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Pulse Fundraiser in Second Life

Pulse Fundraiser in Second Life

After so generously setting up the donation kiosk to support the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, Casper Warden of Caspervend has teamed up with Skye Everidge, and CerberusXing has donated the sim, for the Pulse Fundraiser in Second Life. Donations from all items for sale at this event will be going to the Pulse Victims Fund on Gofundme setup by Equality Florida.

Here is the SLurl to the Pulse Fundraiser!

Along with the items for sale, which you can see a complete list of on Seraphim’s website, people have also put themselves up for auction offering a variety of services. Here are just a few of the ones you’ll find on the board:
Mikel Monk, owner of TMD and Bueno, is offering early access to The Mens Dept event FOREVER!
> Blueberry is offering free fatpacks for LIFE!
> Awylder1 of Seraphim is offering free advertisement on Seraphim!
> Faust Steamer, owner of Contraption, is offering a variety of hilarious & interesting services!

Obviously my offering is not as exciting as some of the ones I’ve listed above, but if you are interested, this is what I’m offering if you bid and win me in the auction:

The event just opened at 11am SLT today so it’s already full and very hard to get in. You may want to wait a day or so before trying or use the Seraphim HUD to do repetitive teleporting to try and get in there. That’s how I got in for a minute to take the first picture!

After you are in and if you want to bid on one of the auctions, you just right-click on the person’s picture and pay the board a higher price than what is listed underneath the image so you can be the higher bidder. If you are outbid by someone else, you will get a full refund and then you can try again.

If you are not sure who the people are or what they are offering, just click on their image and you will get a notecard with the info of what services they are offering if you win their auction. There are, I think around 50 people up for auction (there are two boards now) so you have lots of people to choose from!

Pulse - Fundraiser

The Pulse Fundraiser and auction will run from June 28th till July 12th. I hope you get a chance to visit the fundraiser and contribute any way you can. If you are not able to make it, you can also contribute directly to the gofundme as well.

Here is the SLurl to the Pulse Fundraiser!

UPDATE July 12th, 2016: The Pulse Fundraiser is now over and Second Life residents have raised over L$5,000,000 linden dollars. Thank you to all those that contributed! <3


UPDATE July 20th, 2016: $20,806 USD has been donated to Pulse Gofundme from the Second Life community. Thank you to everyone that contributed! We are the 10th highest donation, details at this link.

Shape: Zara Shape by Strawberry Singh
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: CATWA HEAD Annie V4.9 by Catwa Clip
*Skin Applier: Glam Affair Bianca by Aida Ewing (@ Uber)
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Dune by Truth Hawks (@ Uber)
Top: Foxes – Pulse Tee – Lara – Peace (@ Pulse)
Jeans: Blueberry – Pizza Jeans by Blueberryxx (@ Pulse)
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Chocolat – Black by Julie Hastings (@ Pulse)
*Pose: Exposeur by RubyStarlight Writer (closing sale)


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

11 thoughts on “Pulse Fundraiser in Second Life

  • Everyone’s generosity is laudable, but two of the offerings give pause – Koffin Nails fingernail polish and wounds…

  • Some great items here, and I’ll definitely be heading over there this week. However, I agree with No Se: the ‘wounds’ item is in extremely poor taste, given the events behind this fundraiser.

    I tried to look up the creator on Marketplace, to see if that kind of item is all they make and therefore all they had to offer at short notice (I will always give the benefit of the doubt in cases like this), but I could only find re-sales of gacha items. These gacha items were red butterfly tattoos. If the creator can make red butterfly tattoos, why not recolour them to something like rainbow butterflies for this event, instead of offering bloodied wounds?

    Skipping over the items that give us pause (when they are items like this) is just ignoring the fact that more than one person (the designer and the host of the event) deemed it okay to have something that many of the victims in Pulse nightclub will have actually suffered that night on sale to raise money for them. And if we skip over them, even if we don’t like them, we are also implying that it’s okay. Walking past something and not looking at it doesn’t stop it from happening.

    I’ve blogged for World Goth Fair several times. It was initially set up to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Fund, which was created by the parents of a young woman who was beaten to death simply because she was ‘different’ (in her case, she and her boyfriend – who was severely injured in the attack – were set about because they were both Goths). Every year, the hosts had to say something akin to the following (taken from the 2014 setup) –

    “Please bear in mind that this charity involves a woman who was beaten to death. So have some discretion in what you bring with you. If you wouldn’t show it to her mother, don’t bring it. I mention this because every year someone wants to bring “bruised and battered” tattoos and makeup layers and every year I have to tell them no. Please don’t make me have this conversation again, okay?”

    I don’t want to be the negative curmudgeon here, because this is a fantastic thing that SL’s creators are doing, but I’m sorry: those wound tattoos turned my stomach when I saw them. They do not belong in an event like this, and it saddened me to see them, especially when I found out they could easily have been replaced by something else from that creator.

  • Thank you, Strawberry, for blogging this important event in SL; it’s a great opportunity to support the victims of the Orlando shootings and their families and community – as well as the underlying issues including equality and kindness. I so appreciate the creators and auction participants for giving of their time and talent to support this very worthy cause. We all must stand up for love, and this is one way to do so.
    I too was saddened to see items depicting injury at the event. I imagine this was an oversight, but it is an unfortunate one. I continued shopping and found some lovely items to purchase from generous creators who offered their work for partial or full credit to the fundraiser, but I admit that my thoughts returned to those items and to the brutality they represent. There is a world of difference between roleplaying and RL, but there is a connection in my mind in this instance.
    The event is well-put-together in a pleasing environment and I am happy to report that there were many there shopping and donating when I visited. I will share the information with friends and note the SLurl so they may attend. Thank you for your participation, Berry, and may everyone who participates find a sense of justice and peace by their efforts.

  • I absolutely agree with all of you, the wounds were pretty distasteful. There were two reasons that I didn’t purchase them, one because they were wounds and the other was because they weren’t 100% donation.

    I personally tried to avoid all items that weren’t 100% donation because I felt that was profiting from the charity and found that to be pretty distasteful, but again, that’s just my opinion. People have their own opinions about what’s ok and what’s not.

    That’s why I just suggested to pass them by because I feel like, what else am I going to do? I don’t really want to complain to the event organizers about every little thing that I see wrong with the event. I just think their intentions were in the right place and I leave it at that.

    I guess I’m more of a silent protester. If I see something that rubs me the wrong way, I just avoid it and try not to promote it.

    But yes Skell, I can see your point of view and if more people did speak up then perhaps in the future it wouldn’t happen.

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  • The Pulse Fundraiser is now over and Second Life residents have raised over L$5,000,000 linden dollars. Thank you to all those that contributed! <3

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