13 thoughts on “StrawberrySingh.com Zara Shape

  1. <3
    I love it!
    I'll buy it!
    The other shape i bought from you on marketplace is so pretty! I always wear it without mesh head because the face go well with any kind of skin!!!

  2. Awwww thank you Yumi, I’m so happy you like them! <3

  3. […] I’ve finally got around to creating a new shape that I feel works well with the Maitreya Mesh Body and comes in a few versions that will help you wear it easily with different mesh heads. This shape is now available in my marketplace store.  […]

  4. Very well done, Berry, I like your shapes ;)

  5. Gryphon Ronas says:

    The problem with a demo that distorts the body is those of us that always wear mesh heads can’t see the part we’re interested in, which is the body.
    Looks nice in the pictures, from what I can see of it.

  6. Staceybee Nikolaidis says:

    Love it! Thanks for making this for us :)

  7. Thanks for your efforts and sharing them! Is there a Manberry shape in the future?

  8. Gin Perdide says:

    I read this article quickly and logged in and changed my neck to 11. hahahahahaha. I knew something had to be wrong because my head looked like it was about to fall off its tiny widdle neck. Aha, it was the body fat not the neck that is 11. Phew, I was so happy I went back to read this again.

  9. Thank you everyone!

    Johnny I haven’t really attempted a male shape before but I’ll see if I can give it a try.

  10. […] using the three head sliders (Head Size, Head Stretch and Head Length) and also different skins. I am wearing my regular mesh head Zara shape with this head. My favorite skin with this head is Bold & Beauty Chloe, however I have done a video below […]

  11. […] two stunning skins that suit Destiny remarkably well: Calliope and Hope. I’m wearing my Zara shape with the head, the one for regular mesh […]

  12. […] does respond to head sliders like all of Catwa’s other mesh heads. I am wearing my Zara shape with it, the version that is for regular mesh […]

  13. […] in my marketplace store now. For the shapes I wear most often in my blog posts  you can check out my Zara shape for females and my John shape for […]

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