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SwagBag November 2016 Unboxing Video!

SwagBag October 2016 Unboxing Video!

The November 2016 edition of the SwagBag monthly Second Life subscription box  for male avatars was just released today. The theme for this month is Mancave and these are the 15 designers participating this round:

> M O D U L U S
> Come Soon Poses
> Drot
> Etham
> Dappa
> Sync’d Motion
> Thor
> Noche
> Minimal
> Kalback
> 22769
> Nivaro
> PewPew
> Breath

Watch my unboxing video on Youtube:

This round was all about decor and it was fabulous for a mancave. Some of the items really made me laugh and some of the items were oddly very similar but I think this box provides ample decor for your very own mancave. There was pretty cool mancave attire to lounge around in as well.

If you would like to purchase this month’s SwagBag because you didn’t sign up before the release date, it should be available for purchase tomorrow at the SwagBag HQ for L$3000. The December SwagBag will also go up for sale starting tomorrow at the price of L$1500, so if you didn’t purchase this month, don’t forget to do it before the release date for next month or you’ll end up paying double the price again!

I’ll be unboxing again next month, you can watch all of my Second Life Subscription Boxes unboxing videos in this YouTube PlayList.

What I’m wearing before I started unboxing in the video:
Style credits available in this post: Signature Gianni Mesh Head

What I’m wearing in the 1st Image:
Most of the items are from Swagbag November 2016, please see video for details.


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

2 thoughts on “SwagBag November 2016 Unboxing Video!

  • Really disappointed in the turn Swag Bag has taken. It’s all cheap looking and terribly boring or just distasteful. First couple of rounds I had 3 avatars signed up. This time, none. I don’t feel like I missed out.

  • I was dubious about signing up for November, since the theme suggested most of the content would be heavily on the macho-matey-blokey side, and that’s just not my kind of thing. I really wasn’t too enamoured with last month’s box, either, but usually the Lapointe & Bastchild item is worth the fee alone (it was the only item last month that I really liked) and then I found out on unboxing this month’s pack that L&B aren’t included in this round.

    I’ll admit that I found, well, nothing that really spoke to me at all. Like ‘A.S.’ in the comment above, I’m disappointed in the turn that Swag Bag has taken.

    A few of the items this month were okay, but ‘okay’ isn’t what I want from a L$1500 expense. All of the furniture items are really well made, but they’re just going to be sitting in my inventory, because they’re not my style. (Yeah, I was aware of the theme and paid for the box anyway, so my bad. You pays yer money and takes yer chances.) I would have worn the HELL out of the Drot hair because it’s a fantastic style, but that ‘cute’ little pumpkin sitting on the top of it means it will never see the light of day on my head.

    *sigh* I’m complaining, I know. I was well aware of the theme and that said theme just isn’t my thing, but I reasoned that there would probably be something to catch my eye. And there wasn’t. If the next box – themed for ‘winter’ – doesn’t pull a blinder, then I doubt I’ll be subscribing to any more.

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