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Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish

Today, September 22nd, is my birthday and my biggest wish would be for the people in this world to realize that we’re all the same and hating each other, disrespecting each other and treating each other like a bowl of tainted candy rather than living, breathing, human beings is going to hurt us ALLย in the end. That’s my biggest birthday wish today.

Aside from that, I know it’s the norm to receive gifts on your birthday but today on my birthday I wanted to give you a gift. Usually I do a giveaway around Christmas but I thought this year I’d do it on my birthday. Perhaps around Christmas I will do something else, I will see.

Today for my birthday I want to give one of my readers L$1500 so they can put it towards purchasing a Luxe Box or SwagBag for a month. Both of these subscription boxes cost L$1500. Luxe Box caters to women and SwagBag to men. If you prefer not to get either of these boxes, you can always use the L$1500 for something else.

This birthday giveaway is a way for me to say thank you for all of the years of support that you guys have given me. Second Life is my escape and although this blog is just a little hobby of mine, it gives me great solace to see you guys visiting often and appreciating what I share here. So thank you, for all your kind words and encouragement, I really appreciate it. <3

To enter this birthday giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment in this blog post with the following information:

  1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name)
  2. Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do in Second Life? Do you have a blog? Youtube Channel? Flickr? Other Social Media where you share Second Life content? Please share the link!
  3. If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish?

The giveaway will end on Friday, September 30th at 6am SLT and I will announce the winner shortly after that, so you have about a week to enter. At 6am SLT,ย I will input all your names into the Randomizer and let the website choose the winner. I will then announce the winnerโ€™s name in the comments andย dropย L$1500 on them soon afterwards. Good luck to everyone that enters! I’m sure you will love those subscription boxes.

Other than deciding on the birthday giveaway, I also got dressed up and went dancing so I made a little birthday dance video. I picked up a new dance from Move Animations and headed on down to Exhale Dance Club. The owners were kind enough to let me make a video there so a big thank you to them!

Watch the video on youtube and dance along with me:ย

As for my birthday in real life, have you ever noticed when you were younger you made all these plans on your birthday like “we’ll drive to Miami or Key West, or we’ll go to Disney then we’ll go clubbing orย we’ll have a party and we’ll do all sorts of stuff” but as you get older you’re just like, “meh let’s just have cake and watch Netflix.” Yeah, that’s the stage I’m in now. Unfortunately I am getting dragged out to dinner with my family but hey, at least I still get cake! ๐Ÿ˜›

Birthday Dance at Exhale Dance Club

Have a great day you guys and thanks again for all the love, love you all! <3

UPDATE: The winner is Alaska Metropolitan, please see my comment below!

Shape: Zara Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body โ€“ Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD AnnaGrey V4.10 by Catwa Clip
*Skin Appliers: Amara Beauty Priyaย byย Shantia Soulstar
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes โ€“ Brown by Ikon Innovia
*Mesh Eyelids in Picture:ย L’Etre – Natural mesh eyelids byย Dam1710 (@ Tres Chic)
*Hair:ย .Lelutka.HF03 hair by Thora Charron
*Romper:ย Blueberry – Clare – Belted Rompers byย Blueberryxx
*Shoes:ย REIGN.- Platform Heels byย KenadeeCole (Flickr)
*Necklace: (Kunglers Extra) Triss necklace – Obsidian 1 byย AvaGardner Kungler
Dance: MOVE! Animations Leni_43_Dance by JasonBodylanguage
Location: Exhale Dance Club


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

132 thoughts on “Birthday Wish

  • What a lovely post and wish! Happy Birthday Strawberry! Unfortunately I will need to send my prezzie as I return home from work. It would be cool to see all of the presents that you received on your birthday. Many happy wishes.

  • Lyric Demina

    NAME: Lyric Demina
    SL OCCUPATIONS: Procrastinator, roleplayer, photographer, curiosity-satisfier of all things Second Lifey, avid reader of the blogs people write about their Second Lives, alternative-lifestyle blogger, clothing-shop-neglector, random socializer and recluse-without-warning. I’m not commenting for the prize (don’t include my name); I just like keeping in touch with you from time to time <3

    Berry, if it were my birthday today, I would take out my trusty wishing-stone (the one that suggests by the markings nature inscribed upon it, "Wish upon this stone and have your wish granted; wish for someone else's wish to come true, and have all your wishes granted.") and I would confer sweet incantation and cover the stone with love, wishing for your wonderful wish to come true on your birthday and for always. Wicked-fine hair, lady, by the way! Love and peace <3 Lyric

  • Your full Second Life login name (not display name)

    amyalka Resident

    Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do in Second Life? Do you have a blog? Youtube Channel? Flickr? Other Social Media where you share Second Life content? Please share the link!

    Well in real life I’m Ana, and I only have 22 years old, in real life at this moment I don’t make too many things because I just moved to a new country and I have to learn their language (which is hard lol) . In Second Life I am the Executive Assistant for The Best of Second Life the magazine and the mall, I do blogging and media manager for Chop Zuey.Beside this I like to hang out in nice places, take pictures of nice places and blog about them on Travel With Me which is all about Second Life destinations.So basically I have two blogs, one for fashion and stuff like that and one for SL destinations. I love art in general, so I try to seek and calm that part down from me.

    If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish?

    I’d wish that every single person from this world, to stop for being this crazy.Stop the murdering, killing and bulling people and killing animals and innocent people without a reason.We’re starting wars without thinking and for what?For a planet that basically isn’t ours, because we can’t live without the earth but earth can live without us.I just wish people could stop this madness, so we can find peace, so the world can be a peaceful place, because we’re all the same, we have the same blood, the same flesh everything if you take us piece by piece we’re alike, but we’re too blinded. So yeah, that’s what I’d wish. For peace and love in this earth.

  • Sivyaleah/Elora

    Happiest of birthdays Ms. Berry! <3

  • Ariakaydence Resident

    I’m always trying to learn something new, more so with PS and Second Life. I love gaming, WOW mostly. I like a good PUN. I have a cat. I love my Mom, I am craving 5 Guys Burgers right now.. and Happy Birthday!

    If it were my Birthday – I would wish for chronic pain to not be a thing!

  • Happy Birthday dear Strawberry Singh ! I hope you’ll have a wonderful dinner with your family (and cake afterwards lol)

    My name is Mimi Juneau, and I’m in SL for almost 10 years (november 2006)
    After exploring SL for some weeks, I tried to set up my little business as a reseller, named MIMI’S CHOICE. That’s what I’m still doing , I still love it !
    I promote daily the new items in my store and share them all over my social network and inworld. Wish I was as good as you in photo shop etc, I only post snapshots “what you see is what you get” and maybe that’s not bad ๐Ÿ™‚
    My blog :
    My facebook page :
    My flickr :
    My Twitter :
    My Pinterest :

    If it was my birthday today, I’d also wish that people wouldn’t fight in name of a religion and would not try to take over the world.
    And if I could wish 1 more little thing, it would be a pill to cure all those women fighting breast cancer in the world ! It’s such an ugly beast ! 1 out of 7 women get this terrible disease now !

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY STRAWBERRY ! Keep doing this great blog !
    Sorry for my bad english, and greetings from Belgium ๐Ÿ™‚


    I’m Wendy densmith in world and blog at I also take pictures and post them on

    If it was my birthday (it is in 6 weeks, eek) I would wish for every person in the world to have one wish granted, but the size of the wish would be directly related to how good that person is. Hopefully people would save their wishes and do good deeds to grow them.

  • Vanessa Ampan (alias Mam’zelle Bulle)

    French Blogger + Manager of [White~Widow] & also Lode Angel
    I have a blog (, a flickr (, facebook account ( and also a twitter account (
    I love fashion it’s my hobby in Second Life, seeing what news we can have in this special world โ™ฅ

    If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish? Hmmm i think that i have all what i need… Maybe more time to spend with my RL family. And in Second Life? I have all too… friends, very special and so amazing friends and i continue to make what i love… So i give you my wish *_*.
    Happy birthday beautiful Strawberry โ™ฅ

  • ArwenLEvenstar

    Happy birthday ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love modeling in SL doing it almost 2 years now ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoying hosting too,having fun with friends,love my cats ๐Ÿ™‚ and my flickr page :
    my bday was sept 13th ,my bday wish is to none kid be sad or hungry
    best wishes and thank you <3

  • Rosie Helendale

    Rosie Helendale
    I have been in Second life for 8 years,, done it and seen it all I think! but currently I am a dancer for Shadows Silhouettes and also a solo dance artist. I love to dress my avatar and create various looks and also to create themed venues for my second life club Tranquil Beach. Enjoy SL photography too. I have a blog, youtube channel, flickr and FB. Links below

  • Rosie Helendale

    Rosie Helendale
    Oops forgot to mention that I have built various items in Second Life over the years and decided to put them on Market place for sale
    My birthday wish would be for everyone to find happiness
    Happy Birthday Strawberry!

  • Debs

    Happy birthday, Berry! That is an awesome wish and I have to say a big “Amen!” that. Why do people have to be like that? We live on one planet no matter what we look like and we’re all the same.

    Love the dance, too! Very hot!

  • Babydoll Hotshot

    BD Edwyn Gracemount (Babydoll Hotshot)

    First of all, happy birthday wishes Strawberry!

    I am twenty eight years old and I do numerous things in Secondlife.. I am in love with photography as many are. I manage a club and am quite involved in Bloodlines as a Hybrid, I roleplay, I spend time with a lot of my friends laughing and always stay busy. I plan on starting a blog soon ๐Ÿ™‚ I am currently learning. I do have a flickr ( and thats about all! I am quite outgoing and the mellow person, you can be a bit of both I would think ๐Ÿ™‚

    If it were my birthday I would take me and my son out.. Have a bit of mommy and son time.. He is my world after all! Maybe after his bed time I would probably go out and enjoy a movie! I am a big foreign movie buff lol

  • Gemma Kamala

    Gemma Kamala

    Happy Birthday ๐Ÿ˜€

    My life on SL are so simple: I love everything about the avatar, clothes, hair, shoes, years, skins and mesh heads. ย 
    I make a couple of pictures, but nothing professional, even so, I leave the link( )
    But above all, I like to enjoy knowhow, good work, taste and professionalism of bloggers like you.
    I hope you have a wonderful day, in which all your loved ones, you give away unforgettable moments, because, for me, those are the best gifts.

  • Staceybee Nikolaidis

    Happy Birthday Berry! My birthday wish would be that all US Armed Forces members get to spend this holiday season with their families.

    I have been in SL for 9 years and I used to be much more social– but now it is all about fashion for me.

    Staceybee Nikolaidis

  • Melly Lecker

    First of all, I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I always enjoy reading your updates, and admire your beautiful artwork. Enjoy your day!

    1. Name: Melly Lecker
    2. My SL Life: Right now, I spend most of my time in SL with my family. I do enjoy playing games from time to time. I met my RL husband in SL so I’m not even remotely into the dating scene. I love fashion…I recently started chronicling all of the outfits I wear, one, to save them as outfits in SL and two to share a little bit of my life with others. I have a blog ( and a Flickr ( I do share them on facebook, but it’s not my main means of sharing…
    3. If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish?: My goal by my next birthday is to own my own house, so my wish would be that I could get that house so my daughter could have her first official “house.” A rental house does not do it justice… โ˜บ

  • Mato

    Hello and happy birthday!

    My SL name is: mumato resident

    I have a flickr but some is NSFW >.>

    I’m an avid SL RPr and have been for going on ten years now (sheesh!)

    I’d have to say my birthday wish would be the same as yours. Although, while I think things /feel/ worse right now, I believe that’s because we are going through a collective awakening that is creating a lot more intolerance for hatred and violence…unfortunately it’s also creating a lot of fear in those who depend on hatred and violence for their self-worth. So it’s a double-edged sword right now. But I have faith in humankind and I think we’re on the right path…especially with people like you in the world <3

    May your birthday be as beautiful as you, inside and out.

  • Cayleen Linette

    Happy Birthday! I came to SL through my work and the Nonprofit Commons. I had no concept of the incredible community I’d find. I’ve since retired from the RL work but stay busy with my SL “work” of owning a sim, club, shop and home rentals. Yes, I actually love terraforming! OH! And the shopping – let’s not forget the shopping! ๐Ÿ™‚

    If I was celebrating my birthday today I’d wish for all children to be born healthy.

  • Debs

    And, what the hell, why not?

    Your full Second Life login name (not display name): Alas, I came along to SL just a smidge too late so I missed out on a cool last name; I am LadyWriter Resident

    Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do in Second Life? Do you have a blog? Youtube Channel? Flickr? Other Social Media where you share Second Life content? Please share the link!: Wow a lot of questions! Okay, first, I came here for the social aspect. I was intrigued by being able to do what I already enjoyed, chatting online, in a virtual world. Five years later, I’ve explored a lot and I can even say I have a few friends here still that I met at my second beginning. My first beginning ended in an ocean, long story. The only social media I share with both RL/SL is Flickr and YouTube, though I haven’t done much on the latter. I just prefer to keep my inworld there.

    If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish? You know, I just have to steal yours. I’m just so tired of everyone fighting in the world. I don’t care what your gender, religion, color of skin or whether you suck your thumb, you’re a person, I’m a person and that’s all we need. Yeah, I admit it, I’d wish for world peace and I’m not even in a pageant! lol

  • Leannan Wolfgang

    Happy birthday, Beautiful! :O) (Yes, it’s

    Fulle Name: *coughs* Sufferingfrom Lockjaw . Yes, yes, I know:P

    What do you do in Second Life? I am the main slave…errrr…..owner/creator at Erotipose (erotic static poses store)and Ring Around the Pose-y (general pose store), I coordinate Hunt for Your Inner Slut, I work at a beautiful new restaurant in SL called Fresco Restaurant and Grill, I DJ, I sing when my equipment works (right now I am saving up for a mixer), I build a little bit, I do hobnby photography (erotic and fashion), I am opening a new live venue soon called Vixens. Oh and trying to blog again:) I am a wife and mother, and advocate for mental health awareness and positive image in the erotic/adult world. I feel like I am missing something, besides hours in the day. LOL

    Do you have a blog? Yes!
    Youtube Channel? I have several, but the main one is
    Flickr? Yep:) Warning, it’s a combination of naughty and nice!
    Other Social Media where you share Second Life content? I have a Facebook, but Strawberry knows I just had one of those fake name reports, so if you ask me for it, I will give it to you if you are ok;)

    If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish? If today was my birthday, I would want all politicians to become completely honest (shock collars, anyone?), SL residents to live in peace and stop high school drama mentality, and teleportation to work in RL so I can visit my family and loved ones for free;)

  • A very Happy Birthday to you! I hope your day is filled to the brim with awesomeness!

    I would wish for the same thing you are wishing for. The world needs more love.

    I blog, but I’m on sabbatical right now. I hang out with my family & friends, I explore, and listen to tunes.

  • Gin Perdide

    Have a wonderful birthday Berry, and eat some cake for me.

    Ginevra Perdide, but I go by Gin because it’s so much easier to write and say.
    I’ve been on Second Life foreveeeer. Let’s see, what do I do in Second Life? I right click and pay, I’m an expert. I love collecting textures, and have thousands of them. I’m finally making use out of some of them, I’m making system dresses, actually Ballerina outfits. So when I’m not 1/2 naked testing new clothes I’m looking for more textures. I think I need a 12 step program for my texture addiction. =)
    My birthday wish is for a Tesla Model X in white or a pair of socks in black, but I like your wish better.

  • SarahBear18 GossipGirl

    SarahBear18 GossipGirl
    I’m a posemaker, lazy blogger, amateur photographer, friend, dancer, collector of pretty things in SL, and a writer, reader, dreamer, student, and aspiring seamstress in RL. If my birthday was today, my wish would be for my best friend to either be home from her vacation, or to have some way to teleport myself to her!

    I’d also like to nominate my best friend, Adelayda GossipGirl.
    She’s also a posemaker, lazy blogger, amateur photographer (though better at it than me!) and collector of pretty things in SL. In RL, she works for a charity organization. She’s one of the best people I know, in both worlds, and I think her birthday wish would be to meet her KPop husband, Sehun from EXO, and tell him how amazing and talented he is.

    We have a shared blog here:
    My Plurk:
    And her Plurk:

  • Happy birthday Strawberry! A very nice initiative, amazing pics and.. I loved your dance @ the club.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This is Neybah, and clubbing and dancing on every kind of music (but soul & funk are a sweet addiction for me) is the activity I prefer while on SL.. 2nd place: well, mmm shopping.. 3rd place.. exploring. 1st place beside dancing? Well meet people, know their stories (both SL and RL), taste ther life, their dreams.. and then, lick my lips, satisfied. The human experience in this pixel world can be so intense and rewarding to me…
    I’m from Africa, and.. black and proud!

    Since last week (!!) I have a blog and I’m totally lost into it.. I love the kind of sharing and interaction one can create through a blog, I’m a beginner but I’m learning, and hope to be also useful to the community with this tool..

    My birthday well I’d like to go in a place like Baja Norte, but in RL, rent a cabin on the beach and sit there in front of the sea with my laptop.. to update my blog and listen to music.. ๐Ÿ™‚ Big hugz, Straw.. see you inworld maybe

  • Happy birthday to youuuuu i hope you are enjoying your day so far! I think its really kind that you want to give somebody else a gift that shows what a lovely person you are.I am siera viper a toddledoo avatar In secondlife i blog ALOT probably everyday, thats my real passion. Here is my link if you want to have a peak at it. and my flickr- also am a blog manager for 3 kid stores which i love doing too.Recently i have started a pose store aswell for kids and parents so im always very bust inworld which is never a bad thing!! my birthday wish would to get all my friends and family online at the same time so we can all be together even its just to sit around chat and chill out being in the UK its hard to see everyone at the same time but that would be my perfect day! Enjoy the rest of your day and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  • Aislin Jinx

    Hi Strawberry, Happy Birthday!

    My name inworld is Aislin Jinx (Everyone calls me Jinx :P). In world I do many things. I blog. I actually just started blogging about 6 months ago. I think what really wanted to make me blog was my love of taking pictures in world. I love looking for the right angle, the perfect windlight, or that shadow that sets the mood just right. Besides blogging and taking pictures. I once was a cheerleader and a cheer captain for virtual football. But for the past 4 seasons, I hung up my Pom poms and now actually play the game as a player. I know SL Football is virtually unknown, but we have a large community and honestly it is the best time I have had inworld.

    But I also have a large in world family, with a wonderful Mother and Father, who live halfway around the world and down under from me. I have so many brothers and sisters, and the best part about it is, we are from all walks of life, all different cultures and yet we found each other, and we love each other. It is one of the most precious things that SL offers us.

    If it were my Birthday wish. I would wish that all those that were struggling. Be it financial, mental, physical pain, whatever the case may be. I would wish that the struggle would be less for you, even if for one day. Just so you could feel good, or normal again. If I got a really big wish, I would wish those struggles away, but let’s not be too greedy. I hope for those that are struggling, that you get some relief so you can smile again ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Bianca Paramour

    Happy birthday, Strawberry! I hope you have a fantabulous, splendifferous day full of reasons to smile!!

    I’d love to enter your contest. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    My SL name is Bianca Paramour.

    On SL I tend to play dress up, play games, talk with friends, and flirt like crazy! I also take photos! Here’s my flickr.

    My birthday wish would be to take my whole family and a couple of friends to a house on the beach. We would cook and eat and play games and swim and sing and just have a great time together.

  • Bettyfritz

    First of all, happy birthday! Much love for you.

    My full name is Bettyfritz Resident. Started with SL for almost 4 years ago to relearn my lost language English that i lost when my brain was swollen and i was blind because of an brain tumor. I didn’t even understand hello those days. I got stuck directly.
    I have run some different places, tried to learn all about fixing a nice avatar, decorate and make nice homes and other places and sociale and making a lots of friends. SL have been good in many whys for me, hard nights when i couldn’t sleep because of all pain.. i just can log in and be with nice friends and get distracted.. that is hard to do when all is sleeping in Real Life. I have also relearn the language and get helped to not be so isolated.

    Today, i am an owner for 4 sims with open water and we are doing a big rebuilding and updating of that sims to keep us up to date, and be sure to serve our renters and visitors all the best. I also started to try learn about photographing and wind-light, when the time gives me. But its a hard one, when i have my problems with eyes and that skit, but that is not gonna stop me. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for an awesome blog and Youtube, i’m new here, but have already learned a lot! โ™ฅ

    If it was my birthday today, i would like to have a party with my nearest family and celebrate life and love and all the years i got already. I haven’t been celebrated since i left childhood, so that would be the biggest gift of all.Share the love, and just hope i get the opportunity to live one a year to, or 10 ๐Ÿ™‚

    My flickr is:

  • Jessicaann Wrigglesworth

    I hope your birthday is filled with only good things ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am Jessicaann Wrigglesworth.I am almost 9 years young in SL. I heard about SL from a TV show, where they were talking about a lady that was designing clothing and ended up making more money than in RL. I had been recently laid off from my RL job in Land Acquisition with a Home Builder in California (housing bubble broke) It was almost in possible to find a job. I decided I was going to check SL out and see if I could learn how to make clothing my self. I tried and it was awful !! I didn’t even know about the avatar templates that Chip had done and I didn’t know you could upload textures !! LOL After I was not really a “noob” even though I still fill like one sometimes. A friend I meet was getting married, and I didn’t have any money for gifts so I decided that I would film her in world wedding. That started off something .. the next thing I knew I was being asked to film this and that and word kinda spread a little and some people saw my classified ad. So I did machinima for a while. My heart was still in clothing, I saw it as a great business model, less overhead than RL. I worked and worked and worked on learning how to make clothing. Now I am the owner of IMaGE Factory. My store has mostly template clothing from other designers. However, I can do rigged mesh. Another friend asked me to do a MC Bikers Cut (jacket) in mesh, so this is how I learned to do rigged mesh. I am sorry you wanted a little bit about me and I wrote a book. I don’t have a blog or website really I start one and then never have the time to put into my store’s Facebook place is the only kind of website I have other than the SL Marketplace.

    My birthday wish would be, that my boyfriend cooks me dinner and then does the dishes. Seriously ! Of course I would like world peace, the killings here in America to stop, Trump saying hahaha it was all a joke, my daughter being able to talk and to see etc.. but I know all of that is just wishful thinking.

  • Barry

    BarryLoyd Resident

    Hi! I am an admin for the magic store, Arcanum. I love hanging out with friends, helping newcomers, etc. I love introducing people to the world of magic too!

    I do have a flickr account:

    If it was my birthday, my birthday wish would honestly be the same as yours. There’s a lot of hate in both worlds, some people are very cruel. In my opinion, there’s no time to be cruel. We’re all here for a short time, why not get along and make the best of it?

  • Happy Birthday Berry! It’s my brother’s birthday today too! I hope it’s a great one for you too.

    1. My SL name is Eden (Resident)

    2. These days I try to keep my second life as my escape, so I try to avoid doing any ‘work’ as such. I do love taking photos though. My stream is here: You’ll find one of your pictures snuck in there too if you peek although I believe everything else there is ‘all my own work’ :p I don’t do much editing, don’t own photoshop or anything, so it’s just for fun. I’d love to be able to create some of the beautiful images I see from others on SL though.

    3/ If it was my birthday today, I would love to be able to book you for a portrait session again but sadly it seems I missed the boat. *sad face* If I was really throwing out the wishing net, I’d wish for good health for myself, and heck, why not everyone whilst I’m at it. โ™ฅ

  • Medow5571 Shilova

    If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish?

    My full SL name is, Medow5571 Shilova

    A little bit about myself. I joined SL back in July of 2007. I heard about SL through one of my cousins’ and brother. So I gave it a shot and joined. I’ve been hooked ever since. I have done things in SL that I wouldn’t have done in my real-life. My SL personality is pretty much like my real-life. I don’t hide what I’m ask, but nor do I volunteer my info. I am who I am. My passion in SL, besides hanging with my SissyKins, is blogging. I have been doing it for over 3 years now. And just love it! Sponsors come and go as I have grown in my blogging career. I am not “popular” by all means, but love meeting new people. It just thrills me that you can talk to anyone around the world at the same time. I do have accounts on Flickr, Google+, Twitter, Plurk, Tumblr, Avatar Social Network, Facebook & DevianArt (still under construction phase). I had never heard about Plurk if I wasn’t following Strawberry, so thank you for all the informative information you give to others.

    If today was my birthday, I would want to spend it with everyone. I’ve never really had any big birthday parties, so I would like that.

    Here are the links to my blogging and social media.

  • Uccello Poultry

    HI, Berry. You might remember a bit about me. For years I was 3rd Banana at the Isle of Lesbos in Second Life. Since then I’ve been involved with Bay City, including a year as Miss Bay City and my current “hobby” of being a harbormaster at the Bay City Marina. answering to the Lindens. Mostly I explore and live my Second Life as I wish I could live my First Life. Maybe I shouldn’t mention “Topless Tuesday,” huh?

    My blog is The Poultry Report and my Flickr account has a few followers. As a reporter for the Bay City Post I interview someone monthly and maintain the paper’s Twitter account.

    “If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish?” Would world peace be too much to ask? If so, I’d like to take my brother on a genuine, Real World vacation. He deserves it, not having had one since probably just before I was born nearly 30 years ago.

    Or maybe, I’d give you extra wishes for your birthday. You make Second Life more fun, for sure, and should get some extra rewards. So, Happy Birthday, Berry!!

  • Name: Phe Wonder Inworld.
    Occupations in SL: I am a avid Blogger, Photographer, Shopping addict, Gacha Addict,Love landscaping and decorating too when i have time :))
    Blog Website Link:
    Flickr Link:

    If it was my birthday? I like you are past the time i wanna party, im more then happy to have my birthday listening to youtube with a slice of cake and a cup of tea! That makes me happy, my birthday wish would be that there was more love in the world, RL and SL, its lately to full of hate everywhere, like the song says…”All you need is loveeeeeeee” Spread it around everyone, a small hello or smile, can change someones whole day, regardless of how awful its going <3

  • deannasaurusrex Dragovar

    A Very Happy Birthday to the sweetest Strawberry.
    I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness.
    Enjoy the birthday and always forget the added age.

    My sl name is deannasaurusrex Dragovar

    I am the owner of a pose store named Dark Magic Poses, I am also the manager for the All pose event named The Expose, and I am a blogger manager for my wife’s store Glamrus Poses as well.

    Flickr link:

    When thinking back on having a birthday wish I truly just want my family to be together for once. Ever since I started working in a nursing home I have to work each and every holiday and never get to spend time together with my family. Last minute gatherings and holiday dinners I am with the residents making sure they are enjoying their own holidays at the nursing home. Yes its rewarding to be able to put a smile on their face but sometimes having my family would be appreciated as much as well.

    Wishing you a very happy birthday again, and I hope you have a lovely weekend. Enjoy your days.

  • Happy birthday Strawberry ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you have a great day.
    My name is Rebound (resident) and i like to visit art sims and other lovely sims to take pics. I put them on my flickr page .
    If it was my birthday and i could make a wish i would like to wish for less hate and more understanding..

    Tc xx Reb

  • Hey Berry, hope you have a wonderful Birthday & that the cake is super yummy!!

    As for me, pretty much all I do in SL is blog. It’s pretty much the same for me, my escape, my place to express my creativity and I enjoy the peace and quiet alone on a platform, shopping, organizing & planning the next post.

    If I had one Birthday wish, it would be for all of the homeless and shelter animals to all find loving furever homes. To never again be neglected, go hungry, or be abused. If I could save every single one of them, I would do anything to do so.

    Here are all of my social media links:

    P.S. The dance video was super sexy as always, great job!

    Wishing you the very best Birthday!!! xo Punki <3

  • Happy Birthday to you from a blogging fangirl ๐Ÿ™‚


    In SL I am part of Paris Metro Couture photographer/blogger also blogger for LEA27 Evre. Styling, art and photography and a photoshop junkie are what I do. SL high fashion and the art scene are my home in SL.

    If I could make a wish on my birthday, I would wish that people would remember that there are real people behind our avatars and to think before speaking and abusing behind the safety of their computers. SL is not a game and you never know who you are really speaking to maybe its the Queen or something?

  • Such a beautiful Birthday wish! Happy Birthday Berry and may your wish manifest for us in this lifetime now!

    1- Owl Dragonash since 2007
    2- In second life I explore, listen to live music, hang out with friends, shop, blog, play with photos, sail,, go to art openings and exhibits

    My Blog โ€“ Through Owls Eyes..

    Flicker –


    Facebook โ€“

    3- My Birthday wish would be for the world as a whole to heal the planet our home, as well as the relationships we have with ourselves and each other.

  • Happy Birthday, Berry.

    I’m Myra Wildmist. I’m a SL photographer, sometimes installation artist, DJ, shopper, itinerant explorer,and unrepentant chatter. My Flickr page is here:

    As a virtual photographer, all my work is raw. SL is my medium – I work with tools given to me by the FS Phototools. I’m hoping to demonstrate through my work that Phototools allows photographers to use SL much as they would a RL DSLR. For instance, I often mimic the use of different lenses in my photos – I use an 85mm a lot.

    I also DJ at a club called FABGlitter. I’ve been there for almost 5 years now! It’s a wonderful time and I so love everyone who comes to my shows.

    I’m absolutely in love with SL and all it’s wonders and people. I might have started for more salacious reasons, but I’ve stayed because of its wonderful social aspects – it’s so easy to make friends – and artistic aspects. SL has brought out and nurtured my creativity. For that I’m eternally grateful.

    My birthday wish is to take your photo. : )

  • Happy Birthday Berry!

    Name: Danigraphix Resident

    What I enjoy/Do in SecondLife: I dabble in photography and started a small blog a while back as a fun hobby to catalog the outfits I come up with. which developed into really loving photography in secondlife. and I also enjoy roleplay in SecondLife. Creating characters and immersing myself in the creativity of others through story telling.

    My Wish if it were my birthday: I really wish for more positivity in the world. There’s so much negativity in the world (Social Media posts, comments on youtube channels, twitter, the news & tv shows) So in a sense, not trying to be a copy cat, but your birthday wish!

    Wishing you a very happy birthday on your special day. Eat lots of cake and enjoy the time with your family and friends.

    xoxo – Dani

  • Name: Ivy Rae(Ivylarae resident)
    Wat I do in SL: I do several things in SL, I role play, shop ( A LOT xD) but my favorite thing to do is photography. I post on Flickr alot and I currently work for Skybox select Rentals/ $60 Linden rentals, taking pictures of updates and really anything that I want, from fashion, to silly themed things
    I have a flickr I post on regularly ( atleast 3 times a week)I’m not as good as most but still pretty good:
    If I had one birthday wish, it would be for there to be peace in this world, for there not to be racial issues and people not wanting to hurt others. Just for there to be more love in the world than hate

  • Awww Happy Birthday. Hope you are having a lovely day over there.

    I am Bondibabe
    I have been in SL for 7 years now. I love the escape and the being me in another world. I am a creative soul at heart and SL is a great place to unleash that side of me.
    I have been making dance videos in SL for a few years now and my first SL video in 2010. As in RL I produce my own dance music, its been great to use SL to mix the two together.
    I then discovered Flickr and have come to enjoy taking photos and creating mood’s. I began blogging in January in SL but have had a RL blog for many years. Strangely the RL blog became redundant and SL is my preferred option now days.

    You Tube :
    Facebook :
    Pinterest :

  • I forgot to add…If I had a birthday wish.
    My mum and dad back.

  • Happy Birthday!

    My main alt is Rufferta, a name I picked in honor of Sergio Aragone’s character Groo’s dog Rufferto.

    I started out in Second Life (after I learned how to get the box off my head) by trying to be another Ansche Chung. I had a lot of fun, but after a while I realized I was slowly losing money. Right now I’m working on setting up Tourist Information sites with landmarks to my favorite destinations and some information for new residents that I don’t think they get at orientation. Gathering the information gives me an excuse to explore.

    If I had a birthday wish? I’m going to be selfish and wish that I could figure out Blender.

    My blog is and my main office is in Cecropia.

    Thank you for the great blog.

  • Melinda Luksch

    Rhayvhen Galaxy is the name I go by in the good old SL!!

    I started playing SL because it was a way for me to connect to people. I had health issues that restricted my ability to interact with folks in real life for a bit. Then I started making connections with folks. I eventually met my real life husband through SL!! We roleplayed as an Unseelie Fae (me) and a Dragon (him).

    If it were my birthday, Id wish for my mother to be alive.

  • Happy birthday, Ladybits! โ™ฅ My name is Alicia Chenaux and in SL I am a wife and mom with a wonderful family. I also blog and do YouTube videos where I get to torture everyone with my annoying voice. LOL!!

    My birthday wish is that I wish I would just be better at time management and getting my sh*t together. *laughs* But also world peace and all that good stuff.

  • Hunni Daniels

    Happy Birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ Woot Woot!!
    My SL name is HunniDaniels Resident,(display name Ariel Payne) I do a little bit of everything in SL. I use SL as a platform to attempt to learn something new each day. I have a store called American Hunni, I dabble in photography -specifically morph photography. I am currently attempting to use tutorials and Builders brewery classes to learn blender and maybe eventually be able to make my own mesh designs ๐Ÿ˜€ I have recently started blogging and for the most part aside from DJing left the adult SL industry.

    Fashion Blog:

    My bday wish would be to get the exposure I need to get “known” by being able to afford to participate in an event like Collab88, Uber, ANY Body, etc

  • Happy Birthday Sweetz!!! May God continually bless you, and grant you favor and peace!!

    My name is SandraRamu.
    I’m a Chahit Estate Manager, and a Indian Paradise Club India-International co-owner. I love meeting people, learning about there culture and sharing my love and joy to all I meet.

    My birthday wish would be to spend a day with all the people I love most in this world. Every year it gets harder to understand and digest the violence against each other, if wishes where true I would want no weapons…violence against each other to prosper. โ™ฅ

  • Mary Pellegrinetti

    Hi – My name is weeweehead (resident).

    I enjoy creating avatars of different types, and I love trying different outfits. I would like to learn how to create clothing and makeup in SL.

    I’m also into checking out the many different destinations. There’s so much to see and I’m fascinated by the creativity of the residents of SL. I also love to shop in SL, just as in real life.

    No blog yet, but I’m considering it. My favorite mesh body is Slink Physique, but I”m all over the place on mesh heads. Right now, I’m following the progress of the Bento head project. This looks to be a game changer, and it’s quite exciting.

    I’m probably much older than many of your commenters here. People have changed so much! I miss simple things like understanding and respect. I have never seen much true peace. But these are the things I would wish for, for all of us. That would be some birthday!

  • First i want to congratualate with your birthday, mine is sunday THE 25th. My fulltime Sl name is Missvampire Nirvana. Playing Sl now for 6 years, iT been ร  real escape for me from Some hard times. I ve did ร  lot in Sl. Earning Some Lindens to get shopping lol. We all love shopping, but had no room to buy Some Lindens so i worked hard for them online.
    Been at first ร  Back ground Singer and guitar player in THE band rockrose. Awesome times. Been ร  dancer in clubs.
    Started to make pile ups, and photographs for friends. And i stil do as i like iT. And i,m ร  DJ and still spinning at our club audiotronic. Your welcome to come party sometimes i play at mondays…
    Well this is ร  quick list of my doings in Sl

    I also have an Flickr account Missvampire Nirvana

    I wish you the happiest birthday….

    And i dont have birthday wishes just to get healthy and happy.

    Love Missy

  • Happy Birthday! Very kind of you to share for you birthday with all your fans.
    My SL name is Veronique88, Only job currently I would have to say is compulsive shopper, I am seeking help. I use to do a blog but I haven’t for coming up on a year now, I hope to get back into it sometime soon. My birthday wish is for all the violence in this world to stop, everyone needs to stop all the hate and bring back the love. I tears me up to see all the live being taken too soon. I hope we all can come back together before its too late.

  • Happy Birthday Strawberry!

    I’m Babs but I want to nominate my wifey Doris Hak cos she deserves something good to happen <3

    What I do in SL – A bit of bargain hunting for mine and my wifey's Facebook page, What a Girl Wants in SL & Twitter
    I love to laugh and goof around with my friends, some roleplaying and of course shopping for clothes I adore …whatever the price.
    Lately I have started doing a little bit of Gacha and reselling too and I like to take photo's, though I'm not brilliant at that lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Exis

    Happy birthday โ™ก

  • Vixen

    Happy Birthday! May you have many many more!

    SL Name: vampyboo69

    I happen to be a host, blogger. I enjoy making others laugh by acting like a total goof ball. If I can turn someones bad day into a good day by making them laugh, I have succeeded in being a awesome goof ball. I love to shop of course, it’s SL. I love animals of all kinds. I do have a blog, flickr, and Facebook page for my blog.
    Blog ~
    Flickr ~
    FB ~

    If it was my birthday? Since I love animal and am a big supporter of adoption, I would wish to have all the lovable animals at my local humane society be adopted.

  • Happy Happy Birthday, Miss Sexy Berry! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wonderful blog as *always*! I don’t know if you know Serenity Couerblanc, but it’s her rl birthday today as well – ran into her shopping in the wee hours (wee hours for me, that is) at the Fantasy Collective… So the very best of wishes to both of you!

    OK, here’s the info:

    Your full Second Life login name: Skye Fairywren

    Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do in Second Life? Do you have a blog?

    Facebook (not too involved with this at the moment, but I have a few things there):

    So in SL, I LOVE putting outfits together well, love doing photography, love dancing with my sl friends (and particularly love themed events), love sl hunts, and periodically enjoy modeling. Where else can one be forever 29 and beautiful? ๐Ÿ˜€

    If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish? Honestly, I’d wish that both my Mom and I would be completely healthy again and restored to the energy we once had in our lives so we can do all those things we can’t do now because of injuries and physical limitations!

  • Happy Birthday Berry!

    I’ve been in SL for a few years now but just recently opened a store and I’m having a lot of fun with that. I’m thinking about starting a (personal) blog but so far I haven’t had the nerve to get started!

    If today were my birthday we’d have the same wish. I am so saddened by all the horrible things going on in the world. I know violence and hatred are not new things, but I hope one day we can reach a relative state of peace as human beings and not be so divided by our differences.

  • Strawberry hello, my login name in SL is ktiakiss. I am in SL since 2012. I learned to mesh texturing clothes and created a shop in the market. Now with new bodies mesh’m learning to use Blender to create my own items. It is quite challenging and very entertaining. Even though the Blender will not much in my face … I created a youtube channel because of an article on his blog about dance in Second life. I loved the challenge.
    My youtube channel is
    Also I have a blog:
    very short photo and put on my flickr
    My rez day on the second day life was 20/09. it was my birthday (which was yesterday) would not like a great gift, it would be something simple, like it was … one chat with friends and stay at SL experiencing a war with watermelons shooter in a sand box: D
    Sorry for the English, I’m using translator ^. ~

  • Brava98

    First I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and say Thanks for all you share with us and for all that help us understand this wonderful world that is SL. My name is Brava. I am hostess in SL and co owner of “The Reflex” Club with my husband Arturo Boyero
    If it were my Birthday I wish more tolerance and love among us, that humanity has more mercy to all living beings and nature in general Hugs

  • Holocluck Henly

    1. Holocluck Henly
    2. My persona is of a sentient hologram, self projected from a device on my arm. I love music and art and meeting people, especially learning about different cultures. I am a cartoonist / illustrator / animator who combines traditional illustration with 3D building. I also DJ and have a leaning towards vintage jazz.
    Facebook is largely limited to friends.
    Yes I have a blog. … …

    3. My birthday wish is to be skilled enough to output things in Second Life the way they look and function in my imagination. And for my 2 months back rent in RL to be instantly paid off. Maybe some shrimp scampi at a restaurant with friends who are otherwise far away.

    Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday, Strawberry! Many happy returns! My SL name is keyliikkin resident, and as far as what I do in SL, I spend a great deal of time shopping and going out with friends – whether it be dancing, motorcycle riding, or just hanging out at the beach. I love going to parties with friends both old and new.

    I do have a blog at, but I’ve been horribly remiss about keeping it current. I’m also active on Avatar Social Network.

    If today were my birthday, I’d want to get together with all of my friends, old ones, new ones, ones that have left SL and ones still around and just celebrate being alive. I hope we’d all dance and laugh and share stories and enjoy a really great day together.

  • Happy birthday Strawberry! I love your blog. It’s incredibly useful for shopping, updating my avatar, and understanding the changes taking place in SL

    My SL name is Salazar Dagostino.
    Mostly in SL I take photographs, explore, play trivia and chat with friends.
    My photos can be found on my Flickr page

  • Sayshi


    Sayshi Resident
    Well things about myself well it be 2 years I been on sl I started the account 4 years ago but couldn’t figure it out so went back to the game I usually socialize on. I mostly hang out and make new friends on sl. I do snapshots on Flickr I’m still new to it and I suppose I still finding my way to what I want to do on here. I like shopping not just buying stuff but window shopping to I do in real life guess learn the habit from my mother. My Flickr link

    If it was my birthday my wish would be there be love and appreciation of everyone difference on and off the game. I am big advocate of freedom of expression. There are times that even being online can be challenging with comments that’s not asked. So it would my birthday wish that people will accept each other and see beauty in others even if it’s different or pick for themselves.

    I didn’t mean to be so wordy lol I hope you have wonderful birthday and many more to come. Thank you.

  • Happy Birthday ! I too celebrate my birthday on the 22nd September, but due to time difference I celebrated my gaining of another year of wisdom ( haha) yesterday.
    In SL I am a shopper, friend, sometime model mostly for The White Armory, Blogger , Blogger Manager for Zuri Jewelry, photographer for fun ( as well as my blog).

    My birthday wish was granted which was to hear from friends and family, and to spend time with my son- we went out to dinner at my favorite local restaurant. On a bigger scale, if I could have one birthday wish to go out globally is for everyone to have a heart filled with love – love for life, love for self, love for family, love for community, love for mother earth, love for mankind. I think the world would be a much better place if we (mankind) looked at each other with love and understanding instead of suspicion, jealousy, fear and mistrust.
    I like to finish on a positive note I am glad you got to have cake .. I didn’t have a birthday cake but had the most devine cheesecake for dessert last night!

  • My name is Hollowgirl78 Resident in SL

    I have been in SL for about 2.5 years and I love the social aspects, and ability to create and participate in games. I am on a Roller Derby team in SL, I enjoy creating scary and haunted environments for my friends to enjoy, and I am currently cataloging my entire inventory visually on my tumblr.

    If my birthday were today, then my wish would be to help people better understand that we are all much more similar than we are different. My wish would be to somehow reach through the racism, and class elitism that separates us and show the world that without each other’s differences we would have nothing of value.

  • Happy Birthday, Berry. And happy first day of Autumn. I dearly wish that your wish would come true and I would perhaps take some time to comment upon that and things like tainted candy, but let’s keep this comment more up beat for your birth day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You are offering a terrific present and I love the idea of being grateful enough to give presents on your birthday instead of receiving. (Or… how about a little of both? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I will pass on entering the contest, because (and I’ve said it before โ€” and it sounds like so much sucking up but it is sincere โ€” your blog and the things you do for and around SL are your gifts to me. And I thank you for them. Besides, I’m not quite sure WHAT my SL is up to at the moment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • FoxyPepsiArcherrr - (Nel)

    Happy Birthday Strawberry!

    My name is FoxyPepsiArcherrr known as Foxy Pepsi

    Iโ€™ve been in SL for a few years now and always have been interested in the fashion so you know how excited I was to find SL and the fashion in SL. I tried the modelling scene in SL but not successful since I still can’t walk in SL and keep falling in the water and into walls. LOL So now I’m interested in doing photography which I’m just starting to learn lots to learn. At least with photography I won’t have to worry about walking off the stage, or walking into walls. Now I’m just a shopaholic and I do have a flickr.

    Flickr –

    My birthday wish is that you’re blessed with all your heart desires and thank you for all you do with your kindness in teaching others in SL with your videos which I love and for peace and love on this earth!

  • Happy birthday, fabulous lady!

    I’d love to win a LuxeBox. The things inside always look so good.

    Name: Alaska Metropolitan

    inSL: I hide in my skybox making things for avatars to wear. I’m mostly known for nail polish appliers and cosmetics, but I also make skins and clothing. Fun fact: I also used to run a model agency like 6 years ago! I’m findable on Facebook, Twitter, and Plurk as AlaskaMetro. I also just opened an in-world store for the first time in years a couple of months ago.

    My birthday wish would be: World peace? I’m probably more selfish than that. I’d like to win a big lottery so I never have to worry about money again, and can also arrange for a charity for much of the winnings for causes I care about. After all, there are only so many yachts you can buy… (My SL birthday wish would be a day without attachments ghosting on me, uploads failing, my avatar being grey or a cloud, teleports timing out, etc. Hah!)

  • Jessa Destiny Oriel

    1. Your full Second Life login name (not display name): Jesnic Resident

    2. Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do in Second Life? Do you have a blog? Youtube Channel? Flickr? Other Social Media where you share Second Life content? Please share the link!
    I’m still relatively new to SL, and what I do there keeps on changing in the most wonderful ways. I have met so many wonderful people that I consider great friends and my soul family. So I spend lots of my time with them. I also opened my own marketplace store called “Squid Waffles” almost 1 year ago. Which started out at a Lil’ Gacha Resale shop, then I added some graphic tees, and most recently I’ve started working on tattoos. So much fun! You can check it out in the links below:

    3. If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish?
    If it were my birthday today, I would wish for the entire world to have the ability to see everyone and everything (including ourselves) in an unconditionally loving light. To not be so hard on ourselves, to love one another, and help walk each other home.This is actually my life goal, to be full of grace, forgiveness, and unconditional love. To forgive myself, to forgive the world, and to know complete happiness and peace. So that’s my wish, for everyone to be able to see themselves as they truly are. I think that would solve and heal so many things in our world.

  • Ali D

    Happy Birthday! I am alianahdarke, I am a land manager for a private estate in SL PLUS! a sometimes trivia host. I get bored easily and collect textures… lots of textures.. If today were my birthday, I would wish for more time with my Master and my friends and family.

  • Mayhem

    What a wonderful giveaway – and happy birthday!!
    In SL I am MousyMayhem Resident (Mayhem) and I am a DJ and photographer, I live with my guy friend on a beautiful half sim that I look forward to getting to every day to escape RL for a while ๐Ÿ™‚
    In RL I am a photographer and textile artist.
    My Flickr is
    My Pinterest is
    I look forward to checking out all the commenter’s links – I LOVE peeking into other people’s SL, lol… thank you so much, Strawberry!

  • Mayhem

    What a wonderful giveaway โ€“ and happy birthday!!
    In SL I am MousyMayhem Resident (Mayhem) and I am a DJ and photographer, I live with my guy friend on a beautiful half sim that I look forward to getting to every day to escape RL for a while ๐Ÿ™‚
    In RL I am a photographer and textile artist.
    My Flickr is
    My Pinterest is
    My Facebook:
    My birthday wish would be to win the lottery, lol… in RL I’d donate to lots of my favorite charities, and in SL I’d buy lots of lindens and open my own club ๐Ÿ™‚
    I look forward to checking out all the commenterโ€™s links โ€“ I LOVE peeking into other peopleโ€™s SL, lolโ€ฆ thank you so much, Strawberry!

  • Mystical BloodRayne

    Happy Birthday Strawberry, I hope you have a fun day that is filled with many surprises. Wishing you all the best on your special day!!

  • Tumble Fall

    Hi my name is Tumble Fall.. Happy Birthday!! I love seeing and reading your blogs daily.. I love breeding my Amaretto horse and hanging with my friends at the LLounge! If it was my Birthday today I would wish everyone heath and happiness! xoxo

  • Mellyn Llewellyn

    Happy Birthday, Berry! Thank you so much for your generosity of spirit.

    Name: Mellyn Llewellyn

    About me: Ummm, I’m pretty boring. I dress up my Barbie doll self, decorate multiple houses, take occasional pictures, help a friend with her business. What I love best is landscaping and making a little corner, or even a sim, a beautiful place to be. I am on Flickr and love to see other people’s creativity.

    If it was my birthday: If I could have anything, I’d a build a little house in the hills near enough to my family to enjoy them, far enough away to not drive them nuts, love my dogs, breathe in the world, and read a good book. And try to ignore the presidential campaign, though that’s really not a good idea.

  • Kay Dragonborn

    Happy Birthday Strawberry! โ™ฅ I hope that you had a magical day! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am a blogger and I also manage [Daydreamers]. It’s furniture store here in second life! ๐Ÿ™‚ Probably for a birthday wish is to spend it with the people I hold most dear! I feel it’s important to spend it with the people who love you the most! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just in case you wanted to know my details.
    Username: lionesskcreations
    [Daydreamers] Store:

  • Xmara Lundquist

    Happy Birthday Strawberry!

    I have been happily following your blog for a few years now and have learned so much from you. Your tutorials have been very informative and I check your blog every day.

    My full Second Life login name is Xmara Lundquist

    SL is my getaway from RL. It also provides me a platform to practice my photography, which is a RL hobby of mine that I cannot do in RL due to health reasons. I don’t blog but I do mostly scenics but I have been venturing into fantasy pics and am having fun doing it.


    I currently am a General Manager at a Club in SL and when I’m not there, I am exploring SL… finding the unique where I can find it.

    My birthday has passed but if I was to have a wish granted, I would want love, health and happiness to all. Oh, and I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds LOL

  • Kailee Soulstar

    Happy Birthday Berry! I hope you day was amazing and you got all you wished for.

    Name: Kailee Soulstar

    About me: I am a photographer/blogger and shapeshifting hermit in sl. Much of my time is spend running around different sims and exploring and taking photos or secluded on my platform. I love seeing all the great things that all the creative people put out there.

    If it were my birthday (which it will be in a couple of days) I would quite honestly just wish for more acceptance from everyone for everyone and for there to be less hate and judgment all around.

    My link:

  • Dreamer

    Happy Birthday Strawberry!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I love watching your sl videos on youtube! Your videos are fun. You’re one of my favorite sl people to follow.

    SL username is wanderingdreamer24
    In SL I love to explore sims (mostly nature and some cities).
    I also like the fashion in sl.
    My birthday wish would be to just have a great day with people I love.

    I would love to win the giveaway. Thanks for all you do! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • LostToy

    Happy Birthday Strawberry! Hope it was a great day for you.

    1. SL Username: LostToy Resident

    2. I mainly shop and play barbie in SL. I used to be a helper for a now gone sim (HPI) and the habit of helping is still in me. I’ll find new people in some of my groups or just out and about and help them figure the place out if they want that. I also help at an RP sim (Revenland) as a mentor.

    3. My birthday wish would be to gather some friends together and rent out Dave & Busters for a day. Then I could have the big (adults) and little kids playing games together. Oooh maybe even push together a bunch of the tables and run a D&D game too!

  • Emily Allyson


    I’m always online in Second Life but I really don’t do anything productive haha but talk to friends and shop some. I am a housewife in real who lives in the Philippines recently moved to USA with my husband. It’s been pretty hard being far from home but Second Life and good friends has kept me distracted and happy. Lol!

    At the moment I don’t have a YouTube channel but I’m planning to at some point but I do have a Flickr, .

    If it was my birthday today I wish I had calling powers. Three members of my family have graves disease back in the Philippines.

  • Royalty

    This is an amazing idea. Thank you Strawberry!

    Secondlife Name: Xange Madrigal

    About Me: Well for one.. I am horrible with talking about myself haha. In Secondlife I love creating. I’m a pose creator and own a store called Glamrus. I also enjoy taking photos, landscaping, decorating, and just hanging out with family and friends. What I would love to do more is explore different sims and see everyone’s creativity and what they bring into the Secondlife world.

    If it was my birthday today, my one wish is to have piece in the world. No more hate, no more killing, no more violence. So much has happened in the would that I feel like it’s going to become a “norm” for people… and that’s just not right at all. Love is all we need.

  • Emily Allyson

    I meant healing powers* lol.. Happy Birthday Berry!

  • Isabela

    Happy Birthday Berry! Hope your day was a wonderful one!

    Isabela Loring is my SL username.

    I host some great live artists and DJs in SL and I attempt to make clothes for my friends and family. I came to SL to see what it was about and have stayed because of all the wonderful people from all over the world I have met.

    My birthday wish would be that all no one was every abused, physically, emotionally or sexually.

  • Kimberly Denver Royce

    Username: Kanyoma resident
    About me: I like to shop and to create poses in second life! I enjoy going to different events and dressing my avatar, but I also love participating in new events to show off my poses that I work hard on! I do have a facebook & Flickr, including my {Fawn Kisses} store facebook! I also love to just relax and go clubbing or maybe read a bedtime story to my little sissies and nieces.
    My Facebook:
    {Fawn Kisses} Facebook:

    My birthday wish is for peace in the world and for all the animal cruelty, abuse, cancer to stop. I know that may not be possible, but us as a human species, who knows, we could defeat that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for this opportunity Berry!

  • Lucifera

    Happy birthday Strawberry & many more ๐Ÿ˜€
    Happy happy birthday to you…
    happy hapyy birthday to you

    your good to grow so count the candles and blow aaaaaahhwhooooo

    happy happy birthday to you to you to you

    happy birthdday
    happy birthday
    happy birthday to you!
    NAME: MariaCieloMonroe

    SL OCCUPATIONS: DJ, CLUB manager, photographer, sometimes blogger.

    I tend to take photos to learn to get better at it, i hang with my family work and shopppppppp nonstop. I like to meet new people and share things on flickr and facebook. I love gacha and shopping events.

    If today was my birthday , my wish would be for health and happiness for more years to come & for my family to stay together for many more years, because i see them as if they were my rl family.

  • zzpearlbottom

    Happy Birthday. I will refrain for any more comments but to fully agree with your wishes.

  • Stefany

    Hi Strawberry. First of all, I would like to wish you a very berry birthday! My SL name is TLC Resident. My profile says I’ve been a member for 5 years and 9 months, but I only started again 3 years ago.

    I’m still trying to get the hang of the mesh bodies, heads, make up, clothes….and your blogs and videos help me a lot!

    Thank you for that.

    I just try to get the coolest things for my home and make my avatar look really good…so basically I spend a lot of money I don’t have. haha.

    If it was my birthday, my wish would be to somehow win a million dollars…of course. Oh and world peace!

  • chericolette

    Happy Birthday Berry.

    Ive been following your blog for a few years now and I dont remember how I first came to see it but from you I have learnt many things about SL and joined Flickr. I dont blog but I enjoy being part of the WordPress community and participating in the challengers you set. My Flickr page is a mishmash of my snapshots and photos I take for competitions and challengers and sometimes a photo I love with music or some comment I want to make. Thats how it got the name PulpFictionStudio (a collection of photos with no connecting meaning).

    If it was my birthday today, Id be wishing for more time and not to be working. Id love to have the whole day off and celebrate like it was ‘groundhog day’ like in that movie, never ending.

    May your special day bring you as much cheer as you bring all of us here. Hugs Cheri.

  • Kayleigh Quan

    Happy B’day Berry, hope you had the bestest day filled with love and laughter.

    Name: Kayleigh Quan
    SL Occupations: hanging with friends and improve my skills to make pictures. I am still very new at this but enjoy creating pics. [ Flickr]

    I love pressies, but on my birthday, spending time with my loved ones (friends, family) will lighten up my heart so much more.

  • Hello! I found this post via Reddit. Happy birthday, and I hope that your wish comes true! It is very generous of you to host this giveaway, thank you for this. Good luck, everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

    SL name: Ahrtbook

    About me: I just joined SL less than a month ago, being inspired by the stunning SL photographers on Flickr! Since I really enjoy drawing, I thought SL would provide me a lot of good references and poses (and AMAZING outfits) for exploring in my art.

    So I decided to join and leverage this amazing resource, and it’s been a blast so far! I am using Flickr and WordPress to document my SL-based photos and artwork ๐Ÿ˜€


    My wish: I’ve been having a difficult time in university because I wasn’t enjoying my degree, and now that I’ve graduated, I’m slowly starting to realise that I never sincerely liked my course at all.

    I wish students and young professionals across the world have more confidence in what they do, and what they enjoy doing. I hope that nobody makes a half-hearted decision like I did and not be brave enough to step up to say “no, this isn’t what I want”.

  • KatarinaShark

    Name: KatarinaShark

    About me: I just Sl citizen. I love fashion (dark style especially) and
    watch for new and exciting things in SL. I like travel around the world
    with my friend and make photo, but I don’t ready to do my own blog, may
    be in future can I do this ๐Ÿ™‚

    If it was your birthday today and always, I wish Healthy and more lucky

    P.S Happy Birthday to you, and Thank you for you work, I often read your blog.

  • Carolina Dacosta

    Happy Birthday Strawberry!

    SL Name: CarolinaDacosta

    About me: My second life are simple: I spend most of my time in SL with my friends. i like fashion and Iโ€™m always trying to learn something new, i love to read blogs (especially yours), I love playing gachas and i have a very good friend who helping me out with selling some gachas on marketplace. I love to explore places and i travel a lot. I do enjoy playing games like adventure quests.

    My birthday wish: I would wish for the same thing you are wishing for and also i would love to get back with my ex boyfriend <3

  • Marcus Perry

    Marcus Perry.

    I play with prims in SL and make sex toys.

    My birthday wish for today would be for a nice meal: You know, soup or salad as a starter, main course of something truely awesome but not extravagant, some insanely delicious sweet desert, a cigar and some coffeee and then some sex in the end.

    Happy birthday to everyone whos birthday is today !

  • Kobuk Farshore

    Wow, these comments are full of crazy-creative peeps. <3

    Name: Kobuk Farshore
    In SL I: Learn things… slowly. I've made machinima, mesh, and really good friends.
    My wish would be: Selfishly, to get my degree in Visual Effects and Film Post-Production. Altruistically, to make all education free.

    Happy birthday, Berry, and thanks for blogging the grid so brilliantly for all these years.

  • Happy Birthday! Wow, lots of you awesome SL ladies are having birthdays this month. I am an artist, so I flit here and there creating what I’m inspired to, whether it be clothing or building. You can often find me tearing apart my sim to create another new look.

    My birthday wish would be for my fellow SL patrons to stop and think before saying or doing things. People can be so cruel to each other on SL. That’s it, stop and think. Pretty simple, the golden rule.

    Thank you Strawberry for continuing to be such an inspiration with your photos and blogging. You’re an awesome person.

  • Happy birthday, Berry!!! Hope it’s wonderful for you. Always love reading your posts and seeing your pretty pictures. Wishing you all the best.

    Name: Tamar Luminos
    What I do in SL: shop, mostly. LOL Roleplay, build, socialize, learning to script and take pictures.

  • Maia Antarra (psiberangel)

    Belated Happy Birthday Strawberry!
    I do love your blog and videos.
    As for my SL activities, even though I have only been here for less than a year…I dance a lot (can’t in RL), attend live music events, explore new sims and take photos of them, as well, as other things in SL, I DJ at Starport Omega, was in a machinima or two, I teach classes on metaphysics, I am a fire dancer for the upcoming Burn2 Octoburn, modeled, sometimes recite poems, tell stories, and sing, am a distance Reiki healer (yes that can be done here in SL), I am just learning about making clothes and building, and also will be working as a park guide as well.

    My wish is that everyone be happy, healed, free, and at peace and that this world would be cleaned up and restored to it’s original pristine beauty.

  • Happy Birthday Strawberry!! FYI I stalk you page all the time for news and ideas.

    I am Roxi Richez inworld.

    I love hanging out with friends in SL and photography. I’ve been playing around with photography for most of my time in SL. My flickr is Yes I’m old in SL – I remember bling and Naughty.

    My wish: For my twin boys to be happy and safe. One is a police officer and the other is a pilot in the US Army. I am one proud mama.

  • Zenny B

    I am ZenCho Balhaus inworld

    I like to hang out with my amazing friends, explore, Shop, create looks…I dabble in photography and have a flickr under my RL name that is a mixture of SL and RL images

    If it was my birthday my wish would be that there was a cure, for some of the terrible illnesses, that many people suffer

  • Your full Second Life login name: Stavaros Resident

    Tell me a little bit about yourself:

    I have been a resident of Second Life for 10 years now. Don’t let my rez date fool you. I am a jack of all trades within the world of Second Life. I am a model, blogger, writer, photographer and instructor within the world of Second Life. I have heard about you over the years and I have slowly been gaining more and more knowledge about you and your abilities and I think you are an asset to the community. I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    Do you have a blog?

    Youtube Channel?

    Not yet


    Other Social Media where you share Second Life content?

    If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish?

    I like you wish for the world to get to a point of illumination, that we are all one species, homo sapiens. Our differences and acceptance of those differences is what makes us resilient.

  • Harriet

    Happy Birthday!!!

    SL name: Harrietthespy

    In SL I promote happiness by being myself and allowing others to do the same, which also means I do nothing. HAHA. I commend those who do fashion and build and what not, because that allows the normal SL user, ME, to enjoy and appreciate their hard work. Thank you for your blog and inspiration.

    <3 Harriet

  • Panster Moonshadow

    Happy Belated Birthday Strawberry! I’m a 6 year resident of SL , and a confirmed hoarder/shopper:) I love to discover new talent, attend live music events, and try to earn my SL living working several hours a day:)

    I wish I could say I’m talented enough to blog, but I sure do love reading other’s work!

    My birthday wish would be to bring a smile to those around me with random acts of kindness. I have met so many wonderful friends in SL, and would love to return the favors they have bestowed on me.

  • Maddie Wyatt

    Hey Strawberry and Happy Belated Birthday!

    Your full Second Life login name: Maddie Wyatt

    Tell me a little bit about yourself:

    I was really interested in second life when a friend told me about it who no longer plays. However I started watching a lot of beauty videos and machinema. I became intriged but I wanted to do something a little different. I had always wanted to make vlogs on youtube in RL, but as great as it is my RL is a bit boring so I merged the two ideas and “Voila”! I have now Have a vlog channel!

    What do you do in Second Life?

    In SL, I besides shopping, I like to take photgraphs and I am learning a little every day, just by exploring and going on social media and looking at pictures there.

    Do you have a blog? Youtube Channel? Flickr? Other Social Media where you share Second Life content? Please share the link!

    I have a page on the avatar social network an Instagram page and I just got a tumbr page Don’t have much on it there yet, LOL. Here are the links to all of them


    Avatar Social Network:

    Instagram: or @maddiewyatt19

    tumblr: @omgitsmaddieslife

    If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish?

    Well my RL birthday is coming up, so what I would wish for is a decent screen recording software, that is easy to use and won’t bust my budget, LOL.๏ปฟ

  • Hawtply

    Happy Birthday Berry!!!

    SL Name: HawtPly Resident

    In SL i mostly like to socialize and meet people around the world. Also to relax after a long day at work in RL (In RL from same country as you were born, so thats cool). I like to check fashion blogs to find something new. Your blog is my first go-to blog for anything related to SL fashion and news. I do have twitter and FB Both with same handle HawtPly.

    I have very simple birthday wish, i just hope at the end of the year, we dont have to hear more of Trump and his bigotry.

  • OK – I cannot edit my comment so i will risk wrath & double post.
    username = kaylae
    About my so-called 2nd Life – I don’t own a club , host, or manage anything. I shop, dance, try my best for my partner, try to help newcomers with SL… Love to decorate, meet people, Strawberry inspired me to try and take better photos. I found it’s easy to take pictures and hard as hell to make great ones. Duh! But it is a lot of fun. Keeps me off the streets ๐Ÿ™‚
    Wish = I wish people would find a better use for their minds than trying to hurt others, ripping people off, griefers in both worlds…. makes me feel sick. I dislike it that people that dismiss and harass others simply because their world-views don’t agree. live & let live …

  • Seabring Resident

    My adorable husband Toby Wilder and I come to SL to live and play and enjoy all that SL has to offer us. We met by chance at a popular live music club and 3 weeks later we were partnered and we just celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary in a beautiful vow renewal celebration as we have done each Anniversary.
    We enjoy live music, living in Sailors Cove on a beautiful island, sailing, boating, shopping and loving life. I do use my SL Facebook page to share moments we experience in SL.

    I have followed you since the first Catwa video I found that you created and I look forward to them as they are some of the best I have watched and you are so professional and kind.

    If it was my birthday today, my birthday wish would be for more kindness in our world. I am a teacher and educator teaching high school students for over 30 years and I make a point to not only teach them the class curriculum but life lessons and how to become productive young adults in our world spreading kindness and how important volunteering is to give back to those who are less fortunate.

    Happy Birthday to you and thank you for all you do and how hard you work to bring us your blogs and videos. I really appreciate you!

  • mcd Adder

    Happy Bday strawberry ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I hope that you have had a very happy day;)
    My name is mcd Adder.
    What I do in second life is: being with friends, taking pictures, dancing, tattoos, shopping etc.
    My flickr is: https: //
    my youtube channel is: https: //
    My marketplace is: https: //
    my facebook is: https: // id = 100007828952100?
    If I did birthday today my wish was that the war was over and we could all live in peace, without discrimination, bombs, and people were seen as people and not for races, creeds, religions etc etc. Happy day, kiss

  • Toxic Candy Skall

    Happy Belated Birthday Berry!!

    Was so excited to see you @ Exhale Dance Club! I’m Toxic Candy Skall, (user name shaylynn1) co-owner of Exhale Dance Club. I’ve been a Dj on SL for over a year and wanted to bring to SL a club where the staff and VIP’s could chill and enjoy some awesome music. I have followed your blog since I started SL so was ecstatic to hear you enjoyed your birthday with us! While I enjoy DJ’ing and running a successful club in Sl, I love being there for my friends. Friends are like glue that hold us together. I came to Sl for the music and stayed because of friends.
    If I could have one birthday wish…hmmm…purple Lamborghini, lol. Nah. I would have to say, I have so many friends with RL issues that I wish I could erase all of them. If I can’t I hope that maybe a couple hours a week at my set I can make you forget and just simply have fun! Hugs to everyone and remember life is not about what all we accomplish but if we have fun doing it.

  • VeraIkarose

    Sl name~ VeraIkarose
    Sl Profession ~ inpiring builder and planner (excuse me while I self advertise if you need a freelance event planner im me now that’s over) did you see anything I didn’t *looks around guiltly*
    But my weirdness aside I think your an awesome person I’m new to your channel but watched most of your videos happy birthday!

  • Misse

    Happy Birthday Strawberry!!
    My SL name is misse tigerpaw. I am Japanese.
    I am a SL dancer at club IMAGE. I make choreography with using dance animations, build stage sets and put an act every Sunday at our venue.
    I have been doing this for 4 years now and enjoy it very much.
    Also I enjoy making particles and love throwing them while I am dancing ๐Ÿ˜€
    My blog:
    club IMAGE blog :
    My birthday wish :
    In RL I have a small camping car but every time when we go on a camp it will be rainy.. so we call it a rainy camper..My birthday wish will be a dry sunny camp with our camping car and become a happy camper !

  • Numayr Resident

    My SL Name is Numayr Resident

    I like to go in clubs and enjoy beautiful universe of Second Life. I also like to read blogs for fashion and then go for shopping LOL. Your blog is one of the the best i like to read. Keep up the good work Berry ๐Ÿ™‚

    I wish that world would be a better place to leave for everyone with less violence and hate. Another little wish to win this giveaway for more shopping LOL

  • You have so many followers it will be fun to see who the lucky person is. Now for the fun part.

    1.Your full Second Life login name (not display name)
    EleanorJean Resident (I hate the resident part, just sayin)

    2.Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do in Second Life? Do you have a blog? Youtube Channel? Flickr? Other Social Media where you share Second Life content? Please share the link!

    I am newer to Second Life than some, but older than others. When I first came to Second Life I was blown away at all the wonderful creativity. I spent much of my time exploring and finding out all that Second Life had to offer.
    Currently I spend the majority of my time in fashion, art, and photography related things. I enjoy finding new sim builds or revisiting a favorite place again and again. I love all sorts from the very realistic to some of the art sims that challenge your idea of space and gravity. Some of the virtual art that is available is amazing!
    I also very much enjoy being a part of the Second Life fashion circle. There are so many creators that work very hard to create items to enrich our time spent in the world. I love putting together new combinations and showing what is available. I must confess, I am working hard to be more frequent in sharing those in my blog. My blog: ). My Flickr: Currently I am proud to be representing Germany as Miss Virtual World Germany 2017. I want to really do good job representing my country.
    Guilty pleasure: shoes.

    3.If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish?
    Not to get too altruistic, but I think my wish would be similar to Strawberry’s. I would love for people to stop being greedy and power hungry and work to make this planet a place where humans thought of others as ‘friend’ instead of ‘adversary’. God enjoys and infinite variety, why can’t we all embrace the concept?

  • Papi

    I hope you had a great birthday! Thank you so much for this giveaway and the opportunity to win c:

    My SL username is jennpapillon and I pretty much just get on SL to hang out with my friends. I’m in my early twenties and want to get into creating mesh and all that goes along with it. Still haven’t started but I have dreams of making cool items for cheap that I can sell in a store with my group of friends. We’ve talked about it before- opening a store that we all create items for, but so far we haven’t actually done it ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ™‚

    If we actually get around to making our store I plan on making a store Tumblr. I also want to open a Youtube account but I’m not sure if it’ll be for SL stuff. The theme of my life is essentially: so many things I want to do and not a lot of time or energy or especially money to do them ๐Ÿ˜›

    If it was my birthday (which actually is coming up soon!) I would like the same wish as yours- or along the same lines. I get so disheartened and depressed seeing the world filled with strife and disease and hunger and if everyone could get along and understand one another and not f-ing kill people that would be a great start. Unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to be accomplished soon so I’d have to go for a more realistic wish of hanging out with all my friends and family on my BDay. It’s around Halloween so I expect a lot of fairs and events to be on so it’d be really cool to go around to some of those and shop with my friends. A while ago during a gacha event i split the linden I had between a couple of friends so we could all play a few gachas and that’d be fun to do again on my birthday ^u^

    Anyway, again thank you so much for doing this giveaway and I hope you have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Damien

    Happy Birthday, Strawberry.

    My name is damienrocks. I frequent SL as a place to find inspiration in my writings – either from visiting a breathtaking sim, enjoying heart to heart conversation, discovering an eloquent profile, or gaining insight from a SL veteran.

    I like to treat Profile -> Picks as a personal journal of sorts. Poems, riddles, short stories, quotes, and precious links can all be placed with precision in the small space provided.

    In the words of John Lennon, I hope the “world will live as one”. Secretly, I wish for a picture with you.

  • Full SL Name: Selestine Nightfire

    I’m a roleplayer, a blogger, and instructor. What do I teach? Well, mostly rp-related things (RP 101 classes, drow-related classes, those sorts of things.

    If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish? I would wish that the world would find a better way than violence and war to solve its problems. The world is a giant bag of Skittles, and we’re all individual pieces within it, so there’s no reason cooler heads can’t prevail. An end the hate and violence, and then I’ll consider something different to wish for.

  • I hope Im not late ๐Ÿ™‚
    First of all I would like to congratulate ur birthday one more time.Our wishes can change depending on situation, mood, age and many more and I would like to wish u exactly whats ur heart need for now.

    Your full Second Life login name – LADYBLANCE Resident
    Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do in Second Life? Do you have a blog? Youtube Channel? Flickr? Other Social Media where you share Second Life content? Please share the link!

    When I joined SL or a first time I thought its a game like sims(Yes, I still like Sims lol), but later I found my inspiration in taking pics first for myself, then decide to share them with ppl. Much later it became my hobby where I can relax and realize my ideas. I also enjoy explore SL sims, there r so many really amazing made by talented designers.
    Yes, I have a blog – and cotinuing it
    Flickr –
    Koinup –
    and Plurk –

    If it was your birthday today, what would be your birthday wish?
    Thats a difficult question. I wish there were peace and love in ppl’s hearts, but I think its just a little piece of huge world puzzle we still trying to gather for a long time. I wish many such things, but as I told before, I wish for now my parents live as long possible. We grow and become older and they become older too. And I would like to feel protected each time I hug my mom and be sure she will support me whenever I need it. I would like to see my parents in a brave health forever and know there s a place in this chaotic world I can always come and feel love and blessing.

    I hope u had a great birthday <3

  • Just had to reply to Ladybalance…because I too began SL thinking this was “like The Sims.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi StrawberrySingh,

    My name is: Farah Palmer. I have been in SL since 23-12-2006, and still love it.

    I would love to enter in on your giveaway, cause I have been curious about LuxeBox.

    I have had a break in between like 2-3yrs…. RL got in the way, so to say LOL. But I have never stopped reading blogs about SL, like yours, eventhough I could not make it in SL. I love to shop, used to love building/playing around with prims/ I used to blog for FabFree on a daily basis and I used to blog more frequently on my own blog. I love SL, cause there is so much to explore and nice people to meet.

    My blog:

    My wish?
    I could go with love, peace and happiness around the world and in SL, which is a great wish of mine. But for now I’ll just stick to ‘more time’ to get to SL!

    Lots of Love, Farah

  • Hi Strawberry! Happiest of birthdays to you lovely lady! I love following your blog and seeing all your beautiful pictures. Truly my idol in sl blogging.

    My SL login name is Autumnatic93 and do quite a variety of things in sl depending on my mood. I love shopping and taking pictures. I blog when the mood strikes me and when I can. I am a part of quite a large clan/family and we are constantly visiting and pestering each other. I absolutely adore my child avi nieces and nephews and actually have a little family of my own with my daughters and god daughter. I also enjoy roleplay, both casual and more hard-core. Most of the time I am just busy visiting with friends and family.

    My birthday is actually coming up in October and gosh, what to wish for! Can I wish for world peace? Bit too obvious? I’d still wish for it. If not that, I would wish that every animal has a good home. All those animal shelter ads on tv just make my heart break and I would become the crazy cat lady to rescue them all.

    My blog links are as follows:

  • Wow, that took me a couple of hours to go through all your comments and your links lol! Thank you so much for all of the encouraging comments and wonderful birthday greetings. You guys have seriously made my day and put a big smile on my face.

    It was also great to click on your links and see all of the things you share about this virtual world. So many talented Second Life residents!

    I have inputted all of the names you guys submitted into the randomizer and the winner is Alaska Metropolitan:

    Congrats Alaska, I will drop the L$1500 on you shortly. Hope you like the Luxe Box or Swagbag this coming month. This is the final day to sign up for next month’s Swagbag btw!

    Thank you so much for participating everyone! I wish that all of your birthday wishes come true. <3

  • Maddie Wyatt

    Congratulations Alaska! Have fun shopping. You should post pictures of what you get. I would love to see, Mainly cause I’m nosy. ๐Ÿ˜›

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  • mikky j sojib

    Happy Birthday! I came to SL through my work and the Nonprofit Commons.

  • Wish You Very very happy birthday!
    It was an area surely understood substance content substance nil ask. I all through fulfilling understanding it in my own develop twelve. Should arrive and have a gander at this weblog the aggregate total overwhelming piece of the to a vital level a traditions evident immaterial negligible little of certainly extra than more than extra than a considerable measure of period Gracious for begin a fast examination.

  • I jump at the chance to go in clubs and appreciate delightful universe of Second Life. I additionally get a kick out of the chance to peruse web journals for form and afterward go for shopping LOL. Your blog is one of the best I jump at the chance to peruse. Keep doing awesome.

    I wish that world would be a superior place to leave for everybody with less viciousness and loathe. Another little wish to win this giveaway for all the more shopping LOL

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