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Belly Dancing in Second Life


Recently I went back in my youtube video stream and I was more than a little embarrassed to see the first video I uploaded to youtube. It was a belly dancing video I uploaded back in 2008, I’m embedding it at the end of this post.

So I thought I’d try and redeem myself by doing a 2016 version of a belly dancing video. After doing the 2016 version, I realized the 2008 version is not that bad. My avatar is not THAT bad for 2008 and the belly dance animations from Animazoo are still some of my favorites, just the graphics and my poor recording is what still makes me cringe the most.

In the 2016 version, I used belly dance animations from Abranimations. They have a HUGE selection of belly dancing animations, in various styles. The music I used in this video was just something I found on the YouTube library because I wanted to use something that wouldn’t have any copyright issues. I’m actually not 100% sure it’s a song meant for belly dancing, but I just thought, close enough, lol!

Belly Dancing in Second Life

Here are both versions! Once again, the dance animations I’m using in the 2016 version are from Abranimations and the dance animations from the 2008 version are from Animazoo.

Belly dancing video 2016:

Belly dancing video 2008:

(click here for credits to this 2008 video)

I have to admit, I really enjoy making dancing videos in Second Life. They are just so much fun and trying to use my 3D mouse to zoom around my avatar to get different angles has been a CHALLENGE but so much fun to figure out. So just warning you guys, expect more dance videos to pop up at least once a month!

Off topic but I hope all of you are safe with your family and loved ones. There’s been two horrific events the past couple of days in Turkey and now in Bangladesh, and I’m so distraught and heartbroken over the state of the world these days. I pray all of you are ok, sending you much love. <3

Credits to 2016 video:
Shape: Zara Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Annie V4.9 by Catwa Clip
*Skin Applier: Glam Affair Gabriela by Aida Ewing (@ Gacha Garden)
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Brown by Ikon Innovia
*Hair: Wasabi Pills Tessa Mesh Hair by MissAllSunday Lemon (@ FaMESHed)
*Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Nephthys by Leti Hax
Outfit: Aisling Phryne by Druunah Esharham (flickr)
Face Jewelry: Aisling Karishma by Druunah Esharham (flickr)
*Arm, Thigh & Feet Jewelry: Zaara Raksha by Zaara Kohime (@ Uber)
Nail Polish: alaskametro<3 “Pride” nail art appliers by Alaska Metropolitan (@ Pulse)
Skybox: Scarlet Creative Alaouite Skybox by Charlotte Bartlett (Luxebox June)
*Pose in first two images: Long Awkward Pose (no longer available)
Dance Animations: Abranimations Belly Dances by Abramelin Wolfe


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

16 thoughts on “Belly Dancing in Second Life

  • Mmmmm … all that flexi prim … and the skirt attached to the hula hoop waist … and the shoes that shaped our feet into something more akin with geometry than anatomy … divine … could only have been improved with physics and bling *sings* “Memories”. Seriously though I think many of us have come a long way since then. Thank you for the walk down memory lane.

  • Luciole78 Zarco

    You know I saw a old post where you where talking about making video in SL , you wanted to do a dance video, but you needed the owner of the land to give it to you. And then june luxe box arrive with scarlett creative really awesome skybox , when I saw right in a second, I thought OMG this is so for Strawberry for a Belly dance video. Its like it was created for you. 🙂 I also send all the courage to those people who lives those stragedy in Turkey and Bangladesh, the world is upside down and those horrible thing as to stop.

  • Ystel Resident

    I apologize but I’m not enthusiastic by your 2016 version
    Less colors and the model lower body seems a little bit weighted.

  • Ramona lol yeah those were the day of flexi! I got to admit though, I do miss flexi when I’m dancing around. Mesh just seems so stiff.

    Luciole yes definitely lol! I just feel like this skybox was MADE for me haha. Will be using it all the time.

    Carla, beautiful image!

    Ystel, no need to apologize. Everyone has their own preferences.

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  • LOL. I had to go WAY back in my YouTube list to find this puppy. Not quite as old as yours but still …..

    Looks like that was my fifth video :D. That was never my shape, only one that came with the outfit. Without that shape all that prettiness never would have fit.

  • That 2016 video was really hard to watch. Boring, boring music that has nothing to do with belly dance. Inappropriate costume. (You seem to have forgotten to give her a skirt.) Repetitive choreography.

    The 2008 one was much better. More appropriate choice of music. Better costume. More interesting dance movement.

  • Chic that is a beautiful video!

    Shira, thank you for the critique, I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

  • AriannaCarmen

    You said that you are wearing the Catwa Gabriela applier on the Annie head, but what skin applier are you using for the Maitreya Lara body? The skins in the Maitreya hud that are close are shiny and I don’t see that in your photo. Thanks!

  • AriannaCarmen

    After reading your response I found the problem. It wasn’t with the Maitreya hud, but it was advanced lighting. So that means that I have to choose between not being able to see a sparkly dress that requires advanced lighting, or looking like I rolled around in olive oil. Not great options. 🙁

  • Arianna, I have my advanced lighting on all the time and I don’t have this issue. There must be something else that is causing it if you have already tried to turn off the shine on the HUD.

  • Marhi Snoodle

    Awesome! what dances do you use? i bought the large no1 pack with 35 dances

  • Hello Marhi, I don’t remember the numbers I used in this video unfortunately.

  • Marhi Snoodle

    Ok, no problem 🙂

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