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24 thoughts on “The “What is She Wearing?” HUD

  • rissina resident

    OMG where has this hud been all my life!! Thank you !!

  • Cougar Sangria

    Thank you Berry for sharing the ‘What Is She Wearing” HUD information. I had to have it. I have been using the same method you use to get a list of credits since I started blogging. Saves me a lot of time. Thank you for putting all this information in a video.

  • I’m so guilty of right clicking on people. I’m always afraid I’ll get caught, too! 😀 I laughed at the chick in the bed with her laptop in the middle of Truth’s. And yup, gotta have this one. Hope you have fun on your days elsewhere!

  • hehe I’m definitely not too shy to ask though I admit to trying to inspect more than ask. I’ve also got some rude responses, sadly. Thanks for posting this!

  • Just watched the video and I wanted to stop your camming! Why? So I could see the hairs you went past! hehe TRUTH is still my favorite hair in SL though I have others. I’ve bough so much there, especially during the sales. I have so many favorites. The HUD is great though I would love to know skin and shape, too. But, again, I’m not shy and I ask. Still, this is great and since shoes are my other obsession and you can’t usually right-click them, this will help wonderfully! Enjoy your time away!

  • Maxcringefactor???

    UGH I wish I never saw that video?
    The way you speak is very very VERYYYYYYYYYYY cringe?
    Ending everything with a question mark is sooooooooo trendy though, go KK, erm yeah whatever? Idiot? YES. No question mark on that one.

  • Thanks everyone, glad you guys are liking the HUD!

    Maxcringefactor, like OMG dude you are so right?! You should totally watch this one too cuz I said OMG constantly and also called everything cute?!:
    and thanks, was trying so hard to be the KK of SL?! Have a great day?! <3

  • This is so fantastic and useful! I’ve never been shy about asking stylish avatars what he/she is wearing and for the most part people have been very gracious and some even pass the LMs to the store where they got them. Thanks and hugs to all those kind, lovely peeps! But wow this brings “perving” to a world-class level, I love it hahaha. No longer will I need to put my alt into edit outfit mode, find the darn menu where you can copy to clipboard, etc, etc 😀

    Thanks again for another supremely useful and fun blog post. And take care, I totally empathize with how you are feeling about the awful events in Orlando. My daughter-in-law posted a graphic which says “We don’t have to agree on anything to be kind to one another.” C’mon world, let’s live by those words.

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  • I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip, Berry. <3

  • Funny that someone hasn’t worked out a HUD like that years ago. Love that shirt!

  • Another excellent and helpful post. Thanks so much for sharing

  • To mr or ms cringe, didn’t your mama ever teach you “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all?” Sheesh. Your attitude makes me ill when all she’s trying to do is something nice for other people. If you don’t like her voice or how she speaks, turn the video off and carry on your merry way. Actually taking the time to make up an anon name just to harass someone is exactly the kind of crap nobody needs, today or any other.

    To Berry, *big hugs* And thanks for the useful info, again.

  • Damn, that’s useful! Sadly, another thing it won’t catch is the one thing I always forget: which nail applier HUD I used XD

    This reminded me of how, a few years back, some people used to wear those awful, lagtastic multi-prim ‘anti-inspect’ attachments (which were so easy to circumvent anyway). I’ve seen Marketplace reviews for those things where the voices of vanity brag that “now all those jealous girls will have to ASK me what I’m wearing instead of going out and making themselves look just like me”. Funny how all those rabid anti-inspect people usually look like a crock of crap, though, innit? 😉

  • Skell, you took the words right out of my mouth! When I do find someone wearing those (and they still do!), I politely ask, because it’s usually their shoes or hair I’m interested in anyway. Again, RUDE responses! The funny thing is, even if I find that hair/shoes/whatever, I won’t wear it the same as they do. I’m a mix & match kind of girl. Heck, my best friend and I have the same mesh head yet look totally different!

  • Maxcringefactor???

    CronoCloud – it’s certainly NOT used in the UK, dimwit.

  • It most certainly is used in parts of the UK, ‘Maxcringe’. Although it’s often derided amd ridiculed as an American “Valley Girl” thing, the high rising terminal is a common feature of English as spoken in Northern Ireland, specifically the Ulster area, viz. –

    “In general, Ulster English speakers’ declarative sentences (with typical grammatical structure, i.e. non-topicalized statements) end with a rise in pitch, which is often heard by speakers of non-Ulster English as a question-like intonation pattern.”

    Perhaps you have no Ulsterians among your acquaintance (or, perhaps, you don’t regard those in Northern Ireland as “being British”), hence your view of the UK’s estimated 48 different known dialects is a tad limited, but a little research is always beneficial before one insults someone who is factually calling you out for being incorrect.

    Internet insults tell us a lot more about the person making them than about the person they’re aimed at. You have called someone an idiot for the way they speak, and someone else a dimwit for offering a source link that you didn’t bother to check. Your behaviour amuses me greatly, revealing so much about your personality as it does. I fully expect you to call me something, too, when you come back to check what responses your latest comment has had. Although I will warn you that I’ve heard most of them already (especially the gay ones) and they’re pretty yawn-inducing, so please do at least come up with something original for me. I’ll be rather put-out if all I get is an insult that a five year-old would aim in a playground.

  • Oh, there’s a typo in my comment. There’s your ammmunition, Maxcringe. Go for it!

  • And another typo! Curse this keyboard for offering Maxcringe another chance to eviscerate me with words!

    (Heh! Apologies for the comment spam, Berry. Have a great mini-break.)

  • Maxcringefactor???

    Skell… one word …. YAWN! (stfu, everyone’s asleep).

  • Hey Skell, no apologies for the comment spam needed! I had a fantastic mini-break, just what I needed. Looks like Maxcringefactor could use a mini-break too, or you know, at least get laid.

  • Sommerland Starostin

    Oh wow this is so informative. Good to know about the HUD, and also the appearance list. I’ve been using a much slower and painstaking process when listing my wear information for an outfit. Thank you. I feel kind of dumb that I didn’t know this though haha. The Lindens really should employ you as an SL guide and ambassador lol.

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