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Akeruka Elen Mesh Head

Akeruka Elen Mesh Head

Akeruka has released two new female mesh heads recently: Monika currently at Mesh Body Addicts & Elen released at the mainstore with a special promo right now. Today I’m showing you the Elen head, here are some specifics about it:

  • Price: The head is currently available at the Akeruka mainstore for only L$899 if you join the Akeruka Heads Inworld Group until August 26th. The group is free to join and after the 26th the head will go back to regular price.
  • Tones & Makeup: The head comes with ten skin tones, hairbases, lipsticks, freckles, beauty marks and more.
  • Appliers: You can wear this head with the default SL body or with a mesh body. It comes with skin layers for default body as well as appliers for Altamura, Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, SLink, and TMP.
  • Developers Kit: If you are a creator in Second Life and you would like to create skins and appliers for any Akeruka Mesh Heads, you can fill out the application for the Developers Kit.
  • Animated: This is a fully animated head, which means you have the option to turn on the many face emotes it comes with as well as blinking and the talk animation. The talk animation is triggered once you start typing in local chat, (you will see the lips moving.)

I am wearing the Maitreya mesh body and Ikon mesh eyes with it. Here is a little video I did showing some of the details. I also showed a couple of SlackGirl Cosmetics appliers that you can purchase for it separately:

Video on YouTube:

Second Life Subscription Boxes

Happy unboxing!

Shape: Zara Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: [AK] Mesh Head Elen Vers. 1.2 by KaoZ Koba (Promo)
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Hazel by Ikon Innovia
Hair: +elua+ Odel_Brown by Miu Edman
*Bikini: Maitreya Mihira Bikini by Onyx LeShelle
*Cosmetics in Video: SlackGirl for Akeruka heads (flickr)


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

12 thoughts on “Akeruka Elen Mesh Head

  • Just went there and the group fee is $150, at least upon landing. I found there’s a button for the support group and that was free.

  • What I like about the Elen head: it most looks like my normal avatar’s face (finally one that does!), The Options HUD is easy to manage, there are a few options for the makeup, etc. the expressions aren’t too bad and the skin option right out of the box matched my A Glam Affair America tone. What I don’t like: some of the options like eyelashes only come with one option and I saw nothing at the store to add, the expressions, almost all of them, move my glasses all over my face as does talking, the expression hud uses numbers instead of icons and who is going to memorize what goes with what? The lipsticks are awful colors, but, more importantly, all make the lips look chapped. I would also like to see options for eyebrows as that dark brown isn’t for everyone. For the special price? Absolutely worth it, especially if you’re just getting started with mesh heads. Now if only I could combine this face with one of my other heads that do everything! lol What would life be if we didn’t want it all, eh?

  • Cristalle Karami

    I picked this head up and I have buyer’s remorse, even at this price. I couldn’t demo this with the Omega kit so I just bit the bullet and bought it. Mistake.

    I tried it with some of my favorite Omega appliers and it was horrible, it has really pointy eyebrows that are very much NOT like the included skin and gives massive resting bitch face. The mouth doesn’t seem to actually shut and the limited expressions can’t be mixed and matched to get a fully closed mouth all the time. I don’t know if that’s a function of head length, but I didn’t try because the head doesn’t respond to the head squash slider anyway.

    I thought the head has character, but this definitely is limited to using the included skins – which do not come close to matching my preferred skin tone, at least when not roleplaying. So in the box it stays, as it is functionally useless to me at this point in time.

  • Hey Debs, hopefully more designers will make makeup and eyelash options for the head so you’ll have more variety that way. I know SlackGirl just released some more lashes for Akeruka heads here: and yeah it would be great if there was an option to combine mesh heads to make our own with unique features lol!

    Hey Cristalle, sorry to hear you have buyer’s remorse. I never tried it with any omega skins because I’ve tried omega skins in the past with different mesh heads and I didn’t usually get a good result. Usually the skins made specifically for whichever mesh head you’re wearing work the best. So hopefully more designers will make skins for these heads and we’ll get more options that way. I’m glad you are still holding on to it, hopefully with updates you may like it more in the future.

  • I would advise folks to turn down the group join when landing and go to the wall with the discounted heads (yeah, there are two!. There’s a circular button for joining and that is the support group that activates the discounted price. Playing with the demo still. Can’t beat the price point when you get animations and such.

  • zzpearlbottom

    Can we apply a skin via uiid? can scripts be removed?

  • I do agree with Cristalle about the resting bitch face. I played with the expressions – finally fixed the issue where it moved my glasses all over the place – but they are very limited. There is really only one smile and it’s not really much of one so the face doesn’t change much at all. I also forgot to add that the teeth are a “con” for me. With the expressions that open her mouth, you can sort of see the teeth, but not really so it looks funny. If someone was looking for a starter head, I would definitely recommend this one even with the faults. I may still use it because as I said, it’s the closest to my normal avatar face. Thanks for the tip on lashes. I have the FATEful ones, but they have to be REALLY edited to fit this head from my Catwa positioning. I may just make a copy to keep in this head’s folder. I was allowed to remove my glasses last night so I’ll play with positioning tonight.

  • That’s what happened to me. In fact, I had penned a reply to Berry about that but not posted it. I walked in and found the actual join for this. I looked at the other head, but not with interest as it had total bitch face! lol This is not unique; when I was looking at making an alt, my friend told me that whatever I did, don’t buy one of the avatars with bitch face. I can’t understand why it’s a trend! From the day I learned about those sliders, I turned my lips up into a slight smile, my preferred look.

  • Thanks for the info Pay!

    ZZ, no you can’t.

    Hey Debs, yeah the Akeruka expressions work differently than the Catwa ones for sure. Luckily more and more heads are being released on a daily basis so more variety will certainly be offered. If you are looking for heads that have more of a smile than a RBF, then you can give Ga.Eg a try, you might find them more to your liking:

  • LOL My friend said I’m becoming addicted to mesh heads and I’m not, really, just always in search of improvement! I looked at those heads and got the demos to try later at home. I love testing new stuff out. So far, I have mostly liked all that I have, but each has something I like/dislike, none without some reservations, except, maybe Catwa’s Destiny. On that, I would like a bit more fuller lips, but I agreed with your review of this head and so far it’s my favorite and my most likely to wear. Part of my worries with trying new heads is being able to use the right skins. It’s difficult to find skins that make the Maitreya or Belleza body shine AND have an applier for the right head. Some vendors only carry a few appliers for even fewer heads. But, again, it’s fun playing with it all. Thanks for all your reviews and videos. I find you hit the right highlights in the items to take most of my questions.

  • Wow, Berry, you may have completed me! LOL I demoed, then purchased the GA EG Kirsten head and she honestly looks and feels the most like my normal avi, but on steroids due to the mesh! hehe While she may not have as many expressions as the LOGO heads with add-ons, the ones she has are lovely and subtle. I then purchased the Adriana for a different look AND because if you purchase add-ons, which I did, you can use them on both Smart huds for each head. That is a bonus! I showed my friend, who says I’m a mesh head junkie now hehe, and she wants one, too! Oh, MYLanta, I got the Halloween add-on effects and can’t wait for my favorite season now! LOVE THEM! As with the other, I had no problem with skin matching, but I purchased their skins and appliers as well. Better to be safe than sorry. At the moment, I can’t think of any “cons” and that’s strange for me because usually something bugs me. Oh, wait, with the current AO, my head dips down to look lower and the bottom eyelashes don’t look quite right from that angle. There, whew, something at least!?

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