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  1. YouTube tends to chew up SL videos into such terrible quality that I moved to Vimeo. The machinima community there is certainly smaller, but I’m stubborn.


  2. Pepa Cometa says:

    Thank you for all that information and for mentioning my video, Berry :)
    I agree with Kobuk, my main account for machinima is oalso on vimeo.

    Don’t miss the Kobuk’s video for UWA contest, she wont the first award, it’s really great, one of the best I’ve ever seen.
    (Please delete my previous comment, the link was wrong, that’s not mine) :)

  3. Pepa Cometa says:

    Erythro Asimov is my favorite machinimaker, he had made very beautiful videos
    Also he has on vimeo a great and nice series of tutorials about making machinima that are super useful:

    If someone is thinking about starting making machinima, these tutorials are a must!

  4. Thanks for sharing you guys! I’ve made an account on vimeo just now and added a video to test it out, it’s not bad! I’ll see if I can keep up with it but I think my main focus will still be on youtube. I’ve followed you guys on there:

  5. http://slmachinimaarts.ning.com/ Machinima Artist Guild is also a good longstanding SL machinima site. They also have a pro site. Aview http://www.aviewtv.com/ is yet another.

  6. SteffanieMichelle says:

    As Always, I learn so much from your blog. I only wish I would have found you years ago. I loved your Machinima in this post and I do have a question as how to you got the camera to smoothly fly around your dancing avi. It appears as if you have the camera on a crane dolly to get the fly-by and overhead shots. I tried using the camera controls to do this but it doesn’t seem I am good enough to get shots like yours.

  7. […] for this month. First run in 2013, you can see details and comments about folk’s lists on Strawberry’s blog. The only thing I would add to her post is that there are also a good number of machinima up on […]

  8. Quite a bit disappointing that i’m not in a single list of these.

    I have checked your list, your subscriptions and SLArtist. None of which list any of my videos.

    Devastating to see regular vlogs being so popular compared to less frequent video makers who focus on less but higher quality content. It seriously makes me question the worthiness of these videos, the time and skills used to make these.

  9. Niran, I’m not sure why you seem to be offended that your channel/videos were not on the lists, it’s not like we are purposely leaving people out. I even requested those that I have missed to please add their links in the comments and I will add you.

    It’s unfortunate that you find it “devastating” that I took the time and effort to promote residents trying to create positive and inspirational videos of all kinds, not just vlogs.

    I’m also not sure why the “worthiness” of the others comes into question just because yours were missed. This is not a competition, we are trying to create a community and promote each other. If you leave the link to your channel in the comments, it will be included.

  10. Thank you Kara, great resources!

    Steffanie I used a 3D mouse to cam around: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000LB7G00?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creativeASIN=B000LB7G00&linkCode=xm2&tag=zahra08-20
    but you don’t need that or the camera controls to cam around. You can use the ctrl+alt+mouse trick I talked about in this video: https://youtu.be/maELk9Ih9fs
    Hope that helps you out!

  11. Friday Siamendes says:

    Fraps records large formats smoothy because it requires very little real-time rendering. The downside is that rendering later, in your editor, is very processor-intensive. Other apps render more during recording, which means smaller more manageable files – but your processor and gpu are taxed heavily during the process.
    One minus for Fraps is that it’s PC only, befitting its gaming origins. For Mac, I like Movavi Screen Capture. It has delivered pretty much bug-free performance and is easy to use for larger resolutions. which we are all capturing nowadays because we imagine that 1) people will watch our stuff in a movie theater, undoubtedly in Cannes, Tribeca or Sundance, and 2) some day Yahoo and Vimeo will be able to share 4k, although they don’t even play 1080 today, because bandwidth will become magically available, like nuclear fusion.

  12. The Pepa Cometa video about Berlim 1920 is so adorable. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. I’m not offended, i’m disappointed, for many more reasons a general answer like mine can describe.

    For this case relevant: my disappointment comes from my expectation that you (in this case you specifically) should know me and my work, you as someone who seems to get around a lot with machinima and photography, at least from what i’ve seen in the past. It makes it quite disappointing personally that you either don’t or forgot about me, which is fine on a human level, you can’t know everything.

    I measure “worthiness” by the content’s message and how many people watch/read/use it, taking its own situation into account. A video is worthless if its educational but no one watches it, it tells me “no one” is interested in that kind of topic/content making it a wasted effort on the creators part.

    I can give you an example: Whenever i finish an update for my Viewer, i write an extensive change log with every single change listed in it, a while ago i also wrote complete blog posts for every update, explaining changes, showing them pictures of said changes and what these changes mean for users. Now guess how many read the post or looked at the pictures. People constantly IMing me about said changes asking why stuff is like it is. This clearly shows me that no one reads it. It’s wasted time, wasted effort. Adding salt into the wound: browsing the internet and finding no-name random blogs, twitter posts, tumblr posts, forum threads about these said changes and how people don’t understand what is happening, complaining that said changes came out of nowhere or even declaring them as “bugs”, then finding said subject’s topic or blog being well visited and commented on is a slap in your face. I wish this was exaggeration.

    I hope this gives you an idea where my disappointment comes from.

  14. Oh darn and before i forget. There’s also ShadowPlay as recording software for NVidia users with GTX 600 Series or above. It’s free, captures 60 FPS at 1080p without any problems or noticeable framerate impact and can be used for streaming too, it also has a nice feature to shadow-record making you able to capture the past few minutes too. OpenBroadcaster can use ShadowPlay’s recording/encoding libraries but from my experience OpenBroadcaster was much slower doing so, almost as slow as any normal recording software, rendering the benefit of ShadowPlay entirely non existant again.

  15. Niran, thank you for explaining your disappointment. I want to share with you something that my father always taught me: never expect anything from anyone, then you won’t be disappointed.

    I apologize I missed adding your channel. I am unfamiliar with your work. I am not that deeply involved in the machinima world as of yet, I am just starting to familiarize myself with it now.

    I am honestly surprised that you know me or my work, since I don’t think we have come across each other before. And that is usually the case with me, I am surprised when people know me or my little blog. But that’s just me, I don’t assume everyone knows me, nor does it really affect me if they don’t. I do my work for myself. For example, I do regular blog challenges and memes on my blog, sometimes 100 people participate, sometimes 5 people participate. That doesn’t deter me from doing them when I want and I don’t get disappointed when people don’t participate. That’s just the way life is.

    And like I said earlier, I have requested people that I missed (since I am sure you are not the only person that I missed) to leave their links to their channels in the comments and I will of course subscribe so they are also added to the list.

    Instead of getting disappointed and trying to guilt-trip me because I am not familiar with your work, if you had just said, “Hey Berry, I have a channel too, here’s the link…” I would have subscribed right away and would have discovered your work and been encouraged and excited to learn more about what you do in SL.

    But once again, I apologize for disappointing you. That was never my intention. My intention with this post was to encourage and promote the Second Life machinima artists that I had stumbled upon while searching for the words “Second Life” on youtube. That’s it. I hope my apology makes up for any pain or disappointment I may have caused you.

  16. Just wanted to note that taking a screen shot of the LL snapshot and machinima webpage does constitute “copying” which is stated as a prohibited activity right up there at the top :D — at least screenshots were considered as “infringement” when that was my business, so you might want to check with someone official as I think you are breaking the TOS there. :D

    Meanwhile have great fun with you machinima!!!!


  17. Chic, you know it’s funny that I asked people to click over and read that page carefully and I missed that part right at the top myself lol. Thank you for pointing that out, I’ve removed the screenshot! Loved your latest video about SL13B btw, can’t wait for it!

  18. Awesome tutorial Berry.
    Thank you for all the support.

    My page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9C6H_z7LEWImemKjjmQepQ

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  20. You should give Debut a try. It’s awesome. I got it for my birthday last year, and I have used nothing since. It’s for video capture. http://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/

  21. Pepa Cometa says:

    Check this one out by Maylee Oh, I
    didn’t find it in your list of subscriptions and she is really great :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwAORc5dhDo

  22. Pepa Cometa says:

    The performances filmed in real time in second life are also an interesting genre of machinima. I like very much this one: the creativity of many people!

  23. Amelie Marcoud says:

    Hello! I am a fairly new machinima maker and it is lovely to see all the great works from SL users. Here is my most recent one, about virtual reality.

    [vimeo 209289979 w=640 h=360] Ode to VR: The Future of Virtual Reality from Amelie Marcoud on Vimeo.

  24. This is a nice post explaining a lot about movie poster. I really appreciate your efforts to do so. Plz keep posting.

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