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say my name

At least a few times a week I take a look at my stats to see which search terms people used and ended up on my blog. I do this not only for research purposes (so I can answer any questions people might be searching about) but it’s also incredibly entertaining. At least on a daily basis I get people searching for penis related things and ending up on my blog which most probably results in a big disappointment for them. Well, except for that one time I DID actually blog a penis, but hey, at least there weren’t any closeups!

Another thing I learned from looking at my search terms is that most people don’t know how to spell my name, which makes me wonder how they actually pronounce it since majority of the terms are usually “Strawberry Sign” or Strawberry Singe.” If you click over to my youtube channel, you’ll hear me saying my name in numerous videos right at the start, but I’ll share it here as well: last name is pronounced “sing” but really, it doesn’t make that much of a difference since it’s not my real name. I just find it rather amusing.

While we’re talking about random stuff, I do want to share a few things people ask me a lot about on a daily basis:

  1. The viewer I use most often is Firestorm. That’s my favorite viewer of choice and really the only one I use these days.
  2. I currently use Camtasia (see my computer specs page for updated links) to record video in Second Life. I have done a blog post that has a lot of information and tips about machinima making in Second Life.
  3. I have a complete list of my computer hardware and software on my specs page.
  4. I don’t accept payment to blog items, I just blog things that catch my interest. You can read my review policy in detail on this page if you are interested in getting me to blog your items.
  5. I’m not planning to do any blog memes over the summer (I might but no plans yet) however, you can find a list of blog memes that I’ve done in the past on this page.
  6. I’m currently not accepting photography clients over the summer, you can watch my photography page for updates.
  7. I have a FAQ page where I answer a lot more questions that you may find informative.

I think I covered most of the questions that people often ask me. Is there anything else you guys wanted to ask me? Let me know in the comments!

Shape: Zara Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Dyana V4.9 by Catwa Clip
*Skin Applier: Glam Affair – Catwa Applier – Bell by Aida Ewing (@ C88)
Eyeliner: Veechi – Winged Liners CATWA by Aiubrey Snoodle
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Brown by Ikon Innovia
*Jewelry: Zaara Ayanna by Zaara Kohime


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

9 thoughts on “Say My Name

  • Veronique Highwater

    This applier looks lovely with Dyana, which is also my favourite Catwa head!
    And I hear you on the name thing, if I had a dollar for every time I’m called Veronica, I’d be a very rich girl! Lol.

  • chericolette

    Me too with the name thing though if I think they talking to me I answer…
    Im not Cherry but Ch-er-i (last letter sounds as ‘e’) Cheri

    Do you say ‘Vernon-eek’, Veronique?

  • 🙂 Try pronouncing Nalates… I tried to make it easier for people by using the Display Name Nal. I don’t mind people mispronouncing it. People in general are gracious and try. They often feel bad or at least uncomfortable if they feel they have mispronounced. No need.

    Nă-lä-tēs … sort of like saying pilates. And the name is shaped like Natalie… so often get that too… 🙂

  • I usually get called Skull or Skill if people glance at my name and don’t take it in properly. People I’m friendly with get to call me Skelly, but I’ll side-eye any complete strangers who use that familiarity with me. And, if you try “Skellington” you’ll be treated to resting bitch face over here…

    With regard to search terms, I don’t run a stats plugin on my blog so I’ve no idea what brings people to me. However, when I did run stats on it (for about the first year or so) many of the search terms came up as ‘unknown search terms’. I later found out that this is what happens when someone is logged into any Google-related account (Gmail, G+, YouTube, etc.) and then uses Google to search. Google will obfuscate their search terms so you no longer see them. Kind of frustrating, really, when you can’t see what’s working on your blog and what isn’t.

    My Flickr stats, however, can be quite amusing, not to mention bewildering. Just looking at yesterday’s 304 search terms I find befuddling things like “black male ass” (my avatar is white, although I guess I wear a lot of black, I’m male, and I’ve shown my arse a few times on Flickr *g*) and “male pregnancy” (WTF? Just… NO! O.o), and more than a few unmentionable ones about ladyparts that have me scratching my head because I have NO idea how those search terms led people to my Flickr. Most of the ones that make more sense are to do with various “men in leather pants” searches, which is at least understandable, since I wear those rather frequently.

    In short: lotta strange and kinky people out there 😉

  • HA! Try “Seicher”! I’ll spare you the story (told many times & on my blog at But, yeah. I had no idea people would be SAYING my name in SL that fateful day I created an avatar “Seeker.” 🙂

    I don’t look at my stats often, but when I did and my blog was in full swing (it is kinda just getting back started again, kinda) the search words were both funny and exasperating. There were a lot of searches for my troll, which was funny (and like you and the penis searches, ultimately disappointing for the searcher because I rarely if ever mentioned anything).

    :::waves hand::: I have a question! You do surveys sometimes about where people come from to get to you…Flickr, the feed, etc. What percentage comes from your SL Feed?

  • Dojiba Sabra

    Quite a few have trouble with my name, too. Folks who know me call me Doji (Doe’ gee).

  • Aiubrey Snoodle

    A few days ago my friend Alessandra mentioned that you were talking about my eyeliners on plurk! I don’t have my plurk active anymore, so, excited to see Berry talking about my stuff, I rushed to google. And what did I type? “Strawberry Sign”. I knew it wasn’t right but I’m super lazy and rely on auto-correct to save my life. And your blog is the 3rd result for that search.

    ….so busted >.<

  • Thank you Veronique! I dunno how people see Veronica in your name though, so clearly Veronique lol. It’s beautiful!

    Cheri, I pronounced your name like Sherry, so I think that’s right according to the youtube video!

    Nalates ok I have been totally pronouncing your name wrong sorry lol. I was saying Naa Lates pronounced “late” not latee. Now I know!

    Skell, I had no idea that Google did that! That really sucks.

    Seicher I’m totally guilty of pronouncing your name wrong then lol, sorry! As for your question, my stats don’t show me referrers from the SL feed or flickr for some reasons. These are the top referrers from yesterday: I have never seen flickr or the sl feed show up there and I know for certain I get tons from flickr. Not sure why they don’t show up, would be nice to know!

    Dojiba, oh I would have messed up your name as well lol. Good thing you told us!

    Aiubrey lol it’s fine. You are not the only one that searches it that way lol. Love your eyeliners btw! <3

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