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Luxe Box for May 2016 Unboxing Video!

Luxe Box for May - Unboxing Video!

When I first heard about the Luxe Box concept in Second Life a few weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to do a surprise unboxing video for it. I thought it would be fun to record myself opening all of the boxes and my reactions to them. The Luxe Box was sent out late last night and I was out and about in the real world today so I didn’t read any SL Social Media on purpose to make sure I was genuinely surprised when I opened the items.

The video didn’t turn out as neat as I thought it would though lol. There were quite a few items to go through so it took me about half hour to go through it all, even though I was trying to rush. I am not going to do any credits in this post as I mentioned most of the items I’m wearing in the video. But if you do have any questions about any of the items I am wearing in the video at any point, please feel free to leave your questions in the comments and I’ll try and answer them the best I can.

Here is the unboxing video with my initial reactions to the items on Youtube:

If you did not join Luxe Box this month and you would like these items, there is a way for you to get them. I asked my friends on plurk and they said it will be available next month in the Luxe Box Boutique. You can find more information about all of this on the Luxe Box FAQ page.

As far as the items in this month’s Luxe Box are concerned, I think it was well worth the L$1000 I paid to sign up for it. I will most probably be wearing most of these items. Also, depending on the price, I think I will definitely sign up for Luxe Box again.

Let me know if you liked the unboxing video and if you would like me to do more of these if I sign up with Luxe Box again. I found it kind of fun to record my reactions. I noticed in the video I kind of flashed you guys in some parts so I tried to blur that out using Youtube’s editor, not sure if I did it properly lol but the flashing isn’t too bad so the video is relatively safe for work!

Happy unboxing!

UPDATE May 16th: One more thing I found out about Luxe Box is that they also have gifts available at a separate location which they shared at their launch party when they released the box. I didn’t realize this before because it was not sent as a notice to the group, I found out through plurk. So if you are still in the Luxe Box group, take this SLurl to that location right now and pick up the gifts from Reign and Foxes for FREE before they are gone!

You can also visit the Luxebox Boutique inworld where they have their subscribomatic which you can join and stay in for free, to get all of the reminders about Luxe Box each month!

UPDATE May 17th: There has been several updates to the box since it was delivered. Not only was the Erratic dress and the Scarlet Creative house updated like you saw in the video but after the video Tee*fy updated her outfit, Tres Blah added more belt colors and Magika added 3 solid hair colors. So don’t forget to reattach the HUD and get all these updates redelivered before it’s too late.

Also, everyone keeps asking me what I’m wearing in the video before I started opening up the box so here are the credits for that:
Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body
Mesh Head: Catwa Alice Head
Skin Applier: Insol Marcela Skin
Hair: LeLutka Bailee Hair
Dress: Blueberry Sabina Dress
Shoes: Empire Peony Shoes


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

26 thoughts on “Luxe Box for May 2016 Unboxing Video!

  • If you join again next month, would love another unboxing video. I think that everyone right now is debating joining again since we have no idea what the normal price might be.

    A tip for the Tee*fy dress, if you have the Addams panties from the Elizabeth set from The Epiphany – April 2016 round, it works perfectly with the dress so you don’t flash anyone and if you don’t want to alpha out everything.

    Also as much as I loved the Magika hair, I wish they would have done solid colors,I know many love the two tones,but for people with darker skin tones like myself, it just looks a little off even if the hair is super cute.

    Anyways thanks for the video and sorry for the long comment.

  • Taykyn Resident

    I love that pose you’re standing in, can you name it? xD

  • Tessa Rosca

    Loved the unboxing video! I loved pretty much everything in the box. I think I love the idea of the unknown. I do wish the price would stay around 1K lindens, but even if it goes up to 2K I would probably still purchase. I would have bought all of this at any regular event anyway.

  • Thanks for the tip Silver! I actually have that Addams set so I’ll def bust it out with the teefy dress. And absolutely will do another video if I sign up again next month.

    Taykyn, the pose in the stand I am using is one from Long Awkward Pose that I got back in 2008 and now the store is closed, sorry about that!

    Tessa yes I agree, I would go up to 2K for it too, hopefully they won’t go much higher than that!

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  • AmyMeredith

    Thanks for taking the time to make this video, Berry, much appreciated and I found it fun and very helpful! The SC house looks so gorgeous in the advanced lighting mode!

  • Hello Berry, awesome video as usually, and a quick info 🙂 if you right click the Moon hair and pick” touch” a resizing window will pop up. And again i just realized it my computer is too old, but atleast now I see well the materials 🙂

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  • I confess that I was very curious about it. I wanted to join it but I rather pass this round and see what would come first. Gladly there’s only cute stuff in the box. Next month I’ll be joining for sure. I hope the price doesn’t increase too much. Thanks for sharing it, Berry! 🙂

  • ZoeyNewlon

    Hi Strawberry,
    Great video..thank you!

    Can you tell us what hair you are wearing in the video?

    Thanks much!

  • Thank you Amy!

    Thanks Jibi! Yeah I know it’s scripted, but usually I prefer to edit things using the second life edit preferences, that way I can stretch, rotate, etc… as I please. I did finally get the hair to fit well so that was a plus!

    Thanks Katien!

    Zoey, the hair I’m wearing right at the starting of the video is a new release from LeLutka:

  • The blouse, there is a lace top in the folder above the one you had one. ^_^

  • Awesome video Berry! 🙂

    But what’s with all the attitude? You pouted through the whole video!! I don’t think I saw you smile once!?

    OMG… it’s 2016 & Berry’s so jaded! 😛


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  • This is a great unboxing video! I got the luxe box but have been on holiday, so watching this video made me really look forward to getting home and unboxing my own! 🙂

  • fun video Berry! too bad you didn’t “accidentally” scroll down so we could all perv the rest of your inventory 😀 That doesn’t matter though because I am switching to Cardboard Box Bot avatar because I will never ever look as good as you do ! *smiles*

    /me waves and hugs Vaneeesa too

  • Ilder Kira

    Nice video, now I got to go unpack mine cause there are things I want to wear there lol…

    Wonder what the name of the skin you wear with your head is?

    If you sign up again please make another unboxing video 🙂

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  • Thanks so much for all the feedback everyone! I’m happy you guys like the video, will def try and do another one if I sign up again.

    Everyone keeps asking me about the items I am wearing before I opened the box so here is a list:
    Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body
    Mesh Head: Catwa Alice Head:
    Skin Applier: Insol Marcela Skin:
    Hair: LeLutka Bailee Hair:
    Dress: Blueberry Sabina Dress:
    Shoes: Empire Peony Shoes:

  • The flowey top has flat and lace version in the bottom of the folder 🙂 that’s why it didn’t work, it was for a different version

  • AdalynnLove

    The video was great! I didn’t even check the length of it till I was done watching it and I was shocked it was 30 minutes. It felt way shorter. I think you did great with it and I hope they don’t mark the price up too much, either. I’d love to join next time! I didn’t find this one until it was too late to join.

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