and the trust we all have in the creators to make something awesome is tremendous! It really warms my heart to see the love the creators have for their customers in group chats. It really is like Christmas every month 😀 My life would not be complete without my addiction to subscription boxes LOL. I’m SUPER excited for the 1st Bishbox and will get it even if I don’t win! Thank You for this opprotunity!! Have a Happy Holiday <3

  • Khalida Nirvana

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I did one of the Forest Boxes as well. I thought it was such a great idea to see the items before you buy them, but I think I like the mystery a little more 🙂

  • Elayna Rexen

    Happy Holidays!

    SL Name- Elayna Rexen. I`ve subscribed to the luxebox and this months MadPea Christmas Calendar. The boxes seem to be a great concept and group activity seems more friendly!

  • First off, congratulations on your award! Your blog has always been a favorite of mine, as well as an inspiration!

    My SL name is India Nadeau and I’m a Luxe Box addict. I don’t see myself skipping it anytime soon! I also subscribed to Decocrate. I am not sure if I will get Decocrate often because I’m not sure I will get as much value out of it as Luxe Box. The items were great, but I didn’t see myself really using them. But, I’ve subscribed a second time in hopes I can use more of the items! 🙂

  • ofc who wouldnt love to get a gift like this. Awesome stuff right?

  • ooops forgot star graymark.

  • Nyssa Romanas

    Nyssa Romanas
    I haven’t subscribed to any boxes. I was interested in Luxe box but from watching your video I saw that don’t have much clothing for my Belleza body. This has made me want a Slink hourglass body but I haven’t gotten one yet…Its the holiday season so money is going into real gifts and stuff.

  • Quinn Coca

    Congratulations on your win! Well deserved I love your blog and your youtube videos!
    I have never had a subscription box before, I actually left SL for a while and only came back about a week ago and have never heard of subscription boxes until now. They’re honestly so cool and a great idea and it’s nice that a bunch of creators can come together and make awesome unique products for something special! I haven’t had the chance to get any of them yet, just not enough money at this time of year but they are great ideas and I would be ecstatic to win this giveaway! My SL name is baddbitchhz resident! Happy Hollidays<3

  • Elissiana Caproni

    Elissiana Caproni is my full SL name 🙂 I like subscription boxes in SL. I’ve done Luxe box and truly enjoyed the items given. It was well worth it to subscribe. Congrats on your Avi choice award win! You are a great blogger.

  • Cherry

    Hiii My name is Cherry (Nykolina Resident)! I love your blog and I love all this holiday cheer!

    I’ve subscribed to the LuxeBox, as has most people ^^, and I love it. I’ve supported it from the beginning month and I’ve never missed one! Not only is it an amazing deal on amazing designers, but it’s also SO MUCH FUN. Unpacking, seeing what you get, playing with it all.

    I absolutely love subscription boxes over normal events now!

  • Idorue resident

    Idorue resident

    I’ve subscribed once to the Luxbox thingy but was disappointed. I am not sure yet if I like the idea or not!

  • Pixelz Teebrook

    Pixelz Teebrook

    I have only subscribed to the November DecoCrate and the one thing I like about it is the surprise aspect. I find it fun and creative. Thanks for the opportunity to join in this contest.

  • Wett Spot (Selene)

    I participated in “The Forest” once as I could see what I was getting and I liked what was on offer that round. Overall though I’ve found that I only really liked a couple of things in most crates.
    In general though, I don’t go in for the Subscriber boxes as they are way more than I can afford. I think it is a great idea for people with broad tastes that coincide with what is fashionable at the time.

    Congratulations on your Avi Choice award!

  • Zelly Garrigus

    SL name: Plum8NG Resident
    I can only afford one box a month. I have done Luxe Box and The Forest (kind of the same dealy). The Forest switched it up so you could pick and choose, but there was too much I liked and soooo much a better deal if you buy the whole package. I would buy all boxes if I could.

  • Clarice

    Congratulations Berry on your award!!

    1. SL Name- ClariceRose

    2. I have not subscribed to any boxes YET!! However, I will be researching a bunch soon (huge research nerd here). Happy Holidays to everyone!

  • Congrats for you award !
    My SL name is Lys Shepherd.
    I did not test any boxes in Second Life for prices reason mostly.
    It’s a great concept if you really like a brand already but not to discover one in my opinion (to be verified I guess!), but I would like to see more compatibility for those who don’t have mesh body… yet.
    Anyway, I’m kinda more intrigued by the bishbox so I’m trying out my luck. Thank you for having this generous giveaway !

  • 1. ElanoreWinters

    2. Haven’t subscribed to any, yet. Great looking items though!

  • Stefanie Anatine

    Well, I think the boxes are a good idea, however, for me I did not join any yet as they are hardly affordable for me >.<

  • Congratulations on your well-deserved win!!! 🙂 My name in-world is Dawn Tokyoska, and I have not been able to afford any of the subscription boxes yet. I so enjoy your unboxing videos though, thanks for doing them for all of us. Good luck to everyone!!!

  • AFarAwayLove

    I haven’t bought any scription boxes because I mostly thought it was a lot of money for a box. I also don’t buy fatpacks( mostly neutral colors like black, white and light pink) I am however ADDICTED to skins (though I feel like makeup will be in the box instead of skins) so I sort of see the worth in this box. Also I absolutely LOVE phedora’s shoes so I would consider buying this box. Might help my shopping addiction!

  • Kristine Andersen

    1. Neaira Aszkenaze

    2. I have subscribed to this months DecoCrate after I saw your video on the November one. I think subscription boxes in SL are a great idea because it allows us to easier get inspired and exposed to new styles we might not have dared to try before. Some might introduce us to new designers. Also the deal (of the boxes I have heard of) is great 1500L$ for 15 items of high qulity is a steal!

    Congratulations on your AVI Choice Award. Well deserved! And please keep up your good work<3

  • Zeeksparrow

    Hi Strawberry, love your blog and congrats on your AVI Choice Award.
    My name SL name is Zeeksparrow
    I have subscribed to Luxe Box, but cant afford them all the time…Love them and love the surprise that comes when unpacking.

  • Onix Noir

    My sl legacy name is Onix1997 and I dont have a suscription box. Of course I would like to have one. The Luxe box looks amazing

  • Sam Littleboots

    Username- Shadymattel

    Berry!! I’m so proud of you, you deserve the award❤️ Thankyou for introducing me to the world of fashion in SL!!

    As of now, I have only been a resident of SL for a few months and I absolutely love it. I have not purchased a subscription box but I have been looking at some!

    Thankyou for hosting this giveaway:) really kind of you!

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas x

  • CynCybil

    SL moniker is CynCybil

    I am currently subscribed to LuxeBox. I love it, feels like my own special surprise present to myself every month.

  • Lysistrata Szapira

    1) Lysistrata Szapira
    2) LuxeBox is the only one I’ve tried so far. I’ve really enjoyed getting the items, especially the prefabs and clothing with color HUDs. So far every box has been worth the 1500L.

  • Nadine Philly

    Hi my name is Nadine Philly. Congrats on the AviChoice win very much deserved. I love your blog and youtube videos. The only subscription box ive done so far is LuxeBox. I’ve been doing LuxeBox since it started in May of 2016. I love the surprise element of getting gifts every month. For December this is the first time I’m trying the Dec(o)crate box. Now that I see the designers of BishBox it seems like a very exciting box. I also love the fact that the boxes introduce you to stores you may have not heard about.

  • IthilwenRose

    IthilwenRose Resident

    I have done Luxe Box, Treasure Chest, Swag bag (on a guy alt), and Decocrate! With the exception of Treasure Chest I’ve been blown away by all of them. Treasure chest still delivered at value but wasn’t quite at the level of the others to me. Still would recommend all of them. I have the advent calendar as well and am estatic over that!

    I am eagerly awaiting Bish box and havent subscribed yet. Saw this post so decided oh i can wait!

  • Sandie Bing

    Sandie Bing.

    I have subbed to Luxe box almost every month since it started but have recently decided not to any longer because some of my favorite creators that started with it no longer participate. Some that are still participating seem to have gotten a little lazy as well.

  • Garnet Jupiter

    Garnet Jupiter is my screen name, but I go by Tink!! I love the idea of the subscription boxes, but I can not afford to get them =”( This would be a awesome surprise if I won!!! Hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Strawberry!!

  • Rilene Resident

    Congrats for the award!

    I am Rilene Resident in SL and i have never tried the subscription boxes.
    This would be a first contact to try ;P

  • My name is Vamerya Vallejo in SecondLife and so far I have been getting the Luxe Box monthly and I’ve got the MadPea Christmas Calendar one and also this month I will be getting the Decorate one for the first time, excited about that! Thanks for this opportunity to get the Bish Box one, smiles.

  • Stacee

    Rachel caggles
    Congrats on ur award huggiez i have suscribed to your youtube channel thank you so much for being an insperation to me i love bishbox so exciting xxxxxx

  • Fukuju Amaterasu

    Fukuju Amaterasu
    I’ve tried both the Luxe Box and Deco(c)rate subscription services. I waited a few months to try the Luxe Box because I was unsure about buying a box of random things. I would not try that service again because I ended up with two rather expensive items. The Deco(c)rate, however, had things that were more to my taste, though given the merchants involved, I would have expected a little greenery. Who doesn’t like a bit of landscaping, right?
    Grats on the AVIChoice win.

  • Lunablanca Voom

    I have not yet subscribed to any subscription box yet in SL because I am a little apprehensive about doing so and getting a box where I am not fond of what comes in it. I guess you could say I am a bit chicken shit about the whole thing (lol) Winning this box would be a nice intro into the world of SL Subscription boxes 😀

  • Eloenmaerdrym Resident

    Hi Strawberry!! First let me tell you congrats for the av win abd thst your blog and videos are my sl main guide!! You made me want to improve my avatar, mafe me aware of all newness! I wish you and your love ones a Merry Christmas!! Im eloenmaerdrym resident and i subscribe luxebox every month dince the first box and this month im trying decocrate too. I think that subscription boxes are an awesome way to gtab amazing and exclusive itens, plus great quality and value from tha best creators in sl!! I am a huge fan, only dont jojn more because need to play my sl rent:) Crosding my fingers for the redraw:) Meery Xmas!!! Eloen

  • Congratulations, and lots of wishes for a marvelous Christmas to you,and your family. Christmas seems to have become a retail nightmare for me, I no longer enjoy shopping in stores nor how rude people have become. I long for those days of my youth in the late 1960’s when we all got together with family, cooking and being together. I miss how my dad, always full of a good dinner would always fall asleep in front of the TV. He is gone now and I just found out my mother has lung cancer, and I live to far away to be with her at Christmas.

    So love and light to all of you out there. Please remember to be kind to each other, and help the world be a better place.

    Merry Christmas…

  • Nynfa Resident

    Your full Second Life username : Nynfa
    Im subscribe in Bish Box
    Thanks for awesome boxes and giveaways If I win I want to win like gift bcs I want to give it for a friend how xmas gift.

  • Katrina Hernandoz

    Hi, I am Katrina Hernandoz and I have subscribed to subscription boxes meaning luxe box it was ok but it wasn’t a Madpea quality box and I can’t wait to see what this month’s box of BishBox holds ^_^ I also know my husband subscribes to Swagbag and that alone sold me on the BishBox… always has neat little things in it 😀

  • NIcole Juventa

    LexiGold Resident (name of friend)

    Yes have gotten the Luxe box in the past and it seems to be hit or miss as to the items in the box but still alot of fun

  • CIe0Patra

    i love subscription boxes!Even though i cant subscribe to any of them at the moment it gives me great pleasure to watch the unboxing vids on yr youtube channel and you do a wonderful job of it ..congratulations of winning the avi choice award ..u definitely do deserve CIe0Patra

  • Sugar Aie

    Sugar Aie

    I have done the Luxe Box for a couple of months, and I really enjoy the fact that it brings a variety of items. I am also anxiously waiting of the Bish Box to come!

  • Gin Perdide

    Ginevra Perdide, I go by Gin, easier to write and to pronounce. I haven’t purchased any of the Subscription boxes, but I swear at myself every time I see you unpack one and wish I had. =) Huge congrats on you Avi win.

  • Nightmare Valentine

    My name is Nightmare Valentine And sadly I haven’t been able to subscription boxes so if i am one of the lucky ones than this would be my first so fingers crossed

  • Cami Fairlady

    im cami fairlady and ive subsribed to luxe box quite a few times 🙂

  • Tsarevnazamoksva

    The Luxebox is my only monthly and I do think the quality of items is really awesome and I really like the monthly christmas effect this month probably will be an early christmas for most of us.

  • Casey Moon

    caseyrae0204 Resident

    I actually am waiting for my first deco(c)rate this month. I missed the deadline last time and was super sad, especially after watching your unboxing. I love your videos and I love how informative you are <3

  • Hi! I am pretty new to your videos but thank you very much for sharing information! I am subscribed to the December Treasure Chest as a gift from drawing from one of my sponsors. If I had to choose one, I think it might be the Treasure Chest though I am recently hearing about the BishBox, which sounds pretty interesting! I would love to have a chance to try it out! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  • Panster Moonshadow

    Congrats Strawberry on your Avi Choice Win! My name in SL is Panster Moonshadow, and I have been a Luxe Box subscriber since the first box was released. I’d love a chance at the Mad Pea box this month! Happy Holidays!

  • WyldChild Raven

    WyldChild Raven

    No I have not subscribed as of yet, but would love to see what all the hype is about 😉 I think the idea is amazing, I just never really have the funds d’s to subscribe.

    Congrats on your win! You truly serve it!

  • Moriantha

    Hi, my name is Moriantha. I’ve never had a box like this before. It sounds like a pretty cool concept & I hope to experience one at some point. Congrats on your award 🙂

  • Gabrielle Somersley

    Hello, I’d like to congratulate you on your win and thank you for this great giveaway.
    My name is Gabrielle Somersley (legacy name) and I got my first LuxeBox and DecoCrate box in November.
    I enjoy them because it’s fun to be surprised with high quality items that are created by the top designers in SL. Another great thing about subscription boxes is that you get a lot of items for one low price.
    Thanks again:)

  • Sky Quintessa

    I am Sky Quintessa. I bought a LuxeBox and enjoyed the surprise, the quality was good but actually I prefer to shop either at events or main-stores and buy my choices.

  • SL Name: Kaya Varriale

    Hi Strawberry! Thank you as always and congratulations on your win! Unfortunately I am unemployed in both lives, so I have not subscribed to any boxes yet. I do try to make some L$ in SL so I can purchase certain things. I am looking forward to finally getting some bento related items once I can save a lot of L$. 😀

    Thank you for showing the box items in the meantime…

    Take care!

  • Lara black

    Name: Stockingsforus

    I subscribe you the Luxe Box only missed the first month which was May I believe..

    May thoughts on subscription boxes are that they are awesome… is like Christmas each month.. something to look forward to receiving and the joy one gets when you see what’s in there is awesome. I think it’s awesome designers have opened the type of subscription box available for people so even more people can enjoy….

    Keep up the great blogging and your award well deserved woooots….. love Lara

  • Airshippirate

    Congratulations!!! and another year, many thanks for your give away!!

    My SL name is Airshippirate Resident, and, yes I’m a fan of Luxe Box since they started.

    I think they are good concept and great way to find great shops and their great work 😀

    Hugs and great Winter Holidays!! 😀

  • Julia R Vemo

    1st juliasalvatore19 Resident
    2nd I love subscribe boxes as we can get a lot of products that are really amazying for a great price,It’s like Christmas every month like the Luxe box,also a great way to find new stores or products that will be useful

  • Fauve Aeon

    Hi Strawberry, thank you for yet another giveaway and ‘grats on also another avi choice award, well deserved!
    In SL I’m Fauve Aeon and I’ve subscribed to Luxebox 6 times and Deco(c)rate once so far.

    As with RL subscription boxes, I’m kind of divided in my opinion of SL boxes. I waffle back and forth between liking a surprise and preferring to choose my own things but for basically the price of a fancy coffee RL, and looking over everything I’ve gotten in my boxes, I’ve thought every box was a really nice value, well worth the price and having the fun experience of opening it all up and trying everything. The Deco(c)ate was my favorite box though I really like a lot of shoes, hair and ALL the Scarlet Creative items from Luxebox. I don’t buy very many fatpacks so having a lot of them is kind of fun!
    My fiancé subs to every Swagbag and he really enjoys them because they pull him out of his comfort zone and get him to try new looks he otherwise might not have.

  • Gabrielle Setzer

    Hey Berry, congratulations, you deserve, I love your blog.
    My name is Gabrielle Setzer and I never subscribed to any boxes.

  • Ariawynn Resident

    Congrats on the win Berry! I know I voted for ya! I’ve only subscribed to Luxe box and the MadPea advent calendar but I do enjoy them. A fun way to mix it up and get some semi exclusive items. Happy holidays!


  • ImaInnocent Jewell

    Congrats on your win, very well deserved!!
    I’ve never subscribed to any of the boxes.
    ImaInnocent Jewell

  • Hearts Baroque

    Congratulations and well deserved, my favorite blog. My name is Hearts Baroque and I have subscribed to several Luxe Boxes, very exciting when you open it 🙂

  • Abi Latzo

    Congrats on your award Berry, well deserved!
    My name is Abi Latzo
    I subscribe to the Luxe Box, which I love, although it can be a hit and miss some months lol anyways fingers crossed and thanks for this chance *hugs*

  • Arwyn Quandry

    Ooh! I subscribe to Luxe Box every single month, and have since they started. It’s always a great deal!

  • Twettyna B.

    hello! First of all congratulation! I M a big fan of you from many years,
    I always watch and follow You in all social network.. Twettyna Bowdit is my name in sl ! And i never bought a box, but maybe one day i ll try ..happy holiday✌️

  • KawaiiEast Resident

    I have only tried Luxe Box. I am wondering as well what comes out of this New Subscription Box.

  • Eeva Resident

    Eeva Resident

    My household has been subscribing mostly to Luxebox and decocrate with mostly positive reactions to the items. They are always great deals even if only a few items get used.

  • Dejavurain Resident

    Hello Strawberry 😀 My full SL name is Dejavurain Resident. I am very new to subscription boxes, but I have subscribed to Luxe box twice and this month is my very very 1st Deco(c)rate subscription, which will be delivered very soon, and I for one CANNOT wait, I think I might break xD I just can’t get enough of subscription boxes, I love the surprise, and of course it is such amazing value for money and amazing amazing designers and items.

  • GingerFreezly Resident

    Heyy i would love to win ive been watching you’re videos on youtube, cause of you ive gotten two Luxe Box’s i love the work you do on secondlife

  • Spider Paule

    SL name Spider Paule
    Never subscribed to any of boxes
    Congrats on your award

  • Firstly, congrats!

    1. lucylovah
    2. I haven’t had a subscription box in SL yet, but I’ve tried plenty in RL!

  • Bubblez Lemon

    1. Bubblez Lemon

    2. I subscribed to LuxeBox when it first started and never missed a box since. I absolutely enjoy it for the mystery unboxing purposes. Normally I like to know what I am going to get but now I look forward to the mystery monthly. The price of it is a bargain too.

    Congrats on your Avi Choice nomination and win! 🙂

  • Lyda Sands

    Hello, I have subscribed to every Luxe Box since it started and love them. So looking forward to the Bish Box.

  • Kyle Aeon

    I have subscribed to last months lux box. I was pleased with what it had in it so I am really looking forward to my first bishbox. The only drawback of subscription boxes such as this are they are so expensive! I know what you get in them are worth the lindens spent and more but its hard for some of us to come up with that every month if we pay something else like rent. None the less I look forward to see what’s in Dec’s box…I know it will be good!!!

  • 1. Cecegy
    2. I have no subscription box in SL. I have an Avatar on SL for almost 6 years now, but only came here a lot since October. I love taking pictures and reading blogs. Your blog is realy amazing, as a newcomer, i’ve learned so much from you. So I started a little blog of my own. It would be nice to win a box…I love surprises, but who doesn’t? 😉

  • Lunasea Zeurra

    My name is Lunasea Zeurra;

    I have subscribed to Luxe box several times as well as the DecoCrate.
    I enjoy the subscription boxes a lot; there is the surprise element of never knowing what you’re going to get as well as the value included in the boxes for the subscription price. So exciting!!

    I am excited for the First Month of Bish Box!

  • Lunasea Zeurra

    My name is Lunasea Zeurra;

    I have subscribed to Luxe box several times as well as the DecoCrate.
    I enjoy the subscription boxes a lot; there is the surprise element of never knowing what you’re going to get as well as the value included in the boxes for the subscription price. So exciting!!

    I am excited for the First Month of Bish Box!

  • Avril Aura

    Avril Aura In SL and I am just joining because i was directed here from you Decorate video. I have signed up for Decorate twice and both times have been very happy with the products. I sign up for Luxe box every month and this month is the first time i have signed up for the Bish box. We will see about that one but i am sure i will be very happy with it as well. I am thinking it is like having my birthday every month. I pay a little and get a lot!

  • Isabela Loring

    Hi My name is Isabela Loring.
    I love the 2 boxes I have tried Deco(c)rate for the month of December and Luxe Box since it started.

    Congrats on your win of Avi Choice Award!

  • dokitten Resident

    Wel deserved award Berry, still know none to do it as professionally as you, we al have so much to learn from you. Congrats!

    About boxes, i`ve been with Luxebox since it launched and now got my decocrate too. Totaly curious on the bishbox, i`m circling it, will probably not resist it much longer.
    I do love having surprizes that the boxes offer. What i discovered i loved most was designers in around working together, making things that actualy fit with eachother so well ( open the box and have a stunning outfit for the day, complete with matching colors, accesories, shoes and all, or a full room,corner.. maybe…). What i`d like to see more is a bit more focused boxes.. Like maybe ShuBox 😛 ( shoes, obviously ) or jewerly box or makeup box… And also would love designers to actualy put adult versions for furnitures… We laready know they have the animations, why not gift more pleasure and just sent a PG item ? most of us are grown ups….
    Those were just ideas, but im totaly in love with subscriptions boxes,yay to more!

    <3 Kitty ( dokitten resident )

  • Lil Whetmore

    Lil Whetmore
    I have subscribed to Luxe Box and loved all the contents. I plan to subscribe often. Maybe Decocrate next month.

  • silciamor777

    I have never subscribed to a box…but i am seriously thinking of starting in 2017 😉

  • Congratulations on your win, I never miss one of your videos on youtube. You are the best. My sl name is Sariyalyn Resident and I subscribe to the Luxe Box and now Bish Box. They are such a joy to open and cannot wait for them to come out each month. The price is steep but worth every Linden.

  • Aisha Morite

    AishaMorite Resident

    I have been joining the Luxe Box since last September and still am. I think those subscription boxes are fun because all of the items will be a surprise for us.

    In these past few months of joining LB I can say that I am really happy because not only they are great items but they are fatpacks as well! We all know that fatpacks costs 1K plus and having 12 fatpacks from different creator for just 1500L is just worth it.

    I am afraid of joing other subscription boxes aside from the LB because I don’t know if it’ll suit my taste or not. But I am willing to give it a shot like I did in LB 😀

  • How bad is that, can’t even spell my own name correctly. It’s Sariyalyn Resident. Sorry about that, need to trim my nails I think, lol.


    Hello, there!

    I love the subscription boxes! For one thing, I can save some time on shopping. I also love the fact that you get a surprise from great designers. I would like to see more of these coming out in the future.

    There are two that I subscribe to:

    Deco(c)rate and Treasure Chest.

  • Lorraina McDonnell

    Congrats on your Avi Choice win! I know I voted for you! My name is Lorraina McDonnell and I have been subscribing to Luxe Box since September. I love the surprise of going through the box and seeing the goodies that have been given exclusively to the members. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season and a happy new year!

  • Name: jaimesofia

    So far I have just got the Luxe Box but I love it and I want to get the Deco Crate too. They are such a good idea!!!

  • 1. Paige hills

    2. I have subscribed to the first Dec(o)crate and to the MadPea Advent Calendar. I enjoyed the first Dec(o)crate immensely (the unpacking sounds and animation alone were worth the price!) am planning to stick with it to see how many of the items I end up using on a regular basis. The Advent Calendar is only five days in so I can only say that I am loving it so far!

    I would love to win a BishBox but plan to purchase it even if I do not win one. 😀

  • SL name: HillSpirit Tuppakaka

    The only box type event I have joined is The Forest Event, technically not a subcription box, but the nearest I have been to one. Most of them do not cater for the TMP body, so I have not felt inclined to join them.

    I do love watching your unboxing videos and I have enjoyed the diversity of items that I have received so far from The Forest Event.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Raffinee Resident

    1. Raffinee Resident

    2. I love the subscription boxes. I have been subscribing to the Luxe Box since the first month it was introduced and I haven’t missed a month. I purchased the first De(cor)ate box this month and was a little disappointed I didn’t subscribe to the first month of this box. I plan on purchasing November’s box. I plan on purchasing the Bish Box even if I don’t win it.

  • Primrose D.

    Your full Second Life username (not display name) (or your friend’s SL name if you want it sent as a gift)
    Tell me if you’ve subscribed to any subscription boxes in Second Life as of yet, if so, which ones and what do you think of subscription boxes in Second Life?

    Hi Strawberry,

    Congratulations on winning the AVI Choice awards! Thanks to you I was able to continue and not give up on SL as I finally learned how to properly dress my avatar and many other great things.

    My name is PrimroseDean Resident and yes, I have subscribed to Luxe Box and I am loving it so much… There are so many great items in it that it is so worth it. I am glad to see that more subscription boxes are appearing since it allows us to learn more about other designers and the great work they do. If I could, I would subscribe to every single box but… money is a bit tight but hopefully next month I can subscribe to Deco(c)rate.

    Keep on the good work! 🙂

  • Sarabi S.G.

    Sarabi2theextreme Resident
    Hi Strawberry
    Congratulation on winning your AVI Choice Award.
    OMG every blog that you give I watch. All off the unboxing I love love love, I watch you b4 I even touch my inventory. Even though I don’t buy the Swag Bag I mention it to my SL boyfriend and I have purchased items from some of the creators of Swag Bag for him because I watch your blogs.
    I subscribe to Deco(c)rate and Luxe Box

  • quinreign resident

    I subscribeto Decocrate and I am really impressed by the presentation as well as the items that are included. Its really awesome especially the crate it comes in with all the drawers. I think subscription boxes are great. You can get samples of items from designers that you had previously not seen before. I think the pre-order price is great too. Its like saying that we get 50% off all the items on there since after delivery date the box price goes up.

  • quinreign resident

    Oh and congrats on winning the award. I knew you would get it! lol seriously you are a great blogger and always answer my questions when I send one. I can imagine you answer a lot of them from all the people who write to you and thats really cool that you take the time to do that personally

  • offsidepuppy Avedon

    That was the first blog/vlog? I’ve ever watched lol…

    have been seeing lots of these monthly subscriptions being advertised and was curious to see if they were value for money…and it looks like they’re worth every Linden!…i dont subscribe to any as yet but after this i imagine i will be…

    thankyou, you were informative and fun to watch as well 🙂

  • Hey Girl! My inworld name is lionesskcreations. I did subscribe to the first Luxe Box in May and I was very disappointed and I never subscribed again. But the Decorate NEW subscription has got me thinking I may need to sign up for January! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Your full Second Life username: Seraph Destiny

    Tell me if you’ve subscribed to any subscription boxes in Second Life as of yet, if so, which ones and what do you think of subscription boxes in Second Life?
    – Currently subscribed to Luxe Box on 3 avatars. Used to subscribe to Swag Bag on a couple, but found it disappointing overall after the first one. Deco(c)rate is generally good, and I subscribe on one, as well – copyable items.

  • Letitia Larsson

    Hiya:P My Second Life Name is Letitia Larsson . I love this blog and congrats for being recognized for creating such a helpful blog. I have never subscribed to any of the boxes yet I have always wanted too. Very thankful for the chance to possibly receive one !:D

  • Noririshal

    I have not got any boxes yet as there a little out of my price range atm. Congrats and thanks for the giveaway! Happy holidays

  • Caycee Kinsella

    Hi Strawberry,

    Big congrats on the well deserved win. I absolutely love your blogs!
    Please add me to your awesome giveaway under my name, Caycee Kinsella.

    No I have not subscribed to any boxes as of yet but I’m definitely looking into them now 😉

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Gigiarabella Resident

    Hai! My inworld name is gigiarabella Resident. I have never gotten a chance to do a monthly subscription box. I have heard of them, though and always thought they were a great idea, sort of like Birch box in RL :D. All of the designers for this are some of my favorites <3. I hope it is successful!

  • Emmalena Damour

    1. Emmalena Damour
    2. I have looked but not subscribed.

  • Destiny Yheng

    1. Destiny Yheng

    2. Yes, I’ve subscribed to Luxe since May. . never missed a month and Ive debated subscribing to the Decor box

  • Destiny Yheng

    1. Destiny Yheng

    2. Yes, I’ve subscribed to Luxe since May. . never missed a month and Ive debated subscribing to the Decor box

  • Hello:)
    My SL name is Shakhzoda.
    i subscribed for luxe and bish boxes, but it’s my first time subscription, so they gonna be my first.

  • Anath Orellana

    My name is Anath Orellana and I LOVE the subscription boxes. I have gotten The Luxe boxes since they started and just recently got the deco(CR)ate box which also did not disappoint! I am looking forward to getting the Bish Box *fingers crossed*

  • Natalie Cuerden

    1. ladywhite.farrior

    2. I get the dec o crate box an Luxe Box. I really love my Decocrate one alot so far I have gotten both of them an . Luxe I realy like too nice fashion an mix of different thingsI like them because its like a birthday opening up surprises its very fun an makes my heart smile …

  • Trinity888

    Hi Strawberry! I am Trinity888. I love reading your blogs and watching your YouTube and have subscribed to that. I do not get any of the boxes since I don’t really have the Ls for that, but I do get some great ideas from you! Congrats on your Avi Choice win!

  • Sixylips Resident

    I never heard of these box’s before watching your wonderful Videos Thank you for all the helpful hints!!!

  • Konstella Cerise

    I’m not subscribed to any boxes on SL but I did get the MadPea advent calendar since it was only $1000 and I wanted to get a taste of how MadPea runs things. I think they are a really great way for residents to experience new brands and new things that they might not have known about. I think it’s also a really great option for a gift as well!

    My resident name: Konstella Cerise

  • Chyanlady

    This is my first time reading a SL blog, first entry for a holiday giveaway, and first subscription for a subscription box in SL! A friend notified me about the subscription box.

    I am super excited!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a BishBox! I love the name 😛

    Happy Holidays!

  • Aerlinniel Vella

    Aerlinniel Vella is my in world name
    I have purchased the box from Forest before, it was a lot of fun to open and I think the surprise boxes, as i call them are fantastic! Looking forward to seeing what Bishbox is going to have in it ♥

  • Kairiharper

    Name: Kairiharper

    * I have subscribed to Luxe box from the very beginning and i have done 1 Deco(c)rate.. i love them!, i love the thrill of waiting to see what is given out!

  • katherine johnson

    user name: kisa arun

    i been doing luxe and treasure chest and i loooove them so much. im very excited for dec box

  • Torment Thorn

    Congratulations on your win, definitely well deserved. Not to mention I voted for you. 🙂 I have so far only bought a Swag Bag for a friend and the Advent Calendar for myself. His review of the SwagBag was that it was somewhat limiting, in that he could not wear half the clothes in it, due to them being made for a specific mesh he did not own. I have bought been enjoying the items in the Advent Calendar very much. And I’ve been watching the un-boxing videos and will probably get another one soon, just need to decide between the Bish or the Deco-crate.

  • Mairaelle

    Name: Mairaelle Resident

    I have previously subscribed with the Luxe box loved it got to far behind though so I am really excited about the BishBox 😀 hehe

  • Tracy Vanderpoole

    My name is Tracy Vanderpoole in SL. I have never had a subscription to a gift box.

  • AriaKaydence Resident
    Luxe Box a few months ago, they are a little pricey for me but I do love them

  • Veronica Gearz

    Veronica Gearz. I have done the Luxe Box. Sometimes it’s good but sometimes I am just not a fan of the items in the box. I am just iffy at times if I want to subscribe.

  • Medow5571 Shilova

    My SL name is, Medow5571 Shilova.
    No, I haven’t subscribed to a box subscription.
    Happy Holiday’s.

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  • I have done both the Luxe Box and Deco(c)rate. They are fun, but a little pricey to keep up with getting every month. And now it seems there are new ones coming out every month.

    That being said, I would love to be entered in the drawing for a Bishbox. My full name is Finn Lawksley. Thanks!

  • astrahunt resident

    I have all the Luxe box boxes except for the October one. Its a hit and miss thing with me, would be great if they added more stores that create for the Belleza bodies or add sizes for them in the existing ones.

  • Shiny


    I have gotten luxe box and the decorebox. I love them and use just about everything being a blogger but there are so many boxes now i cant get them all as much as i would love. I would love to see what the Bishbox has in stall because it has some pretty great designers in it! Happy holidays and good luck to all.

    A special thanks for doing this give away and congrats!

  • pleiades constantine

    no i have yet to subscribe to a box yet but im thinking i might with the new powder pack and bish box they seem right up my alley 🙂

  • Eva Madenwald

    Eva Madenwald
    and I haven’t subscribed to any of the boxes thus far…but intend to

  • Malena Scordia

    I am JoanLazo Resident. I haven’t subscribed to any of the boxes yet ):
    but saving for the Powder Pack one!

  • Iseult Mcpherson

    Hello 🙂
    Such a kind and generous gesture. Especially this time if year when some are facing life challenges. Thank you for being so kind.
    I subscribed to Luxe Box for the first three months, the Forest since it started as well as Deco(c)rats since it started. I believe these boxes bring incredible content in a fun-filled way. Each time I receive one it feels like my birthday.
    Best regards,
    Iseult Mcpherson

  • Lyda Mynx

    Lyda Mynx
    And I have not yet but want to.

  • Bonita Luminos

    Congratulations on an amazing blog and i do hope it continues for many many years.

    I already had subscribed the Luxe Box and i think its a great opportunity to get amazing creations at a very nice price.
    And each time a box come out…its so much fun to open all the items 🙂

  • KarynMaria

    1. KarynMaria

    2. Not subscribed to any at this moment but want to in the new year!

  • Fe fearne

    I have not subscribed to any.

  • Lilprairiedawn

    I was able to subscribe to both Luxe Box and Madpea Decorate. I love subscribing to these boxes because of the exclusivity and the design of each items. Makes me appreciate more the efforts of each creator and how they think of their consumers before they put it in the box. Super love!

    Merry Christmas Berry ♥

  • Simita Resident

    1. Simita Resident
    2. I’ve been getting the luxe box from the start and love it. It’s such a good deal for as many things as you get and even if you end up only liking one or 2 things it’s still paid for itself.

  • Ashir Vella

    My Full Name is Ashira Vella In SL,

    I have subscribed to Luxe box in the past and was so excited to see the New Bish box option but with the holidays just could not swing eitjer one this month. The creators of both are amazing and so generous!! How exciting it would be to receive a box for Christmas!!
    Loved ypur blog btw on the Bento options!

  • hi!
    I’m Laura18 Streeter
    I am doing the Luxe Box and i have just joined the BishBox. Only the ladies one but considering the home decor crate!

    So far I love the Luxe Box!
    Can’t wait to see Bish box 🙂

  • Hello and congrats on the win!!! Has to be amazing to know how much everyone looks to you blog for some great info ad ideas!

    1. Shivhan Resident
    2. I’ve done the tresure chest once and the Luxe box once.

  • Jarsephora


    I have, i joined Luxe Box since May and ive loved it!! ive never stopped taking one and im waiting to se what the Bish box gives <3

    I loveeeeeeeeeee these boxees is like a surprize gift from me to me every month!!! LOVE IT can't have enough of them <3

  • MeyganaMay

    Been following you for a very long time! Love everything that you do and the pictures!

  • Hi, my name is funkychunkycheslea. I buy the Luxe Box every month, it is Ilke my monthly treat to myself after a hard 30 odd days of RL ups and downs. If I could afford more subscription boxes I totally would as I love dressing up for my blog and photography. It is one of my main hobbies and the best way for me to express myself

  • Kiersten Carlberg

    I have never subscribed to any of the subscription boxes but would love to see what all the excitement is about!

  • Thank you so much everyone for all the congrats and well-wishes and for also participating in this year’s holiday giveaway. I am so excited and happy to announce the 5 winners, here are their names:
    India Nadeau
    Brynn Darkfire
    Sky Quintessa
    Guinevere Kirshner
    Gabrielle Setzer

    screenshot of drawing:

    I hope you guys thoroughly enjoy the Bishbox! I am looking forward to unboxing it myself. I have given your names to the MadPea team and they will be adding you to the BishBox subscription list so you will receive your BishBox directly in your inventory on December 20th!

    Keep an eye on my BishBox tag for upcoming unboxings:

    If you still haven’t subscribed to BishBox as of yet, take the SLurl to the HQ now and hit the subscribe button:

    Thanks again for all the continuous support this year. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season with your friends and family! Happy Holidays! <3

  • chericolette

    Congratulations on award for best blogger (was there any doubt!)

  • Safiya Silvermith

    Safiya Silversmith

    I have subscribed to Bish Box and Luxe Boxe…
    I love the goodies in the Luxe Box and that it’s not all just fashion.
    Can’t wait for my Bish Box!!!

  • Scarlet Vavoom

    I have not tried any box’s yet. My name is Scarlet Vavoom.

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