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  1. […] Insol is a Second Life skin store that opened up back in October of 2015 but recently they have released several new skin appliers for both Logo and Catwa heads that are just stunning so I wanted to show you guys a glimpse of those.  […]

  2. I love my new INSOL skin! Thank your for the heads up :)

    I wish i could make my IKON eyes look as nice as yours – they are eighter too far out or my eyes turns all dark when i look down. AN issue that is almost making me skip my mesh face :(

    Big hugs from me :)

  3. Hi Sofie, you can reposition mesh eyes so they are focused properly. I talked about how I do that in this video starting at around 2:49: https://youtu.be/aLI0_PV98Wk?t=2m48s

  4. Thank you Berry!

    You are the best <3
    I thought i had seen it somewhere on your blog and searched till i was blue in my head, but couldnt lol

    Now i will have to try and thanks for being you, the blog, the phototools, psysics..all :)


  5. Groovykate Blessed says:

    Hi Berry , I cant make my catwa ccandy head to look like yours …Which shape are you wearing with it?

  6. […] by seeing the beautiful Tatyana skin by Insol on a Logo Alex head on the blog of Strawberry Singh here and decided it might be time to give mesh a try. So yesterday after much research I finally took […]

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