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Patron BANYAN House Edition

Patron BANYAN House Edition

Eliza Wierwight is the owner of Patron and she creates incredibly beautiful living spaces and art. I have blogged one of her homes before back in 2012 and now she is working on the Banyan edition. It’s not open to the public or up for sale yet, but if you would like to take a look at it before it is, there is an inworld group that you can join for L$100 and visit.
> Link to the group: PATRON Experience Private Members – (link inworld)
> This is the SLurl to the location of the house

Patron BANYAN House Edition

Here’s a little excerpt from the group that describes the house:
“Think fine wine, cigars, fresh truffle, the smell of roasting coffee, a gentle sea breeze, textures that make you purr, an orchid in bud, water lapping at your feet, sun through closed eyelids as you exhale, music that takes you exactly where you need to be, organic cacao chocolate & so much more.”

It’s quite a lavish home, as her pieces normally are. The textures are bright and crisp and the atmosphere is just so serene and peaceful. I love the openness of the build and the use of waterfalls, it really brings a soothing quality. It’s like a little escape when you want to hide out from the rest of the world.

In about a week it will be open to the public and up for sale, but you can contact Eliza Wierwight herself or the Patron Manager, Kamalin Bailey, for further details and exact release dates.

You can find more images of this home and view them in full size on my flickr.

Patron BANYAN House Edition Patron BANYAN House Edition

Patron BANYAN House Edition Patron BANYAN House Edition

You may also remember Eliza from the wonderful fundraiser she did in 2013 for Save the Elephant Organization. She doesn’t have an inworld location to accept donations for SEF at this time however, you can head to their direct website and donate from there if you are interested.


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

8 thoughts on “Patron BANYAN House Edition

  • Eliza Wierwight

    Strawberry can’t thank you enough for taking time out to capture Banyan House. As you’re well aware the potential of you doing so was on my proverbial bucket list for the home. Having huge respect for your work & a deep appreciation of your original captures of the Patron House a few years back I was beyond the ability to repress the desire.
    I’m too immersed in the Banyan House work after 2 years of designing-building-tinkering-procuring bits to claim the kind of clarity others have the potential to share. I had a hunch that seeing it via your hand would be incredibly invigorating, and has been in bounds. Again, my most sincere thanks. Eliza.

  • Pam Astonia

    I have waited for this amazing house to be completed for quite some time, and was lucky enough to get a preview a week ago. I can’t wait for its release Eliza and you captured it beautifully, Strawberry!

  • Thank you for inviting me Eliza, it’s always a pleasure to see your work! <3

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  • Oh my God! I can’t wait for the release of this stunning creation!great work Eliza Wierwight, and tysm To Strawberry For shared!!

  • Eliza Wierwight

    Thank you kindly Pam and Adachi, we’re almost there. Work, work, work 😛

  • Blondy Bing

    When will this be available? its just outstanding!

  • I could see myself owning this home at some future point. It’s quite expensive but worth it as it is one of if not “the” most beautiful homes I’ve seen yet in SL. I don’t see myself getting out of this for less than L$ 80K You CAN’T just buy the house alone. You got to get everything that goes in it as well for it to look right. That’s RL money. PLEASE tell me there aren’t any No-Copy pieces in this house. For this kind of money, I don’t want to be dealing with that nonsense. Beautiful work!

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