40 thoughts on “Second Life Rezday Yearbook Challenge 2016!

  1. Cristalle Karami says:

    Happy Rezday, Berry!

    I think this year’s headshot is pretty amazing, that is a great head/skin combo for you. I think that it is saying something that this year, in that you finally took a rezday headshot with a mesh head instead of your system head – mesh head technologies are maturing quickly, to the point where you may feel more comfortable in them than without.

  2. Happy Rez Day; Mother of Bloggers, Queen of Photography!

  3. […] not a huge thing to create yearbooks where I am from so, seeing that today is Monday and also Strawberry Singh rez day; I decided to participate in the Second Life Rezday Yearbook Challenge 2016. STYLECARD: […]

  4. *raises a glass of pixel tequila* Happy Rezday, O Berried one! Remembering Skell’s last yearbook/school photo entry, I’m not sure what he’ll do this time, but I’ll try my best to cajole him into not being a sullen little git :p

  5. […] My Second Life Yearbook Photo 2016 for Strawberry Singh’s “Second Life Rezday Yearbook Challenge 2016” […]

  6. chericolette says:

    Congratulations and THANK YOU Berry. Its been great sharing your stories too.

  7. […] Meme instructions: Take a yearbook style image of your Second Life avatar and add it to the Second Life Yearbook Flickr Group. You can also write your rezday at the bottom of the image so we know when you joined.  […]

  8. Happy Rezday Berry!! Thank you so much for sharing your Second Life with all of us! <3
    Here's my yearbook photo… :D

  9. I want a yearbook photo! It’s been too long.

  10. happy rezzday!! Always is a pleasure read your blog!! <3 <3

  11. Thank you all so much. I had a wonderful rezday! <3

  12. […] Berry has brought back her Second Life Yearbook Challenge to celebrate her 9th Rez Day. And this time asking us to write when we blinked into SL existence on […]

  13. Happy belated rezzday!

  14. […] Sourced through Scoop.it from: strawberrysingh.com […]

  15. […] (click here for a raw shot) Today is my 9th rezday and I gotta be honest, I’m starting to feel old! If you don’t know what a rezday is, it’s the date you created your Second Life avatar. So it’s kind of like your avatar’s birthday.  […]

  16. […] time I tried one of Strawberry Singh’s Monday Memes was …. um, I don’t remember. This week’s challenge sounded like a lot of fun and I do have some time, so here […]

  17. CheriColette says:


    This challenge was a simple one but it still took me a while to get around to it. And you’re right. Uccie..its fun to do.

  18. Lita Stone says:

    So this challenge gave me reason to make a new profile picture, show off new hairstyle and almost show off a new dress lol but also found it difficult after awhile of which background I wanted to use too *LOL* but yeah here’s my SL 2016 Yearbook Challenge Meme https://www.flickr.com/photos/141926977@N06/26857032282/in/dateposted-public/

  19. Kacey Macbeth says:

    Happy rezday to you!! This was a fun challenge, that I could not pass up!


  20. I wish you many more happy rez dayzzz! :)

  21. Your Rezday is my RL birthday. Happy Rezday. I’ll do this meme closer to my Rezday, which is in July and which I’m totally going to take the day off in RL. (I’ll probably take the week off so I can REALLY do SLRFL right)

  22. I hope you had a wonderful Rez day and will celebrate many more.

  23. […] Second Life Rezday Yearbook Challenge 2016! […]

  24. Thank you so much everyone for participating in the yearbook challenge this year! I have brought back the movie poster challenge this week, hope you guys can participate!

  25. […] HAVE YOU SEEN HIS AVATAR) I asked him if he would let me take a yearbook picture of him for my Yearbook Challenge and he so nicely agreed! Here it […]

  26. […] her 9th Rezday, the meme came […]

  27. inkie Loudwater says:

    Better late then never.
    Lets call it Fashionably Late

  28. […] I couldn’t resist.  Strawberry Singh’s yearbook challenge for 2016. […]

  29. […] contribution to Strawberry Singh’s Yearbook Rez day challenge. See the collection of photos. See the challenge. NEW All the Moon Elixir items are from Fantasy Gacha Carnival till June 7: Moon Elixir – […]

  30. […] Greetings! I decided to do another of Strawberry Singh’s Yearbook challenges. This time its about how long you have been in Second Life. My rezday isn’t til August but I really wanted to do this challenge now. I’ve seen so many wonderful things here. People came and went. SL has actually helped me in the RW with buying my house and oh how my music palette has increased! Its been an awesome ride! You can read all about Strawberry’s challenge at her website ~ Here ~ […]

  31. […] it’s your yearbook photo in either the description or tags. Check out my yearbook images from 2016 and 2015. Looking forward to your yearbook […]

  32. […] where I really like it. I am even wearing it with my most favorite skin that I wore with Alex, Insol Tatyana. I am really happy with this shape and bento head now and I can make small adjustments to it to fit […]

  33. […] your yearbook photo in either the description or tags. Check out my yearbook images from 2017, 2016 and 2015. Looking forward to your yearbook […]

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