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7 thoughts on “Akeruka Ray Mesh Head

  • i am sure that there are plenty of your male friends that would be more than happy to pose with you.

    As always I look forward to your blogs….

    always a fan


  • Cristalle Karami

    It’s attractive, but the differences between the other heads are starting to diminish. Pablo, Mike and Ray have very strong similarities, to the point now that for the most part I can tell right away that it’s an Akeruka head if I saw a picture of a new one, the same way you can tell when someone is wearing a Lelutka head as all those heads have some similarities in basic expression, though jaw shape and sometimes lip shape are more noticeable. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, per se, but having more distinctive looks would be good.

    Different skin would help, of course, but I would like to see faces with different bone structure, different forehead size or eye depth, perhaps, different nose shape instead of slight variations of the same.

    Since we are discussing mens’ items, did you pick up Adam’s head while it was free?

  • Taylor

    Just an FYI, the “first 25” sold out a while ago… it seems they just aren’t updating the sign 🙁

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  • Starved, thank you.

    Cristalle, I think whenever a designer makes several mesh heads, you can always tell they are done by them because of the style the designer has. I think that goes for most things like skins and even style of clothing. However, I still see a very drastic difference in between each head. Keith was completely different, and I feel Pablo, Mike and Ray each have their own very unique look. The latest Ray I feel has much more of a rugged look to him. I know he is working on even more mesh heads so I am sure we will be seeing even more of a variety coming soon. And no, I didn’t pick up the Adam’s head. I don’t know much about that brand.

    Taylor, that’s strange. I was just there yesterday and when I clicked purchase it gave me the price of L$2499, that’s how I knew how much it was. I guess it may have sold 25 after that.

  • I bought the head today at the discounted rate as well. Just a few hours ago infact.

  • Cristalle Karami

    Hi Berry,

    I understand what you mean. Keith is a triumph, truly – and proof that even with the same smirky expression, the guys can look drastically different. The others, not so much, to my eye.

    From my viewpoint, there is nothing drastically different between the last three heads other than skin. While I do acknowledge that each of Pablo, Ray and Mike have unique features to them, I weigh them as owing mostly to the different skin shading as the structural differences seem somewhat slight. I’d love to see how the same skin appears on each head, to see the real differences in the modeling of the head – lip thickness, nose shape, brow shape, etc. Basically, what is it that justifies buying a whole new head, as opposed to an applier for an existing head?

    That’s my point of view. They are great products and definitely on my short list when thinking about heads for outfitting a new male rp character.

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