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Introduction to Second Life

Introduction to Second Life

After several requests, I have finally got around to doing an Introduction to Second Life series. I will share a few videos I’ve recently done, along with some I’ve done in the past, which hopefully assist you in understanding how Second Life works and what you can do there.

I will share each video and what it contains and then I will share a series of links that I think will help you even further.

First video is called “Intro to Second Life – Creating an Account & Moving Around” and in this video I showed how to create an account, downloading the main SL viewer, moving around and a few settings in preferences. In this video I started with to create my account and used the main SL viewer. (NO LONGER AVAILABLE – READ THIS POST – UPDATE, I was allowed to re-upload it, read that post for all the updates.) 

Second video is called “Intro to Second Life Part 2 – Searching, Shopping & Improving your Appearance with Mesh” and in this video I showed how to use the search feature in Second Life to look up people and stores. I also went shopping to show where you can pick up some mesh bodies and then I showed how to wear mesh bodies and heads. In this video I started with using the Firestorm viewer and this is the location to the Firestorm Sandbox I was at.

Third video is one I did last year called: Second Life Streaming – Photography Tips by Strawberry Singh
Fourth video is also one I did last year: Second Life Streaming – Photo Tips and Catwa Mesh Head
Both of these videos were done while I was live streaming so I missed some parts in the first one, which I then covered in the second video. I talked about my graphics settings, windlight settings and how to edit windlight to get it to your liking and then also how I take a snapshot. There are also some other tips and tricks in all 4 of these videos which I think you guys might find informative.

Hopefully these four videos will give you a better understanding on how SL works and how you can improve your appearance and take better quality images. Once you have seen these, please also check the following links for more information:

  • More tutorials – You can find a lot more of my tutorials in my Tutorials section on my blog as well as my Tutorials Play List on my YouTube channel.
  • Free Dove – Free Dove is a very well known location in Second Life where over 200 designers help new residents with free avatar clothing and accessories. Teleport to Free Dove.
  • WindLight Settings – You can find my windlight settings, along with many other residents’ settings available for download on my windlight settings page as well as instructions on how to install them.
  • Second Life™ Newbie Resource – I did this post many years ago so it may be a bit dated, but it still has a lot of information that may be helpful.
  • Mesh Items – Click over to my categories for Mesh Bodies and Mesh Heads which will show all of these items I have covered on my blog so far.
  • My shapes – I have a number of shapes in my marketplace store now. For the shapes I wear most often in my blog posts  you can check out my Zara shape for females and my John shape for males.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – I get a lot of the same questions often so please check out my FAQ page for all the answers before contacting me. If you don’t see your answer there, feel free to email me.
  • My Computers! – People often ask me what kind of computer I use to run Second Life. My Computer Specs page has a list of all of my computer parts. Also, I recently purchased a laptop too. It’s actually for my real life work because with my new job I’ll be traveling more often. However, I still wanted to get a laptop that would run Second Life reasonably well in case I did want to login so I have now listed my laptop on that page too.
  • Explore Second Life – Once you’re in Second Life, what are you going to do? Well you can explore all the beautiful sims inworld. I have done a blog post about Exploring Second Life before and I also have an Explore Second Life Flickr Group where people share their photos from different locations in SL.
  • Machinima in Second Life – Curious how you can make movies and video in Second Life too? Check out my Machinima in Second Life blog post for more information and some tips.
  • Become a Second Life content creator – I’m adding this update as I get this question so often. In this post I’ve shared numerous links to tutorials and other resources that will help you develop your skills and start creating content in Second Life: How to Become a Content Creator in Second Life

Now here is a list of some of the stores I mentioned in the first two videos:
> Maitreya (for mesh body)
> Slink (for mesh body or head)
> Glam Affair (for skins and skin appliers)
> Zaara (for & other mesh clothing)
> Addams (for mesh clothing)
> Truth (for mesh hair)
> Catwa (for mesh heads)
> Akeruka (for mesh heads)
> LeLutka (for mesh heads)
> Logo (for mesh heads)

I think this covers most of the questions that I get on a regular basis. Please make sure to check out all the videos and the links I’ve shared, hopefully you will learn a lot more about SL from them. If you do have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments of this post or the videos and I’ll try and answer as many as I can. Please do keep in mind that any CSR questions about products that I blog or if you can’t find the items that I’ve blogged in the past, it would be best to contact the designer of that item as they would be more helpful in that area than I would.

If you can also share this post with your friends and on your social networks, I would really appreciate it. Hopefully we can get others to try out Second Life as well! Thank you for reading and have a great day! <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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