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Patch Linden Broke into My House!

Patch Linden Broke into my House!

So if you guys remember reading my blog post about my Secret Linden Crush, you know that I have the biggest crush on Patch Linden. So much so, that I have plurked about him quite a few times. The first time I ever met him was at a Linden Meetup and I talked about that in this plurk. I even took pictures standing beside him and shared them (I know, I’m ridiculous lol)! Recently I saw him again (from far away) at the latest Lab Chat and again stole some pictures of him, because HAVE YOU SEEN HIS AVATAR, and shared them on plurk again. Well I guess my best friend (and totally evil person) Zaara Kohime saw my plurk and decided to find a way to reach out to Patch so she can surprise me on my rezday. Yes, these are the kinds of things that give this woman pleasure, TOTALLY TORTURING ME!

Anyhow, there I was, just a few hours ago, standing on a pose stand on my platform making funny faces at my camera when some person lands right in front of me. I zoom out and completely FREAK OUT! Then next thing I know he says this:

[12:10] Patch Linden: I want a picture with you!
[12:10] Strawberry Singh: OMGGGGGGGGGG
[12:10] Strawberry Singh: YYOUU
[12:10] Strawberry Singh: I
[12:10] Strawberry Singh: OMGGG
[12:10] Patch Linden: Happy 9th Rezz day! 😀
[12:11] Strawberry Singh: I am sorry, you just completely startled me
[12:11] Strawberry Singh: LOL
[12:11] Strawberry Singh: thank you <3
[12:11] Patch Linden: Haha! You’re welcome.
[12:11] Patch Linden: Someone put me up to this. 😛
[12:11] Strawberry Singh: LOL I am sure I know who it was
[12:11] Strawberry Singh: God I am completely red
[12:11] Patch Linden: Hahaha

So of course a minute after that Zaara came landing on my head too. I knew she totally planned this! It was sweet of her though to risk her Second Life by contacting a Linden to come and trespass onto my platform and startle me. These are the kinds of things she does for her best friend! I took a picture of us three together, even though Zaara and I were totally wearing the same outfit, lol! Then to keep him on my platform even longer (because HAVE YOU SEEN HIS AVATAR) I asked him if he would let me take a yearbook picture of him for my Yearbook Challenge and he so nicely agreed! Here it is:

Patch Linden Yearbook Photo

I have to admit, this is probably one of the best rezday presents Zaara has ever given me. I have no idea how she pulled it off but I love her (and kinda hate her) for it. Thank you Zaara and thank you Patch for being so sweet and not making me feel like a crazy fangirl (even though this post proves that I kind of am)!

I have had a bunch of you guys message me inworld and on social media too to wish me a happy rezday. Thank you all so much. This has been the BEST DAY EVER! <3

UPDATE: Patch was recently interviewed on Mainland Matters so I thought I would share the post here too. It’s a great piece. He shared his five favorite mainland destinations: The Interview – Patch Linden


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

29 thoughts on “Patch Linden Broke into My House!

  • That is totally awesome and he definitely has an awesome avatar, but so do you! Oooo I’m just going to say that you look hot together! hehe Oh and I love all three outfits! His is geek casual and I love it!

  • NaughtyPrincess Milneaux

    LOL! This is awesome and I can totally get behind your fangirling in this case. He’s dreamy.

  • chericolette

    Thats a great present….so hard to surprise people in SL.

  • oh he is a cutie! Patch and Xiola really need to help out a few other Lindens with their avies though for sure!

  • Cougar Sangria

    Totally awesome! Happy Rez Day and many more♥

  • Cristalle Karami

    lol, too funny and yes, Kess, I’d agree 100%!

  • That’s great to see such lovely surprise Zaara made for you 🙂
    Happy rezzday again dear Berry. My best wishes and continue to surprise us with your talent. XOXO

  • You met Patch Linden? OMG how lucky!! that was most certainly the best Rez Day gift any girl could get!! happy for you!! yayy n stuff

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  • LOL Happy rezz day, Berry. And could you possibly be ANY cuter about this? LOL

  • gypsyphenomenon

    Happy late rezz day Strawberry! How awesome that you got to meet him, you’re a lucky girl indeed!
    Would love the info on what everyone is wearing (skin, hair, heads, etc.) or did I perhaps overlook it?
    Hope you had a great day!

  • *hands Berry some smelling salts* Down, girl 😉

    @gypsyphenomenon You’re probably only interested in what the ladies are wearing, but I can tell you that Patch’s shirt and tee are from Razor, because I bought the same ones myself. The angles of his jawline make his head look like the male TMP one (although I’m not sure who the skin applier is by) and… I want to say his hair is an earlier Exile style – purely from the textures – but again, I’m not 100% certain.

    However, I agree with Kess Crystal: it’s great to see (in Patch and Xiola) a couple of Lindens who are as interested in fashion and style as most other residents are. They feel more like ‘one of us’ because they make that extra effort.

  • Very nice and congrats!

  • oooo thanks, Skell! I can see I will be heading to Razor for some man-shopping! errr not shopping for men, of course, but SHOPPING for men! haha I just love that casual look Patch is sporting.

    Strawberry, can I ask what pose stand you’re using for the photos with the three of you, please? Thanks!

  • *gasps* I’m out of the loop! How did I not know you had a store? I know where to start shopping when I get home tonight! hehe Oh to hell with it, I shopped now! Of course, now I need to wait until I get home to see them!

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  • Oh, my!
    And then…that Patch Linden is dreamy! I may be married, but I’m still alive…
    So glad you had a happy day, dear one!

  • Now only if I could get Xiola Linden (whom I always refer to as the Fashionista Linden and who always looks fantastic) to visit me on MY rezday.

    Patch is cute…but are those the “Atomic Kitty” bear ears he’s wearing?

  • Paul Lapointe

    Actually the shirt and T shirt Patch is wearing is a Lapointe &Bastchild set :).

  • I stand corrected. Apologies, Paul. I remember buying the set at TMD, but I could have sworn it was by Razor! That will teach me to make sure I log in and check first. I *would* contact ‘Debs’ from this post to let her know, but since she didn’t give her SL name here, I can’t do that. Apologies again.

  • hehe I didn’t know there was a way to leave my SL name, but it is LadyWriter resident and I’m still following all the comments so I got these. But, Razor was good, too. It’s always good to see clothing I haven’t seen before.

  • Did you find out, or do you know, who made the avatar? Was it mesh?

  • For those wondering about Patch’s full style credits, I’m sorry but I don’t have them. I was too busy hyperventilating when taking the pictures to ask him, lol! Since he’s not a regular blogger I don’t want him to feel pressured into sharing his look now, especially because I didn’t ask him for them ahead of time before posting the images. Also because I’m TOO SHY to ask him lol! But hopefully people that may recognize what he is wearing will continue to share the contents in the comments. Sorry, hope you guys understand!

  • Shannon Blackheart

    My God, he is gorgeous…. !

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