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5 thoughts on “It’s Super Tuesday!

  • I’m a registered Libertarian here in Colorado. I love, love, love how you explain all of this because not only do I think it’s useful for people from other countries, to help them understand the intricacies of how American presidential elections work, but also I think there are likely a lot of Americans who benefit.

    I also just love how you encourage people to participate in this process, regardless of political leanings (even though we all definitely know you’d like us to vote for Bernie, lol).

    I find your interest and active participation in politics refreshing and encouraging. I think more people need to get involved.

    Also, is the Bernie HQ in SL an official thing? Or something set up by volunteers and supporters? Just curious if someone involved in his campaign decided to tap into SL. That would be an interesting thing for politicians to do!

  • Thank you so much Lucie! I just really want people to vote, no matter who they vote for. And yes, would love it if they voted for Bernie lol, but it’s ok, what’s more important is they get their voice heard and vote with their heart!

    As for the Bernie Group inworld, as far as I know, it does not have any official ties with the Bernie campaign in the real world. But, you can contact the group owner and ask if you like, her name is: Macaria Wind

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