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10 thoughts on “Tennis Anyone?

  • It feels so good to read an article like this. It’s too sad what happened to yo. Thank God you were able to handle the situation. I always take care when I go to parties and places like pubs. People can be really evil and take advantage of any lapse.

  • Well, I’m sure glad I’m older and married and don’t have to deal with this stuff (I don’t go to clubs anymore anyway; those days are past.)

    It’s a good message, Berry; thanks for sharing it.


  • This was actually very relevant Berry. I was sharing a conversation with my teenage son who is just coming into party age over Christmas about how important it is for him to not only make sure he always gets his own drink and doesn’t drink from a group bowl but to always make sure he gets a fresh drink for his girlfriend when at parties.

    We also discussed how important it is at big parties that friends look after each other especially if someone starts acting strangely. Glad you had the friends there to keep you safe. Hugs PB.

  • PinkRayne

    Awesome post Berry, love the look of this sports club. It’s about time I tried something new in SL and I really like the sound of this šŸ™‚ x

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  • QueenStarFkr

    I love the outfit- super cute! Good message and reminder. I’m sorry some creep did that to you but I am so glad you had friends there to help you home safely. Sad we have to worry about someone trying to take advantage even this time of year, but it is a good message you share and I agree about the guy. Seems like he was totally victim blaming and could have spoken better.

  • Cristalle Karami

    Great post and pic, Berry. Thanks for the PSA. Very timely and relevant.

  • Thank you everyone! I hope you all have a safe and happy new years eve! <3

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