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Make your own Mesh Head with Yabusaka Mesh Head Studio!

Make your own Mesh Head with Yabusaka Mesh Head Studio!

If you’re too impatient to wait for Bento and would like to get creative on your own, you can purchase and download the Yabusaka Mesh Head Studio and make your own mesh head! Yabusaka Loon is a long time creator in Second Life that has made the ever popular Petite Avatars and the Petites Kingdom. Now he has developed a system for us to create and upload our own mesh heads. I have shared the female head in my video today, but first here is some more information about this mesh head studio:

  1. Free Version – I am guessing it’s like a DEMO which you can try out before you purchase the full priced version. Available for free on the marketplace and you can download it from the Yabusaka website.
  2. Price: The full price for the studio is L$9,999 and you can purchase it from the marketplace. Once you purchase it, you will receive the download link in the folder which will show you where to download the full version of the software.
  3. Yabusaka Mesh Head Studio Youtube TutorialsClick over to the Yabusaka YouTube Channel for tutorials on how to use the software and make your own mesh head. If you have any difficulty with it, please contact the creator, Yabusaka Loon.
  4. Applying Omega Skins – Once you upload your new mesh head to Second Life, you may want to try different omega skins on it to see how they look. In order to do that, you must first use the Omega Mesh Maker Dev Kit from marketplace and install the script inside the head. I am not 100% sure if this is the script that you need to use. I suggest you read the Omega blog before you purchase and if you have trouble with this, please contact Omega support.

Hopefully that covers all the questions you may have, now you can watch my video on youtube:

Please remember that I have not tried uploading the mesh head myself or using an omega applier on it so if you do have questions about any of that, I will not be able to help you. Do contact either Yabusaka or Omega support for further assistance.

I am leaving tomorrow for a conference so I’ll be busy with work for about a week and a half, which means I will also miss the Luxe Box release on the 15th. However, once I return I will definitely still do an unboxing video for it, it will just be some time after the 19th. You will find it in my unboxing playlist on youtube.

If you haven’t as of yet, don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel. I have plans to release more Intro to Second Life videos once I come back.

Have a great week you guys! <3

Shape: Zara Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body ‚Äď Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: <Yabusaka> Mesh Head Studio Female by Yabusaka Loon
*Eyes: IKON Triumph Eyes РDusk by Ikon Innovia
*Ears: [MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season5 by kikunosuke Eel
*Hair: Opale . Demi Hair {NON RIG} by TonyaMilavskaya
*Lingerie: The Secret Store РDita Ensemble РMocha by Maylee Oh (@ C88)
*Shoes: .Mutresse. Genovia Booties by Eeky Cioc (@ C88)
*Ring: MG – Ring – Alysia Pearls by Maxi Gossamer
*Pose+Furniture: Zaara РThe Maharani’s Boudoir by Zaara Kohime


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

6 thoughts on “Make your own Mesh Head with Yabusaka Mesh Head Studio!

  • This got my attention immediately. It’s long been a dream of mine to be able to eventually have a mesh head that you can edit to look exactly like your own SL head, but without the lumps and bumps of the standard avatar. This looks to be exactly what I”ve been hoping for: the ability to use the familiar SL sliders on a mesh head. I’ll definitely check out their YT for those full tutorials. And, hopefully, they’ll come out with a male option soon, so that I can try to recreate Skell’s face with it. If I can, then I’ll (finally!) be sold on mesh heads.

    Question: Did you copy down the sliders for Berry’s system avatar face and try to recreate it in the full version? Did it look like her system face?

  • Hey Skell, no I didn’t try replicating Berry’s face. I just kind of played with the sliders for a little while, didn’t spend too much time on it. But I might try that once I return from my conference and see if I can replicate it. Let me know if you try it out!

  • The site says “You cannot export Collada file with free ver.”

    So with the free version, you can’t export a version that can be uploaded to SL.

  • That would make sense, though, Cat. The free version is more like a demo, so you can get an idea (in the program itself) of how your mesh head would look. If users could export Collada files for use in SL with the free version, then nobody would buy the full version, and Yabusaka would effectively be giving away the many hours they spent working on the program.

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  • Craig Gilman

    I just found this and went to the website to discover that although the free version is downloadable and a nice toy. There’s no longer an option to purchase the full version. HMPH

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